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Fallout 3 Weapons

Fallout 3 Index - Wiki Help There are a wide variety of weapons in Fallout 3; from handguns to rocket launchers to laser rifles. With access to a workbench, you can create a assortment of odd weapons with the junk that you can find throughout the wasteland. Weapons Here you'll find the various Weapons and Weapon schematics that can be used to combat your enemies throughout Fallout 3. Watch a video on the weapons here [1]


1 Small Arms o 1.1 10mm Pistol o 1.2 Silenced 10mm Pistol o 1.3 10mm Submachine Gun 1.3.1 Sydney's 10mm "Ultra" SMG o 1.4 Scoped .44 Magnum Revolver 1.4.1 Blackhawk o 1.5 .32 Pistol o 1.6 Chinese Pistol 1.6.1 Zhu-Rong v418 Chinese Pistol o 1.7 Assault Rifle o 1.8 BB Gun o 1.9 Chinese Assault Rifle 1.9.1 Xuanlong Assault Rifle o 1.10 Combat Shotgun 1.10.1 The Terrible Shotgun o 1.11 Hunting Rifle 1.11.1 Ol' Painless 1.11.2 Lincoln Repeater o 1.12 Sniper Rifle 1.12.1 Victory Rifle 1.12.2 Reservist's Rifle o 1.13 Sawed-off Shotgun 1.13.1 The Kneecapper o 1.14 Silenced 10mm Pistol 2 Big Guns o 2.1 Flamer 2.1.1 Burnmaster o 2.2 Minigun

2.2.1 Eugene 2.3 Missile Launcher 2.3.1 "Miss Launcher" o 2.4 Fat Man 2.4.1 Fat Man - MIRV prototype 3 Energy Weapons o 3.1 Plasma Pistol o 3.2 Plasma Rifle 3.2.1 A3-21's Plasma Rifle o 3.3 Laser Pistol 3.3.1 Smuggler's End 3.3.2 Protectron's Gaze o 3.4 Laser Rifle 3.4.1 Wazer Wifle o 3.5 Gatling Laser 3.5.1 Vengeance o 3.6 Mesmetron o 3.7 Alien Blaster 4 Melee Weapons o 4.1 Baseball Bat o 4.2 Chinese Officer's Sword 4.2.1 Vampire's Edge o 4.3 Combat Knife 4.3.1 Occam's Razor 4.3.2 Stabhappy o 4.4 Lead Pipe o 4.5 Poolstick 4.5.1 The Break o 4.6 Knife 4.6.1 Ant's Sting o 4.7 Nail Board 4.7.1 Board of Education o 4.8 Police Baton o 4.9 Sledgehammer o 4.10 Super Sledge Hammer o 4.11 Switchblade o 4.12 The Ripper o 4.13 Tire Iron 4.13.1 Highwayman's Friend o 4.14 Rolling Pin 5 Unarmed Weapons o 5.1 Power Fist 5.1.1 Fisto! Power Fist o 5.2 Fist o 5.3 Brass Knuckles o 5.4 Spiked Knuckles o

5.4.1 Points of Reference 6 Explosives o 6.1 Frag Grenade o 6.2 Pulse Grenade o 6.3 Frag Mine o 6.4 Pulse Mine o 6.5 Plasma Mine 7 Special Weapons / Schematics o 7.1 Railway Rifle o 7.2 Rock-it Launcher o 7.3 Shishkebab o 7.4 Deathclaw Gauntlet o 7.5 Nuka Grenade o 7.6 Bottle Cap Mine o

7.7 Dartgun

[edit] Small Arms

These small firearms are found throughout the world of Fallout 3. Don't let the name fool you however, as they can still be quite hazardous to your enemies health, or even yours! Make these weapons handle better by increasing your Small Arms skill. Note: Damage is derived from a single bullet, remember that some weapons are automatic.

[edit] 10mm Pistol

10mm Pistol Description: Standard issue 10mm Pistol. It may be small, but it is still effective against common wasteland inhabitants. Use only in desperation when other weaponry is available. Can be broken into repair components for the 10mm silenced pistol. Damage: 9 Action Points: 17 Weight: 3 Value: 225

Ammo: 10mm bullets Clip Size: 12

[edit] Silenced 10mm Pistol

Description: A stealthy 10mm Pistol add a Stealth Boy and a high stealth skill and your an assassin! Damage: 7 Action Points: 17 Weight: 3 Value: 56 ~ 145 Ammo: 10mm bullets Clip Size: 12

[edit] 10mm Submachine Gun

10mm Submachine Gun Description: A small sub-machine gun with a very high rate of fire. Extremely effective at short to medium range. Great option when replacing the 10mm Pistol. Modeled after the H&K Mp5 with folded butt. Damage: 7 Action Points: 20 Weight: 5 Value: 330 Ammo: 10mm bullets Clip Size: 30 [edit] Sydney's 10mm "Ultra" SMG Description: A Modified 10mm sub-machine gun from Sydney's private collection. You can either pickpocket her, kill her, let her be killed by someone else, or, discover her father's holotape "A Note from Little Moonbeam's Father" in a room at The Statesman's Hotel. Give it to her at the Ninth Circle in Underworld after completing your mission for Abraham Washington "Stealing Independence" with her to pick up this upgraded version of the 10mm SMG. Damage: 9 Action Points: 20

Weight: 5 Value: 430 Ammo: 10mm bullets Clip Size: 50

[edit] Scoped .44 Magnum Revolver

Scoped .44 Magnum Revolver Description: Revolver that utilizes a large-bore .44 Magnum cartridge shell. The .44 Magnum is based on a lengthened .44 Special case, loaded to higher pressures for greater energy. Very distinctive recoil, muzzle flash and extremely loud. Damage: 35 Action Points: 32 Weight: 4 Value: 300 Ammo: .44 bullets Clip Size: 6 [edit] Blackhawk Description: An upgraded version of the Scoped .44 Magnum Revolver, awarded from Agatha for retrieving her Soil Stradivarius violin from Vault 92 and bringing her a sheet music book from Springvale school. You must request a reward, otherwise you will only gain karma. Damage: 55 Action Points: 32 Weight: 4 Value: 500 Ammo: .44 bullets Clip Size: 6

[edit] .32 Pistol

Description: The .32 Pistol is compact and light, but short ranged, having marginal stopping power. Commonly found on Wasteland Raiders (often in bad condition), these Pistols are a reliable sidearm

and are relatively easy to find parts for their upkeep. Being a revolver, reload time is an issue. Damage: 6 Action Points: 20 Weight: 2 Value: Ammo: .32 bullets Clip Size: 5

[edit] Chinese Pistol

Description: The standard sidearm of the Pre-war Chinese army. Like its American counterpart, the Chinese Pistol is useful only in a pinch when no other weapons are available. Generally used by Wasteland Raiders, they have little to no stopping power, low recoil and are lightweight and compact. Inferior in all aspects to the American 10mm Pistol. Just like everything made in China Damage: 4 Action Points:17 Weight: 2 Value: 190 Ammo: 10mm bullets Clip Size: 10 [edit] Zhu-Rong v418 Chinese Pistol Description: An Upgraded version of the Chinese Pistol, the Zhu-Rong v418 sidearm converts its standard 10mm ammunition into incendiary projectiles. Damage: 4 Action Points: 17 Weight: 2 Value: 290 Ammo: 10mm bullets Clip Size: 10 Effects: HP -2(5s)

[edit] Assault Rifle

Description: Standard issue Pre-War American Assult rifle. While it isn't as effective as its Chinese counterpart, the AR boasts decent stopping power and are plentiful in the wasteland. As a result, they are extremely easy to repair, plentiful in ammunition, and the mainstay of

both Super Mutants and other Humanoids. Modeled after the G3 Assault Rifle Damage: 40 Action Points: 23 Weight: 7 Value: 300 Ammo: 5.56mm bullets Clip Size: 24

[edit] BB Gun
Description: A rare pre-war weapon meant for children. Extremely difficult to find ammunition for as it boasts virtually zero stopping power, and is next to useless against the average wasteland inhabitant. Because of its obscurity, upkeep of this weapon is practically impossible. Damage: 4 Action Points: 28 Weight: 2 Value: 36 Ammo: BB's Clip Size: 12

[edit] Chinese Assault Rifle

Chinese Assault Rifle Description: The Chinese version of the American Assault Rifle, it boasts a superior stopping power. While it's unknown how these imported weapons made it to the Capitol Wasteland, it uses the same 5.56mm cartidges that its American counterpart uses. As a result, ammunition isn't an issue, however, upkeep for these relatively rare firearms is. Damage: 48 Action Points: 23 Weight: 7 Value: 500 Ammo: 5.56mm bullets Clip Size: 24

[edit] Xuanlong Assault Rifle Description: The Xuanlong version of the Chinese Assault Rifle. It has an extended magazine (36 rounds instead of 24) and does additional damage. It is found on Prime's body in the diner near the Jury Street Metro Station.The location of the Jury Street Metro Station can be discovered by completing the computer puzzle in the Museum of Technology (Tech Museum Loot). You need to do the quest for the body to appear at the diner. Damage: 60 Weight: 7 Value: 300 Ammo: 5.56mm bullets Clip Size: 36

[edit] Combat Shotgun

Description: A semi-automatic, bottom-loading magazine Combat Shotgun supposedly used by pre-war military forces. Compact and sturdy, the Combat Shotgun is an ideal close-quarters weapon that boasts good stopping power and relatively low recoil. As a Shotgun, It's difficult to miss at close range, most Humanoids require only one or two shells to be put down.When dealing with creatures, If timed properly, most smaller creatures can be taken care of before they become a problem. Caution must be exercised when attempting this, as wasteland fauna exhibit aggressive tendencies despite the obvious danger. Damage: 55 Weight: 7 Value: 200 Ammo: Shotgun shells Clip Size: 12 [edit] The Terrible Shotgun

The Terrible Shotgun

Description:A customized Combat Shotgun with superior stopping power, presumably crafted by its owner, Smiling Jack. The Terrible Shotgun is slightly heavier than its common counterpart. Damage: 83 Weight: 10 Value: 250 Ammo: Shotgun shells Clip Size: 12 Location: Underground Bazaar of Evergreen Mills. Smiling Jack in the southeast corner holds the shotgun and he must be killed in order to loot it. You will not suffer a loss of karma for killing him. The Barter Bobblehead is also nearby.

[edit] Hunting Rifle

Hunting Rifle Description: Once a hunting tool, the Hunting Rifle makes an efficient medium-long range firearm. The Hunting Rifle is a semi-automatic bolt action .32 caliber rifle. Fairly accurate, this rifle has become a mainstay of most wasteland inhabitants when Assault Rifles are either unavailable or unsuited for the job. This thing for most of the game will be your best friend Damage: 25 Weight: 6 Value: 150 Ammo: .32 bullets Clip Size: 5 [edit] Ol' Painless Description: Customized Hunting Rifle designed for faster bolt action and muzzle velocity, resulting in a higher rate of fire and improved stopping power Damage: 30 Weight: 6 Value: 250 Ammo: .32 bullets Clip Size: 5 Location: In Dave's chest at the Republic of Dave. You can receive his

key if you are on the quest "You Have To Shoot Them In The Head". You will suffer a loss of karma for stealing the gun. [edit] Lincoln Repeater Description: This 1860's Henry rifle is named after the 16th president of the united states, it possess incredible stopping power; and the lever action means the lead can just keep on flying. Lincoln's Repeater features a massive fifteen-round tube magazine and the ability to be repaired with parts from the common hunting rifle, making this one of the best small guns in the game. Damage: 52 Weight: 7 Value: 500 Ammo: .44 bullets Clip Size: 15 Location: Museum of History, Second floor offices. Located next to the library, upstairs, in a business room, in a display case.

[edit] Sniper Rifle

Description: Using .308 ammunition, this pre-war Sniper Rifle is capable of very high muzzle velocity, resulting in a far longer effective range than standard civillian rifles. Outfitted with a scope to facilitate such ranges. Damage: 40 Weight: 10 Value: 500 Ammo: .308 Clip Size: 5 [edit] Victory Rifle Description: Will knock down enemies on criticals. Damage: 42 Weight: 10 Value: 500 Ammo: .308 Clip Size: 5 Location: 1 Square west of Rockbreaker's Last Gas in an abandoned shack on a hill , it's in a locked cabinet, with a very hard lock on door and cabinet [edit] Reservist's Rifle

Description: Reservist's rifle. The Reservist enjoys churchs, especially when there is people around. Damage: 41 Weight: 10 Ammo: .308 Clip Size: 3 Location: Dickerson Tabernacle Chapel

[edit] Sawed-off Shotgun

Sawed-off Shotgun Description: Standard break-action shotgun with the majority of the barrel sawed off to facilitate a wider spread of the pellets on exiting the barrel. As a result, the effective range is drastically reduced while the damage within that range is improved. Damage: 50 Weight: 4 Value: 150 Ammo: Shotgun shells Clip Size: 2 [edit] The Kneecapper Description: Modified version of the Sawed-off shotgun. Modified in an unknown fashion to improve stopping power. Damage: 75 Weight: 5 Ammo: Shotgun shells Clip Size: 2 Location: Ronald Laren in Girdershade, he is the friend of the NukaCola Challenge girl, Sierra.

[edit] Silenced 10mm Pistol

Description: A standard 10mm pistol equipped with a permanent silencer to decrease muzzle flash and noise. Ideal for situations where stealth is key, it deals less damage than the standard 10mm pistol. Being a derivative of the 10mm pistol, their parts can be used

interchangeably when conducting field repairs. Known to be used by Mr. Burke, who can be found in Megaton or Tenpenny Tower, they are difficult to find. Damage: 8 Weight: 3 Value: 250 Ammo: 10mm bullets Clip Size: 12

[edit] Big Guns

These are the oversized weapons of the wastelands. With bulkier builds and bigger bullets, these babies can take down even the toughest obstacles in any Vault Dweller's way. As Vault Boy says: "Quit aiming. Just shoot!"

[edit] Flamer

Flamer Description: Custom-built civilian device most likely designed for nonwar purposes. The flamethrower, as a military option was unilaterally stopped in 1978 when public relations and effectiveness became an issue. This weapon is Ideal for close quarters combat and heavily armored opponents with small vulnerable spots. Using a similar combustible material as found in some robots, Flamer Fuel is plentiful in the wasteland and an extremely useful weapon in a wastelander's arsenal. Damage: 16 Weight: 15 Value: 500 Ammo: Fuel/Gasoline Clip Size: 60 Effect: HP-2(5 seconds) [edit] Burnmaster Description: Unique version of the flame thrower found in Falls Church Metro (the one south of Marigold) follow the path till you see water then go in the water and make a left through a hole in a wall and follow the trail of radiated barrels till you get to a truck with two

glowing ones next to it. Damage: 24 Weight: 15 Value: 500 Ammo: Fuel/Gasoline Clip Size: 60 Effect: HP-2(5 seconds)

[edit] Minigun

Minigun Description: Firing at roughly 1028 rounds-per-minute, this extremely heavy electric multi-barrel machine gun boasts superb stopping power. The large magazine and high rate of fire allow for wide arcs of effective fire, or a continuous stream into a single target. Because of its size and weight, it is commonly used by the Power-armor equipped Brotherhood of Steel or Super Mutants. Ammunition and upkeep are fairly easy with this weapon, as it is common in most SM controlled areas. Damage: 5 Weight: 18 Value: 1000 Ammo: 5mm Clip Size: 240 [edit] Eugene Description: Modified version of the Standard Minigun, this customized incarnation pushes the envelope on muzzle velocity, increasing the stopping power of its predecessor. Damage: 7 Weight: 18 Value: 1500 Ammo: 5mm Clip Size: 240 Location: Reiley's Rangers. Some of Reily's Rangers are trapped on the roof of the Statesman Hotel. If you escort them safely out of the Hotel you will be rewarded by Reiley back at her base. You can choose between Armor or a Minigun. The Minigun reward is Eugene. A "Butch"

female ranger is on the Hotel roof and carries a Eugene. Bad Karma players can "Take It".

[edit] Missile Launcher

Missile Launcher Description: While originally designed for anti-armor use, these shoulder-mounted ballistic missile launchers are Ideal for taking out large targets like Super Mutants, stationary turrets, or heavily armored robots. Damage: 20 Weight: 20 Value: 500 Ammo: Missiles Clip Size: 1 [edit] "Miss Launcher" Description: A unique variant of the missile launcher. It fires it's missile in an arc like a grenade, then explodes after 3 seconds. Damage: 20 Weight: 20 Value: 400 Ammo: Missiles Clip Size: 1 Location Fort Independence

[edit] Fat Man

Fat Man Description: Named after the first atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki,

Japan in 1945, this is a shoulder-mounted catapault designed to launch small atomic "bombs" at long ranges. The Mini-Nuke is a far smaller version of the historical Fat Man bomb, using an extremely small amount of dense uranium to facilitate the impact-activated nuclear explosion. These small warheads are extremely rare (only 93 known to exist in the Capitol Wasteland), and should be used with caution, as their large explosive radius can be hazardous to careless allies. After they have detonated, there will be residual radiation, so caution is advised when examining the corpses of the target. Damage: 860 Weight: Value: Ammo: Mini Nuke Clip Size: 1 [edit] Fat Man - MIRV prototype Description: An improved Fat Man launcher upgraded with Soviet MIRV technology. Short for Multiple Independently targetable Reentry Vehicle, this weapon fires up to 8 mini-nukes in a single salvo. Great for crowd control, or if you need to take out an entire army with one shot. Damage: Weight: Value: Ammo: Mini Nuke (up to 8 in a shot) Clip Size: 8

[edit] Energy Weapons

These advanced weapons use highly concentrated energy from small or large energy cell in place of traditional bullets. They are also very capable of completely disintegrating anyone that is unlucky enough to be shot by them.

[edit] Plasma Pistol

Description: An energy pistol that fires concentrated shots of plasma. A very advanced technology, but nothing compared to the Vault you grew up in. Damage: 25 Weight: 3 Value: 360

Ammo: Energy Cell Clip Size: 16

[edit] Plasma Rifle

Plasma Rifle Description: A highly dangerous and effective Plasma Rifle. This is an extremely powerful weapon, and is often wielded by the Enclave. Watch out for any Enclave Vertibirds while wandering the DC ruins, or you might just end up a puddle of goo on the receiving end of one of these. Damage: 47 Weight: 8 Value: 1799 Ammo: Microfusion Cells Clip Size: 12 [edit] A3-21's Plasma Rifle Description: Received after completing the Replicated Man quest chain. You must warn the Android of Zimmer's intentions and reveal his old memories to him. He will award you with his Plasma rifle for completing this quest. Damage:50 Weight:8 Value: 1800 Ammo: Microfusion Cells Clip Size: 12

[edit] Laser Pistol

Description: Using the same powersource as common Robco robots, the Laser pistol fires concentrated photons at near-light speed causing intense heat damage. Because of the necessity to keep the intricate glass and mirror apparatus within the casing perfectly aligned (to within the nanometer specifications located on the rear of the body),

the Laser Pistol is only available in a semi-automatic firing mode. Damage: 8 Weight: 3 Value: 66 Ammo: Energy Cell Clip Size: 30 [edit] Smuggler's End Description: A custom-built, unique Laser Pistol built for Elder Lyons. It has been modified to increase the intensity of the photons that comprise the 'shots' fired. Damage: 19 Weight: 3 Ammo: Energy Cell Clip Size: 30 Location: Elder Lyon's bedroom wall safe in The Citadel. [edit] Protectron's Gaze Description: Awarded for presenting the AntAngonizer's armor to the Mechanist. An upgraded laser pistol, fabricated from one of the Mechanist's minions. Damage: Weight: 3 Ammo: Energy Cell Clip Size: Location: Awarded as loot from successfully completing the "Superhuman Gambit" side quest, but only if the AntAngonizer's armor is presented to the Mechanist.

[edit] Laser Rifle

Laser Rifle Description: Operating on a similar concept to it's smaller, pistolbased counterpart, the Laser rifle uses Microfusion cells to power a far

more powerful "shot" than capable in a smaller body. The increased "barrel" length allows for the shot to be focused and directed at an even faster speed than the pistol. Damage: 24 Weight: 8 Value: 999 Ammo: Microfusion Cell Clip Size: 24 [edit] Wazer Wifle Description: An upgraded version of the Laser Rifle that has been slightly modified to facilitate a more powerful shot than the stock Laser Rifle. Damage: 27 Weight: 8 Value: 1500 Ammo: Microfusion Cell Clip Size: 30 Location: Owned by a small child with a speech impediment. Buy it from him in Little Lamplight for 500 caps or use the "Child at Heart" perk option to receive it for free. Can be repaired with normal Laser Rifles.

[edit] Gatling Laser

Description: Similar to the standard Gatling Gun, this upgraded version fires laser rounds that burn the enemy to the ground with every critical shot. Damage: 8 Weight: 18 Value: 2000 Clip Size: 240 [edit] Vengeance Description: Upgraded version of the Gatling Laser. Found in the southeast corner of the Deathclaw Sanctuary floating in a pool of blood. Goes through Deathclaws like a hot knife through butter. Damage: 117 Weight: 18 Value: 2400 Clip Size: 240

[edit] Mesmetron

Mesmetron Description: An energy weapon that has a chance to mesmerize and brainwash an enemy to turn against and attack his friends for a short period of time. Excellent for keeping groups off balance, or fitting someone for a slave collar. You can get your hands on this baby when you go to paradise falls and accept the quest from the guard at the entrance (Or you can kill him and take it). The guard will also sell you ammo for the Mesmetron. Damage: 1 Weight: 2 Value: 500 Clip Size: 5

[edit] Alien Blaster

Description: A one-handed Energy Weapon that look like a cheesy 50's TV show laser gun. Can take out a Deathclaw with little effort. Damage: 100 Weight: 2 Value: 500 Clip Size: 10 Alien Power Cells Location: At the site of a crashed UFO (who would have thought that you would have found an alien blaster in an alien ship?) The power cells can only be found at the site of the crash and can also be found in the Outcasts base next to the Miss Launcher...granted there is only like 3 clips but still that's better than nothing right?

[edit] Melee Weapons

In some situations, it just feels so much more satisfying to hit your opponent with something solid. These are also equally useful when carried as backup in case of an emergency!

[edit] Baseball Bat

Description: Equally useful for hitting balls or cracking skulls. Either way you'll never see them again! Damage: 12 Weight: 3 Value: 25

[edit] Chinese Officer's Sword

Description: A sword from a deceased Chinese officer. These weapons are found in use in the Capital Wasteland; a leftover from the United States' war with China: an event which triggered the Great War. Damage: 10 Weight: 3 Value: 75 [edit] Vampire's Edge Description: Look's like the chinese sword but with a bit more blood Damage: 15 Weight: 1 Value: 400 Location: Sword locker in Vance's room, Lockpick is "Hard", Blood Ties quest.

[edit] Combat Knife

Description: A large sheath knife with superior cutting power and a much sturdier blade than the average knife. Formerly used by military personnel. Damage: 6 Weight: 1 Value: 15 [edit] Occam's Razor Description: Put simply "All other things being equal, the simplest solution is the best solution. This is a Combat Knife with increased damage. Damage: 10 Weight: 1 Value: 65

Location: Fort Bannister. Looted from Commander Jabsco in the commander's quarters. [edit] Stabhappy Description: Damage: 10 Weight: 1 Value: 65 Location: The Raid Shack

[edit] Lead Pipe

Description: What used to be a plumbing staple in all pre-war homes is now a deadly weapon. A heavy hunk of lead - great for bludgeoning your enemies to death in a brutal fashion. Damage: Weight: Value:

[edit] Poolstick
Description: This is just a plain old pool stick. Fancy playing snooker with a raiders eyball!!! Damage: Weight: Value: [edit] The Break Description: This weapon is found at Paradise Falls on a pool table near Eulogy's Pad. Damage: Weight: Value:

[edit] Knife
Description: Standard Close-Quarter knife. While not serrated, its useful in situations where ammunition is non-existant. Damage: 10 Weight: 1 Value:

[edit] Ant's Sting Description: Damage: Weight: 1 Value: Effect: HP -4(10s) Location: Antagonizer's Lair

[edit] Nail Board

Description: A two-by-four with a dozen or so nails driven through one end. Plain and simple, but scarily effective: no one wants to get hit in the face by a board with a nail in it! Damage: 8 Weight: 4 Value: 30 [edit] Board of Education Description: Five nails decorate this Super Mutant educational tool. This has been passed down from Super Mutant Instructors like Mr. Groglash, and most of our seemingly human educators....And yes No one wants to get hit in the face with a board with nails in it...Blame Public schools" Location: Inside a Super Mutant shack exactly one grid South East of "OASIS" you must access it by aloft the mountain range...It's beneath the bed with a skeleton on it! Damage: 8 Weight: 4 Value: 10

[edit] Police Baton

Police Baton Description: Look out DC, there's a new sheriff in town! If you plan on splitting skulls with this, make sure your dash cam is off. Damage: 5 Weight: 2 Value: 29

[edit] Sledgehammer
Description: Big. Heavy. Brutal. A 12 pound brick of iron attached to a wooden handle. Known to be carried by Raiders too broke to afford a gun. Damage: Weight: 12 Value:

[edit] Super Sledge Hammer

Description: If you ever manage to get your grubby paws on one of these, it will be sure to remind you of the good ol' days you had with Fallout 2.....ahhhh.....(ahem). Anyway, Super Mutants are known to carry these weapons, so watch your back. Damage: 27 Weight: 12 Value:

[edit] Switchblade
Description: Formerly used by gangsters and and teenage wannabes alike, this weapon is now an important survival tool for all traveling wastelanders. Damage: 6 Weight: 1 Value:

[edit] The Ripper

Description: Using a similar concept to 21st century chainsaws, the Ripper is a series of sharp metal "blades" attatched to a chain within the outer casing, with the blades protruding. When the trigger is pulled, the Ripper's blades begin to travel around the casing at very fast speeds, allowing the user to simply make contact with his/her target and cause damage. Damage: 22 Weight: 6 Value: 85

[edit] Tire Iron

Description: Who needs a 'Trunk Monkey' when you can do the job yourself. Bashing your enemies heads in with a such grace. Lovely. Damage: 6 Weight: 3 Value: 40 [edit] Highwayman's Friend Description: An upgraded version of the Tire Iron. Though it can't strike fear into your enemies like the Super Sledge Hammer can, it still can pack a better punch then a Tire Iron can. Damage: 10 Weight: 5 Value: 75 Location:

[edit] Rolling Pin

Description: Used to roll flat dough for various baked goods. Also makes decent improvised blunt weapon. Only found in the Tranquility Lane quest Damage: 4 Weight: 2 Value: 10

[edit] Unarmed Weapons

If you find yourself in a bad situation with all of your weapons either broken or out of ammo, you'll find that these unarmed weapons are better than nothing. Or for those who prefer to pummel super mutants to death with their bare hands; this section is for you!

[edit] Power Fist

Power Fist

Description: A pneumatic glove that turns punches into literal battering rams. Really powerful. Damage: 20 Weight: 6 Value: 100 Watch a clip of Power Fist gameplay here. [edit] Fisto! Power Fist Description: An upgraded version of the standard Powerfist. Using the same concept, the alloys with which this weapon has been constructed have been altered to provide an increased maximum pneumatic pressure, thus increasing the speed and power of the punches that it provides. Damage: 25 Weight: 6 Value: 100 Location: MDPL-13 Power Station located north of the Minefield. It is sitting on a desk in the office of the top floor.

[edit] Fist
Description: Your bare hands. Some people prefer to use them, as crazy as it may sound. Damage: Weight: 0 Value: N/A

[edit] Brass Knuckles

Description: A metal implement that slides onto your hand and is used to increase the effectiveness of a punch. Damage: 6 Weight: 1 Value: 20

[edit] Spiked Knuckles

Description: The Spiked Knuckles do more damage, tearing into the flesh of your opponent in unarmed combat. Damage: 9

Weight: 1 Value:25 [edit] Points of Reference Description: A unique form of Spiked Knuckles, dropped by a named Raider in the house in Arlington Cemetary North, which also houses the Luck Bobblehead. Damage: 10 Weight: 1 Value:50

[edit] Explosives
Explosive weapons are capable of dishing out a massive amount of damage to your foes. They are best utilized against a closely gathered group of prey or in close-quarter encounters. One type of explosive can also be used to disable hostile robotic units.

[edit] Frag Grenade

Description:A handheld anti-personnel weapon designed to be thrown and detonate after a short delay. The standard fragmentation grenade is essentially a small explosive charge within a series of small metal bits (known as shrapnel). When it explodes, the blast forces the metal to outwards at high speeds, tearing any nearby targets to shreds. Fun at parties! The hard surface of the grenade allows the user to ricochet the weapon off a wall and nearly any angle, enabling a target around a corner to be caught in the hail of shrapnel while the user is safe. Fun to use, as Raiders tend to yell foul words in fright when seeing these. Damage: 67 Weight: 0.5 Value: 25

[edit] Pulse Grenade

Description: Built using a similar principle to Pre-War EMP Bombs, the Pulse grenade generates the pulse without the nuclear reaction required. While the Pulse grenade is completely useless against organic matter, the nature of the weapon allows it to be extremely effective against electronic systems such as automated turrets or robots. Damage: 7 Weight: 0.5 Value: 40

[edit] Frag Mine

Description: A standard pre-war, anti-personnel mine capable of dispatching multiple targets foolish enough to step on one of these. However, because of the limited detonation proximity of mine, this can be a difficult goal to accomplish. Damage: 105 Weight: 2 Value: 35

[edit] Pulse Mine

Description: Similar to its thrown version, it really can pack a punch against a robotic enemy who encrouches on its detonation area. Damage: 59 Weight: 0.5 Value: 25

[edit] Plasma Mine

Description: Similar to the Frag Mine, but the traditional explosive has been replaced by a ball of super-heated plasma. Deadly, so remember to 'Duck & Cover'... Damage: Weight: 0.5 Value:

[edit] Special Weapons / Schematics

These unique weapons can be found around the game world or constructed using special schematics and specific parts. Each weapon has 3 schematics; they can be constructed with only 1 schematics, but the quality of the weapon will improve with more schematics.

[edit] Railway Rifle

Railway Rifle Description:Built around a central Steam Gauge Assembly and a Crutch, this steam powered weapons operates as a railway spike accelerator with the intention of impaling the target as the large spike enters and exits the unfortunate receiver. Because of its steam operation, the Railway Rifle requires a failsafe mechanism to vent excess steam (to prevent a violent explosion) that takes the form of a whistle similar to that found on 20th century trains. Damage: 30 Weight: 9 Value: 200 Ammo: Railway Spikes Clip Size: 8 How to make it: Crutch, Steam Gauge Assembly, Pressure Cooker, Fission Battery. Location: Can be found on a workbench inside MDPL-13 Power Station Can be bought from Underworld Outfitters in the Museum of History Is one possible reward from the quest "Stealing Independence" in Rivet City

[edit] Rock-it Launcher

Description: This home-concocted menace shoots small pieces junk that is found endlessly scattered throughout the wastelands (such as ashtrays, teddy bears, severed limbs, etc), and is a formidable opponent... well, only if your opponent is a mutated rat. This most likely isn't going to be of any use against anything larger than a poorly protected human. But nonetheless, it can still become a formidable weapon when used with the proper amunition. Damage: Depends on the weight of the item thrown Weight: 8 Value: 290 Parts: Deluxe Brand Vacuum Cleaner, Mr. Chipper Consumer Leafblower, Conductor, Firehose Nozzle Clip Size: 1(at a time) Locations: Can be bought, pick-pocketed from, or taken off the corpse of Crazy Wolfgang in front of Megaton. Can be bought/stolen from Moira from the supply store in Megaton. Can be picked up in Vault 101 during the quest "Trouble on the Home front". It is behind your mothers favorite bible passage. Can be taken from the armory on the 3rd floor in the bridge tower in Rivet City

[edit] Shishkebab
Description: A flaming sword created from a motorcycle tank, pilot light, morotcycle handbrake and lawnmower blade. No fuel required. Vance from the "Blood Ties" quest weilds one. Damage: 26 Weight: 3 Value: 198 Effects: HP -2(5s) How to make it: Motorcycle Gas Tank, Lawnmower Blade, Motorcycle Handbrake, Pilot Light. Locations: Recieve one schematic after completing "Blood Ties" quest Can be bought, pick-pocketed from, or taken off the corpse of Lucky Harith On a table, near a Work Bench, close to SatCom Array NN-03d

[edit] Deathclaw Gauntlet

Description: Exactly as the name says, the Deathclaw Gauntlet is an unarmed weapon made from a Deathclaw's fore-arm and hand. Damage: 20 Weight:10 Value:150 Components: A Deathclaw's... well, claws; Leather Belt; Wonderglue; Medical Brace. Locations: Found in a trailer in the F.Scott Key Trail & Compound.

[edit] Nuka Grenade

Description: Sparks your curiosity and blows away enemies. This "Grenade" acts like a Molotov cocktail igniting everything in the blast area. This home-brewed concoction is made from a Nuka Cola bottle! Damage: 500 Weight: 0.5 Value: 50 How to make it: A Bottle of Nuka-Cola Quantum, Tin Can, Abraxo Cleaner and Turpentine. Locations: Receive as a reward for "The Nuka Cola Challenge" quest. Found in Cliffside Caverns in the Yai Guai cave. Sold by or pick pocketed from Doc Hoff.

[edit] Bottle Cap Mine

Description: A make-shift mine created from a tin lunch box and bottle caps. However, bottle caps are the currency used in the wastelands; causing this weapon to be a trade-off between money and extra firepower. It is capable of killing a Giant Rad-scorpion, so it can prove to be a rather potent force of homemade destruction. You receive one schematic upon completing chapter 1 of The Wasteland Survival Guide for Moira Brown at Craterside Supply in Megaton. Many of the workbenches throughout Fallout 3 have one of these mines sitting on or near it. Damage: 500 Weight: 0.5 Value: 75 Clip size:8 How to make it: Lunchbox as hull, Cherry Bomb as explosive, Sensor Module as detonator mechanism, 10 Bottle Caps as fragmentation,

[edit] Dartgun
Description: A Small Gun which shoots darts poisoned with Radscorpion Venom. Features -1000hp against legs. Excellent for disabling fast moving creatures, like Dealthclaws. Silenced Damage: 6 Effects: Poison:64/8 sec Weight: 3 Value: 500 Ammo: Dart Clip: 1 How to make it: Toy Car, Radscorpion Poison Gland, Paint Gun, Surgical Tubing. Locations: Bought from Lydia Montenegro in Tenpenny Tower, and can also be rewarded for doing the quest "Head of State"