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May - June 2011
shirt. I love it!” Angie H., who already has an extensive tie dye shirt collection, said, “The one that I made is the best.” Just like the flowers of summer, each shirt came out with its own individuality and sense of self. If you think about it, nature is full of such occurrences of differences creating a strong whole. For instance, the rainbow is made up of so many colors yet it stands as one, and people are amazed by it. It sounds as if rainbows and Open Door have a lot in common.

Rainbows abound at Open Door…

L to R: Front Row: Jennifer M., Stephanie K., Angie H., Tammy V. Back Row: Julie H., Kim R., June S., Debbie K

This is the time of year when the world begins exploding with colors. Flowers are showing their stuff and yards are once again green. We are even showing off our colors at Open Door. Some of the consumers braved an attempt to make their very own tie dyed shirts. They did all the work from picking the colors to applying the dye. “I’ve always wanted to know how to dye my own shirt with the colors I picked,” said Kim R. When the shirts were washed and dried, the smiles got a bit wider. Stephanie K. said, “This is my favorite

L to R: Jonathan H., Angie H., Mike P., Dori H.

Volume 18 / Number 3

The Voice is the bi-monthly newsletter of Open Door Rehabilitation Center, a not-forprofit organization serving adults with developmental disabilities. Headquarters are located at 405 South Wells Street, Sandwich, Illinois 60548 Phone: (815) 786-8468 Fax: (815) 786-6241 Web: The Voice welcomes your questions and contributions of news of interest to our friends and supporters. Contributors: Rita Potter Terra Stetz Laurie Wisdom Candi Baker Tami Carper Kristina Oland Becky Clemons Gene Stephens

Who’s Who at Open Door The “Go-to guy” … Jason M.
“Hi, my name is Johnny Depp.” Yep, that is the first conversation I had with Jason when I first met him. It was a great ice breaker, and I never forgot who Jason M. is. Jason is another amazing person we have here at Open Door. He was born on December 18, 1976 in Kenosha, WI. and lived with his mother Brenda and his father Larry until he moved to Open Door. He has a brother Brian and a sister Andie. Jason is very close with his family and loves to share his photos and stories of everyone. Like so many others here, Jason had medical issues that needed attention. At 15 months old, Jason had open heart surgery to repair a hole in his heart. “He only weighed 12 pounds at the time. I mean, you could hold him in your hands he was so small,” said his mom., “His heart was the size of an egg and the hole was the size of a dime.” It’s no surprise, if Fishing Derby 2010 you know Jason, that he recovered fully, and you would never know that had occurred. A student at Somonauk High School, Jason would come to Open Door, one day per week to work. This turned into attending daily, doing an overnight here and there and then spending weekends at Open Door. Jason officially moved in to the residential program in June 2003. He is very athletic and enjoys all kinds of physical activities, like baseball, football, basketball, and wrestling. He goes to the YMCA every week with his Support Aide, Joey. According to Joey, he takes his workouts very seriously. “He is always pushing himself at the gym. In fact, he is training to be a wrestler,” Joey said with a wink. From what I gather, he and his buddy Mike P. (featured in the “Who’s Who” from the previous newsletter) not only “practice” with each other, they battle it out on the video games too. Jason actually has a lot of interests, which include going out to eat, shopping, anything outside, laser tag and water parks. Interestingly enough, Jason is afraid of

Founders of ODRC William & Virginia Squier, Sr. David & Juanita Graf Executive Director David Baker Board of Directors Volunteer Leadership President Robert J.Coleman, D.C. Vice President Lane Kapela Secretary Quendred Carpenter Treasurer Mike Bennett
Dick Banning Eric Danielson Jim Dirst Jim Dockendorf Robin Goldsmith Bryan Harbin Becky Lueken Claudette McCaslin Denise Mestemaker Jeff Metzger, Sr. Phyllis Niles

Valentines Dance 2010

Grease, Jason was a T-Bird. And, in our most recent production, the Wizard of Oz, Jason was not only a member of the Lollipop Guild; he was a dancer in the final number, “Ease on Down the Road.” Jason is very open to any thing that he can learn. You will often catch him doing “homework,” writing letters and making notes. “Jason is all about letting people know what he CAN do verses what he cannot do,” mom said. A story she told was that during school, he learned how to type. Jason at one time was typing 40 wpm with no errors! “He didn’t really know what he was typing, but typed every letter and word off the paper,” mom explained. WOW!! As mom said, “He is a sponge!” Jason was actually one of the clients that inspired some of our college class formats. One of the classes Jason excelled at was photography. Not only was he good at it, but he loved it. He and his fellow classmates took their own photos, had them framed and entered them at the Sandwich Fair in 2008. Jason, Mike, and Rebekah actually taught our newsletter committee how to take great photos! Other classes that Jason enjoyed were Spanish I and II. Jason loves to share his ideas and has requested a class on sharks for one of our future sessions.

Jason as a T-Bird

heights, so much so that he will not sit on a bar stool or tall chair. But get this, “He loves water parks, “ mom said, “ and we are amazed that he will climb all the stairs just to go down the slides, with no fear. I have so many pictures of that!” Jason loves living at Open Door. “It’s pretty good, I like it,” he said. He said also that his favorite part of living here is his “Open Door family,” specifically Mike, James, Jeanie, Peggy, and Patrick. Joey said that Jason is THE go-to guy. If you need it done, he is your man. “He helps with everything; dishes, cleaning, you name it.” Apparently, he is quite meticulous and organized. Everyday when he gets home from work he cleans his room… everyday. Jason is a huge movie buff! He recently “downsized” his movie collection and donated to the Open Door. Scary movies are his favorites, including Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street and the Child’s Play series. He loves them all. The funny No surprise! thing though is that Jason in a horror costume! his next favorite movie is The Breakfast Club. Go figure! Besides being a movie buff, Jason is very interested in acting and dancing. In our production of

Jason’s photo at Silver Springs 2008

Jason is an all American boy who likes motorcycles and dogs, girls and movies, learning and his family. Jason is very kind and giving and is a joy to be around. He is always striving for more and is a great resource for new ideas. Jason has such a “can – do” attitude; it’s hard to not take on his optimism. He gives his all to everything and it shows. Jason M. is definitely someone you should know.

There’s No Place Like Home!
Oz, and back again to Kansas, all which were expertly changed by the stage crew after each scene. The audience cheered with every song, and laughed during the many funny and entertaining lines the characters so artfully delivered. Eric H. seemed to steal the show with his dead pan humor and spot on performance as the lovable cowardly lion, although everyone did an amazing job with each of their parts, and the show couldn’t have been such a success without each and every person!
L to R: Brian H., Jonathan H., Fallyn M., Kim A., Kim R.

Dorothy stepped on stage and called out “Auntie Em, Auntie Em, you’ll never believe what she did to poor Toto!” It was the first line of the Wizard of Oz, and Kim R. had rehearsed this scene countless times before in many rehearsals. Only this time was different. The cast was no longer in the back of the west workshop practicing in front of each other. This time they were in the Sandwich High School auditorium, which was full of their friends, family members, and co-workers who were anxiously awaiting the show! Months ago, the March 30th performance seemed a world away, yet here they were, nervously awaiting the curtain being pulled open to reveal what they, and so many others behind the scenes, had been working so hard on. The stage was filled with scenery and props to help transport the audience from Kansas to Munchkinland to

Eric H.

During the show, one director was poised behind the scenes while the other was in front of the stage, providing whatever guidance the cast needed in case they got stuck on a line or a bit of nerves hit them from the bright lights or booming microphones. However, the directors quickly realized that all the hours of practicing and working on developing each one’s character had definitely paid off. The cast carried the show all the way to the final bows, and everyone couldn’t be prouder of all they had accomplished.
L to R: Eric H., Kim R., Brandon S., Jonathan H., Brian H.

L to R: Beth G., Michael L., Scott G

L to R: Kim R., Marjorie R., Zach S., Brian H., Rosie B., Lori B. Dori H., Eric H.

After the curtain closed, cheers and high fives exploded backstage and beaming smiles were all that could be seen. While most cast members were enjoying hugs and praises from their family and friends, one cast member exclaimed, “I have lots of ideas for next year’s show!” That pretty well sums up the experience that was Open Door’s production of the Wizard of Oz—a success from start to finish!

Ten percent is channeled to the State of Illinois Knights of Columbus. This percentage is used to provide nointerest loans for housing. Open Door was fortunate to be able to utilize this opportunity with the construction of its first 8-bedroom group home in 2001. The only cost in this drive is the purchase of the tootsie rolls and advertising; volunteers dedicate their time to this special event. In addition, Father Brantman, who is the pastor of St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in Somonauk, presented a check from the parish. Baker expressed his appreciation to both of these organizations for their generous support. “In this particularly troubled financial environment with budget cuts and the State being months behind in payment for services, our local support has become even more crucial, and we are blessed to have so many friends who continue to give what they can.”

Pictured L to R: Tootsie Roll Drive Co-chair Vic Siedleski, Council Chaplin Father Thomas Brantman, Open Door executive director Dave Baker, Grand Knight Chuck Durancik, and Tootsie Roll Drive Co-chair Frank Marquett.

Recently, representatives of the Knights of Columbus Fox Valley South presented a check to executive director Dave Baker. The Knights of Columbus conduct an annual Tootsie Roll Drive with proceeds distributed to providers of services for adults and children with developmental disabilities.

Each activity session offers a party planning group where the interested individuals meet weekly for six weeks to plan and host a party for all to attend. The theme for this event was the Grand ole Hoe Down! The group members planned the menu and prepared the food. They selected chili, cornbread, coleslaw, and apple pie a’ la mode with a mug of tasty root beer to wash it all down! Thems was good eatins’!

Yee Doggie! A Plum Grand time at the Hoe Down!
One party host took a gander around to see what they had to say: Beth M- “It was a great Hoe Down Time!” Tim G-“The Root Beer was my favorite! I love pop!”

hands a clappin’ to the beat while those that planned and hosted the event beamed at their accomplishment!

Angie H-“I helped plan this party, and I think it’s a good one!” Paula H- “I loved playing ‘Musical Hat;’ I haven’t laughed like that in a long time!” Laverne-“I love the chili; it was really good and the dancing.” Linda G- “Country music is my favorite, so I just sang along and had a good time.” Kelly B-“It was a good way to spend Saturday and just have fun!” Linda H- “The food, especially the Apple pie with ice cream…yum!” As this event comes to a close, the next group will begin planning for the next big event! Ya never know what this creative group will come up with next…until then Partner!

After the grub, the games began. One of the most popular ones turned out to be a cowboys’ version of musical chairs. Our group called it “musical hat”. Each person passed a hat onto the head of the next person, and when the music stopped whoever had that hat on was eliminated! The laughter was so loud you almost couldn’t even hear the music stop! They wrapped up the party with some country music, line dancing and some “do si do”. Foots a stompin’ and

Splish-Splash! Let’s All Go To the Water Park!!

Can you help out?
In the hot summer months, there is nothing better than a cool dip in a pool or a wild ride down a water slide! Maybe you like to chill out on a tube moseying down the lazy river… or float on a raft in the wave pool. Whatever you prefer, nothing beats the heat like cool water! A lot of our consumers feel the same way. Here’s what they prefer to do at the water park: Jason M: “I like the toilet bowl!” (A swirly cylinder-type water slide.) Minnie E.: “I love going fast! Whoosh!” Kyle H: “I love the straight downward slides because they go really fast.” Ann Y.: “I just love everything… its so much fun!” Jack P.: “My favorite is the wave pool.” Cara S.: “Splash Mountain!!!” John H.: “I like the wave pool and the lazy river.” James A.: “The lazy river.” Jeremy H.: “I like all the slides.” The daily admission ticket for an adult is approximately $30.00. No outside food is allowed so the consumers will need to purchase their lunch at the water park. This will run approximately $10.00 It is such a great experience for our consumers, and there is no other activity quite like it for them. Unfortunately, a lot of our consumers just don’t have the funds to attend an activity like this. Thanks to generous contributions in the past, we have been able to send many consumers on activities such as this one. If you would like to help an individual attend a day activity to the water park, please complete the form below and return with payment or pay online and specify “Water Park” at --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Please indicate quantities below: _____$40.00 for admission and lunch for one individual _____ $30.00 for admission for one individual _____ $10.00 for lunch for one individual $_____ Total Paid

ast t's f .org e! I nlin w.odrc o Pay ww

eas and


Name:_________________________________Street:_________________________________ City: ___________________________________ State: __________ Zip Code: _____________


Bobby Holmes 19th Memorial Golf Outing To Benefit Open Door Rehabilitation Center
The following competitions will be tallied at the end of the day for AM & PM golfers: LOW TEAM SCORE, CLOSEST TO THE PIN and STRAIGHTEST DRIVE

Join us! Wednesday, July27, 2011 Edgebrook Country Club

MANY SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES AVAILABLE! (Please see registration form on next page!) For reservations, contact Candi Baker at Ph: (815) 786-8468, ext. 222 Fax: 815-786-6241 Email:

Wear your Favorite Team’s Jersey! Wear your Favorite Team’s Jersey! Wear your Favorite Team’s Jersey!
The Waterboys will be bringing you Complimentary Beverages all day long! Quench your thirst at any or all of the four complimentary beverage holes:

Patti & Brenda’s Tailgate Party #1 Virg and Lauri’s Tailgate Party #2

PRIZES? You Bet! Have we got surprises for you!

Doc’s Tailgate Party #3 Lane’s Tailgate Party #4

Check-in & Early Bird Breakfast 6:30AM – 7:00AM Halftime Lunch 11:30 – 1:00 $70 Includes the following: Golf & Cart Continental Breakfast & Halftime Lunch $85 Includes all of the above And Linebackers’ Evening Banquet Dinner

Check-in & Halftime Lunch 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM $65 Includes the following: Golf & Cart Halftime Lunch $85 Includes all of the above And Linebackers’ Evening Banquet Dinner

IT’S EASY AND FAST TO PAY ONLINE Go to: Home Page/Latest News

Please return this page with payment no later than July 1st!

Please check the appropriate boxes. 7:00 AM Kickoff OR Golf Only Golf Only Golf Only Golf Only 1:00 PM Kickoff Golf & Evening Banquet Dinner Golf & Evening Banquet Dinner Golf & Evening Banquet Dinner Golf & Evening Banquet Dinner Name_____________________________________ Name_____________________________________ Name_____________________________________ Name_____________________________________

I am sorry I am unable to participate, but would like to donate. Enclosed is my donation of ______________.


All sponsors will be named: In our newsletter with a readership of over 4200! In our banquet program which will be read by over 100 golfers! In the local newspapers which will be read by thousands! Sponsorships of $250 and above will also have signage!

$1000 Halftime Lunch $ 800 (Limit 3) Linebackers’ Evening Banquet Dinner $ 600 Corporate Sponsor includes Sign and Golf & Dinner for 4 $ 500 Waterboys (#1 Beverage Cart) $ 500 Waterboys (#2 Beverage Cart) $ 500 Patti & Brenda’s Tailgate Party #1 $ 500 Virg & Lauri’s Tailgate Party #2 $ 500 Doc’s Tailgate Party #3 $ 500 Lane’s Tailgate Party #4 $ 500 Running Backs’ AM Golf Carts

$ 300 Coach’s Game Match $ 300 Photos & Prize Money $ 300 Snacks & Prize Money $ 300 Sweets ‘n Early Eats $ 300 Tokens for the End Zone $ 300 Decorations & Picture Boards $ 250 Hall of Fame Sponsors $ 150 Eagle’s Nest $ 100 Eagle $ 50 Birdie $ 25 Par later than July 1, 2011 to:

Please make checks payable to Open Door. Mail or drop off no

Open Door Rehabilitation Center, 405 S. Wells St., Sandwich, IL 60548 Name (as you would like it to appear in Program/Sign): ____________________________________________________________ Contact person: ________________________________________St. ____________________________City___________________ State: ________ Zip: ___________Ph: ____________________________Email________________________________________

(Circle one) Visa or MasterCard #___________________________ Exp. Date _________ Total $__________ Name as it appears on card: _________________________________

Honoring Those Who Have Gone Before Us
United States Veteran In Memory of Don Augustine Augustine & Moran Families In Memory of Max E. Bagg Jim, Sharen, & Joshua Gerlick In Memory of Roy & Minnie Baie Phyllis Sauer & Family In Memory of Dr. David H. Baker Norraine Baker In Memory of Robert Bertalmio Paul & Laura Billsten In Memory of Joan Dannewitz Harold & Joy Short In Memory of Tom & Shirley Darnell Wendell & DeAnn Dominy In Memory of Norman O. Devine Ken, Denise, John, & Kristina Mestemaker In Memory of Owen Gillen Betty & Owen Pence In Memory of Myron Goldsmith Mrs. Robin Squier Goldsmith In Memory of Bud, Gladys, & Dennis Grandgeorge Jerry Johnson Real Estate/Ronald & Kathy Peterson In Memory of Myrt & Harold Hanson Greg & Connie Hanson & Ruby Pence & Sue Augustine In Memory of Grant B. Harwig Judith, Aaron, & Anne Harwig In Memory of Lawrence Hanson & Sherwood Hanson Bonnie Lou Hill In Memory of Delbert Herman Hageman Clara Jackson Bernice Yeater In Memory of Kate Hough Hugh Hough Mary Ann Stevenson In Memory of Shelty Jones Butch & Etta Stahl In Memory of Harry L. Larsen Doris Larsen In Memory of Bill Lemke Butch & Etta Stahl In Memory of Stan Magnuson Judy Caves In Memory of Charles & Luella Mall Phyllis Sauer & Family In Memory of Dorothy Mall Donna Wade In Memory of Sam S. Mahara Mahara Chuck & Mary Mahara & George “Joe” , Lynn Hough, &

Memorial Day Remembrance

In Memory of Richard Meier Roxanne Eickhoff Rita Meier In Memory of Kenneth R. Mestemaker & Natalie A. Mestemaker Ken, Denise, John, & Kristina Mestemaker In Memory of Francis Miller Harold & Joy Short In Memory of Steve Reiners Dave & Candi Baker Chuck & Mary Mahara Mary Ann Stevenson Tom & Betty Thomas In Memory of Leigh Sauer Jr., Leigh Sr., & Verna Sauer Phyllis Sauer & Family In Memory of Maxine Savage Rita Potter & Terra Stetz In Memory of Al & Jenny Schwickerath Gary Schwickerath In Memory of Ken & Mary Shumway Dave & Candi Baker, Brent & Kelsey Greg & Connie Hanson In Memory of James E. Spitz Esther Spitz In Memory of William Squier Sr. & William Squier Jr. Richard & Barbara Muller

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My Buddy
Many thanks to Shirley Torkelson and Doug and Marcia Mall for contributing to “My Buddy” for activities!

Pictured: L to R: Kyle H., Jack P., John G., Dean S. havin’ too much fun at Boggies Mini Golf in Oswego!

We are Blessed!
We are especially grateful to all of you who are participating in our 2010 – 2011 Membership Drive! It continues to be a difficult economy for many individuals, families, and businesses. We thank you most heartedly for giving what you can to our programs that serve the needs of our folks with developmental disabilities. It is because of your support all year long that Open Door has not had to cut services or deny services to our existing consumers. Thus far, you have brought in over $30,000 in Membership contributions, and they are still coming in. You can give all year long to this campaign! We are truly blessed, and we thank you most humbly!

Responses Rollin’ In
Responses continue to roll in regarding the survey of The Voice! Results will be printed in the next issue!

Contributions & Memorials
Listed below are contributions & memorials received between 3/1/11 & 4/30/11. We deeply appreciate all of the honorariums, memorials, & donations give to Open Door. For your convenience, we provide a donation envelope in each newsletter. We hope you find this to be helpful. Thank you very much! We are deeply grateful to you for all of your support!
Contributions Contributions

Marlene & Reuben Allen Frank & Karen & Anderson Bud & Shirley & Anderson Floyd & Sherry & Anderson Anonymous (12) Identa M. Austin Thomas Bahde Ora J. Bannister Ron & Tarica Barker Helen Batorson John & Carla Baxter Beverly Bender Stan & Linda Benson Dave & Mary Ann Benson James & Bonnie Bernhardt Bethany Lutheran Church/Leland Bill Oswald State Farm Insurance John & Mary Ellen Bonk Ruth Breunig John & Nancy Britt Jeff & Nancy Brown John & Mary Burgin Don & Rose Burton John & Nancy Castle Judith Caves Pat Clapper Maxine Coffman Community Disposal, Inc. Cooper Family Royal & Fran Corbin Albert & Denise Cox George & Martha Cross Carla Cummings Tom & Linda Curry Carol Darfler Stephen & Karen Debolt Edwin Deicke Robert & Nancy Delp Roger & Carole Denman

Wayne & Melody Derber Marlene Diehl Jim Dirst Stacey & Karlene Dolder Wendell & DeAnn Dominy Forester & Lois Jean Du Sell Pat Duhai Earthmover Credit Union Jon & Judy Eriksson Duke & Janet Fanning W&a Fedro Vivian Feldott Shawna Ferrell Jim & Judy Fish Wayne & Fran Fitzpatrick Scott Fleming Charlie & Patty Foster David & Diane Freed Bernie & Kim Frieders Becky Gavin Margaret Gesell Stephen & Luree Gill Dan & Carol Giltjes Ralph & Doris Ginger Mrs. Robin Goldsmith Dan & Traci Grandgeorge Dennis & Virginia Gregory John Guehler Bob & Donna Guehler – Lake Realty Dorothy Guseman Lee & Sue Hage Katharine Haggard Sam & Lois Hamilton Hankes Clinic Pharmacy Jesse Hanson Bryan & Patty Harbin Newell & Jean Harmon Hartman Concrete, Inc.

Bruce & Deb Hartman G L Hartman Dennis & Jean Hastert Henderson Engineering Co., Inc. Betty Henning Robert & Anna Henrich Ron & Kim Henrich Carl & Marilyn Hess Chuck & Linda Hickey Hinckley - Big Rock High School Future Educators Association Paula Holdiman Ron & RoseAnn Hubbard Mrs. Barbara Humm Chuck Hutchcraft Mrs. Thomas Jacobs Senator Christine J. Johnson Glenn & Carol Johnson Ron & Barb Johnson Warren & Janice Kiest Emma Kinsel Kinsel’s Collision Center, Inc. Knights of Columbus #13436 Richard & Kay Konow Ray Kosteck & Helen AugustineKosteck Irene Kotecki Curt & Judy Larson Willard & Shirley Lee Helen Leifheit Darrell & Helen Lohmeier Jennifer & Martha Loyd John Lutkus M&P Packaging Inc Jerry & Patricia Maloney George Marinos Ione Martin John F. Marzolo Louis & Beverly Mayer

Contributions Cont.
Raymond McNamara Kevin & Linda McVicker Ed & Kate Meyer Carol Meyer Dan & Sharon Mikelson Senator Robert W. Mitchler, Retired Robert & Wendy Modine Ben Moe Bess Moss Tom & Pam Nehring Joe & Oweta Neuhauser Pat Newton Virgil & Patricia Norton Gene Olson & Carrol DannewitzOlson Otto Machine Company Steve & Linda Papillon Gary & Jo Anne Parris Mitch & Pat Pazdro Betty & Owen Pence Sid & Carole Peterson Rod & Barb Pierson Plano Molding Company Mary Ellen Prestegaard Michael & Carol Pruski Richard & Myrla Randall Jerrold Raske Betty Reicher RC Reis Cindy & Glen Reuter Gladys Rhodes John & Donna Ricci Merrill & Bev Risk Nancy Rohrer Marion Rompf Arnie & Jackie Rucinski Walter & Catherine Rud Anita & Jerome Salois Sam & Eunice Sampson Ken & Teresa Sanderson Sandwich Chamber of Commerce Sandwich Community Fund Michael & Liza Savage Stephanie Scents & Gary Weber Fred & Mary Scheppler Gerry & S&ra Schmidt Kathy Scholtz Bud & Janet Schor Roger & Marcia Scott Don & Pat Senek Ken Joe Serby Dale & Jeannie Shatters Bob & Peg Shumway Shirley Simonson Dick & Karen Sjolund Steve & Myrna Skopek Donald & Janeyce Smith Somonauk Community Chest Somonauk Insurance Agency, Inc. St. John the Baptist Catholic Church (Somonauk) Stahl’s Service & Repair Butch & Etta Stahl Veronica Stein Craig & Linda Stevenson The National Bank & Trust Company Sheila Thompson Stan & Lillian Thompson Art & Joyce Titzel Clarence Toftoy Shirley & Howard Torkelson Les Tucker Dick & Ann Underwood Jim & Lori Updike Wiley & Nancy Updike Daniel Vargo Wendell & Sylvia Vatland Jerry & Jeanne Vaver Ron & Pat Wallis Len & Kathy Wass John & Joan Wasson Waterman Community Chest Tom & Julie Weber Patricia Weisenburger Vi Wheeler Clifford & Naoma White Sharon Wiesbrook Rita Wiesbrook Jim & Carol Wilhelm Shirley Wilkowski Robert & Wanda Williams Karen Wilson Dale & Linda Windham Mr. & Mrs. Neal Woessner Mildred Wolsfeld Carla S. Womack Jim & Rita Woody Wayne & Marjorie Wright Mardy Yonikas

In Memory of Guy Abbott Eric & Maria Danielson In Memory of Shirley Akre Bob & Carol Nordengren In Memory of Byford Allen Arnie & Ellie Allen Eddie & Candace Allen Joyce Allen Kenny & Denise Allen Marlene & Reuben Allen Darlene Fanning & Family Barbara Hoffman Curt & Kathy Heuertz Jean Land Gene & Jan Meier Barbara Meyer Mike & Diana Rose Lewis Schultz Mary Ann Stevenson Eric & Sherri Storms Joshua Storms Mark & Nicole Walser In Memory of Anna & Andrew “King” Anderson Danielson Farm Trust In Memory of Carl & Evelyn Boe Charles & Angela Boe In Memory of Richard Bradbury Duke & Janet Fanning In Memory of Joan Bryant John & Mary Burgin Gene Olson & Carrol Dannewitz-Olson In Memory of Bill Butenas Yolanda Butenas

Memorials (Cont.)
In Memory of Keith Caywood Cindy Westbrook In Memory of Andrew H. Chester Mary Buhs In Memory of Austin Clark Mervin & Vera Baker In Memory of Georgia Cooper Phyllis & Ray Niles In Memory of Dr. Karl Csiszer Gerald & Judy Combs In Memory of Robert Francis Joan Francis In Memory of Florence Garbe William & Katherine Goodin G.L. Hartman In Memory of Iris Gertou Walter & Catherine Rud In Memory of Frances Goodwick Marion Rompf In Memory of Dave Graf Anonymous Scott & Debbie Richards Virginia Rossok Nick & Pat Scull Jack Taxis Tom & Betty Thomas Joanne Van Pelt In Memory of Ray Ingle Dorothy Dearden In Memory of Beatrice Johnson Frances Adams Mrs. Joan Aubele Mervin & Vera Baker Barb Bend Dave & Carol Bend Joseph & Robin Bothe Mrs. Joyce Buthe Arnold Clarke Wayne & Debby Davey Delores Devine Mrs. Lorraine D’Orio Mr. & Mrs. Paul Eddy Donald & Mary Ann Ehmke Nancy Espe Mrs. Marie Filipski Stephen & Marie Franks Terry & Barbara Goodin Greg & Karyn Grandgeorge Karol Grandgeorge Margaret Hardekopf Tom & Jackie Harmon Ron & Margaret Hart Chris Hickey Mr. & Mrs. Gene Hickey Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Hickey Mr. Robert Hickey Mr. Bill Hickey David & Carolyn Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Dan Kniss Darryl & Ellen Kupecz Lloyd & Terry Lange Leslie & Dolores Larson Mr. & Mrs. Ed Lenertz Denise & Ken Mestemaker Barbara Meyer Dick & Marge Meyer Jim & Gert Meyer Mary Meyer Mr. & Mrs. Roger Schubbe Mr. & Mrs. Ed Sidwell

In Memory of Anne & Christopher In Memory of Gladys, Dennis, & Danielson Robert “Bud” Grandgeorge Danielson Farm Trust Bob & Joyce Dell Ronald & Kathy Peterson/Jerry In Memory of Constance Johnson Real Estate “Connie” Lea Langher Darfler Ron & JoAnn Anderson In Memory of Priscilla Gray Bart & Olga Darfler Jeanne Mason Brad & Colleen Darfler Dan & Lisa Darfler In Memory of Blaine Harker Gene Darfler Dr. Robert & Eda Coleman Jerry & Sherri Davis Jim & Sally Donahue In Memory of Rev. Richard Patricia Duhai Harmison Jim & Marilyn Elliott Janet Kessler Dan & Traci Grandgeorge Jack & Evelyn Smith Ms. Camille Hoffman Eric & Debra Honkala In Memory of Barbara Heller Nancy & Pete Hyland Donald & Patricia Clason Ms. Kathy Kowolski Darlene Fanning & Family Jim & Gert Meyer Penny Meyer In Memory of Robert (Bobby) Hill Tim & Colleen Meyer Joan Higbea Roger & Bonny Rankin Earl Thoma In Memory of Curtis Hoaglund Walter Thoma Kevin & Trish Anderson Mike & Jane Trierweiler Karen Beers Dealas & Mary Wiley William & Ilene Beverley Dennis & Susan Wiley George & Teresa Bolek Gena & Scott Wilson Colleagues of Dana Patrick Teresa & Edward Hummel In Memory of Nolan Duffy Employees of Kendall County Charles & Patricia Foster State’s Attorney’s Office Daphne McNames In Memory of Hank Feldott Frank Paun Dorothy Dearden

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Alex and Fellow Bobcats Grant Many Wishes!
It was to become an especially joyous Christmas for residential consumers when Alex McQuate contacted Open Door. Alex is a senior at Somonauk High School and wanted to perform a service project. She decided to launch a “Giving Tree” project for the consumers at Open Door. Alex requested a Wish List from Open Door for each of the 50 residential consumers. She promoted it at the Somonauk High School. Teachers, students, and family members happily participated in the selection and purchasing of gifts. Alex and her mother wrapped all of the gifts and gifttagged with the appropriate names. Open Door staff commented, “It was very well organized.” Consumers were delighted to open presents of CDs, DVDs, puzzles, jewelry, hats, perfume, and many other special items. Executive Director Dave Baker comments, “We thank Alex and all of her helpers at Somonauk High School for making this a very special Christmas for our folks here at Open Door.”

Pictured: Alex McQuate (L) with her great Aunt Karen L., who is a residential consumer at Open Door participating at the West Workshop.