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The prophecy of a masterpiece
I wrote my first song when I was in class 4

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Advertising Feature

Advertising Feature

Out to club do it sexy seductress

Model: Sandra Kasyoka A 4th year Bio Chemistry student at Chepkoilel University College Clothes available at Dolz Fashion, Kenyatta Street Opposite Telcom House. Cell number: +254 (0) 724 483 301

Its the semester of dinners & well Valzs here too Knock him out in this no.s for that romantic candle lit dinner

Shoes are available at Backstreet Boutique, New Muya House behind Family Bank Cell number: +254 (0) 720 221 798 Photos: Myra Nyange

For a smart day time valz look this is on point.

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ON THE COVER Models: Allan Anyona & Caroline gichuhi Allan Anyona is a 2nd year student taking Applied Statistics with Computing. He loves travelling, hanging out, swimming and watching movies. Caroline gichuhi, 20 is a 1st year student taking Applied Statistics with Computing. Shes softspoken but outstanding & loves facebooking, swimming and reading Hair and Makeup: Models own Wardrobe: Backstreet Boutique, eldoret. Shoot Location: Papae Studio Saito Center. eldoret Photos: Amos


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: SKETCHy of a Masterpiece hec Prop

... TS N






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ALUMINI DIARY|Letters and News

Life is tough out there hiyo ni porojo, nyef nyef

Bryan Otieno, one of the first graduands in applied statistics with computing (AST), 09/10 class is bold and daring and living life large. When approached by The Bridge he had the following timeless pieces of wisdom. By SHEUNDA PHILLIP

roLe of aLumni

Kwa wale wanaona campo ni pano..
uys never avoid what you must face. Challenge your circumstances and steadily persevere. The path towards victory opens from where you stand. Thats how you make it or break it in life.


oi University Alumni Association was founded in 1992 for the purposes of bringing together graduates of Moi University to promote social and intellectual interaction between the university and the Alumni. The association promotes excellence in scholarship, a unique cultural and academic identity of both members and the university. The main objectives of the association are: (a) To promote social and intellectual interaction between Moi University and the Alumni and also within the Alumni. (b) To contribute to the growth of Moi University by participating in development projects. (c) To form chapters of the Alumni within the country so as to reach out to the members. (d) To promote, improve and protect the interest of the members and Alumnis Welfare. (e) To support and recognize scholarship and academic excellence of Moi University and of the members. (f) To encourage, develop and maintain academic and social traditions unique to Moi University. (g) To establish collaborative links with other Alumni bodies and organizations in Kenya and the rest of the world. (h) To participate in the deliberations of the Senate and Council and any other meetings in the interest of the Alumni and the University. (i) To participate in any other worthwhile national development activities. (j) To devise ways and means of raising funds for the activities of the Alumni. The Moi University Alumni Association has continued to grow from strength to strength and holds an Annual general Meeting (AgM) every year. These meetings have always provided forums for our graduates to come together and recall the good old days at Moi University while reflecting on the future of the University. The alumni has also established regional chapters because we strongly believe that chapters are the bedrock upon which Alumni strength is laid and harnessed. The Association also organizes educational workshops, seminars, and promote scholarship. To this end, we wish to invite our Alumni to offer sponsorship towards Alumni prizes and awards. The Association intends to award in cash or kind the best academic student in each school.You may channel your awards and prices to be named after the donors.

M i i

Some of uS want to change courSeS in third year..what iS?

any of you worry about the courses that you take, whether it will get you to where you want to be, you worry a lot; what you must know is that, not the courses you take at the higher learning institutions determine your success, but the right ATTiTUde, a little faith and trust in the man upstairs, you will definitely succeed.

eih life out there..itaKuaje?

know a number of you fear life out here from the stories and myths that have been told year after year that Life is tough out there- Hiyo ni porojo, nyef nyef. Life out here is quite open, open in the sense that you take your own path that leads you to your destiny. Take it from me that Life is best lived by being bold and daring. People tend to grow fearful when they taste failure, face a daunting challenge, fail an interview or two, lose their first jobs or fall ill. Yet that is precisely the time to become even bolder. You determine your own course..

im i gonna Suceed?
f you always have a shallow perspective and pay attention only to trivial things, you are sure to get bogged down in all kinds of petty worries and concerns; Face the future without doubt or fear: i can do more. i can grow. i can become a bigger and better human being. Am gona succeed Life is a never-ending struggle to grow. Lifes natural tendency is toward the flowering of potential, toward limitless advance. And faith is the key that enables us to open up the full realm of possibilities within our lives. Always hope for the best and i wish you all the best.

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Academic Programs
1.SCHOOL OF SCIENCE Bachelor of Science (BSc) BSc Applied Statistics with Computing BSc Actuarial Science BSc Computer Science BSc Analytical Chemistry BSc Bio-technology and Bio-safety BSc Entomology and Parasitology BSc Applied Animal Laboratory Science 2.CHOOL OF AGRICULTURE & BIOTECHNOLOGY BSc Food Science and Nutrition BSc Soils and land use Management BSc Seed Science and Technology BSc Horticultural Science and Management BSc Horticulture BSc Animal Science and Management BSc Agricultural Biotechnology BSc Apparel and Fashion Technology BSc Food Service Technology BSc Agriculture Extension Education 3.CHOOL OF NATURAL RESOURCE MANAGEMENT BSc Forestry BSc Agro-forestry and Rural Development BSc Fisheries and Aquatic Science BSc Wildlife Management BSc Wood Science and technology 4.SCHOOL OF EDUCATION BSc Education (options: Physics, Biology, Chemistry or Mathematics) BSc Education Technology 5.SCHOOL OF BUSINESS AND ECONOMICS Bachelor of Tourism Management Bachelor of Tours and Travel Management Bachelor of Hotel and Hospitality Management 6.SCHOOL OF ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES BSc Environmental Studies B.A. Environmental Studies

In the news
Ongoing Project Currently the capital development in progress is the construction of a natural resource complex funded by the World Bank which will have approximately 30 offices and meeting facilities with lecture halls. The science laboratory complex and the modern library are also awaiting the establishment of the council to approve fund for the completion. There are proposals to fix floodlights mast for proper lighting and major renovations all over campus. Branding Branding of the college is in progress. The logos and slogans submitted by students and staff is under scrutiny by a branding committee.


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but if you don't want to wait, write to us at or call our front office 0723 322 268. Explain your interest and make it crystal clear the contribution you will add to our youthful team. Thirdly, we conduct interviews for shortlisted applicants and eventually select our members.

This is how we attract talented students with high morale and an excellent team spirit. remember if your interest to join CSP is only financially driven then we dont need hepkoilel Students Press (CSP) is a journal- you-you must be passionate and of service ism club in Chepkoilel University College. nonetheless. i really dont know if Chep has had a journalism club before but as at 2009 there was no journalism club; the then editor-in-Chief of the 17th SgC, Silphano Arundah constituted one. it was called Chepkoilel Campus Students Press (CCPC). its aim was to promote awareness and to create a dependable source of information among students through journalism activities and by developing a school magazine written and edited by students on a wide variety of subjects. its CCPC that published the second edition (2010) of Bridge Magazine under the chairmanship of Arundah. in order to remain relevant and current CCPC later rebranded to CSP following the chartering of Chepkoilel Campus to Chepkoilel University College. Chepkoilel Students Press aims to be the ears, eyes and voice of the students and a dependable source of information among students, alumni and other friends of Chepkoilel University College. What is CSP?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We describe our approach to journalism as "informal Professionalism". That means we take our work seriously, but have fun and enjoy what we do.

Postgraduate training fellowships for women scientists

ostgraduate Training Fellowships for Women Scientists from Sub-Saharan Africa and Least developed Countries (LdC) at Centres of excellence in the South. The Fellowship is offered to women scientists to pursue postgraduate research in a field of the natural sciences. deadline for applications: 31 July of each year.

Programme Details

This fellowship programme is for female students from Sub-Saharan Africa or Least developed Countries (LdCs) who wish to pursue postgraduate training leading to a doctorate degree at a centre of excellence in the South outside their own country. Please read the following information carefully before applying. Only women scientists from Sub-Saharan Africa and/or one of the Least developed Countries can apply. Host institutions must be located in a developing country. Applications that are incomplete or illegible cannot be considered. Please make sure all the requested enclosures are submitted together with your application.

Our mission: is to inform, inspire, educate and entertain

CSP members jubilated after a successful auditions for the Bridge magazine models. On location: L8

Chepkoilel Students Press

we dont lecture, we inform
The 3 things we believe in: 1. great isnt just good enough We see being great at something as a starting point, not an endpoint. We set ourselves goals we know we can't reach yet, because we know that by stretching to meet them we can get further than we expected. 2. its best to do one thing really, really well. We practice what we preach but we don't lecture when it comes to keeping you postedwe inform and thats the bottomline. 3. The old ways of doing things does not work anymore. Clearly, new minds are needed to change the way things are done in chep and even countrywide. With the power of information, we will eNLigHTeN and eMPOWer you to make Chepkoilel University College what you want it to be. Sure enough it will be done-just weigh in your support. We look forward to working with the administration and SgC on this. *We use social networks to stay in touch with students through our facebook fan page because e-mail is dead for this demographic and static websites are old fashioned. What is the relationship between CSP and SGC? The press club is independent from the students governing council (CUCSO). According to CSPs constitution, CUCSOs editor in Chief is an ex officio to the club and s/he has no obligation to assume this position unless s/he want to partner/ work with CSP. We applaud the 18th SgC editor in Chief, Phillip Sheunda for partnering with us. Is CSP different from other clubs? Yes and by a great margin. Ok, let me tell you how we do things around here. How we get our members First, if you are serious about joining us you must be totally an out of the box person, extremely creative and innovative, fresh of ideas and can make familiar things look new; you must be self motivated and ready to be of service; you must posses an outgoing attitude, easily approachable, fun and friendly; At least thats enough for now. Secondly, you must apply (our application forms are downloadable from our website) when we advertise for vacancies *Students are the brand ambassadors of Chepkoilel University College; we want to have the biggest influence on what they say and how they say it-we aim to package this information semesterly in The Bridge Magazine. *We aim to make academic experience here in Chep fun fun fun getting all these done while you also have cats, assignments, projects, exams and other obligations to attend to is not easy. it requires people management skills, a lot of team work and of course solid skills in area of specialization. right now our greatest challenge is a budget that can print enough copies to meet the high demand. Magazines dont make profits from sales because the cost of printing is always higher than the selling price.The profits come from sponsorships mainly in form of advertisements.



The Third World Organization for Women in Science (TWOWS) with funds generously provided by the Swedish international development Cooperation Agency (Sida), has instituted a fellowship programme for female students from Sub-Saharan Africa and Least developed Countries (LdCs), who wish to pursue postgraduate training leading to a Ph.d., at centres of excellence in the South (developing countries), outside their own country. The general purpose of the scheme is to contribute to the emergence of a new generation of women leaders in science and technology, and to promote their effective participation in the scientific and technological development of their countries. The specific aims of the scheme are: To improve access to educational and training opportunities in science and technology for young and talented women graduates from Sub-Saharan Africa and LdCs. To increase the scientific productivity and creativity of women scientists in Sub-Saharan Africa and LdCs. To empower a new generation of talented women to assume a leadership role in science and technology and their application to sustainable development.

The scheme provides fellowships to young female students from Sub-Saharan African countries and/or LdCs, to enable them to pursue postgraduate studies leading to Ph.d., degrees, at centres of excellence (renowned research institutions/universities). The institute must be in a developing country other than the applicants home country. The fellowship is offered to carry out postgraduate research in the natural sciences. each fellowship will be offered for three years and will cover travel expenses, a modest monthly living allowance, the amount of which will be determined in consultation with the host institution. An applicant who wishes to register as a Phd student at her home institute can choose a sandwich option, whereby part of the research programme is undertaken at a host institute in another developing country. in this case the fellowship provides support (travel, accommodation and living expenses) only while at the host institution. The minimum period abroad is six months. The fellowship does not provide support while the applicant is at the home institute. Alternatively, an applicant can enroll as a fulltime research student at an institution outside her country, in this case the fellowship will provide support (travel, accommodation and living expenses) for 3 years.


The fellowships are open to qualified young women science graduates (generally below 40 years of age) from countries in Sub-Saharan Africa and/or LdCs. The minimum qualification of applicants is an M.Sc. degree (or equivalent), or an outstanding B.Sc. honours degree, in the natural sciences.


The fellowships are highly competitive, and the selection will be based on scientific competence and merit, reviewed by a panel of eminent scientists.


Applications must be clearly typewritten in english and should be completed in all parts. enclose copies of all university degree certificates, and the university-issued transcripts, which should include grades, courses taken, etc. Two referee letters from senior scientists familiar with the applicants studies must be enclosed with the application. For more information, visit http://www.twows. org. The application form is downloadable from the above website. A copy of the application can also be obtained from the Chepkoilel University College library.

Amos Ochieng 2nd year Tourism Management Chairman, Chepkoilel Students Press


The Bridge Magazine.

The Bridge Magazine



Is Education a Key to Success?


i am a torture victim; served at 8-4-4 maximum prison that turned me into an exam robot..the only career objective i have left is to become a perpetual hustler

ne person who was asked this question quipped, "yea, and i have a bunch of keys but no padlocks".

it is such a profound achievement to be at the University, especially if you are the first from your family or village to enroll for a degree in an institution of Higher learning. The whole social unit (family, clan etc.) takes pride in you. equally, they expect as much from you as they "invested" in you. Family gave you support (material and emotional), teachers taught you well and with further input from yourself, you made it to campus to pursue studies that ultimately earn you the title "the learned friend". However, this might not be of much use to you. recently, employers in Kenya openly admitted to giving preference to overseas schooled graduates to those--'half-baked', as they called it--locally trained human capital. The employers claimed that though most of the (local) graduates had First Class degrees, they could not deliver. That issue led to debates on whether our education takes cognizance of the countrys needs.

The blame game was ignited. The 8:4:4 system was identified as the main culprit that turns students into examination robots. But the problem is not in the system but those who control the system and fail to update syllabi to keep abreast of changes in the world. But individual students are also culpable for the bad image of the education sector and lack of superior human capital in the country. education has produced a variety of learned friends: some are raking in billions by making use of their knowledge and are almost actualizing; others are perpetual hustlers. The category you end in depends on how you spend your time in campus. Majority of students ONLY study seriously when exam time approaches. A huge proportion of their semester is devoted to pursuing the campus experience which might involve risky behaviours (sex, drugs & alcohol, politics or partying all the time). Some, who used to hate the discipline level imposed and demanded by their parents, see campus as the only chance to do what their parents denied them.

You should realize that even if you cram your way to a First Class, spectacular papers alone wont get you anywhere. The world over, to become an expert requires 10, 000 hours or more of practice
education provides the background knowledge and skills required to be a successful entrepreneur. The research skills, problem solving skills, accounting knowledge, interpersonal skills, critical thinking skills and the general knowledge imparted to you in college should enable you launch a successful business. We should stop the traditional conviction and assumption that the purpose of going to college is to land a prestigious job in banks, government offices etc. No one has a job for you; but everyone has a problem to solve. Those problems cant be solved solely by being employed. You should realize that even if you cram your way to a First Class, spectacular papers alone wont get you anywhere. The world over, to become an expert requires 10, 000 hours or more of practice. But if you spend your college time unwisely, regrets become inevitable.

With the advances in social networking technologies, the risk of graduating with no value is even higher. Students unwittingly chat, Facebook, flirt or tweet while the lecturer is strenuously explaining a concept. Students who fail to understand concepts and theories will rely on cheating or cramming to be able to manage satisfactory gPAs. To cope with global problems, one needs to have amassed enough information about their field of study. education is expensive. The fee paid to earn a Bachelors degree in local universities is an upward of Ksh 500, 000. This is a huge resources outlay that MUST guarantee returns later, both to the degree holder, financier (parents) and the community. Therefore, a paradigm shift in the education circles is needed to propel Kenya into a favourable economic era. Stop regarding studies as hard or as a punishment. its meant to help you, not to get a job, but to better your life by supporting your creativity. education prepares you for success. it does not in itself bring the success.
The writer, 22 is a 3rd year BCOM student at the University of Nairobi. Kosgei loves writing, reading and is a tech enthusiast.


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Bye bye...Chepkoilel
ndeed time flies, the first semester that was short and uncoordinated eventually shut down. Phew! How fast? The school of Business and economics was hard hit when it dawned on our ears ati tunahamishwa a statement that sent over 1100 students into utter confusion and uncertainty. The new dose of life that Moi University had injected in us saw us pack up from Chepkoilel Campus (Now Chepkoilel University College) to put up in somewhat leafy estate of pioneer in a four storey flat, arms length from Eldoret CBD. Its a very milky affair right adjacent the gate with the beehive of activity at the Brookside company. Life and vibrancy here is non-negotiable; personal interaction is instant coffee, you dont have to look far for your soul mate, classmate, workmate, any mate; you name it, they are right next door. i bet a good bunch of our brothers from the other side if given the chance would revere to be here full time and only part time in chep. Just stand aloof on Fridays and see them streaming at the gate, crisscrossing door to door to bond with relations. Havent you heard it was said, beauty is only skin deep but a valuable asset only found in business schools. No offense here fellas but the cream of senoritas, if you will excuse me the jargon has taken a paradigm shift from Chepkoilel to Kiptagich. dont forget ugliness is also in away superior to beauty because it lasts, it really lasts. its also not as rosy as you might think; there is a plethora of bitter pills forced down our throats; take for instance Soi, a second year Tourism student who has to deal with the hustle and bustle of eldoret town on a daily basis. First she has to wake up early to break a leg to Kiptagich house where she takes her classes which is quite a distance from the hostels, dodging vehicles, jostling and squeezing her way across the crowded market. inhaling the dust and smoke has become commonplace and she needs equal attention as in the exam room to cross the busy Uganda road highway to get to Kiptagich which sits right between

A student sitting main exam at Kiptagich classrooms last semester. insert: Kiptagich house
KCB and CBK banks. (dont start thinking how to break a safe). You risk going flat broke if you bank with KCB when the ATM is next to the classroom and your card lives in your wallet. Soi still has to catch an elevator to 7th floor where BTM and BTT students take their classes. Maybe another 10 minutes waiting for the lift. And if you are an avid user of the internet this is your place. There is an always on unlimited wireless internet here. Which SgC represents us? Which campus do we identify with? These are some of the most disturbing questions that we havent got concrete answers to. i dont have sufficient information to discuss this because everything seems to be in the pipeline. rumours already have it that we are going to zion mall (dont start thinking of shopping) together with students from KPA,

Back in her room Soi has little to complain about. When i asked her if she misses chep she shouted a big No, i dont even wish to go back there she asserted strongly. i love this place, rooms are spacious, self contained and taps never run dry she continued others have it that we might have a Kiptagich campus and form an as i nod in total agreement. SgC..i dont know what to believe. Well, we will cross our bridge when we get to it but i know somebody will shed some light on this soon.

Life and vibrancy here is non-negotiable; personal interaction is instant coffee, you dont have to look far for your soul mate, classmate, workmate, any mate; you name it, they are right next door.

How could i hit the last nail on the coffin of this article without remembering Miskeno galgidhele (entertainment), evans Bii (Finance) and Melabon Adembo (Assistant Secretary general) who barely sat in office in the then Chepkoilel Campus MUSO that they aggressively campaigned for. They were forced to down their tools in the dawn of Chepkoilel University College because they were no longer students there. They say change is like rest. So far so good i see they have adjusted.

Above: Pioneer Hostels, Below: aerial view of eldoret town

Students sitting in a lecture at AiC (Age and BHM students take their classes here)

By Bridge Correspondent and a student in the School of Business and Economics, Moi University

The Bridge Magazine




edit your accessories, look polished and simple if you dont know what youre doing. Break the rules in fashion, and make your own style look effortless rather than gee wear slightly looser (but still fitted) clothing. Slightly loose in the back and loose and draped in the front is a good start. If you have something that generally fits your body except in some areas, dont be afraid to take that little trip to your favorite tailor for adjustments. My rule of thumb is one of the three and no more: necklace, earrings,and bracelets Trends also disappear quickly, sometimes over night.dont let your wallet do the thinking but go cheaper more trendy clothes. A good alternative is a comfortable ballet flat, low-heeled shoes or boots, and most certainly NOT, Crocs unless you are in a kitchen. You know when someone compliments you like: You look so chic today!.. or You look so slim, did you lose weight?.. it means that you look good. Very good. And taking those comments at face value, you should figure out what youre wearing and repeat that style over and over again. Fashion isnt about playing safe. Avoid that tacky look by combining an assortment of short and long skirts that complement your body shape. dont even match a blue bag to your blue shoes to your blue nail polish and your blue makeup unless you are trying out for the Blue Man group

Fitted clothing does not mean skin tight clothing. unless you are anorexic, super young, very fit, muscular and PERFECT (umm you fall in the 3% category of supermodels then), you should not wear super tight clothing. looking like youre wearing a circus tent is also unattractive. Large clothes, make people think that you are large because the air underneath the top billows out and adds more weight. dont let your accessories ruin your dress. My rule of thumb is one of the three and no more: necklace, earrings,and bracelets

Most trends are wonderful in moderation if you want to go for the animal print scarf, dont wear the animal print shoes and handbag at the same time, thats just overkill. running shoes are comfortable but wearing them with a suit? *cringe* Or wearing them with a dress? *stabs eyeball*

dont wear things that highlight what you have too much of, or dont have. dont spend hours on it (its learned over time), but most of all, being comfortable is the key to being chic. even if you have a great pair of legs, a toned butt, toned arms and a flat stomach, and you wear short shorts or short skirts, you will about 90% of the time run the risk of looking tacky, no matter how great your body looks

Trend setters
The Bridge Magazine The Bridge Magazine

The dos and donts of fashion


The Bridge Magazine

MOdeL: diana Chebet, 2nd year student at Chepkoilel University College undertaking Bsc in Microbiology Photo: Myra Nyange



Must have for todays gentleman

Living you for you


Luminor Panerai

diesel Cuff watch

Leather Jacket

Quick read
Want the mind of a creative inventor?
Block 5: 2009 Block 5: 2010/2011

The only way to make a dream come true is to wake up



Start redesigning everything you see. imagine better hostels, faster ways to serve food, or better light bulbs, state of the art library, cemented pathways, online registration, electronic transcripts... if you do this every day for three weeks, it will become a habit...then go ahead and vote a student leader who can reflect your thoughts. Want to be the person who always has something interesting to say? Train yourself to look at things from other perspectives. What would Onyancha say about this? How would Prof. Khaemba view it? Whats the opposite perspective? The point isnt to ask others silly questions, but to ask yourself, to see what interesting ideas result. do this until it is a habit, and youll always have something interesting to add to a conversation. The good thing about a bad idea even bad ideas can lead to good ideas if the idea originator is committed enough to extract the meaning from the bad. it happens all the time. do you think War and Peace was written in one sitting? No way. The idiots guide to making chep a better place is now on face book..just search: The Bridge Magazine on facebook and become a fan World Cup FAST REWIND: This is what Paul, the Octopus was told when he predicted wrongly! in the dead of the night, Pauls keeper, probably sneaked to the tank and spoke to Paul in Octo-Lingo: Now look here, Paul. We trying to make money. Money to grow you those juicy oysters and mussels that your ungrateful fat ass like to eat. And today you fucked up. you fucked up big time, we need you to use your brains and get those predictions right. get it wrong again, utajua malenge ni mboga...And with that surprise confrontation, Paul was left confused with what these people wanted so he continued to stick to his germany choice with success three times..

After the Sunday WC finals, the keeper who was obviously elated; happily showered Paul with extra rations of food and secret conjugal rights with another Octopuss called deliliah specially trained in loosening up the males even though it was against regulations. Our regrets go out to our friends and counterparts in Uganda either killed, injured or traumatised after the senseless and barbaric bomb attacks after the World Cup final match. These Alshabab people are brainless indeed!!! Before you flip over to the next page please know that Paul died in his aquarium in October last year. Sleep less. This is one of the best investments you can make to make your life more productive and rewarding. Most people do not need more than 6 hours to maintain an excellent state of health. Try getting up one hour earlier for 21 days and it will develop into a powerful habit. remember, it is the quality not the quantity of sleep that is important. And just imagine having an extra 30 hours a month to spend on the things that are important to you. EAC TAX FREE TRADE; not for shoe shiners and mamambogas

ver wondered why certain things happened in your life? Thought why you maybe clinging to someone, some situation or a group that brought you pain and suffering. ever thought of many golden opportunities you let go? How many sacrifices youve made, what depths you went to, just to make things work out and remain perfect? ever thought of things that you got involved in that somehow changed your life positively or negatively? Looking back is a natural and very important thing to do if we have to define our present and shape our future . Someone once said that the only way to make a dream come true is to wake up. Open up your eyes and get off bed immediately. it does not matter how long youve been sleeping or how warm your bed is or even how sweet the company you share. All that matters is what you dream and how much you want to pursue this dream and live it for real.

Plaid shirt by All Saints

Viker Jeans by diesel

ever asked yourself what you purpose in life. What would you wish to leave generations to come with? How would they remember you? What big and small lessons would they learn from you? it doesnt matter how little a difference you bring, the fact is that it still is a difference and that s what matters. isnt it better to turn off the tap in the kitchen at night than to ignore the leak and let the whole house flood later in the night? god uniquely created us and put an extra ordinary talent in everyone. its up to you to realize and exploit it. Whatever you desire, whatever you do best and enjoy and however small it may be, do it well with all your heart as long as its for your own good and the good of others. Bring the dream home. The best mentor is found in you. Be your own inspiration. Never let anyone stop you from doing and standing for what you believe in .You lives once and die once. What if on your last day on earth, lying on your death bed and you realize that you have lived someone else dream. Then no doubt you will die the saddest person and too bad you cant change a thing. So today stand firm and take charge of your own life. Give meaning to your being and let no one lure you into theirs. Stand strongly for all you believe in. be the one to bring that desired difference!!!

italian handcrafted leather shoes

Bow tie

Leather Belt

Aviator Sunglasses Fedora Hat

The eAC common market protocol that took effect in the recent past is not for shoe shiners and mamambogas; its for the skilled; it provides for free (i mean tax free) movement of workers, people, goods, services, capital and the right of establishment and residence. remember it took europe 21 years to have a fully fledged common market so dont expect this to happen overnight. There will be less documentation, less negotiations with labour offices to get a job in east Africa Community and no more long queues. it has prospects of 126 million customers and of course Kenya will get a lions share of the business because we boast of good infrastructure. For the students like you; look forward to applying for a job in Tanzania, Uganda, rwanda and Burundi. Maybe you should now be pimping your cv to suite eAC employers. Start checking your regional dailies, they are already advertising.


The Bridge Magazine

The Bridge Magazine


By NdAigA NgATiA

How To Handle The Salary Question

By KeViN OBierO

CAREER CHOICE: How to get your dream career

areer choice is a challenging exercise especially when someone is freshly out of college. This is so especially in a world where one is faced by an array of paths all leading to a golden goal. The questions that many ask themselves are what are the career opportunities available? What job suits me? One is supposed to concentrate their job search towards landing a job that is in line with their career vision. Choosing the right career is very essential as goes the old adage if you choose the right career you dont have to work a single day. Wrong career choice however leads to unsatisfying job a high possibility of career change. Proper career choice can be attained with proper planning and strategy. A career vision that is viable guides you to which job to choose. Personal skill assessment A personal assessment test helps you know your personal skills crucial for career option. These includes management skills, innovative skills, leadership skills, and interpersonal skills .discussions with friends, family and career consultants helps to point out skills and strengths that you take for granted. These skills are very crucial for career growth Mr. Francis B.S Kariuki senior career and development officer Moi university advises what employers are looking for is not certificates only, they are looking for skills like leadership ability, decision making skills, entrepreneurial skills among others. Education qualifications help you to make informed decision according to the course taken. it is good to diversify especially by taking professional courses .Mr. kariuki says this will increase ones adaptability, flexibility, and employability. Understand the industry its important to know what jobs entails assist in choosing the right industry to work in. get more information about the jobs you are considering. Talk to HR officers of different companies to understand what is needed in the companys employees. This give one an edge during the interviews and to send strong applications that will persuade the company or organization that you are good fit for the job. Applications should be customized to the companys requirements Application letter and C.V are the first contact which makes the employer fall in love with you. if you want to impress the employer it is the only thing you can do it with Mr. Kariuki advices. Coaching and mentoring A Career coach helps you to identify the skills and capabilities, this enables one to use them to the best of their ability increasing one independence and reducing reliance mentors shows you how to you can become good at doing things. Both can help you to make a choice on which career to get into. Close interaction with them increases you career development pace.

Career tests and assessments These are objective form of career counseling through aptitude tests. it provides insightful and objective information about which job may be suitable for you according to your values interests and skills taking. Career tests have offers a list of recommended jobs that match your attributes with those of people with similar personalities who enjoy and are successful in their jobs. Attending career seminars helps you meet and interact with range people in your dream career. Career officers in institutions of higher learning can offer insight to students who dont know what jobs their courses allow them to take. Undertaking internship and job shadowing programs helps you to interact with professional in your field. Job search With proper career path chosen job search period is shortened considerably. Many claim that the job market is flooded but Mr. Kariuki believes there are opportunities out thereMarket is there for you it is for you to show the abilityhe says Apply for jobs that fit your career objectives. Job search can ease by using recruitment firms. Networking is an essential tool in job search this can be done by interacting with professionals individually or through professional networking sites like Linkedin. it is important to understand new interviewing methods like psychometrics tests. Salary should be the least of worries to you as a applicant range. While negotiating your first salary, carry out survey and set arrange without going overboard. remember the company is looking for what you are adding to it not what are getting. Understand the problems the company has and offer to remedy them yourself. This tells the company you are adding value to it. Many jobs require some years of experience, Mr. Kariuki advices make your college years your experience years by developing skills needed in the job market. You can increase your skills by participating in activities like charity and community work. Many think that big and known companies are most suitable. Brand should small companies many offer better job growth and field to try your skills compared to big ones. remember job is supposed to offer fun so make the choice you can enjoy for the rest of your career life. TiPS Focus on your skills and target similar opportunities Learn new skills which will enhance your current profile Diversify your skills Network

1. Never include salary history in a resume or application, even when requested. if your background is strong enough and you meet the majority of the qualifications, the company will most likely contact you anyway. 2. When filling out an application and you are asked for current compensation, write, "Will discuss in interview." if asked for desired salary, indicate "negotiable." 3. When asked about your current salary in an interview, you can respond by saying, "Frankly, i would like to see my income with your company based on the responsibilities of this position and what you believe my skills are worth to your company, not on what i have been earning." Then follow with this question, "What is the range you have budgeted for this position?"

Or you might respond by saying im really not comfortable addressing my previous [current) income, because it isnt a fair indicator of the strengths i bring to this new opportunity. Then follow by asking, What are you looking to compensate someone -- what is your range? 4. if you are asked about expected or desired salary in an interview, you can respond by saying, "i don't have an absolute figure in mind. I recognize that my compensation will involve a package including benefits and possibly incentives, so i am very willing to negotiate with you. i have no doubt that if we are comfortable with each other, and you want me as a part of your team, that salary will not be an issue that keeps us apart." Again, and importantly, follow with the question, "What is your range?" or "What are you looking to pay someone for this responsibility?"

Are you digitally dirt-free?

Why its important: Social networking has become the primary way that people communicate. But it is a double-edged sword. employers have access to your personal life, likes and dislikes, political views, good and bad behavior. Because of that exposure and the speed at which information is distributed, it is important that you be digitally dirt-free, especially when job hunting, says Chris Laggini, vice president of human resources for dLT Solutions. Tip: Social networking doesnt have to be negative in your job hunt; you can use it to your advantage. Old-fashioned reference checks through past employers are pass; use your [social networking] pages to accumulate references and positive praise from professional peers and college professors. Find people within the company whom you know that could put a good word in for you, Laggini says.

international standards

One reason why employers want to hire you; Strong online presence


The Bridge Magazine

The Bridge Magazine




Special Report
A closer look at the

Students and Power

The politics of 18th SGC

have learned and unlearned, theater works wonders. You may campaign in poetry, but you are wise. deliver carnivals rather than tutorials. A little vulgarity goes a long way.

Alfred Odhiambo

elkanah Kiprotich

Phillip Sheunda

Christine Wafula

The Herculean task rears its head when the young, innocent and nave leaders convene to award tenders. Here is where they learn that leadership is a trick of perception, a bit of wisdom Shakespeare rent Henry iV to pass along to prince Hal. And if you intend to lead, look the part. At this time the leaders have known each other on the basis of a reliable friend and chini ya maji friend. The members of the tendering committee confuse leadership with pleasure not knowing that the two have a chronic tendency to invade each others territory; they table and award tenders for themselves and buddies. One shudders to contemplate the catastrophe that would arise if this trend continues. It baffles me that no SGC official ever seems to have heard of the words transparency and accountability even though the civil society has shouted those words everyday since the second liberation was launched a whole twenty years ago. The SgC with concealment is a social-disease much more dangerous than AidS.

Anne Makena

edelquin Shioso

Nancy Kutto

This use of smoke and weasel words is childish, shortsighted and best left to street traders. The more thoughtful officials should see these and stop the deception. i dont see name-dropping and exposure of SgC dealings as the apex of The Bridges and Chepkoilel Students Press (CSP) work. SgC may think of us as ferrets whose only motive is to paint them in bad colors. The research con-

After these under covers, the leaders come out to start `delivering` forgetting their policies and preelection pledges. Since they cant readily lay their hands on leadership secrets of Attila the Hun or those of Winnie the pooh! and since the political mood around them is bleak; gridlock is the order of the day. Why not turn to management gurus? They select committees to various events among their hard-line campaigners to work for the various departments condemning mediocrity to the dungeons. deliver fades off as laziness, serving personal interests and enriching ones own coffers takes precedence. Pablo Picasso, a famous painter once intuited that success is dangerous. One begins to copy oneself and to copy oneself is more dangerous than to copy others. it leads to sterility.

(post originaly held by evans Bii who moved to Kiptagich following exit of SB & e)

george Otwoma

Anne Makena

The first daunting task to test their mettle is the appointment of the eiC (editor in Chief). The position is for a qualified applicant who has administrative apparatus and miles of paperwork to prove it, surprisingly its the antonym of those words that takes precedence. it calls for political affiliation and canvassing. The student leaders lobby and caucus to see that the vital cog in their campaign gets the green light. However in this first exercise of power, there are no break-ups and they all reach a compromise.

Those whose interests were not served remain aloof as the victors start enjoying the package. Strong bonds and camps creep in the SgC as ones character determines social life. Literally the idea is to create and star in your own show. The self minded and greedy members are never left out in the crucial talks. The preceding meeting is the budget allocation. Here the fundamentals of basic economics (econ 101) are thrashed to the bin and the forces of demand and supply are given a cold shoulder. The leaders minds are focused on their dockets. every member has a breakdown of his events. At this junction, the rules are inflexible as those of geometry; for your budget to sail through, it dpends on your cordial relationship with other members. remember the golden rule, those with the gold make the rules.

Anne Makena

The morale to deliver fades off as laziness, serving personal interests and enriching ones own coffers takes precedence.

SgC shouldnt get drunk with power. They should exercise it with responsibility and have Chepkoilel University College at heart. Lets avoid roguish tendencies. if they are garnering for long term success, they have no choice but to be honest in their dealings and straight in their transactions.

most effective
Memba Bryan

Nancy Kutto

Nancy Kutto

Student governing Council (SgC) election results come with mixed reactions. Considering the different camps that exist during campaigns, not all sail through as planned. guerilla tactics and treacherous geography undid some of them. At the conclusion of a demoralizing campaign and a disastrous retreat they emerge bloodier. This calls for new alliances since co-opting competition is good and eliminating it is the best; though partisan interests threaten to trip them up at every turn.

elkanah Kiprotich

george Otwoma

Anne Makena

Christine Wafula

Alfred Odhiambo

Nancy Kutto

Memba Bryan

edelquin Shioso

Phillip Sheunda

It baffles me that no SGC official ever seems to have heard of the words transparency and accountability even though the civil society has shouted those words everyday since the second liberation was launched a whole twenty years ago.

The good qualities we saw and voted for disappears in thin air as we the common mwanafunzi hope for a better leader and look forward to the next SgC election not knowing that it is ordained that those who dont study history are condemned to repeat it-the second time more tragically.

he Bridge Magazine in its efforts to remain the ears, the eyes and voice of the students, conducted a research through Statex Solutions Ltd. to establish students level of satisfaction with various facilities in Chepkoilel University College; library, dispensary, student centre, hostels, mess, level of satisfaction with the degree programmes pursued by the students and the most popular, most effective and the least effective officials in the Students Governing Council. The full report is available at the Students Governing Councils office.

Kamukunjis or not?


most popular

Weekly Monthly every semester Annually Male 6.5 74.2 17.7 1.6

Female 3.0 84.8 12.1 0.0

After the tenders, bad blood oozes in the SgC, just like tom -and -jerry hostility to which inevitably; communication is always the first casualty. And where communication fails, tyranny is around the corner.

As students it is our prerogative to make conscious effort to shift to the new order. An order where corruption, impunity and negative ethnicity are anathema. Where democratic constitutionalism is our unifying institutional philosophy. The time is now when we, like Julius Cesar, must take the bold step and cross the rubicon. good people the time is now, we won the dance, we must win the prize.

ommunication between the SgC and the general students body is so vital in a learning institution. When asked, students suggested Kamukunjis can provide a platform for this. it was evident that most of the students have the opinion that kumukunjis should be occasionally held to give them a chance to express their problems or any concerns or even to appreciate the SgC after a clean and an exemplary scorecard with most students recommending that they should be as frequent as on a Total monthly basis.89.6% of the students 5.3 77.9 population approve of Kamkunjis as a 15.8 communication platform with students. 1.1 10.4% said no.

CUCSO Through the lens

From left: Christine Wafula (Health), Alfred Odhiambo (Sports), Nancy Kutto (Vice chair & Finance), Phillip Sheunda (editor in Chief & entertainment), edelquin Shioso (Catering), Prof. Batan Khaemba (Principal), Anne Makena (Secretary general), rhoda Ndakwe (The Bridge), george Otwoma (Chairman), elkanah Kiprotich (Academics). insert below: Memba Bryan (Security & Accomodation)
The Bridge Magazine appreciates all CUCSO officials and students who corporated with our interviewers during this research. Most importantly Statex Solutions Ltd. that conducted this research. The respondents were purely students from Chepkoilel University College residing both inside and outside the university. The sample size was 550 students, cutting across all years and schools. The gender consideration was determined by the ratio of the population as per the data from the deans office with respect to all schools. The data was collected by use of questionnaires for purposes of record keeping and one to one interviews.

ducted by CSP through Statex Solutions Ltd revealed that most students think of them as rogues who do nothing but devise ways to steal big.

Just to phrase galileo galilei i do not feel obliged to believe that the same god who has enabled us with sense, reason and intellect has intended us to forego Amidst this cantankerous cacophony, the morale to their use.
By Mark Amollo The writer is a controversial feature writer and a political commentator. He is a senior editor of Chepkoilel Students Press.

Transparency and accountability

The students were asked whether the operations of the SgC are based on transparency and accountability or not


Yes No

Male (%) 7.2 92.8

Female (%) Total (%) 11.8 8.6 88.9 91.4


From the sample observations, we can conclude that most of the student do not have confidence in the way the SGC affairs are being run as they claim that there is no transparency and accountability


The Bridge Magazine

The Bridge Magazine




ove is such a beautiful thing and campus is no exception. its a feeling that is desired by both the young and the old poor and the rich, strong and weak. it was given to us by god who really purposed for us to fall and be in it. if you claim never to have had a taste of the famous lavidavi then probably you are lying. The famous Poa Place,itein,Sirikwa,Spree and the newly renovated mapenzi corners (koinange as many may call it im sure as a result of the rising economy),is not a new thing. A lot could be fetched from the star gazing and moon watching. if youve lived in block three then probably you know what im talking about. But what about when you wake to realize everything is lost? i say all is not lost. You are not alone and almost everyone else has gone through the same at one point. Actually its a stage in life. The following are some ways to deal with it. 1. Accept the end: They say acceptance is the first step to healing. do not cling to the hope that a miracle would happen and things would go back to normal. if this does not happen then too bad for you, the pain will be unbearable. 2. Respect yourself: Never blame yourself for the breakup and dont punish yourself. god made someone especially for you who is struggling his/her way just to meet you. So respect yourself enough to give yourself another chance to be happy and dont take extreme measures like drowning your sorrows in alcohol.

4. Connect with your family: renew wonderful emotional bounds with family and close friends. You will be surprised how wonderful family love is and you will notice that there are wonderful people who love and believe in you and that there are more important things than heartbreak. 5. Allow yourself to heal: dont throw yourself to a new relationship simply because you are hurt. This may land you in the wrong boat with the wrong people heading to a wrong destination and in the end you might be more hurt. Start a new relationship only when you can stand the previous one without pain. 6 .Forget revenge: Falling in and out of love happens. it is sad but truly it happens. Accept this fact and move on. Revenge is a confirmation of pain and ties you with the past-never letting you really move ahead. 7. Take up a new hobby: You might find that time lies heavy in your hands. To avoid past painful memories, use each minute to enjoy yourself. 8. Time is the best healer: Understand that it takes time for you to heal. do not hurry the whole process, if you do, the clogged emotions would erupt one day in a more harmful way. realize that the pain would leave you gradually just as a wound would heal gradually. 9. Move on: Aim ahead always. Surround yourself with family and good friends. Share with them because the more you vocalize these feeings, the better you will be able to deal with the breakup. A problem shared is halved. 10. Everything happens for the good: Use these events as a learning measure for self growth. This is just a stepping stone in your journey towards finding the true love of your life.

To love and to be loved is such a feeling very desirable by all

Conquering the pain of breakup

You are not alone and almost everyone else has gone through the same at one point. Actually its a stage in life. This is how to deal with relationhip breakups. By VerONiCA OigO

3. Pamper yourself for a while: Simply get out and treat yourself. do something you love. Buy yourself new staff, eat well, go swim, watch movies, socialize and give yourself a really good treat. centre all your attention and energy on your pleasure for awhile. Wash away your hurt by indulging yourself.


The Bridge Magazine

The Bridge Magazine




Romance fadessss...but the old times still echo !!!!

Its a mans world

When a woman climbs the corporate ladder and becomes the best in her field, its whispered that she slept her way to the top. When a man does the same his hard work is applauded

Presently, the dating game has really revolutionized such that when it comes to wooing the opposite sex, men have it damn easy, he meets you, whips out that slang pick up line he caught on whos your lady movie and swings a lecherous smile making clear his intentions. By Kevin Odhiambo

hat happened to the fine old days when love was romance, affection perfected with the art of luscious words that would make a chiq melt down. And who can forget the heartfelt love letters, written with floury words, laced with narratives of classic romantic tales. Talking of romeo and Juliet- not only portrayed you as an irresistibly romantic dude but also proved you are one . There were no postal offices because probably shes one of the village girls you conquered while on a firewood fetching spree or when you skipped school to herd your grannys cattle. if you can remember very well, your youngest bro was the messenger, of course at the expense of parting with the few ndururus you had or doing his homework. With a red rose dexterously made from your kasuku exercise book pinned inside the red and blue color margined envelops, the letter would be carefully fixed at a specific crevice at the victims home fence as agreed. She will never disappoint. Feigning fence cleaning or hedge trimming, she knows where to waddle to retrieve the only one thing that would make her heart leap. She opens it and a paragraph within narrates. .i was lost upon a sea of changes, winds and waves, searching and hoping in silent profound prayers for my redemption. You came into my life and i was created a new. The kind fate smiled at me and her soft, caressing winds blew my battered self upon the warm shores of your heart. You restored me, i felt as old as time itself, created at the beginning of all.

Only you, the absent part of my soul, the essence of life makes my heart sing, taste the flavors of emotion and touch intimately the tenderness within i love you more deeply than i can express.

Man, they did its only that you were lucky. So what the princes would do is, they would go all round the village writing names on sisal leaves..john osiep Jane( john is Janes boyfriend) with other trash beside Letters aside, wooing chilez was probably a mountain- it just to make sure your ego goes down the eous task. if it wasnt the Paros who made you throw drain. a stone or two on the roof to make her notice you pass by-it would be battling fierce dogs which in most cases They say the forbidden fruits are the sweetest. added to your Bonga points as being brave. You might With all this fuss about boy-girl grooving, it probably be wondering why these relationships came was even more fun. Can you imagine runto light even though they were forbidden fruits, with ning away with your lover into the woods and those involved trying teeth and bone to keep em under then eloping on foot to the nearest town...15 covers. Well, if you didnt know, if Portia said yes to kilometers away to make a living, as beggars you, it doesnt mean the Prince of Aragon and our own in slums then you live happily ever after in Prince of Morocco didnt try their luck on the caskets. one of em shanties! romantic huh!!!!

great divide like the wall of china is felt between man and woman making it look like two different species altogether. its been said rather jokingly that the day man and woman will be equal is the day a woman would walk around town with a pot belly and think shes sexy/hot. Well that is not happening. A man who is in a relationship can have numerous mpango wa kando and be applauded for it. This passes on as being male. if a female happened to do the same then she gets a label ;a saga once got me thinking-a mans clande had a mpango wa kando and the man was furious to the point of beating her up. double standards, i must say. in politics a woman who stands her ground and never wavers is scorned by society. She is hated by even her own kind just because she joined a mans world and fought with the best of them. Society dictates a woman to be gentle and timid but if you stray from this stereotype, you become an outcast. Yet men play this dirty game we call politics and they are accepted for what they are.


When a woman climbs the corporate ladder and becomes the best in her field, its whispered that she slept her way to the top. When a man does the same his hard work is applauded. Statistically the woman will be paid less than a male colleague in the same post. When a man takes a woman to bed, one hes just met she automatically becomes a chips funga, what name is given to this man who has a habit of fungaring a woman who sells her wares is libeled a prostitute/whore yet the man who samples these wares on different occasions or sleeps around a lot doesnt get a label. Should he be labeled a man whore? The few women who trespass the invisible line that divides man and woman live a full life. They enjoy life as men but will eventually feel the brunt of their folly. in a mans world we dance to mans tune wishing and praying that the promise of an equal world is fulfilled. In our differences we are unique, no one is superior: in weakness there is strength so lets not focus on what we can or cant do and embrace us. Who knows they might just be envious of the womans world.

Let us know how we can shape The Bridge Magazine and make it better fo you. But you got to be part of it, deal? Call us on 0723322268 or drop us an E-mail;


The Bridge Magazine

The Bridge Magazine




is a moment filled with anxiety and uncertainity, when a young campus girls menses delay for a few days, knowing she had unprotected sex the previous month. There is always the silent hope that it is just a false alarm, just a bag of scary thoughts racing through my mind.., it is nothing really and anyway, i took emergency contraceptive Pills. Well, 2-3 weeks late and the signs begin to show..,fatigue,nausea at times vomiting, a little weight gain begin to show and she is left with one way to find out, a Pregnancy Test needs to be taken. For some girls, it may take as long as 6 to 8 weeks before they actually realize they have conceived. Lucky you if the test turns negative but shock and distress sets in should it turn positive! What do I do? I hope it is not too big to flush it out..; will my boyfriend be there for me? How much does it cost to get this out? Are just a few of the myriad questions that rush through her mind in the flush of a second. Three ladies share their different experiences of what is a very common occurrence to many ladies in Higher institutions of Learning. rebecca* 22 years old, a fourth year in the School of Science shares her story; i was getting over a break up when i joined campus in August 2007. i met Kim*, a Finalist in the school of Business. He was tall, dark na alikuwa na body poa A glowing smile sweeps her face as she narrates her fond memories her First Love in was the 2nd Sem, so Kwachua Fresher was over so i was sure he loved me for real. Like most situations, it wasnt long until they became intimate. It was the first time I had sex and it was unprotected! i was worried i could conceive, but he told me not to worry, i just needed to take emergency Contraceptive Pills. Sure indeed, niliponea, sikupata ball She swore never to go through the same again, but alas! As soon as she was done with her menses she was at it again. This time, she did not have her menses and the scare was on again. i went to town soon after my CAT paper and took a pregnancy test, i had suspected i could be pregnant, but i was not sure, i needed to be at peace. Well, it turned out positive. i cried like a little girl, i called Kim* who told me he would meet me in the afternoon. i broke the news to him and he said he was not ready to be a father, he had no job, and was not ready to be a father She keeps quiet and takes a deep breath.

I am Pregnant

i think he stopped loving me and he is with me since he is unable to run from me. It is difficult, but I know I will manage one day if i work hard and get good job, maybe i will tell my parents one day Betty* who graduated last year from the School of education shared her experience. i begun dating my friends ex while in 2nd year. it was not easy since we were classmates and once in a while, it got ugly As the story goes, she conceived, and even better, he was extremely happy and gave her maximum support. He always accompanied her to the clinic in town. Most girls wished they got a man like her. However, in the 8th month of her pregnancy, she began developing complications. I began bleeding, and vomiting. It was in the middle of my final year, during my final semester examination I collapsed and was rushed to hospital. On getting there it was too late, i had lost my baby.., she sighs deeply. She was prepared to have a baby, but was not prepared for any other unforeseen challenges that came with it. She was unable to write her last three papers hence she applied for Special exams. Situations may seem similar but the bottom line is its all unplanned for whichever way you choose to look at it. However, similar situations may turn out differently, what matters is the person you become once the rain is gone. did you learn from your experience? Are you a better person? do i like the person i have become? given a chance would i do things differently? Many are the times we judge expectant ladies in our midst not knowing the burdens they bare. Many young ladies suffer quietly all alone especially when the man responsible bails out. For all expectant mothers in Chepkoilel campus, here is good news for you. We are privileged to have pre-natal clinics provided right here on campus where we have able staff to monitor and counsel you throughout the pregnancy. There is also the guidance and Counselling department that helps in counseling. Also, if your baby daddy bails out on you and is a student here, all protocols observed, he may be coerced to support the child for as long as there is sufficient evidence he is the baby daddy and you both are students in the University. Prevention is better than cure. Abstain, or better still use protection during sexual intercourse. it not only helps prevent unplanned pregnancy, but STis and HiV too. gone are the days when pregnancy, is an issue, the situation is worse, it could cost your life! However, since it is an emerging trend, let us all support young mothers in our midst. Let us be mindful of our comrades. Men take responsibility and support the women who carry the heaviest burden and all challenges that come with the burden of pregnancy in campus. Ladies take control of your life, make informed decisions, and plan for your future! Failure to plan is planning to fail! * The names used are not the real names of the characters. By Rhoda NDAKWE

He always accompanied her to the clinic in town. Most girls wished they got a man like her.

i was in it alone! He said whatever i do with the kid is my choice so long as i do not drag him into it. i was scared and did not hesitate to find a famous clinic in town where I had heard flushing takes place..,she breaks down in tears. Had she kept her baby, it would be 2 years old today. rebecca like most girls took a step, made a decision that she partly regrets. She did not have a choice you say, but this was the beginning to two other subsequent terminations of pregnancy. The story is not so different from Victoria* a 3rd year student whose baby is now a year and a half old. i did not know much about the abortion process, i was too scared and i had no money Joe*, her classmate, was responsible for her pregnancy and he had nothing to say. He could not disown her since lucky for her their dating affair was publicly known. She did not go home during the short holiday since she did not want her parents to know about it. She had her baby 5 months later. She kept this issue as discrete as possible from her family. However, the baby developed breathing complications during the first 4 weeks but recovered. He was supportive as he rented a house outside campus where we stayed with my baby. However, there were times he never came home since he said he needed to study. i had to take care of the baby although it was a struggle since we did not have a job Victoria applied for work study the coming semester to make ends meet. She has managed to keep this from her parents all this while. This time round, she says she found a childrens home in eldoret where she can leave her baby when she closes school since she cannot take the baby home with her and her boyfriend has proven to be very unreliable in the past few months.

For some girls, it may take as long as 6 to 8 weeks before they actually realize they have conceived.


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Lose that extra flab the easy way

just 5 easy tips that does the trick!

reCiPe: Mexican Hot Chocolate

1 ounce unsweetened chocolate cup sugar 1-2 tablespoons instant coffee teaspoon ground cinnamon Dash of salt cup water 2 cups milk Whipped cream(optional)

n the meagre bucks students survive on, its hard enough to have enough, eat their fill let alone add on weight; at least for the mainstream.

But, we are not all tiny waistlines, lithe bodies and slender frames. Some of us have to contend with being just plain ol humans who are not perfect. This is for that kind . Those that dont particularly like to go to the gym (being the majority). These are just a few tips that i have come to learn do the trick; Put your mind to this and your budget wont complain. Go vegetarian. Yes,i said it. No meat, no eggs, no smokies: at least 3-4 days in a week. it really does save on the calories, trust me. ive put this to work. Walk to and from class, and this doesnt have to be a drag. Put the earphones on, blast your favorite music and walk on and who knows, you could catch the eye of that e soul. Join a dance class or if you are more on the sporty side, join the karate or taekwondo classes. That makes losing weight so much fun. get your pals to join you in this. You catch that whiff of fries and really a sucker for potato chips, do what i do. Pass by Akinyis place, buy the 10 shs. pack of potatoes, peel, boil, mash, add salt and any condiments of your choice...And there you go. You just fooled your taste-buds shorn off extra fat. Love the water. And if you cant stand plain water taste, add a little fruit juice. go easy on the tea/coffee, they have a diuretic effect.

Heat chocolate, sugar, coffee, cinnamon, salt and water in a sufuria over low heat, stirring constantly, until chocolate is melted and mixture is smooth. Heat to boiling; reduce heat. Simmer uncovered, stirring constantly for 4 minutes. Stir in milk, heat through. Just before serving, beat with a hard beater or fork until foamy. Serve and top with whipped cream.

By Anyango Sharon Hotel and Hospitality, 2nd Year You arent a chocoholic until you know these specifics; (i) Chocolate is in no way addictive. (ii) Chocolate makes you feel good, it is considered as an aphrodisiac. (iii) Chocolate cannot raise your blood cholesterol. (iv) Chocolate doesnt cause tooth decay. in fact, there are ingredients found in chocolate products that may retard the process of tooth decay. (v) Chocolate is a great natural anti-depressant. it contains tryptophan which helps you create serotonin, your bodys own anti-depressant. (vi) Chocolate contains high quality anti-oxidants that can preclude you from developing cancer and heart disorders.

(vii) Chocolate is a wonder energy source. Take a couple of bars after a sporting action to restore your verve. (viii) Allergies to chocolate are very uncommon. (ix) The darker the chocolate, the more nutritious therefore eat more of dark chocolate than milk chocolate. (x) Chocolate may be used to make lots of treats ranging from cakes to candies. Here is a recipe that will definitely elevate your chocolate appetite;

Chocolate makes you feel good, it is considered an aphrodisiac.

Fat or no fat, you are fabulous. And if you want to lose a few inches off your waist, let it be for you, not because anyone wants you to. By Kiki Mwobobia


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She is not just super-hot, top shot model height, Sweet, suave yet kind depict her personality with might, Makes one never clearly understand her plight, Getting involved now and then in the catfights. And he got ordinary looks but girls him they pursue, Silver & gold, gucci & Louis Vuitton wear stuck on him like glue, every woman he got know he bad and pretend not to have a clue, Some cash using and dumping them for a new catch is their due, She knows that he is always fooling around, But truly is for him, she thinks she is love bound, For him ever ready to enter the battle ground, And clearly aint in for a penny or a pound. He dont see her for what she is worth, Knows hell be keeping her for one more month, After he is done hell unleash to her his wrath, Wont take him long to move on hence forth. Beats every sense why she stays behind, Knowing she deserves more because she is one of a kind, And sooner or later he ll ditch her and another one find, it hurts to have to watch that, girl please use your mind. He is but a vulture, another of our epidemic, Same story, same lines but a different cast all cyclic, No offence meant, im not trying to be a critic, But your end is being another masterpiece lying in his attic. By Bernice Munini.

Poetic License


Mosquito repellents dont repel. They hide you. The spray blocks the mosquitos sensors so they dont know youre there. Donkeys kill more people annually than plane crashes. The king of hearts is the only king without a mustache. The first owner of the Marlboro company died of lung cancer. Cynical huh! Adolf Hitlers mother seriously considered having an abortion but was talked out of it by her doctor. Thirty-five percent of the people who use personal ads for dating are already married. It is possible to lead a cow upstairs...but not downstairs. The names of all the continents end with the same letter that they start with. And...............Turtles can breathe through their bums. (my personal favorite). Compiled by Chris Nzuve

B:have you alwayS enjoyed the art of muSic? S:Yes,i was the 2 year old kid who would dance and sing along to music,not just sit there. B:any celeB cruSheS? S:Celeb like person? Well no,my celeb crush is my studio. That is my love and love equates time. No time, no love. (did we hear an amen!) B:if you could have any Style what would it Be? S:id actually sing! im a rapper also like to play the piano and guitar. B:BeSt advice ever given? S:Hmmm,i heard it on radio the other day, What will be will be. i also live by the motto WrAP (Work,rest and pray) B:firSt Song ever Sung? S:Mtawezaje. i did it way back in 2007 and it received airplay in ghetto and Homeboyz radio stations in 2008. B:who are your inSpirationS? S:K South,Bamboo,Ojiji,also Chiwawa and Abbas as ive worked with them. internationally it would be Bobby ray aka B.O.B whos signed with grand Hustle. His music is positive. B:how did you get Started? S:Back in dagoretti High School,the 3rd and 4th form students used to give me their set books to free style for them so that they could revise. in return they paid me and those funds were directed to studio fees. B:what do you thinK aBout forming? S:The environment im in.
when you are per-

Prophecy of a Masterpiece
Elisha Oketch aka Eli Sketch is a 2nd year student in the School of Business, Moi University. Bridges Myra caught up with him for an interview.
words and photos: Myra Nyange

B:tell uS a little aBout yourSelf S: (puts on his stunners to hide his eyes??!) I wrote my first song when I was in class 4 but my sister laughed at it and i threw it away. However in high school i was at the peak and performed at Fanta and insyder promotions. i worked with Ojiji,Chiwawa and dJ Loop.

Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook named Time's person of 2010

A pile of arms and legs, A hearth of silken fleshThe warm ashes of need. Want- A spark of lust To ignite the embers of desire, To leap in tongues of passion Of red, of Yellow, of Blue. A flame to warm the heart; A heat to melt the soul. As we twirl our tongues Like matchsticks: And crush against each other, Crustily like firestones. And burst into flames Of deep blue sapphires The blue of thy eyes The green of my own The golden auras of love. So we toy with this fires Like magicians in a circus; We caress them with our lips, Pass it between our thighs While we couple our sighs, And clap our heartbeats in amazement! in wonder! Puzzled with splendor, Like laughing stars. By Ocharo Moses

B:any alBum you are worKing on? S:Yes,title is CAMPUS BOY. it depicts the struggles of living and learning within and outside the university. B:what are your reheaSalS generally liKe? S:Spontaneous,say when there is a blackout,i entertain my friends. incase of a show i schedule the rehearsals. B:are you SeeKing fame and fortune? S:Yes,but those are the consequences of doing what i love. B:do you get nervouS Before every Show? S:every guy gets nervous before they go to their love.(LOL) B:who would you liKe to go on tour with? S:Ojiji,Anto-neo-Soul of Paragasha Band,K-Naan and Proverb of South Africa. B:what advice would you give to people wanting to get into the muSic Scene? S:its better be your heart, and if it is its your treasure. B:are you dating anyone? S:(He throws the question back at me,how sly)No, time,my studio takes all my love/time remember? B:if you were StucK in a deSSert,what 3 thingS would you carry? S:Photo album,ipod (thinks then laughs),thoughts,yes id carry just one happy thought. B:What cant you leave your house without and if i search you right now or any other random day youd have? S:Nothing. B:What can the media do to help upcoming musicians? S:Publicity,events calender for example,do include it in Bridge.
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B:why the name SKetch? S:Our family name is Oketch. My siblings and i would get teased by the name Sketch,just replacing the O with S. i decided to keep the name and well only the pretty girls were allowed to call me that in school.

ime magazine has picked Facebook CeO Mark zuckerberg as its annual Person of the Year 2010, the figure it believes had the most influence on events in 2010. The 26-year-old billionaire was the subject of a 2010 film, The Social Network, charting Facebook's rise. Wikileaks founder Julian Assange earlier won a Time readers' poll on 2010's most influential person. The annual feature has been a fixture since the 1920s, with the winner appearing on the front cover of Time.

B:do you love doing interviewS? S:it depends on the journalist...if they are interesting yes id love the interview...for The Bridge.. mob respect. B:where have you performed? S:in Nairobi,local gigs like WAPi,Hoop entertainment in eastlands,Kisumu House of Funk gigs and the recent eldoret Safaricom rugby match. i also curtain raise as for now im laying my foundation. B:do you have any upcoming ShowS? S:Since im yet to create a name,business is difficult and so the shows are impromptu. B:who writeS your SongS? S:Myself. B:what
of your SongS? are the main themeS or topicS for moSt

In brief

-Mr zuckerberg co-founded Facebook while a student at Harvard University in 2004. -Facebook has more than 500 million users worldwide and employs more than 1,700 people. -He is estimated to be worth $6.9bn -He pledged to give away the majority of his wealth. -He is one of 17 new people to support a group, founded by Bill gates and his wife along with Warren Buffett, which encourages America's wealthiest to publicly promise to donate to charity.

S:Sensitization. Change begins with you and i. im anti-littering,anti-water and electricity wastage.


Like it or not, pornography drives each new convenient visual technology, 3g, video on demand (VOd) and other newer media applications.

Porn.........dirty secrets that drive technology

So, what will you find in GWR 2011?

To start with, the exciting new cover explodes off the shelf in a burst of flames (so this is definitely the hottest book around from Christmas, Valentine and beyond!) Inside, on the very first page, youll find a special feature on FIRE! including details of Ted Batchelors new attempt at the Longest FullBody Burn.


if anyone ever doubted the power of sex to drive technological innovation, the internet proves it several billion times over.

if you are reading this article from home or in campus, you probably have centerfolds and adult dVds he relationship between pornogstashed under your bed, you may disraphy and technology has always approve of porn but the effects of the been a love story of sorts. New inindustry lie all around you. novations in technology have been said to accelerate easier production, Camcorders, dVd players, VHS distribution and access to pornography but is this tapes dVd discs, pay TV channels always the case? are all due to pornography. if anyone ever doubted the power of sex According to John Arlidge of The Observer, moto drive technological innovation, bile communications revolution and advancethe internet proves it several bilments in technology are due to demand by so lion times over. When the web was called pornographers. The adult entertainment launched, the most popular searches industry is so lucrative that it has grabbed the were sex and porn and its still true to attention of bigger players such as VirginXtras the extent that service providers like owned by Sir richard Branson though previously Yahoo and Astalavista begun excluddominated by giants Playboy enterprises. ing sex searches from their net use surveys because they skew the results Mobile phone firms are splashing billions of making them worthless. dollars to allow us download erotic pictures and videos, it is estimated that over 40% of internet in the research carried out by The traffic constitutes of pornographic material. That Observer, there are over 80,000 major sex sells is scarcely a startling discovery, what is adult sites that generate profits more striking however is that analysts and executives that any other e-commerce sectors are acknowledging how important it is when it combined. Observers say that porn comes to driving technological advances. For and technology work so well together years it has been a dirty secret that one of the because each meets the needs of the key drivers of new consumer technology is sex, other. Technology is demand driven pornography. The need to make 3g technology and firms develop what they think work..and work fast is exposing that sewill sell fast and the strongest decret. mand comes from porn manufacturers for production and distribution. it is estimated that demand for sex services via mobiles phones could be worth well over 3.6b if the past is anything to go by, the pounds worldwide..what would you expect future of technological advancements from a $50 billion dollar industry in the USA and the flesh trade is bright.. But its alone!! Some analysts believe that the future of not orange..its BLUe!!! mobile communications depends on sex.

in the bigger-than-ever Popular Culture chapter, is a bucket-load of new records and if Music is your thing, it got records world records, that is! by divas such as Lady gaga, Susan Boyle, Madonna, Pink, And finally, if youre a sports In Super Stunts, youll find and Miley Cyrus. fan, immerse yourself in the some ideas for records you fully-updated Sports chapter, can try at home (Party Tricks), where youll find snail racing plus a few things you definitely in england, wife-carrying in shouldnt try at home (Strength Finland and elephant polo in & Balance). And look out for Nepal! a new section on Urban Arts such a parkour, break dancing and BASe jumping.

Guinness World Records 2011 Exploding with new records!

Think youve seen it all? Think again
Start flicking through and youll discover new sections on dinosaurs and the largest Beasts to roam the earth. As well as the ever-popular chapter on wild animals, Theres a whole section dedicated to Pets, zoos & Sanctuaries and Farm Animals, and dog lovers will go barking mad for the dogs spread! in the engineering & Technology chapter, see the ride on the Heaviest Limousine, climb to the top of the Tallest Building, take a ride on the new Fastest roller Coaster check out the Largest Sports Shoe and the Largest Playing Card Structure! and review the latest record-breaking Top Tech.
Format: Hardcover Publisher:guinness World records Ltd. iSBN: 9781904994572 edition: revised edition Illustrations: Illustrations (chiefly col.), ports. (chiefly col.) Author: Craig glenday Buy this product at Ksh 2,154.29 from all major bookshops in Nairobi or buy online and pay by M-Pesa at (delivery time; 5 working days) NB: prices correct at the time of going to press So, dont miss out on the most exciting, thrilling, fun, and informative book of the year! You cant miss it just look for the flames! By NdAigA NgATiA

Taking record breaking to limits are the explorers and adventurers youll find in the Human endeavours chapter. read about the trailblazers whove rowed the oceans and walked across the Atlantic (yes, walked!).

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Want Results Quickly? Heres how to search in like an expert

ou probably use google many times a day. But, chances are, unless you are a tech geek, you probably still use google in its simplest form. if your current use of google is limited to typing a few words in, and changing your query until you find what youre looking for, then im here to tell you that theres a better way and its not hard to learn. On the other hand, if you are a tech geek, and can use google like the best of them already, then i suggest you bookmark this article. Youll then have the tips on hand when you spot a neophyte probably at the cyber repeatedly type in basic queries in a desperate attempt to find data for the research paper due the next day. Explicit Phrase: Lets say you are looking for content about internet marketing. instead of just typing internet marketing into the google search box search explicitly for the phrase by simply enclosing the search phrase within double quotes. e.g: "internet marketing" Exclude Words: Lets say you want to search for content about internet marketing, but you want to exclude any results that contain the term advertising. To do this, simply use the "-" sign in front of the word you want to exclude. e.g: Search: internet marketing advertising. Site Specific Search: Often, you want to search a specific website for content that matches a certain phrase. even if the site doesnt support a built-in search feature, you can use google to search the site for your term. Simply use the "" modifier. e.g: "internet marketing" Scholarly Search if you want some authenticity of the materials then it would be better to find the materials from educational institutes or universities. For this use the google scholar search. But suppose you dont like to switch to google scholar search you can add the same query with an additional parameter to the normal google search box E.g: genetically modified organism site:edu Similar Words and Synonyms: Lets say you want to include a word in your search, but want to include results that contain similar words or synonyms. To do this, use the "~" in front of the word. e.g: "internet marketing" ~professional Specific Document Types: If youre looking to find results that are of a specific type, you can use the modifier "filetype:". For example, you might want to find only PowerPoint presentations related to internet marketing. example: "internet marketing" filetype:ppt or Portable Document Format (PDF) files just type: "internet marketing" filetype:pdf This OR That: By default, when you do a search, google will include all the terms specified in the search. if you are looking for any one of one or more terms to match, then you can use the Or operator. (Note: The Or has to be capitalized). example: internet marketing Or advertising Phone Listing: Lets say someone calls you on your mobile number and you dont know how it is................................. READ FULL ARTICLE on our facebook fan page notes and discover how to use google search as a calculator, dictionary, watch, weather station plus more interesting stuff.

Top 5 gadgets for todays students. By Anne Kima 1. A Mobile Phone: A phone with basic features like a camera, MP3 player, good memory, good battery backup and is not a china-made phone is necessary. 2. Laptop or PC: These two make campus life full of assignments bearable with their cut, copy and paste features. 3. USB Flash Drive: Necessary when you stumble upon a good movie at a friends place. 4. Alarm Clock: it could your mobile phone, a clock or a watch. Youll need it for those 7am 10am classes. 5. Speakers: im not talking about those crusade-like speakers that wake up the entire neighbourhood.
The writer is a 2nd year, computer science student in Chepkoilel University College. She enjoys programming and blogging. follow her tech blog:

THE Xbox 720


o many itll still seem ludicrous that sports games are worth the purchase every year, but for anyone whos ever kicked a football in their life, this is the definitive choice. FIFA 11 has taken a step forward to a better football simulation on PC: It comes up with better graphics, better game play, and again with a lot of licenses from different players and football clubs.. . Perhaps the most noticeable change is the fluidity of the game. Before, players scrapped their way through matches, struggling to pull off any sense of pass and move. This year, FIFA seems to reflect the game of football a lot more. A defensively powerful team can put men behind the ball, waiting for the opportune moment to break at swift, devastating pace.

Thankfully, there are very few negative aspects to the game play. The biggest apparent change is penalties - the new system seems to miss nine out of ten times unless youre striking down the middle. The referees are still a bit odd with their choice of cards (despite the new, multiple personalities available) and the new Be-AGoalie pro mode is a tad boring (who likes playing in goal anyway). This is a definite must play for all of you who want to push your gaming prowess to an agonizing limit.

aming consoles are exceptional devices that are use for gaming purposes.The current consoles belong to the seventh generation. The most famous seventh generation gaming consoles are Xbox and play station, produced by Microsoft and Sony respectively. Xbox has become the most sought after gaming console in the recent years.

it also has features to display a number of photos in the form of a slide show. The various games that are played in it are Batman, asylum, Halo, Battlefield. Xbox has various features in addition to gaming. One such feature is the Xbox video store. it allows the user of Xbox to get connected to the internet using the console to download high resolution videos of famous it not only lets you to play TV shows and movies. games but it also supports video in formats such as Win- it is similar to features dows Media Video (WMV) for available in other products viewing videos. it also supports but the thing to note is the H.264, MPEG-4 formats. high resolution display that is available for playing these videos. The Bridge Magazine


The Bridge Magazine


The places you thought you knew


Explore people and places in Tanzania


Tanzanians are one of the most courteous people I have ever met. Warmth and politeness is part of their culture and upbringing; by the end of your visit, asante and karibu tena are words that follow you making you want to go back. ~Rhoda, CSP

ocated to the South of Kenya.Dodoma has been its capital city for the past few years but formely, Dar-es-salaam was the capital though its still the most important city in terms of government and business. The Zanzibar islands are also part of Tanzania.

Its a country with alluring destinations resonating with hints of the wild and exotic. With weather more or less like that at the Kenyan coast. Tanzania is flocked by several tourists all year round. But amid tourists influx It remains a low key and unassuming country. Tanzania offers a large variety of activities from lazing on the sandy beaches, sightseeing of chimpanzees in the wild, exploring ruins of ancient Swahili states, trekking through landscapes around Ol-donyo Lengai guarded by a spear carrying Maasai warrior and much more. Its one of the safest countries in East Africa, politically stable and a very peaceful nation. Its boasts a stable economy though growing at a snails pace. There are several job opportunities and business opportunities. This is good for entrepreneural minds, by now you should be thinking how to take advantage of the EAC common market. Culture is part of the experience. Swahili is the National and Official language although English is also used. The locals are friendly and love visitors as they are willing to make you comfortable in their country. Tanzanians are one of the most courteous people I have ever met. Warmth and politeness is part of their culture and upbringing; by the end of your visit,asante and karibu tena are words that follow you making you want to go back. There are about 120 ethnic groups living peacefully together with no ethnic fights. Christianity is the main religion followed by Islam but even religion does not interfere with their peaceful co-existence. The Public Vehicles are commonly known as Dala-dala which is similar to Matatu here in Kenya. They cost at least TShs 250 to TShs 500 i.e. about KShs 15 to KShs 30 for short distances for town service, though you would need to board at least two Dala-dalas for a distance in Kenya where you may use just one Matatu! They have no seat belts and once all commuters are sitted, A Dala-dala is never full until a few more passengers stand in the aisle. Well, this is very much legal!! Lucky them Michuki is a Kenyan.

Every year, there is a concert held dubbed Fiesta. Renowned International Artists grace the occasion and the best of East Africas Artistes and deejays. It attracts close to 2000 people of different Nationalities, Race and Culture! This year,Lil Kim was the guest artiste, other artistes were Nigerias Brackett,Kenyas Code Red Deejays and local artistes AY,Nyota Ndogo among others also graced the concert. It is a concert for the whole family since during the day, there is band entertainment, bouncing castles for kids, and non-alcoholic designated areas. Within Dar-es-salaam, there is a major market called Kariakoo. It attracts traders from as far as West Africa! For shoes, clothes, household goods, name it! You can shop here for as low as half price or lower the price you would have paid for a similar product from a trader in your country. So, incase you are unable to take a holiday in Dar-ese-salaam, business is also a viable option!

Basic Safety Rules for Travelers to Tanzania

Make a copy of your passport and keep it in your luggage. dont walk on your own at night in the major cities or on empty beaches especially in Pemba and zanzibar. dont wear jewelry. dont carry too much cash with you. Wear a money belt that fits under your clothes. dont carry a lot of camera equipment especially in the major cities. Beware of thieves posing as police officers.

Dar es Salam

The rainy seasons in Tanzania are from March to May and November to december. roads become washed out and some parks even have to close. But, the rainy season is the perfect time to get good deals on safaris and enjoy a quieter experience without the crowds. The best months to climb Kilimanjaro are January, February and September when it is warm and dry. The best time to see the annual migration of millions of wildebeest and zebras is February to March when they have their young. The dry season (June to November) in general is the best time to go on safari in Tanzania since the animals congregate around the water holes and river banks. The best time to enjoy the beaches of zanzibar and Pemba is between July and October when there are less tourists escaping the european winter and theres little chance of rain.

When to Go to Tanzania

There are several beach hotels and resorts, private beaches and public beaches. Regardless of the beach you choose to visit, they are all beautifully covered with white sands! In Dar-es-salaam, I would recommend you visit South Beach (where you pay Tsh. 5000 on weekends but its free on weekdays),Kunduchi beach or experience a clean beach at the White Sands Beach Hotel.

Kunduchi Beach Hotel

The Tanzanias Maasai

Food and drink is part of the experience. Their staple food is riceWali. Notably, they have a unique snack calledChips-Mayai available in several road side cafes and hotels. Tanzania is known for their famous beers Serengeti and Ndovu which go for about TShs. 1500 or TShs. 2500 depending on where you are buying it. , they have a white spirit..,The Spirit of Africa known as Konyagi. It may be served in tots or you could have a bottle with your desired mixer.



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However on our way to town, the path lured us Kambi Nairobi, a place i must admit ive never been to in the three years ive been in Chep. Kambi Nairobi is situated some lazy cows strides away from Farm. Like a cat, its curiosity and nine lives, we decided to explore it from the curiosity brought about by what the names Kambi and Nairobi may suggest to me or rather to you. You all know that cats were awarded nine lives but the Almighty gave us only one life so that we can live it fully without regrets, Odhis justified our adventure. As we found out, Kambi Nairobi offers some dead silence like a grave yard but its inner core offers you a one twende, tujionee na tujivinjari experience if Changaa and Busaa are to go by. in this vibrant underground city, we cat walked along its streets like confused models. Kambi Nairobi is not a phrase you are likely to come across in the daily newspaper, or listed in the Nairobi Stock exchange and or in the current edition of the telephone directory. Wherever it got its name from did not add up much but whoever gave it that name must have realized that, it was a place of cool waters, because the kind of water being distilled there was a little bit bitter than the ruaraka one or the one Jesus turned into wine at galilee and left bewildered wedding revelers begging for more. Being a locally manufactured chimp for chimpanzee, one who had the privilege of growing up somewhere at the heart of Mukuru kwa Njenga, atmospheres of this nature are no stranger to me. in one of the dens, Welcome to happy valley, a man bellowed.

The breath from his mouth clearly indicated that whatever he had consumed was liable to send you to an instant if not self imposed coma. inside the big hut, was a pack of men with white recycled kasuku cooking fat cans glued to their hands, some half awake others half dead. Buddha was with them. By sun set we were sitted round in the hut like the twelve disciples eagerly waiting for the last supper. A few glued to the kasuku and others dead drank. i knew this was no place for chicken soup and decided to sample whatever the concoction was to offer knowing well that Fridays come once in a week. i partook the bitter stuff. it was bitter, as bitter as the bitter herbs that Hammurabi and his subjects partook before embarking on a journey to the Promised Land. Anything that happened after that only Buddha knows. i regained consciousness at the local district hospital two days later confused like a village mullah who lost all his teaching materials in a pit latrine after attending to a long call of nature. That is was one blush with death. i promised myself this would be the basis for my New Year resolutions. Happy New Year! By NOeL MUTUgi | 0738399457 Kijijimoja Trust 2006-2031 All rights reserved


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The Bridge Magazine



A virgin addicted to the game

By Henry Chenja
kill and sacrifice, that is just a tip of the iceberg on what Chepkoilel rugby has to offer. This according to rugby captain Mike Biringi is hidden inside a cocoon of laziness and a lack of self motivation. Br as he is known among his cronies, standing for Baby rhino an indication of his tackling and charging prowess in the rugby field. Mike started playing rugby back in 2003 as a form one student at rugby power house Nairobi School or Patch. during this time he had the opportunity of playing for glory and points winning the Uttermost rugby tournament twice, the Blackrock plate, the impala Floodies even representing Kenya in the east African Secondary School Games of 2006. That is as beautiful as Brs story of success and awards goes. Coming to Chepkoilel for him meant getting to continue with his addiction: rugby. Yet from the onset, things didnt look as promising as what most people would feel when they hear of university rugby teams like Mean Machine, Strathmore Leos and Blak Blad. His love for rugby and skills coupled with his performance on the pitch and being outspoken saw him elected as the rugby captain in his second year of studies. The Trojans or otherwise Chepkoilel rugby team has not had so much success though Mike still believes that the team can do much better given the motivation, support and resources from the administration. despite this he is quick to correct the mentality of most students that the rugby team is only a losing team having won the Main Cup under his captaincy a tournament at the Sports Club in the 09/10 season and coming so close to winning the Kenyatta University open only to lose to university champions JKUAT. Unknown to many people, Mike is religious, a staunch Catholic and a virgin! Ok shocker! Who knew the rugby captain was and still is, by the time this magazine comes hot off the press, a virgin. WOW! He lives by the philosophy to be better than yesterday, to always learn something new whether on or off the pitch. Br is sending a message to his charges that next semester is a season of terror and declares the same to the other teams. Trojans are waging war. He implores on the team to shrug off playing well and losing but to engage their winning mentality for that is the sole purpose of the future team.

Be better than yesterday and always learn something new.

Mike Biringi Fact File: D.O.B: 10th October 1988 Likes: rugby, adventure and driving Favourite dish: Chicken, chicken and more chicken!!

From the common room to the common wealth...

By duncan rotich (sports correspondent)
Capable of playing all levels (singles and doubles) including mixed doubles, she played four games; two singles against england and Wales and 2 mixed doubles against Kiribati and Australia. Being her first international debut, she managed to win in a single fixture (doubles) against Kiribati. Asked about how she manages her education career and sports life, she relents to balancing her schedule waking up early in the morning to get some exercise; jogging and aerobics after which she engages in her normal classes. in the evening she goes to practice in the common room with her colleagues and it isnt surprising that no fellow players even men to defeat her when she has the bat and the ball. She now focuses in the east African games in Nairobi and all Africa games to be held in Mozambique. Valencia Cheptoo Fact file: Born: November 19th, 1987 Hometown: Kitale Current year of study: Fourth ePL fan club: Chelsea

et to one of the university common rooms on a Saturday evening and you will find the loudest person who takes the whole hostels hall by storm. You may think the halls are just a mere place to relieve a hard fought week full of lectures. This happens as football across the campus get to watch their favourite clubs manifest on their expensively bought players. This may surprise you that one of the common rooms has brought up a reigning Kenyan top lady in table tennis. every year Chepkoilel University College training ground has been nurturing famous legends in the field of athletics from outside the college but a legacy has to be written with the college producing its own and the only lady in the whole country who participated in the indoor game during the common wealth games held in delhi (September-October 2010). Valencia Cheptoo, a soft spoken fourth year student qualified for the games beating all odds by defeating her opponents from the provincial level to the national which as she says was a tight battle since only one lady was to represent Kenya in the indoor game.

The writer is the Sports Editor for Chepkoilel Students Press (CSP) and a sports writer for the Bridge.


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