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AND8295/D A 36W Ballast Application with the NCP5106B

Prepared by: Thierry Sutto

This document describes how the NCP5106B driver can be implemented in a ballast application. The scope of this application note is to highlight the NCP5106B driver and not to explain or detailed how to build electronic ballast. The NCP5106B is a high voltage power MOSFET driver providing two outputs for direct drive of 2 N-channel power MOSFETs arranged in a half-bridge configuration with a cross conduction protection between the 2 channels. It uses the bootstrap technique to insure a proper drive of the High-side power switch. The driver works with 2 independent inputs to accommodate any topology (including half-bridge, asymmetrical half-bridge, active clamp and full-bridge).
Demo Board Specification

Input range : 85 - 145 Vac or 184 - 265 Vac Ballast Output power : 36 W (type PL-L 36W)

Pre-Heating current : 295 mA Pre-heating time : 1 second Nominal current : 414 mA


NCP5106B driver. The driver is supplied by the VCC rail, and the high side driver is supplied by the bootstrap diode: when the low side power MOSFET (Q2) is switched ON, the BRIDGE pin is pulled down to the ground, thus the capacitor connected between BRIDGE pin and VBOOT pin is refuelled via the diode D3 and the resistor R5 connected to VCC. When Q2 is switched OFF the bootstrap capacitor C6 supplies the high side driver with a voltage equal to VCC level minus the D3 forward voltage diode. Given the NCP5106B architecture, it is up to the designer to generate the right input signal polarity with the desired dead time. Nevertheless the NCP5106B provides a cross conduction protection with an internal fixed dead time. Thus in case of overlap on the inputs signal, the both outputs driver will be kept in low state, or a minimum of 100 ns dead time will be applied between the both drivers. The 555 timer generates only one signal for the driver, the second one, in opposite phase is built by inserting a NPN transistor (Q4) for inverting the signal. Afterwards the dead time is built with R2, D2 and C13 (typically 400 ns, see Figure 1).

The lamp ballast is powered via a half bridge configuration. The 2 power MOSFETs are driven with the

Dead time

40 0 ns

DRV_HI (5 V/div)

DRV_LO (5 V/div) Time (400 ns/div)

Figure 1. Dead Time Between the High and Low Side Driver

Semiconductor Components Industries, LLC, 2007

June, 2007 - Rev. 0

Publication Order Number: AND8295/D

IN_HI (10 V/div)

DRV_HI (10 V/div)

IN_LO (10 V/div)

DRV_LO (10 V/div)

Time (4 ms/div)

Figure 2. Input Output Timing Diagram

Tube Voltage (100 V /div)

Tube current (0.5 V/div)

Tube Power (50 W/div)


a verage W

power = 32

Figure 3. Tube Signals

4 PT1 2 1 DF06 3 2 1 J2 US-jumper VCC D3 C4 4.7uF D1 15V 1.3W C3 R1 220uF 22k R2 110k 1 VCC IN_HI IN_LO BRIDGE DRV_LO GND U2 NCP5106B C14 220pF/400V D5 GND 1 GND GND 1N4936 D6 1N4936 GND R14 390k R9 10k 6 5 DRV_HI 7 L1 1.4mH B1 VBOOT D2 2 3 4 GND VCC U1 TLC555C VCC 4 R TRIG CVolt GND THR 6 DIS 7 C12 18pF C13 18pF Q4 BC547B Q 2 5 C11 10nF GND GND VCC D4 R12 27k C17 100 uF R16 68k 5V1 R15 22k GND GND GND 3 R13 15k 8 1N4148 8 GND GND C6 R6 R8 100nF 10R 10k C7 220nF 400V GND GND R5 10R 1N4936 C5 100nF GND Q1 IRF840LC R3 82k 2W R4 82k 2W C1 47 uF 400 V SerieM Panasonic C1 47 uF 400 V SerieM Panasonic F1 T500 mA GND

J1 2


R10 33k


Figure 4. Demo Board Schematic

R7 10R

BALLAST C15 Q2 IRF840LC 6.8nF 1kV

C8 220nF 400V


C9 220pF

R11 47k

Q3 BC547B

C16 NC

C10 220pF



Figure 5. PCB Printout: Top and Bottom View

Part Type Connector 47mF/400V 220pF 10nF 18pF 220pF/400V 6.8nF/1kV NC 100mF 220mF 4.7uF/50V 100nF 100nF 220nF/400V 220pF BZX85C15V 1N4148 1N4936 BZX85C5V1 T500mA US-jumper 1.4mH DF06M IRF840LC BC547B 22k 33k 47k 27k 15k 390k 22k 68k 110k 82k/2W 10R 10k TLC555C NCP5106B Designator B1,J1 C1,C2 C10 C11 C12,C13 C14 C15 C16 C17 C3 C4 C5 C6 C7,C8 C9 D1 D2 D3,D5,D6 D4 F1 J2 L1 PT1 Q1,Q2 Q3,Q4 R1 R10 R11 R12 R13 R14 R15 R16 R2 R3,R4 R5,R6,R7 R8,R9 U1 U2 Panasonic Generic Generic Generic Generic Generic Generic Generic Generic Generic Generic Generic Generic Generic Generic ON Semiconductor Generic Generic VOGT IRF Generic Generic Generic Generic Generic Generic Generic Generic Generic Generic Generic Generic Generic Texas Instrument ON Semiconductor Manufacturer Connector M Series Capacitor Capacitor Capacitor Capacitor Capacitor Capacitor Capacitor Capacitor Capacitor Capacitor Capacitor Capacitor Capacitor 15V Zener Diode Signal Diode Fast Recovery rectifier 5V1 Zener Diode Fuse Jumper for US Main Supply Only VOGT 53-044 600V Diode Bridge Low Charge N-Channel MOSFET NPN Transistor Resistor Resistor Resistor Resistor Resistor Resistor Resistor Resistor Resistor Resistor 2W Power Type Resistor Resistor CMOS 555 timer NCP5106B Description


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