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About Turkey Tourism v1.



About Turkey Tourism v1.0

Contents 1. Tourism in Europe & Turkey Tourism 2. Tourism Employement in Turkey 3. Turkey Tourism Statistics 4. References 5. Other Resources

About Turkey Tourism v1.0


Tourism in Europe & Turkey Tourism

In European Union, 8 million people are employed in tourism industry. In addition employment in the tourism reaches 20 million people with subsectors related to tourism.

The 25 country in EU shares US$280 billion tourism income. EU tourism income is %45 of the the world tourism income. More than %50 of the tourist transfers in the World belongs the Europe with 489 milion tourists.

Bridging the two continents Turkey, is a gateway to East and West. It is centrally located between Asia and Europe; the Black Sea on the north and the Mediterranean on the south. Turkey is a vast country; its land mass is 814.578 sq km.

With infinite diversity of these natural, historical, cultural resources, values and attractions, Turkey can offer a wide range of tourist products with a selling appeal to anyone, any segment of travel and tourism market and in fact she does.

Some of the turism activities in Turkey are Travel, Entertainment, Winter Sports, Mountaineering, Rafting, Underwater Diving, Faith Tours, Silk Road, Thermal Resorts, Congress Tourism, Golf, Ornithology, Yachting, Botanic, Spelunking, Highlands, Hunting, Air Sports.


Tourism Employement in Turkey

The share of the tourism employment in Turkey was %5,10 by 2001 according to report of DE. In addition to this direct employment the share of the tourism reaches %12,76 with subsectors related (1) to tourism


Turkey tourism statistics

Foreign tourist arrivals increased substantially in Turkey between 2002 and 2008, from 12.8 million to 25 million, which made Turkey a 8th destination in the world for foreign visitors. 2008 revenues (2) are US$22 billion which also made Turkey a 9th biggest revenue owners in the world. (3) Share of tourism receipts in GDP was %2.9 in 2008

Average Distribution of tourism incomes of Turkey is ;

About Turkey Tourism v1.0

% 27 Tours (US$5.94 billion) % 23 Hotels & Accommodation (US$5.06 billion) % 10 Restaurants & Cafes (US$2.2 billion) % 10 Clothing & Shoe Industry (US$2.2 billion) % 10 Souvenir, Jewellery, Carpet etc. (US$2.2 billion) % 10 Culture, Entertainment, Renting etc. (US$2.2 billion) (4)

The number of Licenced Tourism Agency in 2008 was circa 5670. (5) Distribution of the tourism agencies is


Hotels & Accommodation : Tourism Investment Licenced : 772 , Operation Licenced : 2566 Restaurant : Tourism Investment Licenced : 64, Operation Licenced : 862 Entertainment Facilities : Tourism Investment Licenced : 3, Operation Licenced : 91 Others : Tourism Investment Licenced : 16, Operation Licenced : 17

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About Turkey Tourism v1.0