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Single-session schools is better than double-session schools. To what extent do you agree o disagree ?

Nowadays, we have two kinds of school sessions which are single and double-session class in school. For my opinion the single-session is better than the double session. However, the double-session also had its benefits too, but single-session has more. When we aret alking about the single-session automatically we wil think single is easy, single is one and of course its give an advantage to us especially for the parents. The first thing is about the drop-off and the pickup schedule for the children is only once a day. This is because, it will give more time to parents manage their own business and work after send their children. Their time management will be able to works very sistematic to them. And for sure they will have an extra time in the afternoon and it will be usefull to them to gather in family. Besides, the parents can save fuel expenses and they will feel less stress. Although, the parents use their own transport or not, it is still can save the fuel usage and in the deep research it can decrease the global warming when less cars in the road and can avoid traffic jam. The next benefit about this single-session school, is the advantage for the person or parents. When the children go to school and return back running on the schedule, that will be usefull for them. Where the elder siblings can help their parents taking a good care for the youngest sibling. By doing this, the parents can save a cost. Theres no need to pay for the babysitter. The chldren also will havent a time to waste by doing the supid or unmoral things. No latckeytime if they finish the school session around 3pm everyday. The single-session not only give advantage to parents, but this can be useful also for the children or students. They can finished or completed their homework during afternoon which is after the school session. They can think clearly if they had an enough rest to finished their homework. The students mind also can be free. If we compare to the double-session school which has the afternoon session, the free time in the afternoon was more usefull. This is because if the students had a school in the afternoon they will wake up lately in the morning. The time will waste without nothing done. If the study session done in the morning, the students concentration is more for the subjects, especially for the subjects that require a concentration and focus. Besides, the afternoon hours also can be usefull for the curricular activities. Where the students can take part without excuses. And more participants will be able to do it. In conclusion, it is very useful and agreed the single-session is better than double-session in school. The time management can run sistematically and effectively to everybody include the school management.

18.06.2011 MERREY BINTI GABALI (6.2.4)

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