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Curriculum Vitae

Lara Saleh

Residence: Kuwait Phone: Mobile: 99962939

Born on July 6, 1988 Lebanese nationality Married



Seeking an administrative position where I can enhance my skills and qualifications through an organization which encourages continuous education and development of its employees and through which I can interact and work efficiently in a dynamic environment.

Studies and Diplomas


A.U.C.E: American University of Culture & Education Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) GPA :3.4/4
Relevant Courses: 1- Business Ethics 2- Human Resources 3- Operational Research 4- Leadership 5- Multinational Business 6- Business Law


2010-present: Working in Abraj Al Meenaa Exporting & Importing 2010-present: Purchasing Officer
Complete buying cycle from getting quotation, negotiating prices, selecting the best supplier who gives the best value. Issue POs on time with the right data. Maintain all documents and justification for selecting certain suppliers to enable the purchasing manager releasing orders. Responsible for the preparation and process purchase orders and documents in accordance with company policies and procedures. Follow purchasing policy & authority level (amount wise) before making buying decision. Follow up with the supplier, & partners to get the material on the promised date. Follow up with the shipping companies. Give best internal customer service and reacts towards internal customer complain. Support relevant departments with quotations for the purpose of tenders and payments. Control the process of buying & delivering materials and taking samples. Maintain proper filing and record system.

2009-2010: working in Lebanese-Canadian Agricultural Materials Co. 2009-2010: Purchasing Officer

Manage and Follow up with the suppliers, & partners. Negotiate for best purchasing package (in terms of quality, price, payment term, delivery and service) with suppliers and sub-contractors. Responsible for the preparation and the process of purchase orders and documents in accordance with company policies and procedures.. Support relevant departments with quotations for the purpose of tenders and payments. Work with staff and management to define their needs Research and identify new suppliers. Keep accurate records of payment and delivery of goods and services. Maintain hard copy and electronic filing system.

2008-2009: working in American University for Culture & Education (AUCE)

Registration Department

2008-2009: administration Assistant and Registrar

Participate and serve as part of the Student Services Team Handled tasks related to student registrations Provide administrative support for various departments/divisions such as answering telephones, assisting visitors and resolving a range of administrative problems and inquiries. Organize and administer the records, registration and graduation function. Consults with other officials to devise registration schedules and procedures. Hires, supervises and evaluates the Records and Registrar staff members. Reviews academic and administrative policies and recommends changes and, when required, drafts new policies for consideration by the appropriate committees. Oversees management of classroom space and equipment.

Capabilities & Skills

Computer knowledge & Skills

MS Office suite 2007- 2003(excel, word, Outlook, PowerPoint) Adobe Photoshop, Acrobat Reader, Adobe professional Keyboard 25 words per minute. Internet researches Self Motivated Able to learn quickly Able to work under pressure

LANGUAGES Arabic English French Native Language Excellent Fair



I do much surfing on Internet and I like Camping, sports, Reading and traveling Music and reading.