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Wednesday July 13th 9pm New Country Rehab

americana / indie / roots music though their sound maybe rooted in tradition, they are not afraid to mix it it up a bit $15 door

Thursday July 14th 9pm Dave Cambel Band

this guy always brings along some of the best groove diggers they are all ready to have some fun and take us on that funky musical journey they will be in Charles Hoey Park just prior to this performance as part of the 2011 Summer Festival line up of free family fun $15 door $12 advance

***Friday July 15th 9pm*** Lehera with Sarah Buechi

east indian contemporary meets jazz influenced traditional giving us a mix that must be witnessed $25 door $20 advance

***a do not miss concert***

Saturday July 16th tba

8pm ish

Sunday July 17th 8pm ish Christopher Clark
details to come

Monday July 18th 8pm ish Morgan OKane

equipped with a suitcase, kick pedal, banjo, a sense of urgency and a debut full length recording, this Charlottesville, Virginia native is troubadour in the truest sense a not to be missed experience $15 door

Tuesday July 19th 8pm ish Dress Rehearsal Tuesday various musicians drop in and play a few of their new works
others attempt for the first time all in all it is about community no fear no attitudes just people getting their legs (drum kit and amps are set in place for this evening) $5 for everyone

Wednesday July 20th 9pm Digging Roots

Alternative / Blues / Reggae

they were here for NAIG a couple of years back and should have an audience because of it. they are good, very good at hard driving guitar licks, strong vocal deliveries with harmonies, and extremely relevant lyrics in Charles Hoey Park for a taster earlier in the evening. $15 door

Thursday July 21st 8pm ish Miss Quincy

they travel as trio guitar / stand up bass / percussion $15 door $12 advance

Friday July 22nd 9pm Shari Ulrich / Julia Ulrich / Ted Littlemore
On a small island tour while her daughter is home for the summer Shari brings her own unique folk experience to the Showroom while showcasing her daughters violin performance Julia brings along fellow McGill student Ted Littlemore loved this show last year.. $20 ticket

Saturday July 23rd 8pm Konfidential / Skulastic and much more

hip/hop is back with a vengeance to the Duncan Garage Showroom no better purveyors of the genre than this Nanaimo dude and dudette and the cast that they bring along $15 door $12 advance

Sunday July 24th 8pm ish Toby Band

from Australia, they come to entertain and what a voice so looking forward to this $15 door $12 advance

Tuesday July 26th 8pm ish Dress Rehearsal Tuesday For The Love of Words
with your host Bill Levity a written word appreciation nightcome out and share your poems, stories or your favourite piece by someone elsesing it, chant, word break dancing, read off the page, it's a night of word appreciation most empowering and invigorating $5 for readers$10 for others

Wednesday July 27th 9pm Rosie Burgess Trio

third visit to the valley, this Australian trio rocks everyone out energy, quality musicianship, superb observations just so much fun.may have to move some chairs for this one $15 door $12 advance

Thursday July 28th 8pm ish Mother Tongue Band

they booked this night cause the drummer is getting married and this will be the somewhat of a reception rock on open to the public $15 door $12 advance

Friday July 29th 8pm Michigan Curve

Electric blues at its finest some of the older boys who just love the genre make sure it still has a chance to be heard they will have just played the Summer Festival in the park so check them out at 7pm then come pay to hear them really work it out at 9pm in the wonderful confines of the Showroom $15 door $12 advance

Sunday July 31st 8pm Eric Harper / The Big Mess

Eric is a songwriter of a latin styled contemporary guitar sound the father and son team of the Big Mess use trumpet and beat boxing to get their message out both have played the Summer Festival just prior to this concert free so check them out and you will be here for sure $17 door $15 advance

Monday August 1st 8pm


Wednesday August 3rd 8pm Sean Burns

he returns to his favourite venue and he does it such justice $15 door $12 advance

August 4 /5th/6th/7th Summer Squash Theatre


Shawingan Players presents

Glengarry Glenn Ross $18 door $15 advance

details to come

Monday August 8th 8pm Wax Mannequin / Shred Kelly

Two musical acts that one would have to make comment on how theatrical they are presented $15 door $12 advance
details to come

August 11 /12th/13th/14th

Summer Squash Theatre

Shawingan Players presents

Glengarry Glenn Ross $18 door $15 advance

details to come

Monday August15th 8pm Wes Borg

This man has a sense of humour that needs be witnessed A mainstay in the Victoria comedy scene It is our good fortune to have him perform in Duncan $15 door

Sunday August 21st 8pm Summer Squash Theatre.

final episode
details to come

Monday August 22nd 8pm Pelta-Tiller Duo,
details to come

Wednesday August 24th Bill Durst


details to come

Monday August 29th 8pm the Displaced Islanders

a family band returns to the island to end off their summer vacationand already sold out

September 10th F&M

8pm details to come

Monday Sept. 12th 8pm Martyn Joseph

details to come

Thursday September 15th 8pm Paper Beats Scissors
details to come

Sunday September 25th Roxanne Potvin


a new cd of original tunes with a voice and some well chosen words she shows just how good she is her first cd took CBC by storm and it has taken a few years to find this new material and direction we are one of the lucky ones as the cross country tour takes off.. (with a special guest accompanist ) $20 door $15 advance
details to come

Wednesday September 28th 8pm Kim Wempe
details to come

Thursday September 29th 8pm Garnet Rogers

It has been two years since Garnet was herefar too long That voice of his needs be experienced annually as well as the wit / storytelling and immaculate musicianship that he brings to the stage so if you have seen him or have heard of him now is the time to get some tickets $30 advance $35 door

Friday September 30th 8pm The Mighty River

a guitar-cello folk duo based out of Vancouver
details to come

Friday November 4th 8pm Rukus

" Golden age of Rock N Roll " from Elvis to the Beatles and everything in between played the way you remember hearing them. $20 door $15 advance

Wednesday November 9th Wendell Ferguson

details to come