How do I add expenses...
1. Log in with your provided credentials. If you need assistance with your password click the “Forgot my password” link.

2. If you have been placed on multiple assignments, you first select the appropriate assignment and select OK.

- You can move between multiple assignments to log time respectively at any time by selecting the assignment in the drop down selector above the date picker.


  3. Select any day within your timesheet period by simply clicking on any day in that period. For example, if you are on a weekly timesheet and your timesheet is due on a Saturday, select any day in the week prior to the Saturday due date.

4. Select “Create” to start a new blank timesheet.



5. Select the Expenses tab.

6. Click the “Add Expense” button.



7. Enter the date by clicking in the Date field and a calendar will appear. Then select your project form the available options in the drop down selector (if there are no available projects, leave this as None). Then select the Category, which will be the description of the expense types (again, if there are no available categories, leave this as None).

8. Enter the Description of the expense, and the Amount.



9. Click the radio button under Billable if your expense is to be passed on to the site client. If your expense is non-billable leave this box blank. If you have any questions as to whether an expense is billable or nonbillable contact your firm’s representative. If wish to add a note to the individual expense, click the “Pen and Paper” icon. Finally, if you wish to delete the individual line item expense, you can always select the “Trash Can” icon to delete the line. Don’t worry, you will be prompted if you select this.

10. If you do select the “Pen and Paper” icon to add a note, a pop up called Expense Note will appear. Enter your note text and simply select “Add”.



11. Click “Save” to save the expense.

12. To add additional expense lines repeat steps 5 through 11. 13. To add a receipt, first make sure you have scanned your receipts and saved them on your hard drive.



14. Once you click Upload you will see the expense line, to view the receipt, click the Paper icon. To delete the individual receipt click the Trash Can icon.

15. Next, you will need to “Pin” your receipt to the individual expense. To do so select the Paperclip icon. A pop up will appear where you will select the specific expense that the receipt corresponds with. Once you have selected the receipt click Save.

16. To add and Pin additional receipts repeat Steps 12 through 14.



17. Finally, to submit your expense and timesheet simply click “Submit”, and then accept any notifications that pop up.

18. Once your timesheet is either approved or rejected you will receive an email from your firm letting you know… -Important Notes! - Expenses are directly tied to your timesheets, so they will mirror the same submittal and approval periods. Your firm will direct you as to when they will require you to submit your expenses. - You can also add receipts to your expenses, but will need to have scanned and saved the receipts on your local hard drive prior to attaching. - Once you've submitted your timesheet, you have the option to "unsubmit" your timesheet if you need to make any changes. - Your direct manager will be notified once you and your co-workers have submitted your timesheets. Once your timesheet is reviewed you will receive a notification alerting you that your timesheet was either approved or rejected. If it is approved, you're done, if it is rejected, you will need to make the appropriate changes and resubmit the timesheet.


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