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French institute of design & communication arts

04 A design school for a modern world Blending education and experience Academic and professional approaches to education, finally join hands. Design in the Indian context intuit.lab outlook Strengths Careers Philosophy Vision Mission intuit lab The vocation of intuit.lab intuit.lab spirit Curriculum Fundamentals Discovery and apprenticeship Choice of direction Focus on different professional skills in design and communications Learn and evolve Techniques and creativity 59 60 63 65 66 57 31 32 06 34 36 38 40 42 44 47 48 50 53 55 Subjects Analytical drawing Communications /images Live model sketching Volume Outdoor sketching Colours and colours sketching Illustration Creativity Personal project Objectives of the first year Advanced cycle The professions of the future A passion for the creative professions, Training focussed on professional practice Applied training in design and visual communication Year 5 - Masters II The benefits Testimonies Admission Location


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A design school for the modern world
école intuit.lab is a design and visual communication French school cofounded in 2001 by Patrick Felices along with Clément Derock and Fréderic Lalande. Patrick’s experience in design and teaching coupled with Clément’s and Fréderic’s experience in running Seenk, one of the most creative design agencies in Paris, makes école intuit.lab a merger of imagination, discipline and application. The aim of the school has been to produce high quality professionals whose profiles meet the specific needs of the graphic design and visual communication sectors in India, France and across the world. With the newly begun school in India, the syllabus has been especially skewed to meet the professional demands of the visual communications industry in India and to tap the potential that design holds in the country. école intuit.lab through its students have built solid relationships with over 800 companies in France and other countries. école intuit.lab’s excellent success rate in finding work placements for its students makes it a real standard setter in vocational training for the visual communications sector.

In 2006, following the success of the initial venture, a second school was opened in Aix-en-Provence, the land where famous artists such as Picasso, Van Gogh and Cézanne lived. In 2008 the Paris school is now an entire new building that is located close to the Eiffel Tower. In 2010, the school opened its first international branch in MUMBAI - one of the fastest growing cities in Asia. Taking forward the idea and practice of ‘business application in design education’, école intuit.lab tied up with Ravi Deshpande - one of India’s most respected adver tising leaders. Two distinct yet coherent levels of study are offered: 1) a four-year intense programme 2) a one-year Post-graduate masters diplôme designed keeping academic and professional practice in mind. i.e. internships in India and France. To facilitate international exchanges, the school has set a system of European Credits (ECTS). Our passionate and committed teaching staff, experts in applied arts from the most prestigious design and visual communication agencies, work tirelessly to develop rich and comprehensive syllabi for our students.

in India. 7 . école intuit. Yet the evidence of the aesthetic touch in Indian surroundings is waning with every passing day. art and culture . The setting up of top French design school. happen beautifully. Ravi Deshpande Since the last twenty-four years Ravi Deshpande has been one of the most prominent creative leaders in the advertising world.lab in Mumbai is a step in the direction of the marked improvement that is required in the field of education related to graphic design.lab. in the design and art education milieu in India. He is regularly invited to judge the most noteworthy awards around the world such as the British D&AD. no other time has been better than the present moment. Cannes.lab has achieved success by incorporating professional exposure in the academic curriculum. école intuit. Clio.BLENDING EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE India has historically been synonymous with art. art and advertising. Only when the matter of good taste is taken seriously. twice as Art Director of The Year and for ‘Outstanding Contribution to the Advertising Industry in India’. can economic and social development in India. Yet when it comes to changing for the better. Adfest and Malaysian Kancils. the One Show. it’s important that India looks towards France as a country worth emulating when it comes to taking pride in their own heritage. Ravi Deshpande is the co-founder of école intuit.a mindset that reflects in French contemporary design. He has been honoured as Creative Professional of the Year. India. He has been honoured as one of six living advertising legends in the last fifty years.a much needed position that has been so far vacant. Here’s looking forward to a new wave in design education.Grow Young. He is the architect of Contract’s very own way of working captured through the book . While the collaboration of France and India makes for a cultural powerhouse. As Chairman he has been at the helm of Contract. As Chief Creative Officer he has led the agency to win numerous creative awards. Dubai Lynx. Living with beauty is a habit which must be inculcated from an early age.

With a consistently expanding list of firsts (the first school to introduce Packaging design in the 1980s.lab is a design school that strives to bridge the gap between theoretical. A sound educational background usually has little to do with the everyday challenges we face in the course of practising our vocations. école intuit. to Mumbai. in the real world. finally join hands. academic learning and practical. école intuit.a gap between academia and the professional world. Patrick had been the Dean of a noted Paris based design school for many years before he took on the mantle of co-founder and Dean at école intuit. Seenk adopted mixed media as a part of each of their branding or communication exercise at a time when no other company was doing so. Clément Derock and Frédéric Lalande got together to create a design company that was the first of its kind in France. Today école intuit. India. It combined separate skill sets – new Internet-related technology. The theory of books is seldom applied when it comes to solving problems. Based on the belief that métissage or crossbreeding is crucial to the evolution of species. “Seenk”. mixed media branding and traditional design skills – to create a truly new agency. after rather long stints in Parisian design companies. the first to regularly engage in mixed media design). This was a breed of designers that did not exist before due to the gap that existed in design education .lab is one of the top three design schools in Paris.lab. Clément Derock and Fréderic Lalande: In the year 2000.lab has led the way in design education. best place to be in Asia. a veteran in the field of design education. the first to truly promote international collaborations. The consequence of this constant attempt at merger of media was that a new breed of designers came into their own and flourished. And for the first time hasbrought itself to the doorstep of students outside of Europe.Academic and professional approaches to education. design related or otherwise. That’s why Clément and Fréderic tied up with Patrick Felices. professional applications. Patrick FELICES Clément DEROCK Frédéric LALANDE Founders .

design is on the verge of rediscovery. it will be evident that there’s no end to what could be achieved.lab outlook Learning is a multi-dimensional.lab university strives to bring in an environment that lends itself to concentrated understanding of design through a) absolute demystification of basic concepts and b) agility and adaptability in moving with the times. Yet the country is brimming with material for creative inspiration. Sensitivity to aesthetics and design plays a huge role in contemporary India. staying abreast of noteworthy work being done by the most creative minds from around the world and staying sensitive to oneself and to one’s surroundings in order to draw from personal experiences. India has not quite been the front-runner when it comes to great minds in the field of design and communication. 11 . Despite being reputed for producing the most mathematical. The Intuit. is always unmet.lab university seeks to achieve the perfect synergy between free creative thinking and relevant business applications. Skilled designers are a rare breed and the demand for them. multi-faceted activity. absorption of information must be simultaneously accompanied by constant questioning of norms. Design in the Indian context In India. scientific and technological minds. The Intuit.intuit. The time is right for a career in design. Just as the country is experiencing a resurgence of power – both economic and intellectual – so also. In the field of design. It is the key missing link between where India is today and where India should ideally be. As the potential of design in the Indian market gets gradually unlocked. as in the rest of the world. design is the profession of the future.

Vision To create a space that encourages reflection. Web Designer. we offer students constant support and guidance with their work and in the choices they make. publishing. 13 . they are in contact with working industry professionals and businesses and are exposed to real agency projects. the work rate and results demanded are designed to meet the expectationd of the real. Throughout the course.lab schools provide vocational visual communication and design training in the fields of graphic design. Multimedia Designer. Profiles: Graphic Designer. Profiles: Graphic Designer. From their very first year of study. themed seminars.Strengths In order to foster the development of original creative personalities. To bridge the gap between the real commercial world and the world of pure art. Artistic Director. through mentoring. Illustrator. One of the school’s aims is to get students involved and encourage them to take responsibility. learning and understanding of design and its interaction with the society we live in. Multimedia Designer. Web Designer. advertising and multimedia and animation. Mission To produce highly skilled designers and art directors who are attuned to the needs of the world of commerce and business and equipped to adapt their art in order to meet them. everyday. Art Director. real case studies and stages. team work. Graphic Artist. Philosophy Careers intuit. Graphic Artist. The result? A select bunch of image designers capable of meeting the demands of the profession. Illustrator. professional world. packaging.

lab Intuit.lab strives to be a living laboratory of reflection and the production of creative solutions. multi-disciplinary teachers. CREATION. the importance of research and trend mining.lab learn to work alone and in teams under the guidance of a team of passionate. By offering seminars around design as a profession. It engages in quality training that anticipates the development and mutations of the visual communications industry. It intelligently influences the personal and cultural blossoming of its future professionals. TO IMMEDIATELY PERCEIVE THE TRUTH WITHOUT CONSCIOUS REASONING. LAB LABORATORY: ANY PLACE WHERE A TEAM WORKS ON THE ELABORATION OF A DISCOVERY. By laying emphasis on the science behind the art of design.lab is a state of mind. By offering lucid instructions in the fundamental principles of visual creation. We offer an environment that reveals talent rather than simply providing a catalyst for know-how.INTUIT INTUITION: THE ABILITY TO FORESEE. while proposing a methodology that is pertinent and encourages reflection. Far from the effects of fashion and seduction. The école. They develop their knowledge and independent ways of working or “autonomy” under some of the most accomplished professionals in the areas of design and communication. market visits. Two driving principles frame their training: a spirit of research and the knowledge of operational rigour in production. OR A RESEARCH PROJECT. adaptable creative personalities within the context of the school.intuit lab prepares its students to seize the world around them with scope and audacity. 15 . By practising the journey from intuition to usage in the real world. analysis and synthesis. interaction with industry professionals. The vocation of intuit. we strive to develop strong. Students at intuit.lab spirit Intuit. intuit.

A Management dimension to the course allows students to develop towards careers in creative management More information page 29. Work placement.UNDERGRADUATE LEVEL III Design and development Drawing. animation. video Manufacturing Personal project The student chooses a professional direction: graphic design. Three examination juries leading to the award of a diploma: Publishing project. LAB 4 4th year n Master LAB 9th semester 10th semester Master PROFESSIONAL TRAINING Work based Year 5 . Highlights: n Four-month exchanges with schools abroad. etc. Highlights: n n n LAB 2 2 year nd Project weeks with juries.UNDERGRADUATE LEVEL II Sketching and study sketches Graphic design Illustration Brand image Page layout Typography Computer graphics Rough / Storyboard work Photography Human sciences History Introduction to applied arts techniques This is a year of clear transition. video) Image analysis English Advanced study The student learns to bring together all the basic notions already acquired to gain a grasp of what is involved in any communications initiative as a whole. Graduate Graduate APPLIED TRAINING Development LAB 5th semester 6th semester Year 3 . With 24 hours of classes a week. High-level of integration into a professional environment. Fundamentals Fundamentals PREPARATION YEAR Fundamental Plastic arts Training 1st semester 2nd semester Year 1 . or four-month work placement in a company in France or abroad. knowledge of different types of people to work with. creative advertising or multimedia / animation. LAB 1 1st year APPLIED TRAINING First steps 3rd semester 4th semester Year 2 . Workshops (given by international industry professionals). See page 15 for more information. Develop your creativity. students work together in creative teams to gradually come to grips with issues faced in a professional.UNDERGRADUATE LEVEL I Learn the basics and various artistic techniques. open to holders of the French baccalaureate or an equivalent qualification. major project and portfolio. 5 5th year POSTGRADUATE MASTER DIPLOMA 17 .CURRICULUM DISCOVERING The school’s five-year programme of study. With 26 hours of classes a week. Students acquire expertise through developing a deep understanding of professional culture (economic realities.MASTERS II Status as a salaried employee in a design and visual communications agency.MASTERS I Publishing Brands and signage Concept and communications Editorial design Art direction Packaging Visual identity Multimedia. followed by four years of advanced-level studies. consists of a preparatory year. when students are able to discover new materials and learn how to develop projects both alone and by working as part of a team. text. photography.). the student has the opportunity to gain a firm grasp of the basics of visual communications: namely. Workshops (given by international industry professionals). 21 hours a week of classes. 3 3rd year Choice of professional direction PROFESSIONAL TRAINING Dominantes 7th semester 8th semester Year 4 . Work placements. image and how they are used. Find out about and make a choice of profession. Highlights: n n n Project weeks with juries. study and expressive sketching Typography Graphic design Art direction Packaging Marketing / strategy Computer graphics / multimedia Editorial design / oral expression Rough / Storyboard work Study workshop (Illustration.

FUNDAMENTALS 1st year Professional training year for 5th year students Artistic Direction in Design and Visual Communication. LAB 1st YEAR FUNDAMENTALS 1 . The Master’s year closes out the initial training with a high-level year reserved for talented young creative artists / designers motivated to follow an international career path.

The student follows a certain number of theoretical classes. It is ultimately a year of initiation that awakens curiosity. Drawing takes up a predominant position. the preparation year structures the student and lays a base on which their future skills can be built. The student compiles research notebooks. The preparation year requires strong motivation. the year is intense and dense. collage. The student learns to use different techniques (crayon. n Reparing an individual file representing the best work of the year.. Vivian JOLIVET . As a year of orientation and knowledge in itself.Discovery and apprenticeship This first year of discovery and apprenticeship of fundamental ideas is essential before entering the advanced cycle. painting. It is primordial for the future of the creative individual to acquire different approaches and techniques to drawing and is the foundation of any training in the visual domains later on. n Artistic n Developing the creative spirit and revealing talents Choosing advanced training. develops a creative personal project under the tutelage of a teacher and prepares their own individual collection grouping their best work of the year. volume.) to master drawing through observation in all its forms. This simple and personal translation of the world is a language that structures creativity. With 26 hours a week of courses and as many hours of personal work to fulfil at home. To know how to draw is also to learn how to see. conferences and visits destined to enrich their general culture. n Learning to present work before a jury and to position ones candidature with respect to the schools presented and initiation discovery of visual art techniques. the better to understand..

lab (admission: continual monitoring and presentation of an end-of-year dossier). 23 Raphaëlle MARX .Choice of direction nA school of applied arts (admission: exam). OR n The advanced curriculum of the online school école intuit.

Film animator. Illustrator. Storyboarder. animation. illustrations. posters & brochures. fashion. Photography (art. Image Graphic design. Editor (textual concept). Multimedia designer.Éva BOUVARD . Roughman. n Advertising n Graphics n Publishing n Cinema. websites). Web designer. advertising.Focus on different professional skills in design and communications The wide range of artistic skills can be grouped into three main areas of activity in the professional world of the applied arts. TV n Multimédia Doriane QUAGLIOZZI 25 . Graphics (logo. Gwénaëlle PINSON . comic strips. industry).Vivian JOLIVET Professions Art director (visual concept). visual communications. Computer graphics designer. Creative director (management of image-text team). visual identity. Product designer (packaging).

Development of a creative mindset and revelation of talents. develops a personal creative project under the supervision of a member of teaching staff and prepares an individual portfolio of the best work produced throughout the year. Subjects Analytical drawing Communications / images n Live model sketching n Volume n Outdoor sketching n Colours & colours sketching n Illustration n n Creativity Perspective n Human sciences n Art history n Spoken English n n 27 . TEACHING STAFF: CREATIVE PROFESSIONALS. With 26 hours of classes a week and the same amount of hours to be spent on work in the student’s own time. Whilst attending classes. PERSONAL WORK: RESEARCH WORKBOOKS AND END-OF-YEAR PROJECT (UNDER TUTORIAL SUPERVISION). 26 hours a week of classes Process of artistic discovery and introduction to techniques of the visual arts. the student compiles research workbooks. it is an intensive and tightly scheduled year of study.Learn and evolve A high level of motivation is required during the preparatory year.

This personal and visual way of transposing the world is a language which gives structure to creativity. The student learns to use different techniques (pencil. It is crucial for any future creative professional to gain a firm grasp of the different approaches and techniques of drawing. Drawing is about learning how to see better. Beyond technique.Olivier DELOYE Géraldine MARTIN Techniques and creativity Of all the classes. collage. Learning how to see better leads to better understanding. it is drawing that has an essential role to play. the student should be in a position to provide relevant analysis and arguments in favour of his work when presenting it to examination juries. Drawing is about learning how to see better. etc. Julien PARIS 29 Wendy GAZE . volume. paint. By the end of the year. which serves as a foundation for all other courses of training in the visual arts. all the other subjects taught are intended to help the student develop a creative mindset and cultivate a sensitivity to artistic issues.) to gain a firm grasp of observational drawing in all its forms.


Analytical drawing 33 .

Communications/ images 35 .

Live model sketching 37 .

Volume 39 .

Outdoor sketching 41 .

Colours and colours sketching 43 .

Illustration 45 .

Creativity 47 .

Personal project 49 .

The objectives of the teaching programme for the preparatory year are clear: To assist and train young creative individuals capable of meeting these basic requirements. End-of-year assessment. Acquisition of techniques in visual expression and design. etc. jury panel. FOLLOW-UP At all classes. essential for anyone who wants to move onto a specialized advanced cycle of studies. ensuring that they are adequate to meet the requirement of your chosen specialization.).lab advanced cycle.Objectives of the first year DURATION A year to gain a solid grounding in the fundamentals of the visual and graphic arts. DISCOVER KNOW Challenges or specificities of professions 3 SYLLABUS The best art schools all require the same basic knowledge and in particular are all looking to take on independent and creative candidates. Intuit. culture. 51 . follow-up of personal workbooks. 1 CREATE ASSERT Compilation of a portfolio and personal project Prepare for presentation of work to juries. every piece of work is commented upon and graded. 2 ACADEMIC YEAR Classes start in mid-September and run until the end of May. CHOOSE Your creative profession 4 Making the right choice in view of all the knowledge to hand means being able to accurately assess your abilities and preferences. creativity. Assess and learn about the design and visual communications professions of the future. The teaching staff meet three times during the course of the year to fully assess the progress and development of each student. LEARN DEVELOP Techniques. Various educational events are organized throughout the year at the end of each term (project weeks.

Masters I Year 5 .PROFESSIONAL TRAINING Specialization .Masters Level II A multi-disciplinary.Undergraduate level III Year 4 . 2 LAB 3 LAB 4 LAB 5 ADVANCED CYCLE .PROFESSIONAL TRAINING Design Management . A period of four years to develop relevant visual creations and master your chosen profession Design & visual communications.Undergraduate level II LAB Year 3 . global and innovative approach to teaching and learning.APPLIED TRAINING Advanced study .Year 2 .APPLIED TRAINING Apprenticeship .

The Internet has already done this. this figure rises to 140. now have to manage their image. hundreds of new items of packaging in supermarkets. etc. to inform us. Even cities. The role of the graphic designer is to help us find our bearings in this visual maelstrom. drawings. the graphic designer has worked just on the surface of products. A passion for the creative professions École Intuit. Profiles: Graphic Designer. Training focussed on professional practice High-quality real case studies offered throughout the year. where we will be inundated with images. The future also holds the promise of much-vaunted «intelligent spaces»: These are rooms. Web Designer. to continue to awaken our desires. n Study in year 5 on a dual-education work /study basis. stores or meeting rooms where the occupants can modify the atmosphere and decor of their space in real time. because new technologies are constantly generating new media and new needs. But it is also true.The professions of the future Above all.000 brands in total. to help us get around. Cars. signs. n An effective work placement office. We are set to live in an increasingly visual world. n 55 Jérémie BARRY . finding themselves in competition with each other. household goods and a multitude of other devices will soon be equipped with screens and will start to communicate: Until now. this is true because there will always be products or services which will need graphic designers to assert their presence: 250 new perfumes every year.lab provides vocational training in design and visual communications in the fields of graphic design. make choices and make our purchases. Now. Multimedia Designer. publishing. Design Fax newsletter. his job is evolving towards enabling them to dialogue with users via this screen which he must render comprehensible. more than 60. n Placements supervised and secured by the school as of year 2 in the best professional organizations in France and abroad. packaging. TAKEN FROM GUIDE BOOKLET PUBLISHED BY THE SCHOOL ENTITLED: DESIGNIS GRAPHIKUM. several million titles on our press stands. And things aren’t going to stop there.000 brands created in France every year and. regions and countries. taking into account the trademarks registered in the EU and abroad. Illustrator. The graphic designer is there to set the scene for and sequence the images of our everyday life. advertising and multimedia & animation. Graphic Artist. Art Director. n A network of professional contacts consisting of 800 well-respected companies in France and abroad. thanks to its genuinely personalized follow-up of each student. etc. Jean-Charles GATÉ Editor and Director.

which is always adapting to the current day and age. Ecole intuit. intuition/experimentation. The student is no longer assessed according to his pure creative abilities. Its teaching programme is a constantly-evolving working whole.LAB SPIRIT The school’s approach is based on dynamic concepts (passion. serving a real «antechamber» to the professional world. analytical and synthetic methodological approach. and leading to a Masters degree in: Art Direction in Design and Visual Communications.lab has created its own vision of how knowledge is to be transferred.lab. n To prepare our students to take on the world around them with a bold and ambitious approach. The fifth Masters year is a year of specialization shared between study and the workplace. At the end of the third year. personal experience and real-world applications that meet the requirements of the professional world. but also according to the relevance of the work produced. giving them a firm grasp of the fundamental principles of visual creation and offering a relevant critical. It could be said that the school is a lively organism standing firmly on its own two legs. This year offers the student an opportunity to experience working in an agency for real (in France or abroad) in the chosen sector. One leg is that of its values and mission. creativity/ method). in other words.Pablo PASADAS Applied training in design and visual communications THE INTUIT. The student furthers his technical knowledge. the student chooses his major specialization. that which forces the school to adopt a critical approach to what it is doing. Work placements enable students to accurately define their direction. is above all a state of mind: n To develop strong and adaptable creative personalities. CONCEPT AND TECHNIQUES The approach adopted for training and supervision in the advanced cycle is firmly based on practices in the professional world. How is this done? By providing them with rigorous teaching. The other leg is about movement and innovation. Alfred LAURENT Intuit. 57 Simon DURAND . gains experience of the professions of design and visual communications and learns methods of visual design and analysis. To make constant progress and always seek the right balance between creative freedom. reason.

relevant propositions applicable to a given visual communications problem. Organization of dual-education programme From October until July. n To cultivate strength in coming up with original. Coaching within company. Marketing / Sociology. 9 seminars. scheduling. n To provide the appropriate methodological training to enable students to gain new knowledge. etc. Supervision of thesis. each lasting one week every month. Management. 3 weeks of every month at a company/1 week a month at école intuit. Viva voce interviews with juries. coaching.MASTERS II PROFESSIONAL TRAINING YEAR LAB 5: Art Direction Masters in design and visual communications Take your expertise to its logical conclusion. n To have a full overview of the processes involved in applied creation. media. Consulting. printed materials. n A thesis to be presented to a Grand Jury of professionals.lab in: Art Direction in Design and Visual Communications.lab. creative attitude. quotes. designed to act as a genuine springboard to a future career. Year of specialization – Training in dual-education format (three weeks a month in a company. Labour law/Cost control. one week a month of classroom training) with an employment contract known as a Contrat de Professionnalisation (salaried employee status). n To be self-sufficient right through from conception to execution. n Develop a critical. n n 59 Pratchya KRACHODNOK . n To develop an analytical and synthetic way of seeing things. Objectives Total immersion in a professional working environment. n To be able to work as a team (group management).). Semiotics. Working as part of a team. n Resulting in a Masters degree from école intuit. n To master the graphic process and optimize technical production (files. Year of study accomplished under a French employment contract known as a “Contrat de Professionnalisation” (status of salaried employee). production. Oral communication. Areas of specialization: Brand and Design – Brand and Communications – Brand and New Media. gaining a feel for working as a junior in a company. Highlights Jury panels to assess performance for each seminar.Year 5 . Subjects Thematic design and visual communications projects developed in the form of intensive seminars: Overall approach/Management of Creation / Strategy. n To acquire an in-depth knowledge in applied communications and creation. Method for developing research paths.

École Intuit. The standards required to complete the course of training and the fact that our diplomas are validated by well-respected professional allows the school to guarantee its students the best chance of insertion into a professional environment and the brightest career prospects. n Carefully-selected students (recruited based on motivation and the quality of their portfolio). Teaching with an international focus Each year. classified as a Level II qualification by the French Professional Certification Commission (Commission Nationale de la Certification Professionnelle . The student goes away.lab invites internationally-renowned creative personalities to give intensive workshops on a variety of themes relating to all cultures and areas of professional practice. the workshop week is an important event in the annual calendar for all students.lab gives its most motivated students the opportunity to go on a training programme at one of its partner universities or schools. to complete his training at a foreign establishment and/or on a work placement with an agency or creative studio.The benefits THE SCHOOL IS MANAGED BY PEOPLE WHO ALL COME FROM PROFESSIONAL BACKGROUNDS IN VISUAL COMMUNICATIONS AND EDUCATION Recognition The school’s graduates are awarded the nationallyrecognized French title of «Visual Communication Designer» [Concepteur en communication visuelle]. Work placement and professional insertion Throughout the duration of its study programmes.CNCP). n Rigorous supervision of students on a daily basis: Individual follow-up. motivated and experienced teaching staff with a genuinely educational approach.lab takes particular care to ensure that that its students obtain work placements with well-respected organizations. Ecole intuit. with nearly all students finding a job within six months of leaving. n Compulsory work placements: For every year of the Advanced cycle and the Year 5 dual-education programme. n Workshops Held every year in February and April. Pierre GUIGON 61 . école intuit. maintaining real working relationships with professionals from the design and visual communications sectors. for three or six months. n Progress from year-to-year followed in close detail. n Close relations between the school. Matthieu BOZ A demanding approach Professional. The school calls upon its network of partner agencies. companies and professional bodies. This means that the majority of our students find work either as a salaried employee or freelancer immediately upon leaving school.

people who were worth their weight in gold…. Shenzhen (China) «The Masters is when the intuit. The teachers and visitors.» Graduated 2007 Pauline HARDY Art Director. Illustrator. I was lucky enough to already have several offers when I left the school.» Graduated 2007 Amélie JAMMET Art Director. worse than when I headed out there. Art Director.» 63 Promotion 2008 .» Graduated 2007 Tan JUAN JI Freelance Junior Art Director. Montreal. Graphic Artist. I will never be able to thank them enough for everything that they did for me. Basically. Les Bons Faiseurs agency «I didn’t have to look for a job. Designer. I can vouch for the fact that the setup is just like a proper agency. multicultural perspective. Canada «My four months in Montreal was one of the most enriching experiences I’ve had. co-founder of Cosmo-Sapiens agency «I didn’t have to look for work.Intuit. I told myself they would probably raise a glass to my health as I asked them to do when I was gone. I was able to travel a bit too when I took my days off. really open up your horizons and give you an international. Parties Prenantes agency «I have very fond memories of the Masters course. As a result. China «I was leaving one of the best experiences of my life behind me. What I got out of the école. as I already had several offers through the school (contacts through the teaching staff and meetings with portfolio jury panels). The people were so adorable.lab course really comes into its own: it’s all about taking an intuitive approach. It will remain engraved in my memory forever and I encourage anyone who has the opportunity to study there to respect these people as their compatriots. I will never forget this trip. I chose the ones which interested me most. It really taught me how to work in a team on real. But I decided not to accept any of them as what I really wanted to do was to set up a studio with two friends from my year. some of whom are from other countries. This experience taught me more about humanity than 22 years of my life in France. specific briefs. I felt really empty at that moment.. but also good advice from my teachers. Now I work for a small agency where we work on a wide variety of different projects. and learning from your successes as well as your failures. it was just like I was working there permanently. Carré Noir agency «A unique atmosphere and a dynamic and creative professional environment. just like in real life. Doing a work placement there and living in a flatshare meant that I was living like any other québécois: I got up at 8am.» Vincent GAULLIER. It also gives you a real insight into the everyday reality of the profession. They also give you advice and teach you how to network.Testimonies Study abroad . professional and cultural perspective. I quickly found a job at the Carré Noir agency through the school’s contacts.» Former students Graduated 2006 Romain FOUCHER. With what I know now. I’m pretty certain that I want to go back. so helpful… I have read the notes that they left for me in my notebook about 10 times over and the same emotions just keep on flooding back. In addition to that.lab course was not just technical knowledge. from a human. but I hope I will manage to get as close as possible to doing so. The thing that really made an impression on me was learning about the roles of different people in a team and in an agency.» Graduated 2006 Emmanuelle LOUTTE. Beijing. One thing is for sure. and how to manage my time.. You learn a lot about yourself. commuted by public transport during the rush hour and spent time with the local québécois people both on my work placement and outside work.exchange programme and /or work placement Hélène PÉCHÉ. I now love Quebec. and how to manage tensions and differences of opinion between team members.

Admissions procedure: By prior interview only. Candidates should send a letter stating their reasons for applying.lab.co. WORKSHOP International workshops. along with their CV. Appointments to be made by telephone. an entrance exam and presentation of a portfolio of work. Quotations attributed to students were collected by mail during the annual update of the school’s directory of Alumni. All the works presented in this brochure are the creations of école intuit. FOR MORE INFORMATION Various publications are available for download on the school’s website or on request by sending email. statement of grades received for Advanced Cycle studies. Appointments may be made by telephone from January onwards.lab teaching programme. Admissions are made on the basis of assessment interviews. presentation of portfolio of work and assessment interview. Candidates are approved for enrolment upon receipt of their complete portfolio. Admission to Lab 5 .Lab 4 By entrance exam.ecole-intuit-lab. Appointments to be made by telephone. ADVANCED CYCLE Admission to Lab 2 . 65 . Latest news and additional information available on our website: www.in The information contained in this brochure is susceptible to change at any time and is not contractually binding.Admission FUNDAMENTAL YEAR Admission to Lab 1 Admission requirements: students with A-level or high-school diploma or equivalent school leaving certificate.lab students and Seenk credentials. copies of exam certificates. DESIGNIS GRAPHIKUM The professions of graphic design: An introductory guide / booklet for the general public. LEARN TO CREATE Full brochure presenting the école intuit.Lab 3 . Booklet illustrating the workshops given at école intuit.Masters II: Foundation +4 years or degree of an art school.

Churchgate Mumbai 400020 INDIA jamila@ecole-intuit-lab.lab Mumbai CONTACT: Jamila Varawala Veer Na ri man Rd Javel (L.10) Ru e de sE 90 rue de Javel Ru e nt re p re n eu rs de Ja ha Ru e ve l Félix Faure (L. 15th 90 rue de Javel 75015 Paris FRANCE Tel: +33 (0)1 43 57 07 75 Fax: +33 (0)1 43 57 07 53 info@ecole-intuit-lab.aix@ecole-intuit-lab.com Rue L Cour isse d s Sex es Co tius rdelie rs 17 rue Lieutaud e Ru e Ru p Es ar iat Th s ier Place du Géneral de Gaulle eau au Mirab Cours Cours Mirabe 67 .com rle s Avenue Charles Michels (L.com MUMBAI école intuit. just a few metres from the Cours Mirabeau.lab Co n rin sha m aR d Ma sh ed ji w Va ch M K Rd Ta ta eD Din Karmaveer Bhaurao Patil Marg AIX-EN-PROVENCE école intuit.8) int -C de la Sa intuit. Aix-en-Prevence is a city renowned for its rich cultural and historical heritage. the new premises of ecole intuit.lab Aix-en-Provence University of Mumbai r Ja Rd Ru e Apeejay house 3 Dinshaw Vacha road Churchgate Roa d n°3 Right in the heart of Provence.lab are in an area of a city which is currently undergoing a process of total rejuvenation.lab Paris Located at the heart of the Beaugrenelle district. close to the Eiffel tower.10 et RER C) Emile Zola RER Apeejay house 3 Dinshaw Vacha road. The school is located right in the centre of Aix-en-Provence. the city is known for its student population.8) 17 rue Lieutaud 13100 Aix-en-Provence FRANCE Tel: +33 (0)4 42 27 43 15 Fax: +33 (0)4 42 38 85 42 info. rdeliers Rue des Co Rue Lieutaud au r ve n tio n Boucicaut (L.Location PARIS école intuit. in the arrondissement. Offering an unrivalled quality of life.

aix@ecole-intuit-lab.© école.com PARIS 90 rue de Javel 75015 Paris FRANCE Tel: +33 (0)1 43 57 07 75 Fax: +33 (0)1 43 57 07 53 info@ecole-intuit-lab.The information contained in this brochure is susceptible to change at any time and is not contractually binding.com AIX-EN-PROVENCE 17 rue Lieutaud 13100 Aix-en-Provence FRANCE Tel: +33 (0)4 42 27 43 15 Fax: +33 (0)4 42 38 85 42 info. Credit: Shutterstock MUMBAI Apeejay house 3 Dinshaw Vacha road. .intuitlab .is a registered trademark and design.co. Churchgate Mumbai 400020 INDIA jamila@ecole-intuit-lab.com PRIVATE ESTABLISHMENT OF HIGHER EDUCATION www.in French institute of design & communication arts .ecole-intuit-lab.

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