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Presentation RubricTeam Members: _______________________________________________

Excellent-4 Good-3 Satisfactory-2 Needs Improvement-1

Content - All content throughout the Most of the content is The content is generally Content confusing or
Accuracy presentation is accurate. accurate but there is one accurate, but one piece of contains more than one
There are no factual piece of information that information is clearly factual error.
errors. seems inaccurate. inaccurate.
Citation is lacking or
Sources, including A few citation errors Several citation errors absent
pictures, are cited

Sequencing of Information is organized in Most information is Some information is There is no clear plan for
Information a clear, logical way. It is organized in a clear, logically sequenced. An the organization of
easy to anticipate the next logical way. One slide or occasional slide or piece information.
slide. piece of information of information seems out
seems out of place. of place.

Use of Graphics All graphics are attractive A few graphics are not All graphics are attractive Several graphics are
(size and colors) and attractive but all support but a few do not support unattractive AND detract
support the topic of the the topic of the the topic of the from the content of the
presentation. presentation. presentation. presentation.

Text - Font Choice Font formats (color, bold, Font formats have been Font formatting has been Font formatting makes it
& Formatting italic) have been carefully carefully planned to carefully planned to very difficult to read the
planned to enhance enhance readability. complement the content. material.
readability and content. It may be a little hard to

Spelling and Presentation has no Presentation has 1-2 Presentation has 1-2 Presentation has more
Grammar misspellings or misspellings, but no grammatical errors but no than 2 grammatical
grammatical errors. grammatical errors. misspellings. and/or spelling errors.

Cooperation Group shares tasks and all Group shares tasks and Group shares tasks and Group often is not
performed responsibly all performed responsibly performs responsibly effective in sharing tasks
of the time. most of the time. some of the time. and/or sharing

Delivery Members spoke at a good Members spoke a little Members spoke at a good Members demonstrated
rate, volume and with faster or slower than rate and volume, but having paid little attention
good grammar. They necessary, or too quietly used poor grammar. to rate, volume or
maintained eye-contact or loudly. They used They relied heavily on grammar. They read
while using, but not acceptable grammar. their notes. nearly word for word from
reading their notes. They maintained eye- notes.
contact, but relied too
much on their notes.