Act One [From the beginning of the Act until Anya leaves for bed] Note to reader: Due

to the dense nature of the play, each act has been subdivided into smaller sections. There are two subdivisions for Acts One and Four, and three for Acts Two and Three. At the beginning of each summary is an indication of the range of the play the summary that it covers. Notă către cititor: Datorita naturii piesei, fiecare act a fost împărţit în secţiuni mai mici. Există două subdiviziuni pentru actele unu şi patru, şi trei pentru actele doi şi trei. La începutul fiecărui rezumat este o indicatie care arata durata piesei. The following summaries and analyses are based on Ronald Hingley's English translation of the play (1966), available from Oxford University Press. Urmatoarele rezulate si analize se bazeaza pe traducerea in engleză Ronald Hingley de joc (1966), disponibil de la Oxford University Press.

Summary The play begins in a room that is called the "nursery", even though, as we soon find out, it has been unoccupied by children for many years. It is dawn on a cold and frosty May morning, and the cherry trees are in bloom. Yermolay Lopakhin, a businessman, is eagerly awaiting the return of Ranevsky, the owner of the house and the surrounding estate, who, Lopakhin tells us, has been away for five years. Also waiting is Dunyasha, a maid on Ranevsky's estate. Lopakhin recounts a story of how Ranevsky was kind to him after his father had beaten him as a child, pausing as he remembers how Ranevsky referred to him as a "little peasant". Dunyasha worries and fusses with her appearance; Lopakhin tells her not to be so sensitive and to "remember her place".

o servitoare pe mosia lui Ranevsky. De asemenea. in aşteptare este si Duniaşa. aşteaptă cu nerăbdare întoarcerea lui Ranevsky. and Simon leaves. care. despre pantofi lui rupti şi viaţa lui nefericită. They are soon joined by the clerk Simon Yephikodov. proprietarul casei si mosiei din jur. chiar dacă. who drops flowers on the floor as he enters. ne spune Lopakhin. atât pentru vorbirea sa ciudata cat si pentru accidentele frecvente care i se intamplau. and his unfortunate life. oprindu-se ca sa îşi aminteasca cum Ranevsky facea referire la el ca un "ţăran pitic". Dunyasha confesses to Lopakhin that Yepikhodov has proposed to her and that he is called "Simple Simon" by everyone else on the estate both for his strange talk and the frequent accidents that befall him. Yermolay Lopakhin. El se plange de vremea de afara. iar cireşii sunt în floare. Duniaşa mărturiseşte catre Lopakhin ca Yepikhodov a cerut-o in casatorie şi că el este numit "Simple Simon". a fost plecat timp de cinci ani. about his squeaking shoes. Ulterior. Duniaşa ingrijoreaza si agita cu prezenta ei. a fost neocupata de către copii pentru mulţi ani. Este in zori intr-o dimineaţă rece si geroasa de mai. He complains about the weather. Lopakhin is rude to him. In curand s-a alaturat lor si Simon Yephikodov grefierul. 2 . Lopakhin îi spune să nu fie atât de sensibile şi sa "isi aminteasca locul ei". Lopakhin relateaza o poveste a modului în care Ranevsky a fost bun cu el după ce tatăl său il batea copil fiind. Lopakhin este rau cu el asa ca Simon pleaca. Afterwards. care scapa florile pe podea cand intră. un om de afaceri. după cum vom afla in curand.Jocul începe într-o cameră care se numeşte "pepinieră". de către oricine altcineva din mosie.

şi de către Charlotte. talks about her hopes of one day marrying Anya off to a rich man. her 87-year-old manservant who has also been to greet Ranevsky at the train station. locuieste in baia comună. Toata lumea iese din casă să o salute. her daughter who has been with her in Paris since Easter. the tutor of Ranevsky's dead son Grisha. şi Boris Simeonov-Pischik. despite her poverty. she would leave the estate behind and join a convent. but she reveals that he has not yet propsed. Everyone leaves the house to greet her. fiica ei care a fost cu ea la Paris din Paşti. in her turn. Anya's governess. and Boris Simeonov-Pischik. Ranevsky. Varya enters. care a fost. carrying the keys to the estate. and Anya reacts with surprised joy. iar Anya reactioneaza cu bucurie. Ea este. She is also greeted by Leonid Gayev. de asemenea pentru a o saluta pe Ranevsky la gară. her adopted twenty-four year-old daughter who has been managing her mother's estate and went to meet Ranevsky at the station. seemingly to no one but the audience. by Varya. Anya explains to Varya the depressing conditions that she found their mother in when she came to Paris. si fusese gestionara pe mosia mamei sale şi a mers pentru a se intalni cu Ranevsky la gară. fata ei de douazeci si patru de ani care fusese adoptata. A intrat in casa însoţită de Anya.Ranevsky then arrives from the train station. six years previous. guvernanta Anyei. Varya is expected to marry Lopakhin. her mother insists on spending money wherever she goes. Ranevsky apoi ajunge de la gară. Varya and Anya greet each other tearfully. by Firs. fratele ei. and the fact that. is staying in the bathhouse. and she fears he never will. Anya explains. un alt proprietar. tutorele fiului mort a lui Ravensky. servitorul ei de 87 de ani. another landowner. why her mother left for Paris: the death. She says that if she only had enough money. Dunyasha ii spune Anyei ca Petru Trofimov. Varya. and by Charlotte. Dunyasha lets Anya know that Peter Trofimov. she is accompanied by Anya. As she enters. her brother. impreuna cu Firs. 3 . de Varya. de asemenea. of Mr. întâmpinata de Leonid Gayev.

Act One [after Anya's exit] Summary After Anya goes to bed. no one lived in the countryside except for peasants and nobles. she refuses his idea. which have to be thrown away because there is no use for them and that there is no other way to avoid the estate being sold. Yasha enters. Yasha goes out. which Ranevsky can then lease out at a sizeable profit. Varya says that in the old days. and asks what happened.followed one month later by the drowning of the family's seven-year old son in the nearby river. Dunyasha recognizes him. but he doesn't recognize her. Lopakhin says that while until recently. he calls Dunyasha a "tasty little morsel". Soon Anya decides to go bed. Firs remembers out loud that there was a time when the cherries were made into jam and sold. and kisses her. Gayev notes that the orchard is in the Encyclopedia. Dunyasha explains that she dropped a saucer. He is a young servant who has been traveling with Ranevsky ever since she left Russia. But as soon as Ranevsky realizes that Lopakhin's proposal entails cutting down the cherry orchard. dropping a saucer was considered good luck. saying that she is tired from travel. nowadays there are many "holiday4 . which is to be sold at auction on the 22nd of August in order to pay Ranevsky's debts. He points out that the orchard produces nothing but cherries. Lopakhin brings up the matter of the orchard. but that now the recipe has been forgotten. Lopakhin proposes a way to avoid selling the land: cut down the cherry orchard as well as everything else on the property and build summer cottages in their place. and Varya comes in. causing her to drop a saucer.

The act ends with Varya informing Anya that tramps have been moving in to the old servants' quarters. While Firs fixes Gayev's trousers. Gayev complains about his sister's lavish spending habits and her "loose" way of living. enters. He exclaims with joy "Light of my being! My springtime!" 5 . She tells everyone that she can see her dead mother walking amongst the trees. that might let them keep the property and the Cherry Orchard after all. and Trofimov sees Anya as Varya leads her off. Ranevsky goes to the window to gaze lovingly at her cherry orchard. rich merchants and professionals. as she did when she was a child. Grisha's former tutor. Ranevsky's brother begins to insult Lopakhin. after everyone reacts with shock and concern for her mental health. He apologizes to Anya for his "silly speech" and is forgiven.000 rubles with which to buy their property at auction should the Ranevskys change their minds. who then leaves. which are now mostly empty. He then lets everyone know that he has a plan.makers". but not before offering a loan of 50. a shepherd's pipe plays from the other side of the orchard. involving a loan from some bankers. he stops when Varya lets him know that Anya is in the door listening to him. Ranevsky protests that she doesn't have any money. Ranevsky tears them both up. When she is gone. Varya gives Ranevsky two telegrams that have arrived from Paris. But Anya's reaction to the distressing news is muted because she falls asleep before Varya has finished speaking. Simeonov-Pischik asks Ranevsky for 240 rubles in order to pay interest on a mortgage the next day. Peter Trofimov. Ranevsky soon goes to bed. As the act ends. Trofimov brings back painful memories of Grisha and his drowning five years earlier. As soon as Lopakhin leaves. who make their summer homes in the country. and there is a tearful reunion between him and Ranevsky. townspeople. and that their number is increasing. but not before demanding that Gayev pay Pischik his 240 rubles. Before he leaves. she realizes she was looking at a tree which has leaned over and looks like a woman. implying that she is the reason the Ranevskys are now in dire straits.

apparently for the first time. Telegraph poles run off into the distance. Charlotte leaves in semi-disgust at Yepikhodov. which according to him is what his guitar is to "a man crazed with love". Yepikhodov asks to speak to Dunyasha. talking. that Yephikodov might actually be contemplating suicide. both his erratic behavior and his singing.Act Two [ Until Ranevsky's entrance] Summary Sitting near an abandoned chapel." just as he did when 6 . are Charlotte. He complies but only after implying that he might shoot himself in the meantime. and dark poplars can be seen along with the cherry trees. in view of the cherry orchard. who educated her. most importantly whether or not to shoot himself. performing circus tricks at local fairs. They are sitting on a bench. Dunyasha begins to worry. Dunyasha sits and powders her face. and Yephikodov. She admits that her mother and father were probably never married. He then displays his revolver that he continually carries about in case he makes up his mind. to both Yasha and Yephikodov. Yasha is smoking a cigar. Nearby is a well and what look like old tombstones. When they are alone. Yephikodov professes that despite the number of books he's read. Yepikhodov. Charlotte tells everyone her life history: how she was taken from town to town by her mother and father. Yasha. it seems. and complaining that "all these clever men are stupid. while Yepikhodov plays a guitar and sings. After they died she was taken by a "German lady". he still can't decided anything about his life. She reluctantly concedes but only after she demands that he go back to the house and get her cape. Yepikhodov plays a sad and mournful song on his "mandolin". Charlotte has a shotgun and is wearing a man's peaked cap." referring. Yasha and Dunyasha. Yasha responds by kissing her and calling her a "tasty little morsel. and Dunyasha talk about how lucky Yasha is to have traveled outside of Russia and of how fun life is in other countries.

Gayev.they first met. and then leaves. Deriganov. intends to buy the property. it is sinful for a woman to be in love with a man. Ranevsky says that the idea of cottages and summer visitors is "frightfully vulgar. He also says that. Act Two [from Ranevsky's entrance. When he hears Ranevsky and the others approaching. Lopakhin informs the pair that a rich man. Yasha reacts disinterestedly. so that they won't be seen together. Gayev demands that either Yasha leaves or he does. and apologizes. and can talk about anything". Yasha picks it up. and expresses frustration with the fact that they 7 ." Lopakhin begins to lose patience with the pair. but not before a tense moment with Gayev. up until Firs's entrance] Summary Ranevsky. Gayev asks why he always sees Yasha "hanging around everywhere". She complies. Ranevsky asks who has been smoking such "disgusting cigars". She says that he is "so educated. Ranevsky tells Yasha to leave. Lopakhin asks whether it will be in the range of one hundred thousand to two hundred thousand roubles. He admits that what she says about his education is true. he tells her to leave and pretend that she has been bathing down by the river. saying that he can't help laughing at the sound of Gayev's voice. choking on his cigar smoke as she leaves. still laughing at Gayev. He says that he couldn't bear people thinking that they were. Dunyasha confesses her love to Yasha. and Lopakhin appear. He demands a simple yes or no answer to his original idea. Gayev talks about a rich aunt in the town of Yaroslavl who may send money. Gayev answers that it will be more like fifteen thousand. and Lopakhin is once again trying to convince Ranevsky to convert her estate to cottages. possible attempting to ignore him. Yasha laughs as soon as Gayev starts to speak. She then drops her change purse. calls them "scatter-brained". and he does. he insults their lack of business sense. according to him.

for her villa in Menton. when she was forced to sell her villa in Menton. he robbed her. while popping one into his mouth. Ranevsky insists that he refuse the offer. and took up with another woman. saying. Gayev informs everyone that he has been offered a job at a bank. and that his handwriting is "awful". she was followed by a lover with whom she had been having an affair with since before her husband's death. he should watch his own dull performance. and Lopakhin is "drab". says Ranevsky. as the son of serfs. "What. Ranevsky asks him why he doesn't marry Varya. before the serfs were freed. Ranevsky seems to express regret at the "sins" she and her brother have committed. because it's more "amusing" when he is around. Gayev says that he has wasted his substance on sweets. Lopakhin. going further. But Ranevksy has something more serious in mind. He even calls Gayev "an old woman". sarcastically 8 . a man with whom she had committed adultery. Lopakhin agrees. He says he has nothing against it but then says nothing more. she recounts the story of how when she left for France five years earlier. deserted her. is unintelligent and unrefined. Lopakhin makes a wry comment he heard in a play about Russians being "frenchified. Lopakhin wants to know what sins she refers to. saying that his life is "preposterous". In other words. He has been writing asking her forgiveness and for her to go back to France. after which Lopakhin turns around and begins to leave. simply pausing." Ranevsky then insists that the comment is not funny. you in a bank!" Act Two [ After Firs' entrance] Summary Firs enters and talks about how good things were back in the old days. But Ranevsky begs him to stay. that he was beat as a child. She also tells how last year. instead of going out to plays. she says. The telegrams that have been arriving from Paris are from him."can't understand" that they are about to lose their property.

He and Lopakhin exchange some barbed words. "What do you think of me?" Trofimov replies that Lopakhin. no one is quite sure what it is. Trofimov enters. He then proclaims that given the natural splendor of Russia. he expresses optimism for the future.agrees. because "giants" could end up causing more trouble than they are worth. Lopakhin agrees with him. Lopakhin calls Trofimov an "eternal student" and wonders if he has reached his fiftieth birthday yet. Ranevsky makes him leave by giving him several gold pieces. is a beast of prey as necessitated by the role he fulfills in nature. Varya is frightened by the encounter. asking for directions. Trofimov calls this an old joke. decide to leave. with the exception of Trofimov and Anya. then Gayev asks him to resume a discussion about pride that the two were having earlier. His reasoning: man is a "pretty poor physiological specimen". and most of the human race is in misery. "the only thing to do" he says. Trofimov asserts the folly of pride. but Firs maintains he last heard similar sounds before the freeing of the serfs. Lopakhin then asks Trofimov. According to Lopakhin. he gets up at five o'clock every morning and does nothing but work for the rest of the day. Gayev begins giving what seems to be almost a recitation of a poem about nature and how it unites the past with the present. so the entire party. he is disappointed with its people. Ranevsky warns them to be careful for what they ask for.millionaire. Despite his pessimism about man's current state. Its people should be "giants". He abuses Russian intellectuals for having no idea what work means. "At least there were plenty of floggings." Firs does not hear him and remarks that he can't understand life anymore. Everyone laughs. In the ensuing deep silence. he says. Suddenly a drunken man comes by. to a certain extent. a soon-to-be. and being a nuisance. the sound of a cable or string breaking can be heard. before he is silenced by Anya. "is work". Trofimov and Anya 9 .

Anya and a Post-Office Clerk. dancing a "grande ronde" (in a circle). They then begin a promenade. he has 130 rubles out of 310. Pischik asserts that all he can think about is money. Everyone is gathered at a party offstage. the day of the auction. leaving Varya alone in the woods. Trofimov and Ranevsky. calling out for Anya in the dark. Varya assures her that her uncle will have bought the estate with their aunt's money.then discuss their increasingly close relationship. Trofimov suggests that perhaps the auction has not even taken place yet. which Trofimov describes as being "above love". At present. though Varya is suspicious of it developing into a romance. The two go down by the river. Pischik says he has heard that Nietzsche thought forging-bank notes was acceptable. Trofimov gives another speech about the debt all Russia is under from the legacy of serfdom. Act Three [ until Varya exits to find Yephikodov] Summary It is August 22nd. He is briefly driven into a panic. that their aunt has also agreed to pay off the arrearage on the mortgage. Charlotte 10 . He then suddenly can't find the 130 rubles. Finally. Dunyasha enters with a partner. mainly about Pischik's poor financial situation. and enter the stage in pairs: Pischik and Charlotte. Trofimov teases Varya about how she is supposedly destined to marry Lopakhin. Trofimov expresses his doubts. Lopakhin has accompanied Gayev to the auction. To entertain the guests. She wants to know whether or not he has bought the estate and worries out loud about the auction. Firs is serving the party in an old servants' uniform. but how he has tremendous hopes for the future. Ranevsky wonders why Gayev is not home yet. Pischik complains about trying to scrape together enough money for a mortgage payment he must make the next day. Pischik and Trofimov leave to talk. Varya (who is crying) and the local Stationmaster and several others. until he finds the bank notes in the lining of his jacket.

And Varya feels that it is improper to propose herself. Pischik professes that he is amazed at Charlotte and has fallen in love with her. saying that if she had a few rubles she would. She expresses again the desire to go to a convent." Talk then turns to the matter of the auction and the estate. where she guesses the card Pischik has chosen. she should ignore him. he did after all. Yasha soon enters. The Stationmaster too. Ranevsky then wryly observes that she must be "below it. much to the everyone's amazement. laughing. Ranevsky and Trofimov begin to talk. and he admits that he is not very attractive. She calls him a "ridiculous freak and monster". telling everyone that Yephikodov has broken a pool cue. is quite impressed. Ranevsky confides in private conversation to Varya that she shouldn't get upset when people tease her about Lopakhin and that in fact she should marry him if she likes him. He declares himself and Anya to be "above love". 11 . Act Three [from when Varya leaves until Varya comes back] Summary When Varya leaves to attend to Simon Yephikodov. Varya confesses that she does. and makes Anya and Varya suddenly appear behind it. Trofimov mocks her.performs a series of magic tricks she learnt during her days going from town to town with her parents. She calls him "ugly". After she is done. throwing her voice so it seems to come out of the floor. who has broken a billiard cue." about her business dealings and also about her lover in Paris who continues to send telegrams. She performs a ventriloquist feat. rob her. And then. She performs a card trick. She leaves to sort things out. because he is too young and inexperienced. Ranevsky accuses Trofimov of being ugly and understanding nothing because he has never been in love. He implores Ranevsky to "face the truth. she takes a rug. Varya is incensed that Yephikodov is even at the party and doubly so that he is playing billiards. According to Trofimov. but she feels that Lopakhin will never propose because he is too preoccupied with business.

Trofimov is outraged and leaves. as Charlotte continues to entertain the guests. she won't because it makes her giddy. Yephikodov enters. saying that she has talked to someone in the kitchen who says someone bought the orchard at auction today. and she reveals how much she enjoys it when people say nice things to her. and barons used to attend. and everyone starts to dance. While they dance. Ranevsky becomes anxious and demands to know who. Ranevsky offers to dance with Peter. now in a checkered coat and top hat. Anya comes in. When Dunyasha confides in Yasha that the man from the post office told her she looked like a flower. Yasha cannot stop laughing at Yephikodov's futility. just before Lopakhin returns] Summary 12 . But as he leaves he falls over himself in the hall. Generals. laughing at Peter. He goes up to Dunyasha and complains to her rather meekly about her lack of attention towards him. and asks for a dance with Ranevsky. He says that he feels like an "insect. but Anya does not know. he asks her for the 180 rubles he needs to make his mortgage payment the next day. but now they have difficulty securing the local stationmaster. a poem by Aleksey Tolstoy. he replies with a yawn and an insult. Act Three [After Varya's second entrance. She starts to play with her fan. Dunyasha powders her face and tells Yasha that even though Anya has asked her to dance. The Stationmaster begins to recite "The Sinful Woman". Dunyasha then reflects on how sensitive she is. saying that she is "in a dream" at the party. Firs responds by calling Yasha a nincompoop. Yasha rudely tells Firs that it is time for him to die. A waltz begins playing." She is irritated by him and refuses to treat him seriously. a Russian dramatist. Firs enters and talks about how the quality of guests at the parties on the estate has declined. Anya comes in. Pischik enters. admirals.

She tells Dunyasha to leave and then launches against Yephikodov. She wonders aloud why they even keep a clerk. but from behind the doorway he tells her he will lodge a complaint. Ranevsky quietly weeps. Furthermore. he plans to go through with his plans for cutting down the cherry orchard and building cottages in its place. he is reproachful. he haughtily tells her that such things are "for wiser and older heads" than Varya's to decide. And she tells her that they will 13 . He asks her to "express herself in a more refined manner. She tells her mother that she loves her. And he has good reason to fear. As Lopakhin and Gayev enter. As she does so." Pischik takes him by the arm and escorts him out of the room. especially by the last remark. and how he will implement changes now that he is in charge.Varya enters. he leaves. you can't turn back the clock now. Lopakhin reflects out loud on how he. He asks her why she didn't listen to him and says. Varya is incensed at Yephikodov's words. threateningly. Anya consoles her mother. and she still has a life to live. Lopakhin and Gayev have returned from the auction. but instead of consoling her. Lopakhin lets everyone know that he bought the orchard at auction. the son of local peasants. "my poor dear friend. Varya throws down the keys to the estate and leaves. Lopakhin is visibly happy. Yephikodov is deeply offended. She tells him to leave instantly. When he leaves. He goes up to her. has come to own the great estate his father and grandfather once worked on. receiving the end of her stick." but he is clearly frightened. Gayev is tired and upset and soon leaves. She hears a noise in the hall and. Ranevsky is heartbroken. During his speech. because Varya moves towards him. the estate of those who once owned his father and grandfather. grabs a stick and lashes out. believing him to be coming back. telling him that he does no work at all. But Lopakhin enters instead. In response to a question by Ranevsky.

They both admit their affection for each other. Ranevsky has given the peasants her entire purse of money. but now it looks very different than it did in May. He buys champagne at eight rubles a bottle for everyone Gayev and Ranevsky say goodbye to some peasants out in the back." Act Four [Until Pischik's exit] Summary It is now October. pictures. however. on behalf of Ranevsky to hold off cutting down the orchard until the family has left. Lopakhin offers Trofimov a loan of forty thousand roubles. Lopakhin and Trofimov give each other a long and complicated goodbye. all of which is stacked in one corner. The sound of axes chopping down the orchard can already be heard. He claims that he is a "free man"." but she protests that she couldn't help it. and all the occupants of the estate are preparing to leave. Lopakhin agrees immediately. as Yasha mutters that the lower classes "haven't got much sense. We are in the nursery again. a better one. Lopakhin himself will accompany the clan as far as the station. and little furniture. Trofimov refuses Lopakhin's offer. money he made in the spring by planting poppies over three thousand acres of land. and gives an idealistic speech in which he asserts his belief that mankind is marching towards a "higher truth". and that after they do this they will all "smile again. there are no window curtains. Gayev tells her she "shouldn't do such things.plant a new cherry orchard. and Trofimov criticizes him for his lack of tact. and then carry on to Kharkov. where he plans to spend the winter. Gayev and Ranevksy come into the nursery. while admitting they will always have a very different outlook on life." Afterwards. Anya comes in and asks Lopakhin. Anya then wonders whether Firs has been taken 14 . Trofimov tells Lopakhin he thinks he is a good person at heart.

all of them are leaving. with great offense. They are all greeted unexpectedly by Pischik. Charlotte. we later learn. Varya. Yephikodov says that he envies Firs. and about what Varya's plans are. Ranevsky worries about Varya because. who even more unexpectedly pays back 400 rubles of the 1. since he became really ill that morning. Yasha. but Anya assures her that Yasha sent him to the hospital. Yasha says. She encourages him to do so at that very moment. he agrees. Gayev has a job working at the bank in the local town. for twenty-four years. Just before Yephikodov leaves. is going to the Ragulins'.to the hospital yet. for where even she does not know. Ranevsky is going to Paris. Anya is going to school. to whom he has just leased a part of his property on which the Englishmen discovered some white clay. she feels no compunction to work and is depressed and listless. and Gayev all congregate. Act Four [after Pischik's exit] Summary Ranevsky worries out loud about two people: Firs and Varya. Lopakhin says it is unlikely he will ever do so. Her answer is enough to satisfy Ranevsky. he squashes a hatbox with his suitcase. She then talks to Lopakhin about when he will propose to Varya.240 he owes Ranevsky. Yephikodov expresses the opinion that Firs is old enough that it is time for him to die. since the estate has been sold. But in the ensuing conversation all Lopakhin manages is small talk. the fact that he is staying in Kharkov for the summer. to take on a housekeeper's job. with Yasha accompanying her. about the weather. Pischik explains that the money comes from two Englishmen. She worries about Firs because he is ill. and Charlotte is simply leaving. as well as Varya. Anya. Soon Ranevsky. She has taken a housekeeping job at 15 . that he told Yegor to do it that morning.

for once." Varya." He sits down on the couch. Ranevsky tells everyone that she just wants to look at the walls of her house a little longer. "And welcome. except that everyone has indeed forgotten to send Firs to the hospital. Lopakhin pretends to be frightened when Varya takes out her umbrella in a way that suggests she might want to hit someone with it. Firs wanders on stage. in Yashevno. Gayev nearly bursts into an emotional speech. old life. together. They embrace. 16 . "Good-bye. The disconcerting sound of a string breaking is again heard. Soon. as a voice—presumably from one of the tree cutters—cries out. and Yephikodov follow. Anya says. calling himself a nincompoop and then lies motionless. he is unable to speak. Varya pretends to be distracted during the entire conversation. Soon they are interrupted. Varya does manage to agree when Lopakhin observes that all life has gone out of the house. even Yephikodov's voice is hoarse. she feels as if she's "never looked at them before". and take one last look around their childhood home and then also depart. Ranevsky has obviously told her adopted daughter about Lopakhin's potential proposal. Soon everyone has left except for Ranevksy and Gayev. Trofimov and Anya leave first. but both Varya and Anya stop him. "Mr." and Trofimov answers by saying. The play ends with another sound: that of an axe striking a tree in the orchard. The play would end here. muttering to himself about how his life has slipped by as if he "never lived it at all. cry. fifty miles away.the Ragulins'. it is time for everyone to leave. Lopakhin!" Lopakhin happily leaves the conversation. presumably dead. She can see by Varya's tears that the proposal did not occur. she tells him not to be silly. Gayev says something about the train and then again makes a completely unmotivated reference to billiards. Ranevsky comes in to check on her daughter. Yasha. new life. Varya sits down to sob. still unengaged. looking for something unspecific that she has lost. There is much sobbing and emotion.

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