Crocheted Cotton Face Cloth

1 ball DK Cotton (I used Sirdar Luxury Soft Cotton) Hook size UK 8, 4.00 mm, American G/6 My finished cloth was 7” square. N.B. Crochet terms are British. Main Piece Make 30ch 1. Turn and work along ch, starting with 3htr into 3rd ch from hook, miss 2ch, 3htr into next ch. Continue in this way to end, but work 1htr in last st. Turn. 2. 2ch for height (does not count as a stitch), 3htr into first st, *miss 2 sts, 3htr into next st. Rep from * to end, but work 1htr in last st. turn. Repeat row 2 until work is square (fold diagonally to check). Do not cut off the yarn. Edging Round 1 Making 2ch at every corner, work round all sides in dc, working 1dc in each st of top edge and foundation chain, and work 28 dc down each side. Do not turn the work. Round 2 Begin with 2ch for height and work 1htr into every dc. Work (2htr, 2ch, 2htr) into each corner 2ch space. Round 3 Work 1dc bet. first 2 sts, *2ch, miss next htr, work 1dc into space between this htr and the next. Rep from * to end, working (1dc, 2ch, 1dc) into each corner space. to join. Cut yarn and sew in the end.

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