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BEFORE A HEALING SESSION I AM the Monad I AM the Light Divine I AM Love I AM Will I AM Source’s Perfect Design I AM the Mahatma I AM THAT I AM Mother/Father God I AM One with You. I AM an Instrument of Your Will

INVOKING THE SILVER VIOLET FLAME to purify yourself and t he healing space I AM the Silver Violet Fire I AM the purity God desires. I AM THAT I AM

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.. Shamballa Healings …………………………………………………………...Supplemental The Diamond Frequency of Shamballa……………………………………....………………………..……. The Yugas……………………………………………………………………..………………….. Diagram: Location of Major Organs. Chakra Balancing……………………………………………………..Table of Contents Basic Healer . The Chakras…………………………………………………………………… Diagram: The Auric Field…………………………………………… Diagram: The Four Body System………………………………….. Benefits of Spiritual Healing………………………………………… The Healing Session…………………………………………………... Diagram: Location of Major Organs. Guidelines for Healing……….. Basic Precepts of Healing Service…………………………………………. Working with MAP (Ascended Masters Medical Assistance Program)…..…………………………………. Front………………………. Diagram: The Yugas: The Orbit of Our Solar System…………. Thought Forms: The Illusions of Emotions Made Physical. 1 2 2 3 3 4 5 5 6 8 9 9 11 12 13 14 15 16 16 18 19 20 21 23 23 24 25 . Back.…... Appendices Shamballa Global Healing Circle…………………………………… How to Join the Shamballa E-Group……………………………….. Scanning the Body…………………………………………………… Using Your “Energy Hands” Inside the Body……………………… Distance Healings and Healing Through Time. The “I AM” Presence…………………………………………………………. Interactions of the 4-Body System…………………………………………. Diagram: The Individuation of Source…………………………….. Resources……………………………………………………………. Healing Techniques………………………………………………………….

This event signals the Earth’s initiation into the next level of her evolution. October.500 years ago. It is the next step onwards and upwards in the evolution of your being! The most important astrological event in the history of human civilization is happening now. and to prepare for the new energy coming in. clairaudience. The last such allignment was around 6. This energy has a powerful transformative nature. We are about to co-create here on Earth things beyond our imagination at this time. This is in preparation for the Galactic Wave event in 2012.) The activations. developing clairvoyance.The Diamond Frequency Of Shamballa By John Armitage Shamballa is the collective consciousness of the Ascended and Galactic Masters. (Channeled at Mt. Now is the time to release all unnecessary programs from the past. 1 . The preparatory work has been done within the Earth Templates to hold the Shamballa frequency and the time is now to open up the crystalline matrices within the human energy field to receive this frequency. The Winter Solstice will initiate an unprecedented Galactic alignment. Receiving the new codings and operating within the Diamond Frequency will mean increased multidimensional awareness. attunements and initiations into the Diamond Frequency of Shamballa will allow us access to the new codings which are being downloaded through the Galactic Centers to stabilize and widen humanity's and the Earth's Harmonics to become One Unified Harmonic. The Earth cross formed in the sky by the Equinoxes and solstices is aligning in our Galaxy. Master Germain: A new facet of the Shamballa diamond has been activated. 1998 by John Armitage. not only transformational. and as such supercedes the energies previously available through the Reiki Healing system -. It is through this facet that the Shamballa energy flows. The Galactic window is open between 1998 and 2001. just like Atlantis and Lemuria. The photon belt is a metaphor for this event.. YOU are invited to be present in each and every moment and enjoy the dance through to the end of time. and clairsentience. The Diamond Frequency of Shamballa is highly refined. Although it is not necessary for a person who is attracted to these courses to have had Reiki attunements. Shasta. It is a resonance which can be reached. those who have can enjoy Shamballa for the increased healing powers which are given through the activations. but also a very powerful healing energy which includes the Reiki spectrum.which was also founded by myself.

Sanskrit writings teach that the greatest changes occur at points “A” and “C”. as the solar system moves in its orbit away from the Central Sun. Volume 1 .000 years. as we move back towards the Central Sun. This Light travels to our Sun. our entire solar system moves in a pattern that takes us closer to and then further away from the center of our galaxy where the Great Central Sun acts as a transducer. Because we have been in the age of greatest forgetfulness. THE YUGAS: The Orbit of Our Solar System 1 1 Drunvalo Melchizedek. called Yugas (see diagram below). The orbit of our solar system is not a closed circle. 57 2 . and there is much evidence on the planet that our emergence is now taking place. each time we move through this orbit humanity wakes up a little more and falls asleep a little less. Therefore. bringing through higher frequences of spiritual Light for The Milky Way. The Ancients of India. the period of greatest darkness and forgetfulness. Over a period of approximately 26. has been living in the Age of Kali Yuga. It is best described as a helical. The God Realized Masters of India divided our solar system’s orbit into great Ages. we move into higher and higher vibration.The Yugas Modern day astronomers can verify that not only does the Earth rotate around the sun. The An cient Secr et of the Flower o f Life. there is some disagreement about precisely where we are in this orbit today. just after we pass the extreme positions in the orbit. but our entire solar system moves in an orbit within the spinning galaxy known as The Milky Way. Humanity. as we know it. tell us that. known as Kali Yuga. becoming more and more spiritually awake. an open-ended pattern like a spring or spiral. which then downshifts the energies vibrationally to the level appropriate to the level of consciousness within our solar system. The diagram below suggests that we are emerging from Kali Yuga. in the Sanskrit writings. Conversely. humanity’s group consciousness falls further and further into sleep or forgetfulness. p. Humanity is waking up and remembering our god-Self.

is the original Divine Spark of Divine Consciousness created by undifferentiated Source out of itself. the Monad. DIAGRAM: THE I AM PRESENCE1 1 Gratten. There are an infinite number of Monads. by Joshua David Stone.The “I AM” Presence The I AM Presence or Monad. Each I AM created 12 fingers of fire at the end of which are 12 individualized Souls (or Higher Self). Each Soul is a smaller and partial representation of its creator. Mahatma I & I I. p. the Divine Sparks decided to experience existence in denser forms at lower vibrational levels. With free will. see The Compl ete As cension Man ual . Each Soul can extend 12 fingers into lower vibration simultaneously. 354. 3 . For more information. Brian.

or you must work with permission of their “I AM”. Wellness has a value. We must asked to be healed. as appropriate. you are a channel through which the Shamballa energies flow. 4 . Therefore. wellness ultimately reflects the feelling of worthiness and self-love of the person seeking to change their state of health. In addition. Practitioners may reach agreements with recipients on fees or barter. you must listen to them and to the request of their soul or I AM. and energy must flow. Therefore. This is essential. The person must ask for a healing. You do not do the healing. Giving something for nothing causes an imbalance. there must be a creative exchange between the recipient and the person who is in service. It is appropriate for a Shamballa healer to request payment on a professional level because the Universe requires balance or exchange of energies. 2. There must be an exchange of energy for the service. we open ourselves to receive the energies at the throat level. You are offering yourself in service to another.Basic Precepts of Healing Service 1. In asking. The Earth is a free will zone. the services of a healer have a value. Money is energy. As a healer. and likewise. The healing energy belongs to the Universe and to God. This is a law of the Universe. An energy exchange maintains a balance. We make a conscious decision to change and to become involved in our spiritual evolution.

and transmutation. and even more intensely until we choose to work with the physical symptoms. We can no longer ignore these personal issues. It enables us to be of service to humanity while we continue to work on ourselves and to vibrationally ascend. This is an illusion. It helps us recognize WHO WE ARE so that we KNOW deep down that we are truly MASTERS who can choose what we want to experience and what we want to change in our lives. integration. and all body parts Promoting faster healing from illness. This is why changes in emotion or beliefs can have a direct effect on our physical well-being. and well-being. emotional. Integrating the energy into a new paradigm based on unconditional. 5 . spinning and balancing the chakras Restoring the original blueprint for the physical body Restoring healthy vibrational patterns to cells. friends. and attachments Integrating new age. and surgery Preparing the bodies for surgery Promoting more complete physical and emotional healing of old injuries Helping the bodies remove toxins and old energies. they come to us again and again. It speeds our personal ascension and makes us available to help others – family. thought forms. The higher vibrations cause lower vibrational patterns within us to come up for acknowledgement. The process requires ♦ ♦ ♦ Recognizing or becoming aware of a pattern we want to change. Embracing the energy of that pattern (through acceptance. including physical. security. non-judgmental LOVE. belief systems. Our physical bodies are holographic projections of spiritual light through a template that exists on the etheric level. thoughts and behavior patterns that create limitation in our lives. BENEFITS OF SPIRITUAL HEALING We have been taught to think of ourselves as physical beings who occasionally have spiritual experiences. emotional and mental bodies. All levels function interactively and affect every level. forgiveness and love for ourselves). higher vibrational energies into the four-body system. Miraculous results have been reported. The whole person. repairing. Benefits of spiritual healing include. Many beneficial effects may be experienced. but are not limited to: ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ Relief from pain Relief from emotional distress Restoring the body’s balance and life force energy Cleansing. for when we do. ascended masters. This process is central to our ascension. even people we pass on the street. tissues. It connects us with our “I AM” Presence. A spiritual healing feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you. It also helps us restore the original seed blueprint for our physical. to shift vibrationally. are flooded with spiritual Love and Light at the same time. Shamballa Multidimensional Healing helps us take in. including relaxation and feelings of peace. Spiritual healing with Shamballa energies helps us to clear these lower vibrational patters more quickly.Shamballa Healings As higher frequencies of Divine Light and Divine Love are made available on Earth. and angels so that we can call on them to assist us. We are actually spiritual beings who have taken on physical bodies to have physical experiences. Shamballa supports us in this process. emotions. injuries. and visa-versa. anchor. and integrate these frequencies. mental and spiritual bodies.

pinks. and more connected with Truth. either sitting or standing. It is important that you. The couch or table should be the right height for your back. they should remove their shoes. Harmony. You do not need to touch them physically if they would find that uncomfortable. It is also beneficial to have a healing couch or table. although they should be comfortable. Before getting on the table. It helps you feel more and more connected with Source and your I AM Presence. not giving them your own energy. You can also call on angels to help clear the space. Having a stool or chair to sit on while you are working also helps you maintain your focus. 6 . Using Shamballa on a daily basis puts you in touch with yourself and your emotions. You can also visuatize a beam of light coming into your head through your crown chakra and flowing down into all parts of your body. Since the healee may feel chilled once they are fully relaxed. a healing room is a great asset for the healing process. You will need a massage table. jewelry. enough sheets to give each client a clean one to lie on. it is important to use Shamballa regularly. a stool or chair for you to sit on. “Shamballa On”. and helps you recognize what is going on in your own energy and bodies. Explain that ♦ ♦ ♦ You are channeling energy. This can be accomplished by burning sage and “smudging” the room to transmute any energies that are not of the highest. and hair adornments that would not be comfortable lying down. and you will learn how to do so later in the class. you will want to have a special room for this purpose. The room should be decorated with soft colors. The Silver Violet Flame of Germain can also be called upon for this purpose. The first time someone has a healing. and clean pillowcases as well. and then grounding into the earth. The room should be sanctified each day it is used. Beauty. two pillows. as this helps the healee relax. The Healee The person receiving the healing should remained fully clothed during the session. the Healer After you have received your first attunements. have a blanket handy that is used only for this purpose. One pillow should be offered to the client to put under their head. Therefore. loosen or remove tight belts. or purples are best because they are the most restful. preferably daily. Since you will want to be as clear a channel of the energies as possible. With practice. This means that the energy of the space should be kept pure and of the highest vibration. The other is offered for under their knees so they won’t strain their lower back. the healer. Using Shamballa on yourself is as good as somebody else giving you a session. Love and Abundance. it is good to explain some things to them beforehand so that they feel comfortable with the process. your intent and focus become stronger. are also comfortable during this process so you can focus on the healee. When you put your hands on yourself and think. the Shamballa energies will flow. They should tell you right away if anything you do feels uncomfortable to them. advise them before they come to wear loose-fitting clothing. and sometimes between healing session.THE HEALING SESSION The Healing Room Although healings can be given anywhere and at any time. Preparing Yourself. make a commitment to work on yourself. Blues. If you are going to be a professional healer.

2. If you have appointments for healings and are not feeling 100% yourself. and then rest quietly with your arms by your sides and your feet uncrossed. I AM an instrument of your Will. ask for help with whatever you need. It keeps your ego from interfering in the process. it is better not to start at all. If you are committed to Ascension. I AM One w ith You. The Healing Contract When working with others. your healing session will be completed. Mahatma On. then follow their guidance and reschedule those sessions. do yoga or tai chi or other martial arts. saints. This can be called a healing contract. You can use the following prayer to help you. By becoming Love they will become Whole. Then call in the I AM and the guides of the person you are healing. Bring together all the tools and methods that feel appropriate to you to help you move along that path. but should be as short a period as possible. If a healee is not willing to make a commitment to their own well-being. that’s fine. you have nothing to give to others. Part of being a Shamballa Master is to empower others. you are committed to a spiritual path. get healings from others. Set a clear intention for the healing. have conversations with your guides. other spiritual practices can be helpful to you as you process the energies. and be aware of what you are feeling and processing. Encourage them to say it clearly and with a firm and powerufl voice – like they really mean it!! Say. Mother Fat her Go d. be sure to check with your guides to see whether it is appropriate for you to give healings at this time. Before the first session. watching it go in and out. If you drift off.” This begins the flow of the energies through you. Your healing clients will be grateful that you did not pass anything along to them that is inappropriate. Ask to be a clear channel. as healer. you want to establish two things with the healee. This is because you. Proceed with the session. are offering self-empowerment. Christ Light On. it is necessary to explain to the healee that some effort on their part is required. When you find yourself coming back into awareness of your surroundings. 1. Ask the healee to state their intention for the healing out loud. The ideal situation is that the healee commit to three sessions. Ask for what you want.In a healing for yourself. and the healee must show a willingness to begin standing in his/her own power by taking charge of their life and health. Starting the Healing Session ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ Ground yourself. and turns everything over to God. angels – and request their help. it is still helpful to meditate. Call in your I AM Presence. your healing guides – ascended masters. Always begin by calling in your healing guides and your I AM Presence. Even when you are using Shamballa daily. a hollow bone. Ask a healee to make a commitment to become whole. If your cup is not full. Follow you intuition. This is a way of empowering them to take charge of their life. This prayer eliminates all your personal ego needs and desires and surrenders the outcome to the will of the I AM THAT I AM. Being a healer means TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF. Remain quiet and focus on your breath. “Shamballa On. A person reaches peak health because they are re-aligned with Source. ♦ ♦ ♦ 7 . If they say “no”. This does not have to be on three consecutive days. In addition to doing healings for yourself. Thank your guides and your I AM for their help.

♦ ♦ Be car eful of the words you s peak ♦ ♦ ♦ During a healing. It is ILLEGAL TO DIAGNOSE. Therefore. angels and the I AMs for their deliberate. 8 . your healing space.hands softly rounded. or members of your family (human or animal). you are in a position to program the person you are treating. 8 You may feel more tired or more energized than usual.At the end of the session ♦ ♦ Give thanks to all the guides. It is better to have the client tell you what they are experiencing than to tell them what you are experiencing. 8 Leave extra time for rest and/or meditation to help your body integrate the energies. Deposit them in an etheric silver bucket that your guides will make available for this purpose. and slow It feels better to the client when you maintain physical contact as you move your hands from one place to another. and cleans your own aura and the energy of the healing space so that none of the energies that have been released take up residence in you. This officially ends the session. Avoid medical terminology. If they sit up and feel a little dizzy or woosy. fingers together Don’t pull out quickly . Give the healee these instructions: 8 Drink plenty of water for the next few days because your system will be detoxing a bit. always speak POSITIVELY. place your hands on their upper back while they are sitting on the table and help them ground. masters. Make sure the person is balanced and grounded before they try to get up. After the Healing ♦ Wash your hands. These energies will be taken away to be transmuted. gentle. ♦ GUIDELINES FOR HEALING During Healing Session ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ Use a gentle touch . You can actually pick them up with your hands. Fill in any holes you encounter. Remove dense energies that seem stuck. Sweep or smooth the aura from the head down to and off the bottoms of the feet.

Our thought forms have a direct correspondence to how we feel about ourselves. “Thought forms” exist on the etheric level of our being. relationships (friends. and love they neighbor as thyself. dysfunctional body parts. is first and foremost the person’s inability to Love themselves unconditionally. guilt. “Love the Lord thy God with all they heart and with all thy soul and with all thy mind.Interactions of the 4-Body System THOUGHT FORMS: THE ILLUSIONS OF EMOTIONS MADE PHYSICAL The 4-body system consists of the physical. mental and spiritual bodies. etc.. the body begins to set up. along with a blueprint for the physical body. Of course. To Love the Self.e. infection. our Heart is our center and thought forms have a direct correspondence to how we feel about ourselves.” This is Heart. The bottom line. Peace. All of our bodies are made of energy at different densities and vibrational patterns. We are all Light. emotional.. imbalances of emotional energy (fear vs. love). Mankind has created fear of God by man’s desire to control other men. the person maintains the imbalance and the ill health. calcium deposits. thoughts and beliefs. 9 . beliefs. We are made in God’s perfect image. emotional. and thought patterns that provide confronting situations to force recognition of the true causal factor of the imbalance/ unwellness/pathology – the person himself. God is Love. and damnation. God’s Law simply says. At the same time. i. complex reactions that stimulate the expression of these imbalances. lovers) to stimulate the heart and set up mirrored influences that add fuel to fire the condition. without sin. in all pathologies. Our physical health is directly related to our belief systems. Take a moment to think about this. having been born in “original sin”. When a person brings down thought forms from the etheric levels. so we are perfect. be they physical. The God of Light is not wrathful. By maintaining a sense of unworthiness. We create in physical reality imbalanced conditions that “mirror” the etheric body imbalances. and thoughts. are lives change dramatically. emotions. then.e. and Joy. This violates God’s law. The body is the temple of the Soul. the place wherein God resides at this level of Creation. i. By sitting in judgment of ourselves and others. Each part of the physical body can store emotional patterns. When we allow God’s Love and Light to flood our lives. food to create nutritional deficiencies. the Light of God. our thoughts. or mental. When these thought forms reside as a foreign element in the physical body. and Soul connected by Spirit. Mind. It means to accept the Self. illness appears: cancer. the physical body is a holographic image of spiritual light projected through the seed blueprint at the etheric level of our spiritual body. God does NOT judge us. This stimulation is on all levels of our existence: electro-chemical imbalances. We are worthy of God’s love and Blessings. To allow the I AM Christ Consciousness to become illumined and the Christ Self to begin radiating inside the heart – to embrace the physical body and glorify the God Self. fire. To accept oneself unconditionally means to accept the Self as perfect. and emotions. full of hate. unconsciously. we use fear to control others.

The application of this information to any individual situation will vary. and joy to be a reality of human existence. therefore. The client needs to make the interpretation of what is going on because this allows them to grasp the meaning of any symbology present. the God-Presence level of the heart (8th Chakra) that Divine Will can manifest and humankind becomes free of toxic thoughts of guilt and fear. happiness. They will show what they are ready to hear by giving you the information themselves. This empowers them to trust their own inner knowing and teaches them respect for their own intuition. REMEMBER. by feelings of powerlessness and lack of control. but sometimes it is helpful to the healing process to focus on specific areas to identify emotions and beliefs locked into the physical that are causing dis-ease. each person ultimately contains all the answers s/he needs within themselves. Gratitude. Be the Love! When giving a healing. 10 . the following information is provided as a means of helping the healer tune into the various functions and dis-ease patterns of organs and glands. Please keep in mind that this is meant to be a general guide. In fact. Dis-ease is also created by not taking charge of one’s life. It is more important to LISTEN to what the client says than to give the client your interpretation of what is going on. That is why selfempowerment is part of the healing process. Thus is best to encourage the client to explore with you for full insight and healing to emerge. essential that Love becomes the guiding Light in all aspects of one’s life for health. All parts of the body function interactively. it is helpful to be aware of the physical structure of the body and the location and function of each organ and gland. It is. Joy. You can empower someone to take charge of their health by helping them tune into areas of discomfort in their body and become aware of sensations in those areas. With this understanding. and Unconditional Love. The Heart is the center of Compassion. Non-judgment. it is often non-productive to tell them what you are sensing or what some standard symbology might apply.It is through the higher vibrations of Love.



The channel from the Crown chakra on top of our head to the first chakra at the base of the spine is called the Sushumna or Pranic Tube. Sapphire Alexandrite Diamond Concept. we forgot about the Soul Star and other chakras above our head and the Earth Star chakra between and below the base of our feet. There are chakras all over the physical body along every meridian. emotion Opinion. it cannot support the natural healing processes of the body. For detailed pictures and discussions of healthy and damaged chakras. arches of the feet. When a chakra is open and spinning correctly. and in the knees and elbows. original idea Feeling. These are the points used for acupuncture and acupressure. spinning in a circle (not an oval or egg shaped). and contains a chakra for every level back to Godhead. surrender No.The Chakras Chakras are energy centers in the bodies. Chakra Name Energy Body 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Base Sacral Solar Plexus Heart Throat 3rd Eye Crown Physical Emotional Mental Astral Etheric Celestial Ketheric 13 . The channel that goes from the top of our head all the way back to our I AM Presence is called the Antahkarana or rainbow bridge. spiritual Expression Inspiration. and feelings/concepts. blocked. with specific colors and gemstones. The word “chakra” is Sanskrit for “wheel”. and with specific energy bodies. with the narrow part within the physical body and the open. During Kali Yuga. Chakras bring spiritual energy into and out of the bodies. Peridot Emerald Lapis. When a chakras is closed. damaged. insight Release. The primary chakras are located in the vicinity of one or more major organs and have been associated with the glands and organs. our time of forgetfulness. musical tones. by Barbara Brennan. V-shaped part facing directly outward. spinning on an angle or distorted in any way. The largest are the “primary” chakras located along the spine. it is shaped like a funnel. thought Feeling. it contributes to good health. The term “secondary” chakras refers to slightly smaller chakras located in the palms of the hands. When a chakra is open and spinning in a healthy manner. see Hands of Light. No Color Musical Note Organ/Gland Gemsto ne Contains 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Violet White E D C B A G F Gonads Lymphatic Adrenal/Spleen Thymus/Heart Thyroid Pineal Pituity Ruby Aquamarine Topaz.

DIAGRAM: THE AURIC FIELD The 7 bodies correspond to the 7 chakras. Celestial Body(Soul) CHAKRAS (7) Crown (6) Third Eye (5) Throat (4) Heart 5. Emotional Body 1. Ketheric Body 6. Astral Body 3. Causal Body (Etheric Template) 4. 7. Physical Body CHAKRAS (3) Solar Plexus (2) Emotional/Spleen (1) Base or Root 14 . Mental Body 2.

DIAGRAM: THE FOUR-BODY SYSTEM 1 1 Gratten. Brian. 225 15 . Mah atma I and II . p.

ask that the energies be grounded. because you will feel the flow of energy up and back. To ground the energies. Focus on each primary chakra. activated chakra. 1. starting with the Crown. Request a Chakra Cleansing and Balancing session and give permission. move to the next chakra. and INTEGRATE. When this feels complete. moving the energies into the Earth. BALANCE. Feel the energies flow down the pranic tube into your Earth Star and then into the heart of the Earth Mother at the center of the earth. you can hold one of your hands over the front and the other over the back of the first 7chakras. This is one way of finding the two sides of chakra. 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th Emerald green and purple Bluegreen Pearlesence Pink orange Shimmering gold 6. d. BALANCE. visualize each chakra being filled with it’s appropriate color: 5. 16 .Healing Techniques CHAKRA BALANCING The primary chakras can be found on both the front and the back of the body. CLEANSE. This same process can be done for someone else. or damaged. c. visualize each chakra being filled with it’s appropriate color: a. 11th and 12th chakras OPEN. 3. If it feels appropriate. b. you can stroke the aura. Call in your guides 2. SPIN. If you stand facing the right side of a person and hold your right hand over the front of an open. you can feel the energy moving up and back between the two sides. When this feels complete. Request that the chakra OPEN. send all energies that need to be cleared to the Silver Violet Flame for transmutation. When this feels complete. When you have completed all 7 chakras. When doing a chakra balancing for another. If it feels appropriate. 10th. 9th. one at a time. Follow these steps to balance and cleanse your own chakras. 4. blocked. 7. and hold your left hand over the back of a chakra. it is a good idea to balance them from time and time. and INTEGRATE. one at a time. the 8th. you will not be able to feel the flow of energy up and back. Because the chakras play such an important part in keeping the body healthy. ask that. e. SPIN. If the chakra is closed. CLEANSE. You can place both hands over the chakra to help you focus.

SOLAR PLEXUS In a smooth and healthy way. My physical health is strong and pure. I give myself permission to function in perfect health. I give permission for every cell to release what no longer serves me. I claim my personal power. I release all unresolved emotions. CROWN CHAKRA I accept and acknowledge my spirituality. THROAT CHAKRA I easily and gracefully express my deepest feelings and emotions. I totally forgive myself and others for all past errors and judgments. I take responsibility for my body and my life. I trust my intuition and inner vision. HEART CHAKRA I freely and easily give and receive love. My life is full of prosperity. SPLEEN CHAKRA I accept and acknowledge my sexuality. THIRD EYE My inner vision is clear and strong. 17 .CHAKRA AFFIRMATIONS FOR ENERGY BALANCING ROOT CHAKRA I trust my Higher Self fulfills all my needs.

It is helpful to know the person’s name. the person may begin to remember something that happened in the past that affected that area of their body. Make a note of whatever you noticed. That is all the information you need to do this. notice what parts of their body you feel drawn to. fingers close together. and the city where s/he lives.SCANNING THE BODY To scan from a distance. and by asking the question. palms facing each other. “My attention is drawn to your right shoulder. and provide that with intention that the healing take place according to the will of their I AM Presence. place your hands gently on the person’s feet (if s/he is lying on a healing table) or gently on their shoulders (if s/he is sitting in a chair). when you put your hands directly on that area and put in a little energy. facing one hand. DO NOT SEND ANY ENERGY into the person’s body. You can then ask your guides what kind of energy treatment is appropriate in each area. do not argue with them. as well as any impressions and/or sensations you may experience. Are you feeling anything unusual in that area?” Sometimes a person has learned to live with a certain level of discomfort. To scan someone who is physically present . move both hands simultaneously up and down from their feet to their head and back up again. Just acknowledge that you heard whatever feedback the person gives you and go on to another area. such as. you are helping them remember that the shoulder has been bothering them for some time. As you move your hands. When you sense the person is present (takes only a few seconds). hold your hands about 7 inches apart. Notice where your attention is drawn. Since the person is physically present. 18 . age. hands softly rounded. Note: Later in the session. Imagine that the person is about 8” tall and is standing between your hands. If the person says they don’t know of any problem in the area to which you are drawn. you can ask questions. Repeat this movement several times.

you are also placing your energy there. Come out layer by layer until you are aware of being back on the surface of your thigh. 19 . Make a mental note of how this feels. and be aware of the tissue underneath. you can go inside the body and support the healing process of specific tissues and systems. Since it is uncomfortable if you pull the energy out quickly. Are you aware of more layers of muscle? Veins or arteries? Tendons or ligaments? ♦ Ask your guides to help you go deeper until you feel that you are at the level of the outside of the thigh bone. texture. Be aware of whatever you feel: temperature. ♦ Now. Notice what you see/sense/feel/imagine. If you feel comfortable. ♦ Now begin to withdraw your energy. you can consciously go inside the physical body. With intention. pressure. layer by layer. without realize it. ♦ Place one hand on the top of your thigh palms down. You can work with the spine. various organs.USING YOUR “ENERGY HANDS” INSIDE THE BODY When you place your physical hands on a person’s physical body. The following exercise will help you become aware of the layers of the body and just how deeply your energy can go. imagine your hand gently sinking beneath the level of your clothing. What do you notice? Are you aware of fat or muscle cells? Go deeper. even to the cellular level. into the skin. imagine going inside the bone to the marrow where the red blood cells are created. be reaching inside the person’s body with your energy. BEFORE DOING THIS EXERCISE READ THE FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS COMPLETELY If you feel uncomfortable at any time. ALWAYS REMOVE IT SLOWLY. and feel/see/ sense/imagine what is there. and other parts of the body to focus the healing energy. DO THIS SLOWLY and GENTLY. When doing a healing. you may. SLOWLY AND GENTLE pull your energy back until you can lift you hand easily away from your thigh. Using conscious intent.

Do the healing in exactly the same way you might do it with the person present. In that way. continue to be careful of what you communicate to the healee.DISTANCE HEALINGS AND HEALING THROUGH TIME Healings can be sent to anyone. ♦ Set your intention. A doll. Thank the beings who helped you. Use your hand chakras to send the energy. pillow or your own thigh can be used to help you stay oriented when doing a distance healing for an individual. and then after each and every time you use it. Knowing where and when you want the healing to go and setting a clear intention is all that is necessary. INTENTION is the key. call in your guides. do NOT assume that the person cannot telepathically hear all that you say. We can send healing to beings anywhere on the planet Earth. it is important that you ask that the surrogate be energetically cleansed before the first time you use it. say healing prayer. If you use a surrogate. We can send healing to ourselves into our own past to clear up issues we have been carrying around since childhood or even from a previous lifetime. the energy of the surrogate will remain clear and there is no chance of residual energies moving from client to client. You can send Divine Love and Divine Light in the same way. I prefer to use a surrogate. We can also send healing into our future. You can also send healing energy to situations and to groups of people (such as those who die or are injured in an accident or war). The main difference is that you cannot speak with the person while you are working. palms facing away from you. at any time. 20 . USING A SURROGATE: When giving a distance healing to an individual. or even in some other part of the galaxy or universe. However. anywhere. Therefore. ♦ See/feel/imagine the energy like a beam of light flowing out of your hands to the intended person(s)/situation at the intended time/place. SENDING ENERGY AS A BEAM OF LIGHT: Hold both hands up. ♦ Stop when you feel completed. ♦ “Shamballa On”. stuffed animal.

Wotana. On this 21 . in particular The Complete Ascension Manual and The Ascended Masters Light the Way. was also St. no longer exist. and Francis Bacon. I suggest that. son of Elizabeth I. but to become fit and balanced multidimensionally. Many people are confused by the term “Ascended Master”. some extraterrestrial. was the inventor of the Reiki System. The Ascended Master known as Germain. The place where this collective consciousness exists is in the etheric realms in a place that is known as Shamballa.Working With “MAP”: (ASCENDED MASTERS MEDICAL ASSISTANCE TEAMS) by John Armitage Who are these beings that are talked about as the Ascended Masters. esoterically. Merlin and Arthur. They are now a collective consciousness of Light. you read any of Joshua Stone’s works. Another of the Ascended Masters. he was also Merlin the Magician. these beings that have taken their ascension? They are a group of beings. The term simply implies that the One given the title has achieved self-mastery. The Ascended Masters. builder of the Taj Mahal. but their greatest common skill is transmitting the energy of Unconditional Love and Compassion. and just how much these energies can do for us and for others in our daily lives. between the I AM Presence and the physical. Germain. If you initiate a MAP team for your professional work. I. you will spontaneously explode. mental. then the same team will work with you every time that you work. Each individual facet of this diamond reflects an individual energy of an individual Master. This achievement of self-mastery means that it is possible to move through numerous dimensions in conscious states. both as individuals and collectively. This idea of healing is not only to become fit and balanced within the emotional and physical bodies. some think. So these Masters are terrestrial and extraterrestrial. because of you do that. I actually call these the MAP teams. and the true writer. Mother Mary. Kuthumi. have some favorites that I work with. Germain. for further information about the Ascended Masters. Kwan Yin. into the physical body. The Ascended Masters have achieved this multidimensionally. Of course this can be done with crystals. Firstly. You can have a personal MAP team for your own healing or you can have a MAP team which will work with you in all your healing sessions. This will give you a further insight into the energies of the Ascended Masters. who have already completed their ascension process. It is not a question of accelerating your cellular structure until you become light. many within the last 100 to 800 years. Francis of Assisi in a previous incarnation. These energies are known as Kuthumi. In other lifetimes. emotional and spiritual bodies. The energy of the consciousness of Masters is a diamond that reflects the Light of God. personally. being aware of the changes while fully conscious. So the integration of Light into the physical body is actually extremely important. some terrestrial. The idea is to facilitate the grounding of your Lightbody by expanding your cellular structure to hold Light. as individuals. and this is what is really happening when we work as healing facilitators. These beings are very easily channeled. The ascension process is a process of integrating the Lightbody. Vywamus. also. or St. Djwhal Khul. and they can help you bring this into the lives of others. they are known as the Lords and Ladies of Shamballa. of Shakespeare’s plays. They have a wide divergence of skills. this term “Master” does not imply any hierarchical system. Many of these ascended beings that we work with are very traceable throughout history. He was also Shah Jehan. The Ascended Masters also have a Master’s Medical Assistance Program. Hence. They can help you to bring Love and Compassion into your life. or the body of Light.

maybe in bed in the morning when you wake up or at night just before you fall will be various beings. You may or may not have direct communication from the team during your first session. (name any personal Ascended Masters that you may wish to work with). Don’t ask for a MAP session more than once in every 24 hours. Ask them for a code name. or energies. even devas that relate to places. By having this code name it will make many feel easier. Don’t cross your feet or your hands. which could be anything from “Coca Cola” or “Holy Healing Team”. If you wish to go further into this whole fascinating subject. There are devas that relate to trees. If you require a personal MAP healing session. and birds. etc. who still have fear issues to be addressed concerning channeling and working with subtle energies. One of these Overlighting Devas is also known as Pan. You might see colors. then affirm that you would like a professional MAP healing team assigned to you for your healing work. first of all initiate a personal healing session. I suggest reading Machaelle Small Wright’s book. 22 . The devas are in charge of the manifestation of dimensional entities. then make the following affirmation: “I affirm that I would like to initiate a MAP healing session. affirm that you would like the presence of your time. a lady in the United States. If you choose to work with the MAP team in a professional capacity. every time that you conduct a healing session. but certainly you will feel the energies moving through your body. To initially set up your professional MAP healing time. then ask for the code name during that session. then that’s the name to use.” Then confirm that you wish the session to last for exactly 60 minutes earth time (higher dimensions have no concept of time as we know it). Then. Don’t imagine that because it is not a holy sounding name that it is not a reverent one. the MAP healing team. shapes. both on a personal and professional basis. or put your arms over your body during a session. During the first session. You can always discuss with the team any problems or effects that you are experiencing and they will respond accordingly. has done a great deal of work in helping to set up this system of with the Ascended Masters. Pan. tell them about any health issues that you need to address or the type of health or emotional issues that are causing you the most problems personally. Machaelle Small Wright. The Ascended Master in charge of these MAP healing teams and the MAP healing program. One of the best times to initiate a session is when you are lying down. Allow this space of time for the energies to settle in. feel tingling sensations. that have skills that you require and that relate to the methods of healing that you use. but in fact Pan is a great way of summing up the universal energy in the third dimension. and my I AM Presence or Higher Self. the Co-Creative White Brotherhood Medical Assistance Program . most people think of a Greek God. When we talk about Pan. On these MAP teams are also beings or Devas known as the Overlighting Beings of Healing. as this will interfere with the clear flow of energies. Whatever name is given to you. as this is a very powerful technique. plants. animals. I call upon the Overlighting Devas of Healing. is a being known as Lorpuris. MAP. changes in temperature.

The Crystal Stair . audio tape set. Lee. Gregg. Gregg.. Jon. Brian. Wheels of Life: A User’s Guide to the Chakra System Klein. Drunvalo. The Vortex. Prelude to Ascension: Tools for Transformation (Channeled from Djwhal Khul and Vywamus). which are part of what he intends as an encyclopedia of Ascension. The Children of the Law of One & The Lost Teachings of Atlantis Prophet. and there are still more. Sanat Kumara: The Making of a Planetary Logos . Barbara. Re-member: A Handbook for Human Evolution Royal. Light Technologies that Trigger Transformation . Virginia and Sheldon Nidle. Lots of good information and meditations. The Holographic Universe and Mysticism and the New Physics Stone. Joshua David. This is the first volume. Becoming a World Server Rother. Doreen. You Are Becoming a Galactic Human Frissell. other books include: Channelling: Evolutionary Exercises for Channels. Machaelle S. Wheels of Light Carroll. Virtue. Divine Guidance and The Lightworker’s Way . Eric. Rosalyn. Richard. & Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Anodea. Shirley McCune. Cosmic Ascension . Scopes of Dimensions: How to Experience Multidimensional Reality Melchizedek.Volumes 1 & 2 Milanovich. J. The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life . Norma and Dr. Janet. J. Sanaya and Orin. Lyssa and Keith Priest. and the Merkaba Essene. all of the Kryon books and The Indigo Children Dannelley. Nothing in This Book Is True. The Isaiah Effect Braden. Mahatma I and II: The I AM Presence Hurtak. The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch Judith. But It’s Exactly How Things Are Gratten. MAP: The Co -Creative Wh ite Brother hood Me dical Assistanc e Man ual 23 . Hands of Light Bruyere. Walking Between the Worlds: The Science of Compassion Brennan. Bob. The Prism of Lyra Talbot. Lords of the Seven Rays Roman. Beyond the Vortex: Activating the Planetary Ascension Program With Sacred Geometry. Beyond Ascension.. The Inner Door I and II McClure. Living With Joy . Steve and the Group. Michael. Dr. The Complete Ascension Manual: How to Achieve Ascension in This Lifetime and any of his other books. Wright. Sedona. Others include: The Ascended Masters Light the Way. Hidden Mysteries . Mark L.Appendices Resources Braden. The Light Shall Set You Free Peniel.

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