PESTEL Political To create success in the business world Nokia has placed emphasis on adopting governmental resources or agenda

, to access the resources that the government provides, in terms of economic policy, scientific investment and the technological development. However, Nokia has played an independent role towards political agendas, as it does not seek to identify its products to certain segments around the world. Nevertheless, with governmental influence Nokia partook in the European Commission¶s Integrated Product Policy (IPP). Furthermore, this illustrated an opportunity for Nokia to shed its ideas and opinion to the world and the influential leaders. Nokia went on to contribute immensely in the process of finding out new and innovative ways to combat on the use of hazardous material in electrical components and the waste system of such materials.

The current financial turmoil has hit the portable consumer electronics as consumption has fallen in the past year due to lack of liquidity. However, Nokia s operations have been hindered in some parts of the world, such as western countriesdue to the sub prime market, as this did not just affect Nokia but all the other key players. Nokia s risk management techniques has reduced the impact by investing heavily in emerging markets due to the growth in per capita disposable income in such countries, allowing a new bread of accessory consumers. Social Nokia has placed immense emphasis on the role of youth with regards to communication, as Nokia has inevitably designed trendy phones to accommodate the needs on modern society. The techniques that Nokia has deployed is the focus on the youth by funding third world development programmes to increase the knowledge and expertise of the mobile phones and the benefits attached to the consumption of such products. Technological Large investment has been pored in to accommodate the consumer with up to date information techniques to create a relationship between the consumer and the handset. This has brought Nokia to divert fr om the main objective of using the handset as a verbal communication tool to focusing on the other services that a handset can provide such as GPS, NFC (Near Field Communication) and WIFI access. Therefore, converting the handset to a personal computer or workstation.

Environmental Nokia has worked together with European Commission to develop processors that will help maintain a low carbon footprint. . to find ways of reducing the energy consumed when producing and using the handsets. Furthermore. Nokia has teamed with many research centres around the world. This is done by reducing harmful materials and recycling handset components so that extraction of new raw materials is kept to a minimum.

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