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Maj 2009 Brev fra Itso & Adams Balstyrko det sregne treklver Vind billetter til Start!

! Festival Byens Puls anbefaler

Byens Puls

A letter from Itso & Adams they sent through a window of a ground floor apartment in Nrrebro in trade for two open train tickets.


The Danish/Swedish art duo Itso and Adams are portrayed as metropolitan Thoreaus, who have turned their backs on the consumer society. They travel by freight train and canoe and discover secret rooms in the middle of the city which they furnish into cozy apartments. They are not interested in media attention Their art is their reality. That is why not much is known about the two artists other than where they have been. But a Friday night I received a letter from them shipped in through my window.

The story begins in 2007, where Itso and Adams had a secret appartment in a ventilation room in Copenhagen Central Station, which hadnt been used for years. The only entrance was a hatch that led out to track 12, where the S-trains run. The apartment is now cleared and since then not much has been heard from them. I had therefore used a lot of time researching the art duo in context of a Central Station theme in the previous issue of Byens Puls. But without much success. So I though.

name neatly written with a typewriter and barely dry ink. In the envelope I find a picture of a cozy furnished little room and a letter signed I & A. Only a window between me and them. Pretty far out!
Dear Carina, here you have a picture of our new home, it says in the letter. Definitely from Copenhagen Central Station, I think immediately. I can tell by the quirky design of floor, which I dont think youll find many other places. The royal monogram on the sink suggests that it is from somewhere on the Central Station, where the family had their arrival hall back in 1911.

Because just a few weeks later an ordinary Friday evening in March I open my bedroom window in my ground floor apartment in Nrrebro city. Shortly after I hear rummaging, that unmistakably sounds like a person ascending the wall using a bicycle. Something suddently lands in my window sill.

A bit shocked I wait a couple seconds before I dare to draw the curtains and reveal the perpetrator. But the perpetrator is gone, and left behind is a little envelope labeled Statsbanerne (The State Railways) with my

In exchange for the picture they ask me to leave two open train tickets in an envelope labeled Byens Puls in the information booth at the Central Station in week 16. The envelope has been collected, and Itso & Adams may be on their way with two open train tickets off to conquer a new city. And if Itso & Adams were to read this, Id like to thank them for becoming a part of their amazing reality.
Byens Puls 9

Itso and Adams old home from 2007 i n Copenhagen Central Station by track 12. Neatly decorated with a lot of framed pictures on the wall, a hammock sewn from mailbags and a S-train time table sign, so they could avoid going head to head with the trains. They would even be dressed in DSB uniforms to avoid being noticed on their way to and from their cavity.


Video clips from Youtube with Mikael Bertelsen where he talks with the chief inspector from Copenhagen Central Station who found the apartment. (The documentary Inside Outside by Nis Boye Rasmussen and Andreas Johnsen also shows glimpse of the two artists).

DSB is meticulously scratched into the wall in the apartment above track 12. Per Buur is curious to know why Itso & Adams has chosen to put a heart above the DSB logo instead of the official crown.

The canoe Adams has made from recycled items found around the city. Here he is sailing around the sewer systems below Stockholm, where the art duo also have a residence in the hidden. 10 Byens Puls

An inspiration to seize urban space: Adams has exchanged padlocks to public spaces around Stockholm with new ones. The keys for these he has hidden in self bound books, standing anonymously on the shelves in the library in Stockholm.

Bertelsen shows Per Buur, chief inspector at Copgenhagen Central Station, a letter that Itso & Adams have h u n g u p at the station. They write: Here was a secret There still exists other hidden stuff, lurking around in the inner pockets of the city.

Mikael Bertelsen talks to chief inspector Per Buur about the apartment found at Copenhagen Central Station in 2007, and shows him the book Holes, Huts & Hidings by Adams, showing some of his other projects mainly around Stockholm.
Part 1 of 2: Part 2 of 2:

Der findes en CUBE til ALLE guitarister, bassister og vokalister. DEN 11. TIME: STOCKHOLM UNDERGROUND Til velokalet, til scenen, til gaden, Og til ALLE forml... til festivalen, til hjemmet, til undervisningen... As a sequel to the Itso & Adams-episode, Mikael Bertelsen has recruited the Find din CUBE forstrker hos din lokale Swedish actress Melinda Kinnaman to find one of Adams secret apartments from his ROLAND forhandler. book Holes, Huts & Hidings. In the apartment is a hatch leading further and further Tjek into Stockholms underground.
Part 1 of 2: Part 2 of 2:


Librarian Patrik Schylstrm gives his opinion about Adams art project; a project where he has replaced padlocks around Stockholm city, and placed the keys in books for everyone to access freely at Stockholm Public Library.


The footage with Adams & Itso from the documentary Inside / Outside by Nis Boye Rasmussen and Andreas Johnsen. Includes interview with Adams & Itso and footage from within their first apartment in Copenhagen Central Station.

+ Extra footage showing what happened after the apartment was found.

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