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Development has always been the prime objective and the first priority for every nation. Infrastructure development in particular is indispensable for the development of economy and is the basic physical and organizational structures needed for the operation of a society or enterprise. To achieve this goal, nations worldwide have laid down special plans to modernize and fast-track the construction sector. Both private and public sector companies are now giving emphasis to importing and developing latest infrastructure technology and hiring more people to keep pace with national goals. Developing modern infrastructures obviously needs skilled manpower which is a major concern and a challenging task for construction and infrastructure development companies.
 AARONUS Manpower Consultants having extensive knowledge and experience of sourcing candidates on national and international basis for roles in the overall planning, co-ordination and control of a project from inception to completion,

 

provides optimum solutions for all kinds of engineering and technical needs of any organization. Our business is built upon our understanding of the specific requirements of our clients' organizations. We identify motivated and experienced construction professionals through our network of industry contacts, detailed database and tailored advertising processes. Devising innovative methods to attract new candidates is a priority for us. We provide people for those hard-to-fill roles and a complete recruitment service. It’s not just technical talent and soft skills that are yardsticks for recruitment process; we also take into account candidate's work records and certain personal attributes to guarantee a long term association between the employee and the employer.

We aim to build partnerships, to support existing recruitment strategies and provide a genuine, strategic service to our clients.

 AARONUS is the leading Cruise Ship Management specialists primarily offering career opportunities globally for Officers & Crew of all positions. training. Travel and Operational needs of our clients as well as the wider Marine Industry. creating a full Crew Management facility. and handle all aspects of recruitment including the screening. offering some of the most prestigious engineering jobs.Marine and cruise ship Lots of young people dream about working at sea and especially on cruise ships. The reality is that candidates for cruise ship employment have to realize that they are applying for a job. scheduling initial and final interviews. the sea is not always smooth and beautiful. rail and IT sectors for engineers. it can also be dangerous and tough. and medical exam instructions. industry needs efficient and profound engineers with sound technical knowledge for the job. processing. People ask where to apply and how one would get a cruise job. You will have to deal with your ship rolling and pitching on the ocean waves.  AARONUS provides comprehensive contract and permanent recruitment services to the technical. the upgrade of a rail network.  We are directly in contact with the head offices on a daily basis. Engineering Industry has been significantly contributing to the economic development. engineering.  We have specific recruitment teams that mirror client's organizational structures . and with passengers who will be seasick and whom you will have to look after. its beauty. manufacturing or even quality assurance. but few can imagine what cruise jobs are really like. and how it is like to work onboard a cruise ship. flight & visa assistance. The foray of technologies like CAD and CAM have almost made the engineering industry an indispensable part of all the industrial operations. Whether it’s the concept for a new skyscraper. ENGINEERING JOB The driving force behind most of the technical changes and infrastructural development.  Our knowledge and experience has enabled us to extend our support to the Training. not a holiday! If the life on sea attracts you and you wish to know the sea. the modeling of a flood defense system or the improvement of a management process . Of course. and wants to get a job on a cruise liner then you are now one step closer to realizing a career in the most exciting and fastest growing leisure industry in the world. . colours and aromas. background checks. be it designing.  We have been providing exemplary quality of service and support to the Maritime community.  We are the leading expert in technical and engineering recruitment and have placed professionals in many leading as to better understand their requirements and operating practices.

 At ARRONUS we strive hard to provide a fresh. technicians. and refine our processes for efficient. If you’re a health care professional considering moving to another job either here or overseas. which is formed from hostis.  We are passionate about listening intently to fully understand your expectations. HOTELS The word hospitality derives from the Latin hospes. ethical and passionate approach to what is a highly complex.  Our team's key objective is to recruit the best doctors. and management professionals for our client hospitals and health care organizations. The responsibility is huge as the margin of error is zero. it always helps to have the right support. with the help of AARONUS we hope to make this difficult transition the pleasant and exciting experience it can be. AARONUS is a well known Hospitality Recruitment Company in India. At AARONUS we provide that support by bringing together highly skilled healthcare professionals and the hospitals around the globe. hospitality is based on the principle Atithi Devo Bhava. In India.  Above all. meaning "the guest is God”. Hospitality is about building new and exciting relationships to cultivate meaningful connections with the “lord of guests”. We know the value of hospitality professional. Understanding and appreciating this value made us the leading hospitality staff provider. confidential." The meaning of "host" can be literally read as "lord of strangers”.. And we all know the kind of money they make specially the specialists.HEALTH/HOSPITALS Perhaps. superior results. test. which originally meant "to have power. no other professional in the world gets as much respect as a doctor or any other health care professionals. consistent. and assure your satisfaction with all aspects of the candidate placement process. We are dedicated to serving professionals who serve others. nurses. honest. at times stressful and critically important people management role. or has to be minimal. an ethical team of AARONUS will genuinely care about the needs of both our clients and our candidates first. therapists.  Moving jobs and countries can be a stressful event.  As a leader in recruitment services we develop. .

More jobs in more places.  We are adept at hiring candidates from multiple countries simultaneously or from any particular nation as per the demands of the employer.  One of the many advantages of being with a leading hospitality staff provider is diversity. The sector also directly affects most of the other industries and services as well. Oil and gas sector defies geographical localization of company as projects could come up in any part of the world. GAS AND POWER SECTOR Oil and natural gas touch our lives in countless ways every day. Power and energy sector is still dependent on fossil fuels today. international labor laws and provide the exact recruitment services for your oil & gas industry at a very swift pace. It is a labor intensive industry and requires highly skilled work force. Telecommunication and Information .  Career diversity is great for career development too. This challenge has been and will continue to be the great strength of our industry and the source of excellent opportunities for our people. In the process the talented and specialized individuals are helped to build their own career and our clients find employees according to their specific requirements. Together. We have a fast track passport and visa processing system that facilitates faster transfer of professionals to the workplace. the world has given a high degree of importance to this sector. who make it all happen. It could be on mountainous or jungle terrain or deep sea positions. So it is rather hard for companies to mobilize manpower for new projects at short notice. which means more opportunities for you. So if you’re tired of the same old routine talk to our friendly team about the wide range of options for you. The consumption of oil and gas is essential in sustaining economic growth in the industrialized world and is the key for progress in nations working their way towards prosperity. We are eager to see that quality manpower is constructively and appropriately channelized.  We make sure there are minimum hassles in the recruitment process and repatriation is minimal. they supply more than 60 percent of our nation’s energy.  At AARONUS we take into consideration all client requirements and factors like project location. Many countries earn their major share of revenue from oil and gas sector. both here and overseas. Hence. OIL.

software development skills or information management quality from first line technical support through to board level directors.  We focus on enhancing traditional professional recruitment values with the latest technology to provide mould breaking staffing solutions that meet local and global needs. One of the biggest challenges wireless and telecommunications companies face today is finding top-tier talent.  Finally we go through series of assessments to provide the highly qualified and experienced candidates in telecom to fulfill the manpower requirement for any organization.The term telecommunications covers an immense assortment of technologies that send information over long distances . With the advancement of technology the telecommunication sector and its market is becoming huge.  We provide contract / temporary or permanent job database to our client for the full range of IT and telecommunications skills.  Our commitment to listening. enthusiastic and successful at what they do. It is one of the prime support services needed for rapid growth and modernization of various sectors of the economy. we will provide precisely the job that will suit your skills and experience. AARONUS is a people organization and our recruitment teams will be pleased to offer you advice and help whenever you need.  Whether you have technical expertise.Thus the telecom services have been recognized the world-over as an important tool for socio-economic development for a nation. to capture market advantage. who can hit the ground running.  Our specialist recruitment teams are professional. . the time we invest in developing long term partnerships and our track record for innovative solutions set us apart from our competitors.

All our programs are tailored to fit our client's hiring needs and financial concerns.Company Profile Our Goal  Committed to establish and maintain a positive difference to your staffing needs. we provide the exceptional ones and we know how and where to find them. both public and private. they reach for employees who are productive. like hospitality. of all sizes. goal culture.  Apart from traditional practices to source candidates (like advertising in newspapers). manufacturing. Gulf as well as other parts of the globe. in India. Some of our other discerning and value added services are: • Our unique values matching service insure the best match between the candidate and the company. • We have an established record with companies in almost all the sectors. exhibit a positive attitude and have the ability to become a member of their team. administration. .  With our industry expertise. etc and with entrepreneurial firms. in addition to the qualifications.  We are in the business of effectively understanding manpower requirements. we also incorporate innovative means to procure right professionals. we understand that company's today require more than a skilled candidate. Our experts leverage the power of technology-based recruitment and focus on online media to make sure that our clients receive the most suitable candidates for their organization. power. oil and gas. • Though adequate candidates are available for different vacancies. are a headhunting and manpower recruitment firm of high repute and acknowledgment. About our Mentor and CEO Our USP We have carved a niche in the placement industry and proved that we can make a difference to the quality of your staff by increasing the overall productivity and the talent pool of your company. we at AARONUS Consultants.  We have gained this recognition by providing exemplary customer service and competent employees to diverse corporate. procuring the candidate with the desired profile and building trusting relationships. considering its values.

superior results. We are experts at finding the exact type of individual that you need for all positions. We have developed beneficial interview techniques and our elimination rounds are conducted by the industry experts. 1 trusted name in the field of manpower consultancy.• • Our easy access to candidates at national as well as international level provides us an impressive selection. consistent. Responsiveness We always meet your needs with appropriate urgency. test. Quality Passionate about listening intently to fully understand your expectations. We give all our clients the best of services and facilities. Process As a leader in recruitment services we develop. and use today's latest technology to exceed expectations. Our promising services and on time work has made us the most trusted name in the corporate world. Commitment We are dedicated to serving professionals who are committed to their works. irrespective of the size of business contract.1 Global job supplier to our clients and organizations and also to become No. This mission defines the business model that we have and also defines the cause for our existence-. and assure your satisfaction with all aspects of the candidate placement process. . ranging from grass roots level right through to directorships. for any location. and refine our processes for efficient. Mission Last but not the least our main mission is to become the No.YOU. • Integrity AARONUS provides an ethical team genuinely caring about the needs of both our clients and our candidates first.


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