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The Jonah Birthday Song

There is this fellow who is really cool

There's just one thing that you might ridicule
You have to beware
It is a real scare
He's just got too much hair

There is a question we just must propose

We're not quite sure how this strange taste arose
He has to re-think
It makes a big stink
When milk's in every drink

You see his room is an enormous mess

Not even mentioning his choice of dress
His mind is real quick
But he's not too slick
He's just a lunatic

The violin is his true instrument

His writing style is so eloquent
He never tires
He just aspires
To be different

Of course we know his name to be Jonah

He's real spasmodic – Arizona!
Math is his best class
Soma he will pass
Good scores he must amass

And in conclusion we just want to say

How glad we are to be with you today
There's no denying
That we are dying
To cheer your big birthday!