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The Max Muller Syndrome

By Sameer Thakkar

Distorting Hinduism
American Indologist and scholar of Hinduism Wendy Doniger commented on the Gita, The Bhagavad Gt is not as nice a book as some Americans think. Throughout the Mahbhrata Krishna goads human beings into all sorts of murderous and self-destructive behaviours such as war. The Gt is a dishonest book; it justifies war. ..Im a pacifist. I dont believe in good wars. It is a common strategy of many Christian missionaries, secular scholars and pseudo ,mystic new age writers today to become a part of the Hindu crowd, read a few of their scriptures, distort them out of context or induce some non-scriptural and imaginative terms, highlight them as scriptural and then demean the scriptures. They exploit the tolerance of the Hindus, the acceptance that they show to the world and respect to all the cultures and traditions and then sow in their minds, the seeds of hatred via divide and rule. Wendy Doniger, as it is clear, has not read the Mahabharata where the Kauravas harass the Pandavas since their childhood. In one instance, Duryodhan offered a poisoned sweet-dish to Bhima. Other cases include burning of Pandavas shelter, physically abusing Draupadi who was the Princess of the Hastinapur and initiate adharmic ways to fight in the battlefield, e.g Killing Arjunas son Abhimanyu. Mahabharat not only teaches how families can face destruction over material wealth but also how brothers can turn into enemies and how an entire society gets destroyed when women are not respected. In many parts of the society, killing in self-defence is not a crime. The divine song, i.e the Bhagavad-Gita teaches how one needs to detach himself of his feelings and emotions to see the truth and Krishna only advocates to fight for Dharma. Having explained the universal truth, in verse 6.36, 18.6, 18.63, he tells Arjun to do as he wishes. Thus, when Wendy Donger says that Gita is dishonest book, it justifies war, she clearly presents her lack of comprehension or willingness to read further. Mahabharat was not a good war, but a dharmic one and dharma may not be good for a dharmic person everytime. A police inspector may find it hard to arrest his own son. In every family, parents teach their son to protect his sister. In every nation, the soldiers are taught to protect their country and do their duty irrespective of who the enemy is. If Wendy Donigers words are taken seriously, then a brother protecting his sister or a soldier protecting his country would be engaging in dishonesty. Wendy Doniger, with her limited frame of understanding, clearly fails to recognize the difference between good and dharmic. The language of the pseudo-intellectuals on the surface is truth, knowledge and objectivity, but beneath one can observe over the time as to how cleverly they manipulate their subjects, instil inferiority complexes, psychological slavery, abuse the Hindu literature and hate for those who do not follow their own biased worldviews. In India, the mainstream Gurus support and respect each other. They promote the Indian culture, Vedic wisdom and Yoga but do not hold any personal grudges or abuse each other. Recently, when Baba Ramdev was hospitalised, Sri Sri Ravishankar and many other gurus went to see him and wished him speedy recovery. The Hindu Gurus like Sri Sathya Sai Baba, Baba Ramdev, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar etc. have not only opened drinking water facilities for the people, but also treatment centres

where Indians can be cured for free. On the contrary, the missionaries and proponents of other cults who project themselves as experts on the Hindu scriptures can be often found abusing the Hindu gurus, weaving their own fantasy bubbles and subsequently writing in demeaning and delusional ways about Hinduism. So called scholar Robert E. Wilkinson, in his cleverly deceptive blog Movement for the Restoration of Vedic Wisdom, seems to demonstrate in his persistent string of attacks on individuals and groups promoting Hinduism, that he and his group rather are the only people who understand Sri Aurobindo and Sanatan Dharma and that most others are opposing the rise of India and Dharma. There is no information on any Vedic literature in this blog and there is absolutely no authentic Vedic wisdom. Majority of his articles constitute a battery of assaults on Lord Buddha, Sri Sathya Sai Baba, Deepak Chopra, David Frawley, the Auroville/Aurobindo organization, etc. By distorting the meaning of Avatar to fit his own agenda, he further glorifies Patrizia NorelliBachelet as the chosen avatar to redeem Hinduism, who has in fact been questioned on such claims by the Hindu society and the Aurobindo organization at large. He often presents a smokescreen of fancy terminologies ripped off from Aurobindos works and some exotic, magic formula of numbers 3, 6 and 9 and tries to use that to prove that Aurobindo, Mother and Thea (the other name of Patrizia Norelli-his guru) are all connected avatars. Through all his contrived theories and by distorting Aurobindos quotes he tries to prove that Patrizia Norelli is not only an evolved yogic-seer but also the chosen avatar who seems to have descended on earth with the special mission of saving Sanatan Dharma. He further reiterates that all his theories are confirmed by verses from Rig Veda and other Hindu scriptures and keeps quoting from them to make his theories look intelligent. He states Since the manifestation of the Avatars is determined by their inherent association with the TimeSpirit, their three-staged descent upon the earth occurs within an exquisite Geometry of Time that cannot possibly be concocted. It can only be arranged by the Supermind and thus becomes the basis of their objective cosmic credentials. One of the most fascinating examples of this Supramental formula, which may be found in the original Temple architecture, is the way it appears in the dates of births of the members of the Solar Line. As revealed below, these numbers appear in the exact order of the actual descent. Sri Aurobindo was born in 1872: 1+8+7+2 = 18 = 9 The Mother was born in 1878 1+8+7+8 =24 = 6 Thea, ???, was born in 1938: 1+9+3+8 = 21 = 3 We could go on and on with these objective proofs. The 3, 9, and 6, have a correspondence with the Gunas: Rajas, Sattva and Tamas or as they are known in cosmological terms, Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable. These energy flows are also expressed as the Speaker, the Voice and the Word. Notably, each member of the Solar Line was born in the sign of one of the Three Gunas: Sri Aurobindo, a Leo Fixed Guna, the Mother, a Pisces a Mutable Guna, and the Third, a Capricorn, a Cardinal Guna. We even see these numbers expressed in their names: Aurobindo has 9 letters, Mother has 6, and ??? (Thea) as it is properly written has 3. Mr. Wilkinson doesnt understand that it is the Puranas which speak about the avatars and not the Vedas. Vedas do not consist of stories, prophetic messages or premonitions, but pure scientific and philosophical concepts which are metaphorically personified as cryptic riddles. He also presents his ignorance and amusing imagination when he adds the numbers in the date of births of Aurobindo, The Mother and Thea, forgetting that the years in the dates are relative to the Christian calendar which assumes the world was created in 4004 B.C and hence is not Vedic. Thus, again we see a shining instance where new-age cults interpret something imaginative, calling it Vedic that too by superimposing on it an Abrahamic framework. Ignorance alone blinds the pseudo intellectuals to understand why christians celebrate christmas on 25th December only and why Hindus celebrate Diwali, Holi etc on different dates every year.

Sathya Sai Baba died at 85 solar years. If it is mapped to lunar years, it becomes 96 years. Patrizia Norelli, the teacher of Mr.Wilkinson, in her defence on why she is being rejected and opposed by everyone and why she is not being accepted as the third in the solar line of avatars claims: In every Age of Vishnu the hostile force that must be dealt with will always be an agent of the status quo since every appearance of Vishnus emanations introduces a new level of consciousness and a progress up the ladder of evolution. Thus, it necessarily stands that the third integer and its representative will be the most combated, because without that Third there is no dynamism Supermind carries the process to greater heights by updating the Line of Ten Avatars in that todays applications are far more precise and verifiable. Thus the incarnated members of the Solar Line, by their birthdates and hence the zodiacal signs in which they were born, present us with both the number-powers of the Avatars Formula as well as the three gunas, rajas-Capricorn (3), sattwa-Leo (9), tamas-Pisces (6). Note that Rajas-3s elimination is imperative when the objective is to cling to the dual power-base. As such, the renewing thrust of Rajas is entirely missing, resulting necessarily in stagnation. We may thereby state that the simplest way to recognise asuric forces in the Ages of Vishnu is when they are seen to channel their energies to the elimination of the Third at all costs. Once the three are involved through actual births (otherwise how could the Formula become operational?) to truly make this 9th/10th manifestation of Vishnu different from all his other appearances in previous Ages, a fourth element is demanded. This fourth stage is where time and space become integrated; it is the mysterious conquest of the Aryan Warrior in the Rig Veda, the formula of which is revealed in the text. One who understands the difference between the Shrutis and Smritis, the Vedas and the Puranas, would understand how Patrizia Norelli has distorted the Vedic teachings to some future predictions to satisfy her obsession with cosmological events and with her inflated ego of being third in the solar line which she confirms by her own concocted theories. She reduces Vedic terminologies and the three Gunas, i.e Rajas, Tamas and Sattwa, to some trite formula. She talks about a new level of consciousness but fails to understand that the Vishnu avatars arrive only for reviving Sanatan Dharma and the spirit of the Veda and not for self-glorification, for self-broadcast or for name and fame. They come for the upliftment of humanity and not to identify some absurd formulae to predict the nature of the inconceivable Brahman. The people in Satyuga were known to have an impeccable memory, superlative thinking power, mental capacity, intuitive and intellectual in nature with objectivity to see the truth. Whereas, in Kaliyuga, people are known to have deteriorating powers of discrimination and poor memory that abounds in intellectual stagnation, inability to understand simple concepts and unwillingness to read or comprehend. Moreover the cult of Patrizia Norelli and her followers are more dangerous to the Hindu society than anti-hindu fundamentalists as they parade the elite intellectual arena as accomplished scholars who have come to teach us Hindu wisdom, when in fact and undercover they hijack Hindu literature, distort it, create their own new-age theories and then promote themselves as evolved seers and avatars. Moreover, when they are not accepted by the mainstream intelligentsia either as worthy scholars or as avatars, they launch bitter and hostile attacks on all individuals and groups who have been well accepted as proponents of Hinduism. Is this how one would expect objective scholars or avatars to behave? The work of an avatar in every age is to take Sanatan Dharma to higher levels and an avatar never fails. If miss Patrizia Norelli was an avatar or third descendent of the solar line, would she be more concerned about spreading Vedic knowledge or more interested in promoting herself as an evolved seer? Vedic seers from the ancient history of India were never interested in broadcasting themselves as special entities, let alone making themselves known. Their whole life was a selfless dedication to Sanatan Dharma. But what we have today are selfobsessed and self-styled seers such as Patrizia Norelli and her parasitical devotees who suffer from

heightened narcissism and attention seeking. When they dont get the acknowledgement or attention that they desperately seek they spiral into fanatical attacks of other well-respected individuals and groups. Such fascism and extremism can never be expected of avatars or seers of an evolved consciousness. One can see how the English-educated fraternity and missionary cults that consider themselves superior to Indic teachers and Indigenous gurus of India, use the vedic wisdom and the Hindu practices to make monetary profits at the expense of Hinduism by demeaning the Hindu Gurus, distorting the Vedas and not giving proper credit where it is due. Today, many Christian missionaries in disguise of promoting Vedic Wisdom make monetary profits at the expense of Hinduism by demeaning Hindu Gurus and promoting their own agendas. In the west today, the yoga practices are termed as New Age practices by those who cant see or dont want to see Yogas integral connection with Hinduism. New terms like Christian Yoga have evolved and many percieve Yoga as just a physical exercise. Yoga, which is a Sanskrit term, refers to the mental and physical unification i.e silencing of the mind and control of the physical body, raising of ones individual consciousness to unite with the supreme consciousness which is denoted as Brahman. Such a practice also involves questioning ones own beliefs through a philosophical enquiry, objective in approach or detachment i.e Jnana Yoga. But in Abrahamic religions any spirit of questioning is suppressed and one has to blindly believe in a male-centric god with a particular name as given in the book who has set for humanity a set of DOs and DONTs. Therefore, the terms like Christian Yoga are nothing but mere oxymorons.

Deceiving Hindus
Max Muller, one of the earliest Indologists, had happily concurred in a letter to his wife: It (The Rigveda) is the root of their religion and to show them what the root is, I feel sure, is the only way of uprooting all that has sprung from it during the last three thousand years. Later he also wrote to the Duke of Argyle, the then acting Secretary of State for India: The ancient religion of India is doomed. And if Christianity does not take its place, whose fault will it be? The Biblical Creation Theory states that the world was created with all its life forms at 9.00 AM, October 23, 4004 BC. These Abrahamic templates, beliefs and worldviews form the basis of all the Christian missionaries who pursue their agendas and malign the scriptures of other religions, especially when it does not fit into their limited constructs. Max Muller it is said was an agent of the British colonial rulers who was funded by them to write, rewrite and distort the history of Asia so as to establish Christian history as superior to that of the Asians and create an inferiority complex among the Indians by proving to them that their history, traditions, culture, philosophy, religion etc. had no value before the history and culture of Europe. He originally estimated that the Rig Veda was written around 1200 B.C as a later date could have been in conflict with the Christian beliefs. He also formulated the Aryan Invasion Theory to show that the Vedas and the superior Aryan race came to India from Europe. Max Muller and other missionaries like Ralph T.H. Griffith, Maurice Bloomsfield, Wilson etc. also tried to learn sanskrit to comprehend the primary Hindu scriptures but landed up distorting them by the application of the Abrahamic template on the Hindu worldview. Moreover due to this distortion and mistranslation of Vedic scriptures rendered by many indologists in the past, many people including the Hindus today assume that Hinduism consists of blind superstitions, beef eating, horse killing, animal killing, caste system, etc.

Their distortions today are used by all the anti-hindus who do not even possess basic knowledge of sanskrit. Moreover religion is a term that in fact originated in the west and was used by the Abrahamic sects to expound their dogmatic worldviews and earn adherents and unquestionable loyalty to their leaders. Those who questioned the Abrahamic religion were therefore often threatened, oppressed and even physically harmed. Hinduism on the other hand has always been, not a religion, but a Dharma-culture and Dharma in the Hindu lexicon has been defined as that which sustains and upholds implying that which maintains the stability and harmony of the universe. However, with the coming of Christian missionaries to India, the term Dharma was also distorted and reduced to religion. One may ask- can science, spirituality, mathematics, medicinal system of knowledge, dharma which is also defined as righteousness, duty and ethics and based on the art of detachment as contained in Vedas and Upanishads, a source of motivation and interest for many modern scientists like Nicholas Tesla, Schroedinger, Einstein etc. be categorized as a religion? Mr.Boulanger, the editor of Russian edition of The Sacred Books of the East Series, in the context of the commentary/translation of the Vedas by Max Muller, stated: What struck me in Max Mullers translation was a lot of absurdities, obscene passages and a lot of what is not lucid. As far as I can grab the teaching of the Vedas, it is so sublime that I would look upon it as a crime on my part, if the Russian public becomes acquainted with it through the medium of a confused and distorted translation, thus not deriving for its soul that benefit which this teaching should give to the people. The ancient Hindu scriptures- Vedas, Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita, etc. have been preserved in the language of sanskrit which today is recognized as the most advanced and scientific language so much so that even scientists are trying to incorporate it into computers to increase the scope of artificial intelligence and give a boost to the field of robotics. Sanskrit is indeed a highly modular language where words change when they are combined. Importance is hence given to the way the words are pronounced and the way in which it is written. Any little mistake in the halant or visarga alone can change the meaning of the sentence. The teachings of the Vedas, Upanishads and Gita has thus been preserved and considered universally applicable because of the scientific integrity and consistency of the sanskrit language. Unlike other literature or the abrahamic religious texts which are updated as the seasons change, the primary Hindu scriptures remain intact delivering the same eternal knowledge which is always nourishing to a scientific and a philosophical mind. Max Muller however was not able to rise to the objective standards of the Sanskrit language. In his book Vedic Hymns, he himself declared that My translation of the Vedas is conjectural. Mr. B.D Ukhul in his article, The Clouds Over understsanding of the Vedas exposes the mistranslations in detail where the Vedic science was reduced to some absurd story and words taken out of context and completely distorted in its meaning. (Article in References) It is well known that the Vedic language consists of cryptic riddles with metaphorical personifications to present science, spirituality, philosophies etc. But the missionaries and pseudo intellectuals rendered them spirituality-less and unscientific, further instilling elements of meat eating, animal killing, caste system, regressive beliefs, etc. Today, the education system in India instead of rejecting these old Abrahamic, missionary and colonial templates and instead of reviving Indias rich and ancient scientific and spiritual heritage, has on the contrary been manipulated by the Marxist professors and secular theorists (the successors to the colonial and missionary scholars) who under the guise of being sophisticated and elite scholars denigrate the Hindu culture and propagate the theories of Max Muller and other missionaries, even reinforcing the caste divisions and the already refuted Aryan invasion theory. Effects of Missionary activities : 1 ) Slow death of local languages and ancient languages like Sanskrit. 2 ) Children and teenagers assume that those who cannot speak in English are inferior to those who can.

3 ) English speaking people are even perceived to be intellectually as well as morally better or superior. 4 ) The debunked Aryan Invasion Theory and Dravidian Theory are still being preached and have caused immense divide in the Indian subcontinent. 5 ) Hinduism has been disconnected from the Vedas and self-opinionated people assume it to be a collection of absurd mantras, stories, superstitions and religious dogmas. 6 ) Vote Bank politics which divides the country further. 7 ) Divide and Rule: Converted Hindus start hating and abusing Hindus. 8 ) Inferiority complexes instilled and psychological slavery to foreign ideals 9 ) Setting western concepts as the benchmark and ignoring the Indian concepts. In conjunction there seems to be another group of assailants and offenders now who are more welldisguised and in fact have infiltrated the Hindu society as supporters and promoters of Hinduism. They are the Trojan Horse, the pretentious new-age cults and individuals who parade the intellectual arena as accomplished Vedic scholars, yoga experts, light-workers, healers, etc. Although there are many authentic new-age scholars, teachers and healers that propound Hinduism and do substantial work, there are also many con-artists and fraudsters that have pervaded the spiritual-business industry only for selfish gain and to promote themselves and their groups and it is often difficult for the unassuming Hindus to differentiate and separate the authentic and sincere teachers from the charlatans. The Pathological Symptoms of the Max-Muller Syndrome: Using their limited knowledge of Vedic scriptures to appoint themselves as experts on Indian philosophy and Hinduism only to make money, gain name and fame. Pretending to be secular, believing in the equality of all religions and preaching oneness while belittling Hinduism as a regressive religion and Hindus as fanatics. Preferring to use the word Vedic or Sanatan Dharma instead of Hindu and then going out of their way to divorce and disconnect Vedic literature, yoga, etc. as well as the terms Vedic and Sanatan Dharma from Hinduism. These groups/individuals base their theories on Hindu/Vedic literature and concepts, mix it with other templates (sometimes Abrahamic or Eurocentric) and preach a new-world order that is to emerge. They place themselves on a heightened pedestal as special leaders who are on a special mission to help humanity. Hijacking Hindu literature, creating their own theories and then aggressively promoting themselves while demeaning Hindu gurus, Indic sources of knowledge and disrespecting the Hindu society at large. Verbal/physical/intellectual dominance over others resulting in either overt or covert fascism Abuse/Slander/Disrespect of other sects, religions, cultures, gurus etc. who do not believe in their theories or oppose their cult. Mental manipulation of others, threats or fear induction, to promote their agenda Mental instability of members of the cult expressed through hyper-egomania, delusions of grandiosity, narcissism and attention-seeking. Insistence that the cult and their theories/solutions is the ONLY WAY Group-think, suppression of dissent and enforced conformity in thinking. Feelings of being more special and aware than people outside the group and feelings of being chosen to fulfill a special, world-altering mission. The tyrannical belief that their leader is always right (is extra-special), that they know better than others and that all others are always wrong.

The presentation of their worldview as a sacred science with unquestionable dogma and infallible ideology. Inability to tolerate criticism and personal and aggressive attacks on all their critics. Irrational cloning- you become a clone of the cult leader or other cult members and imitate/parrot all their views. The presentation of their ideology over experience, observation and logic. Mystical manipulation or use of exotic words, ideas and views to mislead. Cult leader is never held accountable for his/her actions. False promises of greater powers or greater knowledge. Today, this disease has induced extreme characteristics where one may find people unable to tolerate criticism and personal and aggressive attacks on all their critics. Missionaries can be openly found manipulating children and abusing the Hindu Gods and the Hindus whereas the new-age cults and preachers on the other hand are found speaking highly and intellectually about Hindu wisdom but undercover their only aim is to further themselves and their agendas while eventually denigrating and intellectually destroying Hinduism. They have subtly permeated the Hindu society like a virus and it is often difficult to recognize the malicious brainwashing they perpetuate on others. It is important for the Hindu society as well as others who have been targeted by such groups and individuals to develop more awareness on such cults, pseudo scholars and individuals as it will help in the differentiation between authentic groups and scholars and the frauds and charlatans who only seek self-promotion at the expense of harming the Hindu society and its heritage. In the past, the educationist named Lord Macaulay wanted to do away with the spiritual heritage of India. He stated, We must at present do our best to form a class who may be interpreters between us and the millions whom we govern; a class of persons, Indian in blood and colour, but English in taste, in opinions, in morals, and in intellect. I have no knowledge of either Sanskrit or Arabic. But I have done what I could to form a correct estimate of their value. I have never found one among them (Sanskrit or arabic scholars) who could deny that a single shelf of a good European library was worth the whole native literature of India and Arabia. Lord Macaulay wanted Christianity to replace Hinduism. In a letter to his father, a Protestant minister, Macaulay declared: Our English schools are flourishing wonderfully. The effect of this education on the Hindus is prodigious. It is my belief that if our plans of education are followed up, there will not be a single idolator among the respectable classes in Bengal thirty years hence. Macaulays children and Max Mullers successors now seem to be carrying forward this cancerous legacy with phenomenal zeal. References : Mller, Georgina, The Life and Letters of Right Honorable Friedrich Max Mller, 2 vols. London: Longman, 1902. The clouds over Understanding of the Vedas by B.D.Ukhul

Max Muller, Physical Religion, 1891 Lord Macaulays Minute: