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Culinary Terms Defined At times the culinary terms used in recipes or culinary circles can be a bit con fusing.

Belowis an abbreviated "culinary dictionary" - some of the more common c ulinary terms and their definitions. A la - French term meaning "of the", so A la Francaise means of the French Al Dente - Italian term meaning "to the tooth", refers to the state when pasta i s perfectly done, when the teeth sink into it with slight resistance, not too so ft or too firm Baste - To moisten cooking meat with fat, sauce or natural juices Bouquet Garni - a bundle of herbs that are tied with a string of bound in cheese cloth and added to soups, stews or sauces while cooking, letting the flavor but not the body of the herbs into the recipe Braise - A method of cooking where fat is used to saut and then slow cooking with very little moisture completes the process Caramelize - When white sugar is cooked over a low heat until it forms a golden brown liquid Chop - Food is cut into uniform sized pieces of varying size, finely chopped to coarsely chopped. Cubed - Food is cut into squared shapes, approximately " in size Dash - A very small amount, less than 1/8 tsp Diced - Food cut into small uniform pieces Devilled - To prepare with spicy seasonings such as cayenne Dredge - To coat as with flour, bread crumbs or sugar - any dry ingredient Entre - Typically refers to the main course of a meal in modern terminology Fillet - A boneless, skinless cut of meat, fish or poultry Fold - A method of stirring that mixes ingredients without releasing the air Garnish - Refers to the process and the food used to give a pleasing appearance to prepared food Grate - Rubbing a larger piece of food over a surface that has small raised hole s to remove particles in small portions Hors D'oeuvres - One of the most populary culinary terms, this is French for app etizer, small servings of food served hot or cold to begin the meal Infuse - To boil herbs or other flavorings with a liquid, teas are good examples Julienne - To cut into long thin strips Knead - Working dough with the hands Mash - To press or squash ripe or processed foods to make a thick paste Marbled - When meet is veined with fat, this meat cooks very tender and juicy

Marinade - to rub with spices or to immerse in an herbed acidic bath for the pur pose of enhancing flavor or tenderness Mince - To chop very fine or grind Pare - To cut away undesirable portions such as rinds or peels Saut - To cook or fry quickly in fat Scald - Pour boiling water over something Whip - To beat something with the purpose of introducing air, making frothy