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● Current Draw 185 mA ● Dimensions 244 (W) x 166 (D) x 226 (H) mm (9-5/8” x 6-9/16” x 8-15/16”) ● Weight (excl. Press the Tuning Fork button.Roland. When it’s time to go. GAIN Knob. phaser. Aux In (Stereo 1/4” phone type. AC Adaptor and Battery) 3. Using six “AA” batteries. And with its “low magnetic leakage” design. All trademarks are the property of their respective companies. Legendary BOSS Effects Built-In No need to lug around pedals—the Micro Cube comes with six essential DSP effects. you can put the Micro Cube anywhere—even on a desktop.) ● Accessories AC Adaptor. you can play for up to 20 hours. your favorite British combo amp and more in the Micro Cube. Classic and Modern Amp Models Get the sound of Roland’s JC-120 Jazz Chorus™. ■ DISTORTION TYPE OVERDRIVE DISTORTION METAL METAL STACK A lightweight. flanger. grab the detachable strap and take your show on the road. TONE Knob. TUNING FORK (TUNING FORK Button. Roland’s COSM® technology captures every nuance of the original amps— from the preamp and circuits to the speaker. ■ COSM AMP TYPE FLIP TOP SESSION B MAN CONCERT 810 BASS 360 OCTAVE BASS T. The Micro Cube also has 1/4” and 1/8” auxiliary inputs— great for connecting a CD player and line-level instruments—plus a Recording/Headphone output. low-end sound. tremolo and a dedicated delay/reverb processor. Stereo miniature phone type). It even runs on batteries for the ultimate in All specifications and appearances are subject to change without notice. 30-watt/10-inch bass amp with FFP™ and COSM processing for tight. Specifications Power Output 2 W ● Nominal Input Level Input: -10 dBu.GUITAR AMPLIFIER The Micro Cube delivers big tone in a package that any guitarist can carry. ■ COSM AMP TYPE JC CLEAN TWEED ACOUSTIC BLACK PANEL CLASSIC STACK METAL STACK BRIT COMBO R-FIER STACK Get the renowned “Cube” sound from this 15-watt/8-inch amp with four types of overdrive/distortion onboard—it’s an incredible value. 5 oz. Big tone that travels light. ■ COSM AMP TYPE ACOUSTIC JC CLEAN CLASSIC STACK R-FIER STACK BLACK PANEL MIC PREAMP BRIT COMBO Rock for 20 Hours on Batteries The Micro Cube runs on battery or AC power (adaptor supplied). VOLUME Knob. punchy. Voices Carry with the Micro Cube The Micro Cube has a special Mic Preamp so you can use it for vocals. and you get a reference tone with support for altered tunings. This ultracompact amp has a 5” speaker that packs amazing power along with seven rockin’ COSM amps and six DSP effects. New Digital Tuning Fork and More Tuning is a snap using the new Digital Tuning Fork.775 Vrms ● Rated Check out the entire line of Cube amps—there’s a Cube for you! This 30-watt/10-inch compact amp putsout serious sound with professional DSP effects and COSM amp modeling. Strap * 0 dBu = 0. Rec Out/Phones (Stereo 1/4” phone type). DELAY/REVERB Knob. AC Adaptor ● Power Supply DC 9 V: AC Adaptor or Dry Battery (LR6 (AA) type) (optional) x 6 * We recommend that alkaline batteries be used when installing the batteries. KEY Switch). Printed in Japan Dec 2003 RAM-3780 COR-GEN-SE BIE-2 .3 kg (7 lbs. including chorus.E GUITAR AMPLIFIER GUITAR AMPLIFIER BASS AMPLIFIER Visit us online at www. EFX Knob. Aux In: -10 dBu ● Speaker 5” (12 cm) x 1 ● Controls TYPE Switch. POWER Switch ● Connectors Input (1/4” phone type).