Articles of Membership

Article I Membership I.1 New Members All new membership petitions will be submitted by a House Exhilo current member in good standing with the House and Avance. It is encouraged that membership into House Exhilo be „by invitation only.‟ The petition will be viewed by all Members in a House public designated thread for the duration of two weeks (14 days). The thread will be locked for view only. During this time, the leadership of the house will investigate the character and history of the petition‟s applicant. After the two weeks of petition/introduction, the information gathered by the investigative team will be published in the same thread, and that thread unlocked for comment and concerns from House members. Co-current will be a voting session on the applicant‟s approval. The vote must me unanimous for the duration of open voting. The time of comment/voting will last 2 weeks. I.2 Current Members Current members will have a say in all public House matters. Vested percentage has no bearing on vote power. Most votes will last two weeks. Members also will enjoy management of assets related to their involvement in House affairs and position in the House (See Article III for further details.) I.3 Member Expulsion Member expulsion is the absolute last resort in punishment for crimes against the House. The member will be given every reasonable avenue for redemption for a sensible amount of time. House Exhilo will not knowingly harbor fugitives of any government aligned or in treaty with Avance. If a member of House Exhilo becomes a wanted fugitive Avance or of any government aligned or in treaty with Avance, they have the option of working with Avance Leadership to resolve the issue, or risk expulsion from the House. Expulsion of a member requires a unanimous vote from the House Leadership. All vested percentage rights are revoked and absorbed by the House (see Article III). Article II Asset Management II.1 Solid Asset Management Solid Assets are defined as the following: Facilities, City flats, Stations, Vehicles, Ships, NPCs, Items, and RMs. Solid Assets of the House will be owned by the House. This rule may be modified as long as the balance of planetary control remains intact. This decision will be made by the House Leadership at such a time as it is presented.

II.2 Liquid Assets Liquid Assets are defined as the following: Credits and Stocks. Liquid assets of the House will be owned by the House. II.3 Asset Protection The solid assets owned by the House will be protected from a “loss to market” event by the management of those solid assets by the Members. In the case of the solid assets owned and managed by the House, the House will be defined as a dual entity in which the House Leader and an Avance Faction are the „House.‟ This is enacted so that the loss of the faction or the leader will not cause a “loss to market” event. One person/entity being the owner and manager of any solid asset of the House is forbidden.

Article III Member Pay III.1 Members are paid based on their activity. A selected percentage of the House income is paid out to different ranks of members; Junior Member, Member, Senior Member, and Leadership (excludes Lord). This percentage can be changed from time to time based on leadership decisions.

Article IV House Leadership and Level of Power IV.1 The Leader and Their Rights and Powers The Leader of House Exhilo is the CEO and CFO of the House. The Leader of House Exhilo is also defined as the „House‟ in all House asset ownership references. The Leader of House Exhilo must remain employed by Avance or one of it‟s factions OR be an active member in the Avance‟s military reserves. Leader of House Exhilo is bound to obey all rules in these House Articles of Membership, and uphold them to the best extent of their ability. Failure to do so results in the House Leadership reporting offences to Avance and appropriate leaders therein. The appropriate actions up to and including Expulsion from the House may be performed by a decision from Avance. IV.2 House Leadership The House Exhilo Leadership consists of three individuals: The Leader, The House Second, and the Proconsul. These three have an equal say in all Leadership decisions. Asset vested percentage has no bearing or placement on the power of these individuals. The Leader has the right to appoint the House Second and Proconsul should the original become deceased or inactive for two quarters of a year‟s time. The Leader cannot remove either from office without a unanimous vote from the members (other than the party in question) lasting the two week voting time. The Leader may not attempt to remove both within the same quarter of a year. IV.2.1 The House Second The House Second was appointed prior to Avance House acceptance. This person is the top advisor to the Leader of House Exhilo and delegates House projects amongst the members. The House Second has Leadership voting rights. IV.2.1 The Proconsul The Proconsul is an appointed seat after Avance House acceptance. This seat is appointed by The Leader of House Exhilo when it is deemed a Proconsul necessary for House function after initial setup. The Proconsul has Leadership voting rights. IV.3 Voting Powers Only members of the House Leadership can bring forth official voting items. Subjects deemed of a sensitive nature will be only voted on by the Leadership, and may be hidden from the membership for a time. In the event that one of the Leadership members does not vote or is absent during a voting session and there is a tie between the other two, there are three courses of action: 1. The Highest Honored by title member of the House will be brought up to date on the subject being voted on. That member will then be the deciding vote. 2. If there is no single Highest Honored by title member of the House, then a leviathan will

be selected from within Avance‟s top leadership. 3. If neither #1 or #2 are able to be completed either my nature of the vote or inability to perform the action, a third option is available. A game of skill and stealth will be enacted. Both parties will be placed on a capital ship owned by Avance. While in hyper, arrest warrants will be issued for both involved. The game ends with the arrest and conceding of one of the Leadership members. IV.4 Death or Expulsion of the Leader In the even of the death or Expulsion of the House Exhilo Leader, a new one would be chosen to take the House Leadership. This individual would be picked by the Leadership of the House and then voted on by the membership for the duration of 2 weeks. During the Leader selection and voting, the House Second will be active Leader. If the House Second is not available, the Proconsul will assume active Leader. If, the Leadership of the House is all not available, the highest Honorary title member(s) will assume active Leader until voting is complete. IV.5 Executive Decision The Leader of House Exhilo is bound to listen to the counsel of his Leadership team and membership. There is but one instance in which an executive decision can be made by the Leader of House Exhilo without Leadership approval. The following circumstances must be present: The House Second, Proconsul, and highest Honored titled member must be unreachable by practical means for a period of 4 weeks (28 days). In addition, none of the three listed therein may be the subject of an expulsion investigation or removal vote. If these two conditions are met, the House Leader of Exhilo may make an executive decision about any House Exhilo business. Article V House Exhilo Honors and Accolades V.1Distribution of Honored Title Rewards For work done in the name or for House Exhilo, members will be given an Honorary Title. This will be given for work done, not current work being performed. This Honorary Title can be maintained by the member even if they leave the House in good standing. The Honorary Title requires a 2/3 majority vote from Leadership, as this advance could influence voting and House Policy. House Leadership is restricted from obtaining Honorary Titles while in Leadership. V.2 Rank of Titles It is the thought of House Exhilo that if the member has earned the Honorary Title, that member is allowed to decide their title‟s naming, within reason. A prefix will be added to this title‟s naming in the increasing order; Honoredtitle – Hightitle – Grandtitle. Once the Honorary title level of Grand has been bestowed, a Statue will be erected for the Grand Member in their honor in the House Exhilo city of their choice.

V.3 Gifting of House Accolades A House Exhilo Accolade is a financial gift of House Exhilo liquid assets that can be gifted to any person or entity in the galaxy. This gift will be voted upon for both the direction and sum of funds by the Leadership in a unanimous vote. Members of the House may suggest people or entities that may deserve an Accolade for their contribution to the success of House Exhilo. Article VI Amendments to the House Articles VI.1 Amendments Three gates must be passed for an Amendment to be ratified. First is the general acceptance of the amendment with a greater than 2/3 vote in approval for the Amendment from the active members. The second gate is bringing the Amendment to light among the other Avance House leaders for House Leader insight and input. The third gate is House Leadership unanimous acceptance. The amendment would then be ratified and added to the House Exhilo Articles of Membership. These original House Exhilo Articles of Membership were passed this way into law.

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