SAP Customer Success Story

With its Metro Cash & Carry stores, which are managed under the brand names Metro and Makro, the Metro Group remains the international market leader in selfservice wholesaling. A benchmark analysis performed by SAP Business Consulting showed that, by implementing mySAP™ Human Resources throughout its network of stores, the group would experience significant savings and benefits.


With revenues of around 50 billion, the Metro Group is the fifth largest retail company worldwide. It divides its business into four areas – one of which involves operating some 400 retail outlets called Metro Cash & Carry (MCC). These stores, which are disbursed throughout the globe, generate more than 45% of the group’s total sales. To help manage a staff of more than 72,000 people (as of business year 2002) who work for Metro Cash & Carry, the group chose mySAP™ Human Resources (mySAP HR). Upon successful implementation of organization management, administration, and payroll applications in countries such as Poland, Austria, Russia, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic, the Metro Group brought SAP Business Consulting on board to help evaluate the potential costs savings and benefits of a more extensive mySAP HR rollout.

head of HR Controlling and SAP HR project manager. . And how long did it take the team from SAP Business Consulting to perform the benchmark analysis for MCC? “A study of this kind can be completed within 12 days. for example. while reducing costs.” says Riemann. the analysis showed MCC management that implementing new applications – such as e-recruiting and e-learning – could dramatically increase savings. 50 064 121 (03/08) Printed in USA. © 2003 by SAP AG. and used them as the basis for quantitative /contactsap BENCHMARK ANALYSIS BASED ON SAP BEST PRACTICES AT A GLANCE Company Project Metro Cash & Carry International GmbH (MCC) Benchmark analysis for global implementation of mySAP HR at MCC Support decision making through quantitative and qualitative determination of potential costs and benefits based on internal and external benchmarks Ute Riemann. MarketSet and Enterprise Buyer are jointly owned trademarks of SAP AG and Commerce One. All other product and service names mentioned are the trademarks of their respective companies. allowing employees to perform more strategically important ones. “Once consolidated and processed.” says Riemann.www. mySAP. "One of the key findings for us was the fact that the implementation of further modules will enhance the benefit of the system considerably.” However. It also concluded that mySAP HR could significantly reduce the administration workload for MCC human resources personnel. Printed on environmentally friendly paper. and other SAP products and services mentioned herein as well as registered trademarks of SAP AG in Germany and in several other countries all over the world. R/3. SAP. head of the benchmark project for MCC. For example. such as by on the results of the analysis.” Ute Riemann. Head of Benchmark Project for MCC Goals Implementation SAP Business Consulting The result Decision to implement mySAP HR worldwide NEW APPLICATIONS In addition. the quantitative and qualitative key figures provided a transparent picture of the operative and strategic potential per application area and for the company overall. xApps. qualitative aspects were also included in the analysis.their respective logos are trademarks or xApp. GREEN LIGHT FOR FURTHER GLOBAL ROLLOUT Based on the positive results.“ commented Udo Stauber. mySAP. the group gave a green light for further rollout of mySAP HR at its Metro Cash & Carry stores. describes how the team created its analysis: “We first selected industryneutral and industry-specific figures by using the key performance indicators (KPIs). “We used SAP® Best Practices to evaluate the performance of current processes and to determine the optimization potential of mySAP HR.” “Once consolidated and the quantitative and qualitative key figures provided a transparent picture of the operative and strategic potential per application area and for the company overall. All rights reserved. the analysis showed that mySAP HR would significantly reduce the workload of routine tasks in the HR department.

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