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A better lighting provided in the industryencourages the workers to work harder and contributeeffectively and efficiently for increasing productivity. Air conditioning It depends on the nature of the industry to install airconditioning facility according to the product which anindustry manufactures.Better air conditioning facilities willraise the comfort level among the employees as it controlsthe temperature and humidity and distributes pure air byartificial means.There is a need for procuringright type of machinery as it results in producing betterquality products at reasonable rates. It alsohelps on avoiding wastages. Lighting There is always a need for sufficient artificial and naturallighting or smooth and economical operations of anindustry.its quality and performance. . All the above mentioned factors has a great influence in setting up an industrial enterprise.It is a comprehensivejob as it involves certain factors which are taken intoconsideration. Ventilation It refers to the supply of free movement of air from outsideto inside and vice versa in an industry.industrial accidents etc. By providing properventilation facilities in various departments of an industry.while procuring machinery that is cost anddurability of machines.Procurement of machinery It is a very important factor of production in amanufacturing organization. itwill protect the health of the employees.




AREA OFLOCATION The company will be established in Bangalore. 20 Lakhs each. highlydurable.Our products are eco-friendly. 20 Lakhs will be funded through Bank Overdraft.It will belocated in Mahadevpura Industrial Area.CUBE PACKAGINGis a small scale industry (SSI) which manufactures corrugated carton boxes. 1Crore Plant and Machinery AND Land and Building. nearness to the source of rawmaterial and since it is an industrial area.require minimum spaceand have standard load capacity. . Rs. y Rs.easy to use and recycle. Each of the partners contributes Rs20 Lakhs each towards the Partnership as capital.labourers areavailable in plenty.It·s apartnership firm.Whitefield Road. PARTNERSHIP Cube Packagingconsists of FOUR partners who share their profits and losses equally. will be utilized for the above and the remaining Rs. The working of partnership will be according to the Deed.This location is best suited because of the goodtransportation facility.e. 50 Lakhs (Approximately ) Working Capital Requirements: y 50 Lakhs The Capital contributed by the Partners. i. CAPITAL REQUIREMENT Total Capital Required: y Rs.


But we will be using Vinayaka.Thus we will havecontinuous supply of raw materials.minimum material handling and smoothensproduction function.Since the productionprocess carries on a chain form. TARGET CUSTOMERS y Garments and apparels ² 40% y Logistics .pasting gum. .20% y Engineering Goods 10% y Exporters 20% y Art and Crafts . (Refer ANNEXURE 1) RAW MATERIALS AND THEIR SUPPLIES Various raw materials required for production of Carton Boxes areKraft paper (paper Reel).The machinery available in foreign market is automatic plantwhich requires an investment of Rs.printing ink.product or line method is applied.Since there are heavy machinery. Training will be given to each laborer about the use of machines and their safety precautions.There are many brands for Kraftpaper.10% LABOURERS We require skilled as well as unskilled laborers. stitching coilCali cloth. MACHINES Manufactures of corrugated carton box require various machines forvarious purposes.50 Lakhs is set aside foemachinery and plant. Jodani and Vijayanand Brand.screen etc.Ithelps in easy supervision. Corrugation gum. Theraw materials are available in the local market.For this purpose Rs. We do not pay daily wages but pay salary to all.PLANTLAYOUT A single storey building is preferable.multi storied building may not prove to be safe.The machinery that we purchase underour budget helps in conversion of 150 tons of Kraft paper perYear.5 Crore.Thus we restrict ourselvesto the Indian Market Machinery.Machines can be purchased from Indian or foreignmarkets.


It can be donein two ways i.a maintenance company willbe given the contract of maintaining the machinery. Thus we chosethis system/ Method.First the Raw Material is loaded (i. . EXPENSES Transportation. etc.The price of our products range fromRS.Hiring Method and AMC (Annual MaintenanceCost) Method.After the ply is pasted they are stacked to dry for 4-5 hours.30. electricity.Then the slots are made whichhelps in folding with the help of Slotter machine. As the GSM and BFincreases the price also increases.The punchingmachine is used for Dye cut box etc.e. salary.The number of ply is decided(in ODD numbers) and these ply are pasted in the pasting machine.Then the twoboards are stitched with the box stitching machine.once the box are producedthey undergo natural drying.e. WORKING OF MACHINES The Production Process follows LINE or PRODUCT LAYOUT.Then the top sheet isprinted in the Flexo printing machine.paper reel) into Corrugationmachine where due to heat Flute is formed.The finished goods are ready for sale.15 ² RS. depreciation. GSM refers to the weight of thebox and BF refers to the strength of the paper.Thelength and height of the box are decided and Creasing is doneaccordingly in the rotary machine.SPARE MAINTANENCE Maintenance of spares and machines is very important for smoothfunctioning as well as long duration of the machine. tax.Under AMC method.Then the next machineauto cutter cuts the sheet into required size. PRICE The price of each carton box is based on two things GSM (Grams persquare meter) and BF (Busting Factor). maintenance cost.


  ¦ ¨ ri ¦ ¥      .PRICING PO ICY Pri i ¡ ¢ i £ ¤ ¥ ¡ ¦ § ¦ ¦ ¨ i ¡ ¢ ©  ri ¥  £    ¥ rsi ¡  i ¡ ¤ .

i f we sell goods worth Rs. PROFIT MARGIN % fter deducting all expenses from the revenues earned.  ¡ ¤ "  ri ¥  s Expensesinvolved etc. & . # early 40-45% constitutes the expenses for distri $ ution.e. # early 40% of the price constitutes the Raw Material and cost of production.  ¦ ri  l.    i i ¦ ¡ ! ¥     i ¡ ¦ ry . i tis estimated that 4% of the sales occurredin the year will $ e our profiti.

24 p.00. 16 p. 16 p. then our net profit will $ e Rs. 4. . STATUTORY REQUIREMENTS y y y Factory License SalesTax Registration Small-Scale Industry Certificate carton industry Download this Document for FreePrintMobileCollectionsReport Document Info and Rating Follow johanna sequeira Share & Embed More from this user PreviousNext 1.

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