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Strategy consulting firm AMI Partners Inc. a report from Morgan Stanley was being greeted with headlines like “Tech Spending Roars Back” — on a projected growth of just 3. Adoption of open-source business intelligence (BI) tools.2 percent for 2010! But anything positive looked a lot better than the previous year’s acrossthe-board declines. forcing the larger commercial providers to defend their turf by offering low-cost “starter editions” of their own products. Though the claims of “recession immunity” for the Software-as-a-Service space proved unfounded — nearly all tech vendors were hurting in the depths of the downturn — SaaS providers bounced back early and acorn Systems Acorn Performance Analyzer I W INTER I 2010 . A3 Modeling www. It’s a tribute to the adaptability of the niche software firms that they’ve continued to explore new ground in the past couple of years. In the best-of-breed software landscape that’s emerging. but they’re definitely back in the market for software. including the long-heralded migration of enterprise software to mobile platforms.arcplan. BIRT Performance Scorecard www.a3solutions. Adaptive Planning Express/Corporate/Enterprise www.1 percent surge for BizNet Software Inc.acornsys. predicts a respectable compound annual growth rate of 18 percent for this sector in the small to midsize business market through 2015.biznetsoftware. BizInsight www. Open-source systems providers survived the tech freeze without too much arcplan arcplan Edge www. software purchases this adaptive Planning Inc.businessfinancemag. By activeStrategy Inc. is doubling every year. some long-familiar features have become even more prominent.S. according to IT research firm Gartner. Forrester’s latest predictions are decidedly bullish — an impressive 9.2010: Time to retool for growth? software buyers ’ guide 2010 3 The Best-of-Breed Unleashed I By John Cummings C ompanies may not be hiring actual humans as fast as the economic pundits would like.actuate. Want your balanced BEST-OF-BREED VENDOR LISTS 2010 BUSINESS PERFORMaNcE MaNagEMENt a3 Solutions actuate corp. ActiveStrategy Enterprise www.adaptiveplanning. for example.activestrategy. with continued strong growth into 2011. IT analyst firm Forrester declared the 2008–2010 technology spending downturn officially over in February.

budgeting-focused. But this is PowerPlan corp. ISIS Discovery & Predictive Analytics Infor Infor PM 10 www. a niche type of business.kcicorp.4 s o f t w a r e b u y e r s ’ g u i d e 2010 scorecard on your iPhone? Best-ofbreed business performance management (BPM) firm ActiveStrategy can provide that capability. Strategy management and profitability modeling features have become standard components of many BPM packages. So we have to design a lot of our own software. “We’re really the only company in the country that has a national presence in what we do. Most have only basic capabilities. especially in midsize firms.2. dashboards. This was certainly the experience of Debbie KcI computing Inc. such as querying sources for specific carpio Solutions GesFin CPM Suite www. Finance leaders I’ve talked to this year.claritysystems. and in the performance management space you could argue that vendors are already running ahead of their market.infor. CFO of SaP BusinessObjects SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation Rocket Software Inc. ClearFinancials www.centage. but we’re a medium-market Information Builders Performance Management Framework www. confirm that there’s a lot of ROI to be squeezed even from a straightforward. “ she clarity Systems.hostanalytics. the emphasis in best-of-breed mobile tools is on data access. Integrated Business Planner www.isis-solution. but the level of adoption is low.riverlogic. along with access to all your KPIs and project status data. who installed a BPM tool from Adaptive Planning last .com Quantrix Quantrix Modeler BPM Symphony Metreo SymphonyRPM Performance Management Platform www. myDIALS 3. and accessing data from spreadsheets for further myDIaLS corporater Corporater EPM Suite PROPHIX Software Inc. For now. “We’re making a lot of improvements as we go forward. in general.html Palladium group Executive Strategy Manager www. a Berkshire Hathaway Company. an IBM Planning Maestro www.mydials.board.2 A Dose of Vitamin BPM There are risks to being on the cutting centage Longview Solutions Longview 7 Oracle Hyperion Oracle Hyperion Planning www. most implementations remain focused on budgeting. and reporting rather than heavy-duty number crunching. organizations are a long way from having achieved maturity in their use of BI and BPM systems. A recent Ventana Research white paper sponsored by Business Finance (“Business Intelligence and Performance Management for the 21st Century”) found clearMomentum Inc. How about some tax research tools on your Blackberry? Check out CCH’s new Host analytics Corporate Performance Management Suite www.powerplancorp. PROPHIX www. CCH Mobile. Clarity www. I think that it would be difficult and not necessarily cost- WIN TER I 2010 I www. and forecasting. CONTROL www. But expect this to change as vendors scramble to meet the needs of an increasingly mobile workforce.longview. generating reports from River Logic SaS Institute Inc.informationbuilders. CorBusiness www. of course. SAS Financial Management www. PowerPlan Isis Solutions Inc.symphony-metreo. which is rental relocation services.businessfinancemag. BOaRD International BOARD ToolKit www. planning.

businessfinancemag. “As far as budgeting goes. 5 tagetik Tagetik 3.” Step-by-step also made sense to Megan Harris. This flexibility has been great. to read in a Deloitte study of global financial institutions back in February that these organizations are stepping up their governance and risk management software investments in a big way. SPM tools can help companies to improve their sales reporting and analytics. CFO of Dartmouth. and compliance (GRC) systems long before the collapse of the housing bubble — for all the good it did. the last full year before the crisis hit. which provides a way for senior executives to make decisions based on qualitative and quantitative risk information combined with SaLES PERFORMaNcE MaNagEMENt callidus Software Inc. and any efforts to expand in that direction would bump into stiff competition from vendors in the exploding sales performance management (SPM) sector. more is What’s Next for GRC? I was reassured. we’ve got a number of quick. a supplier of omega-3 food supplements and ingredients. Xactly corp. this has helped immensely.-based companies in all sectors are looking to upgrade their risk antennas in the wake of the crisis.tagetik. formal ERM process in place.bwise.compliance360. A lot of it for us was understanding sensitivity around assumptions: Was the approva corp. manage objectives and quotas. Let’s hope that in this case.” Then there’s what she calls the “element of connectedness” between Varicent Software Inc.S.0 www. BPM vendors haven’t made this a marketing focus.curasoftware. risk. Varicent Sales Performance Management www. we’re not any different from any other manufacturing firm. Nova Scotiabased Ocean buyers ’ guide 2010 effective for us to move to a really huge BPM system. They’ve become more independent. which until now has been left relatively undisturbed by the megavendors. we look at customer credit with open orders. In the drilldown. Of course. she points to enhanced reporting capabilities: “We’re doing weekly revenue runs. and so on. currency. more confident in how they’re looking at data and using the cura Software Solutions Cura Comply www. These little bites that we’re doing make a lot of sense.” One area that’s ripe for BPM in many organizations is sales. somewhat.” she recalls. Years of rapid growth had left the company’s budgeting and forecasting processes in need of a tune-up. ACL AuditExchange www. IBM’s purchase of Open I W INTER I 2010 . “We had little to no analysis or understanding of the data points. on-the-fly reports within a number of departments that can help us to track and trend. so they’re not as dependent on accounting or finance to give them the details. they can go into their G/L detailed expenses and see the vendors and the amounts. and I’d say that overall. track KPIs. fully double what they were spending in compliance 360 GRC Performance Center www. Among surveyed business leaders in the United States. we look at credit thresholds. Callidus Sales Performance Management Suite www.acl. currency going up or going down? What does this mean from a P&L viewpoint? Would there be a dramatic increase in the cost of our commodity oil?” The BPM system’s scenario-generation features gave Harris the view that she needed. it’s less reassuring to reflect that the big banks were leaders in installing enterprise risk management programs and governance. and plan incentive compensation. BizRights CCM Platform gRc acL Services Ltd. but they have a long way to go to catch up with their overseas competitors. contrast this with 46 percent of respondents in the global firms studied. what-if scenario modeling holds great promise for improving sales forecasting. “Everyone has control over their numbers.S. Xactly Sales Performance Management Suite www. data-based decision support that workers in other departments take for granted.varicent. as well as the monthly management reporting package that we send out to the board. Open Pages VP Gordon Burnes explained the strategy to Business Finance contributing editor Eric Krell in September: “IBM will help us to deliver on the vision of integrated risk management through finance and integrated risk management (FIRM). according to a September report from the American Institute of CPAs and the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. finalized in October. U. we have some risk drivers around cost.synygy. for the organization. it’s been a massive www.callidussoftware. The acquisition points to nothing less than a full-scale integration of GRC with BPM. Yet few companies have made the effort to provide their sales force with the dashboards and consistent. Asked to name some other benefits of the BWise BWise GRC Solution Synygy Synygy Sales Performance Management www. sent shock waves through the best-of-breed GRC community. just 11 percent say that they have a complete. The Big Four firm projected that spending at the world’s 100 biggest financial institutions would hit $200 billion by 2012.

com Protiviti GRC Portal Retooling Treasury For the past couple of years. Laurie Mega The Mega GRC Solution Lumigent appGRC www. such as “enhanced counterparty risk Mitratech TeamConnect GRC www.paisley. MetricStream Compliance Management Methodware ERA www. digital Starpoint Software Inc.clectconsulting.methodware. But paper is still the tREaSURY calypso technologies Calypso Cash and Treasury Management www. EMc corp. M&A activity in the space has been clearwater analytics Operating Fund Analytics www. principal in the firm’s technology consulting Infogix Oversight Systems Inc.metricstream.strategicthought. companies can select from a dizzying array of chesapeake System Solutions SmartTreasury www. treasurers have been enjoying a higher level of influence and visibility within the organization than they’ve experienced before. similar to what we saw in the performance management space a few years back? I’d put money on it. though. Consulting firm Treasury Strategies is urging companies to consider technology upgrades as a way to help treasury cope with these demands and prepare for a return to growth.html WIN TER I 2010 I www. and the health of the investment portfolio. Oversight www. End-to-end systems have been elusive in both the order-to-pay and order-to-collect zones of the working capital ecosphere.” Treasury workstation vendor Wall Street Systems went on a spending spree in midyear with its purchase of Neohapsis NeoGRC www. and risk management. an IBM co. given how busy they are trying to respond to barrages of management questions about cash Finsbury Solutions EUC Enterprise www.6 s o f t w a r e b u y e r s ’ g u i d e 2010 performance management metrics. McCulley points to SunGard’s alliance with FiREapps for foreign exchange exposure.chessys. including electronic invoice presentment and payment (EIPP) c/LEct consulting Inc. and cash/risk systems firm CityFinancials.mitratech. and the vendors are quickly filling those to come up with a more end-toend solution for treasury. Infogix Insight OpenPages. “There have been some gaps in treasury management system NEMEa Security Services LLc NEMEA Compliance Center www.” she adds. The C/LECT Cash Preprocessor www. RSA Archer eGRC Solutions www. improved FAS 157 and FAS 161 compliance. sees plenty to like in the current crop of specialized treasury software. Well.nemea.achieverplus. OpenPages Enterprise GRC Platform www. with companies preferring to build partnerships to bolster their competitive MetricStream trintech group PLc Unity Compliance . and different reporting engines — reporting is often a source of frustration for clients. and automated data capture tools.calypso. supplier networks. a bank account management software provider. counterparty Qumas QUMAS Compliance Solution Sword group Sword Achiever www.” Will 2011 bring a gold rush of GRC buyouts by the giant ERP firms. On the payables side. maybe “enjoying “ is not the right word. For the most thomson Reuters Paisley Enterprise GRC reporting. Compliance Navigator Strategic thought group Active Risk Manager www.archer.

he’s vice president of worldwide credit with Pointe-Claire. you know that the bill will come due and that the seller expects to get paid. Prudente acknowledges the need for awareness of the cultural norms. but the technology is not standing still. collections managers often spend hours on the phone every day chasing down the documents they need. or Spain and swap them if I wanted to.” he reports. it’s not your customer. whether you’re in Italy or India. hampering integration among billing.” The software gave Future a window into its cash collections worldwide. they’ll need to unlock investments in these two indispensible lubricants of sales expansion Wall Street Systems City Financials www.fireapps. Best-of-breed T&E software firms are certainly hoping that companies will put some thought into increasing visibility into these expenses and driving down processing costs. the words were starting to take on almost a nostalgic feel in the business context as companies slammed the brakes on both. just because the job is done in a similar fashion. whether it be cash collections or aging or DSO. and collections activities. Prudente can look at the numbers and suggest improvements — send that statement a week before the bill’s Kyriba corp.’ I mean just having collection routines and management meetings and saying.kyriba. Now it’s ingrained in what we do. “Well. Collections management software can be a big help for companies looking to streamline and standardize their processes. If the results are poor in gateway Systems Inc. While these systems’ document management. and version control features have wide applicability across the enterprise (especially in risk management and tax). send that FINcaD Fair Value Insight www. which offers a cloudbased platform that covers both employee expense reporting and indirect purchases www. But as corporate strategists cautiously swing their sights back to growth. archiving.wallstreetsystems. GATEWAY Treasury Management System www. or Canada that they do over there. The most efficient firms pay $6. The T&E segment remains compact.businessfinancemag. and we’re not going to be profitable if we’re not collecting our bills. accounting for 68 percent of all thomson Reuters Treasura http://tinyurl. As a result. which are very variable. Kyriba www. Clearingworks www. every one of our teams has basically similar results. Prudente recalls rolling out the system to overseas operations where even the basics were pretty sketchy: “The first step when I went to Europe was getting them on the same programs — and when I say ‘ T&E Days Are Here Again Travel — entertainment! Just a year ago. 7 Emagia corp. Quebec-based Future Electronics.usdataworks.25 on average to process a single expense buyers ’ guide 2010 most favored mechanism for business-to-business payments. it was the culture within Future that needed to change — for example. “Now. It2 treasury Solutions Ltd. these are our goals and objectives. We’re a for-profit business.” Companies looking to unsnarl paper-based cash management workflows should investigate the enterprise content management software Reval Reval www. our salesmen getting offended when you’d call their I W INTER I 2010 . The company recently completed an upgrade of a SunGard collections system that it’s been using internationally since 2003. and vendors are aggressively marketing to that strength. Italy. “I could take my staff in Hong Sungard AvantGard Treasury www. The people who were the biggest skeptics are now the biggest proponents. “It wasn’t so much the customers. if you purchase something. Automation can bring companies to the lower end of that range and provide actionable information for future sourcing decisions. but he points out that buying and selling are universal behaviors. New to our list this year is Coupa Software. Mr.’” You might think that tightening up collections in different countries would be a minefield of cultural sensitivities. they could do the same exact job in the U. After positive results in North America. Joe Prudente has done that on a global scale. according to a February study by Aberdeen Group. say. Paper still clogs the receivables channel. credit risk facilitation. more and more businesses are realizing that document imaging capabilities can transform A/P and A/R processes. one of the biggest distributors of electronic components in the world.reval. ‘This is what we are trying to achieve for cash collections this month. when they could be applying their core skills to the high-priority task of squeezing days sales outstanding (DSO).sungard.emagia. Salesman. IT2 Treasury Management System FiREapps FiREapps www. it’s our customer. too. remittance processing. according to technology research and consulting firm Paystream Advisors. Emagia Cash Flow Performance Management Suite www.” he recalls.it2tms.fincad. make that US Dataworks Inc. dominated by familiar names. the least efficient pay as much as $51.gatewaysystems.

in November. The tool enables users to manage itineraries.capgent.creditpointsoftware. the Tax & Accounting business of Thomson Reuters released ONESOURCE global tax Euler Hermes EOLIS www.ketera. In early October. it provides automated workflows that help companies to handle their tax capgent Capgent Order-to-Cash Suite www.proactis.equifax.aspx Equifax Business Credit Monitoring www.eulerhermes. Companies that use these systems to manage their assets can capitalize on such tax abatement opportunities more easily than those that rely on Ketera technologies Tying Tax Together For evidence of the vitality of this best-ofbreed Experian Information Solutions Tallyman Collections www. according to the company. NexusPayables www. Longview Tax 7. Ariba Procure-to-Pay Kofax MarkView Financial Suite RiskManagement. conduct inpolicy travel Emptoris Emptoris Suite www.basware. which extended bonus depreciation rules that had expired in 2009. which it claims is “the world’s first global tax software solution. Collections Manager for DNBi www.2. an “end-to-end solution” that it’s touting as the answer to what it describes (with some justification) as a new “hyper-regulatory” cortera Inc.asp Nexus Systems It encompasses indirect as well as direct tax tradecard Inc.8 s o f t w a r e b u y e r s ’ g u i d e 2010 that might typically be managed through an e-procurement Dun & Bradstreet Bottomline technologies Bottomline Payment and Cash Management Suite creditPoint Software nSight www. PaYaBLES ariba Inc.” Targeted to multinational corporations and large accounting Perfect commerce PerfectProcure www. T&E is an obvious candidate for mobile Brainware Brainware Distiller for Invoices www. Fixed asset management tools can also help users to enforce compliance with tax laws and GAAP rules. and global tax reporting needs on a single platform. Finally.nexussystems.tradecard. both among the tax department’s various processes and with its external data sources. pure-play tax technology firm Vertex unveiled Vertex Proactis Proactis Purchase-to-Pay REcEIVaBLES aND cOLLEctIONS aFS Financial Solutions Softrax Billing & Revenue Software www.experian.dnbisolutions. Vendors of fixed asset management software got a nice boost in September from the Small Business Jobs Act. Two weeks later. TradeCard www. eCredit Enterprise Credit www.coface. establish an audit Verian technologies ProcureIt www. look no further than the major product releases from three heavy-hitters within a few weeks of each other this past fall. and Concur was early to the game with its release in March of an application for BlackBerry or Windows mobile phones. A theme runs through them: better Basware Basware Purchase Management www. and approve expense coface @rating Credit Opinion www.softrax. and manage maintenance schedules. BPM provider Longview — long noted for its commitment to an integrated vision of tax and performance management — released a new version of its tax reporting engine. Ketera Network www. transfer . BF WIN TER I 2010 I www.emptoris. t&E EXPENSE MaNagEMENt concur technologies Sungard AvantGard Receivables BNa Software BNA Corporate Tax Analyzer www. CORPORATE Pro www.ezbackoffice. CORPTAX Advanced Global Provision Open text Open Text ECM Suite buyers ’ guide 2010 9 ezBackOffice ScH Business Solutions LLc DI Tax salesanduse Vertex DataBaSIcS Inc. ExpenseWatch WorkflowaR WorkflowAR www. I W INTER I 2010 .com Sentinel Development Solutions eCollections www. ezCash cORPtaX Inc.hylandsoftware.tinyurl.avalara. Concur Travel & Expense www.taxsation.worthitfixedassets. a Wolters Kluwer business CorpSystem RedMoon Fixed Assets Manager Fixed_Assets_Solutions Decision Support technology Bassets Pitney Bowes GeoTAX Enterprise Tax Management EMc Captiva www. Alfresco Expensable ExpensAble Corporate thomson Reuters ONESOURCE taxSation Speedtax SpeedTax Sales Tax Software Infor Infor Expense Management FIXED aSSEtS taX aDP Taxware Enterprise Pages/ SpringcM SpringCM Cloud Solutions for Finance and Administration Hyland Software OnBase Metafile Information Systems MetaViewer Fair Isaac corp.onesource.opentext.concur. ExpenseWatch.fico. FICO Recovery Management System cybershift Cybershift Expense ExpenseWire LLc ExpenseWire BNa Software BNA Fixed Assets www.thomsonreuters. DATABASICS Expense Reporting www.bnasoftware. Vertex Enterprise www.sungard.alfresco.aspx Open Scan Open Scan Corporate www. WorthIT Fixed Assets coupa Cloud Spend Management avalara Inc. AvaTax OnSite ENtERPRISE cONtENt MaNagEMENt alfresco Software Inc.workflowar.

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