The family as the nucleus of the society is the focus of a field of Community Health Nursing practice, Family Health Nursing. All goals of care and nursing interventions are directed towards the family to somehow help them augment their situation. For at least 4 weeks of exposure in the community, the group never thought that the experience would be as fulfilling and as worthwhile. All we have expected was a “championship” out of a critical game since CHN rotation is highly noted as the climax of all rotations within the semester. As we had our immersion in the community, we identified a family for the sake of presenting a family case presentation. But it turned out that we were not merely complying for requirements, rather, we nourished and facilitated our roles in the community as practicing student nurses. Being a health provider, counselor, teacher and facilitator in the community makes our work a wonder. As a health provider, we aim to sustain a balanced and healthy lifestyle of community residents through carrying out appropriate nursing interventions for disease prevention and health maintenance; as a counselor, we establish rapport with the family and through that, we were able to facilitate their consultation with regards to their health concerns and others; as a teacher, we were able to impart health teachings to little by little modify their unpleasant practices that contribute to the risks of health and augment their situation; and lastly, as a facilitator, wherein we were able to make services available for the family, imparting instructions and facilitated the use of basic interventions such as proper handwashing to prevent the spread of infection and any kind of diseases. Certainly, these encounters were added to our bank of experiences. Every moment spent were worthwhile specially that we were not only learning, but we were also continuing to build strong friendships and relationships that were very useful in making the exposure successful and fulfilling. Ü

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