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CTA: Chartered Tax Adviser

The CTA qualification will help you to develop the skills needed to give advice on all aspects of taxation.

Tax training for the 2011 exams

See all your options at www. = Full preparation for the exam Key dates For the May 2011 examination sitting • Closing date for receipt of examination entry forms for the May exams.Studying with BPP BPP is an established leader in the field of accountancy and tax training. + Phase 2: Revision. you must have completed your e-assessments by this date. 4 Nine training centres with state of the art facilities .weekday. Phase 1: Taught. reducing the need to make notes and allowing you to focus your study time. July • You will receive your May exam results.knowledgeable. If you are sitting Application and Interaction. Find continuously updated dates at www.progress updates. November January 2012 May End August • Exams are held on 1 & 2 November 2011. one-to-ones and phone and email contact to keep you on track for success. • You will receive your November exam results. The revision phase teaches you on a step-by-step basis how to best apply your knowledge through question practice.bpp. If you are sitting Application & 4 Constant support . Your learning experience with BPP BPP’s approach to exam preparation will help build your core skills and enhance your exam technique. For the November 2011 examination sitting • Closing date for receipt of examination entry forms for the November exams. 4 Exclusive study materials . distance learning and fast track options. Saturday.bpp. Our expertise and high standard of quality is reflected in pass rates consistently higher than the national average. experienced and dedicated to helping you pass your exams. End February • Exams are held on 4 & 5 May .bpp. you must have completed your e-assessments by this date. visit www. The taught phase will provide you with knowledge of key subject areas that you need to learn and understand in order to pass the exam. + Phase 3: Exam Practice. 4 Flexible course options .built for engaging lecture delivery. To see the full range of study materials you will receive. designed to fit around your personal and business life. giving you the confidence you need to tackle the exam and pass with flying colours. The exam practice phase allows you to perfect your exam technique. evening.our course and revision notes are exclusive to BPP classroom 4 The best tutors .

Trusts and Estates Taxation of Owner Managed Businesses (OMB) (You should choose a tax that you covered at Advisory level.) Exam Format: One 3-hour exam. The CTA exams follow a modular structure. Trusts and Estates Corporation Tax • VAT • OMB Individuals • IHT Taxation of Individuals.) Exam Format: Two 3-hour exams Pass Mark 50% Awareness .select one Taxation of Companies Taxation of Individuals. you may decide to specialise in an area of taxation. You are required to sit four three-hour papers and two one-hour e-assessments. For students doing two papers per sitting. Trusts and Estates (Modules answered at Advisory level cannot be the same as those answered at Awareness level. Trusts and Estates VAT Exam Format: One 3-hour exam 12 short form questions Pass Mark 50% E-assessments .com/cta Areas of specialism Depending on your current role and the direction you wish to take your tax career.bpp. based on Case Study Pass Mark 50% Advisory . Generalist Awareness Level Advisory Level Application & Interaction Level Corporation Tax • IHT • VAT Individuals • OMB OMB three Corporation Tax Taxation of Individuals Taxation of Owner Managed Businesses (OMB) IHT.The CTA qualification Studying the CTA qualification Qualifying as a Chartered Tax Adviser demonstrates that you can give advice on all aspects of taxation matters. You can sit all four papers in one sitting. CTA syllabus Application & Interaction . The CTA syllabus structure allows you to obtain detailed tax knowledge in a given two Taxation of Individuals Taxation of Owner Managed Businesses (OMB) Advanced Corporation Tax IHT.complete two CBAs Ethics Law Exam Format: One hour e-assessment 40 correct answers out of 60 ENTRY Find out more about each paper and credits available at www. or sit two at a time (see Areas of Specialism below for recommended order). Chartered Tax Advisers will typically have increased chances of career progression in addition to increased salary and benefits. Trusts & Estates Corporate Individuals • VAT • IHT Advanced Corporation Tax • OMB Taxation of Companies . the papers you should do first are shown in blue.

com/tax/brochures and send by fax or post.bpp. Bristol. Key sources of information www. we offer you a free revision course for your retake.Inside Careers Tax career advice To contact CTA directly: Email: Tel: Address: education@ciot.HM Revenue and Customs www. .bpp.insidecareers. If you are unsuccessful. Cambridge. Reading.BPP’s tax study centres We have tax study centres in Birmingham.CTA: click on ‘Students and qualifications’ then ‘CTA qualification’ How to book 4 4 Complete an application form at That’s why. Find full T&Cs at and Southampton. 4 Find out more about our centres at www. 0844 579 6700 The Chartered Institute of Taxation 1st Floor Artillery House 11-19 Artillery Row London SW1P 1RT . Call 0845 075 1100 4 4 4 4 4 4 Pass Assurance We are confident that we can get our students through their exams. This Pass Assurance is offered on the condition of full attendance on both taught and revision courses. .