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Distribution Line Lightning protection 3kv≤33kv

Case Study
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The 100m tower was not providing the 45˚ degree shield as suggested by most lightning specialists. They decided to use 9x arrestors at the installation. with no solution at hand. Solution : 22kv Transformer Combi unit & 22kv Firewall.Case Study – Vodacom Tower A) 100M Cellphone Tower . On average two to three 315Kva transformers were lost annually at site MACV/137/36/2. due to an incorrect fuse-arrestor configuration. The Eskom engineers were complaining about excessive fuse blows. with i bl ti it ith incredible dibl amounts of fuse blow (outages) & transformer damage occurrences.Combi unit & Arrestor Firewall The Th 100 meter l t long V d Vodacom cell phone t ll h tower was a problematic site. with no real solution to the problem. in rainy conditions. The consistent callouts were plaguing the Eskom engineers. . Problems : Consistent transformer losses & nuisance fuse blows.

Case Study – 100m V Vodacom Tower .

Case Study – 100m V Vodacom Tower Problems : 100m Vodacom Tower 1) 2) ) 3) 4) 5) Consistent Fuse Blows. Unsafe working conditions. Transformer damage every rainy season. g Surge Arrestor damage. 315Kva Pole mounted transformer. BEFORE . Poor arrestor maintenance.

5) Consistent callouts.Case Study – 100m V Vodacom Tower Problems : 1) 9x surge arrestors installed. 2) 4x Blown arrestors. 4) Consistent Transformer losses. (encircled) 3) Nuisance fuse blowing. BEFORE .

positioning Fuses should not be installed. 2) Fuses were in the path of the lightning transient. were creating voltage differentials on the transformers & damaging the insulation. BEFORE . Fuses. 3) Blown fuses. in front of the arrestors.Case Study – 100m V Vodacom Tower A Problems : 1) Fuses were installed in the incorrect positioning. 4) Frequent callouts to change fuse elements.

3) Surge arrestors. AFTER .Case Study – 100m V Vodacom Tower Firewall (Surge arrestors) ( g ) b A Transformer Combi unit Solution : A 1) Combi unit for transformer protection. 2) Fuses were replaced with solid links. were replaced in front of fuses to drain the surges & eliminating fuse blows. This was the first line of defence against lightning.

Case Study – 100m V Vodacom Tower Firewall Transformer Combi Upward view AFTER .

Case Study – 100m V Vodacom Tower Transformer Combi AFTER .

Transformer Combi Unit Surge Arrestor Firewall Solid Links Improvements : I t a) Firewall – Drain incoming transients.Case Study – 100m V Vodacom Tower Transients . were coming in from the Valley with no protection from the 100m tower. Drainage Point Drainage Point b) Transformer Combi unit – Transformer protection. ) AFTER .

which was costing E k hi h ti Eskom i excess of in f R150 000 / annum. The existing standard (fuse-arrestor) season (fuse arrestor) configuration was not adequate. Thus it is apparent that existing fuse-arrestor configurations. The 22kv Combi protected the transformer. Total savings over the past two years is about R300 000 000. It was decided to utilise both products in conjunction with each other as it was a critical i t ll ti ith h th iti l installation. only intensified the problem. The annual cost now. . The Solution A 22kv firewall was installed to provide a first line of defence to over voltage protection.Case Study – 100m V Vodacom Tower Conclusion C l i The 100 meter long Vodacom cell phone tower was not providing a so called “45˚ degree shield” as suggested by most lightning specialists. The 22kv Transformer Combi unit & 22kv Firewall had a total cost of R 18 500-00. Lightning was coming in on the line and damaging the 315kva transformer every season. Adding extra surge arrestors to the installation. is a surge arrestor replacement of about R800-00. No transformers have been lost since October 2007 2007. in electrical utilities needs to be reviewed & changed.

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