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A NEW, STRANGE WAR "Give the kingdom to the King of Heaven; the King of Heaven after that gift

...would restore it to its original estate...In God's name we must fight them! The Noble King will have today the greatest victory...Victory is founded in Our Lord and nowhere else!" (Joan of Arc, Maid of Orleans, 1429) "Give us aid against the foe, for worthless is the help of men.Under God we shall do valiantly; it is He Who will tread down our foes"(Ps 108:13-14). "For the King over all the earth is God...He reigns over the nations"(Ps 47: 8-9). This page is dedicated to: Christ the King, Lord of All Nations Never in the history of modern man has anything ever been recorded that was so spectacular, so astonishing, so absolutely magnificent as the triumph of 15th century France over England. In a period of one year, from May 1429 to May 1430, a very young seventeen year old shepherdess was raised up by God to restore the rightful heir, Charles VII, and his crown to the kingdom of France. Since 1337, France had been embroiled with the English in what has come to be known as the "Hundred Years War"; and the French had suffered greatly. Perhaps it was, as King Henry V of England stated, that "God was punishing them", for not only were they suffering the ravages of war but they had also been afflicted with epidemics including the Black Plague. By 1415, things had gone from bad to worse and almost eight thousand soldiers laid dead as casualties of just one battle when the English sieged Agincourt and took the Duke of Orleans captive; by 1418 the English had entered the capital city of Paris! However, as Joan of Arc, herself, had stated, because of the loving intercession of St. Louis IX and holy Charlemagne, and the desperate prayers of the people of France "God had great pity" on them. (Both 13th century King Louis IX and 9th century Charles the Great (Charlemagne) were devoted to God and His Church. They were known as extraordinary rulers who were pious and just. Charlemagne restored the Holy Roman Empire and was crowned by Pope Leo III as emperor. Charles Martel, great grandfather of Charlemagne and earlier king of Gaullic France, was renowned as a great defender of the Faith defeating the Saracens (Muslims) in the battle of Tours in 732. It was Charles Martel's sword which God had directed Joan of Arc to use to defeat the British at Orleans and turn the tide in favor of France. King Louis IX, worked closely with the Dominicans in destroying the Albigensian heresy which still lingered after the death of St. Dominic. He also rid France of the constant persecutions and attacks of the remaining Islamic peoples who literally looked to kill religious and clerics at the time. Both King Louis and Charlemagne understood that Christ was the true King and they were His servants. King Louis also led two crusades in an effort to convert the Islamic nations to Christianity. These rulers were great unifiers; they worked tirelessly to defend the Faith and to maintain the sovereignty of the Church over the earthly kingdoms. They reigned with great nobleness, justice and heroic charity; and, like Joan of Arc, the Cross of Our Lord was emblazoned on their standards. They knew that their reigns were divinely given to them and that they were to serve God and the people whom God had entrusted to their kingdoms on earth. This they understood was what they were born for, just as St. Joan of Arc understood this so very well; yet, today this no one seems to understand! As Charlemagne, King Louis IX and St. Joan of Arc restored the kingdoms to Christ the King, so now too will the Lady of All Nations!) Think of it. Joan of Arc, an illiterate farm girl who could not even sign her own name leading an entire nation to victory! Who could even imagine such a story, yet there it is in the annals of history. She, the simple peasant girl who loved her family and who would have preferred to remain in the small country village of Domremy for the rest of her life, is now a saint and legendary hero of France. Joan of Arc had not only courageously led thousands of soldiers and fought on the battlefields of France but gave up her young life just two years later for God and country, for tiara and crown! Ponder this, if you will. How was it that such a poor "commoner" of no social status and lacking even social graces, so much so that she could hardly converse on most topics, was able to gain the confidence of soldiers, knights, men of significant social standing and the Dauphin, future king of France, himself? How was it that such a child was able to ride and handle a powerful

cf. In other words. Furthermore. if we are repentant and humbly beseech Him! As a matter of fact. in the prophecies given to us by Our Mother at Amsterdam and those given by Himself in the Eucharistic messages. and most certainly if one were an agnostic or atheist for the answers to these questions cannot be extrapolated from the minds of men. "the world at the moment and the world of later".steed like a well trained chevalier? And how was it that this "Maid of Orleans" assumed the highest command position without predjudice from the ranks of soldiers. Bastard of Orleans). things have gone from bad to worse in that now the nations are experiencing a time unlike any other. the historical facts of Joan of Arc very clearly and unequivocally demonstrate that the "Catholic Church is the community of nations" (cf. As in the message of Fatima and the farewell message of the Lady of All Nations. Today there is the perception that God is some distant Being. as well as the fact that God is merciful and has "great pity" for us. to act like a soldier. or a humanist. naturally accustomed to being led by soldiers who in that time were only of the male gender? What was it that enabled Joan. as King Henry V of England once said. or a deist perhaps. ultimately giving up her own life? Surely. the significance of obedience to God is underscored in this episode of French history. hymns and prayers! For it has always been and always will be that through the Lady of All Nations we shall come to the Lord of All Nations! As in the time of 15th century France. none of this would have been possible. And indeed the evil is very great today and perhaps it is. Essentially. Joan of Arc parallels the overall message as given to us by Our Lady in her final apparitions at Amsterdam which is that through "beholding Our Mother" we. yet just as in the days of Joan of Arc "by God the men of battle will do battle and God will give victory" (Joan of Arc)! However. the very events of today which are unfolding right before our eyes! But there is one thing we must remember: if we want to call down the fire of God upon the prophet of Baal (a reference to Mohammed and the Islamic terrorist nations. The Third Secret of Fatima). think like a military strategist. the nations. This is the very reason that the story of Joan of Arc stands out with such clarity that it cannot be ignored or even argued away. "Act and God will act"! Prologue to the Prophecies of the Lady of All Nations for Today In 1947 the Lady of All Nations depicted to the late Ida Peerdeman of Amsterdam. the saintly woman through whom the last messages of this Marian era were given. Miss Peerdeman was given messages and . intangible. beginning with the apparitions of the Miraculous Medal and closing with those of Amsterdam. Yet God in His infinite mercy has "great pity" for us and therein lies our hope and our consolation for as the reader will note God has laid out for us. It is as Joan of Arc once said. because as a Cardinal Fornari of Italy once said in 1851 "the evil must be very great". that is. in His love and in His interventions. today. for God is concrete in every way imaginable: in His actions. Mk 9)! For Joan. And they have struck a savage blow. these questions are intriguing and they would be downright confounding if one were a pragmatist. lead like an experienced commander and all without prior training? Who was this Joan of Arc and how was it that she came to be filled not only with such abilities but with such zeal for her country? Where did this young Maid acquire such interior strength fortifying her with great hope. aloof and abstract. Lady of All Nations) or to put it another way. the overall message of God through St. shall "behold Our Lord" recognizing His reign over us and thus attaining the peace of the Holy Spirit! Joan of Arc was so aware of this fact that she established morning and evening devotions to "Holy Mary" dutifully on a daily basis with full processions. instead of sending us a "Joan of Arc". "What she did in warfare and in battle was rather of God than of man" (Jean. that "God is punishing" us. a young girl. Kings: Elijah) then we must convert and repent otherwise Our Lady will not be able to "hold back the hand of God" (cf. But nothing could be further from the truth. herself a mere human being. that the nations "belong to the Kingdom of God" (Joan of Arc) and Christ the King is Lord of All Nations. these Islamic nations have declared war on the kingdoms of God calling them the infidels. God has once again directly intervened by sending His Mother and ours. The events culminating in the restoration of the monarchy of 15th century France and the chivalrous actions of Joan of Arc can only be evaluated and judged in the light of God's standard (cf. however "with God all things are possible" (cf. Mk 10). in that the Islamic nations have declared war against all Christian nations and the Jewish nation of Israel. great endurance and the ability to make great sacrifices.

the significance of the Annunciation is underscored. When this happens the Cross will be the center of this world and Christ will reign the nations. The third apparition. the return of mankind to Our Lord. She sees the triumphant Eucharistic procession in Amsterdam! This will happen only after Our Lady is crowned "Lady of All Nations: Co-redemptrix. however. Next. represented by Cain. she represents the world. with the victory. which would consequently precipitate certain events occurring in the future. This time Ida is directed to pick up a crucifix. when the veiled prophecies are understood at a later date through events transpiring in the exact manner they were foretold. Yes. a mixture of near present and distant future events. the nations too must say "yes" to the Cross in order to have true peace. The more Israel withdrew from God over the years. Our Lord reminds Israel how He has kept His covenant but they have not and He utters. the more it has suffered from an escalation of violent terroist attacks. its sinfulness and the resulting specific events which have occurred and will occur as foretold by the Lady of All Nations if "mankind does not return to Our Lord" (1946). The pattern of messages. she does so very slowly for it is so very heavy. Our Merciful God has intervened in an extraordinary way today just as He did in 15th century France for the kingdoms truly do belong to the "King of Heaven"! So now let us enter "the world of later" which is our present moment. as if on center stage. the history of modern man and his struggles today are summed up. we have been given the complete scenario of modern man's dilemma. It is at this point She speaks of England and America. that emerged as a result would seem rather complicated and one that would not lend itself easily to interpretation without guidance from the Holy Spirit. the veil is lifted and thus the "signs contained in Our Lady's words" at Amsterdam should either impress those who doubt that God would intervene in such a concrete way or help those who have been confused by false and misleading signs and wonders! Incidentally. as we see mankind does finally. the vision ends abruptly. turning in a complete circle. "All at once everything is gone!" In a nutshell. to be exact. This whole depiction is striking for it is certainly evident today that Israel as a nation of God's chosen people has become just as secularized as the rest of the world breaking its covenant with God. The Prophecies for Today The time is 1945. which is that like Mary. Finally. the feast of the Annunciation. Such wisdom has foiled the enemy in that "one can only see the reign of God unless he is gotten from above" (Jn 3:13) and to whom the Holy Spirit wishes to reveal Himself in the time He so chooses so that "the adversaries will be powerless to refute or to contradict" (Lk 21:15). now Israel represented by Abel is once again being persecuted by the Arab nations.visions of the near present and the future. Mediatrix. However. take up the Cross. the Mother of All Nations. In an almost inaudible voice. Ida sees another image again depicting the end of all these struggles. the future being the result of man's free will choices. Of course. 1945. The most extraordinary fact is that these messages clearly and accurately delineate this modern era. at which point the demeanor of Our Lady becomes very pensive and sad. that is that the Cross of Our Lord has been forsaken. A little less than one month later Our Lady warns: "Listen mankind. continues with messages similar to the previous except toward the end. She declares with deepest sorrow and tenderness that both England and . "Yahweh is ashamed of His people". The Cross is laid before Ida. these messages were first published in Holland with Bishop Oomens' imprimatur in 1970 and then in Germany with the translation also receiving the imprimatur in 1971! This little known but important detail attests not only to the fact that messages contain nothing contradictory to faith and morals but also that the publication at such an early date. In addition. July 29. almost 32 years ago. In one short but very powerful vision. although with much reluctance and with a great struggle. You will preserve the peace if you believe in Him". Once again the Cross is the centerpiece of the message. Ida then witnesses Cain killing Abel and fleeing. and Advocate" and the Cross of Our Lord stands at the center of this world. thus. his "present" actions. Thus. As she picks up the heavy Cross. which is in essence the victory of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. as though She is deeply distressed. so that it may clearly be seen by one and all. March 25. God is Wisdom and there is indeed wisdom in presenting the prophecies of the Lady of All Nations in this manner. It is today exactly as was portrayed in this message over 55 years ago! God in His displeasure has withdrawn His protection from Israel. points directly to their originality and uniqueness. with the crucifix in her hands she lifts up her arms way above her head and slowly she pivots the world.

Even the words used by the Lady of All Nations are the same words President Bush of the United States of America used in describing the attack on America and the current war! This message should send shock waves up the spine of every reader for who can deny the truth of it. The truth is that both England and America would have been Catholic nations today. Incidentally. (The Masons appointed Karl Marx to write the "Communist Manifesto" . After the American Revolution massive efforts were made in America to minimize the Catholic population by the political leaders of that country who at that time who professed to being Christians but who were in reality Masons. Pope John Paul II (1978-) who is totally devoted to Our Lady and has consecrated his papacy and the world to Her Immaculate Heart. well known symbols of both the Islamic nations and the Masonic organization. This will only happen after very difficult and perhaps appalling times. the way it was meant to be! We recommend that the reader check out the the page entitled "La Salette History". Our Lady refers to the Church. and subsequently. In reference to Our Lady's remark concerning the conversion of England and America. This page provides some interesting highlights on the revolt of nations against God and His Church. such as those of Germany. great dogma. In light of the September 11 attacks on America and the coalition which was thereafter formed with England. (This statement is not meant to reflect any veracity with regard to President Bush's current motivations. saying that "they want go back [withdraw/ retreat]. among other great deeds. She instructs mankind to "Take up the Cross". In the mid 19th century and early 20th century when America received a multitude of immigrants. She reminds us to read the papal encyclicals while remarking that "they are not being lived up to". is that the population in America is basically Protestant. Then Our Lady admonishes "mankind who has no appreciation" for Her Son's Cross and His Church. One month later on August 29. He is the one Our Lord referred to as crowning Our Lady under Her newest title and proclaiming Her last. the Lady appeared again.America "will find their way back" to Her.. Intermittently. those who were Catholic found it difficult to maintain the faith because of the lack of Catholic missionaries and religious in that country at that time. including America. October 7. and to Justice and Truth. 1945. meaning that these countries will become Catholic nations. The most stunning part of this particular message was Our Lady's prediction of "a new. Norway and Holland were Protestant. She comments on the need for a deeper formation in training of priests and religious. She made particular references to three popes: Pope Pius X (1903-1914) who dedicated his papacy to restoring the nations to Christ. all her colonies after that were Protestant. Sweden. Interestingly.until the moment when something dreadful will happen" which will cause the focus of this world to shift towards Our Lord and His Cross. (Their once totally Catholic nations became either partially or primarily Protestant nations as a result of Luther's Reformation!) The outcome of all this. this message certainly appears to be concerned with this moment. She alluded to the fact that the Church is to form the community of nations. Ida also sees "a new white Dove" which is to descend over the world and Who "will put the world in order". 95 % of America was colonized by Catholic Spain and Catholic France. throughout this message. as well as some very important prophecies relevant to these times. It is at this point that we see the vision which is very similar to the Third Secret of Fatima with Our Lord slowly dragging His Cross. Pope Pius XII (1939-1958) who dedicated himself to fighting heresies and was the first pope so deeply devoted to the messages of Fatima that he made them renown and spread devotion to Our Lady's Immaculate Heart throughout the world. ushering in the victory and the resultant peace of the Holy Spirit upon the world. in the distant future which will cause terrible havoc"! Nothing needs to be added to this prophecy as we are living in the middle of its fulfillment. yet strange war. this message begins with an overview of the Eastern hemisphere of which Ida is shown a "sun and the half moon". it also seems to have a foreboding air about it which bespeaks of serious times ahead for these two nations. remember that England was Catholic up until the reign of King Henry VIII. away from here".) Now we come to the last message for the year of 1945 which was given on Our Lady's feast day of the Holy Rosary. "alone in the world. The truth is that at least two thirds of all 19th century immigrants to America. vigorously opposing the idea of separation of Church and State.. Following this. for there was at the moment of this pronouncement "a peculiar cloud hanging over the world". It is also a well known fact that during that same period there was much discrimination against Catholics and the Church in America suffered from tremendous persecutions as well.

Louis XVI. Now Ida in a vision views America and Europe "lying side by side". is that only with the Cross of Our Lord shall we conquer! Then Ida is given a sorrowful vision of Europe and she hears Our Lady say. prevailed upon the people to pray the rosary! We can never win this kind of war without God. Our Mother. A Summarization of All the Prophecies for Today So far we have seen in the messages given over a period of five months the whole sequence of events which are unfolding now... With the Lord of All Nations at our side."a biblical symbol of the devil. Rev 19:20). Lucia and like the 18th century King of France. but now everything has brightened up". Today.I predict another great catastrophe for the world. which commemorates the defeat of the Turks at Lepanto which was given to us by God when the Pope Pius V. February 7. sixty-six years later... This. "jumping through the lot". Suddenly.". refers to the recent attack on America which is represented by the "stars". of course. It is now "late" just as Our Lord said at Pontevedra in 1929 to Sr. The circle is also symbollic of evil. present day Russia (represented here by the separated hammer and sickle indicating the past dissolution of the USSR).. the United States (stars).) This is followed by a prophetic vision of communist China and the color red above all these nations... the nations. China would never have been a communist nation nor any other country.. "the soldiers will do battle and God will give victory" (Joan of Arc)! Today we must pray not only for the conversion of Islamic nations but for the conversion all nations this is why the Lady of All Nations has given us a most powerful prayer for these times. Mohammed. 1946: Holding the child Jesus states "Let those who are for Him be watchful! I cannot give sufficient warning.. These seem to "whirl around together" while "a circle appears on the left and through this the globe is turning".H. a "great number of stars are in the air". "This is the desolation.Be on guard Europe. some of these nations are now being supplied by either Russia or China with weapons of war and mass destruction. undoubtedly. In order to facilitate the reader. On the image of the Lady of All Nations the Eastern half of the globe that She stands on is shadowed and is a pictorial representation of Her prophecy concerning the nations in the Far East and their offensive today against the Judeo-Christian western world. October 7.. Towards the end of this message Our Lady states. who have vowed to either convert us by sword or destroy us. a Dominican.. Both Joan of Arc and Charlemagne had these letters inscribed on their banners." Then Ida sees the globe as if it will burst asunder. 1947: Ida sees the letters "I. What is meant by the phrase. The fact is that many present Islamic nations were at one time either former communist allies or were closely linked with them or even had been governed under communist regimes.but go and work! December 26. nor would we be experiencing this "strange new war" with the Islamic nations. England you will have to go back to the Highest. the Highest"! June 9. Arabs and so on". new war" have been included.but it will be difficult". The Lady of All Nations indicates that this catastrophe will emanate from the East. As if to make this whole vision crystal clear Our Mother appeared to us on the same date. December 7. and finally added to this group are the Islamic nations (crescent and sun)..pray and work for the right end..disaster upon disaster. Only those relating to current events and the "strange. the rest of the messages are abridged. we are being attacked by the same followers of The False Prophet (cf. The "Sign". "In This Sign". As a matter of fact. This is what is meant by "the color red above all those nations". "The whole world will have to get back to it.. if we had listened to Our Lady at Fatima we would have seen by now a great Christianization of the world with the Cross of Our Lord at its center. warns "the East against the West. is the Cross of Our Lord. 1946: The Lady.S.England make no mistake as to your task. we..and funded the cause of communism throughout the world. If we had listened to Our Lady's message at Fatima and prayed for the conversion of Russia. These attacks come from the "various eastern tribes-Persians. Then she witnesses what appears to be another prophecy about these tumultous times which involves Israel (blue and white stripes). 1947: In this message Jerusalem is warned of attacks possibly with chemical weapons of war. This is the Latin abbreviation for In Hoc Signo which reads "In This Sign". She then sees "a sort of buck or mountain goat.. "It was black on that globe. as in the past. just like our Christian ancestors of early and medieval Europe. are now suffering the consequences. Ida then witnesses "the hand of the sun dial" spinning backwards indicating . To this She points to Cross again and says.

It is only a matter of time before the moment is forced to its horrendous crisis. Towards the end of the message Our Lady says... including attacks from other heathen nations such as the warring Islamic nations.and devour" their enemies.Nature too will change. John's book of Revelations. Thus it will be as the Lady declared. Then She .. Then She states.Once more I point out to you the first and greatest commandment is love. Or one might say this represents the depiction in St. and only later will there be an ascent". symbolized by the eagle.. it is as if this nation stands on the edge of a precipice.the fight is about to begin. like a light throughout the world instilling great love and devotion to Our Mother. Dominic's Order of Preachers and considered Our Lady's own order. exactly fifty-four years later.Israel shall do valiantly and Jacob shall overcome his foes" (cf. who are represented by the lioness but in the end these people "spring forth like a lioness.. 1948: Our Lady commands all Christians to unite in the good cause "for the struggle begins" as the floodgates of sin are opened.a monarch will reign. "From all this chaos a struggle will first ensue. "You will see that Cross will be set up again only after much misery and disaster".) October 1.9. brotherly love". 1949: America is warned of the chemical weapons that Russia has prepared. spreading the gospel of Our Lord. 1950: Our Lady tells mankind. Ida is told that now "great events are now coming to a climax" and that "some governments have already resigned and more will follow. August 15. True God's Holy City! Concluding this vision. "blessed is he who blesses you [Israel]. You do not see that?" (The word "full" refers to corruption and sin etc. Next there are visions and prophecies concerning a plague and cholera and germ warfare. and only later there will be an ascent". Then a lioness and an eagle appear to the right of the dog. "Let each one do all that he can.that times repeat themselves in that not only are the Mohammedans once again attacking the nations just they had in previous eras but also by the fact that the nations of the world appear to be at war again. stands to the left of the Lady while a dog holding a torch in his mouth comes and stands nobly in front of the Lady like a soldier ready to defend Her or to fight for Her. apparently referring to one of the islands of the Philippines. In short.. 1950: Great pain is predicted for India. Through all this the "dog with the torch". The wolf.19). "America be forewarned here"... She also sees what appears to be Arabic script followed by a vision of China and Formosa and "a smaller island further down". the forces of evil against the forces of good. in which the followers of the beast and the false prophet represented by the wolf. the heathens (Muslims) will teach you!" (Psalm 106: 40-42 sums up just what Our Lady was conveying in this message.. Then Our Lady declares.. as if in reproach to the past and present apathy and indifference of Christian nations : "Christian peoples. March 28. Who is Christ. and cursed is he who curses you. Ida sees a "sword (symbol of the Islamic Jihad) hanging over Europe and the East". Ida then see a torpedo and physically she loses "sensibility" as does occur with a radioactive bomb.A great disaster will occur that will startle them. After this Our Lady points to the East and West while striking Her breast three times. a world of modern pagan nations corrupted by greed and a lust for power and all the savage violence that comes with it.. eventually ushering in Her coronation day which bring the much longed for peace of the Holy Spirit and the conversion of all nations. and stalks forth like a lion who rests not till it has devoured its prey and has drunk the blood of the slain" and their King "shall rise. persecute and oppose the followers of the Lamb.. 1950: Ida is shown people of the Far East who appear to be Muslims. Then Ida sees a wolf which represents a predatory beast. the turmoil and violence in Israel mounts with ever increasing rage and rapacity.) May 7. Nm 23:24 & Nm 24:8... will work and pray. May 27. "From all this chaos a struggle will first ensue. The Baltic is full.Degeneration. 1949: Our Lady warns: "Russia will try to deceive everyone in everything she does.. especially in Jerusalem . February 14. This whole vision suggests that there will be a great battle.the One. From this vision it is also understood as in previous messages that war will be waged against the people of Israel. Ida then witnesses "Eastern peoples holding their hands before their faces in Jerusalem" while she hears "they will weep and wail with great anguish over their city". which is St. very briefly and powerfully". which Ida sees. Day by day. the wolf stands for the evil of today's world.. Then words echo out.

which are also involved in bringing "about destruction to the world". She warns: "Christians. Turkey is also warned to be on alert and then there is a quick view of the Bosporus and Dardenelles. through Ida. In other words. England. we are experiencing God's miraculous protection from these meteors everyday and no one even realizes this! It could very well be that God Who is our Creator would remove His Hand of protection over this earth and allow one of these meteors or asteroids to fall to earth as a punishment. Bring back 'the Lady of All Nations" to England. You. of the Great Commandment of Love." December 3. Shoemaker and Levy. Jesus Christ. has received the nations as "His . England. Blood. Russia has always eyed this area jealousy for its warm water pathways which would be the perfect port giving her both greater naval ability and allowing her to more easily export her abundant oil supplies. it is in a no win situation. 1951: Our Lady warns that "all nations groan under the yoke of Satan" but a little later She adds. At the same time.a figure" which symbolically represents the communist nation of Russia and its insidious ideology and which has strongly influenced these particular nations so much so that Ida sees them tied together in a "big chain". Despite statements which mislead people into believing that Allah is the same god of the Jews and Christians. hearing of meteor showers and meteorite fragments falling to earth! Recently. "The Blessd Trinity will reign over this world again". yet Our Mother warned us of this approximately 45 years before these scientists made this startling discovery! The fact is that it is only because of God's merciful designs that more meteorites and asteroids have not fallen to earth and caused inconceivable devastation as they do quite commonly to other planets within our galaxy. When Our Mother warns us. Ida "discerns. To America. Our Lady addresses particular nations. in the last couple of years. Within this country there is much political strife and from without Turkey could end up in a war with the Kurdish factions which border her country. Our Lady tells Ida "be sure to grasp all this and make it known". who depicted Jesus as a man who was only a prophet and not The Word Incarnate. Further into this message. This is quite the opposite of what most Catholic parishes encouraging which is the image of the Resurrected Christ or the Cross without Christ or. Our Lady declares that France "you will be and have been destroyed in your faith. realize your duty and work for the Church of Rome. will not be able to continue without the help of others. The harsh reality is that the September 11 attack in the United States seems to have served as a springboard for war among nations of the same agenda. in the early part of the last decade the astronomers. Repeatedly the Lady of All Nations reminds the nations. The one thing that has enraged Satan is that Jesus the Christ is the Word Incarnate Who truly dwells and reigns among the nations in His will save your country only by taking it back to the Cross and 'Votre Dame'...." Then Ida see color red over France while She hears: ". Then pointing Her finger. no Cross at all. In addition. 1950: Here there is a prophecy concerning Europe in which the Oder river and its tributaries run "red with blood". This warning places the timing for these events at this present moment for we are only lately. the Lady of All Nations warns of meteors saying "watch out for them". the fact is that Allah is nothing but a creation of The False Prophet (cf. we should take Her warnings seriously by repenting and praying! This message of August. Revelations ). November 15. Soul and Divinity. To England She states: "I shall come back. especially in the East. Turkey is in a precarious position. 1951: During this apparition. namely.declares "half of this is the East". The fact is that Russia is not the only country that is interested in this area obviously.. At the end of this long message. Greece and Germany. Our Lord and Savior. not to mention the fact that she would then aggrandise her territorial assets by occupying the adjacent countries eventually. the heathens of this world want to be your teachers!" Following this Our Lady addresses the Church asking that it establish itself in this "modern world with Jesus Christ on the Cross". Mohammed. She then shows Ida certain western nations of Europe. revealed to the world that the number of meteors perpetually criss-crossing the earth's orbit is astronomical. 1950 clearly depicts this very moment in the history of the world! December 10. will be hit in your dominions. as in some cases. Thus. Second Person of the Blessed Trinity. True God Who is the Blessed Trinity. the Balkans. The choice of emphasizing God as the Triune Godhead dramatically juxtaposes the falsehood of the Islamic cult whose god is not God. the Islamic cult does not believe in the One. Ida is transfixed with horror as she sees the "globe turning black". You. Catholics of England. She asks with an angry comportment: "Where do you stand? Dare you carry through?" Further on.

she is given a vision by Our Lord in which she sees the spiritual history of world in very brief episodes. is carrying many away. 1981 . have spurned Her Son and we have forgotten that it is He Who truly reigns the nations and Who is truly present among us in His Most Holy Eucharist. The decisive day is beginning. say the rosary and the prayer She has given to us. a world of mass destruction which we now seem to be catapulted towards with greater and greater momentum. La Salette History and Revelations )! The Beast and The False Prophet are united in the one and the same false spirit with one and the same destructive goal! Lest we forget... Second Person of the Blessed Trinity! We have witnessed this diabolical scheme in the form of Communism and we are now witnessing it in the form of an Islamic jihad. Then Our Lady appeared to give Ida a farewell message. All through the messages of Amsterdam Mary. Both are violent revolutions against God and man. we have not faired well without God for slowly but surely over the course of a long period of time. the nations. She has warned us so mercifully for She cannot bear to see souls lost nor can She bear to see a world without love which would destroy itself. She asks us over and over again to repent.. order to warn you all. Next she sees the Romans and Jews and others and the destruction of a temple which would appear to be 70 A. encourages us and reminds us that these events need not happen if we pray and make sacrifices. for just as God intervened when the nation of France cried out to God in prayer so too will God answer our prayers.. Nations take warning: the spirit of untruth. His posts are manned. we can now say: It has begun! May 31. a world without the cross. we have become as pagan as those who attacked us.inheritance" from God the Father. Communism and any anti-Christian government is the Beast and the Islamic cult of Mohammed is the False Prophet (cf. We must have faith in Our Lord and entreat Him for mercy. 1952: Our Lady states. Then in a period similar to those days of the Crusades she observes men dressed in plaited metal with spears fighting in hand to hand combat with those dressed in tunics.The time has come". 1952: "We are on the eve of great oppression. that is if we make the Cross the center of our world." And referring to the godless: "These will attempt to control the world... June 15. It was from there also that we had heard for the first time of the threat of Communism. The enemy of Our Lord Jesus Christ has worked slowly but effectively. His work is almost finished.. the time has come and history is repeating itself as we of the Judeo-Christian world find ourselves in this "strange new war" with pagans of the Islamic nations! Indeed. The sooner we Christians return to Our Lord and do as Our Mother has asked." December 8.People in higher positions only strive after power. People are being bewildered and led in the wrong direction.. Until the Cross of Christ is made the center of this world there will be no peace and we will continue to be catapulted or manipulated into war. therefore. we must remember that Our Mother came not just on our behalf but on behalf of Our Lord for we. It would seem we have not learned our Catholic history lessons very well for it surely looks as though that we are back to where we started from! The visitations of the Lady of All Nations at Amsterdam were Her last here on earth. as the Mother of All Nations." Today fifty-one years later. ". "Not me but the Cross"! We must pick up this Cross for it will not only secure peace for us but it will bring the grace of conversion to all the nations of the world. She observes heathens worshipping idols similar to the early Egyptian period.D." Then referring to Our Lord: "His time will come. She stands before the Cross saying. She said.. the sooner . Jesus Christ Who is True God and True Man. Just look at all those countries!. After this she heard "inwardly": "These are the Gentiles (pagans or heathens) fighting against Christians and Jews". As sad as this may seem. the Mother of All Nations. lies and deceit.Nowhere is there peace. "The Lord has sent Me to you for the last time. it is the ultimate aim of Satan to destroy the nations and the glory that belongs to the Lord of All Nations. and it was from there that Our Lady gave us the Third Secret which prophetically describes a world torn apart by war and devastation.. people in higher positions think only of material things. Please sign the petition. Certainly. it was no coincidence that Our Lady appeared in 1917 in a small village of Portugal called Fatima whose very namesake evokes the historic and violent oppression suffered by that nation for 700 years under Islamic occupation.a Eucharistic message: In one of the last messages received by Ida.

Son of the Father. Amen. 1429) "Be a good child in all things and God will help you in all things..." (St. be Our Advocate. Michael the Archangel to Joan of Arc) Lord Jesus Christ. Maid of Orlean. Go forward with God. do not hesitate. send now Your Spirit over the earth. Let the Holy Spirit live in the hearts of all nations that they may be preserved from degeneration. May the Lady of All Nations. .and when it comes to blows will it be seen who has the better right of the God of Heaven!" (Joan of Arc. If I had not this assurance I would rather guard sheep than expose myself to so great perils. who once was Mary." "In God's name we must fight them!" "The King of Heaven will send more powerful forces. disaster and war.all the nations will recognize Christ as their King and we will have the true peace of the Holy Spirit! "Have good heart. God conducts our work.