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Bradley Kline

Witness __I__ 5. A formal meeting between two people for the purpose of exchanging information e. Interrogation approach __B__ 4. Suspect __H__ 6. indifferent. 1. emotional. participated. Subject __C__ 7. An individual who has personal knowledge from seeing or hearing something about the incident Any act or statement made by the suspect that is a partial acknowledgement of the offense j. Interrogation __E__ 3. or have guilty knowledge of a crime a. Confession __F__ 9. Deception __G__ f. Interview __D__ 2. Physical. etc. Admission __J__ 8. Asking formal questions to obtain the truth through planned or unplanned approaches and techniques g. A person who may have committed a crime i. Statement __A__ A full and complete acknowledgement of guilt concerning participation in the commission of a crime b. .) c.University of Phoenix Material Week Three Quiz Match the definitions listed on the right to the words listed on the left. The manner in which the interrogator accomplishes the interrogation (sympathetic. A person who may have planned. aggressive. 10. A written or oral assertion of certain facts and information to an investigation d. committed. or mental attempts to deceive the interrogator h.