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Question 1
1. As long as the SafeAssign tool in Blackboard reports a low level of plagiarized material in the paper we submit, our paper grade will not be penalized. Answer True False 1 points

Question 2
1. I will be able to choose who my team members are for the International Marketing Plan Paper. Answer True False 1 points

Question 3
1. I must make a perfect score on this Orientation Quiz during the availability period stated in the syllabus in order to access course materials, such as lectures, quizzes, and exams. Answer True False 1 points

Question 4
1. For the International Marketing Paper, our team will be able to select virtually any good or service to focus on, provided we get advance approval from the professor.In other words, there are really no restrictions on the brand we choose. Answer

Answer True False 1 points Question 7 1.True False 1 points Question 5 1. There is extensive teamwork involved in this course. If I lose my Internet connection while taking exams on Blackboard. . Answer True False 1 points Question 8 1. I will be viewing a library presentation on Blackboard that has been especially designed for this class to help me find library and database resources for much of the information I will need in developing my International Marketing Paper. I will not be able to log back on even if I had not yet reached the time limit for taking the exam set by the instructor. Answer True False 1 points Question 6 1.

I also understand that the syllabus is subject to change. my team can fire me by the deadline stated in the course schedule or choose to omit my name from the complete International Marketing Paper due at the end of the semester resulting in a grade of zero in my gradebook for the final paper. activities. that are identified in the syllabus. directions and information is likely to result in a grade penalty. If I am determined by my team not to be a fully participating member of the team. Answer True False 1 points Question 9 1. Answer I Agree I Disagree (You should drop the course if you choose this option. readings. I agree to follow the guidelines. assignments. directions. I understand that it is my responsibility to carefully follow the dates and times set forth in the course schedule and to meet all deadlines for exams. .) 1 points Question 10 1. projects. and information listed in the syllabus for the duration of the semester and that failure to follow such guidelines. I understand that the current semester's syllabus is a contract between myself and the professor.Each team will have a discussion board available on Blackboard that may be lightly monitored by the professor. Answer True False 1 points Question 11 1. and that I will be notified on the main discussion board in Blackboard if changes have been made. etc.

Answer True False 1 points Save and Submit Save and Submit 1 _922224_1 _922224_1 Links to Test Questions and Answers Read question 1 Read answers for question 1 Read question 2 Read answers for question 2 Read question 3 Read answers for question 3 Read question 4 Read answers for question 4 Read question 5 Read answers for question 5 Read question 6 Read answers for question 6 Read question 7 Read answers for question 7 Read question 8 Read answers for question 8 Read question 9 Read answers for question 9 Read question 10 Read answers for question 10 Read question 11 Read answers for question 11 Bottom of Form .Although my team members will be asked to evaluate my performance as a team member. their evaluation (regardless of how positive or negative it may be) will not affect my semester grade.