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“The Forty Nights of Enoch:” The Poetic Preamble to The Return of Enoch: A Condensed Revelatory Trilogy in One Volume

. by D.A. Groover

For my Eternal Muse, Nadia, Forever She AM there across the Grand SEA of Tyme….

SEA of Tyme Your Eyes they Shine like a Million Beautiful Stars... I will love you ever after through infinity because of who you are... The Sword of Your Soul pierces my heart, eternally bleeding your name... The Tune of my Love may change in time but the lyrics, they stay the same... The touch of those wondrous eyes sends shivers right down my spine... The sensation that sparks electric when our hands intertwine... Leaves my body, mind, soul, and spirit wanting you forever after more... LOST in the SEA of TIME, I await your arrival standing on the Eternal Shore.

The 40 Night’s of Enoch’s Poetic Revelations 1. “The 14th Bak’tun of Tyme” 2. “Stitch in Tyme” 3. “The Church of Einstein” 4. “The Seraphim’s Scroll” 5. “Three Midnight Muses” 6. “Mayan Moonlight Ride” 7. “Everlasting” 8. “Magdalene’s Girl” 9. “The Darkness Gaze” 10. “Midnight Waters” 11. “The Application for Membership to my Heart” 12. “National Treasure” 13. “I saw U b4 U saw ME” 14. “The Eternal Queen of Dark Ethereal Eyes” 15. “Tyme’s Infinity” 16. “Ma Belle” 17. “The Seven Turns of the Divine Winds” 18. “WTF Eyes” 19. “Tombstones” 20. “The Scream of the Butterfly” 21. “Rainbow” 22. “Lord Awesome of the Awesome Machine” 23. “Lady Awesome” 24. “Heaven’s Worth” 25. “A Question of Purport” 26. “Paint it White” 27. “Scarlet Vision of Reality” 28. “Eternal Trust” 29. “All that Sirens is not Gold.” 30. “Golden Braid of Tyme” 31. “Tinkerbell Word” 32. “Ergo” 33. “Eternal Bleeds” 34. “In the Closet of Dreams” 35. “Another Silly Love Poem” 36. “The Wizard, The Prince, and the Altar of Earth” 37. “The Bak’tun Galactic Cycle” 38. “Blue Hearts” 39. “Descent into Madness” 40. “A Midsummer Night’s Spoon”

Night One: “The 14th B’ak’tun of Tyme” There is a space unto an Eternal Place, Set unto a clock that Tyme has erased. The foundations of the Universe are dancing strings. Hyper-spatial Symphonies that Dance and Eternally Sing. A dance of Darkness to manifest from the upper Twelve, to create the Space Tyme Universe as we know it. A Dance Macabre as we all dare to want to delve, as we mine the Collective Unconscious souls and show it. They say that Physical Energy equals Emm See Squared. We say Eternal Energy is made of Stringed Souls Over there. The dance of eternal energy on the symphony of Hyperspace strings... Sings the song of songs of the Reality we see that stings. Who are we when we all are as one with the Colors Primary Three. Who are you to judge another, a temple of Eternal Spirtu Energy. We walk as One we come from Three we are more than we see. Collectively we are the Ones who made ourselves from Eternity. Dance upon the Midnight light fantastic, Trip upon the Electric Rainbows of Souls. Know you know me its all so spastic, The DeJaVu that whence we never know. Take my hand down the MK-ULTRAviolet strand, The purple color that is the conductor of the Symphony. Upon which we delve into a Eternal Past we never sell, Of the Renaissance to begin in the 14th B’ak’tun of 12-21-12.

Night Two: “Stitch in Tyme” There once was a girl with a Heart of Gold. When yon woman was made God broke the Mold. Her love was Eternal and reached to me from future tymes. I felt the shove of the infinite cold and warmed her with rhymes. The Muse in her is the Muse in me. The Heaven in her was the Heaven I see. To stay another dream with the cold inside you. To warm my heart with her voice was Heaven beside you. I can only say that she was a lost Heaven's dream. For you and you were one only one to be inside the seam. A stitch in tyme saves love from being lost. A stitch in my Soul rings a Belle of dark frost. For thee I see to dream a dark tent of a Soul into the Night. If it feels so wrong why the Hell can't it just be right. A wrong turn of the Heart as I gaze deep within, A Soul mate love and a dear Soul mate friend.....

Night Three: “The Church of Einstein” Once Upon a Dream, there was a Dream that refused to die. A Man named Christ was the foundation of a Universe that never refused to try. He made 13 dimensions to form the key to Space and Tyme. He formulated four to hold the proper positions of Particles on a Dyme. These four were known as Length, Width, Height and Tyme. He made human bodies to dance across the face of the Eternal Seas. Then he made Eternal Non Entropic Energy to make spirits like you and me. As these energies dance in the Temple Bodies where they are housed, They resonate Symphonies in Hyperspace where they cannot be doused. These energies resonations allow the Space Tyme Dimensions to Exist and be formed. In a dance of forever when all is ONE and One is Three eternally unharmed. We all are ONE. We all are Three. Our Spirit Resonations forms the world we see. The problem with the string theory of Matter, Is the Hyper-spatial Symphonies of Strings that eternally play Are made up of the Souls of the World that Lucifer has at Bay. You may return but you know you always will. The Universal Father knows this and wants to spill... The Beans my friend so we can ever keep on to make a TooT. Cause at the End of Tyme we all taste Knowledge's Fruit...

Night Four: “The Seraphim's Scroll” Oh see to thee a dream to be. Oh say can you see a mystery. The Seven Bowls of Wrath Are radiant Colors in the Sky. The Seven Colors of the Rainbow Gradiate the Radiation where we die. There is nothing lost in a soul that's found. Deep upon a Sea of Souls to drown. The Seven Cups of Wrath may thee mercy lend. The Will of God does not break nor Bend. For inside the mouth of a Serpent lies, the poison of knowledge which lives and dies. The Dream of a Day is in Sevenfold prayer. The Tyme of a Night is in the Evenflow there. The Seeds of Togetherness fall from the Tree of Life. To return once more on the edge of life's knife. To see the truth of a fact once long gone. To know the youth of a truth lies once sung. The time of togetherness that lends it to believe. When one dies one must try to grieve. Grieve you not for the Word will return again. And return again as a seed for thy friends. The tryst of tyme upon the Martyr's Wine Is a seven fold prayer written on the line of the broken backs of the prophets glare. The hazed sight on a page of white there Shows the truth in all and all is in Seven. Seven is the one and the root of all Heaven.

Night Five: “Three Midnight Muses” There were once three Midnight Muses who ran in a pack. Like three Sirens singing to a Captain they won't turn back. There are spires of Wires and a Vision that we know. With the pages of phrases and a wire tapping that grows. Dressed all in black they were a walking heart attack. The dark ebb and flow of the shine took us all aback. To seed where we dream is a kind evolutionary seem. The ebony events were seeded with cookies and cream. They travel as one though they make a Infernal Trinity of Guises. They seek to relent from the package of none know the wises. I feel so scared as I saw their wicked forlorn smiles. And I took to the wind from the banded darkened wind wiles. Eternally Stalking while talking through a smile sought. I know what I know and I know that I know naught. I cannot escape from the triple Valkyries Guile. Who would want to with the Triple Dark Muses Smiles?

Night Six: “Mayan Moonlight Ride” She flies through my night on Silver Wings, With a Smile that shows no obligation. She says walk with me I'll teach you things. On the Edge of an Insanity's Revelation. Across the Seas of Tyme I'll meet her there. In a paradise lost with no true reflections. I knew I'd eternally see her there with flair. An a Given God Being with all out directions. I say I love her so and she smiles back with no objection. I know who she is but she is not a heaven projection. I walk in the reigns of time and I know no dejection. I gaze into her Dark Eyes and I see my Eternal Reflection.

Night Seven: “Everlasting” The prophets of old said that God is Love. It’s an Eternal thing that alights on a Dove. So when you say, "I love you". I know that you are feeling eternal thru and thru. Do we create that which is Love Everlasting? Or do we see smiles all the while we're casting. Like Eternal Magicians we create Love Eternal. It cannot be destroyed even by Hell so Infernal. I see the eyes and the smile of Infinity. I see a wonder of a woman in the Trinity. You speak you say the words on your lips. I love you is something I will never forgot. You see the pages of phrases once known, You are my Muse of Muses and I have been shown. My heart it soars for you like we just did connect. I hold the mystery of the history that our souls project. You are the One and I am the One for You. When you eternally add one you get Three from Two. So sit back and relax for one trippy ass ride. Your love found me and from your love...I cannot hide.

Night Eight: “Magdalene's Girl” Whoso forsakes the beast gains, favor with the Lord. The favor of a heavenly king, upon the worldly gourd. The Ones are Suns Upon the face of space and time to be. I see my life and love upon a Rhyme and a Mystery. To see the truth that belies God. Is truth words that free. I free myself Eternally with Words From a New God Being. A New God Being the Sons of Christ that walk the face of World. The New World Order and a New World Over born in Magdalene's Girl.

Night Nine:

“The Darkness Gaze”

Through the darkness we all gaze... Force fed information on the printed page. You know as well as I the end is near. As it Draws Closer, embrace your fear.

Where you eternally go only he decides. From this all-seeing eye you cannot hide. All you do think see and dare to feel To the God Almighty, to Him, is dearly real

Hide your sins but try as you might The Lord will being all of it into the light. You may Live your life and believe what you may. But regardless of your belief we all face Judgment Day.

Night Ten: “Midnight Waters”

Once upon the midnight Waters of Tyme. I saw you drinking from the fountain of Eternal Wine. You took the heart from the tasted Tree of Truth. You spoke volumes of your love for Eternal Youth.

You speak of things such as Heaven and Glory. I speak of things that helps me tell a story. The eyes are true in your eyes of Blue. I know you know that I Eternally Love you.

You seek to speak of things in a different type of tongue. The dreams we feel in the nights you steal all wrong. Its wrong but right as you are straight outta sight, Cause the dream of a cream all the ones in the light.

I see to thee a dream I feel that's eternally sealed within. To know you is to love you as you are my best friend. There is a love and a love that is set in Infinite Song. I know I love to see you dance for me in that skimpy thong.

Dance wicked in the dark down step of Destiny's Daughters. You drink from the fount of the Midnight Waters. The deep dark wanton ways will never keep me away from you. The dream of the dream we saw when we were Eternally True.

Night Eleven: “The Application for Membership to my Heart”

This is an application to gain access to the depths of my heart. If you like to cuddle and hold hands then we are off to a good start. If you like to be treated with respect and like a revered Queen, Then you are still doing well and my face is looking Serene.

If you like to sit and talk by a warm bright fireside place, If you don’t mind me looking in your eyes then you can’t be replaced. If you like to hear a tale of times and spaces yet to be, Then you might be the woman that was meant for me.

If you like to day dream and say whatever alights on thee mind, If you feel that love is very true, eternal, and real yet hard to find... If you think that a thought is something precious to see, Then you just might be the woman for a man like me.

If you like Epic Odes to be written in your name... Men will read it and seek to join in your fame... If you like being True and Loyal to one another, Then you are the woman for me who is not asunder.

If you dream with your eyes wide open and think life is a gift... If you pout when you’re sad and know I can give you a lift. If you think love is Eternal and endures all our life. Then you have the wrong application: See the one for my Wife....

Night Twelve:

“National Treasure”

Oh pixie night. Oh pixie light. That fantasmic pixie smile. Makes my heart flutter a while. A see to thee a place to be. A heart to start a reliquary.

Your beauty is Epic like a Poem of God. I see what I see but its a diamond roughshod. You smile so sweet like a dream in the Night. You beauty is Amazing so wrong its right. How can you be so fine that on a scale of 5 your 9? Ask me again in Central Park over a glass of Wine. To know you is to adore you and this I know. The Pages of Phrases you inspire in me I show.

The endless dream around your soul so keen. Is a light and the fright that’s endless upon the mean. A state of beauty unbound and without endless measure. You are so fucking fine, Obama declared you a National Treasure...

Night Thirteen: “Isaw U b4 U sawME”

I saw you before you saw me. I was just strolling in the garden, There you sat under the Apple Tree. Smiling with a fruit in your hands.

I saw you before you saw me. I was the Dragon standing about, Legs from Soar to Oar on the Sands of Tyme's Eternal Sea.

I saw you before you saw me. A Dream and a Seam with Eternal Mystery. Here lies the Dream that lived. But the dream lives only to see...

It sees the Dream I made from Eternity. I AM the AM who AM so peacefully. The prophet I can be to open your eyes. The rhymes of truth contained within the Lies.

Night Fourteen: “The Infinite Queen of Eternal Dark Ethereal Eyes: Zark's Ode to the Goddess of Tyme... Quoted from the NEMV Translation of Tyme according to Zark.”

I looked into the back of my mind and saw what I would find. I never knew what I saw for a while I became what I saw. The life to be in the future was like the past thru tomorrow. Drowning in my life of love lost misery and sorrow.

She stood by me in a future time where I saw her Muse Rhyme. I could only see the past thru the lost matron’s Time. She stood by herself in the past thru her dark brown eyes. There is another day unto another way of seeing a surprise.

I travel time deep within a computer built by the God, Our Lord. I see the thoughts and ceiling of fate upon that lost eternal Ford. I drove this Ford deep into my past like the Doc and his DeLorean. The Ford of my mind was deep and wide like I was a Florien.

I make up words to suit my thoughts as I made my Soul mate from eternity above. See thru the shining seas of the Space-time continua of Love. She swarms over my future like a siren singing to a Love Captain’s Boat. She crashes over my waves like a siege engine on a Castle’s Moat.

Drink deeply the wine of our love my dear for your past is not forgotten. It is the reality of future’s present that you have never begotten. Drink of my love as I shoot a shot of love into a single wine glass. I cover my eyes as you drink it deeply with a smile and a bit o’ sass.

You knew me in eternity’s time as I looked deep into thy eyes of dream. I knew that you were mine from the first moment I saw our face so serene. You walk and talk like a gentle breeze swaying like a drunk in my mind. The past was our tomorrow as the dreams come and go for us to find.

The dreams you share with me flow like the love wine in between thy thighs. I see you swim thru my soul to get my love, my heart and my soul surprise. Thee I see to dream of thee into another love a life we forever saw. In the City of God where the streets are paved with the martyr’s of God’s law.

There is truth in fiction just as there are many lies deep within the fact. I love you sincerely, baby doll, I swear this is not a soul bound act. I will always be yours and forever more I will sing deep into your soul. Life is Love as God is love and the deep dark seat of what we know.

Filet of Fish dripping with the juices of your love feelings for me. I see your love from sea to shining, shining, pining for you so gently. I am you and you are me though the eyes of your smile shine with trippy sheen. There is nothing true and lost in a soul of love lacking of the mean.

I hold your hand and walk with you in my deepest of love’s true past. I laugh hard and walk softly after you reality check and kick me in the ass. I go far astray from the path of light sometimes I just want to love you forever. Other times I want to love you to infinity and beyond never to sever.

The truth in the pain you feel is the deep separation from us into your soul. There is always truth in your heart from the past in what tomorrow knows. You are you and I am you as you are me in the sunset’s past which is only me. I am walking with you and your love, my love, our love across an eternal sea.

You are one with my soul as your dark brown eyes show that which I ever know. You are the James Bond of my heart as to the Drunk I am the Doctor of NO. She was my past so I left her far behind. You are my present future, my mystic manic angel of love. I shine to you deep from love and hearts crossed right thru a sky’s everlasting dove.

Take me here take me there take me with you as I go deep inside of you everywhere. Ride my 7 wild horses into the mind of a deep soul wind into my de esto there. Kiss me, ride me, kill me, take me, forever deep into the mind of my lobster fate. Watch me touch you as I reach deep inside of you only to make you masturbate.

Now be silent my queen for a touch from me is love incarnate and serene. I caress your chest around your breasts and tickle you into peaches and cream. I cobble your peaches and cream making you come and come over again. When I cut your pie with my knife they will think I am only your best friend.

Fried green tomatoes are good for the soul and heart’s deep down delight. I walk into the shadows and smile to you for you are my hearts dearest flight. I fly into the sunset of olden golden lost dreams you make me see. I get up in the morning with a hard on from your dreams and goddamn it its hard to pee.

Pee and Pie always do not ever seem to mix for the tricks they play ion thee mind. I love you so and so and so as my so Eternal Ever after Soulmate blind. I reach into the dreams of togetherness and I watch you with my Sixes and Sevens. For you my dear are a Goddess with the love of an Angel sent to me from the heavens.

Night Fifteen:

“Tyme's Infinity”

Upon a smile shines divinity. A shine that's fine just like the Trinity. There is another day upon another way. Where the God's are all expected to Stay. I never knew a lie that took me awry. For to see another face in Eternity I spy. For there she is a forlorn Eternal Queen. She smiles forever more and forever is her face serene. Queen of Dreams the Mistress of the Captain's Ship. It sails the seas of the sands of Tyme's Infinity Stripped.

Night Sixteen:

“Ma Belle”

There once was a girl she was kind of like a Belle. For her heart would ring true like a Heavenly Dell. The Dell was a Belle that would ring clear, Heaven's Name. Once I heard that Belle ring, I was never the same.

I knew that Ma Belle like the ring of a Celestial Phone. She was the one I knew from the future and once so long ago. Ma Belle I hear it ring so loud and Celestially true. It was calling my heart leading me far back unto you.

The sound of a Belle upon a Midnight dreary, Clouds the light of the lies so dark, weak, and weary. I know the Belle is something true I cannot count amiss. When the tolling of the Belle sounds I can taste her kiss.

For whom the Belle Tolls only Ma Belle she will know. Like calling Happy phones as the seas of passion show. There's a life on the brink and a life I once had shown. The ringing of the Belle is the best Belle I'd ever known.

Night Seventeen:

“The Seven Turns of the Divine Winds”


You never know where the Winds of Tyme Make Take You. The strangest life will often try and break you. With tears in my Eyes I write these words to tell you. You can be strong and overcome, my Belle You.


You know that life can sometimes deal out a bad hand. But you have faith in God that you can make a stand. Angels sing every time you seek to overcome. The Heaven's rejoice because you shine like the sun.


Trials and Tribulations can make you cry. But you have to overcome and not give up just try. I know you are strong and can prevail against Gates of Hell. Cause you are an awesome pure person my lil Liberty Belle.


You ring truth and freedom to all the souls you reach. You speak of the truth and the truth will not beseech. You see all the words and the light from Above. You will Overcome All with your Truest Love.


Seek and You will Find for the Eyes of the Blind, See the truth of the ways till the Prophet Says, Belle will be strong she will overcome all. So says the Prophet reading the Writing on the Wall.

6. There is something so true and something I want you to know. The Archangel Michael is watching over you now. My Patron Saint I have prayed long and hard to Him. To carry you through these Trials with God's Divine Wind.

7. I see to thee a Dream of Love you will find. In the pictures that are painted with the Eyes of the Blind. The Gods Must be Crazy but then again we are all Alien. Godspeed to Good Health Belle my Dearest Friend...

Night Eighteen:

“WTF Eyes”

WTF did you make those WTF eyes? I say that I think you are groovy and yet you act surprised. What is the dream of the dream in dark disguise? I look at the spires of wires and see a dream in lies.

The dream of a dream in the dreams we advise. Looking into the dark brown orbs of your surprise. I smile for the while that I try to sit and surmise, Just why exactly did you make those WTF eyes?

Night Nineteen:


I walk around with these Tombstones in my eyes... Looking down to the ground for my deep heavenly guise. I know the sky holds the promise of a brand new day. And to walk in the way of the Lord promises a long eternal stay.

Deep in the night I delve into the Angels of my dreams. Dealing out colors and spires of wires bursting neurons at the seams. To be or not to be is determined when I open my eyes in the early morn. I thank the Lord for giving me life and letting me walk this earth since I was born.

I ne'er see a Devil or An Angel walk the streets of a hot steaming asphalt beach. I see the waves of humanity try and mold their single destiny which is out of their reach. Never try to take on the world all by yourself. For the love of God is not on a shelf. Open thy blinded eyes and seek that which is freely yours and inside yourselves.

The Lord is just, the Lord is True. The Lord is King as the Sky is Blue. Take the tombstones out of your eyes. Look to the S(u)on for the falseness of your lies. Never know the truth; though the day is long. And forevermore your life is in the frequency of song. Sing to the Lord and Sing to the Father of All the Light. Arise from the tombstones and you can be a Godly Beacon in the Night.....

Night Twenty: “The Scream of the Butterfly”

The Scream of the Butterfly... It hurts so good that it will never die. The Scream of the Butterfly... The Olden Golden Maze we seek to try.

When the last are first... And the First are last. There’s a tiny Herse... Written in the glass.

Toto Mana Che IN deo nostras mae Esta noto che En de pana wai

He who saw the times... Let loose divine rhymes... That we knew as god. When the times roughtshod.

She was all I knew... She was all I had... In the tymes of nice With us being bad.

Tho you know GoD AM. And the Son of Sam. Dream of Knowest Ways... Deep with in the mays.

Goe ti noma son Te Tequero san The Logos Domini Wei no no Nomi

When the Scream has come And the worlds undone... There is nothing real In the thoughts you feel.

When my world is grey. And the lost is gay. There is a truth in A This was Sue Ess Eh.

I know love is real And thats what I feel. To know you know me. And you’re all I see..

Night Twenty-One: “Rainbow”

It’s a rainbow of colors that we seek to know. A rainbow of colors that she wants to show. There’s a rainbow of night upon the page. There’s a rainbow of crosses within the rage.

Colors come and colors go. Colors seek and colors speak. When we know to show. Where we dare to seek....

There’s a dream upon her lips. Hanging down from her hips. A dream passes inside her heart that Forces my heart to sing and skips.

It’s a rainbow of colors that we seek to know. A rainbow of colors that she wants to show. There’s a rainbow of night upon the page. There’s a rainbow of crosses within the rage.

Night Twenty-Two:

“Lord Awesome of the Awesome Machine”

The most awesome body is Lord Awesome’s Body Machine mechanic It flows like a tarnished rocket thru the sands of tyme’s machine...

Lord Awesome is the Awesome of all Awesome you see... The Lord of Awesome is awesome though awesome is without; You see the shadows of souls that are stuck inside your mouth.

I am who I am the Lord of all the Word. Lord Word died one day so you could eternally live to see... The Awesome Lord Wife he ever took and ever heard.

So like a saw to a sea that new you know you will be... She's the Lord of Awesome and Awesome is that she could ever free... That eternal Marie of Mary that caresses the Infinity Seas.

Night Twenty-Three: “Lady Awesome”

There once was a Lord of an Awesome Machine. Then came the Lady who piloted one just as mean, Lady Awesome was the Most Awesome Pilot,

of her own very awesome machine she had. She made me say things, that would qualify me as bad. But who is bad when all of us seek to be good?

Lady Awesome liked doing things with my piece of Wood. A Carpenter building that which was bad not good. But what she built bad I'd love to try.

A demon of demons was deep inside her eyes. Was it temptation I had to see within the lies? Lord Awesome where is the awesome now?

Night Twenty-Four: “Heaven's Worth”

My look at you there. Leaning against my heart, with your flaxen hair.

See the smile of all smiles to be. Alighting on the face of a Princess I dare to see. There is a rumor that some Angels from Heaven came down to Earth.

Are you the one who fell but fell upon the beauty of God's Worth. You eyes they shine like the stars that fall from the Heaven's guest.

Your smile it shines but your eyes take the rest. You are a picture of heaven across the skies. The Haven for Seven until the day we die.

Mr Mojo. said he would love ya till the stars fall from the sky. But Slipknotte says he will love you till the stars fall from your eye. Your beauty is unbound as I hear the wanton sound. If darkness obeyed me I would send it to a sea of souls to drown.

When I gaze upon your face I realize you are a Angel of Dream. Your Angelic ways in a Maze of Deep down Peaches and Cream. The forgiveness of One is the Love of the Many we Find. Your beauty is so stellar it makes me go blind.

Night Twenty-Five: “A Question of Purport”

When you look at me with those Eyes of Blue. You are all I see with which to never be untrue. Your face is like an Angel, your legs so long and mean. I see your smile shine Anon with lost trippy sheen.

Three Wild Horses cavort and run thru my mind. To see you smile gives me more than I want to find. Three times you smile and my heart stops for a while. I see the world stop on a dime when you smile.

There is something I know to be very true. An Answer one way or another could be so blue. I really like you a lot and the Question I'd like to know. Do you like me as well? Yes or No?

Night Twenty-Six: “Paint It White”

I look into her eyes a shade of deeper brown. I want to see the sides of her as I go down. I see the green shades draw as the sun it starts to set. I see the smile on her face that I cannot soon forget.

I see the smile alight upon her face alabaster true. I see the side of night when I look inside of you. There is something happening to me and tyme. You encompass all my dreams within my twisted rhyme.

There is a sun and door into your heart of gold. When God made you my dear he broke the olden mold. You are just one of a kind but two would make thee black. There is a sun or one who starts this heart attack.

I see the crystal sheen upon thy locks of gold. You see the wind rest upon the things you're told. You walk into the dreams upon a dark dawn crystal sea. I cannot foresee these feelings happening to me.

I see a Empty Canvas and I want to paint her white. No seed for everything to make her out of sight. The skies will dream of alabaster shades of grey. I cannot foresee what is tomorrow much less for today....

================================ Night Twenty-Seven:

“Scarlet Vision of Reality”

Visions of Red are burning fires alight in my head. While my brain stays the same instead. You caress my soul with your entire being, Feel the fires burn bright and steal cold serene.

When you leave promise me you will cum back my friend. And when you cum back please let me know when you cum again. The soft caress of your silken dress wheels the tyme we see. The Darkest Eyes of a night's down surprise is but a mystery.

So dream a little dream and sing seven Mockingbirds to Fly. I will ever after yearn for you and your caress till I die. You beauty is dangerous and can impart cold control. The day I held your Awesome Wonder is the day you stole my Soul. =============================================

================================ Night Twenty-Eight: “Eternal Trust”

Its all a matter of Eternals in Trust. In AM we seem to falter and scream. Its a matter of deep dark love and lust. Its a super-cosmic twisted night that seems, Like you never know what to say in ALL. Though ALL in ALL we saw the prophets white-walled. Words of togetherness and trystic words of hope. You take another pull on the joint you rolled. There is another way that we all try to see. The Eternals of night and lost mystery. The Dream you feel is a Wanton shade of Grey. The Nights that we steal are often times pushed away. To be or not to be that is the royal aloud. The Silence screams violence that’s never around. I see you dance into the words we all made. Upon the fires of desire in the love we save. I know reservation and the light of the brave. I like to laugh inside when you try to make me behave. =================================================

================================ Night Twenty-Nine:

“All that Sirens is not Gold...”

Once upon a tyme on the Island of Lesbos. There were Siren's Singing All Along the Coast. A Tale of Brave Ulysses was worn a torn astray. The two Sirens singing showed his boat another way.

He was sailing along the island shore when the sounds of the Siren's more than more caught the wind of him aground. The boat began to tilt and sway as the Cyclops within him burned. The dark of death while the Single Eye within yearned.

The Two Sirens singing on the Island of Lesbos did sway, The captain Ulysses off the course when he would've been on his way. He drank a dream of a crystal cream as the Cyclops became softly asleep. To bury his head in the Two Lesbos Sirens made his Cyclops Weep.

Crying tears of Milk white cream as he sought the comfort and serene. Dreaming in the deep crevices of the Sirens made him keen. The boat it crashed on the isle shore that was silent and kept. The two Sirens turned out to be Giant Men and so Ulysses Wept. ======================================

================================ Night Thirty: “Golden Braid of Tyme”

The Doors of Reality are Dark and Cold... They slow down time that we seek to show. The Golden Braids of Time upon your face, Show me the place of elements Erased.

You dream your dream into another time. You look like a Raven of the Night with Calico Rhyme. A space into another place with a lost wind chime. The space of another and another I find.

The dream of dreams with a golden day. Upon a day into another way that spreads a play. The dreams one feels around in Eternal Night. Breeds a woman so true and Out of Sight.


================================ Night Thirty-One: “Tinker-bell Word” ----------------------"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made. In Him was life, and the life was the light of men. And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it." John 1:1-5 -----------------------The Second coming of God was in a pixie I heard. The pixie dust of a lil girl named Tinker-bell Word. Tinker-bell Word spread the Magic Cheer of Being Yourself. She Taught us all that the love of God was within, not on a shelf.

She rode the waves of mischief to teach us laughter was true. She made us all laugh to see the laughter medicine thru. Tinker-bell Word made the World smile with her jokes. The Word that we had heard was the God we thought was broke.

The Word was with Loki and Loki made laughter with the Word. Tinker-bell Word was a Pixie manifestation of Loki we all had heard. The Dream of Life was all the Laughter Within. If you deny the Christ you cannot deny the laughter of a friend. ================================

================================ Night Thirty-Two:


What would Jesus do if his Father Came Down to Earth? To tell a story of the Kings of Tyme in Oraclean Bodies of worth... What if the rulers in Havona decided to make a little ploy? To make the second coming be born again in the body of not a boy?

The Oracles of Tyme thought WE should scare the world. But near the end of 2012 the Second Coming was but a girl. He was born once long ago and lived and died as a Man. Rose again and ascended only to send himself an Eternal Plan.

He cloned the color of his Eternal Strings naught but twice in 2000 years. Like bookended pages Alpha Man meets the Omega girl in His Hand’s. When East Alpha meets the West Omega in a Body of Love... The Source Soul Energy gets amplified and Magnified from Above.

So Alpha is Omega and so shall ever the two will meet. With the watchful eyes from the Eternal God’s Judgment Seat. The child of Alpha and Omega is the Dawn of a New Race of Man. The Book of Life is free to all but ne’er will Mankind Understand.

He who is and who was and will ever be... Moves like the winds of Tyme you never see. He created Temples, called bodies that house Eternal Souls... As a breeding ground to refine Spiritual Energy poured down in droves.

The Energy of Eternity is Naught Naught Six. A piece of God that you carry inside your wicks. You burn both candles wanting to know the answers before your eyes. You return to your Maker every-time you close down the lies.

The veil of lies WE made are the things The Blind know as Reality. To be enlightened you see the Rock of Truth that Eternals See. If you see the Truth and Keep it within your Soul Temple Mystery. You will see the Lies of Fact and its a Fact that IT will set you Free!


================================ Night Thirty Three:

“Eternal Bleeds”

She's my Star shine. She’s my Moonshine. She's the Heart One.

Within the Mystery. She's a lady. She my baby. She's the Light One, Within Eternity.

Black and White Shades, Speaking from the Graves. Of the past lives that we knew here.

Her souls Eternal, She goes on forever. Forever inspiring me to pen Infinite Words of Love.

She's a Goddess. She’s a life dream. She's the Sunshine in my Tomorrows.

She will hold me. She will have me. She will make me, Chase away my sorrows.

There is Darkness. And there is light. There is sadness. But she is right.

She’s my Sunshine. She’s my Soul shine. She's my soul mate Upon life's dreary.

She's a one life. She's a cutting knife. And my heart bleeds For her Eternally. ===============================

================================ Night Thirty-Four: In the Closet of Dreams...

In the Darkest Day, There might be a way... When you find your man, you don't understand. Cause his deepest thoughts are in closets found. When he treats you wrong and you see the sound, Of him breathing hard with eyes upon another man. Are you Rock Hudson's wife, for a cover band? Covering the thought he hides inside a closet found... Yet you dream awake give your heart to take a sound inside where you try to hide from the steam you see its a big secret mystery. That you seek to avoid lightly. For his lies to show in the words he speaks, And the tone he takes in the closet he seeks. For the man's true tone lies within his words. And his closet thoughts are what you haven't heard....


================================ Night Thirty-Five: “Another Silly Love Poem”

This is just another Silly Love Poem... It doesn't rhyme but wishes it were so. There is another way to say I love you. I saw you eternally into the Way. I spoke with authority that scared you away. I dreamed a dream beholden into thine eyes. I see what I see but you may remain surprised. The dream we all took with a Million Dollar Wine Was true roaming my heart from fine to fine. I take only the best and I am calling to you. I am the one who engineers the love you see as true. Dance with me in the array of nights. See me through the shine of eternal rights. There is something you see upon the Light of Day. That caused to love me to you but you were away. Calico headlights burn down the flesh in you. Distilling the Energies that run round you through and through. Come with me and dance electric as a season of souls. I love you as you were always AM and Ever shall be. I know it’s silly, but I spoke with myself from Eternity. ================================

================================ Night Thirty-Six: “The Wizard, the Prince , and The Altar of Earth”

The Prince of Peace who loves the World. He turned round to bow and pray. The Evil One who held us All… Also held the Light at Bay.

The Fires of Judgment Burn Alight with bubbling glow. The Prince of Pace and Judge of All creatures great and Small, Will embrace the world in an Eternal Even flow. While Evil Men stay all alone and the righteous hear the call.

Nevermore the Love above will soon turn into wrath. Those who show the ones who know they are ne’er to pass. Wizard Shine and Wizard Past the Wizard in the Glass. The Rose it knows where it shows a love to Ever last.

The Prince of Peace who loves the World Broke the Evil Ones Forces that they stole. His Right hand man, Mikael, God’s Hand Hurled, Satan into the bottomless pit of the black hole.

The World Arose, Anew Again Evil Testified The Blood of Saints and Martyr’s Men

Turned the Tide as the Earth’s Altar was Sanctified. The new City Came Down from Heaven Sent.

The Prince of Peace who judged the World Loved all those he called to his own. An Eternal Banner of Forever Unfurled An Infinite Peace was forever shown

Night Thirty-Seven: “The Bak’tun Galactic Cycle”

The Cycle turns upon the face of the Eyes. A Wanton windowsill upon a time’s surprise. The Darkness Glare upon a face upon a dime. Brings the Surreptitious Ones upon the face of Tyme.

The Tryst of a day with a wanton way. Clouds the tyme of the night gone straight away. To know or to touch the soul contained within. A Darkness we feel in Eternal Lost friends.

For to see or to be a cloud of a thousand fold. To know in each other a time that we all hold. Forgive one another and forgive ye one time. To show one asunder and make all yon shine.

There is a tomorrow fit with a sorrow that we see, Another one borrows the barrow of time that we steal. The seeds of togetherness that the sun shows we feel. An Astronomical Cycle of time written on tyme’s Wheel.

One hundred and forty four thousand days around. A beautiful wash of a cycles that changes the ground. For two is more than a Sunday Shine of Fear. As we caress to progress thru the galactic new year.

================================ Night Thirty-Eight:

Blue Hearts

How do my Eye’s spy, A Dark Princess Over there? With Eyes as dark away. And Darkness hair everywhere.

She seals her smile With a wine for a While. A Dolphin Swimming Hearts With a Sanctified Start.

A Southern Belle how I wish thee well. A Start of a Heart with a fore to tell. The strength of a smile in a face so true. Lets the water on yonder feel so blue.

The Blue Water wash of a neck so soften. A wash of a time with a darken soul dolphin. She spins through the heavens of a neck that starts. Crosses through heavens and Heaven Through Hearts. ================================

================================ Night Thirty Nine:

“Descent into Madness”

Once upon a Fortnight Dark and Dreary I laid my head to rest all Light and Weary. My Eyes were closed down upon wide shut. My body into the bed had worn a dark rut. I woke alone not a day had gone past. I looked at myself a Wizard in the Glass. My mind was adrift in the words on the page As I look into another time and place….. Willow Wander Weary Death Deals Dreary Lilith Lighted Logs Dance Daisy-chained Dogs Mary’s Multicolored Ma’am Last Lost Livid Little Lamb The time is upon me as my mind did say While wandering time my mind has wandered away While thinking of Love and all that lost and sadness. I fell from myself on a descent into madness. The feeling it took on a bar of my lies. The cynical slips of a caress from the skies. Upon a night with a light that won’t get a Bane. As the light of the nights illuminate the insane.

Night Forty: “A Midsummer Night’s Spoon” Red Roses pelting a midsummer dream. Clown Red Noses squeaking out at the seams. A Puppy dog barking while chasing his tail. Sound of her crying while placing her nails.

The Cross of her making is the junk that she craves. To crucify her taking the smack that she braves, Yellow and fixed into Carver’s Moon. A Needle with a fire and a warm cooking spoon.

The Gravy of Lazy Clouds Peek Right on By. Someone’s flying a kite way to high in the sky. Never know nothing with Ribbons and Bows. She cries for her junk wherever she goes.

Carries her cross from choices she made. Always a martyr from herself she is saved. Save her from her only wish to a being. When the junk finally kills her a martyr is seen.

Butterfly’s bouncing through a plastic thin world. Another reality where she started as a girl. She never met junk that screwed up her Angle. In another Reality she grew up to be Daddy’s Angel.