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Springer News 3/2007

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14 Aggarwal (Eds), The Molecular Targets and Therapeutic Uses of Curcumin in Health and Disease (Advs. Exp. Med. & Bio. 595) 14 Asea (Eds), Heat Shock Proteins: Potent Mediators of Inflammation and Immunity (Heat Shock Proteins 1) 15 Calderwood (Ed), Cell Stress Proteins (Protein Reviews) 15 Dignass (Eds), Immunoregulation in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases - Current Understanding and Innovation (Falk Symposium 153) 15 Fagot-Largeault (Eds), The Influence of Genetics on Contemporary Thinking (Logic, Epist. Unity Sci. 6) 16 Jacobson/Marcus, Neuroanatomy for the Neuroscientist <with CD-ROM> 16 Machado, Brain Death 16 Nitiss (Eds), Yeast as Tool in Cancer Research 17 Pasterkamp (Ed), Semaphorins (Advs. Exp. Med. & Bio. 597) 17 Schroten (Eds), Pediatric Infectious Diseases Revisited (BAID) 17 Stella (Eds), Prodrugs (Classics Sci. Education) 18 Whitaker (Eds), Brain, Mind and Medicine

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28 Böhringer et al., Präsentieren in Schule, Studium und Beruf ( <mit CD-ROM>

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1032) 78 Zudin. Sc. Signalübertragung (Springer-Lehrbuch) 10.) <hard> . Vortex Dominated Flows (Appl. Factorization Method in Quantum Mechanics (Fundam. Advanced Memory Optimization Techniques for Low-Power Embedded Processors 65 Viebahn. 53 Gross et al.) 59 Melin/Rautenbach. Aufl. MATLAB Guide to Finite Elements.. Elektromagnetische Felder (Springer-Lehrbuch) 3. Renewable Energy 55 Karrenberg. Aufl. Control and Estimation of Systems with Input/Output Delays (LNCIS 355) Physik/Astronomie 69 Alicki/Lendi. 65 Tu. 1 <with CD-ROM> 72 Major. Wave Propagation in Infinite Domains (LNACM 31) 57 Leonhardt (Eds). Aufl. Compiling ESTEREL 62 Pretschner/Alder. 161) 76 Topper. 61 Pharino. Structure and Biophysics (NATO Security B) <hard> 75 Puglisi (Ed). 66 Witczak. Technische Mechanik (Springer-Lehrbuch) 6. Optical Nonlinearities in Chalcogenide Glasses and their Applications (Spr. Materials Sc. Sc. Einführung für Ingenieure und Naturwissenschaftler (Springer-Lehrbuch) 3.) 75 Puglisi (Ed). 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springer. and How to Observe Them 89 Hidden Markov Models in Finance 69 High Power Diode Lasers 103 Higher Education: Handbook of Theory and Research 2 Homocysteine Related Vitamins and Neuropsychiatric Disorders 46 Hydrogen Bonded Polymers B 95 Das Bankgeheimnis im gerichtlichen Strafverfahren 104 Becoming an Urban Physics and Math Teacher 72 Binary Liquid Systems of Nonelectrolytes 84 The Biofilm Primer 85 Biogeography and Ecology of Bulgaria 40 Bioinformatics 16 Brain Death 18 Brain.Current Understanding and Innovation C 56 Capillary Forces in Microassembly 54 Carbon Nanotube Electronics F 71 Factorization Method in Quantum Mechanics . potenzialità e limiti della globalizzazione 97 Einführung in den Gutachtenstil 54 Elektromagnetische Felder 59 Emergent Intelligence of Networked Agents 70 Emulsion Science 41 Encyclopedia of GIS 79 Encyclopedia of Lakes and Reservoirs 82 Environmental Security in Harbors and Coastal Areas 58 Estimation and Control over Communication Networks 96 Europäisches Strafrecht 13 Evidence-Based Otolaryngology 105 The Evolution and History of Human Populations in South Asia 39 Evolutionary Multi-Criterion Optimization H 7 Handbuch der Forensischen Psychiatrie 5 Handbuch diagnostische Radiologie 31 Hardware and Software. Water and Soil Quality Modelling for Risk and Impact Assessment Aktiv ins Alter Algorithmic Topology and Classification of 3-Manifolds Ambulantes Operieren Analog Integrated Circuits for Communication The Analysis Situs Anorganische Chemie Applications and Innovations in Intelligent Systems XIV ARIS Design Platform The Arithmetic of Dynamical Systems Aromatherapie Artificial Gravity Asymmetric Cell Division Atlas de pathologie thoracique Atmospheric Convection: Research and Operational Forecasting Aspects Au-delà de l’information. Mind and Medicine 94 Building a Future with BRICs I 100 The Illusion of Linearity 15 Immunoregulation in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases . la prévention Aufgaben und Lösungen in der Volkswirtschaftslehre Außenhandel 48 27 90 5 71 39 81 1 25 3 61 23 47 34 34 25 13 70 85 1 52 11 92 88 4 Cardiopatie congenite dell’adulto: una guida pratica 103 Careers of University Graduates 15 Cell Stress Proteins 21 Child Neuropsychology 56 CMOS Biotechnology 48 CMOS Single Chip Fast Frequency Hopping Synthesizers For Wireless Multi-Gigahertz Applications 38 Cognitive Systems 62 Compiling ESTEREL 60 Computational Intelligence in Information Assurance and Security 36 Computational Linguistics and Intelligent Text Processing 66 Computational Textile 102 Contributions from Science Education Research 67 Control and Estimation of Systems with Input/Output Delays 51 Creating Assertion-Based IP 95 29 75 37 30 32 52 28 72 102 69 20 26 84 Fallsammlung zum Gesellschaftsrecht Farbe im Digitalen Publizieren Fiber-based Dispersion Compensation Formal Concept Analysis Formal Correctness of Security Protocols Formal Methods Applications and Technology Formeln und Aufgaben zur Technischen Mechanik 2 FotoWare Color Factory Free-Space Laser Communications From Principles of Learning to Strategies for Instruction-with Workbook Companion Frontiers in Surface Nanophotonics Functional Analytic Psychotherapy Functional Equations and How to Solve Them Fundamentals of Protein Structure and Function G D 63 Decision Making in the Manufacturing Environment 107 Democracy in an Age of Globalisation 2 Diabetes und Schwangerschaft 107 Diagrammatology 23 Direct Methods in the Calculus of Variations 30 Discrete Geometry. Combinatorics and Graph Theory 89 Don’t Worry About Micro 45 Dynamical Vision 87 The Dynamics of Complex Urban Systems Gaither’s Dictionary of Scientific Quotations Gefährlichkeitsprognosen Generalized Collocation Methods Genetic Algorithms The Geospatial Web Gesundheit Globale Produktionsstrategien in der Automobilzulieferindustrie 106 Governance Changes in the New York City Schools 37 Graph Drawing 6 Gynäkologie von Frau zu Frau 98 12 22 36 41 6 94 E 88 Springer News 3/2007 Titelindex Author Index VII A 9 82 81 53 65 58 Abord clinique du malade âgé Accounting for Climate Change Acoustic Sensing of Aquatic Fauna Advanced Analog-to-Digital and Digital-toAnalog Convertors Advanced Memory Optimization Techniques for Low-Power Embedded Processors Advanced Numerical Methods to Optimize Cutting Operations of Five Axis Milling Machines Advances in Control Theory and Applications Advances in Data Analysis Advances in Modern Tourism Research Advances in Peritoneal Surface Oncology Ageing and the Glass Transition Agent-Oriented Software Engineering VII Air. Verification and Testing 14 Heat Shock Proteins: Potent Mediators of Inflammation and Immunity 74 The Herschel Objects.

Volume II 22 Mathematical Olympiad Challenges. Studium und Beruf Praxis der Nephrologie Private Equity Exits Proceedings of the 4th International Workshop on Wearable and Implantable Body Sensor Networks Proceedings of the World Conference on Soft Computing Prodrugs Produktion und Absatz Produktion und Logistik Produktivitäts.und Effizienzanalyse Progress in Landslide Science Progress in Turbulence 2 Progress in Understanding of Polymer Crystallization Prostate Cancer Prozess-Steuerungen Psychoanalyse der Lebensbewegungen Putnam and Beyond 63 17 87 90 88 80 60 47 11 62 19 24 N 81 73 54 89 16 41 70 37 31 nano Nanoparticles and Occupational Health Nanotechnology-Enabled Sensors Network Science. Mysteries. and Magic of Molecules 73 Molecular Building Blocks for Nanotechnology 14 The Molecular Targets and Therapeutic Uses of Curcumin in Health and Disease 27 Multiple Testing Procedures and Applications to Genomics P 4 4 77 3 42 17 28 45 64 53 38 66 1 49 61 28 6 90 57 Pädiatrische Neuroradiologie Die Parkinson-Krankheit Particle Accelerator Physics Pathologie hypophysaire et grossesse PEACH . Unfallchirurgie R 97 Die rechtliche Regulierung invasiver gebietsfremder Arten in Deutschland 12 Recurrent Hernia 57 Regelungstechnik 1 M 49 The Maintenance Management Framework 91 Makroökonomik . Market Archetypes and Outcome 55 An Interactive Multimedia Introduction to Signal Processing 9 Internal fixation of femoral neck fractures 91 International Competitiveness in Africa 102 International Handbook of Urban Education 101 International Perspectives on teachers and lecturers in Technical and Vocational Education 99 Internationalisation and Globalisation in Mathematics and Science Education 40 Introduction to C++ Programming and Graphics 34 Introduction to Cryptography 50 IUTAM Symposium on Multiscale Problems in Multibody System Contacts J 20 Jähzorn 35 Job Scheduling Strategies for Parallel Processing 42 Journal on Data Semantics VIII K 8 Kinderwunschsprechstunde 11 Das Knie 44 Knowledge Discovery and Emergent Complexity in Bioinformatics 19 Kognitive Verhaltenstherapie bei Hypochondrie und Krankheitsangst 32 Kommunikation in Verteilten Systemen (KiVS) 2007 97 Marine Resource Conservation and Poverty Reduction Strategies in Tanzania 48 Mathematical Methods in ElectroMagneto-Elasticity 23 Mathematical Modeling of Biological 8 Infections intra-abdominales aiguës 15 The Influence of Genetics on Contemporary Thinking 91 Innovation. Nonlinear Science and Dynamic Game Theory Neuroanatomy for the Neuroscientist New Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence New Trends in Astrodynamics and Applications III Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction Numerical Methods and Applications L 10 La riabilitazione dei disturbi cognitivi nella sclerosi multipla 24 Labyrinth of Thought 26 Lectures on Polytopes 79 Light Scattering Reviews 2 73 Lights in the Sky 100 Linking and Aligning Scores and Scales 10 Liquordiagnostik 22 Logica Universalis 105 Longitudinal Research on Crime and Delinquency 2 Lungenfunktionsprüfung Q 103 Qualitative Research in Postmodern Times 105 Quality of Life in Old Age 76 Quantum Analogues: From Phase Transitions to Black Holes and Cosmology 72 The Quantum Beat 69 Quantum Dynamical Semigroups and Applications 71 Quantum Probability and Spectral Analysis of Graphs 76 Quirky Sides of Scientists O 75 Observing the Sun with Coronado™ Telescopes 79 Ocean Waves Breaking and Marine Aerosol Fluxes 95 Öffentliche Verwaltungskommunikation 35 Ontology Matching 92 Operations Research Proceedings 2006 78 Optical Nonlinearities in Chalcogenide Glasses and their Applications 36 Ordinal Optimization 7 Orthopädie.VIII Author Index Titelindex Springer News 3/2007 springer. Einführung für Ingenieure und Naturwissenschaftler Pixelization Paradigm Polarization Effects in Semiconductors The Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Power System Infrastructure Praktische Regeltechnik Präsentieren in Schule.schnell erfasst . Second Edition 43 Mathematik für Informatiker 55 MATLAB Guide to Finite Elements 50 Mechanical Vibration: Where Do We Stand? 12 Medizinische Therapie 2007 / 2008 59 Membranverfahren 62 Metal Fatigue 10 Métastases vertébrales 50 Micromanufacturing 74 Microstructure and Properties of High-Temperature Superconductors 58 Mobile and Wireless Network Security and Privacy 59 Modeling of Creep for Structural Analysis 93 Modeling with Itô Stochastic Differential Equations 66 Modelling and Estimation Strategies for Fault Diagnosis of Non-Linear Systems 46 Models.Intelligent Interfaces for Museum Visits Pediatric Infectious Diseases Revisited Performancemanagement für serviceorientierte Java-Anwendungen Perspectives of Systems Informatics Photonic Microsystems Physik.

springer. Subjectivity and Learning Y T 8 Tachykarde Arrhythmien 33 Task Models and Diagrams for Users Interface Design 100 The Teacher’s Role in Implementing Cooperative Learning in the Classroom 64 Technische Fluidmechanik 52 Technische Mechanik 53 Technische Mechanik 65 Technisches Freihandzeichnen 30 Technologies for Business Information Systems 44 Theory of Cryptography 107 Theory of Legal Principles 13 Yearbook Intensive Care Medicine 2007 16 Yeast as Tool in Cancer Research Z 9 Zoonosi e sanità pubblica . Grundlagen und technische Anwendungen 25 Thomas Harriot’s Artis Analyticae Praxis 49 Throughput Optimization in Robotic Cells 87 Time and Space in Economics 56 Timing Optimization for High-Speed Digital Circuits 74 Total Solar Eclipses and How to Observe Them 19 Treating Trichotillomania 93 Trends and Issues in Global Tourism 2007 3 Tumors of the Brain and Spine U 51 Ultra Wideband . Transceivers and Systems 77 Ultrafast Optics V 42 Universal Access in Ambient Intelligence Environments 101 University Dynamics and European Integration V 26 Value-Distribution of L-Functions 44 Visualizing the Structure of Science 76 Vortex Dominated Flows W 57 Wave Propagation in Infinite Domains 27 Weak Dependence: With Examples and Applications 35 Wireless Systems and Mobility in Next Generation Internet 86 Wood Structure and Environment 99 Work.und Zulassungsverfahren 85 Seasonal Landscapes 39 Springer News 3/2007 Titelindex Author Index IX 47 Regulated Systems for Multiphase Catalysis 55 Renewable Energy 32 Research and Development in Intelligent Systems XXIII 63 Rhythm and Transforms 5 Risk Assessment and Risk Communication Strategies in Bioterrorism Preparedness S 40 The Safety of Systems 46 Safety Related Issues of Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage 51 SAT-Based Scalable Formal Verification Solutions 101 The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education: An Evidence-Based Perspective 99 School Knowledge in Comparative and Historical Perspective 96 Schutz wildlebender Tiere und Pflanzen in staatlichen Planungs. Privacy and Trust in Modern Data Management 43 Semantic Web Services 17 Semaphorins 60 Signalübertragung 77 Slow Heavy-Particle Induced Electron Emission from Solid Surfaces 38 Social Networks and the Semantic Web 65 Solder Joint Technology 31 Spatial Data on the Web 7 Sportkardiologie 43 STACS 2007 96 Das Steuerrecht des Gesundheitswesens 33 Stochastic Learning and Optimization 33 Stream Data Processing 75 Structure and Biophysics .Circuits.New Technologies for Current Challenges in Biology and Beyond 93 Suchmaschinen-Marketing 20 Survivalguide PiA 61 Sustainable Water Quality Management Policy 78 Theory of Periodic Conjugate Heat Transfer 24 The Theory of Stochastic Processes III 64 Thermodynamik.

Denn damit lassen sich Gesundheit. Approx. Volume 27) Hardcover 7 approx. consacré essentiellement à l’imagerie du thorax. a puisé dans ses archives personnelles représentant plus de cinquante années d’expérience. Patients with PCOS are seen by a variety of specialists. Pluspunkte 7 Motivierendes Bewegungsprogramm für Senioren 7 Direkt und einfach umsetzbar 7 Lebensnaher Ratgeber Contents Introduction. L’auteur. and treatment of this pervasive and significant disorder in a clear and focused manner Schlagen Sie Ihrem „kalendarischen Alter“ ein Schnippchen und bleiben Sie länger jung! Wie das geht? Mit Aktivität.Le syndrome pleural. (Endocrine Updates. Vandoevre les Nancy.. Zahlr. die sich körperlich fit halten möchten Fields of interest Pneumologie. Les syndromes étiologiques: Les alvéolites.Genetics of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.54 | € (A) 117. Etwa 140 S.Zu den Autoren. * € (D) 114. Physiotherapie Fields of interest Endocrinology.. farbige Grafiken und Abb. PCOS is the single most common endrocrinologic abnormality that affects women.Le syndrome miliaire..Richtig gut essen. Sport und Training. lesen Sie hier.Clinical Evaluation of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. wie Sie die Seele auf die schönen Seiten des Lebens einstimmen. récapitule tous les aspects radiologiques susceptibles d’être rencontrés dans chacune des pathologies envisagées.Endoscopie et pathologies trachéo-bronchiques. spécialistes de médecine interne. pour proposer un ouvrage pratique pour l’exercice quotidien. Auf Basis wissenschaftlich gesicherter Erkenntnis haben erfahrene Mediziner und Sportwissenschafter einen lebensnahen.Les cancers bronchopulmonaires primitifs. Pathologie Target groups Reproductive.Definition. praktisch nachvollziehbaren und leicht verständlichen Ratgeber verfasst. general internal medicine. est divisé en trois grandes parties. There are additional factors that complicate this disease.. USA (Ed.. Bachl. and Epidemiology. Women with PCOS are known to be at a high risk for type 2 diabetes..Les BOOP. CA. Features 7 Reviews the latest concepts in the pathophysiology. Los Angeles. mit Bewegung und Sport anzufangen.97 | sFr 217.. généralistes Type of publication Type of publication Atlas Contributed volume Due June 2007 2007.Role of Obesity and Adiposity in Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. Elle permet au pneumologue. diagnosis. and dermatologists Kategorie Sachbuch Target groups Pneumologues..50 ISBN 978-3-211-35643-2 A paraître mars 2007 2007.... Avec DVD. Psychologisches Sachbuch.La tomodensitométrie (TDM) et l’imagerie par résonance magnétique (IRM). general internists. The David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. Gruber From the contents Rappels généraux: Rappels anatomo-histologiques. Institut für Gesundheitsmanagement.Einleitung. Reproductive Medicine Zielgruppen Ältere Menschen und alle. gynecologists.99 | € (A) 145.Les images en « verre dépoli ».. * € (D) 141. mit Bewegung. et d’éviter ainsi le maximum d’erreurs d’interprétation.Le syndrome bronchique. medical and pediatric endocrinologists. La première réunit toutes les informations permettant de comprendre la formation et l’interprétation des images du thorax. Diagnosis.. 500 p. Universität Wien.Treatment of Infertile Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.Les atélectasies. Azziz.Index.Les pièges de l’imagerie thoracique. a contrario. radiologues. Aus dem Inhalt Vorwort..Le syndrome interstitiel.50 ISBN 978-0-387-69246-3 Erscheint März 2007 Angezeigt in Highlights 01/2007 2007.50 ISBN 978-2-287-48491-9 9<HTNCTH=eiejbj> 9<HTLDTH=gjcegd> 9<HTOCMB=dfgedc> ...Les opacités arrondies intrapulmonaires ou syndrome macronodulaire du poumon.Phänomen des Alterns. Aktiv ins Alter Mit richtiger Bewegung jung bleiben Bearbeitet von: K. Warum das gar nicht kompliziert ist und außerdem gut schmeckt.springer.. mit dessen Hilfe das Älter werden leichter wird – und biologisch gesehen verzögert. clinicien reconnu et grand pédagogue. Und.Les bronchiolites.Insulin Action in Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: In Vivo and In Vitro.Bewegung im Alltag.Le syndrome cavitaire. Epidemiology. such as insulin levels and obesity.95 | € (A) 9.Le syndrome médiastinal. This book is an edited collection from diagnosis and epidemiology of PCOS to clinical evaluation.Les gros hiles pulmonaires.La radiologie thoracique standard (face et profils). Imagerie/Radiologie. and pediatric endocrinologists. de le rapporter au compartiment anatomique sous-jacent lésé et d’envisager alors toutes les étiologies possibles. wie Sie mehr Bewegung in Ihren Alltag einbauen können und umfassende Anleitungen für Sportarten mit einem hohen „Active Aging-Faktor“. general family practitioners.. Gesunde Ernährung gehört ebenso dazu..Le syndrome de comblement alvéolaire ou syndrome de condensation pulmonaire.. Schwarz. La seconde étudie les différents syndromes radio-anatomiques thoraciques.Longterm Morbidity of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. adult medical. J..95 | sFr 15..Altern beginnt im Kopf – jung bleiben auch. The Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Current Concepts on Pathogenesis and Clinical Care Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a classic female infertility problem affecting an estimated 6-10% of all women and many of whom are unaware of the problem. La troisième partie.Zivilisationskrankheiten – nein danke!. Env...Les syndromes radiologiques: Les grands signes séméiologiques de la radiographie thoracique.. 225 p. Es ist nie zu spät.) N. Vitalität und Lebensfreude erhalten – und auch wieder gewinnen. cardiologues. France R. Innsbruck Atlas de pathologie thoracique Cet ouvrage. Fachgebiete Sachbuch Medizin und Gesundheit. Broché 7 approx. Sie finden zahlreiche Tipps.Le Pet-Scan ou tomographie par émission de positons (TEP). Zeibig... qu’elles soient normales ou pathologiques. It is a disease that affects women from adolescence to Springer News 3/2007 Medizin 1 D. Anthoine.La séméiologie clinique de l’appareil respiratoire. face à un certain type d’images.76 | sFr 175.Ovarian Steroidogenic Abnormalties in Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. including: reproductive. and dermatologists. Geb. 7 € (D) 9. W.

Universität Ulm.sehr heterogene Zielgruppen für Primär. Blutgasanalyse-Parameter. T.. wichtige Internetadressen Inhalt Diabetes und Schwangerschaft . praxisorientiert. Böhm.. Ventilationsstörungen.. geriatrics. general practitioners Fachgebiete Pneumologie. Durchführung der Untersuchung.95 | € (A) 41. Brosch.. Pluspunkte 7 Knapp.References. Internisten)..500 publications on the subject are now published each year.Spezialist 7 Tipps und Tricks für den Alltag Pluspunkte 7 Systematisch von einfach bis komplex: Mit Fallbeispielen.50 ISBN 978-3-540-34407-0 Due March 2007 2nd ed. Fallbeispiele 30-35.How can hyperhomocysteinaemia be neurotoxic?.. Sweden. In particular. der Untersucher muss die Tipps und Tricks kennen. um den Patienten anleiten und führen zu können.Why do homocysteine levels increase?Neuropsychiatric conditions associated with hyperhomocysteinaemia. it would have an enormous impact in societies with a rapidly increasing number of elderly at risk for dementia.35 | sFr 76. Bottiglieri..Verhalten nach Gestationsdiabetes. the association between homocysteine metabolism and cognitive decline/dementia attracts much interest.Kontrazeption. or delay the onset of dementia. Richtige Ergebnisse sind nur bei aktiver Mitarbeit des Patienten möglich. 2007. Voraussetzung ist aber eine kompetente.Fetale Fehlbildungen und Entwicklungsstörungen bei Kindern diabetischer Mütter . 20 Abb. however.Abbreviations. There is. an increasing interest in the connection between the homocysteine metabolism and neuropsychiatric disease with a steeply increasing number of publications.00 ISBN 978-2-287-22558-1 Erscheint April 2007 Angezeigt in Highlights 03/2006 2007. Homocysteine Related Vitamins and Neuropsychiatric Disorders During the last 15 years the research on homocysteine and the vitamins involved in its metabolism has become very dynamic.Spirometrie: Einleitung und Messprinzip. auch zum schwangerschaftsbedingten Gestationsdiabetes.Bronchospasmolysetestung und Provokationstestung: Einleitung. Gynäkologie. Bösch.. 7 € (D) 49.Schwangerschaft. 7 € (D) 39.. Korrekte Befundung der Ergebnisse im Kontext mit weiteren Untersuchungsergebnissen und der Klinik des Patienten.When and how to check the homocysteine. Softcover 7 * € (D) 80. Fallbeispiele 1-13.2 Medizin Springer News 3/2007 springer. typische Befundmuster. Fallbeispiele 26-29. Bronchospasmolyse.. Fragen. Etwa 250 S. Inhalt Lungenfunktionsprüfung im Überblick.The homocysteine metabolism.Lungenfunktionsparameter: Allgemeines. 224 p. Voraussetzungen für die Zuverlässigkeit der Untersuchungsmethode sind korrekte Durchführung der Untersuchung – d.Gestationsdiabetes und Screeningverfahren. Allgemeinmedizin Fachgebiete Allgemeinmedizin.. but also pregnancy complications/ fetal malformations. Lungenfunktionsprüfung Durchführung – Interpretation – Befundung Lungenfunktionsprüfungen sind zunehmend verbreitet und haben einen hohen Stellenwert für therapeutische Entscheidungen und Gutachten. Ulm C. Provokationstestung. lückenlose Begleitung der Schwangerschaft. Krankenhaus Göttingen Weende e. Innere Medizin.Introduction. The research has long mainly focused on the association between homocysteine and cardiovascular disease. Dallas. O. MVZ Allgemeinmedizin.07 | sFr 61.. MundverschlussdruckParameter.Bedeutung von Supplements.20 | € (A) 82. Diffusions-Parameter.. Laboratoriumsmedizin. Statische und dynamische Volumina.Organspezifische Autoimmunität.Labordiagnostik.50 ISBN 978-3-540-34108-6 9<HTOFPA=de aha> 9<HTNCTH=aedjdc> 9<HTOFPA=debaig> . hilfreiche Tipps.. Geriatrics/Gerontology. nicht nur für reine Diabetes-Spezialisten 7 Interdisziplinäre Zusammenarbeit Hausarzt ..Kinderwunsch und Diabetes.Prävention eines Diabetes mellitus beim Nachwuchs einer Typ 1 Diabetikerin. C.Medikamentöse Therapie in Schwangerschaft und Stillzeit. Atemfluss-Parameter.Insulintherapie. 50% der hausärztlich tätigen Niedergelassenen durchgeführt. Einführung in die Methode.V. 60 Abb.Impact of common enzyme defects on neuropsychiatric conditions.. non-toxic homocysteine-lowering treatment with vitamins can reduce the incidence of.95 | € (A) 51. Ev. Helsingborg. Hausärztlich tätige Niedergelassene Zielgruppen Hausärztlich tätige Mediziner (Allgemeinmediziner. Pädiater Kategorie Fachbuch Kategorie Fachbuch Erscheint Mai 2007 Angezeigt in Highlights 01/2007 2007. Etwa 200 S. Frauenheilkunde. Approx.Betreuung von Neugeborenen diabetischer Mütter. About 1.Bodyplethysmographie: Einleitung und Messprinzip..Ernährungstherapie bei Diabetes mellitus. Klinikum Bremerhaven. Baylor University Medical Center Institute of Metabolic Disease.und Sekundärprävention.. alle notwendigen B. Diabetologie Type of publication Monograph Zielgruppen Ärzte in Weiterbildung: gesamte Innere Medizin (nicht nur Innere und Schwerpunkt Pneumologie) und Allgemeinmedizin.Mütterliche Folgeerkrankungen des Diabetes mellitus. Contents Acknowledgements.. Durchführung der Untersuchung.h. Gynäkologen. Entbindung und die Besonderheiten bei Diabetes mellitus.Ultraschalldiagnostik. Neurology Target groups Psychiatrists.Behandlung des Gestationsdiabetes.. TX.. Fallbeispiele 14-25. If simple. neurologists.How to interpret the test result and how to handle hyperhomocysteinaemia.What is homocysteine?. Wie ist vorzugehen? Die Autoren – ausgewiesene Experten in ihrem Bereich – liefern dazu. ermöglichen heute neue Behandlungsmöglichkeiten auch diesen Frauen die Erfüllung ihres Kinderwunsches. Hinweise auf Fehlerquellen. Fields of interest Psychiatry. USA D. Sie werden inzwischen in jeder Klinik und bei ca. S. Criee. Geb. Übungen und authentischen Befunden wird der Leser durch das Buch geführt 7 Alles dabei: Praxisrelevante Grundlagen.Klassifikation des Diabetes mellitus. Claudi-Böhm.. Diabetes und Schwangerschaft Schwangerschaft bei Diabetes? Hat man vor 40 Jahren Diabetikerinnen noch vor einer Schwangerschaft gewarnt.Diffusionstestung: Einleitung.45 | sFr 123. Bolander-Gouaille. Und diese können durchaus der allgemeinmedizinische Hausarzt und/oder der Gynäkologe leisten..

. Gilbert. I. 87 illus.Praktisches Vorgehen ambulanter Eingriffe: Eignung des Patienten. both singly and in combination. Komplikationen..Exploration par IRM de l’hypophyse au cours de la grossesse.) P.Insuffisance posthypophysaire au cours de la grossesse. Fields of interest Endocrinologie.Innovative Treatment Strategies for High-grade Gliomas. DeMonte. obstétriciens..Adénomes à prolactine et grossesse.... chemotherapy. F.Pituitary Tumors. Broché 7 * € (D) 30..Epidemiology of Brain Tumors. D. Busse. prä.Lymphoma Affecting the Central Nervous System.. les gynécologues.Tumors of the Extradural Spine.. Chirurgen und Klinikdirektoren.Index. Allgemeinchirurgie Endocrinologues. (M. sages-femmes Target groups Oncologists. Gesetzliche Grundlagen und betriebswirtschaftliche Aspekte.45 | sFr 123..Radiology of Brain Tumors. neurologists. 160 p. Rechtliche Rahmenbedingungen und Abrechnungsmodus. and innovative treatment strategies round out the volume.springer. Surgical Oncology. Conséquences sur la fonction antéhypophysaire au cours de la grossesse. It is written mainly for the primary care oncologist..Surgical Strategies for High-grade Gliomas. les obstétriciens et les pédiatres. méningiomes. Inhalt Rahmenbedingungen: Entwicklung und Bedeutung ambulanter Eingriffe im internationalen Vergleich.Anhang: Adressen. Contents Préface.Hypogonadisme hypogonadotrophique congénital: procréation. Ein Werk für alle Verantwortlichen bei der Durchführung ambulanter Eingriffe: Anästhesisten. Erfahrene Herausgeber und Autoren haben in diesem Werk zusammengetragen. Klinikdirektoren.Radiation Oncology for Tumors of the Central Nervous System.Traitement de l’insuffisance hypophysaire pendant la grossesse.. Neurosurgery Target groups Fachgebiete Anästhesiologie. TX. Pluspunkte 7 Der aktuelle Stand des ambulanten Operierens in Klinik und Praxis 7 Kostenbewusstes und effizientes Management ambulanter Eingriffe Contents Foreword.Autres tumeurs hypophysaires ou sellaires au cours de la grossesse: craniopharyngiomes.Pathologie inflammatoire de l’hypophyse et grossesse... Caron (Ed. radiologists Zielgruppen Ärzte in Kliniken mit ambulanten Einrichtungen.. Etwa 250 S.00 ISBN 978-3-540-00632-9 En vente 2007.63 | sFr 92.28 | sFr 47. wie die praktische Umsetzung effektiv und ökonomisch gelingen kann: Räumliche und personelle Voraussetzungen. Radiologie diagnostic Fields of interest Oncology.43 | € (A) 31. and general neurosurgeon.. E.Acromégalie et grossesse. pathologists. gynécologues.00 ISBN 978-0-387-29201-4 9<HTOFPA=a gdcj> 9<HTNCTH=df hbe> 9<HTLDTH=cjcabe> .le placenta: une glande endocrine transitoire. A. Städtisches Klinikum Solingen (Hrsg. Houston. McCutcheon. X.. Anderson Cancer Center. 7 € (D) 59..95 | € (A) 61. Perioperative Springer News 3/2007 Medizin 3 J.D. Standl. and radiation therapy. Operative Aspekte. Patientenaufklärung. Prämedikation. Organisatorisches Vorgehen. Anderson Cancer Care Series) Softcover 7 approx. 30 Abb. Ambulante Eingriffe bei Kindern. USA (Eds. Chirurgie. älteren Patienten und Behinderten. Prämedikation und Voruntersuchungen.) Tumors of the Brain and Spine Tumors of the Brain and Spine focuses primarily on the standard approaches to the treatment of benign. tumorales ou non tumorales.D. radiologues. Cependant les conséquences de l’affection hypophysaire et des traitements pour la mère ou le fœtus sont toujours discutés par les endocrinologues. Geb. neurosurgeons.. Mahajan. Aufklärung. sont classiquement responsables d’infertilité.Syndrome de Cushing et grossesse.00 ISBN 978-2-287-35571-4 2007...Adénomes non fonctionnels et thyréotropes au cours de la Grossesse. general neurologist. primary low-grade to high-grade. Chapters on treatment focus on neurosurgery. Grâce aux progrès des traitements médicaux et chirurgicaux développés pour le traitement de ces affections hypophysaires.) Ambulantes Operieren Rahmenbedingungen – Organisation – Patientenversorgung Pathologie hypophysaire et grossesse Les affections hypophysaires.Lowgrade Gliomas. Chapters on symptom management.und postoperative Versorgung des Patienten.. grossesses et descendance. T. and metastatic tumors in the brain and spine used by surgeons and clinicians at The University of Texas M. Gynécologie. Ambulantes Operieren effektiv und ökonomisch umsetzen! Die Notwendigkeit von Einsparungen erfordert vermehrt die Durchführung ambulanter Eingriffe in Kliniken und Praxen.Leptomeningeal Dissemination of Systemic Cancer..Molecular Genetics and Neuropathology of Intracranial Tumors. M.Symptom Management in the Patient with Brain Tumor. Approx. * € (D) 80. Ambulante Eingriffe bei verschiedenen Patientengruppen. the leptomeningeal dissemination of systemic cancer.. Anderson Cancer Center.Common Metastases to Brain.Surgically Curable Intracranial Tumors.Malignant Gliomas. The University of Texas M. 400 p. the epidemiology of brain tumors. R.20 | € (A) 82. Verwaltungsdirektoren Type of publication Monographie Type of publication Contributed volume Kategorie Fachbuch Due June 2007 Erscheint Mai 2007 2007. les grossesses sont de plus en plus fréquentes chez les patientes ayant en particulier un adénome hypophysaire sécrétant ou une insuffisance anté-hypophysaire ou un diabète insipide central. the molecular genetics and neuropathology of intracranial tumors. Organisation. Perioperative Medikation und Begleitmedikation.

Ca. Giamberti M. Questo testo. U.. Die Phakomatosen. Patienten und Angehörige.Ventricolo unico e circolazione tipo Fontan. Spinale Tumoren im Kindesalter. Ärzte und Wissenschaftler.. 2007. Etwa 370 S. Hypoxisch-ischämische Läsionen im Kindesalter.2007 7 € (D) 149.50 ISBN 978-3-540-00406-6 Vorbestellpreis. Riederer.... Neuroradiologie.Outcome a lungo termine. Klinik. Neurowissenschaften. Geb. Auflage: Alle neuen Medikamente. Neueste Entwicklungen in der Genetik.Die Wirbelsäule des Kindes: Die embryologische Entwicklung der Wirbelsäule. Das Buch ist Lehrbuch..Sindrome di Marfan. Neu in der 4. Gerlach. Sommer Pluspunkte 7 Verständlicher Einstieg in die grundlegenden Konzepte der pädiatrischen Neuroradiologie 7 Rasche Orientierung ohne komplizierte Technikdetails 7 Praxisbezogene Entscheidungshilfen für eine präzise Diagnostik 7 Klare Didaktik mit vielen Lernhilfen Tra le malattie congenite. Pantely Pädiatrische Neuroradiologie Der Verdacht auf eine Erkrankung des Gehirns oder Rückenmarks verursacht bei den betroffenen Eltern und Kindern große Angst und Verunsicherung. Gatzoulis...71 | sFr 260. Traumatische Erkrankungen. Chessa. B. Studenten Fachgebiete Pädiatrie. Götz.Coartazione dell’aorta. Dresden Die Parkinson-Krankheit Grundlagen. medici generici Kategorie Monographie Kategorie Monographie Type of publication Testo specializzato/specialistico Pubblicazione prevista per il mese di marzo 2007 Erscheint März 2007 2007. Entzündliche Erkrankungen. Cardiochirurgia Zielgruppen Praktiker Target groups Cardiologi. offrendo una panoramica completa delle informazioni relative ad esse relative e e al loro trattamento. e hanno infatti un‘incidenza dell‘1% nulla popolazione mondiale.95 | € (A) 174. Neurologische Universitätsklinik. Schemata und Abbildungen.Difetto del setto interventricolare. Klinik und Therapie der Parkinson-Krankheit beschreibt und einen kompakten Überblick zur Pharmakologie und den Wirkmechanismen der Anti-ParkinsonMedikamente gibt..Trasposizione completa delle grosse arterie. Therrien. H..und Therapieforschung. Darüber hinaus werden auch dem interessierten Patienten und Laien wichtige Informationen geboten. Nachschlagewerk und Leitfaden für Studenten. A. 60 Abb. G.15 | sFr 230. L.06. Etwa 400 S.Parte 2 Tipologie di lesione: Difetti del setto interatriale e anomalie dei ritorni venosi polmonari. Dabei bietet das Lehrbuch und Nachschlagewerk die optimale Unterstützung. si propone appunto di essere una guida facilmente consultabile e utile sia per l‘esperto del settore sia per coloro che solo saltuariamente si confrontano con le problematiche legate alla cardiopatia congenita dell‘adulto.Disordini dell’efflusso ventricolare sinistro. Tumoren der Augen. Gegenwärtiger Stand der klinischen Studien zur symptomatischen Therapie und Neuroprotektion. Entzündliche Erkrankungen. Kongenitale Störungen der kindlichen Wirbelsäule. Grazie alle moderne terapie. Contents Parte 1 Aspetti generali: Epidemiologia delle cardiopatie congenite. Oxford.Tetralogia di Fallot e anomalie dell’efflusso ventricolare destro. Kongenitale Störungen der Augen.50 ISBN 978-88-470-0525-9 Erscheint März 2007 Angezeigt in Highlights 01/2007 4. Es ist so konzipiert.. ma necessitano di essere costantemente seguiti dagli specialisti e monitorati dai medici di famiglia. Pharmakologie/ Toxikologie Zielgruppen Ärzte und Forscher aus den Gebieten Neurologie.Altre patologie.18 | sFr 88. A.56 | € (A) 59.Atresia polmonare con difetto interventricolare. München M. B. Hydrozephalus im Kindesalter..und Jugendpsychiatrie. gültig bis zum 30. Kongenitale Störungen des kindlichen Gehirns. Würzburg.Ipertensione polmonare.Sindrome di Eisenmenger..Difetto del setto atrioventricolare. Psychiatrie... UK. Reichmann.Dotto arterioso pervio.00 ISBN 978-3-211-48307-7 9<HTOFPA=a eag > 9<HT IPH=a fcfj> 9<HTOCMB=eidah > . cardiochirurghi. Pathogenese.Problematiche correlate allo stile di vita.00 Edizione inglese originale stampata da Blackwell Publishing Ltd.Anomalia di Ebstein della valvola tricuspide.Die Augen des Kindes: Die embryologische Entwicklung der Augen. Neurowissenschaften.. 7 € (D) 59. 7 € (D) 169. P. 2005 2007.. Aufl. Für den behandelnden Arzt ist deshalb das oberste Gebot: schnell und präzise diagnostizieren.4 Medizin Springer News 3/2007 springer. Es ist im deutschsprachigen Raum das einzige Buch. Ertl-Wagner. Inhalt Das Gehirn des Kindes: Die embryologische Entwicklung des Gehirns. Metabolische Störungen. i portatori di queste patologie diventano oggi adulti. Bildgebende Verfahren/Radiologie Fields of interest Cardiologia. Pluspunkte 7 Klare Darstellung komplexer Sachverhalte 7 Anschauliche Abbildungen und Tabellen 7 Auch für interessierte Patienten und Angehörige verständlich Fachgebiete Neurologie.Servizi per l’adulto con cardiopatie congenite. Autoimmune und toxisch bedingte Erkrankungen. Traumatische Erkrankungen des kindlichen Gehirns. Geb. Pharmakologie/Toxikologie.. erw. Swan. Geriatrie/Gerontologie. Universitätsklinik und Poliklinik für Kinder.Anticoagulazione. Therapie Unter Mitarbeit von: W. le cardiopatie sono quelle più frequentemente riscontrate. A.95 | sFr 92. dass es auch Unerfahrenen eine rasche Orientierung und einen leichten Zugang zu diesem faszinierenden Fachgebiet ermöglicht. Cardiopatie congenite dell‘adulto: una guida pratica Traduzione dall‘inglese di: M.. das umfassend neurobiologische Grundlagen... Allgemeinärzte. Brossura 7 * € (D) 57. Dieses Buch vermittelt einen kompetenten und fächerübergreifenden Überblick über das aktuelle Wissen auf dem Gebiet der Parkinson-Krankheit. 250 pagg. Schlaganfälle im Kindesalter und vaskuläre Malformationen des kindlichen Gehirns.95 | € (A) 59.Gravidanza e contraccezione. Institut für klinische Radiologie.Parte 3 Emergenze e situazioni cliniche particolari: Aritmie e sincopi.95 | € (A) 154..Sospetto di endocardite infettiva. 786 Abb. experimentelle Modelle.Profilassi dell’endocardite infettiva.. Hirntumoren im Kindesalter. Das Buch besticht durch seine klare Systematik und die komprimierte Darstellung mit vielen Tabellen.. Aktuelle Übersicht über Modelle der Parkinson-Krankheit.

Intraperitoneal chemotherapy in the management of ovarian cancer. Spain (Ed.00 | € (A) 168. Nevertheless. from the reintroduction of eradicated viruses such as smallpox to the possibility of genetically engineered novel pathogens. Risk Assessment and Risk Communication Strategies in Bioterrorism Preparedness The anthrax envelopes incident in the United States in 2001 created the impetus for a substantial increase in preparedness for bioterrorist threats among both public health and law enforcement professionals.. Advances in clinical research and management of diffuse peritoneal Springer News 3/2007 Medizin 5 S. Homeland security.00 Subskriptionspreis.00 | € (A) 204.00 ISBN 978-3-540-41420-9 Vorbestellpreis. Die Visualisierung von Organerkrankungen wird von den pathologischanatomischen Grundlagen über die klinische Symptomatik bis zur diagnostischen Praxis in synoptischer Betrachtungsweise beschrieben.58 | sFr 305. first responders. Pathological evaluation and implications of serosal involvement in gastro-intestinal cancer. bei Abnahme aller Bände 7 € (D) 164.00 | € (A) 189. epidemiologists and public health professionals.00 7 * € (D) 149. I. military). Freyschmidt. Die einheitlich strukturierten Kapitel mit einer Fülle instruktiver Abbildungen sorgen für schnelle Orientierung. Features 7 Scarcity of relevant evidence-based resources 7 Practical approach for coping with current bioterrorism threats 7 Authored by leading scientists with extensive field experience 7 Multidisciplinary approach Pluspunkte 7 Umfassendes Nachschlagewerk von führenden Experten 7 Fundierter Überblick mit praktischen Orientierungshilfen 7 Aktuelles Praxiswissen für eine zielgerichtete Diagnostik 7 Ausführliche Literaturübersicht auf dem neuesten Stand 7 Die Bibliothek der modernen radiologischen Diagnostik zum attraktiven Subskriptionspreis Fields of interest Infectious Diseases.15 | € (A) 65. Institut für Röntgendiagnostik.2007 7 € (D) 184.75 | € (A) 153.16 | sFr 282.) D. Malignant peritoneal mesothelioma.50 ISBN 978-1-4020-5807-3 9<HTOFPA=dahfje> 9<HTMELC=afiahd> 9<HTOFPA=ebecaj> . González-Moreno.50 Due March 2007 2007. 12 in color. Epidemiology Target groups Bioterrorism related workforce (e. Experimental models and questions in basic science research for pseudomyxoma peritonei. Klinik für Radiologische Diagnostik und Nuklearmedizin.) M. Adjuvant intraperitoneal chemotherapy. Additionally. Clinical trials in peritoneal surface oncology: colorectal carcinomatosis. Einsatzmöglichkeiten und sinnvollen Indikationen unterstützt den Arzt bei der zielgerichteten Diagnosefindung. (Handbuch diagnostische Radiologie) Geb. (NATO Security through Science Series / NATO Security through Science Series A: Chemistry and Biology) Hardcover Erscheint Mai 2007 2007. D. Principles of perioperative intraperitoneal chemotherapy for peritoneal carcinomatosis. Wiser. the essentials of perioperative intraperitoneal chemotherapy and the modern histopathological assessment of peritoneal surface malignancy are reviewed. Volume 169) Hardcover 7 * € (D) 85. Etwa 470 S. 600 Abb. Despite the potentially devastating consequences of the various projected bioterror scenarios.50 ISBN 978-1-4020-5806-6 9<HTMELC=afiag > Also available as softcover 7 * € (D) 64. A unique historical perspective on how this new knowledge has unfolded over the years helps point out the future research directions to be pursued. MD Anderson Cancer Center. gültig bis zum 31.35 | sFr 105. Hahn. risk analysts. Würzburg. Madrid. Ever increasing resources are now being allocated for dealing with a wide variety of potential threats. Green. J. Clinical research methodology in peritoneal surface oncology. 59 illus. XII.springer.) Advances in Peritoneal Surface Oncology This book is a comprehensive compilation of the new knowledge accumulated in peritoneal surface oncology in the dawn of the twenty-first century. worldwide. (Recent Results in Cancer Research. X. from its pathogenesis and molecular mechanisms to the latest clinical trials. Peritoneal carcinomatosis of colorectal origin. R. The natural history of free cancer cells in the peritoneal cavity. D.95 | sFr 131.43 | € (A) 70. It covers the complete spectrum of the latest research carried out in peritoneal malignant dissemination. Kardiologen Kategorie Field of interest Oncology Handbuch Target groups Clinicians Type of publication Monograph Due March 2007 2007.55 | € (A) 87.60 | sFr 251. Advances in the management of gastric cancer with peritoneal dissemination. 275 p.08.g. Ein Nachschlagewerk. Experimental and pharmacokinetic studies in intraperitoneal chemotherapy.00 ISBN 978-3-540-30759-4 Subscription price. das in der täglichen Routine und bei Problemfällen Hilfe bietet und Lücken zwischen bekannten Monographien über einzelne. Bremen (Hrsg. 7 € (D) 199. such risk assessment is crucial for determining the appropriate allocation of resources for research and preparedness. Zenilman. sehr spezialisierte Themen schließt. S. Hyperthermic intraoperative intraperitoneal chemotherapy – a survey of techniques.95 | sFr 98. Alle Inhalte sind praxisgerecht und übersichtlich aufbereitet. Balicer (Eds.95 | sFr 229. J. risk communication and media personnel. it remains remarkably difficult to quantitatively assess the actual risk in each of these scenarios. Handbuch diagnostische Radiologie Kardiovaskuläres System Das Handbuch diagnostische Radiologie stellt in 9 Bänden die modernen radiodiagnostischen Möglichkeiten dar. Die klare Darstellung der Methoden mit Vergleich und Wertung. valid for subscribers of the whole series 7 * € (D) 68. 176 p. Contents Management of peritoneal surface malignancy. Cohen. environmental health personnel Fachgebiete Bildgebende Verfahren/Radiologie. Kardiologie Zielgruppen Type of publication Proceedings Radiologen.

handeln unter anderem von strukturellen Problemen der Klinikorganisation und der Gesundheitsforschung – besonders im Hinblick auf Zentrumsbildungen in verschiedenen Sektoren – sowie von neuen diagnostischen und therapeutischen Methoden. Chronische Niereninsuffizienz.. Herfarth.. die in schwierigen Situationen den Patient verstärkt als „Mensch“ behandeln sollen Kategorie Fachbuch Kategorie Monographie Erscheint März 2007 Lieferbar Erscheint März 2007 2.. die Dialyse anbieten.. Durch bildhafte Erklärungen. Internisten (auch Internisten ohne Schwerpunkt Nephrologie: viele Ärzte. Komplikationen.Harnwegsinfektionen. Therapie und Praxistipps 7 Kompakt u. Antworten und Ratschläge Der vorliegende Band nähert sich dem Thema Gesundheit auf den unterschiedlichsten Feldern und legt die Fortschritte dar.) C. Aufl.Nephrologische Begutachtung und arbeitsmedizinische Aspekte bei chronischer Niereninsuffizienz. verständlich 7 Antworten auf essenzielle Fragen bei nephrologischen Grunderkrankungen (Schwangerschaft. Das von ihr entwickelte Modell „Schutzhaus gegen Krankheit und Krebs“ hilft jeder Frau die Zusammenhänge zwischen Seele und Körper bewusster zu erkennen und aktiv Vorsorge zu betreiben.Patientenorientierte Forschung in der Chirurgie – Konzepte und Einrichtungen in Heidelberg. die viel diskutierte Hormontherapie sowie um natürliche Familienplanung. Ein Praxisbuch für jede Frau. Dialysezentrum Wieblingen Gynäkologie von Frau zu Frau Gesundheit Fragen. Gynäkologen.. Aus Fragen vieler Patientinnen hat die erfahrene Frauenärztin Maria Hengstberger ein leicht verständliches Buch verfasst.Akutes Nierenversagen. Orthopäden und Kardiologen.95 | € (A) 51. Brosch. Aufl.Tubulointerstitielle Erkrankungen der Niere. X.Nierenerkrankungen und Hypertonie in der Schwangerschaft. Die aktive Brustkrebsvorsorge ist der Autorin ein besonderes Anliegen. Ratschlägen und Anleitungen zur Selbstdiagnose 7 Ein Ratgeber für Frauen jeden Alters Fachgebiete Sachbuch Medizin und Gesundheit. insbesondere Onkologen. Universitäts-Klinikum Heidelberg (Hrsg. Geb.50 ISBN 978-3-540-48555-1 9<HTOCMB=haidcd> 9<HTOFPA=eifgbc> 9<HTOFPA=eif fb> .Chronische Niereninsuffizienz. führen nicht den SP Nephrologie).Präventive Onkologie – das Endziel der Bekämpfung bösartiger Erkrankungen.) 7 Tabellen: Dosierungen wichtiger Pharmaka bei Niereninsuffizienz Inhalt Die normale Niere..a. aber auch von der Wiederentdeckung und Modernisierung altbewährter Verfahren. Nebenwirkungen....35 | sFr 76. Volume 50) Brosch. Diagnostik. die besonders in der Heidelberger Universitätsmedizin in den vergangenen Jahren zu verzeichnen waren. Glomeruläre Nierenerkrankungen. XI. Etwa 500 S.. Nephrologie..Moderne Radioonkologie.. Chirurgen. sämtlich von renommierten und auf ihren Gebieten führenden Wissenschaftlern.Paradigmenwechsel in der Diagnostik und Therapie des Herzinfarkts. M.Fehlbildungen und erbliche Nierenerkrankungen. Nierensersatztherapie.NCT – Nationales Centrum für Tumorerkrankungen in Heidelberg.00 ISBN 978-3-540-48561-2 Angezeigt in Highlights 01/2007 2.Raumforderungen in der Niere. 95 in Farbe. 377 S. Die Beiträge. vollst. 2007. Plastische Chirurgie Zielgruppen Nephrologen. 84 Abb. Wechselwirkungen. wie etwa der Bewältigung von Stresssituationen.Die Entwicklung des „Europäischen Pankreaszentrums Heidelberg“ (EPZ). Wien C. der Versorgung und der Therapie bei Krebserkrankungen. 114 S.. Keller.. Allgemeinmediziner.95 | sFr 23. einfache Fragebögen und hilfreiche Vorschläge ist ein gynäkologischer Ratgeber entstanden. 134 Abb. 7 € (D) 14.. 7 € (D) 44. Sie widmet sich aber auch anderen Gesundheitsthemen. Sie geht dabei auf die häufigsten gynäkologischen Probleme ein. Gynäkologie Kategorie Sachbuch Fachgebiete Onkologie. Sie befassen sich mit expandierenden Feldern.21 | sFr 69.Nephrologische Diagnostik. K.95 | € (A) 14. 30 Abb... Hypertonie. (Heidelberger Jahrbücher.Systemerkrankungen mit Nierenbeteiligung. Dialysezentrum Grünstadt. Kardiologie.Stammzellentherapie – Frischzellentherapie der Zukunft? Pluspunkte 7 Verständlich und aktuell: geschrieben von einer erfahrenen Frauenärztin 7 Zahlreiche Fragebögen.95 | € (A) 46...Nierentransplantation.Glomeruläre Nierenerkrankungen. da kaum ein Thema nicht angesprochen wird! Pluspunkte 7 Das wesentliche nephrologische Wissen für den „Nicht-Nephrologen“ 7 Grundlagen. Hengstberger. 2007. Highlight: die umfassende Tabelle „Dosierung wichtiger Pharmaka bei Niereninsuffizenz“. Sie beleuchten rezente Entwicklungen in der Prävention.Nierenersatztherapie.Einfluss des sich ändernden Gesundheitswesens auf die klinische Patientenversorgung... überarb. Naturheilverfahren Zielgruppen Frauen aller Altersschichten Fachgebiete Innere Medizin. etwa der Plastischen Chirurgie und der Anti-Aging-Medizin ebenso wie mit neueren Forschungen über traditionelle »Volkskrankheiten« wie Schwerhörigkeit und Osteoporose.Arterielle Hypertonie. der von Frau zu Frau und aus der Praxis für die Praxis geschrieben wurde..Pharmakotherapie bei Niereninsuffizienz.Herausforderungen in der Herzchirurgie.: Immunsuppression nach Transplantation (wichtig auch für den Hausarzt!) inkl.00 ISBN 978-3-211-70832-3 2007..6 Medizin Springer News 3/2007 springer.Steinleiden. Geberth. Aus dem Inhalt Zur Struktur der Gesundheitsforschung in Deutschland. Urologen (jeweils Ärzte in der Weiterbildung und Niedergelassene) Zielgruppen Ärzte allgemein.. Es geht hier zum Beispiel um die wiederkehrende Scheidenpilzinfektion. Medikamentendosierung usw. 7 € (D) 49. mit denen sie in der täglichen Praxis konfrontiert ist. Gynäkologie. Praxis der Nephrologie In dieser Auflage neu bearbeitet und erweitert u.

) Sportkardiologie Körperliche Aktivität bei Herzerkrankungen Orthopädie. Kriminologen Kategorie Fachbuch Zielgruppen Medizinstudenten.Spezielle Orthopädie und spezielle Unfallchirurgie: Wirbelsäule. Dargestellt werden die Aufgaben des Strafrechts und die Merkmale der Straftat. 550 Abb. Neu in der 2. Universität Regensburg.bis Spitzensport 7 Mit Trainingsempfehlungen im Gesundheitssport 7 Einziges Buch seiner Art im deutschen Sprachraum 7 Um drei neue Kapitel erweitert Inhalt Allgemeine Orthopädie und Unfallchirurgie: Anatomie. (Springer-Lehrbuch) Brosch. Universität Bochum. Anamnese und klinische Untersuchung. Aufl. Hals. Brustkorb. Dölling. wobei den rechtlichen Grundlagen der Schuldfähigkeit besondere Aufmerksamkeit gewidmet wird.72 | sFr 41. H. Behandlungsmethoden. konservative und operative Therapien. N. Pluspunkte 7 Die strafrechtlichen Grundlagen der Gutachtenerstellung im Strafverfahren 7 Besonderheiten des Jugendstrafrechts 7 Überblick: Strafrechtliche Grundlagen der forensischen Psychiatrie im internationalen Vergleich 7 Plus: Stellungnahmen aus psychiatrischer Sicht Fachgebiete Kardiologie.. vollständige Lehrbuch des Faches zur schnellen Vorbereitung auf die Prüfung 7 Jetzt inclusive aller relevanten unfallchirurgischen Themen 7 Neues Fallquiz mit 20 typischen Fällen zum Repetieren und Einüben des diagnostischen Vorgehens Der vorliegende Band vermittelt die strafrechtlichen Grundlagen der Gutachtenerstellung im Strafverfahren. Strafrecht Zielgruppen Kardiologen und Internisten in Klinik und Praxis. € (D) 59. gibt es ein Fallquiz mit 20 typischen Situationen aus dem klinischen Alltag: Wissen praktisch anwenden leichtgemacht! Von Klumpfuß bis Polytrauma – mit dem Krämer/ Grifka bestens vorbereitet! Pluspunkte 7 Das kürzeste. Kröber. 7 € (D) 26. Dieses Buch gibt als erstes im deutschsprachigen Raum Empfehlungen zur Wettkampfsporttauglichkeit bei Herzkreislauferkrankungen. Unter Berücksichtigung des Schweregrades wird das gesamte Spektrum möglicher Fragestellungen. Strafrechtler. K. Etwa 450 S. um die Entscheidung bei der Beurteilung von Sporttreibenden zu erleichtern. Rehabilitation und Begutachtung. 7 ca. 2007. Urhausen J. Die Besonderheiten des Jugendstrafrechts werden herausgearbeitet und es wird ein Überblick über die strafrechtlichen Grundlagen der Forensischen Psychiatrie im internationalen Vergleich gegeben. A. bei Abnahme aller Bände 7 € (D) 79. 2007.50 9<HTOHUI=fbhag > 9<HTOFPA=eiejib> 9<HTOHUI=fbe gb> . A.95 | € (A) 102.50 ISBN 978-3-540-48498-1 7 € (D) 99. J. Unterschenkel und oberes Sprunggelenk. H. Krämer. 8. Leygraf. Röcker. Etwa 450 S. Sportmedizin Fachgebiete Psychiatrie. aktualisierte Aufl. überarb.Kardiale Marker und körperliche Belastung . Pluspunkte 7 Empfehlungen zur Wettkampfsporttauglichkeit bei Herz-Kreislauf-Erkrankungen 7 Berücksichtigt Leistungsniveaus von Breiten.95 | € (A) 61. Kleinert. Damit Lernen auch Spaß macht. Sportmediziner Fachgebiete Orthopädie. Arm und Hand. Schulter. Die Autoren wagen den Spagat zwischen Wettkampfund Gesundheitssport im Sinne präventiver und rehabilitativer Betätigung. Nieß. Dickhuth.. Das Buch wendet sich an Sportmediziner und internistisch-kardiologisch tätige Ärzte. Auflage: Belastungsuntersuchungen . Teske. Bei der Darstellung des Strafverfahrensrechts werden insbesondere die Vorschriften über die Rechtsstellung und die Tätigkeit des Sachverständigen näher erläutert. Geb. Bei der Erläuterung der strafrechtlichen Rechtsfolgen werden neben den Strafen die Maßregeln der Besserung und Sicherung eingehend behandelt.19 | sFr 122.Belastbarkeit von Patienten mit Schrittmacher und ICD Der neue Krämer/Grifka: Orthopädie und Unfallchirurgie kompakt in einem Buch! Der Lehrbuchklassiker bringt Orthopädie und Unfallchirurgie auf den Punkt: Springer News 3/2007 Medizin 7 W. Orthopädische und unfallchirurgische Krankheitsbilder nach Körperregionen geordnet.. Etwa 280 S. Stellungnahmen zu grundlegenden strafrechtlichen Problemen aus psychiatrischer Sicht tragen zum notwendigen Dialog zwischen Strafrechtswissenschaft und Psychiatrie bei.Raritätenlexikon. Unfallchirurgie. behandelt und es werden konkrete Empfehlungen für die Sportpraxis abgeleitet.95 | € (A) 27.springer. Orthopädische Chirurgie Zielgruppen Psychiater mit Bezug zur forensischen Psychiatrie.50 ISBN 978-3-7985-1446-1 Subskriptionspreis. erw.95 | € (A) 82. Die einzelnen Sportarten mit ihren Beanspruchungsprofilen werden differenziert beurteilt. Hüftregion.00 ISBN 978-3-7985-1706-6 Ursprünglich erschienen unter dem Titel Orthopädie 2007. die zu den Hauptaufgaben der forensischen Psychiatrie gehört. Bad Abbach H. Definitionen aller Krankheitsbilder. Biomechanik und Pathophysiologie. Saß (Hrsg. Generelle Erkrankungen. D. u.75 | sFr 153. Begutachtung. prägnanter Stil und übersichtliches Layout helfen beim Lernen unter Zeitdruck. Handbuch der Forensischen Psychiatrie Band 1: Strafrechtliche Grundlagen der forensischen Psychiatrie Sportkardiologie – das medizinisch bedeutsame Thema stößt angesichts plötzlicher Todesfälle von Sportlern auch auf öffentliches Interesse. Krankengymnasten Kategorie Handbuch Kategorie Lehrbuch Erscheint Mai 2007 Angezeigt in Highlights 01/2007 Erscheint März 2007 Angezeigt in Highlights 03/2006 Erscheint April 2007 Angezeigt in Highlights 01/2007 2.63 | sFr 92. Fuß. W. Kindermann. Geb. vom Top-Athleten bis zum vermindert belastbaren Patienten. Kniegelenk. Grifka. Unfallchirurgie Unter Mitarbeit von: H.

Antibioprophylaxie en chirurgie digestive: pour qui? Pourquoi? Comment?. Lewalter M. de publier un ouvrage en langue française regroupant l’ensemble des pathologies abdominales infectieuses proposant ainsi une synthèse des données récentes de la littérature dans ce domaine. Allgemeinmediziner Fachgebiete Kategorie Fachbuch Reproduktionsmedizin. 200 S. intéressant toutes les tranches d’âge de la population et engageant souvent le pronostic vital...72 | sFr 109. 350 p.hier der Arrhythmie im Oberflächen-EKG-Befund .. wissenschaftlich fundiert und einprägsam führt der Autor Schritt für Schritt hin zu einer optimalen Beratung von Kinderwunschpaaren.Hormonanalytik zur Zyklusdiagnostik. Fachgebiete Kardiologie. les urgences et la chirurgie. prägnant 7 Aus der Praxis für die Praxis Pluspunkte 7 Präzise. Infectiologie Target groups Anesthésistes-réanimateurs.) Broché 7 approx. car elles concernent de nombreuses spécialités médicales au travers de la réanimation. Innere Medizin Zielgruppen Niedergelassene Kardiologen. chirurgiens viséraux. 7 € (D) 44....00 ISBN 978-2-287-69812-5 9<HTOHUI=fbfceg> 9<HTOFPA=hajhih> 9<HTNCTH=gjibcf> .Péritonites communautaires. Seguin (Eds. l’infectiologie. verschiedene Aspekte wurden neu aufgegriffen. Die Therapieformen in der Rhythmologie sind in den letzten Jahren so stark erweitert worden.. Infections intra-abdominales aiguës Les infections intra-abdominales graves sont. 110 Abb..Nutrition du patient septique abdominal.Systematischer Ansatz zur Diagnostik und Therapie bei Kinderwunschpaaren. Die zweite Auflage wurde hinsichtlich der Datenlage der jüngsten Literatur sorgfältig aktualisiert. Geburtshilfe/Perinatologie Zielgruppen Ärzte in Klinik und Praxis Kategorie Fachbuch Fields of interest Anesthésiologie. EKGVignetten (Fallbeispiele). internes Type of publication Monographie Erscheint April 2007 2007..Le greffé hépatique face au risque infectieux.) Tachykarde Arrhythmien Vom Anfalls-EKG zur modernen Differenzialtherapie Kinderwunschsprechstunde Wie schon in der ersten Auflage des erfolgreichen Buches gibt ein Experte auf dem Gebiet der Kinderwunschbehandlung seinen Erfahrungsschatz und sein Wissen weiter.50 ISBN 978-3-7985-1524-6 Erscheint April 2007 2..Diffusion péritonéale des antibiotiques. Inhalt Physiologische Grundlagen. car ce sont des pathologies très fréquentes..Lebensführung und Konzeptionschancen. VIII.Péritonite aiguë: le risque infectieux.Infections des voies biliaires.Colites infectieuses T. Internisten.87 | € (A) 67.) Y. Ce document devrait permettre aux différentes spécialités concernées de trouver des mises au point intégrant les dernières données cliniques. Differenzialtherapie: Vom Oberflächen-EKG zur Behandlung.Traumatismes pénétrants de l’abdomen.35 | sFr 76. Antiarrhythmische Therapiemaßnahmen. soins intensifs. Krankheitsbilder und Spezifische Antiarrhythmische Therapie.. gastro-entérologues et hépatologues.Péritonites postopératoires. grâce à une collaboration interdisciplinaire.. * € (D) 65.Infections à Clostridium difficile. diagnostiques et thérapeutiques.2.. de manière paradoxale.Péritonite et chirurgie. l’hépatologie..21 | sFr 69.Péritonite bactérienne du cirrhotique.Individuelle Therapieentscheidungen. Gynäkologie. (Le point sur. les oubliées du monde de l’infectiologie. etudiants. l’imagerie. P.Aufklärung zu Schwangerschaft und Geburt nach assistierter Reproduktion. Aufl. Pluspunkte 7 Vom EKG zu Diagnose und Therapie 7 Fallbeispiele: kurz. Ausgehend von Symptom .95 | € (A) 46. praticiens hospitaliers.. dass es oft schwierig ist alle Optionen zu überblicken. D’où la nécessité. 7 € (D) 49. übersichtlich. pragmatische Konzepte 7 Praxisnahes Know How zur Beratung 7 Optimale Verbindung von wissenschaftlichem Hintergrund und Praxis Aus dem Inhalt 1.95 | € (A) 51. Fachlich kompetent. Paradoxale. Endokrinologikum Hamburg (Hrsg. Réanimation..Anhang.4. Brosch.Imagerie des infections abdominales aiguës.Grundlagen der ovariellen Stimulation.Infections pelviennes graves de la femme.. Mallédant.8 Medizin Springer News 3/2007 springer.00 ISBN 978-3-540-70978-7 A paraître avril 2007 2007.. 2007.möchte dieses Buch dem Praktiker die Möglichkeiten der modernen Differentialtherapie in der Rhythmologie aufzeigen. Contents Modèles expérimentaux des péritonites. Ludwig. paradoxale...3.Natürliche Familienplanung. Etwa 200 S.Le péritoine lors de l’inflammation. Env.. Unterstützung für konkretes Handeln bieten viele Fallbeispiele aus der Praxis. la gastroentérologie. Brosch.

Ceci n’est ni un traité exhaustif pour spécialiste. de générations différentes. la maggioranza degli operatori sanitari . où des antécédents . Manninger. based on selective indication criteria.80 | sFr 31.Il punto di vista veterinario. rehabilitation therapists Fields of interest Type of publication Atlas Medicina. Matassa. Ca. Questo volume vuole essere uno strumento operativo volto anche a favorire la collaborazione multidisciplinare e lo scambio di informazioni.Il ruolo della ricerca. surgeons. sia una serie di informazioni specifiche e pratiche sulle singole patologie. Boulogne-Billancourt. L’objectif des auteurs. x-rays and drawings Contents Parte generale: Definizioni e classificazioni. Il y trouvera un accès concis aux diagnostics les plus quotidiens à cet âge. 330 p. diagnostic and management potentials. Kazár (Eds. flussi migratori umani. Mutamenti climatici. où les maladies sont presque toujours multiples. In this illustrated atlas the authors deal with epidemiological aspects. Features 7 Comprehensive monograph of the femoral neck fractures 7 Description in detail of non-invasive internal fixation 7 More than 800 representative figures. où un diagnostic peut en cacher un autre. Fekete. X. Fondation nationale de gérontologie. general surgeons.springer. tuttavia. 178 p. and nowadays arthroplasty is chosen most frequently as a treatment solution. nous espérons.. U.) E. anatomical and biomechanical specialities of the given region. the aim is to persuade the reader that the ratio of complications remarkably can be diminished by urgent surgery. epidemiologi. Hardcover 7 * € (D) 144. Amministrazione sanitaria Target groups Medici e specializzandi in medicina generale.45 | sFr 221.08 | sFr 58. Moulias.Bibliografia generale e link utili.ont pu être oubliés ou tus. Aspects of postoperative treatment and rehabilitation are also clarified in details. By means of presenting minimally invasive technique step-by-step. Chacun peut y renouveler son intérêt pour l’examen clinique.23 | € (A) 20.40 | € (A) 148..Prevenzione e promozione della salute. 250 pagg. orthopedic surgeons.Le ragioni di una stretta collaborazione multidisciplinare. satisfactory both for orthopaedic and trauma specialists. Cserháti. Surgery Type of publication Monographie Target groups Traumatic surgeons. première source de tous les diagnostics. médecins coordinateurs Fields of interest Traumatic Surgery.Scenario epidemiologico attuale e possibili scenari Springer News 3/2007 Medizin 9 J. quel que soit l’âge.) R. costituiscono oggi.Sistemi di monitoraggio e di informazione..a cominciare dai medici di medicina generale .. 800 illus. Per buona parte di queste patologie..Parte speciale: Approfondimento delle principali patologie..50 ISBN 978-88-470-0527-3 En vente 2007. symptomatiques..02 | € (A) 39. sia l‘introduzione in nuove aree geografiche di organismi potenzialmente patogeni. Sanità Animale dei Servizi Veterinari della ASL (Ed.Le zoonosi come problema di sanitö pubblica. Surgical Orthopedics. agréable. anche nei paesi sviluppati. crescita degli scambi internazionali e guerre favoriscono sia il riemergere di malattie considerate rare. gériatres.. in particolare tra medici e veterinari.e in primo luogo ai medici di medicina generale . Paris. K. France Internal fixation of femoral neck fractures An Atlas Femoral neck fractures occur primarily in the elderly population. Zoonosi e sanità pubblica Un approccio interdisciplinare per un problema emergente Abord clinique du malade âgé Le généraliste et les spécialistes sont amenés à examiner un nombre croissant de malades âgés ou très âgés. Le zoonosi. Medicina generale/Medicina di famiglia. Ce petit ouvrage permet au médecin de s’approprier l’abord du vieillard malade de façon utile et. France.sia un quadro di riferimento scientifico e normativo..Quadro normativo europeo e nazionale. un problema emergente. (Abord clinique) Broché 7 * € (D) 20. Bosch. est de transmettre à tous leur expérience de gériatres. S. The research team under the guidance of Professor Manninger collected experiences of 50 years.clé du diagnostic . Approx. and their own results. ou prêtes à se révéler par une complication. In the era of financial restrictions in health care system non-invasive internal fixation is an attractive choice.50 ISBN 978-3-211-68583-9 Pubblicazione prevista per il mese di marzo 2007 2007. Hôpital Ambroise Paré.Il punto di vista medico. Brossura 7 * € (D) 38. P. Il testo si propone di fornire al personale medico .spesso non dispone di conoscenze e strumenti appropriati e aggiornati. G.00 ISBN 978-2-287-22084-5 9<HTOCMB=gifidj> 9<HT IPH=a fchd> 9<HTNCTH=c aief> . Ils n’ont jusqu’à présent guère été préparés à cet abord clinique très spécial où chaque symptôme peut relever de plusieurs causes. Moulias. because in addition to the lower immediate costs the rehabilitation period might also be shorter. Fields of interest Gériatrie/Gérontologie Target groups Médecins généralistes. ni un aide-mémoire pour étudiant pressé. infettivologi Type of publication Testo specializzato/specialistico Due April 2007 2007. et comment en éviter les pièges. cioè le infezioni naturalmente trasmissibili tra le altre specie animali e l‘uomo.

Sintomatologia.Epidemiologia.Il caso di AG. entraînant des explications parfois une peu trop « évidentes » pour les connaisseurs.Diagnosi.La valutazione neuropsicologica nella sclerosi multipla.Correlati dei deficit cognitivi con altri parametri: Correlati neuroanatomici e neuroradiologici del disturbo cognitivo nella sclerosi multipla. Roma. Zielgruppen Labormediziner. Il se veut pratique pour chacun des acteurs de la prise en charge et didactique pour ceux qui sont moins spécialisés dans tel ou tel domaine..La tomographie d’émission de positons au 18F-FDG ou TEP-scan et les métastases vertébrales.. Universitätsklinikum Großhadern.. France. Métastases vertébrales Nous avons souhaité une nouvelle édition sans refonte complète de cet ouvrage.Anatomopathologie..Il caso di L. Wick. France La riabilitazione dei disturbi cognitivi nella sclerosi multipla La sclerosi multipla rappresenta una delle cause più frequenti di disabilità cronica nei giovani adulti.Métastases osseuses des cancers digestifs.. Bordeaux.23 | sFr 15. Contents La sclerosi multipla: Introduzione.95 | € (A) 10.Biopsie vertébrale percutanée sous repérage radiologique.Metodiche riabilitative. (Metodologie Riabilitative in Logopedia. Roma..70 | € (A) 27.00 ISBN 978-88-470-0596-9 A paraître avril 2007 2ième éd.Imagerie des métastases vertébrales. Pointillart.Métastases vertébrales des cancers bronchiques. laborchemischen Verfahren und ihrem Stellenwert in der klinischen Diagnostik. 2007.La riabilitazione dei disturbi cognitivi nella sclerosi multipla: Introduzione. Chirurgie en oncologie.. Questi ultimi riguardano circa la metà dei pazienti affetti da tale patologia e hanno una notevole incidenza sulla situazione personale. des répétitions pour que chacun trouve dans « son » chapitre ce qui l’intéresse. L’actualisation des progrès réalisés sur le plan technique par chacun des acteurs tant sur le plan diagnostique que thérapeutique était nécessaire et confirme la qualité de résultat d’une entreprise commune au service d’un patient dans une situation particulièrement délicate.Métastase des cellules cancéreuses: caractéristiques de l’envahissement osseux..Métastases vertébrales des cancers de la thyroïde.45 | sFr 41. klinische Diagnostiker Kategorie Fachbuch Fields of interest Riabilitazione.Il caso di A.Metodiche standardizzate di valutazione.. Italia. Die Leitlinien sind als Expertenkonsens von Wissenschaftlern und Klinikern entstanden und wollen als rationale Basis einer qualitativ hochwertigen und gleichzeitig kosteneffizienten Liquordiagnostik verstanden werden.Physiopathologie des métastases vertébrales. Der Methodenkatalog schlägt die Brücke vom Kliniker zum Labormediziner und gibt Hinweise zur Probenaufbereitung. La diversa localizzazione di tali lesioni è alla base della variabilità della sintomatologia clinica che puo‘ essere caratterizzata da disturbi motori. Fachgebiete Diagnostische Radiologie From the contents Introduction.50 ISBN 978-3-540-39017-6 7 approx.. un peu trop techniques pour les néophytes.. Env. bien sûr discutables. neurochirurgiens..Aspects particuliers et traitement spécifique en fonction du cancer primitif. car le succès de la première édition montre que le principe de ce livre est bien adapté à une prise en charge multidisciplinaire de cette pathologie complexe.Disturbi psicopatologici e loro correlazioni con le compromissioni cognitive..Funzioni mnesiche. radiologues.Funzioni visuo-spaziali.. Essa colpisce.Clinica: Caratteristiche della fase di esordio.Métastases vertébrales des cancers du sein. Liquordiagnostik Dieser pragmatische Kurzführer durch die Liquordiagnostik orientiert sich an den Fragen des klinischen Alltags und beinhaltet Expertenempfehlungen zur Auswahl von Untersuchungen bei bestimmten klinischen Fragestellungen sowie einen technischen Teil mit Angaben zur Präanalytik und Aussagekraft der verschiedenen Verfahren. 84 pagg. Institut Bergonie.Scintigraphie osseuse des métastases vertébrales. individui tra i 20 e i 50 anni di età... Italia H.Eziologia e patogenesi.Symptomatologie des métastases vertébrales. Palussière. Policlinico „Tor Vergata“. chirurgiens. logopedisti Target groups Oncologues. Chirurgie Target groups Specializzandi.. Università di Roma „Tor Vergata“. Nocentini. soprattutto.. familiare e lavorativa di tali pazienti. con un picco di incidenza intorno ai 30 anni. E. Brosch... Petereit.Funzioni esecutive.) V.66 | € (A) 125.. Tale malattia è caratterizzata dalla presenza di lesioni demielinizzanti di natura infiammatoria disseminate nel sistema nervoso centrale.Conclusioni.Diagnostic clinique. J... Heiliggeist-Krankenhaus Köln. orthopédistes. Neuroscienze....Continuité des soins et information du malade.Riabilitazione:.Intelligenza generale..Il caso di V.. Neurologische Klinik „Friederikenstift“ Hannover. Bordeaux... Neurologia Fields of interest Oncologie.50 ISBN 978-2-287-33743-7 9<HT IPH=a fjgj> 9<HTOFPA=djabhg> 9<HTNCTH=d hedh> .Correlazioni dei deficit cognitivi con altri parametri clinici.I deficit cognitivi nella sclerosi multipla: Funzioni attentive ed elaborazione delle informazioni. Di Vincenzo.Terapia: Terapie farmacologiche. sensitivi. München (Hrsg.Linguaggio.. neurovegetativi e cognitivi. * € (D) 121. Volume 14) Brossura 7 * € (D) 26..10 Medizin Springer News 3/2007 springer. 350 p. X. Hopital Pellegrin-Tripode. 7 € (D) 9. Cela nous a amené à faire des choix. spécialistes en soins palliatifs Type of publication Manuale Type of publication Monographie Disponibile Erscheint März 2007 2007. A. Ravaud.Presentazione di casi: Premessa. Etwa 96 S. Broché 2007.Métastases vertébrales des cancers du rein.. U. S... Sindern...07 | sFr 192...Diagnostic paraclinique..Métastases vertébrales des hémopathies.

The European prostate cancer coalition. competing treatment options. Allgemeinmediziner. Medical and radiation oncologists as well as urologists will find an invaluable overview of the current concepts and practice in this rapidly evolving field. Komplikationen vermieden werden. il faut tenir compte d’une part des individus eux-mêmes et de ce qui les amènent à changer leurs manières de vivre et.40 | € (A) 33. Contents En guise d’introduction. multidisciplinary team at the invitation of the International Prostate Health Council think tank.. Radiation therapy. les actions de prévention en matière de santé sont efficaces pour autant qu’elles renforcent la capacité à exercer un contrôle sur les déterminants de santé individuels et collectifs. 180 p.. la prévention Par l’équipe du département de prévention Epidaure Das Knie Diagnostik – Therapie – Rehabilitation Contents Epidemiology of prostate cancer. Dieses Handbuch stellt in gleichem Maße für Ärzte. de l’environnement culturel. Prostate cancer screening.95 | sFr 164.95 | € (A) 109. z. Sportmedizin. 270 p. In enger Zusammenarbeit zwischen Diagnostiker. d’autre part. The Chaim Sheba Medical Center. Da dieses Buch auch als Ratgeber für verletzte Profi-/Amateursportler oder Nichtsportler dienen soll. Bosina. € (D) 99. Pour pouvoir modifier les comportements. Physiotherapeuten.95 | € (A) 99. Guidelines and counselling for treatment options in the management of prostate cancer. The role of hormonal treatment. Prevention.La communication: un des piliers de la prévention. La prévention des pathologies les plus fréquentes et les plus mortelles (cancers.. E. Env. Wiener Privatklinik.) R.50 ISBN 978-2-287-33280-7 Angezeigt in Highlights 01/2006 2007. Physiotherapeuten.95 | sFr 153. Schabus. valid for subscribers of the whole series 7 * € (D) 106. It has been prepared by an international.95 | sFr 213. (Recent Results in Cancer Research. Wien. Patient 7 Moderne operative und nichtoperative Verfahren 7 Klare. Wien Prostate Cancer This comprehensive and easy-to-read monograph is an authoritative update on clinical prostate cancer.Tl.00 Erscheint April 2007 A paraître mars 2007 2007. A particular strength of the book is its presentation of the therapeutic options for patients with localized and advanced disease. including hormonal treatment. Geb. physique et économique qui façonnent les personnes et dont les modifications sont nécessaires aux changements individuels.. 35 in color.Réflexions stratégiques. Denis. * € (D) 32. infirmiers Kategorie Handbuch Type of publication Monographie Due March 2007 2007. Prognostic factors. and a broad range of valid. 7 ca.springer. Oncology Centre Antwerp.Epidaure: de l’antique à l’actuelle.50 ISBN 978-3-211-29686-8 9<HTOFPA=eaijha> 9<HTNCTH=d ciah> 9<HTOCMB=cjgigi> . Au-delà de l‘information. verständliche Darstellung und viele Übungen Fachgebiete Unfallchirurgie. Sancho-Garnier (Ed. X. médecins de médecine preventive. et comportements en santé: comment les acquérir?L’école promotrice de la santé des enfants de 3 à 11 ans. Natural history of prostate cancer: the pathologist‘s perspective. Ramon. werden medizinische Grundbegriffe und diagnostische und therapeutische Maßnahmen allgemein verständlich erklärt. Physiotherapeut. (Dépistage et cancer) Broché 7 approx.. Unfallchirurgen. Cryoablation and high intensity focused ultrasound. Target groups Type of publication Monograph Médecins de santé publique.05 | € (A) 142. aber auch Patienten die modernsten diagnostischen Verfahren und die konservativen und operativen Behandlungsmöglichkeiten bei Schädigungen des Kniegelenks dar. Verletzungen des Kniegelenks zählen zu den häufigsten sporttraumatologischen Befunden. Does localized prostate cancer exist? Staging. 46 illus. les programmes doivent donc inclure des stratégies multiples dont l’objectif soit à la fois de changer le contexte sociétal et de changer les valeurs de vie des individus. Mit DVD. in Farbe. Pluspunkte 7 Enge Zusammenarbeit: Arzt. Choices for surgery.. Physiotherapie Fields of interest Oncology.. social. damit der bestmögliche Effekt erzielt bzw. Ainsi. The management of prostate cancer – the most prevalent type of cancer in men in the Western world – has been revolutionized by the vastly increased knowledge and new fact-finding research on its natural (treated) history. Durch den täglichen Informationsaustausch können Therapieänderungen sofort erfolgen und mit dem Patienten besprochen werden. maladies cardiovasculaires. Etwa 180 S. Israel. Prostate cancer treatment and quality of life. Urology/Andrology Zielgruppen Sportmediziner. Orthopäden. défit qui ne peut être résolu par la simple diffusion d’information. 80 Abb. Volume 175) Hardcover 7 * € (D) 139. L.Evaluation «La prévention fondée sur les preuves». Pour être plus efficace. Betroffene Fields of interest Target groups Clinicians Oncologie.Connaissances.Education pour la santé en collèges et lycé Springer News 3/2007 Medizin 11 J. the new concepts on diagnosis and prognosis. Operateur und Therapeut hat das medizinische Team die bestmögliche Übersicht über die Patienten vom Zeitpunkt vor der Operation oder des Anfanges der konservativen Therapie bis zur vollkommenen Rehabilitation und Rückkehr zum Sport. Diagnosis. Europa Uomo . attitudes. educateurs. accidents) passe essentiellement par la modification des comportements à risque.) H. Androgen-independent prostate cancer.L’éducation pour la santé en milieu du travail: Expérience d’Epidaure auprès des adultes.00 ISBN 978-3-540-40897-0 Subscription price.31 | sFr 55. Belgium (Eds.

H. W. Weilemann. Analyse klinischer Risikomerkmale.00 ISBN 978-3-7985-1755-4 9<HTOFPA=eif dh> 9<HTOFPA=dhfefg> 9<HTOHUI=fbhf e> .95 | € (A) 123. Hämatologie Zielgruppen Internisten. Die Berichte der Bewährungshelfer.How to treat the recurrent incisional hernia. Zeuner (Hrsg. RWTH Aachen. 7 € (D) 74.50 ISBN 978-3-540-48553-7 Due April 2007 2007. In diesem Buch werden die Ergebnisse der bislang einzigen prospektiven Prognosestudie im Maßregelvollzug vorgestellt. während die Pathophysiologie und Diagnostik kurz und prägnant. There have been discussed technical nuances of the various operations to pursue consensus concerning the best techniques. Insbesondere bei einer anstehenden Entlassung aus der strafrechtlichen Unterbringung kommt dieser Aufgabe eine besondere Brisanz zu. Hiddemann. Probanden mit gescheiterter Wiedereingliederung.00 ISBN 978-3-540-37545-6 Erscheint April 2007 2007. W. K. Geb. N. USA (Eds. Drexler. H. testpsychologischen und neurologischen Untersuchungen. Hardcover 7 approx. Allgemeinmediziner: jeweils Ärzte in Weiterbildung und Fachärzte Kategorie Fachbuch Erscheint April 2007 Angezeigt in Highlights 01/2006 3. Modern: Enormer Wert wird auf die evidenzbasierte Medizin gelegt..What can we do to improve our results?Analysis of questionnaire. sondern in jedem Kapitel wird klar herausgestellt. Aufl. Seeger. Universität Duisburg-Essen Recurrent Hernia Prevention and Treatment Gefährlichkeitsprognosen Eine empirische Untersuchung über Patienten des psychiatrischen Maßregelvollzugs Medizinische Therapie 2007 / 2008 Hauptherausgeber: J. 2006 is intended to concentrate on this problem. Suttorp. Fields of interest Surgery Target groups Surgeons. auf welche Evidenzgrade und Empfehlungsstärken man sich stützen kann und welche Therapiemodalitäten experimentell oder empirisch anzusehen sind.91 | sFr 107. H. (Monographien aus dem Gesamtgebiete der Psychiatrie. Stremmel. * € (D) 119.. XII. Es werden nicht nur die Grundlagen der evidenzbasierten Medizin in einem eigenen Kapitel beschrieben. aber vollstä S. J. Anamnestische Risikomerkmale.. E. Kardiologie. 2007. Recurrence is a significant public health problem. Müller-Ladner. evidenzbasiert (EBM) 7 Einheitliche Kapitelstruktur 7 Praxisgerechte Gliederung 7 Schnell überschaubare Flussdiagramme 7 Lesefreundliche Gestaltung. U. Seifert. Etwa 200 S. Schumpelick.31 | sFr 184. Legalprognostische Entscheidungen tangieren Fragen nach der persönlichen Freiheit des Einzelnen und des Schutzes der Öffentlichkeit vor weiteren Straftaten. pain and mesh-material.) V. So. Schölmerich Jetzt in dritter Auflage! Klar strukturiert: Durch die einheitliche Struktur der Kapitel zum schnellen Nachschlagen bestens geeignet. 374 Abb. dargestellt werden.Abdominal wall closure. überarb. Lenz. vollst. W. H. Contents Recurrence as an important endpoint. Inhalt Einführung in das Thema Gefährlichkeitsprognosen. J.Infection.. of Surgery. Praxisbezogen: Jedes Kapitel stellt praxisbezogen und klar die Therapie in ihren unterschiedlichen Möglichkeiten auf der Basis kontrollierter und validierter Studien in den Vordergrund.. Fitzgibbons.. E. Landthaler.. Hörl.Hiatal hernia. Volume 113) Geb..Primary inguinal hernia. Methods were explored to improve surgeon‘s education and look into the multifactorial etiologies to understand the biology of hernia recurrence better. Schmiegel. Etwa 1900 S. Die Einschätzung der Gefährlichkeit von Patienten des Maßregelvollzugs gehört zu den verantwortungsvollsten Aufgaben der forensischen Psychiatrie. Hallek. zweifarbiges Layout Graduate/Advanced undergraduate textbook Zielgruppen Psychiater mit Bezug zur forensischen Psychiatrie Kategorie Monographie Fachgebiete Allgemeinmedizin. 515 p. Mössner. R. held in Feburary. W.. S. W. M. Burdach. Creighton Univ.Ergebnisse. 955 Tab.06 | sFr 115. L.Die Essener Prognosestudie. Germany.95 | € (A) 71.Recurrent inguinal hernia. Strafrecht Type of publication Pluspunkte 7 Aktuelle Therapie-Empfehlungen. K. J. Zahlreiche Tabellen und Flussdiagramme erleichtern das Auffinden gewünschter Informationen. Wöhrle. R. 7 € (D) 69. Analyse der apparativen. Reichen..Incisional hernia.To treat the “other” hernia. Klein.. Gastroenterologists Fachgebiete Psychiatrie.Beschreibung der Gesamtstichprobe.. this fourth Suvretta meeting.) D.. M.Biological reasons to fail.95 | € (A) 77.12 Medizin Springer News 3/2007 springer. Mann.

Meniere’s Disease... C.. Approx. Die Aromatherapie ist eine bewährte Methode der Komplementärmedizin.29 | sFr 88. Systematic Reviews in Otology. It is addressed to everyone involved in internal medicine. insurance providers Kategorie Handbuch Type of publication Professional book Due March 2007 Distribution rights worldwide except for North America 2007.Hematological Alterations. (Yearbook of Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine..16. teilw.17. Tabellen und Rezeptvorschläge ermöglichen eine rasche Orientierung im Alltag.Hemodynamic Monitoring. Evidenced-based otolaryngology allows the busy clinician to get concise. Genuine. English Translations of Common Statistical Terms and Study Designs.22. Krankenpfleger Target groups Physicians.5.-Cardiovascular Topics. Somit startet dieses Werk eine selbstbewusste Annäherung der Aromatherapie an die konventionelle Schulmedizin. and complete answers to diagnostic and therapeutic questions in daily practice..24.4. Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary.... Measuring Audiometric Outcomes. Cholesteatoma. General Practice / Family Medicine Zielgruppen Komplementärmediziner.18... Allgemeinmedizin Fields of interest Otorhinolaryngology.11. Cochlear Implantation. Annual volumes 2007) Softcover 7 * € (D) 128.springer.8.. Wien Yearbook Intensive Care Medicine 2007 Series editor: Vincent J...95 | sFr 197. Tinnitus. Fields of interest Pluspunkte 7 Uumfassende Darstellung der wissenschaftlichen Grundlagenforschung und klinische Studien mit ätherischen Ölen und Einzelduftstoffen 7 Anwenderfreundliche Aufbereitung mit hohem Praxisbezug 7 Plädoyer für Verknüpfung von Schulmedizin mit komplementären Methoden Intensive / Critical Care Medicine. Chronic Rhinosinusitis in Adults.35 | € (A) 131. Shin. Steflitsch. Tonsillectomy in Adults.14.. authentische ätherische Öle entfalten mittels Duft und pharmakologischer Moleküle eindruckvolle physische und psychische Wirkungen.Fragen und Antworten. Recurrent Acute Otitis Media. Demenz) diskutiert.3. The chapters are written by well recognized experts in the field of intensive care and emergency medicine.. Krankenpflege.Does Sex make a Difference?-Prognosis and Long-term Outcomes.Sepsis and Infection: Management: Severe Lung Infections. Otto Wagner Spital Wien. Allergology. Anschauliche Illustrationen.Protective Ventilation in Respiratory Failure. Steflitsch. Contents Biomarker.Acute Lung Injury.-Abdominal Pathologies. 60 illus. Proceedings Fachgebiete Naturheilverfahren. Pediatric Tonsillectomy. G.Section III. Emergency Services. Pediatric Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Approx. Mit Unterstützung namhafter AromaexpertInnen werden in diesem Buch erstmalig Wissenschaft. Aromapflege und Medical Aroma Wellness umfassend dargestellt. intensive care and emergency medicine. scientists Type of publication Aus dem Inhalt Allgemeiner Teil. Vestibular Schwannoma. Tympanoplasty..Disasters. Allergy. How to Use this Book.95 | sFr 76.67 | € (A) 59.Quality and Management. surgery.10. Springer News 3/2007 Medizin 13 J.21.Spezieller Teil. W.Indikationen und Rezepturen. Hartnick. Etwa 500 S.20.-Intravenous Fluid Therapy.12.-Lipids. Ebenso werden die Möglichkeiten des Einsatzes der Aromatherapie in der Krankenpflege (Altenpflege. MA (Eds. Geb.50 ISBN 978-3-211-48646-7 9<HTLDTH=ce ehb> 9<HTOCMB=eigegh> 9<HTOFPA=ejedce> .6.Section IV. Pediatric Chronic Rhinosinusitis. M. Aromatherapie Wissenschaft – Klinik – Praxis Features 7 Immediately accessible EBM guidelines for all physicians treating the most commonly presenting clinical problems in otolaryngology From the contents 1. Ärzte in Klinik und Praxis. Introduction to Evidence Based Medicine. 1000 p. Systematic Reviews. 350 p. 7 ca.. pediatrics.. and Levels of Evidence..) W.00 ISBN 978-3-540-49432-4 Erscheint Mai 2007 Due July 2007 2007. 200 illus. Internal Medicine Target groups Clinicians. Systematic Reviews in Pediatric Otolaryngology. Boston. Unter Berücksichtigung rezenter wissenschaftlicher Datenlage wird die Umsetzung und Anwendung in den einzelnen medizinischen Fachdisziplinen praxisnah veranschaulicht..15..The Liver.7.. hospital networks.Renal Failure. Systematic Reviews in General Otolaryngology.. The Yearbook compiles the most recent developments in experimental and clinical research and practice in one comprehensive reference book. the manner in which medicine is practiced continues to evolve. Prophylaxis in Otologic Procedures. Evidence-Based Otolaryngology As evidence-based medicine becomes more accepted by physicians. Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss. * € (D) 57. Subglottic Stenosis.Mechanical Ventilation. Bell’s Palsy. Hardcover 7 approx..19.. Chronic Otitis Media without Cholesteatoma. in Farbe. € (D) 49.Aromapflege.Management of Burns. Pediatric Otitis Media with Effusion.. With its unique page design and consistenly formatted chapters.9..50 ISBN 978-0-387-24447-1 Angezeigt in Highlights 01/2006 2007. Klinik und Praxis von Aromatherapie. anesthesia... Randolph. 50 Abb. practitioners.Section II.23.13. hospital networks and insurance providers..95 | € (A) 49.-Neurological Issues.-L..2.-Mechanisms of Organ Dysfunction.. Pediatric Cochlear Implantation.

95 | sFr 213.50 ISBN 978-0-387-46400-8 2007. These proteins play the essential roles in stress of preventing the initiation of programmed cell death and repairing damage to the proteome permitting resumption of normal metabolism. USA.14 Biomedizin Springer News 3/2007 springer. through modulation of numerous molecular targets. TX.. Houston. professionals.. arthritis. psoriasis etc. This is the first monograph to deal specifically with this subject. Houston. physiology. Alzheimer. infectious disease. Molecular Medicine. pharmacology. It is becoming clear that HSP are emerging as remarkably versatile mediators of health and disease. Asea Curcumin is derived from the root of the plant Curcuma longa (also called turmeric) and its medicinal uses have been described for over 5000 years. S. Exercise Medicine. Surh. cardiovascular diseases. inflammatory diseases. exercise medicine. biochemistry (pro. University of Texas. 412 p. and medicine Type of publication Contributed volume Type of publication Contributed volume Due July 2007 Due March 2007 2007. The aim of this series of volumes is to examine how HSP regulation and expression become altered in pathological states and how this may be remedied by pharmacological and other interventions. (Heat Shock Proteins. clinicians. inflammatory and oncogenic changes occur. Heat Shock Proteins: key mediators of Health and Disease. A..Curcumin as Chemosensitizer. Loss of the HSP is lethal either in the short-term in cases of acute stress or in the long-term when exposure to stress is chronic.and eukaryotic). Seoul National University.Regulation of Cox and Lox by Curcumin.Cancer Chemopreventive Effects of Curcumin. Temple. Microbiology. Inflammatory diseases. San Diego. Written by leaders in the field of heat shock protein immunobiology. Autoimmunity. USA. pharmacology and pathology.) The Molecular Targets and Therapeutic Uses of Curcumin Heat Shock Proteins in Health and Disease S. cancer biology.. From the early stages of binding and receptors-mediated signalling. 72 illus. (Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology. TX. Approx.45 | sFr 221. A. and finally to the immune response itself this book is a must read for graduate and postgraduates in the field of Biology. Pharmacology and Pathology. Volume 595) Hardcover 7 * € (D) 144.Molecular Targets of Curcumin. Seoul. Calderwood. USA (Eds.05 | € (A) 142.Modulation of Transcription Factors by Curcumin.Radioprotection and Radiosensitization by Curcumin. autoimmunity.Curcumin as an Inhibitor of Angiogenesis. Cancer Research Target groups Graduate and postgraduate in the field of biology (plant and mammal). microbiology. More than 1500 papers published within last half a century has revealed that curcumin has a potential in the treatment of wide variety of inflammatory diseases including B. Texas A&M University.and eukaryotic). Volume 1) Hardcover 7 * € (D) 139. Shishodia. Heat Shock Proteins: Potent Mediators of Inflammation and Immunity Heat Shock Proteins: Potent Mediators of Inflammation and Immunity currently provides the most up-to-date review on new mechanisms and provides exciting insights into how heat shock proteins modulates the hosts immune response.. B..Antioxidant And Anti-Inflammatory Properties of Curcumin.. If HSP levels rise above the normal range. graduate students in the fields of immunology. Y.. Infectious Diseases Target groups Researchers. Anti-Invasion and Antimetastatic Effects of Curcumin. Biochemistry (pro.Anti-Tumor. virology. scientists. A.00 ISBN 978-1-4020-5584-3 9<HTLDTH=egea i> 9<HTMELC=af ied> .) es New Seri A.40 | € (A) 148. the chapters systematically and in a step wise fashion takes the reader through the fascinating sequence of events by which heat shock proteins activate immune responses and provides answers as to its biological significance to the host. De Maio. basic scientists and clinical research scientists in the field of heat shock protein research Fields of interest Immunology. residents and fellows specializing in oncology and allergy. A..K. Heat shock proteins (HSP) are essential molecules conserved through cellular evolution required for cells to survive the stresses encountered in the environment and in the tissues of the developing and aging organism. USA (Eds.Highly Active Anti-Cancer Curcumin Analogs. Approx. Physiology. 350 p. cells become sensitive to oxidative damage that influences aging and protein aggregation disease. University of California. food science/food microbiology. physicians.Immunomodulation by Curcumin.Neuroprotective Effects of Curcumin. microbiology..Cell Growth Regulation. Korea. diabetes. to new paradigms by which heat shock proteins are released into the circulation. Features 7 First book to discuss the potential of Curcumin and its medicinal uses From the contents Curcumin: The Indian Solid Gold. University of Texas. Aggarwal. immunology. If expression falls below a certain level. Asea. Fields of interest Immunology. Cells appear to walk a fine line in terms of HSP expression. TX... Immunology. Cancer Research. to antigen processing and presentation..

cell biology.Mammalian HSP40/DnaJ chaperone proteins in cytosol. Volume 7) Hardcover 7 * € (D) 144. Philosophy. France.Bacterial stress sensors.. Universidade de Lisboa. S.The Biology of the Heat Shock Response and Stress Conditioning.. anthropologists.8 Role of pharmacogenetics in the management of inflammatory bowel diseases. academics Target groups Researchers and scientists in biochemistry. Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.. Perhaps more fundamentally.00 ISBN 978-1-4020-5888-2 Due March 2007 2007. Boston.. microbiology..10 Increased risk of morbidity associated with immunomodulatory treatment in patients with inflammatory bowel diseases.) A.Stress response and molecular chaperones.Role of molecular chaperones in cell regulation... Features 7 Provides information about recent research results in genetics and related disciplines 7 Shows the way in which those results influence genetics itself and many other fields 7 Explains the impact of genetics on contemporary culture 7 Describes contemporary public policy debates related to genetics 7 Contains the most recent views of the Nobel Laureate François Jacob on genetics and the nature of living things Fields of interest Biomedicine general. USA (Ed.Cellular stress proteins. Rahman.. Genetic discoveries fuel central contemporary public policy debates concerning..Molecular mechanisms of stress protein expression. bioethicists. K.Section II: Optimization in therapy through improved diseases classification?. D..45 | sFr 221.50 ISBN 978-1-4020-5663-5 9<HTLDTH=djhbeg> 9<HTMELC=afi ic> 9<HTMELC=afg df> .2 The adaptive immune responses in inflammatory bowel disease...Small Heat Shock Proteins in Physiological and Stress-Related Processes.Section III: Convention immunomodulator therapy. physicians. * € (D) 187. Immunoregulation in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases – Current Understanding and Innovation Features 7 Interdisciplinary symposium bringing together basic science and clinical applications 7 Up-todate research findings at the highest scientific level The Influence of Genetics on Contemporary Thinking This volume reflects on the effects of recent discoveries in genetics on a broad range of scientific fields.. Biochemistry... Approx. philosophers of science. Rachmilewitz.6 Use of serology and genetics to differentiate inflammatory bowel disease phenotypes. M.4 Taking a toll on MD-2 in inflammatory bowel disease.45 | sFr 188..Protein disassembly by Hsp40-Hsp70. hsp110 and grp170. Paris. (Falk Symposium.50 | sFr 287. In addition to neuroscience. Medicine/Public Health.The large mammalian hsp70 family proteins. and the Unity of Science... 11 in color. 232 p. Volume 153) Hardcover 7 approx. general Target groups Clinicians. Immunology. human cloning..The unfolded protein response: contributions to development and disease.. epistemology and philosophy of biology.00 | € (A) 126. MA. for example. Weinstock (Eds..40 | € (A) 148. law. Fagot-Largeault.Molecular chaperones and protein folding.50 ISBN 978-0-387-39714-6 2007. evolutionary biology. (Logic.springer. Calderwood.7 Do biomarkers help to optimize therapy in inflammatory bowel disease?. Gastroenterology Target groups Geneticists. E. Torres. general Fields of interest Immunology. J. graduate students. equitable access to healthcare or the role of genetics in medicine.3 Relevance of bacteria in the pathogenesis of inflammatory bowel disease. contributors analyze the effects of genetics on theories of health. immunology. genetics Type of publication Collected works Type of publication Contributed volume Type of publication Contributed volume Due March 2007 Due June 2007 2007. 810 p. Portugal.1 Innate immune responses in inflammatory bowel disease. Dignass. Collège de France.) Cell Stress Proteins This book surveys the current knowledge concerning the expression and function of stress proteins in different organisms. 27 illus. researchers. biologists. Stange. society and the individual also figure prominently.. France (Eds. From the contents Heat Shock Proteins: from Drosophila stress proteins to mediators of human Springer News 3/2007 Biomedizin 15 S. ranging from prokaryotes to humans. V. And their roles in biology and cancer therapy..25 | € (A) 192. 280 p.) A. sociologists and jurists Fields of interest Microbiology.FKBP Cochaperones in Steroid Receptor Complexes. Epistemology...Genetic models of HSF function. advances in genetics are altering our perception of human life and death. Approx.5 Classification of inflammatory bowel disease can only be based on the clinical phenotype. Université de Lille III. Social and moral concerns about the relationship between genetics. (Protein Reviews. anthropology and medicine..HSF1 and HSP Gene Regulation. J.. philosophers of biology and life.9 State-of-the-art therapy in accordance with guidelines. It provides an overview of the diversity and complex evolutionary history of cell stress proteins and describes their function and expression in different eukaryote models.The Regulation of Hsp70 Function: Hsp40 Co-Chaperones and Nucleotide Exchange Factors. Volume 6) Hardcover 7 * € (D) 123. Features 7 Provides overview of the diversity and complex evolutionary history of cell stress proteins From the contents Section I: Advances in the pathogenesis of inflammatory bowel disease. philosophers of medicine and health sciences.

It represents the essentials of an upper level biology course on the central nervous system.8: Metabolism and Function of Sphingolipids in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae: Relevance to Cancer Research. Hardcover 7 approx.Limbic System. The wide range of tools available in yeast has also made it an important system in many areas relevant to cancer including anti-cancer drug discovery. Durham..Motor System.1: From DNA Replication to Genome Instability in Schizosaccharomyces pombe: Pathways to Cancer.Brain Death and Organ Transplantation: Ethical Issues. USA..79 | € (A) 63.Cerebrum. Tufts University..Conceptual Approach of Human Death on Neurological Grounds. neurosurgeons. Jude Children‘s Research Hospital. internists Target groups Beginning neuroscientists.Drug Resistance and Stress Response in a Nutshell. 300 p. Yeast as Tool in Cancer Research Yeast is an experimental system that has led to critical discoveries in cell and molecular biology.3: Yeast as a Tool in Cancer Research: Nuclear Trafficking... This volume is of particular value to cancer researchers who lack extensive experience with yeast. MA.Ancillary Tests in Brain Death Confirmation. Anatomy Neurologists... University of Massachusetts. Worcester. L.. NC. Marcus.6: Hsp90 Co-chaperones in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae. Heitman. This text is intended to provide an overview of brain death. and the legal considerations of human death. Approx.. this book covers almost all issues including. Hardcover 7 * € (D) 128... Approx... Field of interest Neurosciences Target groups Fields of interest Neurosciences. Boston. It is not designed to be a clinical approach to the nervous system....Clinical Diagnosis of Brain Death. many young investigators are thrown into neurosciences courses without any prior preparation in neuroanatomy. Institute de Neurologia... Features 7 Presents fundamental anatomical features of the nervous system from a basic science view for neuroscience students/researchers who do not have prior knowledge of neuroanatomy Features 7 Uniqueness of the topic From the contents Foreword.16 Biomedizin Springer News 3/2007 springer. Hardcover 7 * € (D) 99..Higher Cortical Functions.Neurocytology.Glossary.. Habana. The present volume represents a state-of-the-art description of many areas of cancer research where yeast based systems are proving particularly valuable.. Biotechnology Target groups Scientists and clinicians involved in basic cancer research. Contents Overview.Parietal Lobe and Somatosensory System...5: From Bread to Bedside: What Budding Yeast has Taught us about the Immortalization of Cancer Cells. libraries Type of publication Contributed volume Due July 2007 2007.. bioethical discussions of brain death and its relationship with some consciousness disturbances.53 | sFr 95. Jacobson. Duke University Medical Center. legal. but rather it approaches the nervous system from a basic science perspective that intertwines both structure and function as an organizing teaching and learning model.Hypothalamus and the Autonomic Nervous System. M.46 | € (A) 102.Vascular System. Nitiss. intensivists. * € (D) 61.Visual System. Memphis.. Pharmacology/Toxicology..Brain Stem.10: Functional Analysis of the Human p53 Tumor Suppressor and its Mutants using Yeast. ancillary tests in coma and brain S. bioethical and historical aspects Contents Preface..Vegetative and Minimally Conscious States and Other Disturbances of Consciousness.7: Yeast as a Model System for Studying Cell Cycle Checkpoints. researchers and graduate students in neuroscience Type of publication Monograph Fields of interest Type of publication Monograph Cancer Research. Cuba Brain Death A Reappraisal J.25 | sFr 152.Cranial Nerves. Features 7 While there are several books devoted to the study of specific issues of brain death.. USA. 455 p.Brain Death in Children..50 ISBN 978-0-387-38975-2 Due September 2007 2007. USA (Eds. MA. 200 p.11: ABC Transporters in Yeast . anesthesiologists.35 | € (A) 131. and biological responses to stress. Medical and dental examples are included but the main focus is on neuroscience..Spinal Cord.Coverings of the Brain and the Ventricular System.4: Studies of Protein Farnesylation in Yeast. USA C.The first Organ Transplant From a Braindead Donor. mechanisms of cell cycle control. J. TN. Approx. This book is designed to help prepare them by introducing many of the fundamentals of the nervous system.95 | sFr 197. St. but are interested in current results with this highly relevant experimental system. scientists in pharmaceutical firms involved in drug discovery.) Neuroanatomy for the Neuroscientist In this day where research grants are the primary focus.00 ISBN 978-1-4020-5962-9 9<HTLDTH=hajhad> 9<HTLDTH=dijhfc> 9<HTMELC=afjgcj> .00 ISBN 978-0-387-70970-3 Due May 2007 2007.Introduction.Legal Considerations on the Determination and Certification of Human Death.Thalamus.9: Exploring and Restoring the p53 Pathway Using the p53 Dissociator Assay in Yeast.. The topics explored in this book are the concept and historical approach of human death. Machado. With CD-ROM...Index. clinical examinations of brain-dead patients. E. medical.The concept of Brain Death did not evolve to benefit organ transplants.

90 | sFr 768. The Netherlands (Ed.. fungal and bacterial diseases provided. 500 p.. J. New insights into the pathogenesis of infection are presented and an update on diagnostics. Volume 597) Hardcover 7 * € (D) 117. Target groups Pediatricians. (Birkhäuser Advances in Infectious Diseases) Hardcover 7 approx. Approx.Prodrug Approaches to Enhancing the Oral Delivery of Poorly Permeable Drugs.Small Molecules. R. distribution. Germany (Eds. Helios Klinikum Wuppertal. Wirth. genetics Fields of interest Neurosciences.. 1405 p. Hageman. Immunology Target groups Neuroscientists. Originally these protein were identified as “axon guidance cues” important for the formation of nerve tracts but now it is realized that semaphorins subserve several distinct functions in a multitude of organ systems. oncologists Type of publication Contributed volume Type of publication Contributed volume Due June 2007 2007. not available separately). Today pediatric infectious disease research is closely interconnected with other disciplines. The rationale behind administering prodrugs is to optimize absorption.Mical Flavoprotein Monooxygenases: Struture. metabolism.) H. * € (D) 159. Prodrugs Challenges and Rewards The book summarizes our progress in understanding the receptor and intracellular signaling mechanisms utilized by a family of proteins called the semaphorins..50 ISBN 978-0-387-70955-0 Due May 2007 2007.Oral Delivery. Borchardt. Features Features 7 Presents details from epidemiology to molecular biology 7 Documents recent advances in disease mechanisms and possible interventions 7 Describes new developments in preventive measures 7 Useful information for both clinicians and researchers 7 Represents the first text of its kind. Oliyai. Prodrugs are substances administered in an inactive form that is then metabolized in the body in vivo into the active compound.Prodrug Approaches to Ophthalmic Drug Delivery. Universitätskinderklinik Düsseldorf. Maag. Fields of interest Medical Microbiology... 162 p. designed to give the reader a complete overview of prodrugs: the current status of the prodrug concept and its many applications and successes in overcoming formulation and delivery of problematic drugs Features 7 Summarizes our knowledge and make it available as a useful and comprehensive tool for the scientific community 7 Provides a clear discription of techniques 7 Gives a very comprehensive overview of all our knowledge of semaphorin biology and signaling and allows one to compare semaphorin functions between different biological systems From the contents A Case for Prodrugs. Approx. Germany. M.) Semaphorins Receptor and intracellular signaling mechanisms Pediatric Infectious Diseases Revisited The successful prevention of childhood diseases like diphtheria. These volumes represent a comprehensive guide to prodrugs and will guide the reader through the current status of the prodrug concept and its many applications and to highlight its many successes in overcoming formulation and delivery of problematic drugs. S. The purpose of this book is to summarize our knowledge and make it available as a useful and comprehensive tool for the scientific community. There are a number of small pharmaceutical/biotech companies dedicated to using prodrugs for the delivery of older but problematic drugs as well as to developing broad-based prodrug technologies for application to new and future drugs.springer.) V. Schroten. (in 2 volumes. and excretion of these drugs. (Biotechnology: Pharmaceutical Aspects) Hardcover 7 * € (D) 501. infectious disease researchers.Signaling of Secreted Semaphorins in Growth Cone Steering.. Springer News 3/2007 Biomedizin 17 G. Cancer Research. Infectious Diseases From the contents The CRMP Family of Proteins and their Role in SEMA3A Signaling.Poly (ethylene glycol) Prodrugs: Altered Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics..Modulation of Semaphorin Signaling by IG Super Family Cell Adhesion Molecules. Immunology. All the latest techniques and results are summarized in this book which covers the entire semaphorin field from neurosciences to cardiovascular research and beyond. tetanus and pertussis has made a major contribution to the improvement of public health. Function and Role in Semaphorin Signaling.Topical Delivery Using Prodrugs. Starting with historical. Pasterkamp. the volume presents clinical as well as molecular biological aspects of pediatric infectious diseases.83 | € (A) 515.. This book will both be interesting for people working in the field as well as colleagues that work in other fields of science and would like to learn more about semaphorins and associated signaling mechanisms. Understanding the biology of the causative agents and the pathogenesis of disease is an essential step in achieving control and elimination of the diseases. prodrugs continue to be a fertile area of research. immunology.95 | sFr 180. University Medical Center Utrecht.Problems Addressable by Prodrugs.90 | sFr 247. Approx. prevention and treatment of pediatric viral.00 ISBN 978-3-7643-7997-1 Due April 2007 2007.. virologists. microbiology. epidemiological and sociocultural issues.Prodrugs and Parenteral Drug Delivery. immunologists.65 | € (A) 120.50 ISBN 978-0-387-49782-2 9<HTLDTH=hajf a> 9<HTOHRE=dhj hb> 9<HTLDTH=ejhic > . microbiologists Type of publication Monograph Fields of interest Pharmacology/Toxicology Target groups Researchers and scientists in biochemistry. (Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology. R. H...Intracellular Kinases in Semaphorin Signaling. Tilley (Eds..43 | € (A) 163. cell biology. Since first described in the 1950s. 39 illus. and vaccines and a variety of drugs are amongst the most fruitful applications of 20th-century research.GTPASES in Semaphorin Signaling. 35 illus.Prodrugs to Reduce Presystemic Metabolism.

and how some of the latest ideas made their way into the culture of the day. * € (D) 48. Mesmerism. Whitaker.. History of Science. History of Medicine Target groups Historians of science. USA. Features 7 Only volume dedicated to all aspects of 18th century neuroscience From the contents Introduction.50 ISBN 978-0-387-70966-6 9<HTLDTH=hajg g> . Mind and Medicine Neuroscience in the 18th Century There have been no books published on neuroscience in the eighteenth century. how disorders such as aphasia and hysteria were treated.Some Thoughts on the Medical Milieu in the Last Quarter of the Eighteenth Century as Reflected in the Life and Activities of James Parkinson (1755-1824).Corpus Curricula: Medical Education and the Voluntary Hospital Movement. Hardcover 7 approx.. this was also a time when empirical research with quantification and experimentation was coming of age. Smith. This volume examines the eighteenth-century neuroscience milieu and looks at developments in anatomy.Chronology. physicians. Louis. USA (Eds.18 Biomedizin Springer News 3/2007 springer. there were wildly speculative theories about the nervous system.. how neuroscience adopted electricity as the nerve H. physiology. which some people have called the Age of Reason and others the Enlightenment. Washington University. Fields of interest Neurosciences.63 | € (A) 50. Approx. Finger. The book covers such things as the aims of the scientific and medical Enlightenment. St... historians of medicine. and medicine that highlight this era.00 | sFr 74. MO. Northern Michigan University..The Nervous System: Introduction.) Brain. 320 p. C. neurologists. But on the other..Background: Introduction. and eighteenth-century historians Type of publication Contributed volume Due September 2007 2007. clinicians in neuroscience. with science and medicine in transition. S. many based on Newtonian mechanics and fanciful chemistry. medical libraries. Yet this was an important time. On the one hand. MI. neuroscientists. Marquette. UK. Aston University.Brain and Mind in the ‘Long’ 18th Century. Birmingham.Enlightening Neuroscience: Microscopes and Microscopy n the Eighteen Century.

Grundlagen und neuere psychoanalytische Konzepte. Stress and Coping Aus dem Inhalt Einleitung.und Einzeltherapie. clinically valid reference. F.Verzeichnis der Beispiele.. Etwa 260 S. Fachgebiete Psychotherapie. an einer schweren Krankheit zu leiden.Evaluation. Tolin. legen ein modulares verhaltenstherapeutisches Therapiemanual für die Behandlung sowohl der Hypochondrie als auch des großen subklinischen Bereichs der Krankheitsängste vor. from toddlers to elders. E.95 | € (A) 89. erfahrene Therapeuten und Ausbilder.. and setting out its diagnostic criteria. dass sie gesund seien. So öffnet die Psychoanalyse ihre Behandlungslehre für das unmittelbare Übertragungs. G. psychiatrists.Bisherige Behandlungsansätze. * € (D) 41.. nachdem es geschehen ist) durch das Prinzip der Unmittelbarkeit (implizites Erfassen und Verändern von Vorgängen. Klinische Psychologen. Bleichhardt. Treatment chapters are not one-size-fitsall. Wien. Bleichhardt und Weck.Mögliche Komplikationen und Hilfestellungen. hat vielleicht jeder schon einmal erlebt. USA P.95 | € (A) 30. Hartford. die leibliche Dimension im Wirkungsgeschehen zwischen Patient und Therapeut psychoanalytisch und psychotherapeutisch zu erschließen. bietet keine dauerhafte Beruhigung. Franklin. Gesundheitspsychologen Type of publication Monograph Fachgebiete Psychotherapie.Spezielle Anwendungen. Psychiatrie Kategorie Fachbuch Zielgruppen Psychotherapeuten. The Institute of Living/Hartford Hospital..Arbeits.Namensregister. sie treten z. Das berührt alle tradierten Grundbegriffe und Behandlungsprinzipien der Psychoanalyse. as well as core elements of treatment 7 Special chapter on frequently asked questions about body-focused impulse control disorders and CBT 7 Describes the nature of these disorder. Verhaltenstherapie. während sie geschehen). Sie führen die Leser an zahlreichen Beispielen verschiedenster Krankheitsbilder (siehe Index der Fallvignetten) zu basalen Formen des Gewahrwerdens. distinguishing them from the OCD spectrum of disorders 7 The first comprehensive. Philadelphia.B. Approx.35 | sFr 63.00 ISBN 978-3-540-46854-7 Due July 2007 2007. Heisterkamp.Lit.80 | sFr 46.und Gegenübertragungsgeschehen und fundiert das Prinzip der Nachzeitlichkeit (etwas durcharbeiten. Brosch. Universität Essen (Hrsg. oft gemeinsam mit Depressionen oder Zwangsstörungen auf. Weck Kognitive Verhaltenstherapie bei Hypochondrie und Krankheitsangst Die plötzliche irrationale Angst.00 ISBN 978-3-211-48608-5 9<HTOFPA=egifeh> 9<HTLDTH=hai cj> 9<HTOCMB=eigaif> .50 ISBN 978-0-387-70882-9 Erscheint April 2007 Angezeigt in Highlights 01/2007 2007. Treating Trichotillomania (TTM) is designed for maximum usefulness. Fields of interest Clinical Psychology.Manualisierte Gruppen... Pluspunkte 7 Das unmittelbare Körpergeschehen zwischen Patient und Therapeut wird psychotherapeutisch erschlossen 7 Zahlreiche anschauliche. € (D) 29. but offer an evidence-based framework to help practitioners in designing the most appropriate course of treatment across the developmental spectrum.und Informationsblätter. 7 ca.Literatur.Weiterbildung und Ausblick. behandlungsmethodische Anwendungen für Praktiker 7 Methodischer Austausch zwischen Psychoanalyse und Körperpsychotherapie Inhalt Grundlagen. 7 € (D) 89.. Psychoanalytiker/ innen nehmen sich dieser historischen Entwicklungsaufgabe der Psychoanalyse an.. Erfassens und Behandelns.Sachregister. Viele namhafte Psychotherapeuten/innen bzw. und selbst die ärztliche Versicherung.. 7 illus.. Menschen mit Krankheitsangst oder sogar Hypochondrie jedoch – und das sind immerhin 6-10% in der Allgemeinbevölkerung – leiden stark unter diesen unbegründeten Ängsten. Authors Franklin and Tolin share their considerable expertise in treating grooming disorders (not only hairpulling but skin-picking and nail-biting as well) in an accessible.. M. Features Pluspunkte 7 Praxisbezogenes verhaltenstherapeutisches Manual 7 Modularer Aufbau mit konkreten Interventionen 7 Mit Arbeits. PA.20 | € (A) 42.) Treating Trichotillomania Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Hairpulling and Related Problems Psychoanalyse der Lebensbewegungen Zum körperlichen Geschehen in der psychoanalytischen Therapie – Ein Lehrbuch A full-length cognitive-behavioral treatment manual. Psychiater Kategorie Handbuch Erscheint März 2007 Angezeigt in Highlights 01/2007 2007.Psychoanalyse der Lebensbewegungen. Psychologen. Meist können wir uns mit rationalen Argumenten und notfalls einem Arztbesuch beruhigen. Geißler. Psychiater. Auch in der Psychotherapie müssen sich Therapeuten häufig mit hypochondrischen Symptomen auseinandersetzen. University of Pennsylvania. Springer News 3/2007 Psychologie 19 G. and empirically-based volume to address these disorders 7 Relevant to both child and adult clinicians and researchers Dieses Handbuch verfolgt das Ziel. (Series in Anxiety and Related Disorders) Hardcover 7 approx. D. differentiating the disorder from others in the OCD classification. F. Klinische Psychologie Target groups Clinical psychologists. reviewing the varied clinical forms it can take. Verzeichnis. school psychologists Zielgruppen Psychologische und Ärztliche Psychotherapeuten. Psychoanalyse.Analyse der Lebensbewegungen in der Gruppe. Etwa 600 S. 30 Abb.95 | sFr 138. USA. Geb. Treating Trichotillomania carefully defines TTM. clinical.springer. 218 p..und Informationsblättern für Patienten 7 Includes assessment measures and analysis.

Etwa 200 S. Lindel. Die Zahlen überraschen. Case illustrations model the therapeutic dyad. Praktische Ausbildung und Supervision (Inhalt. and offer crucial caveats. Features 7 Provides conceptual framework not isolated tecniques 7 Offers a psychotherapeutically useful version of radical behaviorism 7 Contains ethical guidelines 7 Covers borderline. narcissistic and multiple personality disorders Fachgebiete Psychotherapie. Erfahrungen). Behavioral Therapy Zielgruppen Psychotherapeuten.95 | sFr 38. 7 ca. I. Die PiA leisten dabei schnell fachlich qualifizierte Arbeit – deren Bezahlung jedoch nicht gesetzlich geregelt ist. Schweiz R. Klinische Psychologie. 20 % waren als Kind Opfer von jähzornigen Eltern. Glossar. „Vorsicht Falle“. Probleme u. Mythen. Rather it is a powerful framework for clinicians seeking to rethink their approach to the therapeutic relationship. F.50 | sFr 31. Psychiatry. Brosch.durch Informationen zur Rechtslage.96 | € (A) 33. im Berufsalltag. Literatur und Film. Zur Untermauerung dieser Beobachtungen wurden an die 600 Personen zu ihren persönlichen Erfahrungen mit Jähzorn befragt. Probleme u. St. 230 p. Kohlenberg. Tsai B. this classic work is more relevant than ever. 1991. V. * € (D) 32. Wir stehen verblüfft vor dem offenen Geheimnis einer veritablen Volksplage.20 Psychologie Springer News 3/2007 springer. Now in paperback.sowie konkrete Anstösse für Psychotherapeuten. Klinische Psychologie. 7 ca. im Straßenverkehr. Pädagogen und andere helfende Berufe. Probleme u.50 ISBN 978-3-211-48622-1 Due May 2007 1st ed. show FAP techniques in action. Es informiert Betroffene und Angehörige. Gesundheitspsychologie Type of publication Kategorie Sachbuch Contributed volume Zielgruppen Psychologen in Ausbildung (PiA) zum Psychologischen Psychotherapeuten oder Kinder. Geb.50 ISBN 978-0-387-70854-6 Erscheint April 2007 Angezeigt in Highlights 01/2007 2007. die eine Psychotherapie machen. Ärzte. J. Approx. and author/ practitioners Robert Kohlenberg and Mavis Tsai originally created this book to be more than a simple how-to manual. Rechtslage. Wo kommt Jähzorn her? Wie zeigt sich Jähzorn? Was können wir tun? Diese Fragen begleiten den Autor durch Religionen. Abrechnung. Technische Universität Chemnitz Jähzorn Die zerstörerische Wucht dieses heftigen Gefühlsausbruchs ist bekannt. Ausbildungsarten. Gallen. Betroffene und Angehörige Target groups Clinical psychologists. sind Kinder von jähzornigen Eltern 7 Für Betroffene. II. IV. explaining why clients’ unique needs may extend beyond wellmapped routes to change. Erfahrungen). Wir sind Zeugen von Jähzornausbrüchen im Familienleben. Pluspunkte 7 Erster Leitfaden für PiA 7 Konkrete Tipps: Ausbildungsorganisation. Anhang (Checklisten. Nützliches und Wichtiges innerhalb der praktischen Tätigkeit). im Sport usw. Dokumentation innerhalb der Krankenhäuser und innerhalb der Ausbildung. Trier. From there. Netzwerkinfos u. resistant problems.95 | € (A) 24. Ärzte. Pädagogen und andere helfende Berufe. in Partnerschaften. 7 Checklisten für die Suche nach dem richtigen Institut Aus dem Inhalt I.88 | sFr 50. 24% der Befragten sind jähzornig. Theoretische Ausbildung (Inhalte. T. Antragstellung. graduate level students Fachgebiete Psychotherapie. Praktische Tätigkeit (Ausbildungsinhalte.95 | € (A) 20. Falldokumentation. 30 Abb.00 ISBN 978-3-540-46851-6 9<HTOCMB=eigc b> 9<HTLDTH=haifeg> 9<HTOFPA=egifbg> . Functional Analytic Psychotherapy (FAP) remains a rich therapeutic method. The book begins with the theory behind the therapy (including its roots in B.m. Der von zwei ehemaligen PiA verfasste Praxisleitfaden bietet in dieser finanziell und psychisch belastenden Situation Hilfestellung .und Jugendlichenpsychotherapeuten Kategorie Fachbuch Erscheint April 2007 Angezeigt in Highlights 01/2007 2007. weiterführende Literatur). Softcover 7 approx. das Jähzorn zum öffentlichen Thema macht 7 Basiert auf einer erstmaligen empirischen sozialpsychologischen Untersuchung mit relevanten und brisanten Aussagen zum Jähzorn 7 Viele Menschen. FAP synthesizes aspects of psychodynamic and object relations therapy with traditional CBT methods. € (D) 24. Die Situation der Psychologen in Ausbildung (PiA) ist nach der Einführung des Psychotherapeutengesetzes katastrophal: Nach durchschnittlich 13 Semestern Studium ist für die Zulassung als Psychotherapeut eine praktische Ausbildung erforderlich. € (D) 19. Suche nach der geeigneten Ausbildung). Adressen. Etwa 260 S. the authors present the clinical principles of FAP and their uses in treating diffuse. Skinner’s behavior-analytic work in the 1970s). Ausbildung zum/zur Psychologischen Psychotherapeuten/in (Ausbildungsaufbau.v. Mit diesem Buch wird der Jähzorn erstmals im deutschsprachigen Raum zum Thema gemacht. Itten. III. doch bisher gesellschaftlich tabuisiert. Viele PiA fühlen sich ausgebeutet. Aufgaben von PiA im Krankenhaus. M. zu Ausbildungsinstituten. „Aus dem Nähkästchen“ etc. Functional Analytic Psychotherapy Creating Intense and Curative Therapeutic Relationships Survivalguide PiA Die Psychotherapie-Ausbildung meistern Pluspunkte 7 Erstes deutschsprachiges Buch. 20 Abb. Angehörige und Fachpersonen As cognitive behavior therapy becomes increasingly integrated. Sozialpsychologie Fields of interest Clinical Psychology. 2nd printing 2007. Einzelfallstudien liefern neue sozialpsychologische und psychotherapeutische Einsichten&nbsp. Sellin. Organisation.

University of Wisconsin. and psychosocial abilities and deficits. WI. Softcover 7 * € (D) 50. USA Child Neuropsychology Assessment and Interventions for Neurodevelopmental Disorders Child Neuropsychology guides therapists and neurologists toward common goals: early. Leading experts Ellison and Semrud-Clikeman start with the basics of child clinical neuropsychology and functional neuroanatomy.00 ISBN 978-0-387-47670-4 9<HTLDTH=ehghae> . cognitive. Features 7 Represents a unique turning point in the practice of clinical child neuropsychology as knowledge in the biological and behavioral sciences merge 7 Advances the field’s basic understanding of brain-behavior relations in children and adolescents as well as provides up-to-date information for clinicians on how to treat neuropsychologically based childhood and adolescent disorders Fields of interest Child & School Psychology. 2007. Semrud-Clikeman. learning. school. 330 p. USA. Neuropsychology Target groups Clinical child. M.springer. Approx. taking readers through examination protocols and assessment instruments to treatment planning and methods. MI. By analyzing the affects of brain development on children and adolescents’ behavioral. Teeter Ellison. 1997 2nd ed. this groundbreaking volume brings vital perspectives to assessment and treatment.65 | sFr 77. Milwaukee. and counseling psychologists and clinical neuropsychologists as well as graduate students taking courses on child/adolescent neuropsychology Type of publication Monograph Due April 2007 Originally published by Allyn and Bacon. accurate diagnosis and finely focused interventions across Springer News 3/2007 Psychologie 21 A. Michigan State University.24 | € (A) 51. Lansing.

computer science Features 7 Hundreds of beautiful. (Modeling and Simulation in T. 200 p. USA N. Switzerland (Ed.95 | sFr 98. Arithmetic and Logic Structures Target groups Fields of interest Mathematical Modeling and Industrial Mathematics. Hundreds of beautiful. R. computational science. mathematics coaches. and instructive problems from algebra. International Mathematical Olympiad Team. combinatorics. reaction-diffusion models. Politecnico di Torino. nonlinear modeling. Approx. 320 p. and solutions. computer scientists. 228 p. considered as mathematical structures. R. The name was introduced about ten years ago. revised edition of the first collection of articles around the topic of universal logic 7 Starting point of interdisciplinary research in the fields of. Italia J. The emphasis throughout is on creative solutions to open-ended problems. linguistic. Examples of such programs using Mathematica are provided throughout the book and will serve as problem-solving tools for practical solutions and applications of the method. Mathematical Logic and Formal Languages. TX. applied scientists. convectiondiffusion models. and practitioners in applied mathematics. mathematicians. problems. Generalized Collocation Methods is written for graduate students. This book contains recent works on universal logic by first-class researchers from all around the world. L. hydrodynamic models of vehicular traffic flow. challenging. but the subject is as old as the beginning of modern logic: Alfred Tarski and other Polish logicians such as Adolf Lindenbaum developed a general theory of logics at the end of the 1920s based on consequence operations and logical matrices. The subject was revived after the flowering of thousands of new logics during the last thirty years: there was a need for a systematic theory of logics to put some order in this chaotic multiplicity. Softcover 7 approx. with a more user-friendly and accessible style 7 Enhanced motivation Features 7 May be used as a textbook for graduate courses on collocation methods. trigonometry. Beziau. general. and population dynamics models. The problems are clustered by topic into self-contained sections with solutions provided separately. and scientific computation Fields of interest Mathematical Logic and Foundations. and engineers with an interest in modeling real-world systems by differential or operator equations. Generalized Collocation Methods Solutions to Nonlinear Problems Using Mathematica Analysis of nonlinear models and problems is crucial in the application of mathematics to real-world problems. Texas Tech University. Ridolfi. philosophers. Appl. challenging. This book approaches this important topic by focusing on collocation methods for solving nonlinear evolution equations and applying them to a variety of mathematical problems.89 | sFr 78. but a general theory of logics. University of Texas at Dallas. logic. Features 7 Second. X. and instructive problems from algebra.. * € (D) 26. e. Geometry.15 | € (A) 65. Logica Universalis Towards a General Theory of Logic Universal Logic is not a new logic. Tools and concepts are provided here for those who want to study classes of already existing logics or want to design and build new ones. Engineering and Technology) Hardcover 7 approx. philosophy. and engineering Proceedings Type of publication Undergraduate textbook Type of publication Graduate/Advanced undergraduate textbook Due September 2007 Due November 2007 2nd ed. researchers. * € (D) 53. this second edition includes completely rewritten discussions preceding each of the 30 units. undergraduates. * € (D) 64.22 Mathematik Springer News 3/2007 springer. linguists Fields of interest Mathematics. trigonometry. mathematicians interested in math education Type of publication Target groups Graduate students.) Mathematical Olympiad Challenges This signficantly revised and expanded second edition of Mathematical Olympiad Challenges is a rich collection of problems put together by two experienced and well-known professors and coaches of the U. It will be of interest for people who want to better understand what logic is. combinatorics. The book is full of new and challenging ideas that will guide the future of this exciting subject. In addition.00 ISBN 978-3-7643-8353-4 9<HTLIMH=gefcib> 9<HTLIMH=gefcfa> 9<HTOHRE=didfde> . Bellomo. Lods. mathematics. Andreescu. 2007. geometry. problems and solutions. allowing for easy development of scientific programs. 2007. USA. Mathematics/ Computational Methods of Engineering Graduates. B. instructors. geometry. and number theory have been updated 7 Historical insights and asides are presented to stimulate further inquiry 7 Emphasis is on creative solutions to openended problems 7 Many new or expanded examples. Richardson. With many new or expanded examples. Revelli. Approx. Historical insights and asides are presented to stimulate further inquiry. Gelca. Number Theory Target groups Advanced high school students. as well as a more user-friendly style with more accessible and inviting examples. The authors provide a rapid introduction to the implementation of the method.50 ISBN 978-0-8176-4525-0 Due April 2007 2nd ed. postgraduates and researchers.45 | sFr 41. and number theory from numerous mathematical competitions and journals have been selected and updated.g.39 | € (A) 54. and nonlinear differential equations 7 Examples and exercises are included in every chapter 7 Scienfitic programs in Mathematica are provided throughout the text 7 Unified presentation of modeling. Lubbock.00 ISBN 978-0-8176-4528-1 2007. University of Neuchâtel. all chapters include examples and exercises.70 | € (A) 27. such as wave motion models. TX. mathematical methods. 61 illus. Scientific Computing.S. Softcover 7 approx.

E.. biochemistry... Evolution and Ecology. evolution... Highlighted throughout the work are mathematical and computational approaches to solving central problems in the life sciences. M. immunology. Diekmann.The one Dimensional Case.Quasiconvex Analysis and the Vectorial Case. H. comprehensive historical reconstruction of Leibniz’s geometry 7 A study on the relationship between geometry and metaphysics in Leibniz’s thought 7 A face-to-face confrontation between Leibniz’s philosophy of geometry and Kant’s transcendentalism 7 Many unpublished Leibnizean manuscripts Fields of interest History of Science Volume II of this two-volume. This book reconstructs. R. Optimization Type of publication Monograph Target groups Researchers. graduate students Fields of interest Mathematical Biology in General.Extension of Lipschitz Functions on Banach Spaces. 416 p. computational biology. Leibniz’s geometrical studies. (Applied Mathematical Sciences. Neural Systems and the Brain.. Bravo de la Parra.66 | € (A) 151. The book has been updated with some new material and examples added. ranging from the organizational principles of individual cells to the dynamics of large populations.Implicit Partial Differential Equations.00 ISBN 978-0-387-35779-9 2007.Function Spaces.. Immunology.. thus favouring the comparison and contrast between Leibniz’s philosophy and Kant’s transcendentalist solution. Metz (Eds. and advanced students in applied mathematics. Innovative Mathematical Methods. Approx. * € (D) 71.springer.. De Risi Direct Methods in the Calculus The Analysis Situs of Variations This book is developed for the study of vectorial problems in the calculus of variations. and physics. It is a new edition of the earlier book published in 1989. R. Regarding this scope of problems.95 | sFr 120.Singular Values.80 | sFr 218.) Mathematical Modeling of Biological Systems. through a pressing confrontation with the problems of geometric foundation. computer science. Features Target groups Science historians. Volume 33) Hardcover 7 approx. and Innovative Mathematical Methods Features 7 Applications included 7 The subject is a very active one. Engineering and Technology) Hardcover 7 approx. de Boer. 600 p. Neural Systems and the Brain..00 ISBN 978-3-7643-7985-8 Due June 2007 2007. biochemistry. Quasiconvex and Rank one Convex Functions. (Science Networks. Approx. ecology... Historical Studies.Relaxation and Non Convex Problems.Index. computer science. The chapters are thematically organized into the following main areas: Epidemiology.Lower Semicontinuity and Existence Theorems. Volume II Epidemiology. and advanced students in this rapidly growing field at the intersection of applied mathematics. and neurology Fields of interest Partial Differential Equations. Kisdi.Miscellaneous. almost half of the book consists of new materials Contents Introduction. Dacorogna V.Relaxation Theorems. Jagers. focusing in particular on the research Leibniz carried on in the last years of his life.. experimental biology and medicine. P. Kant scholars 7 Unified presentation of mathematical modeling in the biological sciences 7 Presents state-of-theart mathematical modeling and simulation techniques needed to examine central problems in the life sciences 7 Covers a diverse range of subjects having real-world applications to epidemiology. P. 122 illus.64 | € (A) 73. Type of publication Monograph Target groups Researchers. Kretzschmar.Polyconvex. and physics Type of publication Reference work Due April 2007 Due June 2007 2nd ed.. computational biology.Lower Semi Continuity and Existence Theorems in the Vectorial Case. Immunology.. The book is suitable for graduate students.Polyconvex.00 ISBN 978-0-8176-4555-7 9<HTLDTH=dfh j > 9<HTOHRE=dhjifi> 9<HTLIMH=gef fh> . * € (D) 74. The main purpose of the work is to offer a better understanding of the philosophy of space and in general of the mature Leibnizean metaphysics. Volume 78) Hardcover 7 approx. Deutsch. The work will be an excellent reference text for a broad audience of researchers.Polyconvex. interdisciplinary work is a unified presentation of a broad range of state-of-the-art topics in the rapidly growing field of mathematical modeling in the biological sciences.85 | € (A) 76.Existence of Minima for Non Quasiconvex Integrands. practitioners. Lansky. Features 7 The first ever. J. Calculus of Variations and Optimal Control. A.65 | sFr 110.Some Underdetermined Partial Differential Equations. * € (D) 147.. (Modeling and Simulation in Science.Bibliography. 2007.. Quasiconvex and Rank one Convex Springer News 3/2007 Mathematik 23 B.Convex Analysis and the Scalar Case... practitioners. The Appendix gives editing to a number of previously unpublished manuscripts on geometry from the Leibniz Archiv. Approx. Evolution and Ecology. Leibniz scholars. Quasiconvex and Rank one Convex Envelopes. Mathematical Modeling and Industrial Mathematics. both from the historical and theoretical points of view. 672 p. O. the book also deals quite in depth with Leibniz’s theory of sensibility. experimental biology and medicine. metaphysics historians.Convex Sets and Convex Functions.Notations.

Lastly..00 ISBN 978-3-7643-8349-7 Originally published as Vol.Subject Index.Sets and Maps as a Foundation for Mathematics. 7 D. Spain Labyrinth of Thought A History of Set Theory and Its Role in Modern Mathematics R.. 1977 Contents Institutional and Intellectual Contexts in German Mathematics. TX. Crisis. Lubbock. real analysis.Real Analysis. Berlin Heidelberg New York 1979 2007.95 | sFr 65.. 550 p. . The Theory of Stochastic Processes III Translated by: S.. Algebra. Features 7 Undergraduate textbook with an emphasis on problem solving 7 Structured topically to assist undergraduates in gaining proficiency across a broad spectrum of subjects: algebra. balanced.F. Approx. 1977 7 The dominant impression is of the authors’ mastery of their material. Containing numerous problems that reflect the spirit of the Putnam exam. Kotz 7 José Ferreirós has written a magisterial account of the history of set theory which is panoramic. combinatorics and probabilities. Kingman in Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society.. Chung in American Scientist. and engaging.09 | € (A) 65..75 | € (A) 43.The Notion of Cardinality and the Continuum Hypothesis.Logic and Type Theory in the Interwar Period.The Transfinite Ordinals and Cantor’s Mature Theory. Andreescu. 1980 7 To call this work encyclopedic would not give an accurate picture of its content and style. Softcover 7 * € (D) 45. A. mathematical induction. J. Approx. Some parts read like a textbook.The Real Number System. Important features: The presentation begins with an overview of common methods of proofs.. Ferreirós. Gikhman. (Classics in Mathematics) Hardcover 7 * € (D) 42. The exposition is robust and explicit. Softcover 7 * € (D) 64. Skorokhod Putnam and Beyond This undergraduate textbook with an emphasis on problem-solving can serve as both a study guide for the William Lowell Putnam Mathematics Competition and as an excellent transition book from high school problem-solving to university level mathematical research.Number Theory.C.Stochastic Differential Equations.Solutions. above all the work of Cantor.Remarks.A New Fundamental Notion: Riemann’s Manifolds. 232 in the series: Grundlehren der mathematischen Wissenschaften Due August 2007 2007. TX. Probability Theory and Stochastic Processes Target groups Researchers and graduate students in stochastic processes Target groups Graduate students and researchers in History of Science Fields of interest Type of publication Monograph Mathematics.96 | € (A) 47. 7 Bulletin of Symbolic Logic From the reviews 7 Gihman and Skorohod have done an excellent job of presenting the theory in its present state of rich imperfection.Geometry and Trigonometry.W...89 | sFr 105.Methods. as one has come to expect of the Russian tradition of mathematical writing. geometry and trigonometry. invariants. Texas Tech University.Diffusion. Field of interest Field of interest History of Mathematics Contents Preface. the work is structured topically to assist undergraduates in gaining proficiency across a broad spectrum of subjects that comprise a core mathematics curriculum. but also Dedekind and the interaction between the two. Part Three details the development of set theory up to 1950... This takes up Part One of the book. Not only does this book synthesize much previous work and provide fresh insights and points of view.. USA.Consolidation of Axiomatic Set Theory. Richardson. The University of Texas at Dallas. a full-fledged treatment of the emergence of the set-theoretic approach in mathematics from the early nineteenth century. general. 7 illus. USA I. Universidad de Sevilla. combinatorics and probabilities 7 Fills a gap in the market for problem-based texts that specifically target the Putnam exams and undergraduate mathematics majors Contents Martingales and Stochastic Integrals. and maximal elements. 7 J.Stochastic Differential Equations for Continuous Processes and Continuous Markov Processes in Rm. V.Origins of the Theory of Point-Sets. I. number theory. but others are more technical and contain relatively new results.Dedekind and the Set-theoretical Approach to Algebra. Putnam exam contestants. Analysis Type of publication Target groups Undergraduate mathematics majors. 2007.L. number theory. and of their confident insight into its underlying structure. orderings on a set. Stroock in Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society.Appendix: Corrections to Volumes I and II. but it also features a major innovation.... Historical Studies 2nd ed. Individual chapters cover a succession of key topics in algebra... taking account of foundational questions and the emergence of the modern axiomatization. geometry and trigonometry.Combinatorics and Probabilities.Bibliography.25 | sFr 70.. Olympiad veterans Monograph Type of publication Undergraduate textbook Due March 2007 Due July 2007 Originally published as volume 23 in the series: Science Networks.. 7 K. real analysis. The set when completed will be an invaluable source of information and reference in this ever-expanding field.24 Mathematik Springer News 3/2007 springer. Part Two analyzes the crucial developments in the last quarter of the nineteenth century. 387 p.Definitions and Notations.50 ISBN 978-0-387-25765-5 Reprint of the 1st ed.Algebra..50 ISBN 978-3-540-49940-4 9<HTOHRE=didejh> 9<HTLDTH=cfhgf > 9<HTOFPA=ej eae> .. and Bifurcation: 1890 to 1914. T. 1800-1870.. including argument by contradiction. 50 illus. Gelca. 464 p.

for example. IN. The viewpoint of this book is that many of the fundamental problems in the theory of Diophantine equations have dynamical Springer News 3/2007 Mathematik 25 S.. Originating from lecture notes of various courses given by the author over a decade.springer. Chelyabinsk State University. an overarching theme is that the geometry determines the arithmetic (at least qualitatively).Notes on Section Six. From the reviews of the 1st edition: 7 This book provides a comprehensive and detailed account of different topics in algorithmic 3-dimensional topology.Notes on the Definitions. 500 p. UK. Volume 241) Hardcover 7 approx.An Introduction to Classical Dynamics. 7 Zentralblatt für Math.. As is typical in any subject combining Diophantine problems and geometry.Commentary. (Graduate Texts in Mathematics. it has recently become clear that the posthumously published Praxis contains only an incomplete account of Harriot’s achievement: his editor substantially rearranged the work before publishing it. Goulding. Iteration of functions also appears in many guises in number theory.. 30 illus. Approx.. new results.Numerical Exegesis.Introduction.50 ISBN 978-3-540-45898-2 2007. Approx. Providence. Differential Geometry.Notes on Section Two.50 ISBN 978-0-387-69903-5 9<HTOFPA=efijic> 9<HTLDTH=ejfb i> 9<HTLDTH=gj adf> .Appendix.. 415 p. Volume 9) Hardcover 7 * € (D) 58.Notes on Section Five.. is presented from the peculiar point of view of special polyhedra and special spines of 3-manifolds. Classical discrete dynamics is the study of iteration of functions mapping the complex plane (or real line) to itself.Notes on Section Four. Brown University.95 | sFr 164. 2007. USA J. To some extent it is a development work of Viete... Matveev.Notes on Section Three. 1048 (2004) For this 2nd edition. Other topics. Arithmetic dynamics is the study of the number theoretic properties of points under repeated application of a polynomial or rational function. as well as commentary and historical information 7 First modern translation of the 17th century’s most important mathematician Fields of interest Topology.Comparative table of equations solved. Although his algebra was still limited in scope (he insisted. Algebra Dynamical Systems and Ergodic Theory Target groups Type of publication Monograph Mathematicians and graduate students Type of publication Graduate/Advanced undergraduate textbook Due June 2007 Due April 2007 2nd ed. This choice contributes to keep the level of the exposition really elementary. In conclusion. notably in the theory of canonical heights. USA Algorithmic Topology and Classification of 3-Manifolds Thomas Harriot‘s Artis Analyticae Praxis An English Translation with Commentary The Arithmetic of Dynamical Systems The discipline of arithmetic dynamics has been attracting burgeoning interest over the past 10 to 15 years. new proofs.Errata..75 | € (A) 43. Approx.Dynamics over Local Fields: Good Reduction. culminating with the recognition procedure for Haken manifolds and including the up-to-date results in computer enumeration of 3manifolds. are introduced and referenced as needed.. Type of publication Graduate/Advanced undergraduate textbook Fields of interest Fields of interest History of Mathematics.-The practice of the analytic art. the book is intended to combine the pedagogical approach of a graduate textbook (without exercises) with the completeness and reliability of a research monograph… All the material. and omitted sections that were apparently beyond his comprehension.Dynamics over Local Fields: Bad Reduction. and figures 7 Will become a standard reference for researchers in the field 7 Contains a description of many known results and conjectures. so only terms of the same powers could be added or equated to one another).. such as basic algebraic geometry and the theory of Diophantine approximation. But it was Harriot who took the crucial step of creating an entirely symbolic algebra. Features 7 Provides an entry for graduate students into an active field of research 7 Each chapter includes exercises.80 | € (A) 60. Seltman..95 | € (A) 109. on strict homogeneity..Dynamics over Global Fields. RI. it is recognizably modern. the reviewer subscribes to the quotation from the back cover: “the book fills a gap in the existing literature and will become a standard reference for algorithmic 3-dimensional topology both for graduate students and researchers”. so that reasoning could be reduced to a quasi-mechanical manipulation of symbols. Silverman.Select Bibliography Contents Preface. The primary prerequisite for reading this book is basic algebraic number theory.95 | sFr 65. Thomas Harriot’s “Artis analyticae praxis” is an essential work in the history of algebra.. together with an extensive bibliography Features 7 Contains errata for the original text. examples.. * € (D) 42. (Algorithms and Computation in Mathematics.45 | sFr 90.. University of Notre Dame. Algorithms Contents Target groups Graduate students and researchers in classical 3-dimensional topology and topological quantum field theory Preface. R.Dynamics in Dimension Greater than One.00 ISBN 978-0-387-49511-8 Due July 2007 2007. who was among the first to use literal symbols to stand for known and unknown quantities. and commentaries for a better orientation of the reader have been added.. with few exceptions. such as negative and complex roots of equations. Eltham.. Russia M. 315 p. Although Harriot’s book was highly influential in the development of analysis in England before Newton. (Sources and Studies in the History of Mathematics and Physical Sciences) Hardcover 7 * € (D) 106. London.Notes on Section One..Dynamics and Moduli.Dynamics with an Underlying Group.

Canada J.Functional equations with two variables. G.Some closing heuristics. (Graduate Texts in Mathematics. ON. The material requires only linear algebra as a prerequisite. Small. and provides complete proofs for most theorems. and Beyond.Steinitz’ Theorem for 3-Polytopes.Consequences of Universality.. and the Lawrence construction). Voronin proved that any non-vanishing analytic function can be approximated uniformly by certain shifts of the Riemann zeta-function in the critical strip.Bibliography. Schlegel diagrams... Polyhedra.26 Mathematik Springer News 3/2007 springer. University of Madrid. (Problem Books in Mathematics) Softcover 7 * € (D) 35.Joint Universality.Appendix: A Short History of Universality.26 | € (A) 36. Gale transforms. and Tilings.. Contents Preface.. We further discuss related topics as. and nonextendable shellings). very little has been published which helps readers to solve functional equations in mathematics competitions and mathematical problem solving.00 ISBN 978-3-540-26526-9 Previously announced in Springer News 08/2006 1st ed.Fans. and it is conjectured that all reasonable L-functions are universal. The emphasis here will be on the development of those tools which are most useful in assigning a family of solutions to each functional equation in explicit form.Index. 370 p. .. the upper-bound theorem).26 | € (A) 36. In these notes we prove universality for polynomial Euler products.Introduction and Examples.00 ISBN 978-0-387-34539-0 Due April 2007 2007.An historical introduction. the Bohne-Dress tiling theorem.. and Cones. density estimates... fiber polytopes.95 | sFr 82.Limit Theorems. 1995.Index.. and functional independence.Preface to the Second Printing. these lectures present a wealth of material on the modern theory of convex polytopes. Steuding. The clear and straightforward presentation features many illustrations.. 300 illus.. At the end of each chapter.. Technical University Berlin.References. Our approach follows mainly Bagchi‘s probabilistic method. Nevanlinna theory.Faces of Polytopes. Ziegler.. Gale Diagrams.Dirichlet Series and Polynomial Euler Products. shellability. The lectures introduce the basic facts about polytopes.. Meanwhile universality is proved for a large zoo of Dirichlet series..L-functions of Number Fields. 317 p..Polytopes. Functions of a Complex Variable. almost periodicity. but takes the reader quickly from the basics to topics of recent research.Functional equations with one variable. including a number of unanswered questions... or by showing that all solutions have a particular property. Fields of interest Number Theory. In 1975. undergraduates.. Berlin. Zonotopes.. 3rd printing 2007.45 | € (A) 54. approximation theory in spaces of functions and probabilistic methods in number thoery and the theory of functions Target groups Graduate students of maths Target groups Advanced high school C.Value-distribution in the Complex Plane. Spain G.Notations. XI.. a number of books have been written on the theory of functional equations. 132 p. Volume 1877) Softcover 7 * € (D) 53. discuss important examples and elegant constructions (cyclic and neighborly polytopes. readers will find a list of problems associated with the material in that chapter. The student who encounters a functional equation on a mathematics contest will need to investigate solutions to the equation by finding all solutions. construction of non-rational polytopes...Appendix: Hamel bases.Miscellaneous methods for functional equations. The problems vary greatly.Index. and Applications.References. participants of mathematical Olympiads and William Lowell Putnam competitions Type of publication Graduate/Advanced undergraduate textbook Type of publication Type of publication Graduate/Advanced undergraduate textbook Monograph Available Due July 2007 2007.Graphs for Polytopes. show the excitement of current work in the field (Kalai‘s new diameter bounds. This book fills that gap. XIII. M.Schlegel Diagrams for 4-Polytopes. Germany Functional Equations and How to Solve Them Over the years.Effective Results. zonotopes. Minkowski sums. Features 7 Interesting collection of problems and topics 7 Very clear and enjoyable exposition 7 Nicely organized to highlight connections between various sections Contents Introduction.g. Volume 152) Softcover 7 * € (D) 35.. (Lecture Notes in Mathematics.00 ISBN 978-0-387-94365-7 9<HTLDTH=defdja> 9<HTOFPA=cgfcgj> 9<HTLDTH=jedgfh> ..Universality.Hints and partial solutions to problems. University of Waterloo.. Corr.The Riemann Hypotheses.. e.Interlude: Results from Probability Theory..Duality. with the easiest problems being accessible to any high school student who has read the chapter carefully. Approx. Contents Preface..Shellability and the Upper Bound Theorem.25 | sFr 54.Dirichlet Series with Periodic Coefficients. permutahedra and associhedra.. Probability Theory and Stochastic Processes Fields of interest Difference and Functional Equations.25 | sFr 54.. However. Lectures on Polytopes Based on a graduate course given at the Technische Universität. This spectacular universality property has a strong impact on the zero-distribution: Riemann’s hypothesis is true if and only if the Riemann zeta-function can approximate itself uniformly (in the sense of Voronin). Anrrangements.The Selberg Class.. Numerical Analysis Fields of interest Geometry Target groups Researchers and graduate students in analytic number theory. Value Distribution of L-Functions These notes present recent results in the valuedistribution theory of L-functions with emphasis on the phenomenon of universality. with an emphasis on the methods that yield the results (Fourier-Motzkin elimination. and oriented matroids). Fiber Polytopes.

. Fields of interest Statistical Theory and Methods. and resampling.Test statistics null distribution. Louhichi.Tools for causal cases. including the identification of differentially expressed and co-expressed genes in high-throughput gene expression experiments. The limit theorems are sometimes sharp and always simple to apply.) Weak Dependence: With Examples and Applications This monograph is aimed at developing Doukhan/ Louhichi’s (1999) idea to measure asymptotic independence of a random process.. XVI. J. sequence analysis.Weak dependence.50 ISBN 978-0-387-49316-9 Due March 2007 2007.Banking and Finance. Germany. and the genetic mapping of complex traits using single nucleotide polymorphisms.. tests of association between gene expression measures and biological annotation metadata (e. It provides new approaches for information retrieval and data mining. econometrics. The methods are applied to a range of testing problems in biomedical and genomic research. the book reports challenging applications in marketing and management science.. Features 7 Provides a detailed account of the theoretical foundations of proposed multiple testing methods and illustrates their application to a range of testing problems in genomics The book focuses on exploratory data analysis. Contents Clustering.Bio. P.. University of Bielefeld. University of California. They apply the theory to nonparametric statistics.. The level of generality makes those techniques quite robust with respect to the model. clustering and classification.Central limit theorem. 687 p. Dedecker. * € (D) 49. and unscrambling of knowledge.and health Springer News 3/2007 Statistik 27 J. such as microarray experiments. R.82 | sFr 76.Information Retrieval. Freie Universität Berlin... The simplicity of the conditions is also their strength. 585 p.Genetic mapping of complex traits using single nucleotide polymorphisms: The ObeLinks Project.Visualization and Scaling Methods. Data and Web Mining.. and heteroskedastic models with infinite memory..95 | sFr 213.Donsker principles.Functional estimation. dynamical systems or more complicated models....and Health Sciences. Medicine..Simulation studies: Assessment of test statistics null distributions. Special emphasis is put on interdisciplinary research and the interaction between theory and practice. Doukhan.Multiple tests of association with biological annotation metadata.Software implementation. It covers a broad range of methods from multivariate statistics.Augmentation multiple testing procedures for controlling generalized tail probability error rates. 2006 This book establishes the theoretical foundations of a general methodology for multiple hypothesis testing and discusses its software implementation in R and SAS.. as well as archaeology.Classification. grad students Type of publication Monograph Target groups Researchers Type of publication Monograph Due May 2007 2007. nonlinear. linguistics and text analysis. (Lecture Notes in Statistics.. Germany (Eds. C. USA H.00 ISBN 978-3-540-70980-0 9<HTLDTH=gj fbg> 9<HTLDTH=ejdbgj> 9<HTOFPA=hajia > . Features 7 Make it simple to read and thus the mathematical level needed is as low as possible 7 Aimed to fix the notions in the area in development 7 May be considered as an introduction to weak dependence 7 Propose models and tools for practitioners hence the sections devoted to examples are really extensive 7 Some of the already developed applications are also quoted for completeness Contents Multiple hypothesis testing.Identification of differntially expressed and co-expressed genes in high-throughput gene expression experiments.Archaeology.. Statistics for Life Sciences.The empirical process.Models. and Knowledge Organization) Softcover 7 * € (D) 139.g.. (Studies in Classification. Management Science and Economics. Lenz. Lang.. learning of latent structures in datasets.Spectral estimation.Statistical Musicology and Sound Classification.. Health Sciences Target groups Practitioners..Resampling-based empirical Bayes multiple testing procedures for controlling generalized tail probability error rates. Decker..Data and Time Series Analysis. Gene Ontology). Statistical Theory and Methods. Dudoit...Econometrics and resampling. statistical musicology and sound classification..00 ISBN 978-0-387-69951-6 Due November 2007 2007. G.Marketing. bio.Overview of multiple testing procedures. (Springer Series in Statistics) Hardcover 7 approx. visualization and scaling as well as from data and time series analysis. Target groups Researchers in statistics and numerous fields of application Type of publication Proceedings Field of interest Statistical Theory and Methods Fields of interest Bioinformatics.Single-step multiple testing procedures for controlling general Type 1 error rates. Furthermore.Tools for non causal cases. van der Laan. 335 p.The main existing tools for an asymptotic theory are developed under weak dependence... spectral analysis. Approx. non-Markovian. Volume 190) Softcover 7 approx. M. Statistics for Business/Economics/Mathematical Finance/Insurance Contents Introduction. banking and finance. R. Most of the commonly used stationary models fit their conditions. Leon.Applications of SLLN.springer.Linguistics and Text Analysis. CA. March 8-10. Multiple Testing Procedures Advances in Data Analysis and Applications to Genomics Proceedings of the 30th Annual Conference of The Gesellschaft für Klassifikation e. S. * € (D) 70. Prieur S.43 | € (A) 50. Data Analysis.HIV-1 sequence variation and viral replication capacity. Berkeley. The authors propose various examples of models fitting such conditions such as stable Markov chains.V. Approx..The theory (with proofs) is developed and the authors propose to fix the notation for future applications.00 | sFr 107..05 | € (A) 142.Law of the iterated logarithm (LIL). J.. Freie Universität Berlin.03 | € (A) 72..

Pluspunkte Pluspunkte 7 Präsentationsmedien und -techniken im Zusammenhang dargestellt 7 Kompakte und gut illustrierte Einführung 7 Grundlagen der Gestaltung und der visuellen Kommunikation 7 Mit Materialien und Programmen auf CD-ROM 7 Erste Buchpublikation zu FotoWare Color Factory 7 Überblick über die Funktionen 7 Praxisbeispiele für die tägliche Arbeit Fachgebiete Mediendesign.Impress. Beamer. 7 € (D) 19. Eine anschauliche Darstellung der Features ermöglicht es.Medien: Computer.28 Computerbuch Springer News 3/2007 springer.. Mediendesigner. aber aufeinander abgestimmte und quantifizierbare. Mit CD-ROM.. Auszubildende.00 ISBN 978-3-540-45704-6 Erscheint Juni 2007 Angezeigt in Highlights 01/2007 2007.. Computer und Ausbildung Fachgebiete Software Engineering.Schrift. (X. Böhringer. Entwickler. Affalterbach. Color Factory von FotoWare ist ein Programm. (X.. Die Kenntnis der medialen Möglichkeiten des Präsentierens und Visualisierens von Information wird sowohl von Schülern als auch von Lehrern und im Berufsleben gefordert.. Programmierung und Betriebssysteme.Literaturverzeichnis. Seelbach U.. Schlaich. Etwa 250 und Tafel.Layout.Metaplan. Rechnernetze. durchg. Aus diesen lassen sich dann für Entwicklung und Betrieb zwar unterschiedliche. Mitarbeiter von Rechenzentren. erhält einen Überblick über die Leistungen und Einsatzmöglichkeiten des Programms.Writer. (Xpert. Ausbilder in Betrieben Zielgruppen Kategorie Fachbuch Anwendungsarchitekten. das auf diesem Gebiet Enormes zu leisten vermag. Oftmals verwenden beide Seiten jedoch sehr unterschiedliche Methoden und Verfahren im Rahmen der Performanceanalyse und Geb. Leistungsmessung und -bewertung von Systemen Zielgruppen Schüler.Mindmap. Projektmanager Kategorie Fachbuch Erscheint Juni 2007 Angezeigt in Highlights 01/2007 2007.Tageslichtprojektor. Dokumentenaufbereitung und Textverarbeitung. Zielgruppen Fotografen.Calc. P.95 | € (A) 51. Es eignet sich gleichermaßen zum Selbststudium wie für den Einsatz im Unterricht. Düsseldorf Präsentieren in Schule. Etwa 300 S. Vorgaben ableiten.. der über den Color Factory-Einsatz nachdenkt. Fotojournalisten. Computergrafik Entwicklungsteams und Systemadministratoren sind gleichermaßen für die Performance der von ihnen betreuten Anwendungen Geb.35 | sFr 76. Das Buch führt hierzu in die benötigten analytischen Methoden ein und stellt Softwarewerkzeuge zur Erfassung und Aufbereitung von Performancedaten zur Verfügung. Pfullingen.95 | € (A) 20. Inhalt Basics: J. Studium und Beruf Heute wird bereits in der Schule mit Präsentationen begonnen. 75 Abb. Denn richtiges Präsentieren will gelernt sein! Das vorliegende Buch liefert den hierfür notwendigen theoretischen Background und zeigt dessen Umsetzung in Form von Schritt-für-Schritt-Anleitungen. 7 € (D) 49. P. Schwerpunkt bildet die automatisierte Bildbearbeitung.und Methodenunterstützung im Spannungsfeld von Entwicklung und Betrieb Kostensenkung durch Automatisierung ist ein wichtiges Thema in allen Reproabteilungen. Leipzig C. Bühler. die ein sehr hohes Einsparpotenzial hat. Das vorliegende Buch greift diese Problematik für javabasierte Architekturen auf. Studierende. Datenverarbeitung in Kunst und Geisteswissenschaften. die Information schnell aufzunehmen.35 | sFr 76.Gimp. Etwa 250 S... Schmalenbach.50 | sFr 31... IBM. der das Produkt bereits lizenziert hat.Flipchart. Knackpunkt ist eine effiziente Konfiguration der Software.Stichwortverzeichnis.Bild..Workshop: Software. Der Interessent. Monitor. vierfarbig.. helfen. Dabei geht es nicht darum.und Bildagenturen Pluspunkte 7 Erstes deutschsprachiges Buch zu Performancemanagement 7 Einführung in formale Methoden zur Kapazitätsplanung und Performancebewertung von verteilten Anwendungen 7 Überblick über praktische Verwendbarkeit formaler Methoden 7 Werkzeuge zur Überwachung von Java-Applikationen und zur Analyse von Performancedaten Kategorie Fachbuch Fachgebiete Mediendesign.50 ISBN 978-3-540-36631-7 9<HTOFPA=efhaeg> 9<HTOFPA=dhegd > 9<HTOFPA=dg dbh> . der gymnasialen Oberstufe sowie in den meisten beruflichen Schulen ist das Thema „Präsentation“ fester Bestandteil der Abschlussprüfungen und -zeugnisse. In den Abschlussklassen der Realschulen.50 ISBN 978-3-540-37463-3 Erscheint Juni 2007 Angezeigt in Highlights 01/2007 2007. Fachschü Dieses Buch soll dem Anwender. 7 € (D) 49. Pfeifer. FotoWare Color Factory System installieren – Funktionen optimal nutzen Performancemanagement für serviceorientierte JavaAnwendungen Werkzeug.. Hieraus resultieren im Falle tatsächlicher Performanceeinbrüche unangenehme Rechtfertigungszwänge und wenig zielführende Schuldzuweisungen.. seine Konfiguration zu optimieren und Denkanstöße für Lösungen bieten.95 | € (A) 51. Werbe. „irgendwie“ zu präsentieren..PDF. Ausgehend von bekannten oder prognostizierten Mengengerüsten sowie fachlich motivierten Anforderungen in Bezug auf Antwortzeiten werden die zu erreichenden Performanceziele Brosch. Medientechniker.

. 7 € (D) 49. Fotografen Kategorie Fachbuch Erscheint Juni 2007 Angezeigt in Highlights 01/2007 2007.. In diesem Szenario bietet das vorliegende Werk konzeptionelles Wissen zur aktiven Gestaltung der Arbeitsabläufe im Gesamtprozess der digitalen Farbwiedergabe. variablen. Simon.Sehen und Wahrnehmung.Proof..Color Management.. Fotografen. Gallen Farbe im Digitalen Publizieren Konzepte der digitalen Farbwiedergabe für Office.95 | € (A) Springer News 3/2007 Computerbuch 29 K. was die Anderen tun. dass der Einzelne weiss.PDF.springer. Pluspunkte 7 Überblick über die digitale Farbwiedergabe 7 Referenzwerk zur Farbmetrik Inhalt Motivation. Zusätzlich werden Berufsgruppen wie Autoren.. Computergrafik Zielgruppen Mediendesigner. verteilten. Dokumentenaufbereitung und Textverarbeitung. datenbankgestützten Workflows massiv in Frage gestellt. Designer oder Informatiker immer stärker in die Publikationsprozesse involviert bzw..Farbmetrik.Drucken..Farberfassung.35 | sFr 76. was von ihm erwartet wird bzw. Softwareentwickler (Cross Media Publishing). Dies ist jedoch im Zeitalter des Cross Media Publishing mit komplexen..Color Appearance. Design und Software Der traditionelle CMYK-Workflow ist von einem operativen Umgang mit dem Thema Farbe gekennzeichnet. Etwa 250 S.Gamut Mapping. Fachgebiete Mediendesign. St.. Diese Grundhaltung setzt voraus. sind deren fachliche Abgrenzungen untereinander unklar. (X.Halftoning.50 ISBN 978-3-540-37327-8 9<HTOFPA=dhdchi> .

95 | sFr 164. Tokyo. All current issues in discrete algorithmic geometry. M. This book is best suited for researchers and practitioners working with Management Information Systems and students in this field. W. (Information Security and Cryptography) Hardcover 7 * € (D) 64. Algorithm Analysis and Problem Complexity Features 7 First title to offer a full treatment of formal correctness of security protocols Target groups Fields of interest Information Storage and Retrieval. China. Information Systems Applications (incl. X.Information Retrieval and Filtering. networking. November 18-20.30 Informatik Springer News 3/2007 springer.The Inductive Method. Alpen-Adria-University. China. Q. Mayr.The Principle of Goal Availability. held in Tianjin.Index. developers of management information systems.Verifying Another Deployed Protocol. Poznan. Type of publication Monograph Available Available 2007. Nankai University.. as well as in Xi‘an. in November 2005.Modelling Smartcards.15 | € (A) 65.. W. turns out to be both powerful and flexible. Network participants are required to observe predefined steps called security protocols. The 30 revised full papers presented were carefully selected during two rounds of reviewing and improvement from over 60 talks at the conference. Japan.50 ISBN 978-3-540-68134-2 9<HTMELC=afgd i> 9<HTOFPA=hag fg> 9<HTOFPA=gibdec> .00 ISBN 978-3-540-70665-6 Due March 2007 2007. Austria (Eds.15 | € (A) 49.) G. Computer Graphics. knowledge managers Fields of interest Type of publication Contributed volume Mathematical Logic and Formal Languages.Software Engineering. China (Eds.. smartcard protocols.Verifying the Protocol Goals.Appendices. Kano. ontologies. 289 p. Combinatorics and Graph Theory. Approx. information security.Modelling Agents’ Knowledge of Messages. Volume 4381) Softcover 7 * € (D) 48.. Akiyama. This research advances significant extensions to the method of analysis. ERP. Formal Correctness of Security Protocols Computer network security is critical to fraud prevention and accountability. XI. non-repudiation protocols.) J. Combinatorics and Graph Theory 7th China-Japan Conference. CJCDGCGT 2005. Cryptology and Information Theory. while the findings on the protocols analysed are novel and illuminating.Ontologies. Fields of interest Discrete Mathematics in Computer Science. Yu. Li. Discrete Geometry. implementation.95 | sFr 98. 300 p.Conclusions. CJCDGCGT 2005. The computer science and information systems topics covered in the book include data warehouses.50 | sFr 74. (Lecture Notes in Computer Science. and Xi‘an. The author investigates proofs of correctness of realistic security protocols in a formal. information security. combinatorics and graph theory are addressed.Verifying a Smartcard Protocol.Verifying Two Accountability Protocols.. China. Computer Systems Organization and Communication Networks Target groups Advanced or graduate students and researchers in the areas of formal methods. and improvement of computer systems. Italia Technologies for Business Information Systems The material collected in Technologies for Business Systems covers a broad range of applications of computer science methods and algorithms in business practice... Klagenfurt. 2005. Y.Information Systems. China. November 22-24.References Type of publication Proceedings Target groups Researchers and practitioners working with management information systems.e-Government. This book will benefit researchers and graduate students in the fields of formal methods.. etc. the Inductive Method in the theorem prover Isabelle. Japan. software engineering and Business Process Management. C..Modelling Timestamping and Verifying a Classical Protocol. Poznan University of Economics. inductive methods. Abramowicz.. The method of analysis. people who want to extend their traditional management information systems.. Tianjin. Tianjin. Revised Selected Papers Features 7 Various points of view on Information Systems area 7 Up-to-date research outcomes This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed postproceedings of the 7th China-Japan Conference on Discrete Geometry. H. intuitive setting. Università di Catania.. whose proof of correctness is evidence that each protocol step preserves some desired properties..The Analysis of Security Protocols. Internet) Researchers and professionals Contents Introduction. Data Structures. Nankai University. Tianjin. rule languages. Hardcover 7 * € (D) 106. XX. Information Systems.00 ISBN 978-1-4020-5633-8 2007. The protocols examined include Kerberos versions.95 | € (A) 109.Modelling Accountability. Tokai University.. XML. From the contents Business Process Management.. It presents a research cutting edge in development. Chen. 432 p. and networking. Also available online. Ibaraki University. Poland... Bella. China. and certified email protocols.Verifying a Deployed Protocol.

and contributed talks. G. (Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Bulgaria.Out-of-core Multi-resolution Terrain Modeling (E. Verification and Testing Second International Haifa Verification Conference. and. October 23-26. August 20-24. 2006. Approx. Also available online. for example. Algorithm Analysis and Problem Complexity. Ur. Programming Languages. Bulgaria (Eds. The papers are organized in three topical tracks on hardware verification technologies and methodologies.20 | sFr 69.) Numerical Methods and Applications 6th International Conference. The 15 revised full papers presented together with 2 invited lectures were carefully reviewed and selected from 33 submissions. This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-proceedings of the Second International Haifa Verification Conference. Monte Carlo and quasiMonte Carlo for diverse applications. Italy. University of Verona.Combi. software testing. University of L‘Aquila. Spatial Data on the Web links these two research streams.. Volume 4310) Softcover 7 * € (D) 85. Interpreters This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed postproceedings of the 6th International Conference on Numerical Methods and Applications. Also available online. held in Haifa. Italy (Eds. HVC 2006.Belussi) . S.. and tools for hardware verification and software testing. University of Genova. Bulgaria. in August 2006. Revised Papers Spatial data is essential in a wide range of application domains today. Multi-scale Data. Hardcover 7 * € (D) 85. Nikolov.94 | € (A) 46. sensor data networks. XVI. Italy. Israel.Clementini.00 ISBN 978-3-540-69877-7 2007. 235 p. E.springer.95 | sFr 131. Computer-Aided Engineering (CAD. A. 330 p. Bulgaria. E. Volume 4383) Softcover 7 * € (D) 44. Geographical Information Systems/Cartography. Part II deals with the integration of spatial data sources. Clementini. Bulgaria. CAE) and Design From the contents Spatial Data on the Web: Issues and Challenges (A. L.) Spatial Data on the Web Modeling and Management Hardware and Software. libraries Type of publication Monograph Due March 2007 Due March 2007 2007. NMA 2006. E. Multi-resolution. Italy. Haifa. 728 p. B. K. robotics and image processing. interpolation and quadrature processes. NMA 2006. large-scale computations in environmental modelling.Part I: Models for Representing Spatial Semi-structured. Target groups Researchers and professionals Fields of interest Numeric Computing. Part I presents models for representing semistructured.Belussi. based on. E.Bertolotto).Catania. Haifa University.Progressive Techniques for Efficient Vector Map Data Transmission: An Overview (M.) E. S. grid systems.Puppo.Samet) . finally. Belussi and his coeditors have structured the contributions from internationally renowned researchers into four parts. uncertain/control systems and reliable numerics. E.Oliboni. focusing on the modeling and management of spatial data in distributed systems. Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. and Temporal Data (C. Dimova. (Lecture Notes in Computer Science. robust preconditioning solution methods. Part III describes approaches to spatial data protection. Borovets. University of Sofia. Catania. Bin. The 84 revised full papers presented together with 3 invited papers were carefully reviewed and selected from 111 submissions. Israel. 2006. B. HVC 2006. Logics and Meanings of Programs. University Insubria.De Floriani. Boyanov. Sofia. University of Sofia.50 ISBN 978-3-540-70940-4 9<HTOFPA=gjih h> 9<HTOFPA=hai ij> 9<HTOFPA=hajeae> . H.00 | sFr 131. spatial properties are required in other contexts such as computeraided design. Fields of interest Software Springer News 3/2007 Informatik 31 A. Belussi. Revised Selected Papers T. and personalized smart devices. Georgiev. held in Borovets. Varese.Migliorini. Associated with these is the constantly growing number of distributed processing architectures. Compilers. S. Ziv.Ferrari). The papers are organized in topical sections on numerical methods for hyperbolic problems. Part IV reports innovative applications for mobile devices. IBM Labs. Type of publication Proceedings Target groups Researchers and professionals Type of publication Proceedings Fields of interest Database Management. B. While geographical applications remain the key target area.60 | € (A) 88. A. Computer Applications in Geosciences Target groups Researchers.55 | € (A) 87.00 ISBN 978-3-540-70888-9 Due March 2007 2007.GeoMTGM: A Graphical Data Model for Semi-structured. Israel (Eds.Danovaro. XII. in October 2006. multiresolution and multiscale data. Ferrari. metaheuristics for optimization problems. Geographical.

The series is essential reading for those who wish to keep up to date with developments in this important field. and on Parallel and Distributed Methods in Verification.Intialization Method for Grammar-guided Genetic Programming. FMICS 2006. Brim. Fachgebiete Information Systems Applications (incl.50 ISBN 978-3-540-70951-0 9<HTMIPG=cig cj> 9<HTOFPA=gj gbd> 9<HTOFPA=hajfba> . 7 € (D) 64. Germany in August 2006 in the course of the 17th International Conference on Concurrency Theory. F. GI/ITG-Fachtagung Kommunikation in Verteilten Systemen (KiVS 2007) befasst sich mit einer großen Vielfalt von innovativen und zukunftsorientierten Fragestellungen.A Decision Tree-Based Attribute Weighting Filter for Naive Bayes. held in Bonn. 26. van de Pol (Eds. Germany. Diplomanden Kategorie Proceedings This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed joint post-proceedings of the two International Workshops on Formal Methods for Industrial Critical Systems. Universität Tübingen. Also available online. UK. UK. Bern. 363 p.00 | € (A) 126. Universität Zürich (Hrsg. The Application Stream papers are published as a companion volume under the title Applications and Innovations in Intelligent Systems XIV. Argumentation. and dedicated applications. Knowledge Representation and Management. ITG/GI-Fachtagung Kommunikation in Proceedings of AI-2006. A. Revised Selected The papers in this volume are the refereed technical papers presented at AI-2006. selected out of 47 submissions for FMICS 2006 are accompanied by 4 revised full papers of PDMC 2006. März 2007 Formal Methods Applications and Technology 11th International Workshop on Formal Methods for Industrial Critical Systems. G.Sensornetze und mobile Ad-Hoc-Netze. 85 illus. Braun. August 26-27. Stiller. They present new and innovative developments in the field. Volume 4346) Softcover 7 approx. system issues for parallel and distributed verification.Dienstgüte und Sicherheit. PDMC 2006. Fields of interest Software Engineering. University of Portsmouth. Etwa 340 S.. J. London.und Peer-to-PeerNetzen über Sensornetze und mobile Ad-HocNetze bis zu Web Services.95 | € (A) 66.. Carle. CONCUR 2006 (see also LNCS volume 4137). For the first time the volume also includes the text of short papers presented as posters at the conference. Leucker.. Sie spannt dabei einen Bogen von Overlay.Internet). Coenen.Preisträger.A Discrete Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for the Permutation Flowshop Sequencing Problem with Makespan Criterion. selected from 9 submissions and are presented together with an invited talk for each workshop. (Lecture Notes in Computer Science. and 5th International Workshop on Parallel and Distributed Methods in Verification.. held in Cambridge in December 2006.50 ISBN 978-3-540-69961-3 2007. divided into sections on AI Techniques. Interpreters Target groups Researchers and professionals Type of publication Fields of interest Artificial Intelligence (incl..) L. Wissenschaftler. Die KiVS 2007 dient der Standortbestimmung aktueller Entwicklungen. Tuson.2. University of Liverpool. Haverkort. * € (D) 55. UK (Eds. Masaryk B. XIV. PDMC 2006. FMICS 2006. practitioners. Die 15. Compilers.32 Informatik Springer News 3/2007 springer. Inhalt Overlay und Peer-to-Peer Networks.) T. Softcover 7 * € (D) 123. Februar . and August 31. academics Type of publication Proceedings Due March 2007 Due March 2007 2007.20 | sFr 85. Logics and Meanings of Programs. under-graduates/postgraduates. (Informatik aktuell) Brosch. Multimedia Information Systems Zielgruppen From the contents Combining Task Execution with Background Knowledge for the Verification of Medical Guidelines.Improving the Gradient Based Search Direction to Enhance Training Efficiency of Back Propagation based Neural Network algorithms. Bramer.. Robotics) Proceedings Target groups Researchers. The FMICS papers cover formal methodologies for handling large state spaces. Doktoranden. model based testing.77 | sFr 99.. Knowledge Discovery in Data.Verteilte Anwendungen und Web Services. M. The Twenty-sixth SGAI International Conference on Innovative Techniques and Applications of Artificial Intelligence Verteilten Systemen (KiVS 2007). the Twentysixth SGAI International Conference on Innovative Techniques and Applications of Artificial Intelligence. B. The 16 revised full papers and 2 revised tool papers. Semantic Web. Bonn. 2006. 419 p. Dialogue Games and M. City University. Universität Bern. the papers of PDMC address topics such as parallel and distributed methods in model checking. and Model Based Systems and Simulation.45 | sFr 188. This is the twenty-third volume in the Research and Development series. formal description and analysis techniques as well as a range of applications and case studies.64 | € (A) 57. X.) Kommunikation in Verteilten Research and Development in Systemen (KiVS) 2007 Intelligent Systems XXIII 15.50 ISBN 978-1-84628-662-9 Erscheint März 2007 2007. der Präsentation laufender Forschungsarbeiten und der Diskussion zukunftsträchtiger Ansätze für die Kommunikation in verteilten Systemen. Programming Languages.

Also available online. Hasselt. ANTS Software Inc. artificial intelligence and reinforcement learning researchers. The 23 revised full papers presented together with 1 invited paper were carefully reviewed and selected from numerous submissions for inclusion in the book. University of Texas at Arlington. China S. 2006. and analytic frameworks used to understand human tasks and activities with computers and technology. USA. Approx. 250 p.50 ISBN 978-0-387-36787-3 2007. The systems used to process data streams and provide for the needs of stream-based applications are Data Stream Management Systems (DSMSs). Features 7 Includes important aspects of a QoS-driven DSMS (Data Stream Management System) 7 Introduces applications where a DSMS can be used and discusses needs beyond the stream processing model 7 Discusses in detail the design and implementation of MavStream Fields of interest User Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction. It also introduces new approaches and proposes new research topics within this sensitivity-based Springer News 3/2007 Informatik 33 X. homeland security. including a detailed discussion of the techniques proposed. and environmental monitoring – produce data continuously and the data is typically presented in a data stream. Belgium. SK. Artificial Intelligence (incl. Belgium.41 | sFr 145. Approx. Jiang. bridging the gap: driven by models. Most engineering systems are too complicated to model. Hassekt. system engineers. Hong Kong University of Sciences and Technology. operations engineers and researchers. Burlingame. University of Saskatchewan. Calculus of Variations and Optimal Control. Stream Data Processing Issues and Solutions Task Models and Diagrams for Users Interface Design 5th International Workshop. Optimization Fields of interest Database Management. share the common goal: to make the „best decision“ to optimize system performance. Areas such as perturbation analysis (PA) in discrete event dynamic systems (DEDSs). A. The papers are organized in topical sections on tool support. or the system parameters cannot be easily identified. October 23-24. Luyten. * € (D) 94. This is a multi-disciplinary area which has been attracting wide attention across many disciplines. Features 7 Combines currently prominent research on reinforcement learning / neuro-dynamic programming with a unique research approach based on sensitivity analysis and discrete-event systems concepts 7 Presents a new perspective on a popular topic by a well respected expert in the field This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed postproceedings of the 5th International Workshop on Task Models and Diagrams for User Interface Design. TX. held in Hasselt. Hong Kong. Cao. 500 p.springer.75 | € (A) 97. A large class of newer applications – in finance. (Lecture Notes in Computer Science. This volume is intended as a reference book for researchers and advanced-level students in computer science. USA K. Volume 4385) Softcover 7 * € (D) 55. Q. Multimedia Information Systems. This book provides a unified framework based on a sensitivity point of view. Hardcover 7 * € (D) 117. Chakravarthy. manufacturing. Hasselt University. so learning techniques have to be applied. Stream Data Processing: Issues and Solutions presents a new paradigm to meet the needs of these applications. Coninx. complex system theorists. C. Software Engineering Target groups Researchers and professionals Fields of interest Discrete Mathematics in Computer Science. Saskatoon.50 ISBN 978-0-387-71002-0 Available 2007. user interface patterns. 355 p. including communications. Robotics). It is also appropriate for practitioners in industry who are interested in developing applications.. Information Systems Applications (incl.64 | € (A) 57. Canada (Eds. TAMODIA 2006. robotics. Information Storage and Retrieval. model-based interface development. XI.95 | sFr 180. and the entire optimization community Target groups Researchers and advanced-level students in computer science Type of publication Monograph Type of publication Monograph Due August 2007 Due July 2007 2007. Volume 36) Hardcover 7 approx. Schneider. TAMODIA 2006. multi-modal user interfaces. sensor/pervasive computing. (Advances in Database Systems.20 | sFr 85. and logistics. telecommunications. computer network management.50 ISBN 978-3-540-70815-5 9<HTLDTH=dghihd> 9<HTLDTH=hba ca> 9<HTOFPA=haibf > . reinforcement learning (RL) or neuro-dynamic programming (NDP) in computer science.) Stochastic Learning and Optimization A Sensitivity-Based Approach Performance optimization is vital in the design and operation of modern engineering systems. Belgium in October 2006. reflections on tasks and activities in modeling. CA. diagrammatic and formal notations. K.AC) in control systems. task-centered design. Internet) Type of publication Proceedings Target groups Graduate students. as well as context and plasticity. Revised Papers Traditional database management systems (DBMSs) are widely used in applications that require persistent storage and processing of ad hoc queries to manage and process a large volume of data.65 | € (A) 120. identification and adaptive control (I&amp. The workshop focused on different forms of models. K. Markov decision processes (MDPs) in operations research.

undergraduates/postgraduates. 243 p. the Twenty-sixth SGAI International Conference on Innovative Techniques and Applications of Artificial Intelligence This practical “how-to” guide to both using the ARIS Design Platform and how to use it to create real business models. The Technical Stream papers are published as a companion volume under the title Research and Development in Intelligent Systems XXIII.Use of Data Mining Techniques to Model Crime Scene Investigator Performance. 188 illus. user identification. UK.95 | sFr 82. practitioners. Nürnberg. and Natural Language. XI. Approx. This is the fourteenth volume in the Applications and Innovations series.Optimal Transceivers Placement in an Optical Communication Broadband Network Using Genetic Algorithms. electronic elections and digital cash. 250 p... industrial and commercial users of ARIS Undergraduate and graduate students. Modern cryptography provides essential techniques for securing information and protecting data. Agents and Semantic Web. This second volume describes the ARIS Business Architect and ARIS Business Designer web clients of the newly released ARIS 7 Design Platform. 373 p. from encryption and digital signatures to cryptographic protocols. techniques and short cuts gained from practical experience 7 Shows how to use ARIS in an easy way. Approx. information security has become a crucial issue in industry. more advanced topics are addressed. H. Robotics) Type of publication Professional book Target groups Researchers.50 ISBN 978-1-84628-665-0 9<HTMIPG=cigbce> 9<HTOFPA=ejcedg> 9<HTMIPG=cig fa> .34 Informatik Springer News 3/2007 springer. UK. no special background in mathematics is presumed. 110 illus. Allen. Davis. Objects. UK..The Integration of Heterogeneous Biological Data using Bayesian Networks. supporting smart methods and models 7 Displays how to use ARIS as a powerful tool for BPM Features 7 Compact introduction on an undergraduate level to the foundations of public-key cryptography in the first part 7 No special background in mathematics is presumed. this book covers the key concepts of cryptography on an undergraduate level. IDS Scheer AG.45 | sFr 74. British Telecommunications plc. Cryptology and Information Theory. Nottingham Trent University. Simulation and Modeling Target groups Target groups Professionals. such as the bit security of one-way functions and computationally perfect pseudorandom bit generators. UK (Eds. divided into sections on Data Mining and Bayesian Networks. etc.00 | € (A) 126.00 ISBN 978-3-540-49243-6 Available 2007.45 | sFr 188.Automatic Species Identification of Live Moths. Brabander. held in Cambridge in December 2006. Knebl.00 ISBN 978-1-84628-612-4 2nd ed. including ARIS Business Architect and ARIS Business Designer 7 Contains tips. Rob Davis has teamed up with Eric Brabänder of IDS Scheer to provide practical answers to the following questions using the new web-based ARIS Design Platform: How do we get started with the ARIS Design Platform? How do we establish company-wide Business Process Management? How do we setup a project with ARIS? Which modelling methods should we use? How do we structure a process architecture with ARIS? How do we effectively use the technical architecture of ARIS (Servers. In the first part. From the contents Managing restaurant tables using constraints. and administration.. The papers in this volume present new and innovative developments in the field. A. In the second part. Ellis. Data Encryption. Due to the rapid growth of digital communication and electronic data exchange. Essential techniques are demonstrated in protocols for key exchange.). Nottingham. Georg-Simon-Ohm University of Applied Sciences. Stratum. Databases.Analyzing Collaborative Problem Solving with Bayesian Networks. lecturers Type of publication Undergraduate textbook Fields of interest Artificial Intelligence (incl. Fields of interest Data Structures. practitioners. (Information Security and Cryptography) Hardcover 7 * € (D) 48..Nonlinear Total Energy Optimisation of a Fleet of Power Plants. Germany H. Features 7 The only practical ‘How-to’ guide to both using the ARIS Design Platform and how to use it to create real business models 7 Features ARIS 7 Design Platform. Web Clients. follows Rob Davis’ hugely successful. Typical examples of provably secure encryption and signature schemes and their security proofs are given. City University. Though particular attention is given to the mathematical foundations.) ARIS Design Platform Getting Started with BPM Introduction to Cryptography Principles and Applications Applications and Innovations in Intelligent Systems XIV Proceedings of AI-2006.10 | € (A) 49. Models and Principles. The series serves as a key reference as to how AI technology has enabled organisations to solve complex problems and gain significant business benefit. Tuson. E.. T. the Twenty-sixth SGAI International Conference on Innovative Techniques and Applications of Artificial Intelligence. Softcover 7 * € (D) 53. Germany R. Genetic Algorithms and Optimisation Techniques. BT OneIT. an explanation of the necessary mathematics is given in two appendices 7 The same examples are used throughout the bookComplete proofs are given The papers in this volume are the refereed application papers presented at AI-2006. Delfs. Softcover 7 * € (D) 123. academics Type of publication Proceedings Due March 2007 Due June 2007 2007. 2007.45 | € (A) 54.. The security of cryptographic schemes is a central topic. business. Coding and Information Theory Fields of interest Information Systems.Estimating Photometric Redshifts Using Genetic Algorithms. Business Process Modelling with ARIS (Springer 2001). London.

300 p. Robotics) Target groups Researchers. Los Alamos National Laboratory.. Thus. JSSPP 2006. in June 2006 in conjunction with the Joint International Conference on Measurement and Modeling of Computer Systems SIGMETRICS/ Performance 2006.springer.. lecturers Type of publication Monograph Due March 2007 Due May 2007 2007. scheduling performance.95 | sFr 98. Fields of interest Computer Communication Networks.The Matching Problem. (Lecture Notes in Computer Science.Explaining Alignments... like using Springer News 3/2007 Informatik 35 J. heterogeneous networks. or social networks.15 | € (A) 49. 257p.Part III.Part II. Revised Selected Papers Wireless Systems and Mobility in Next Generation Internet Third International Workshop of the EURONGI Network of Excellence. Germany (Eds. Target groups Target groups Researchers and professionals Researchers and professionals Type of publication Type of publication Proceedings Proceedings Fields of interest Information Storage and Retrieval.. The papers cover all current issues of job scheduling strategies for parallel processing such as workflow problems. Internet). Hardcover 7 * € (D) 64.. (Lecture Notes in Computer Science. and mobility agents. Cerdà-Alabern.Frameworks and Formats: Representing Alignments.) Ontology Matching Ontologies tend to be found everywhere. Algorithm Analysis and Problem Complexity Contents Part I. L.Classifications of Ontology Matching Techniques. Saint-Malo.Representing. The 19 revised full research papers presented were carefully selected during two rounds of reviewing and improvement.Ontology Matching Techniques. Also available online. semantic web services. and artificial intelligence communities 7 Uniquely combines theoretical foundations with practical application perspectives This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed postproceedings of the 12th International Workshop on Job Scheduling Strategies for Parallel Processing. Euzenat. This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed postproceedings of the Third International Workshop on Wirelss and Mobility organized by the European Network of Excellence on Next Generation Internet. QoS and routing in ad-hoc networks. France.Appendix. such as database integration. Explaining. The papers are organized in topical sections on WLAN characterization. Shvaiko. Spain (Eds.. VII. held in Sitges. France.Conclusions. St Ismier.) J.Matching Strategies. June 26.Overview of Matching Systems.Basic Techniques. such as the semantic web.Applications. 2006. June 6-9. Artificial Intelligence (incl. Polytechnic University of Catalonia.50 | sFr 74. Information Storage and Retrieval Fields of interest Operating Systems. information systems. They are viewed as the silver bullet for many applications. Euzenat and Shvaiko’s book is devoted to ontology matching as a solution to the semantic heterogeneity problem faced by computer systems. TCP in wireless. Frachtenberg. 2006. and Processing Alignments. Revised Selected Papers Features 7 First state-of-the-art overview of techniques applicable to database schema matching and semantic web applications 7 Summarizes research from database. e-commerce. The 12 revised full research papers presented went through two rounds of reviewing and improvement..Bibliography. does not reduce heterogeneity: it just raises heterogeneity problems to a higher level.00 ISBN 978-3-540-71034-9 Due March 2007 2007. 271 p. Sitges. peer-to-peer systems. different parties would. held in Saint-Malo.15 | € (A) 65. Italy E.Conclusions.. Information Systems Applications (incl..00 ISBN 978-3-540-70968-8 9<HTOFPA=ejgb d> 9<HTOFPA=hbadej> 9<HTOFPA=hajgi > . USA. France. However. García-Vidal. INRIA Rhône-Alpes. Ontology matching aims at finding correspondences between semantically related entities of different ontologies. NM.50 | sFr 74.Processing Alignments.15 | € (A) 49. and job modeling issues in grid computing.. Volume 4396) Softcover 7 * € (D) 48..... Job Scheduling Strategies for Parallel Processing 12th International Workshop. IX. job migration issues. performance degradation by resource sharing. merely using ontologies.The Matching Problem.Systems and Evaluation. University of Trento... Volume 4376) Softcover 7 * € (D) 48. resource management in cellular networks.. in general. Schwiegelshohn. Programming Techniques. Also available online.Part V. Spain in June 2006.. Information Systems Applications (incl.. Spain. Approx. P. Barcelona. Internet).. vehicular networks.Evaluation of Matching Systems. graduate students. University of Dortmund.50 ISBN 978-3-540-49611-3 2007. EURO-NGI 2006. adopt different ontologies.Part IV. U. in open or evolving systems. JSSPP 2006. WLAN and sensor networks protocols.

word segmentation. or the arts – or for the specialist in GAs and evolutionary computation. Zhao. machine translation. Genetic Algorithms: The Design of Innovation illustrates how to design and implement scalable genetic algorithms that solve hard problems quickly. The core chapters have been updated and some chapters have been thoroughly rewritten. Approx. CICLing 2007.00 ISBN 978-0-387-37232-7 9<HTOFPA=hajdib> 9<HTLDTH=dfdheg> 9<HTLDTH=dhcdch> . system engineers. 2007. Mexico in February 2007. USA Y. Sastry. The papers are organized in topical sections on: lexical resources. Mexico City. 400 p. the humanities. Accepting the need for search-based methods as a complement to established analytical techniques. Q. Mexico City. complex system theorists. question answering. (Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Optimization. text categorization and clustering.) D. Q. The purpose of this book is to address the difficulties of the optimization of complex systems via simulation models or other computation-intensive models involving possible stochastic effects and discrete choices. these systems are difficult to describe and capture by succinct mathematical models. China Computational Linguistics and Intelligent Text Processing 8th International Conference.45 | sFr 90. intelligent tutoring systems. The chapter on scalable GA design introduces other key techniques. resulting in a complete methodology and many success stories roughly paralleling those of cardinal optimization 7 Over 200 references to ordinal optimization in archival journals 7 First book to focus solely on ordinal optimization methodology and its applications Fields of interest Information Storage and Retrieval. Proceedings Genetic Algorithms The Design of Innovation Ordinal Optimization Soft Computing for Hard Problems This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Computational Linguistics and Intelligent Text Processing. February 18-24. held in Mexico City. 350 p. Hardcover 7 * € (D) 58. word sense disambiguation and discrimination. computer scientists and AI researchers Type of publication Graduate/Advanced undergraduate textbook Type of publication Monograph Due March 2007 Due September 2007 2007. including the Dependency Structure Matrix GA (DSMGA). However. Appl. soft computing. and the entire optimization community Target groups Researchers and practitioners in genetic algorithms and evolutionary computation. Robotics). This revised edition of the landmark The Design of Innovation includes recent results and new groundbreaking material. This book will establish distinct advantages of the “softer” ordinal approach for search-based type problems. Performance evaluation of increasingly complex human-made systems requires the use of simulation models. 2007. grammar formalisms and syntax. which sheds light on probabilistic model builders such as the Bayesian Optimization Algorithm.36 Informatik Springer News 3/2007 springer. K. IL. The 53 revised full papers presented together with 3 invited papers were carefully reviewed and selected from 179 submissions. A. Robotics). morphology and part-of-speech tagging. electrical and computer engineers interested in computational intelligence. CICLing 2007.60 | sFr 125. Features Features 7 Provides an entrée into the world of scalable genetic algorithms and innovation 7 Combines two decades of hard-won research results in a single volume to provide a step-by-step guide to designing genetic algorithms that scale well with problem size and difficulty 7 Includes additional new results and algorithms. information retrieval. corpus-based knowledge acquisition. and accurately. Hardcover 7 * € (D) 74. and shows how these results can be used to obtain routine solutions to important problems.00 ISBN 978-3-540-70938-1 2nd ed. Operations Research/Decision Theory Target groups Researchers and professionals Fields of interest Artificial Intelligence (incl. analyze its general properties. temporal expression treatment. XVI. and intelligent control. and spell-checking. sentence splitting. The papers cover all current issues in computational linguistics research and present intelligent text processing applications. text summarization and information extraction. Harvard University. Mexico (Ed. A major new chapter demonstrates practical scalability of GAs on a problem with over a billion variables. Genetic Algorithms is an essential reference for the innovation researcher – from the social and behavioral sciences. Mexico. chunking. named entity recognition. Beijing. the natural sciences.85 | € (A) 76. Jia. Artificial Intelligence (incl. and two new chapters: “Principled Efficiency Enhancement Techniques” and “A Billion Variables and Beyond” 7 The methodology of ordinal optimization has been under continuous development since 1992. Volume 4394) Softcover 7 * € (D) 81.32 | € (A) 83. natural language generation. 648 p. reliably. and show the many orders of magnitude improvement in computational efficiency that is possible. Optimization Type of publication Proceedings Target groups Graduate students. Tsinghua University. Gelbukh. semantics.95 | sFr 115. Also available online. MA. operation researchers. Goldberg. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.80 | € (A) 60.50 ISBN 978-0-387-35374-6 Due July 2007 2007. humor and emotion analysis. Calculus of Variations and Optimal Control.Mathematics/Computational Methods of Engineering. quickly narrowing the search for optimum performance (ordinal optimization) is more important than accurately estimating the values of system performance during the process of optimization (cardinal optimization). Cambridge. National Polytecnic Institute (IPN). S. Ho. Language Translation and Linguistics Fields of interest Discrete Mathematics in Computer Science.

machine learning.g. Visualization Target groups Researchers. information retrieval.Conclusions.20 | € (A) 66.. Germany in September 2006.) S. Mathematical Logic and Formal Languages Features 7 Covers a wide range of methods to reduce the dimensionality of data and presents a unifying point of view Target groups Researchers and professionals Target groups Researchers and professionals Type of publication Proceedings Type of publication Proceedings Contents High-dimensional data. Proceedings Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction Methods of dimensionality reduction provide a way to understand and visualize the structure of complex data sets. and the use of new metrics like the geodesic distance. The 33 revised full papers and 5 revised short papers presented together with 2 invited talks. 2 poster papers and a report on the graph drawing contest were carefully selected during two rounds of reviewing and improvement from 91 submissions. the use of graphs to represent the manifold topology. University of Karlsruhe. M.80 | sFr 79.00 ISBN 978-3-540-70828-5 Due May 2007 2007. 300 p. (Information Science and Statistics) Hardcover 7 approx. XIV. since the late nineties. This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed postproceedings of the 14th International Symposium on Graph Drawing. all of which involve methods and techniques of formal concept analysis such as data visualization. Germany (Eds. very few methods were able to reduce the data dimensionality in a nonlinear way. Higher School of Economics. Clermont-Ferrand.00 | sFr 106.00 ISBN 978-0-387-39350-6 9<HTOFPA=hajadj> 9<HTOFPA=haicif> 9<HTLDTH=djdfag> . Fields of interest Probability and Statistics in Computer Science. Dresden. New advances that account for this rapid growth are. have lead to spectral embedding. Volume 4372) Softcover 7 * € (D) 64. France. The 19 revised full papers presented together with 1 invited lecture were carefully reviewed and selected for inclusion in the book. Approx. data analysis and knowledge management. D. Revised Papers Formal Concept Analysis 5th International Conference. many new methods have been developed and nonlinear dimensionality reduction. Lee. In addition. Technical University.Topology preservation. 2006. * € (D) 65. Robotics). held in ClermontFerrand. Karlsruhe.. 329 p.Estimation of the intrinsic dimension. GD 2006. Discrete Mathematics in Computer Science. Verleysen. Kaufmann. France in February 2007. 2007. held in Karlsruhe. Also available online. based on kernel techniques and spectral decomposition. Germany.Characteristics of an analysis method. S. also called manifold learning.Method comparisons. which encompasses many of the recently developed methods. Koscow. The papers comprise state of the art research from foundational to applied lattice theory and related fields. (Lecture Notes in Computer Science. University of Tübingen. Kuznetsov. Volume 4390) Softcover 7 * € (D) 51. This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Formal Concept Analysis. e. ICFCA 2007. Wagner. X. Computer Graphics Fields of interest Artificial Intelligence (incl. has become a hot topic. Université Catholique de Louvain. Traditional methods like principal component analysis and classical metric multidimensional scaling suffer from being based on linear models. Germany (Eds. Algorithm Analysis and Problem Complexity. new optimization schemes..36 | € (A) 52. February 12-16..76 | sFr 101..Distance preservation. 454 p. ICFCA 2007.. Germany. All current aspects in graph drawing are addressed ranging from foundational and methodological issues to applications for various classes of graphs in a variety of fields.) J. Until recently. O. (Lecture Notes in Computer Science. grad students Type of publication Monograph Due March 2007 2007. A. September 18-20.00 ISBN 978-3-540-70903-9 Due March 2007 2007. GD 2006.springer. Also available online. Belgium Graph Drawing 14th International Symposium.91 | € (A) 67. 1 system demo. Russia. Schmidt. Fields of interest Discrete Mathematics in Computer Springer News 3/2007 Informatik 37 M. However.

Toubiana. Fudan University. (Lecture Notes in Computer Science. spatial pixelization. which is emerging from computer science. 230 p. France. L. Volume 7) Hardcover 7 approx. Fields of interest Pattern Recognition.00 ISBN 978-3-540-70933-6 Due May 2007 2007. Soto. Lévy. * € (D) 89. Robotics). as well as pixelization and cognition. The papers are organized in topical sections on multimodal human-computer interfaces. The book is categorized in three main parts: pixelization theory. Revised Selected Papers Social Networks and the Semantic Web Whether we changed the Web or the Web has changed us. Shanghai. April 24-25. * € (D) 44. VIEW 2006. neuropsychology and neurocomputing. The 13 revised papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from numerous submissions for inclusion in the book. The second study highlights the role of the social context in usergenerated classifications in content. social and information sciences. Fields of interest Type of publication Proceedings Artificial Intelligence (incl. Lu. Paris.83 | € (A) 92. This book is useful for practitioners in industry as well.) P. 2006. B. Volume 4370) Softcover 7 * € (D) 48.35 | sFr 138. Social Networks and The Semantic Web is designed for researchers and advanced-level students of the semantic web and web services. combining the information obtained from the Web with other data sources and analyzing the results. even when equipped with the wisdom of hindsight. Germany (Eds. J. March 7-11. China. Amsterdam.20 | sFr 69. and to information scientists with an interest in socialsemantic applications Target groups Researchers and professionals Type of publication Proceedings Fields of interest Information Systems Applications (incl.) Pixelization Paradigm Visual Information Expert Workshop. Also available online. Darago.50 | sFr 74. F. (Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Revised Selected Papers R. pixelization applications. XV. This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-proceedings of the Visual Information Expert Workshop.94 | € (A) 46. Also available online. M. information systems. pixelization and multidimensional data. J. The first case study shows the possibilities of tracking a research community over the Web. Information Systems Applications (incl.00 ISBN 978-0-387-71000-6 9<HTOFPA=hbacge> 9<HTOFPA=hajd g> 9<HTLDTH=hba ag> . Ullrich. France. Information Systems and Communication P.38 Informatik Springer News 3/2007 springer. (Semantic Web and Beyond. X. Image Processing. dynamic network data beyond the possibilities of survey methods. XX. Poulet. The 23 revised full papers were carefully selected from numerous submissions during two rounds of reviewing and improvement. 2005. the neurosciences. Germany. in April 2006. Saarbrücken. pixelization and cognition. Artificial Intelligence (incl. Shanghai. held in Paris. P. chinese-german natural language processing and psycholinguistics. neurological networks and the new philosophy of mind. Vibert (Eds. VIEW 2006. The papers are organized in topical sections on pixelization. Internet) Features 7 Valuable for practitioners developing socialsemantic software for the Web 7 Author provides descriptions that allow the reader to not only reproduce his work but also to apply his methods in a wide range of settings 7 Accessible to social scientists with an interest in electronic data. Social Networks and the Semantic Web provides two major case studies. Mika. Saarbrücken. 161 p. L.00 ISBN 978-3-540-71026-4 Due March 2007 2007. it is difficult to distill. Social network mining from the web plays an important role in this case study for obtaining large scale. Saarland University. Volume 4429) Softcover 7 approx. Le Grand. C. The Netherlands Cognitive Systems Joint Chinese-German Workshop. Database Management Target groups Advanced-level students and researchers in computer science. China.15 | € (A) 49. as well as information processing and retrieval from the semantic Web for intelligent applications. Siekmann. Vrije Unversiteit. such as the tagging systems known as folksonomies. 279 p. temporal pixelization. social and information sciences Type of publication Monograph Due March 2007 2007. The workshop served to present the current state of the art in the new transdiscipline of cognitive systems. qualitative pixelization. computational linguistics. Robotics) Target groups Researchers and professionals This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-proceedings of the Joint Chinese-German Workshop on Cognitive Systems held in Shanghai in March 2005. DFKI. Internet).

OMA Standardization . EMO 2007.Watermarking .DRM for Protecting Personal Content .50 ISBN 978-3-540-69860-9 9<HTOFPA=hajchf> 9<HTOFPA=haje c> 9<HTOFPA=gjigaj> . (Data-Centric Systems and Applications) Hardcover 7 * € (D) 69. This book provides a diverse and interesting overview of the work that is currently being undertaken by a growing number of researchers and research groups in the area of Agent Oriented Software Engineering. VIC. Eindhoven. store. applications. T.) M. XIX. (Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Italia (Eds. 2007. are difficult to correctly and efficiently engineer. Approx. Robotics).RFID and Privacy . Modena. T. Deb. Petkovic. it becomes simpler to collect. This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Evolutionary Multi-Criterion Optimization. libraries Type of publication Monograph Due March 2007 2007. Volume 4403) Softcover 7 * € (D) 102.Search on Encrypted Data . K.Part III: Privacy in Ambient World:Privacy in Ambient World . Privacy and Trust in Modern Data Management The vision of ubiquitous computing and ambient intelligence describes a world of technology which is present anywhere.Template Protection .. Artificial Intelligence (incl. Numeric Computing.. Padgham.Legislation background for the Security and Privacy in the AmI Context. Robotics) Target groups Researchers and professionals Type of publication Proceedings Software architectures that contain many dynamically interacting components. Poloni.Copy Protection. many objectives. (Lecture Notes in Computer Science. each with their own thread of control. 240 p. and search personal information and endanger people‘s privacy. Japan.) Evolutionary Multi-Criterion Optimization 4th International Conference. Artificial Intelligence (incl. Features 7 Broad Introduction into Security Aspects for Modern Applications like Ambient Intelligence and Smart Devices 7 Authors combine Academic Research with Cutting-Edge Industrial Applications From the contents Part I: Introduction.CE Standardizations:Coral and Marlin . Hiroyasu. held in Hakodate. March 5-8. 2006.72 | € (A) 105. Revised and Invited Papers Security. anytime in the form of smart. Matsushima. The papers are organized in topical sections on algorithm design.Private Information Retrieval. C. The 65 revised full papers presented together with 4 invited papers were carefully reviewed and selected from 124 submissions.Protecting Electronic Health Records .) L. 954 p. Japan in March 2007. Fields of interest Algorithm Analysis and Problem Complexity.60 | sFr 157. Volume 4405) Softcover 7 * € (D) 57. Melbourne.Private Profile Matching . Hakodate.springer. RMIT University. AOSE 2006. algorithm improvements. May 8. Cryptology and Information Theory. F.. Obayashi. Approx. associated with these benefits are concerns with respect to security issues. Furthermore. They represent leading edge research in this field which is of critical importance in facilitating industry take-up of powerful agent technologies.Person-based DRM .45 | sFr 106. Proceedings Agent-Oriented Software Engineering VII 7th International Workshop. Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia.Ambient Intelligence .50 ISBN 978-3-540-70927-5 Due March 2007 2007. Zambonelli. Jonker. graduate students. Japan. AOSE Springer News 3/2007 Informatik 39 S. Database Management.78 | € (A) 59. alternative methods.50 ISBN 978-3-540-70944-2 Due May 2007 2007.Semantic Web and Privacy . 380 p. Internet) Target groups Researchers. Also available online. Also available online. The 13 revised full papers were carefully selected from numerous submissions during two rounds of reviewing and improvement. W. engineering design. Fields of interest Software Engineering. The Netherlands (Eds. This volume constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-proceedings of the 7th International Workshop on Agent-Oriented Software Engineering. in May 2006 as part of AAMAS 2006. Australia.Privacypreserving Data Mining . sensible devices that communicate with each other and provide personalized services. Open interconnected systems are much more vulnerable to attacks and unauthorized data access. held in Matsushima.50 | € (A) 71.Part II: Digital Asset Protection: Introduction to DRM . Logics and Meanings of Programs Target groups Researchers and professionals Type of publication Proceedings Fields of interest Data Structures. Agent oriented modelling techniques are important for supporting the design and development of such applications. Japan.40 | sFr 88.Privacy and Security Issues in an Ambient World . and engaging in complex coordination protocols. Information Systems Applications (incl. EMO 2007. objective handling. Philips Research Laboratories. However. and performance assessments.Identity Management . Murata (Eds.

and High Integrity from Specification to Code.. TX.. T.Achieving Integrated Process and Product Safety Arguments.. and discusses graphics programming based on VOGLE and OpenGL.. Anderson.User-defined functions. Silesian Technical University.The Sum of Its Parts.Unix primer.Graphics programming with GLUT.. CA. Interpreters.The Benefits of Electronic Safety Cases..seeking a quick grasp of key topics 7 Provides a comparative analysis and discussion of C++ in relation to other programming languages such as C. 13-15 February 2007 “The Safety of Systems” contains the invited papers presented at the fifteenth annual Safetycritical Systems Symposium. System Performance and Evaluation Target groups Computer scientists.Index.AMBERS: Improving Requirements Specification Through Assertive Models and SCADE/DOORS Integration. statistics. Poland.. Compilers.. Approx.. GLUI. analyzes the construction of classes.DNA Microarrays . C++ dominates the commercial market and is favored among application developers.Classes and objects.. Polanski and Kimmel present mathematical models in bioinformatics and they describe the biological problems that inspire the computer science tools used to handle the enormous data sets involved. Features 7 A basic. and by explaining the key ideas behind object oriented programming (OOP) with emphasis on scientific computing.Computer Sciences Algorithms .Safety Case Composition Using Contracts: Refinements based on Feedback from an Industrial Case Study. describes the primary features of C++. Contents Computers and computing. The first part of the book covers the mathematical and computational methods. With CD-ROM. 390 p. Introduction to C++ Programming and Graphics offers a venue for rapidly learning the language by concisely revealing its grammar. Softcover 7 * € (D) 85. scientists Fields of interest Programming Languages.Genomics . Pozrikidis. Trends in Safety Case Development. Lessons in Safety Assessment. 61 illus.Pointers. University of California.RNA . The book reviews elemental concepts of computers and computing. advanced-level students Target groups Managers in Industry. USA F.Independently Assessing Legacy Safety Systems.. computer science and cybernetics with biological sciences such as genetics. M. The mathematical presentation is descriptive and avoids unnecessary formalism.Dependability-by-Contract.) Bioinformatics Bioinformatics as a discipline arose out of the need to introduce order into the massive data sets produced by the new technologies of molecular biology: large-scale DNA sequencing. Demonstrating Safety.Formalising C and C++ for Use in High Integrity Systems.The basics of C++. Gliwice. engineers.29 | sFr 88.Mathematical and Computational Methods: Probability and Statistics .Safety Assessments of Air Traffic Systems. Approx. Part II .ASCII code. illustrates the use of pointers and user-defined functions.40 Informatik Springer News 3/2007 springer. Programming Techniques.Graphics programming with VOGLE. University of Newcastle upon Tyne..References . and Matlab® 7 Graphics chapters allow the reader to apply what is taught in the beginning chapters Contents Introduction. Bristol. As such. and GTK+. Hardcover 7 approx.Bioinformatic Databases and Bionformatic Internet Resources . Computer Graphics Type of publication Graduate/Advanced undergraduate textbook Fields of interest Software Engineering. 300 p. The Safety of Systems Proceedings of the Fifteenth Safety-critical Systems Symposium. Contents Achieving Safety through Security Management. graduates.Comparing and Contrasting some of the approaches in UK and USA Safety Assessment Processes..00 ISBN 978-1-84628-805-0 9<HTOFPA=cebg j> 9<HTLDTH=gij ca> 9<HTMIPG=ci afa> . Hardcover 7 * € (D) 58. Safety Management.. They provide a combination of industrial experience and recent developments.45 | sFr 90. Redmill..Applications: Sequence Alignment A.50 ISBN 978-3-540-24166-9 Due July 2007 2007. Approx.67 | € (A) 59. syntax and main features...Index.Calling Matlab from C++. In this comprehensive textbook. postgraduates Type of publication Undergraduate textbook Type of publication Proceedings Due March 2007 Due April 2007 2007.Molecular Phylogenetics . * € (D) 57. Houston. UK in February 2007.95 | sFr 131. Polanski.C++ keywords. while the practical applications are presented in the second part. Kimmel.A Proactive Approach to Enhancing Safety Culture. San Diego.Part I . held at Bristol. lecturers. proteomics and molecular evolution. in Life Sciences Target groups Senior undergraduates. 270 p..Towards a Unified Approach to Safety and Security in Automotive Systems. Introduction to C++ Programming and Graphics C++ has grown rapidly in response to the practical need for a programming language that is able to efficiently handle composite and diverse data types. UK..C++/C/Matlab/Fortran 77 dictionary.. and yet remains clear and precise. UK (Eds. and are presented under the headings: Interdependence of Safety and Security.CARA: A Human Reliability Assessment Tool for Air Traffic Safety Management: Technical Basis and Preliminary Architecture. The papers included in this volume cover a broad spectrum of important safety issues. bioinformatics integrates a number of traditional quantitative sciences such as mathematics. Today. Fortran. Fields of interest Bioinformatics. concise introduction to C++ programming for everyone from students to scientists and engineers&nbsp. Rice University.. and new profiling techniques in proteomics.Optimization. USA C.A Longitudinal Analysis of the Causal Factors in Major Maritime Accidents in the USA and Canada (19962006).Proteomics .80 | € (A) 60.Summary of VOGLE functions. genomics.55 | € (A) 87..50 ISBN 978-0-387-68992-0 2007.Pattern Analysis .. measurements of RNA concentrations in multiple gene expression arrays.General features of C++. Computer Appl.

Approx.63 | € (A) 339. Austria (Eds. Sakurai. lecturers Type of publication Contributed volume 9<HTLDTH=daifig> 2008. * € (D) 82. and Location-Based Services.50 ISBN 978-1-84628-826-5 9<HTLDTH=dfjhdb> 2008. The volume is concluded by 8 award winning papers from the the JSAI 2004 main conference as well as 28 revised full workshop papers of the First International Workshop on Emergence and Evolution of Linguistic Communication (EELC 2004).springer. 2008: 7 * € (D) 287. K.) The Geospatial Web How Geo-Browsers. Information Storage and Retrieval Target groups Researchers and professionals Fields of interest Type of publication Proceedings Information Systems Applications (incl. NJ. the entries explain the key software. Graz University of Technology. and the Workshop on Logic and Engineering of Natural Language Semantics (LENLS 2004). Social Software and the Web 2. Information Storage and Retrieval. 1000 p. The volume starts with 5 award winning papers of the JSAI 2003 main conference that are presented along with 10 revised full workshop papers. Nearly 200 topics include major overviews. 2004.0. in May/June 2004 respectively. USA. Tochtermann. MN. H. By integrating geospatial and semantic technology. such contextual knowledge can be extracted automatically – for example.50 ISBN 978-3-540-71008-0 2007.34 | € (A) 84.71 | € (A) 370. This volume emphasizes the applications and implications of the Geospatial Web and the role of contextual knowledge in shaping the emerging network society.50 ISBN 978-0-387-30858-6 Prepublication price. Minneapolis.80 | sFr 111. K. the International Workshop on Agent-Based Modeling (WABM 2004). Rutgers University. Digital Elevation/ Terrain Model. This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed joint post-proceedings of the 17th and 18th annual conferences of the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence. such as Geoinformatics. Also available online. Approx. June 25-27. Spatial Cognition. and Remote Sensing. 93 illus.90 | sFr 506. Internet). Japan in June 2003 and in Kanazawa. Computer Applications in Geosciences Target groups Research scientists and advanced-level students in computer science and geography Type of publication Features 7 First book on subject . Short entries define specific terms and concepts. K. when processing Web documents to provide automated news services.80 | sFr 463. carefully reviewed and selected from the two colocated international workshops on Agent-Based Modeling (WABM 2003) and the Semantic Web workshop (SWSW 2003). and colocated international workshops. 2008: 7 * € (D) 362. Newark.) New Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence JSAI 2003 and JSAI 2004 Conferences and Workshops. Approx. USA ( Springer News 3/2007 Informatik 41 A. The role of contextual knowledge in shaping the emerging network society deserves particular attention. valid until April 30. Also available online. Online version 7 ** € (D) 367. Hardcover 7 * € (D) 330.90 | sFr 658. 600 p. Scharl.23 | € (A) 427. Niigata. Approx. 2003. Robotics).00 ISBN 978-0-387-35975-5 Prepublication price.90 | sFr 441. data sets. Xiong. valid until April 30. Volume 3609) Softcover 7 * € (D) 72. valid until April 30. Authored by world experts and peer-reviewed for accuracy and currency. describes information services and collaborative tools built on top of geo-browsers. The Geospatial Web will have a profound impact on managing knowledge and structuring workflows within and across organizations.since integrating semantic Web technology with geo-browsing platforms and the emerging breed of social software often summarised under the umbrella term ‘Web 2. (Lecture Notes in Computer Science. and investigates the economic and societal impacts of geospatial applications. Japan.50 9<HTOFPA=hba ia> 9<HTMIPG=ci cgf> 9<HTLDTH=dfjhf > . and on the interaction between those organizations and their target audience. and processes used by geographers and computational scientists.80 | sFr 532. Japan. University of Minnesota. Shekhar. 1000 p. JSAI 2003 and JSAI 2004. This book summarizes the latest research on the Geospatial Web’s technical foundations. Models and Principles.00 Target groups Researchers. Graz. Multimedia Information Systems Due January 2008 2008. Nitta (Eds. held in Niigata.73 | € (A) 372.00 ISBN 978-0-387-35973-1 Prepublication price.) A. Fields of interest Database Management.76 | € (A) 74. Print + Online 7 * € (D) 416.50 Due June 2007 Due March 2007 2007. Revised Selected Papers S.65 | sFr 126. Hasida.0 are Shaping the Network Society Encyclopedia of GIS The Encyclopedia of GIS features an alphabetically arranged comprehensive and authoritative treatment of this subject matter.’ is inevitably gaining importance 7 Clear focus on applied geospatial aspects 7 Appeal to industry practice through emphasis on applied science 7 Contributions from a very active research community Encyclop(a)edia Fields of interest Artificial Intelligence (incl. 295 p. Kanazawa. such as the Global Positioning System. (Advanced Information and Knowledge Processing) Hardcover 7 approx.11 | € (A) 322. practitioners.83 | € (A) 295. 2008: 7 * € (D) 320. May 31-June 4.90 | sFr 573. Japan.

Also available online. Greece. September 27-28. Volume 4397) Softcover 7 * € (D) 64. The scope of the journal ranges from theories supporting the formal definition of semantic content to innovative domain-specific applications of semantic knowledge. XV. The journal addresses researchers and advanced practitioners working on the semantic web. The 27 revised full papers presented together with 2 invited lectures were carefully evaluated and selected during two rounds of reviewing and improvement. M. stationary devices. Königswinter.78 | € (A) 59. in September 2006. Germany. infrastructure and user modeling. addresses research and development on issues related to data semantics. PEACH. Based on the highly visible publication platform Lecture Notes in Computer Science. J. Trento and DFKI. and artificial intelligence. evaluation and usability. I. 2006. Robotics) This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 9th ERCIM Workshop on User Interfaces for All. Saarbrücken.) Universal Access in Ambient Journal on Data Semantics VIII Intelligence Environments The LNCS Journal on Data Semantics is devoted to the presentation of notable work that.50 ISBN 978-3-540-70663-2 Due March 2007 2007. focusing on Universal Access in Ambient Intelligence Environments. 219 p. and no other book has comparable technical insight and breadth. Multimedia Information Systems. practitioners Type of publication Monograph Available S. Italy (Eds. Artificial Intelligence (incl. Atzeni. interoperability. The book editors and authors are leading experts on the underlying AI technologies and their application. Pernici. Germany. user and context awareness. Povo Trento. and practitioners in the area of cultural heritage support and marketing. Trujillo. Fields of interest User Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction.42 Informatik Springer News 3/2007 springer. P. knowledge representation and reasoning. Information Systems Applications (incl. the research is at the forefront of work on intelligent user interfaces. Zancanaro. Internet). Mylopoulos. Germany (Eds. M. microsystems and humancomputer interaction. Pieper. Stephanidis. held in Königswinter. J. Robotics) Type of publication Proceedings Target groups Researchers. ontologies. Multimedia Information Systems Target groups Researchers and professionals Type of publication Proceedings Target groups Researchers and professionals Fields of interest User Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction.50 ISBN 978-3-540-68754-2 9<HTOFPA=hag dc> 9<HTOFPA=hbacea> 9<HTOFPA=gihfec> . 467 p. F. data warehousing. Kifer. 350 p. Also available online.20 | € (A) 66. as well as access to information. It represents a coherent survey of the relevant technologies and environment. FIT. Approx. B.Intelligent Interfaces for Museum Visits Personal Experience with Active Cultural Heritage. FORTH. XV.45 | sFr 106. but also covers other areas of artificial intelligence. Information Storage and Retrieval. 9th ERCIM Workshop on User Interfaces for All. M. Revised Papers Fields of interest Database Management.40 | sFr 88. interdisciplinary development project that explores the use of novel technologies for physical museum visits. Heraklion. Stock. Hacid. inclusive design and evaluation. M. Crete. Zaihrayeu (Eds. and future perspectives. and will be of benefit to AI researchers engaged with interface design. Shvaiko. in one way or another. Sankt Augustin. education and entertainment. conceptual database modeling.) O. (Lecture Notes in Computer Science.50 ISBN 978-3-540-71024-0 Due March 2007 2007.) C. this new journal is widely disseminated and available worldwide. P. Volume 4380) Softcover 7 * € (D) 57. (Lecture Notes in Computer Science. The papers are organized in topical sections on interaction platforms and techniques for ambient intelligence. Led by teams from ITC-irst. ITC-irst. PEACH . mobile information services. Artificial Intelligence (incl. Fages. (Cognitive Technologies) Hardcover 7 * € (D) 69. collaborative storytelling.50 | € (A) 71.00 | sFr 98. This book presents the research results of this collaboration in 13 chapters. Spaccapietra. is a large. 3D modelling. including reports on mobile guides.

This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 24th Annual Symposium on Theoretical Aspects of Computer Science. automata and formal languages. complexity theory. Karlsruhe.95 | € (A) 25. erw. allgemein Zielgruppen Studierende der Informatik an Universitäten und Fachhochschulen Kategorie Lehrbuch Erscheint März 2007 Due April 2007 2007. specification. Talence.Vektorräume. (eXamen. February 22-24.. S. XVIII.. Germany. The 56 revised full papers presented together with 3 invited papers were carefully reviewed and selected from about 400 submissions. Am Ende jedes Kapitels befinden sich Kontrollfragen. durch Anwendungen in der Informatik motiviert und durch historische Hintergründe oder Ausblicke in angrenzende Themengebiete aufgelockert. RWTH Aachen. France (Eds.00 ISBN 978-3-540-70893-3 2. not committed to a specific standard or approach Pluspunkte 7 Übungen mit vollständigem Lösungsweg 7 Kontrollfragen am Ende jeden Kapitels 7 Zum Selbststudium geeignet Target groups Researchers and professionals Type of publication Proceedings Inhalt Fields of interest Information Systems Applications (incl. Information Systems. Target groups Researchers in academia and industry. However. Also available online.Zahlenmengen und Zahlensysteme.. and mobile and net computing. Germany in February 2007.Skalarprodukt und Orthogonalität. Proceedings In just a few years. u.65 | sFr 38. die das Verständnis testen und typische Fehler bzw. as well as current challenges like biological computing. Artificial Intelligence (incl. Logics and Meanings of Programs Features 7 Complete and self-contained coverage of Semantic Web Services 7 Balance between theoretical foundations and practice-oriented topics 7 Fair and comprehensive survey.) G. Rudi Studer and his team deliver a self-contained compendium about this exciting field. Algorithm Analysis and Problem Complexity. in most SOA applications much human intervention is still required.) Semantic Web Services Concepts.Folgen und Reihen. starting with the basic standards and technologies and also including advanced applications in eGovernment and eHealth. Germany (Eds. logic in computer science. Fachhochschule Technikum Wien W.. and verification of programs. 390 p. Abecker.. University of Brosch.Lineare Gleichungen und Ungleichungen.50 ISBN 978-3-540-70824-7 Due March 2007 2007.Elementare Begriffe der Zahlentheorie.Flüsse in Netzwerken und Matchings. Weil.. semantics. Sie werden durchgehend anhand zahlreicher Musterbeispiele illustriert. XIV. Teschl. Fields of interest Computation by Abstract Devices.. they were also taken up with unanimity by all major international players in the IT Springer News 3/2007 Informatik 43 R. schema matching. Zusätzlich helfen zahlreiche Aufwärmübungen (mit vollständigem Lösungsweg) und weiterführende Übungsaufgaben das Erlernte zu festigen und praxisrelevant umzusetzen.Bäume und kürzeste Wege. Volume 4393) Softcover 7 * € (D) 85. held in Aachen. Semantic Web services combine Web services communication technology with the intelligent processing of ontology-based metadata to achieve highly integrated enterprise application integration scenarios. graduate students Type of publication Monograph Fachgebiete Diskrete Mathematik in der Informatik. Internet).85 | € (A) 76.60 | € (A) 88. 479 S. Germany. Mathematik..00 | sFr 131. quantum computing. Hardcover 7 * € (D) 74. Ergänzend wird in eigenen Abschnitten das Computeralgebrasystem Mathematica vorgestellt und eingesetzt. rewriting and deduction..Lineare Abbildungen. 2007.. wodurch der Lehrstoff visualisiert und somit das Verständnis erleichtert werden kann. 2007.Kombinatorik. Grimm. for example to interpret the semantics of informal descriptions or to harmonize incompatible data schemata. Missverständnisse ausräumen. Dieses Lehrbuch ist daher auch sehr gut zum Selbststudium geeignet. The papers address the whole range of theoretical computer science including algorithms and data structures.50 ISBN 978-3-540-70917-6 9<HTOFPA=haijd > 9<HTOFPA=haiceh> 9<HTOFPA=hajbhg> .Einführung in Mathematica. 7 € (D) 24. Approx.Grundlagen der Graphentheorie.. Technologies. korr. and in spite of all existing standards. S. or protocol negotiation. Teschl. (Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Robotics) Logik und Mengen. Aachen. Aufl. and Applications Mathematik für Informatiker Teil 1: Diskrete Mathematik und Lineare Algebra STACS 2007 24th Annual Symposium on Theoretical Aspects of Computer Science.Eigenwerte und Eigenvektoren. Studer. service-oriented architectures (SOA) and Web services not only gained considerable interest in computer science research. for service look-up. In diesem Lehrbuch werden die mathematischen Grundlagen exakt und dennoch anschaulich und gut nachvollziehbar vermittelt... Germany. STACS 2007. LaBRI. Universität Wien. P. A.95 | sFr 115. for example.springer. 708 p.Relationen und Funktionen. FZI.Rekursionen. Thomas..

The 31 revised full papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 118 submissions. The resulting scientograms offer manifold possibilities. dynamical systems approach. Westra. Vargas-Quesada. Vadhan.00 ISBN 978-3-540-70935-0 2007. Volume 4392) Softcover 7 * € (D) 77. Saeys. Also available online.) B. Spain Knowledge Discovery and Emergent Complexity in Bioinformatics First International Workshop. Harvard University. The papers are organized in topical sections on encryption.5) Material Used . Moya-Anegón and Vargas-Queseda propose a methodology for visualizing large scientific domains. cluster analysis and pathfinder networks. KDECB 2006. Proceedings Visualizing the Structure of Science Constructing a great map of the sciences has been a persistent dream since the Middle Ages. University of Granada.6) Methodology . (Lecture Notes in Computer Science. 2006. 250 p. so-called “scientograms”. Belgium. (Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Tuyls. Amsterdam. Cambridge. Topics of interest for the workshop included sequence assembly. using approaches such as domain analysis. and key establishment. USA (Ed. thus giving a representative overview of the current state of affairs in this field. 183 p. secret sharing and multiparty computation. The papers cover various topics in the areas of knowledge discovery and emergent complexity research in bioinformatics. XI. Volume 4366) Softcover 7 * € (D) 44.9) Epilogue. including 4 invited talks. often resulting in new disciplines such as bioinformatics and nanotechnologies. This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-proceedings of the First International Workshop on Knowledge Discovery and Emergent Complexity in Bioinformatics. MA.7) Results . TCC 2007.20 | sFr 69. biological information networks. mapping and alignment. Approx. Robotics). Philosophy of Science. Computer Appl. held in Amsterdam. such as molecular structures or data dependencies. Belgium. TCC 2007. held in Ghent. protein identification. obfuscation. The Netherlands. KDECB 2006. network dynamics. A. 2007.3) Visualization of Science . The Netherlands in February 2007. Computer visualization helps humans to perceive and understand large and complex structures. Nowé. clustering. based on the interactions between authors and their papers through citations and co-citations. The 12 revised full papers presented. notions of security.44 Informatik Springer News 3/2007 springer.94 | € (A) 46. Vrije Universiteit Brussel. in May 2006. Ghent. signatures and watermarking.00 ISBN 978-3-540-69727-5 9<HTOFPA=hbadgd> 9<HTOFPA=hajdfa> 9<HTOFPA=gjhchf> .8) Discussion . Type of publication Proceedings Fields of interest User Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction. social networks. This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 4th Theory of Cryptography Conference. They create science maps.00 ISBN 978-3-540-71036-3 Due March 2007 Due April 2007 2007. Moya-Anegón. Belgium (Eds. bayesian networks. Ghent University. universally composable security. In modern times this need has become even more urgent because of the requirement to combine and link research in adjacent areas. were carefully reviewed and selected for inclusion in the book. IX. in connection with the 15th Belgium-Netherlands Conference on Machine Learning. R.95 | sFr 164.) K. modeling molecular interactions.4) Methodologic Aspects . May 10.95 | € (A) 109. Discrete Mathematics in Computer Science Contents Target groups Researchers and professionals 1) Introduction . 595 p. February 21-24. protein folding. Maastricht University. Y. d. The Netherlands. in Social and Behavioral Sciences Fields of interest Artificial Intelligence (incl. Algorithm Analysis and Problem Complexity. Revised Selected Papers Theory of Cryptography 4th Theory of Cryptography Conference. Also available online. F. Hardcover 7 * € (D) 106. Belgium. libraries Target groups Researchers and professionals Type of publication Monograph Type of publication Proceedings Due March 2007 2007. and biological data mining.04 | € (A) 79. private approximation and black-box reductions. Fields of interest Data Encryption.2) Visualization . arguments and zero knowledge.20 | sFr 118. P. pathway extraction. Information Storage and Retrieval Target groups Researchers. genetic regulatory and protein interaction networks.

Fields of interest Fields of interest Image Springer News 3/2007 Informatik 45 R. Y. Austria. motion tracking. Beijing. Novosibirsk. Revised Papers Perspectives of Systems Informatics 6th International Andrei Ershov Memorial Conference. (Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Ma. 2006. Virbitskaite. Software Engineering Target groups Researchers and professionals Target groups Researchers and professionals Type of publication Type of publication Proceedings Proceedings Due March 2007 2007.P.48 | € (A) 70.) Dynamical Vision ICCV 2005 and ECCV 2006 Workshops. The 30 revised full papers and 10 revised short papers presented together with 5 invited papers were carefully reviewed and selected from 108 submissions during two rounds of evaluation and improvement. Sweden. Revised Papers This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed joint post-proceedings of the first two International Workshops on Dynamical Vision.80 | sFr 79. Interpreters. Russia (Eds. Lund Institute of Technology. Ershov Institute. May 13. and new information technologies. UK. Compilers. IL. The 24 revised full papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from numerous submissions. I. The papers address a wide range of theoretical and application issues in dynamical vision and are organized in topical sections on motion segmentation and estimation. 329 p. Graz. October 21. Volume 4358) Softcover 7 * € (D) 51. human motion analysis.36 | € (A) 52. WDV 2005 and WDV 2006. held in Akademgorodok. PSI 2006. USA. 2005. John Hopkins University. Heyden. IX.00 ISBN 978-3-540-70931-2 Due March 2007 2007. PSI 2006. USA (Eds. A. China. WDV 2005 and WDV 2006 held in Beijing.40 | sFr 113. Novosibirsk. Also available online. Baltimore. A. Austria in May 2006 in the course of ECCV 2006. Pattern Recognition. XIV.) A. Russia in June 2006. (Lecture Notes in Computer Science. 496 p. rigid and non-rigid motion analysis. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. MD. University of Manchester. The papers address all current aspects of theoretical computer science. Computer Graphics Logics and Meanings of Programs. 2006. June 27-30. Vidal. Also available online. Programming Languages. Volume 4378) Softcover 7 * € (D) 68.00 ISBN 978-3-540-70880-3 9<HTOFPA=hajdbc> 9<HTOFPA=hai ad> . This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed postconference proceedings of the 6th International Andrei Ershov Memorial Conference.springer. dynamic textures. Voronkov. as well as motion filtering and vision-based control. Russia. Lund. programming methodology. which are among the most important contributions of system informatics. China in October 2005 within the scope of ICCV 2005 and in Graz. Novosibirsk.

Also available online. I. T.) Models. Power Engineering. Poland. Boeyens. J. and Magic of Molecules Molecules have for a long time been of central importance in chemistry as the basis on which all new products and materials have been designed. timeresolved x-ray diffraction and the study of massselected clusters in molecular beams. Argonne National Laboratory. Although most attention was focused on fuel behaviour in storage pools. developed and interpreted. Approx. Brazil. directed at all three of the basic aspects. Ruokolainen. Chicago. In the process molecular scientists have developed efficient working models in terms of which to design and interpret their experiments. Wiesner J.50 ISBN 978-1-4020-5901-8 Type of publication Proceedings Due May 2007 2007. serves as an introductory text for students who might subsequently wish to specialize in any of these fascinating fields. 230 p. libraries in polymer science. Almaty. Nuyken. Theoretical and Computational Chemistry Target groups Research reactor operators (the IAEA lists 274 operating reactors worldwide). (NATO Security through Science Series / NATO Security through Science Series C: Environmental Security) Hardcover 7 * € (D) 149. A. J. France. polymorphism. many countries .50 ISBN 978-3-540-68587-6 Due April 2007 2007. university nuclear engineering departments Target groups Students of chemistry and general readers interested in molecular sciences.. Hardcover 7 * € (D) 176. Xu. Bouteiller: Assembly via Hydrogen Bonds of Low Molar Mass Compounds into Supramolecular Polymers. Physical Chemistry. Wegner. Möller. With the new developments of molecular devices. ranging from a study of transition-metal complexes.. advanced undergraduates and graduate students in chemistry Type of publication Reviews Type of publication Proceedings Due April 2007 2007. each written by the world renowned experts 7 Still valid and useful after 5 or 10 years 7 The electronic version is available free of charge for standing order customers at: springer. Mysteries. d. E. L. Kadyrzhanov. Binder. Srivastava. Universidad de Costa Rica (Eds. Features Features 7 Aspects of molecular behaviour. Long.through lack of space . five papers were concerned with stainless steel-clad fuel from fast reactors.M. South Africa. Advances in Polymer Science Series editors: A. University of Pretoria. H. F. Complex Fluids Fields of interest Target groups Academic and industrial researchers. biology has also been transformed into a molecular science. Lambert. G. USA.50 | € (A) 181. Albertsson. activity and function. single-molecule spectroscopy. Nanotechnology. Manners.95 | sFr 270. through proteins and their interactions. M. Rotello: Nanocomposites Based on Hydrogen Bonds. S. Kobyashi. Water quality and dryness of the spent fuel.H. W. R.L. research institutes. ten Brinke. Zirbs: Supramolecular Polymers and Networks with Hydrogen Bonds in the Main. Abe. and both topics were covered thoroughly at the workshop. O. K. Since the discovery and characterization of active biomolecules. Hardcover 7 * € (D) 171. Austria (Ed.H. 340 p. V.75 | € (A) 153. Russia. Volume 207 W. Ogilvie. Kazakhstan.95 | sFr 229. IL. Corrosion and Coatings Fields of interest Polymer Sciences. Terentjev.15 | € (A) 65. 300 p. Jeu. central to the understanding of chemical and life sciences. specialists from the IAEA. Kausch.G. national laboratories. B.and Sidechain. structural chemistry. Kazakhstan (Eds. Soft Matter. Institute of Nuclear Physics. material science and solid state physics Analytical Chemistry.. Joanny. Fifteen papers dealt with aluminium-clad fuel discharged from research reactors worldwide. Enormous progress has been made in the experimental study of molecules by diffraction and spectroscopic analysis. power reactor operators (400+ reactors worldwide). K. Voit. NNC of the Republic of Kazakhstan.) Hydrogen Bonded Polymers Features 7 Highest Impact Factor of all publications ranked by ISI within Polymer Science 7 Short and concise reports on physics and chemistry of polymers.) Safety Related Issues of Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage At a NATO-sponsored workshop in Almaty in September 2005. Binder. the fundamental basis of the life sciences. R.are beginning to ‘dry store’ spent fuel in an inert atmosphere in shielded casks. Vienna.15 | € (A) 175. C. J. S. USA and Uzbekistan discussed safety-related issues of storing spent nuclear fuel. to life in extreme environments 7 Highlights the need to identify common criteria for understanding the molecular basis of life 7 Broad coverage of topic: diverse reactor types and many countries represented at the workshop 7 Cross-cut mixture of presentations of basic and applied research into spent fuel storage 7 Wide and unique compilation of references to related work quoted in the 22 papers Fields of interest Materials Science.50 ISBN 978-1-4020-5940-7 9<HTMELC=afjabi> Also available as softcover 7 * € (D) 64. feature in this collection of structurally biased papers. are the critical factors in avoiding material degradation for the two storage modes. Duncan. Ikkala: Supramolecular Materials Based Upon Hydrogen Bonded Polymers. X.95 | sFr 98. and two were devoted to Zircaloy-clad fuel from commercial light-water reactors. Approx. The understanding of molecules and the dynamics of their transition between isolated and assembled states rests on three pillars: structure. J. quasicrystals. Institute of Applied Synthetic Chemistry. Lee. Tribology. com/series/12/ Contents W.45 | sFr 270. Dusek. materials science and electronics may move in the same direction.50 ISBN 978-1-4020-5902-5 9<HTOFPA=gifihg> 9<HTMELC=afjeah> 9<HTMELC=afjacf> .46 Chemie Springer News 3/2007 springer. and computational chemistry. O. Leibler. respectively. K.

Latscha. Germany (Eds. S. 7 € (D) 34. long living melt structures affecting crystallization. and medicinal chemistry Type of publication Monograph Type of publication Reviews Erscheint April 2007 9. Pluspunkte 7 Aktualisierte Neuauflage 7 Stoffauswahl am Curriculum orientiert 7 Lernfreundliches Konzept 7 Überzeugendes Preis-Leistungsverhältnis Fachgebiete Anorganische Chemie. Soft Matter. Knochel.50 ISBN 978-3-540-71074-5 9<HTOFPA=gjigda> 9<HTOFPA=ehdafd> 9<HTOFPA=hbahef> . das neue lernfreundliche Layout und der Festeinband wurden beibehalten. the role of mesophases in the crystal formation and presents new ideas in a connected and accessible way. Universität Heidelberg. z. Dixneuf. 508 p. Approx. Mulhouse. Studenten des höheren Lehramts für Chemie. Hölscher (Eds. Volume 23 W. Role of Chain Entanglement Network on Formation of Flow-Induced Crystallization Precursor Structure... nucleation phenomena. Koten. Biologie. How Do Orientation Fluctuations Evolve to Crystals?. inorganic chemistry. Theoretical aspects of the Equilibrium State of Chain Crystals. Thermodynamics Fields of interest Organometallic Chemistry . Reiter.5. Intramolecular Crystal Nucleation. M. Etwa 500 S. Small Angle Scattering Study of Polyethylene Crystallization from Solutions. medicine and material science Zielgruppen Studenten der Chemie an Universitäten und Fachhochschulen. Bundesministerium für Arbeit und Sozialordnung. Reetz Anorganische Chemie Chemie-Basiswissen I Progress in Understanding of Polymer Crystallization In the context of polymer crystallization there are several still open and often controversially debated questions. Structure Formation and Glass Transition in Oriented Poly(ethylene terephthalate).. Studenten mit naturwissenschaftlichen Fächern die Chemie als Neben. Aufl.. The intention is thus not only to provide a summary of the present state of the art to all active works but to provide an entry point to newcomer and graduate students entering the field.oder Wahlfach studieren müssen. Das didaktische Konzept und die am Curriculum orientierte Stoffauswahl haben das Buch bei Haupt. Der Inhalt der 9. It convincingly unites the indispensable core advantages of homogeneous catalysis with future governmental and industrial sustainability criteria. (Lecture Notes in Physics.. P. Kinetic Theory of Crystal Nucleation Under Transient Molecular Orientation. University of Freiburg.93 | sFr 53.15 | € (A) 175. Lebensmittelchemie Fields of interest Kategorie Lehrbuch Polymer Sciences.6.95 | sFr 147. Physik. M. This work has resulted in the development of an expert tool box.25 | € (A) 98. Regulated Systems for Multiphase Catalysis Multiphase catalysis in recent years has been shown in academia and industry to be the emerging key technology for the competitive and sustainable production of fine chemicals in the next decades. überarb. 200 Abb. From the contents 1. crystallization in flowing melts. Studenten der Ingenieurwissenschaften. ranging from catalytic organic synthesis to biology..8. Leitner. P. Klein.4. (Springer-Lehrbuch) Geb. A. France.B. A. Morphologies of Polymer Crystals in Thin Films. H. Volume 714) Hardcover 7 * € (D) 96.12. R. Precursor of Primary Nucleation in Isotactic Polystyrene Induced by Shear Flow. Medicinal Chemistry Target groups Scientists.95 | € (A) 35. G. Brown.95 | sFr 262. Auflage wurde wiederum gründlich überarbeitet. Full Dissolution and Crystallization of Polyamide 6 and Polyamide 4. 310 p. aktualisiert und den Curricula angepasst. confinement effects on crystallization. Strobl.50 ISBN 978-3-540-47305-3 Due April 2007 2007. Complex Fluids. Mineralogie Features 7 Provides the broad scientific readership with a comprehensive summary and critical overview of a specific topic in organometallic chemistry 7 Research in this rapidly developing transdisciplinary field is having profound influence on other areas of scientific investigation. Shifting Paradigms in Polymer Crystallization.2.9. M. v. Hofmann.11. fluid mobility restrictions caused by crystallites.) Topics in Organometallic Chemistry Series editors: J. organic chemistry. XX..6 in Water and Ethanol. G.springer. Organische Chemie und Analytische Chemie den gesamten Wissensstoff für das Diplomchemiker-Vorexamen dar. Hardcover 7 approx. 2007. Physikalische Chemie. * € (D) 171.) Chemie-Basiswissen stellt in den drei Bänden anorganische Chemie. graduate students Target groups Academic and industrial researchers in organometallics. H. Bonn G.3. vollst.und Nebenfachstudenten der Chemie sowie Studierenden des höheren Lehramtes beliebt gemacht. In a joint effort by seven of Germany’s most distinguished scientists in the field and four renowned industry partners a research consortium was established which for the first time has systematically explored and related the main issues and mutual interdependencies of the different approaches in multiphase catalysis. Pharmazie. P. which relates the complex chemical and process based requirements to be considered when setting up a catalytic Springer News 3/2007 Chemie 47 H. Also available online. Murai. Crystallization of Frustrated Alkyl Groups in Polymeric Systems Containing Octadecylmethacrylate.50 ISBN 978-3-540-69863-0 Due March 2007 2007. CNRS. Der Band 1 „Anorganische Chemie“ präsentiert den Stoff dieses Gebietes in kurzer und übersichtlicher Form. Also available online. P. The present volume addresses issues such as novel general views and concepts which help to advance our understanding of polymer crystallisation. Fürstner. Hegedus. Studenten mit Chemie im Nebenfach und Studierenden des höheren Lehramtes dient Chemie-Basiswissen als Examensvorbereitung.10.-7. Catalysis. L.

de/buchhandel D.48 Technik Springer News 3/2007 springer. University of Athens.) T.Distributed PCHDSystems..Wireless Sensing with Power Constraints. Materials Science Fields of interest Control Engineering. Fractional-N frequency synthesizers offer the solution required for a common multi-mode local oscillator. Sumy. Control Target groups RFIC.Mixed Dynamic Problems of Electroelasticity for Piezoelectric Bodies with Surface Electrodes.95 | sFr 278. M. Those fractional-N synthesizers are based on delta-sigma modulators which in combination with a divider yield the fractional division required for the desired frequency of interest.. RF. researchers....Diffraction of a Shear Wave on Tunnel Cracks in Media of Various Configurations. 2006 consisting of selected contributions by some of the invited speakers Recently.95 | € (A) 109. From the contents Physical Fields in Solid Bodies.Efficient Quantization in the Average Consensus Problem. Circuits and Systems.00 ISBN 978-1-4020-5927-8 9<HTOFPA=hbadab> 9<HTOFPA=haha e> 9<HTMELC=afjchi> . Ukraine C.11a. Advances in Control Theory and Applications CMOS Single Chip Fast Frequency Hopping Synthesizers For Wireless Multi-Gigahertz Applications Design Methodology. Instrumentation Fields of interest Continuum Mechanics and Mechanics of Materials. Analysis.. Bonivento. an approach that has the potential to establish a synergism between the abovementioned fields. Magnetism. With different specifications for those standards. Italy..Scattering of a Shear Wave by Cylindrical Inhomogeneities in Piezoceramic Media of Various Configurations.A Dissipation Inequality for the Minimum Phase Property of Nonlinear Control Systems... UK Mathematical Methods in Electro-Magneto-Elasticity The mechanics of Coupled Fields is a discipline at the edge of modern research connecting Continuum Mechanics with Solid State Physics. Volume 353) Softcover 7 * € (D) 106.. Approx. University of Bologna. a new aproach is required.. Approx. (Lecture Notes in Applied and Computational Mechanics. Italy.Basic Equations of the Linear Electroelasticity. Systems Theory. I.Observability and the Design of Fault Tolerant Estimation Using Structural Analysis. Also available online.11b and 802. Marconi.The Important State Coordinates of a Nonlinear System. from the Lumped to the Distributed Parameter Case. Greeek. Heat Conductivity and the theory of Electromagnetism that are usually studied seperately. Volume 32) Hardcover 7 * € (D) 181.. it is of importance to design a multi-mode frequency synthesizer that serves all wireless LAN standards including 802. high temperatures and strong electromagneticfields in elastic media and constructive installations. C... Contents Modeling and Control of Autonomous Helicopters... Magnetic Materials. * € (D) 106.. designing integer-based phase-locked loop frequency synthesizers can not be achieved. University of Bologna.A Unifying Approach to the Design of Nonlinear Output Regulators.Static Problems of Electroelasticity for Bimorphs with Stress Concentrators.95 | sFr 164.95 | € (A) 109.Input Disturbance Suppression for Port-Hamiltonian Systems: an Internal Model Approach.Robust Hybrid Control Systems: an Overview of Some Recent Results.Human-Robot Interaction Control Using Force and Vision.50 ISBN 978-3-540-71030-1 2007. RF and Optical Engineering.00 ISBN 978-3-540-70700-4 Due March 2007 2007. To reduce component count. Rome. Features 7 Covers in detail an efficient design methodology from system specifications to Silicon implementation that reduces silicon re-spin by meeting specifications first time round 7 Covers in great detail all design and implementation issues associated with Delta-Sigma based Fractional-N synthesizers Fields of interest Microwaves. University of Westminster.. 802. (Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences. design and/or implementation of high purity and fast switching speed frequency synthesizers for various wireless applications and standards such as GSM.85 | € (A) 186. Bardzokas. University of Rome La Sapienza. Filshtinsky.95 | sFr 169. Italy (Eds. Electronics and Microelectronics. Kale. wireless IC and system design engineers and academics involved in the teaching. L. (Analog Circuits and Signal Processing) Hardcover 7 approx. Approx. WLAN and WIMAX Target groups Scientists and researchers Target groups Engineers. Throughout the book a vast number of problems are considered: two-dimensional problems of electro-magneto-elasticity as well as static and dynamical problems for piecewise homogenous compound piezoelectric plates weakened by cracks and openings. 580 p. wireless LAN standards have emerged in the market. Isidori. and students in control engineering Type of publication Monograph Type of publication Monograph Type of publication Monograph Due March 2007 Due April 2007 2007.Controller Design through Random Sampling: an Example. For an accurate description of the influence of static and dynamic loadings. and Implementation Features 7 Recent results in control 7 Outcome of the first CASY workshop on “Advances in Control Theory and Applications” which has been held at University of Bologna on May 22-26. Filshtinsky.Digital Control of High Performance Power Supplies for a Synchrotron Light Source. L. 320 p.11g standards.A Systems Theory View of Petri Nets.. Bourdi. It integrates the Mechanics of Continuous Media. Rossi. London.On Decentralized and Distributed Control of Partially-Observed Discrete Event Systems. 235 p. research. Sumy State University. Those standards operate in various frequency ranges. A.

N.00 ISBN 978-0-387-71051-8 Due July 2007 2007... concentrating specifically on modern modelling tools (deterministic and empirical) for maintenance planning and scheduling.Failure Models. from semiconductor manufacture to mixing pharmacy compounds 7 Provides an algorithmic analysis of optimal policies for a variety of robotic configurations 7 Provides classification schemes for solving robotic cell scheduling problems 7 Suresh Sethi is one of the leading researchers in OR and in particular.Computational Complexity of Analyzing the Dynamic Reliability of Interdependent Infrastructures. (Power Electronics and Power Systems) Hardcover 7 approx.An Approach to Modeling and Mitigating Infrastructure Interdependencies.The Failure Concept. * € (D) 106. students. Electrical Power Generation and Transmission. Features From the contents Critical Infrastructure Interdependency Modeling: A Survey of US Research.35 | € (A) 115. This book is a compilation of work from Europe and the United States that covers many important topics.. such as dual-grippers.A Generic Architecture of the Networked Critical Infrastructure System: GANetCI. H. multi-part-type production.A Review of Key Decision Areas in Maintenance Management. University of Seville. Virginia Tech University..Vulnerability of Networked Infrastructures: Anomolies. and students with up-to-date algorithmic results on sequencing of robot moves and scheduling of parts in robotic cells. Modern manufacturing systems use robotic cells – a particular type of computer-controlled system in cellular manufacturing. Throughput optimiation in robotic cells provides practitioners. Safety and Risk..Excercising a Novel Quantitative Approach on CIP: VITA. manufacturing-related problems From the contents On the Definition of Maintenance Management. Industrial and Production Engineering. Fields of interest Automation and Robotics. (International Series in Operations Research & Management Science. national security. Operations Research/Decision Theory Fields of interest Power Engineering. 430 p. Framework and Supporting Pillars.30 | € (A) 109.Models to Deal with Maintenance Capacity Planning. The discussion of all of these issues is supported through the use of case studies...) A..Modeling of Infrastructure Interdependencies. 350 p.Basic maintenance Models. researchers. which is a new area of research 7 Includes work from both the United States and Europe 7 Covers the security assessment of critical infrastructures 7 Includes a section on the effect of natural disasters on critical infrastructures “The Maintenance Management Framework” describes and reviews the concept. Errors..29 | sFr 163. W.41 | sFr 145. parallel machines. Dawande. VA. Geismar. presenting a structure that ensures proper support for current maintenance managers. and practitioners Target groups Researchers from academia. are treated.. (Springer Series in Reliability Engineering) Hardcover 7 approx. 250 p. After describing industrial applications of robotic cells and presenting fundamental results about cyclic production. process and framework of modern maintenance management of complex systems.75 | € (A) 97. ComputerAided Engineering (CAD. Features 7 Dedicates a section to the modeling of interdependencies in critical infrastructures. C. engineers Type of publication Monograph Due May 2007 2007. * € (D) 94. Sethi. USA (Ed. P. It brings together the structural results developed over the last 25 years for the various realistic models of robotic cells.The Maintenance Concept.A Case of Sensor Network for a Secure Electric Energy Infrastructure.Vital Infrastructure Threats and Assurance.. Reliability. and multiple robots. another on the effect of natural disasters on critical infrastructures. CAE) and Design Target groups Academic researchers. Blacksburg. several advanced features..Definition of Maintenance Objectives and Springer News 3/2007 Technik 49 V. It presents a new perspective of maintenance management by: focusing on the course of maintenance actions..50 ISBN 978-0-387-70987-1 9<HTLDTH=hbafbi> 9<HTMIPG=ci cad> 9<HTLDTH=hajihb> . Renewable Energy Sources Fields of interest Quality Control. Spain M. Crespo Márquez.50 | sFr 178.Models to Deal with Maintenance Activities Planning. Volume 101) Hardcover 7 approx. national laboratories.springer. This book is an excellent text for use in a graduate course or a research seminar on robotic cells. and creating a set of practical models for maintenance management planning and scheduling. It also includes a section on the security assessment of critical infrastructures. Approx. Approx.Criticality Analysis for Asset Priority Setting.. * € (D) 112.. and emergency agencies Type of publication Monograph Target groups Type of publication Proceedings Graduate students. Industrial and Production Engineering. A. as well as other multi-area research topics. which is a new area of research for academia and national security agencies.Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA) for High Impact Weak Points. Sriskandarajah Power System Infrastructure CRIS Conference on Interdependencies and Applications The Maintenance Management Framework Models and Methods for Complex Systems Maintenance Throughput Optimization in Robotic Cells Intense global competition in manufacturing has compelled manufacturers to incorporate repetitive processing and automation for improving productivity.A Method to Design the Maintenance Plan. S. 7 A new perspective on maintenance management 7 Discussion is illustrated by case studies Features 7 Robotic cells perform a variety of functions in all types of industrial manufacturing. and Interdependencies. Approx. 119 illus.Maintenance Management Characterization: Process. Important open problems in the area are also identified. Centeno...00 ISBN 978-1-84628-820-3 Due April 2007 2007. clarifying the functionality that is required from information technology when applied to maintenance and the functions of modern maintenance engineering. One full section is devoted to the modeling of interdependencies in critical infrastructures..

Germany (Ed.- Target groups Researchers and practitioners in Mechanical Engineering. and consumer products. Volume 1) Hardcover 7 * € (D) 112. researchers Type of publication Monograph Features 7 A prestigious state of the art overview by a renowned institution Fields of interest Vibration. Florida Atlantic University. this IUTAM Symposium facilitated discussions between researchers active in the field and enabled us to review the state-of-the-art and to identify for the years to come the hot topics which require further efforts. It is observed that the once clear boundaries between these fields are blurring and an exchange of ideas will accelerate the development with mutual benefits. molecular dynamics. Tools. Dynamical Systems. Dynamical Systems. University of Stuttgart.List of Figures..” It encompasses the creation of miniaturized units or hybrid processes integrated with metrology. DeVor and Kornel F.Table of Contents. 488 p. Machinery and Machine Elements. F. aerospace. J. Chemical Engineering.. While many questions have been answered and the mechanically sound description and simulation is increasingly applied in practical engineering problems. Machines. Control.. Kurfess. K. Kurfess. K. Fields of interest Vibration. Bourell. Approx. electronics. 134 illus. T. Materials: David Bourell and Kamlakar Rajurkar. and commercialization perspectives across key industrial sectors in the U. graduate students. E.Executive Summary.) I.. Appl. Madou. Introduction: Richard E. Number 488) Hardcover 7 * € (D) 104. academic researchers and government research agency representatives whose work involves micromanufacturing. Materials Science and Computer Science Type of publication Proceedings Fields of interest Manufacturing.2. 396 p. Hardcover 7 * € (D) 128. Processes: Kamlakar Rajurkar and Marc Madou. Numerical and Computational Methods in Engineering. This study does NOT include the lithographic-based processes common to the microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) community.List of Tables..95 | sFr 197. VIII. The study has investigated both the state-of-the-art as well as emerging technologies from the scientific. T. nonlinear. logistics Type of publication Contributed volume Due March 2007 Due March 2007 2007.80 | sFr 161. production processes.) Micromanufacturing International Assessment of Research and Development Advisory editor: R. “Small Equipment for Small Parts. Elishakoff. and stochastic mechanical vibrations. Rajurkar (Eds. M.. Design: Martin L. Asia and Europe including medical. Ehmann. DeVor Mechanical Vibration: Where Do We Stand? Written by the world’s leading researchers on various topics of linear. 358 p.3.S. Culpepper and Thomas R. Machinery and Machine Elements Target groups Engineers. L. D. Computational Mathematics and Numerical Analysis. Boca Raton. Ehmann.00 ISBN 978-1-4020-5948-3 Available 2007.) IUTAM Symposium on Multiscale Problems in Multibody System Contacts The investigation of multiscale problems in multibody system contacts is a most interesting and timely topic which has been the subject of intensive research for more than one decade. It poses the question: What are the most important contributions made in the past decade? The reader will be able to gain a critical and authoritative overview of the subject from various complementary perspectives. technological.86 | € (A) 107. Features 7 State-of-the-art overview of this particular field 7 Points to future areas of development This international technology assessment study has focused on the emerging global trend toward the miniaturization ofmanufacturing processes.4. Hodgson. Eberhard.45 | sFr 172.e.. Culpepper. USA (Ed. M. Physics. (IUTAM Bookseries. Approx.00 ISBN 978-3-211-68586-0 9<HTMELC=afjiad> 9<HTMELC=afjeid> 9<HTOCMB=gifiga> .. design. R. It was especially useful to bring together scientists from closely related but traditionally distinct fields such as multibody system contact. collision detection or the mathematics of unilateral P. Electronics and Microelectronics. material handling and assembly to create microfactories capable of producing microprecision products in a fully automated manner at low cost.1.35 | € (A) 131. Mathematics. this work gives an authoritative overview of the classic yet still very modern subject of mechanical vibrations. Control. finite element contact.30 | € (A) 115.00 ISBN 978-1-4020-5980-3 2007.50 Technik Springer News 3/2007 springer. equipment and systems for microscale components and products. Instrumentation Target groups Graduate students. (CISM International Centre for Mechanical Sciences. Mathematics/Computational Methods of Engineering From the contents Foreword. i.

Austin.17 | sFr 139.Efficient Verification Modeling: Memories.58 | sFr 144. TX.springer. Gupta.Arbiters..Datapath. The topics covered include: An overview of circuit techniques for broadband applications which provides a comparative analysis of various broadband implementations for different parts of the transceiver such as amplifiers. Clocks. this book brings together the various SAT-based scalable emerging technologies.Preface. 225 p. the discussion is generally restricted to the engineering aspect for the ease of readability.. computer engineers.. Networks Target groups Practicing RFIC engineers in Springer News 3/2007 Technik 51 H.Bus interfaces.00 ISBN 978-0-387-36641-8 2007. Computer-Aided Engineering (CAD. USA. (Series on Integrated Circuits and Systems) Hardcover 7 approx.. it is unlikely that a verification team will achieve first-time verification success in both schedule and quality. SAT-Based Scalable Formal Verification Solutions Functional Verification has become an important aspect of design process. USA (Eds. A.Controllers. In general. Mentor Graphics.Accelerated Bug Detector. Gharpurey. Columbia University.00 ISBN 978-0-387-37238-9 9<HTLDTH=dg ebi> 9<HTLDTH=gjbg e> 9<HTLDTH=dhcdij> . System proposals for Ultra Wideband: This material includes a historical perspective of the development of Ultra Wideband.Robust Proof Engines. it is critical for the verification team to plan an appropriate verification solution that effectively targets each verification challenge.. Princeton. Plano. * € (D) 107. Microwaves. NY. designers. (Series on Integrated Circuits and Systems) Hardcover 7 approx. Developing this testplan usually involves the entire engineering team (architects. Fields of interest Circuits and Systems. Krolnik.Circuits. USA Creating Assertion-Based IP A project’s functional verification testplan is the specification for the verification process.. Electronic and Computer Engineering Fields of interest Computer-Aided Engineering (CAD.. Circuits and Systems..Index. Significant resources. R.Assertion language review. USA. Approx.. With growing interests in SAT-based approaches for formal verification and increasing dissatisfaction twoard BDD-based approaches. Transceivers and Systems includes three chapters on Ultra Wideband transceiver implementations..Future Trends: Semi-Formal Approaches. Approx. Features Features 7 Demonstrates a systematic process for formal specification and formal testplanning 7 Demonstrates effective use of assertions languages beyond the traditional language construct discussions 7 No existing books that talk about either formal testplanning or guidelines for creating assertionbased verification IP 7 Describes SAT-based model checking approaches and gives engineering details on what makes model checking practical 7 Techniques covered can be synergistically combined into a scalabe solution 7 Focuses on engineering design and not mathematics Features 7 Includes chapters written by “chapter author teams. Without a verification testplan. LSI Logic Corporation. Two chapters cover pulse-based systems and another presents an implementation for the WiMedia/MBOFDM approach.Introduction.” which consist of leading experts 7 Features extensive coverage of hardware related topics Contents Design Verification Challenges. Transceivers and Systems is a compilation of chapters on various aspects of Ultra Wideband. graduate students pursuing research in broadband wireless systems Fields of interest Circuits and Systems. P.Bus-based design example. RF and Optical Engineering. D. Electronic and Computer Engineering Type of publication Monograph Target groups The target audience is design and verification engineers. CAE) and Design. SoC/ASIC design project managers Target groups Verification researchers and engineers.. Given that today’s ASIC design flows often involve aggressive development schedules combined with limited verification resources.Testplanning process and verification IP.Customized SAT Solver. 200 p.Automativ Verification Flows. Allen.) Ultra Wideband .11 | sFr 164. both in industry and academia. and verification engineers).. Kinget. metrics for measuring progress or completion criteria).00 ISBN 978-0-387-69166-4 Due July 2007 2007. NEC Labs. Transceivers and Systems Ultra Wideband – Circuits.11 | € (A) 110. Ganai.95 | € (A) 96. Contents Foreword. NJ.Scalable Formal Verification Solutions: SAT-Based Approaches. University of Texas. how it will be verified (the verification strategy and resource allocation). * € (D) 93. TX..Bibliography. including the OFDM and pulse based approaches to Ultra Wideband. New York. the verification testplan defines exactly what functionality will be verified. Approx.. CAE) and Design. are devoted to bridge the gap between design complexity and verification efforts. and when the verification process is complete (for example. and describing the current state of the art.63 | € (A) 93. Foster.. * € (D) 90. Ultra Wideband – Circuits. TX.. A. USA M. oscillators and filters. starting with the earliest proposals to the FCC. Communications Engineering. (Series on Integrated Circuits and Systems) Hardcover 7 approx. 300 p. Through the approaches described in the book are based on well-founded mathematics. CAD tool developers Type of publication Professional book Type of publication Monograph Due July 2007 Due August 2007 2007. The book provides an engineering insight into how to provide a scalable and robust verification solution with ever increasing design complexity and sizes.. C. The readers will also be exposed to the specific strengths of the various approaches in regard to the applicability.



Springer News 3/2007

D. B. Giaiotti, ARPA FVG OSMER, Udine, Italy; R. Steinacker, University of Vienna, Austria; F. Stel, ARPA FVG OSMER, Udine, Italy (Eds.)

D. Gross, W. Hauger, Technische Hochschule Darmstadt; J. Schröder, Universität Duisburg-Essen; W. A. Wall, Technische Universität München

D. Gross, Technische Universität Darmstadt; W. Ehlers, Universität Stuttgart; P. Wriggers, Universität Hannover

Atmospheric Convection: Research and Operational Forecasting Aspects
A book on atmospheric convection treated in detail from different angles including the theoretical aspects of atmospheric deep convection and the weather phenomena related to convection. The problem of boundary conditions that result in severe convective weather patterns is explored within the framework of worldwide climatology and weather forecasting, including forecast verification, by means of their dynamic and thermodynamic properties. The book aims to bridge the gap between theory and its operational application both within the fields of weather forecasting and that of risk management. It addresses itself to meteorologists, physicists and weather forecasters, but will also be invaluable to PhD students attending courses on environment fluid dynamics and meteorology. Each chapter is practically selfcontained and there are no propaedeutic sections that the reader needs to peruse before moving on to the more advanced ones.

Technische Mechanik
Band 2: Elastostatik

Formeln und Aufgaben zur Technischen Mechanik 2
Elastostatik, Hydrostatik

Der Band Elastostatik ist der zweite Teil des vierbändigen Lehrbuches über Technische Mechanik für Ingenieurstudenten aller Fachrichtungen. Ziel des Werkes ist es, das Verständnis der wesentlichen Grundgesetze der Mechanik zu vermitteln. Der Studierende soll die Fähigkeiten entwickeln, mit Hilfe der Mechanik Ingenieurprobleme zu formulieren und selbständig zu lösen. Das Buch enthält zahlreiche durchgerechnete Beispiele, mit deren Hilfe der Leser die Anwendung der Grundgesetze nachvollziehen kann. Der dargestellte Stoff orientiert sich inhaltlich an den Kursen in Technischer Mechanik an deutschsprachigen Hochschulen. Der große Erfolg des Buches macht bereits nach kurzer Zeit eine weitere Neuauflage notwendig. Diese wurde vollständig neu bearbeitet und erscheint jetzt durchgehend vierfarbig.

Die wichtigsten Formeln und etwa 140 vollständig gelöste Aufgaben zur „Technischen Mechanik 2 (Elastostatik, Hydrostatik)“. Besonderer Wert wird auf das Finden des Lösungsweges und das Erstellen der Grundgleichungen gelegt.

7 Seit Jahren bei Studenten beliebtes und erfolgreiches Standardwerk 7 Praktische Hilfe für Studium und Prüfungsvorbereitung 7 Mit ausführlichen Lösungswegen zu jeder Aufgabe 7 Jetzt in neuem Layout

Spannung, Verzerrung, Elastizitätsgesetz.- Zug und Druck.- Biegung.- Torsion.- Der Arbeitsbegriff in der Elastostatik.- Stabilität.- Hydrostatik. - Literaturhinweise, Bezeichnungen.

7 Didaktisch ausgefeiltes, leicht verständliches Grundlagenlehrbuch zur Technischen Mechanik 7 Praxisorientiert und daher besonders geeignet für Technische Universitäten und Fachhochschulen 7 Komplett neu bearbeitet und jetzt durchgehend vierfarbig

Theoretische und technische Mechanik; Angewandte Mathematik und Informatik für Ingenieure

Fields of interest
Engineering Fluid Dynamics; Hydrogeology; Math. Applications in Geosciences

Studierende an Universitäten, Technischen Hochschulen und Fachhochschulen

Target groups
Students, weather forecasters, meteorologists

Einführung.- Zug und Druck in Stäben.- Spannungszustand.- Verzerrungszustand, Elastizitätsgesetz.- Balkenbiegung.- Torsion.- Der Arbeitsbegriff in der Elastostatik.- Knickung.- Verbundquerschnitte.- Englische Fachausdrücke.- Sachverzeichnis.


Type of publication

Theoretische und technische Mechanik; Angewandte Mathematik und Informatik für Ingenieure; Physik und angewandte Physik für Ingenieure

Studenten an Universitäten, TH und TFH


Erscheint März 2007 Available
2007. VIII, 227 p. 121 illus. (CISM International Centre for Mechanical Sciences, Number 475) Softcover 7 * € (D) 62,06 | € (A) 63,80 | sFr 95,50 ISBN 978-3-211-48963-5 Bisher erschienen unter Gross, Hauger, Schnell, Schröder: Technische Mechanik 9. vollst. neu bearb. Aufl. 2007. Etwa 320 S. (SpringerLehrbuch) Brosch. 7 € (D) 19,95 | € (A) 20,50 | sFr 31,00 ISBN 978-3-540-70762-2

Erscheint März 2007
8., vollst. neu bearb. Aufl. 2007. 196 S. 322 Abb. (Springer-Lehrbuch) Brosch. 7 € (D) 14,95 | € (A) 15,37 | sFr 23,00 ISBN 978-3-540-70767-7


9<HTOFPA=hahgc >

9<HTOFPA=hahgh >

Springer News 3/2007



D. Gross, W. Hauger, Technische Universität Darmstadt; P. Wriggers, Universität Hannover

K. Gulati, H. Lee (Eds.)

U. Harten, Fachhochschule Mannheim

Technische Mechanik
Band 4: Hydromechanik, Elemente der Höheren Mechanik, Numerische Methoden

Advanced Analog-to-Digital and Digital-to-Analog Convertors
The trend toward an ever increasing variety in communication applications as well as a proliferation of standards for each of these applications demands methods by which wireless transceivers can be made to oeprate over a variety of specifications. In addition, there has been significant activity and growth in applications related to low-power sensor nodes that can digitize a variety of signals types with different conversion requirements ranging from low-frequency high-precision seismic signals to high-frequency video signals with moderate precision requirements. Both of these trends necessitate the existence of high-performance reconfigurable analog circuitry whose specifications can be programmed on-thefly. This work presents the concept, theory and design of reconfigurable data converters, with a special focus on a low-power reconfigurable ADC that can convert signals over a wide range of bandwith and resolution with adaptive power consumption.

Physik. Einführung für Ingenieure und Naturwissenschaftler
„Ein trockenes Fach“... ist das Urteil der meisten Studenten über die Physik. Mit umso mehr Vergnügen werden Sie dieses Lehrbuch zur Hand nehmen. Die Grundlagen der Physik - kurzweilig, anschaulich und präzise: Über 400 Abbildungen und zahlreiche Beispiele aus dem Alltag fördern das Verständnis für physikalische Inhalte. Die im Dialog mit Studenten erarbeitete Didaktik wird durch das ansprechende zweifarbige Layout unterstützt und erleichtert das Lernen. Über 300 Verständnisfragen und Übungsaufgaben mit Antworten im Anhang regen zu selbständiger Beschäftigung mit der Thematik an. Das Werk ist nicht nur für die Prüfungsvorbereitung hervorragend geeignet. Aufgrund des ausführlichen Sachverzeichnisses ist es auch als Nachschlagewerk zu empfehlen. Auf seiner Internetseite bietet der Autor interessante Links und ergänzend zu den einzelnen Buchkapiteln Verständnisfragen mit kommentierten Lösungen zum Download an.

Dieser Band ist der vierte Teil des Lehrbuches über Technische Mechanik für Ingenieurstudenten und Praktiker aller Fachrichtungen. Behandelt werden Hydromechanik - Grundlagen der Elastizitätstheorie - Statik spezieller Tragwerke - Schwingungen kontinuierlicher Systeme - Einführung in die Stabilitätstheorie - Viskoelastizität und Plastizität - Numerische Methoden in der Mechanik. Das Werk enthält zahlreiche durchgerechnete Beispiele, die das Verständnis des Stoffes erleichtern. Band 1 behandelt die Statik, Band 2 die Elastostatik, Band 3 die Kinetik. Die sechste Auflage wurde vollständig neu bearbeitet und erscheint durchgehend vierfarbig.

Hydromechanik.- Grundlagen der Elastizitätstheorie.- Statik spezieller Tragwerke.- Schwingungen kontinuierlicher Systeme.- Stabilität elastischer Strukturen.- Viskoelastizität und Plastizität.Numerische Methoden in der Mechanik.Englische Fachausdrücke.- Sachverzeichnis.

Fields of interest
Circuits and Systems; Electronics and Microelectronics, Instrumentation; Electronic and Computer Engineering

Theoretische und technische Mechanik; Mechanik; Physik und angewandte Physik für Ingenieure

7 Leichter Zugang zur Physik 7 Konzentriert auf das Wesentliche für FH-Studenten 7 Locker geschrieben, anschaulich illustriert, viele Übungen 7 Zusätzlich: Fragen und Lösungen zum Download sowie Links auf der Website des Autors

Target groups Zielgruppen
Studenten der Ingenieurwissenschaften an TU, TH und FH Professionals and researchers in the field of analog and digital convertors

Type of publication Kategorie
Lehrbuch Professional book

Physik und angewandte Physik für Ingenieure

Studenten an FH: Ingenieure MB, ET, VT, Biotechnologie, Informatik, Techn. Informatik, Pharmazie, Wirtschaftsingenieure


Erscheint März 2007
Bisher erschienen unter „Gross, Hauger, Schnell, Wriggers: Technische Mechanik 4“ 6., vollst. neu bearb. Aufl. 2007. XII, 482 S. (SpringerLehrbuch) Brosch. 7 € (D) 26,95 | € (A) 27,72 | sFr 41,50 ISBN 978-3-540-70737-0

Due June 2007
2007. Approx. 300 p. Hardcover 7 approx. * € (D) 106,30 | € (A) 109,29 | sFr 163,00 ISBN 978-0-387-71053-2

Erscheint März 2007
3., bearb. u. erw. Aufl. 2007. XV, 413 S. Mit 484, teilweise zweifarbige Abb. (Springer-Lehrbuch) Brosch. 7 € (D) 29,95 | € (A) 30,80 | sFr 46,00 ISBN 978-3-540-34053-9






Springer News 3/2007

H. Henke, Technische Universität Berlin

Elektromagnetische Felder
Theorie und Anwendung

A. Javey, University of California, Berkeley, CA, USA; J. Kong, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, USA (Eds.)

K. Kalantar-zadeh, A. Trinchi, W. Wlodarski, B. Fry

Carbon Nanotube Electronics
This book provides a complete overview of the field of carbon nanotube eletronics. It covers materials and physical properties, synthesis and fabrication processes, devices and circuits, modeling, and finally novel applications of nanotube-based electronics. The book introduces fundamental device physics and circuit concepts of 1-D electronics while at the same time provides specific examples of the state-of-the-art nanotube devices and novel technological applications, including chemical and biological sensors, opto-electronics, and flexible macro-electronics. This book provides a complete guide to the field of nanotube electronics.

Nanotechnology-Enabled Sensors
Nanotechnology provides us with tools to create functional materials, devices, and systems by controlling materials at the atomic and molecular scales by making use of novel properties and phenomena. Considering that most chemical and biological sensors, as well as many physical sensors, depend on interactions occurring within the nanoscale range, the impact that nanotechnology will have on the sensor world is significant. Nanotechnology-enabled sensors find applications in several fields such as health and safety, medicine, process control and diagnostics. Nanostructured materials will be increasingly used for the development of next-generation of chemical, physical and biosensors, attracting interests in the scientific and industrial communications.

Das Buch behandelt die Grundgesetze des elektromagnetischen Feldes und zeigt exemplarisch anhand einzelner Beispiele ihre Bedeutung für die verschiedensten ingenieurwissenschaftlichen und physikalischen Fachrichtungen. Die dafür erforderlichen mathematischen Methoden werden in kompakter Form dargestellt und an Beispielen ausführlich vorgeführt. Da heutzutage viele ausgefeilte analytische Methoden durch numerische Simulation ersetzt werden, bietet die vorliegende 3. Auflage mehrere einführende Kapitel zur numerischen Behandlung von Feldproblemen. Aufgrund mehrfach geäußerter Leserwünsche wurden außerdem Kapitel über die Frequenzabhängigkeit der Dieleketrizitätskonstanten, über die Leitungstheorie und die spezelle Relativitätstheorie aufgenommen. Anhand eingestreuter Beispiele lernt der Leser, wie man durch sinnvolle Vernachlässigungen zur Modellbildung und zur Lösung gelangt.

7 Provides a much-needed guide to the field of nanotube electronics 7 Includes specific examples of nanotube devices and novel technological applications 7 Introduces fundamental device physics and circuit concepts

7 Covers the integration of both nanotechnology and sensors and explains their interaction 7 Geared toward practical applications which provide the reader with information on how nanotechnology enabled sensors are currently being used and how they will be used in the future in diverse fields

7 Didaktisch neues Konzept durch deduktive Vorgehensweise 7 3. Auflage erweitert um neue Abschnitte zu Frequenzabhängigkeit der Dielektrizitätskonstanten, Leitungstheorie und spezielle Relativitätstheorie 7 Über 113 Übungsaufgaben mit Lösungen im Internet 7 Unterstützung durch das Computeralgebrasystem MuPAD

Remarkable Electronic Properties and Integration.Devices and Circuits.- Modeling.- Novel Applications.- Outlook and Future Challenges.

Contents Fields of interest
Circuits and Systems; Optical and Electronic Materials; Computer-Aided Engineering (CAD, CAE) and Design Introduction.- Sensing and Transduction Principles (Physical and Chemical).- Theory of Nanostructures for Sensing.- Nano Fabrication Techniques.- Characterisation Techniques in Nanotechnology.- Inorganic Nanostructured Sensors and Their Applications.- Organic and Bionano Structures and Their Sensing Applications.Current Trends, Novel Ideas and Future Focus.

Hochfrequenztechnik und optische Nachrichtentechnik; Elektromagnetismus, Optik, Laserphysik; Klassische Elektrodynamik, Wellen und Felder

Target groups
Industrial and academic researchers, electrical engineers, materials scientists, physicists, and advanced graduate students

Studierende der Elektrotechnik, Technische Informatik, Physik; Ingenieure und Wissenschaftler

Fields of interest Type of publication
Monograph Nanotechnology; Circuits and Systems; Electronics and Microelectronics, Instrumentation


Target groups
Material scientists, electrical engineers, physicists chemists and biologists involved in nanotechnology and sensors research and applied technology

Type of publication
Professional book

Erscheint März 2007
3., erw. Aufl. 2007. XVI, 482 S. 212 Abb. (SpringerLehrbuch) Brosch. 7 € (D) 39,95 | € (A) 41,07 | sFr 61,50 ISBN 978-3-540-71004-2

Due July 2007
2007. Approx. 350 p. (Series on Integrated Circuits and Systems) Hardcover 7 approx. * € (D) 81,59 | € (A) 83,88 | sFr 125,00 ISBN 978-0-387-36833-7

Due July 2007
2007. Approx. 500 p. Hardcover 7 approx. * € (D) 106,95 | € (A) 109,95 | sFr 164,00 ISBN 978-0-387-32473-9

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Wiese. Germany P. materials science Fields of interest Signal Processing. Germany. Jordan Renewable Energy Technological Foundations. which includes detailed solutions to all the problems in the book for classroom use. Kattan. A. with each example solved in an interactive manner. Hooton With contributions by: J. Computer supported processing of real signals is made possible over the sound card and the parallel port.. Electronic and Computer Engineering Target groups Undergraduate students in electrical engineering and computer science Type of publication Professional book Type of publication Undergraduate textbook Due March 2007 Due April 2007 2007.Hydropower.95 | sFr 115. A didactic concept is undertaken for microelectronics.00 ISBN 978-3-540-70697-7 9<HTOFPA=hajehd> 9<HTOFPA=ejbfcb> 9<HTOFPA=hagjh > . 420 p.85 | € (A) 76. Mathematical Software System requirements For PC. Transport Phenomena Together the book and CD-ROM form a learning system that provides both investigative studies and the visualization of complex processes. civil engineering. Austria (Eds. Fields of interest Renewable Energy Sources. The accompanying CD-ROM includes more than fifty MATLAB functions specifically written to be used with this book in the form of a MATLAB Finite Element Toolbox. which is very popular today in engineering and engineering education.Deep Geothermal. and political science Type of publication Graduate/Advanced undergraduate textbook Fields of interest Numerical and Computational Methods in Engineering. Approx. Energy from Biomass.85 | € (A) 76. Kaltschmitt.Near-Surface Geothermal Energy and Energy from Ambient Air.55 | € (A) 87. Engineering Thermodynamics. 470 p. Düsseldorf. Karrenberg. With CD-ROM. Softcover 7 * € (D) 85. computer technology and communication engineering. Lahmeyer International GmbH.Photovoltaics. Leipzig. Hardcover 7 * € (D) 74..Passive Use of Solar Energy.. Germany.. Bad Vilbel.. Institut für Energetik und Umwelt gGmbH. which deals with the visualization of signals and processes in addition to graphical programming of signal processing systems. Springer News 3/2007 Technik 55 M.Energy. Features 7 A Ground-breaking new approach to teaching elementary signal processing by closely connecting theory and application 7 Includes a book.95 | sFr 115. The book contains a short tutorial on MATLAB as well as a systematic strategy for the treatment of finite element methods.. Through the utilization of a professional and globally supported software for metrology and control engineering. and detailed explanations on how to learn from and use them 7 Almost no mathematics required 7 Suitable for self-study 7 For beginners and practicioners in electrical engineering Features 7 2nd enlarged edition of the successful Textbook on finite elements using Matlab 7 Textbook on finite elements using the popular computer program MATLAB with CD-ROM Target groups Students in engineering.Wind Energy.00 ISBN 978-3-540-70947-3 2nd arranged and supplemented ed.95 | sFr 131. especially mechanical engineering. Useful to both students and researchers in engineering. Solar-Thermal Electrical Power Generation. design software for hands-on exercises.Fundamentals of Renewable Energy Resources. Over two hundred pre-programmed signal engineering systems and design transparencies are provided. TU Graz. Economical and Environmental Aspects An Interactive Multimedia Introduction to Signal Processing Translated by: R. Applied Science University. The book especially stresses the interactive use of MATLAB. Circuits and Systems. This successful textbook explores the numerical implementation of Finite Element Analysis using the computer program MATLAB. DasyLab. 2007. Neher MATLAB Guide to Finite Elements An Interactive Approach Features 7 Provides a survey of the most important renewable energy sources 7 Deals with technological as well as with economical and environmental aspects Contents Introduction and Structure.. An extensive solutions manual is provided as well. 2007. For the complete system requirements see: springer. Continuum Mechanics and Mechanics of Materials.. civil and aerospace engineering. Target groups Undergraduate and graduate students and active researchers in engineering.Appendices: Ocean Energy. W. aerospace engineering.) U.00 ISBN 978-3-540-49152-1 Due March 2007 2nd ed.. modified and optimized. it provides various examples and exercises from mechanical. as well as from materials science. useful applications can be developed.. Streicher. Amman. economics. With CD-ROM.Solar-Thermal Energy. 540 p. Approx.springer. Hardcover 7 * € (D) 74.

These biolab-onIC systems utilize the IC to facilitate faster. repeatable. Capillary Forces in Microassembly: Modeling..29 | sFr 163. D.00 ISBN 978-0-387-71055-6 2007. surface science. Simulation. and Case Study provides a comprehensive description of capillary forces as a gripping principle to be used in microassembly. process Gbyte data. These forces are exerted by a liquid bridge linking the component and the gripper and are usually negligible (and neglected) in conventional assembly.CMOS Magnetophoresis.. B. Cambridge. and multimedia hardware. E. Therefore.. PA.Modeling and Simulation of Capillary Forces. Electronics and Microelectronics. USA. bioengineers. CAE) and Design Contents Introduction. Electronics and Microelectronics.Implantable CMOS Biosensor. operate at GHz speeds. Approx.CMOS Neural I.e. Hardcover 7 approx.CMOS Dielectrophoresis. engineers..VLSI Systems. Experiments. lying at the heart of today‘s advanced computeds.00 ISBN 978-0-387-36836-8 9<HTLDTH=hbaf g> 9<HTLDTH=hbai e> 9<HTLDTH=dgidgi> .. University of Pittsburgh. Thermodynamics Fields of interest Circuits and Systems.95 | € (A) 109.. and students in the fields of precision assembly.List of Symbols. R. techniques for understanding level-sensitive based circuits and for optimizing the performance of such circuits are increasingly important.. Target groups Chip designers and circuit designers Fields of interest Surfaces and Interfaces. M. USA. there has been a growing interest in exploiting the benefits of the ICs for areas outside of the traditional application spaces.. biophysicists. The research activities in this field are expected to enjoy substantial growth in the foreseeable future. (Microtechnology and MEMS) Hardcover 7 approx. components with a size ranging from a few tens of microns up to a few millimeters. 300 p.95 | sFr 164. University of Rochester. Ham. researchers in MEMS.) Capillary Forces in CMOS Biotechnology Timing Optimization for High. PA.Microfluidics for Electrical Engineers.Clock Skew Scheduling on Rotary Clocking Technology..Magnetophoresis..56 Technik Springer News 3/2007 springer. University of Brussels. Kourtev. One noteable area is found in biology Bioanalytical instruments have been miniaturized on ICs to study various biophenomena or to actuate biosystems.Timing Properties of Synchronous Systems. experimental validation of the models and of the proposed gripping principle. Fields of interest Circuits and Systems. CMOS + Microfluidics) 7 Applies CMOS outside of its traditional application areas and into fields such as biology 7 Provides a useful reference for the circuits. Drexel University. * € (D) 106.. and micromechanics Target groups Electrical engineers..IC/Microfluidics Hyrbid Systems. NY. Lambert. Experiments. Theoretical and Applied Mechanics. for example. 250 p.Simultaneous Delay Insertion with Clock Scheduling. * € (D) 106. Simulation. Thin Films. Approx. Harvard University. circuits and systems Type of publication Monograph Type of publication Monograph Due October 2007 Due June 2007 2007. and Case Speed Digital Circuits Study The focus of this book is on timing analysis and optimization techniques for circuits with levelsensitive memory elements (registers). assembly of miniaturized parts can be disturbed by scaling effects leading to the predominance of so-called surface forces as.. Fluids. Taskin.Experimental Aspects. USA P.CMOS Imager for Biology. USA (Eds.. Approx.. Within this framework. These advantages have allowed ICs to become one of the most significant enabling technologies of this time.30 | € (A) 109.30 | € (A) 109.Clock Tree Synthesis and Clock Skew Scheduling. i. communication systems. 450 p. Lee. Instrumentation Type of publication Monograph Target groups Researchers...Microassembly Specificities.Experimental Results..00 ISBN 978-0-387-71088-4 Due August 2007 2007. microelectronics.CMOS Nueron and Heart Cell Sensor.Microassembly Modeling. within the framework of a watch bearing assembly case study Contents CMOS Bio Actuators. Westervelt.. Features 7 Covers an interdisciplinary field. microfluidics.Signal Delay in VLSI Systems.29 | sFr 163.... An original approach can consist in taking advantage of these forces. MEMS. Belgium H. Computer-Aided Engineering (CAD.CMOS NMR and ESR.Clock Scheduling for Improved Reliability. and can be manufactured inexpensively. between the surface sciences fundamental aspects and more production and assembly oriented issues 7 The developed methodology includes an exhaustive literature review. (Series on Integrated Circuits and Systems) Hardcover 7 approx. by using them as a gripping principle for the handling of microcomponents. S. dominated by gravity effects. microfluidics.Nanomechanical Biosensors. and standardized biological experiments at low cost with a small volume of biological sample. models and simulations. bioMems. Lately. Instrumentation. CAE) and Design. G.. Friedman. Nowadays the miniaturization of products also induces changes in the way to produce and assemble components. Level-sensitive registers are becoming significantly more popular in practice as integrated circuit densities are increasing and the ‘performance-per-power’ metric for integrated circuits becomes a key issue. Computer-Aided Engineering (CAD. Features 7 Focuses on timing analysis and optimization techniques for circuits with level-sensitive memory elements 7 Contains a linear programming formulation applicable to the timing analysis of large scale circuits 7 Includes a delay insertion methodology that improves the efficiency of clock skew scheduling in level-sensitive circuits Features 7 Features a unique hybrid approach (CMOS + Bio. Today’s semiconductor integrated circuits can contain over 100 million transistors. and bioengineering communities Contents Introduction.Dielectrophoresis.CMOS DNA Sensor. * € (D) 106.Practical Considerations. Mechanics.Conclusions and Appendices. Philadelphia.. capillary forces. MA.

Aachen. BSN 2007 is the fourth in the series of successful workshops launched three years ago at Imperial College in London. XXVI. RWTH Aachen University. Pluspunkte 7 Moderne anspruchsvolle Einführung in die Regelungstechnik 7 Ausführliche Darstellung der Modellformen und Analysemethoden im Zeitbereich 7 Zahlreiche Beispiele und Übungen 7 Einführung in MATLAB in der aktuellen Programmversion 7 NEU: Erläuterungen zur Kombination von Regelkreisen mit Vorsteuerungen 7 Beschreibung von MATLAB in der sechsten Auflage um einige für die Projektaufgaben nützliche Funktionen erweitert Target groups Researchers and graduate students in engineering as well as applied mechanics Type of publication Monograph Contents Communication..Benchmark examples. After the event was hosted by MIT in Boston last time. Contents Part I Theory. Mit der Einführung in MATLAB (Version 7. Surgery Target groups Researchers in biomedical engineering. Germany Wave Propagation in Infinite Domains With Applications to Structure Interaction S. Maschinenbau. Aachen.50 ISBN 978-3-540-70790-5 9<HTOFPA=hb aih> 9<HTOFPA=haj da> 9<HTOFPA=hahjaf> . 2007. Germany. 680 S.Communication II. Philips Research Europe. Praktische Beispiele aus Elektrotechnik.Earthquake excited building..Posters. Mechanics. The papers presented at BSN 2007 by leading scientists from computing.On-body Sensors.95 | sFr 197.und Regelungstechnik. 300 p. Volume 31) Hardcover 7 * € (D) 106. (Lecture Notes in Applied and Computational Mechanics.Wave propagation in fluids.. Stoffauswahl und Schwerpunkten. decision makers in R and D.Smart Textiles. Ruhr-Universität Bochum Regelungstechnik 1 Systemtheoretische Grundlagen. electrical engineering.Scaled boundary finite element method . Leonhardt.Boundary element method. Übungsaufgaben mit ausführlichen Lösungen dienen der Vertiefung des Stoffes.00 ISBN 978-3-540-71108-7 Due March 2007 2007. Mähönen.. RWTH Aachen University.. Die Darstellung zielt auf ein tiefgründiges Verständnis dynamischer Systeme und Regelungsvorgänge. biotechnology. electrical engineering Zielgruppen Studierende an Universitäten. BSN 2007 returned to Europe and for the first time organized jointly with academia (RWTH Aachen University) and industry (Philips Research Europe. The last decade has witnessed a rapid surge of interest in new sensing and monitoring devices for healthcare and the use of wearable.95 | € (A) 41. Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik Fields of interest Biomedical Engineering. Lehmann.. Fields of interest Vibration. Structural Mechanics Dieses Lehrbuch unterscheidet sich von bereits vorhandenen Einführungen in die Regelungstechnik in Didaktik.00 ISBN 978-3-540-70993-0 Erscheint März 2007 6. professionals in R and D engineers. Approx. Mess. Aachen). at home and on-the-move. 185 p.. engineering and medicine address general issues related to on-body and in-body sensors.) J.95 | sFr 164. 2007 at the University Hospital Aachen. Aachen.. They discuss the latest technical developments and highlight novel applications of body-sensor networks in clinical settings. Germany.. Germany.Part II Applications.Applications.. T. Biomaterials.In-body Sensors.Finite element method. 7 € (D) 39. Dynamical Systems. Fachgebiete Automatisierungstechnik.. Volume 13) Softcover 7 * € (D) 128. Lunze. wobei mit Zeitbereichsbetrachtungen im Zustandsraum begonnen und erst danach zur Frequenzbereichsdarstellung übergegangen wird. Aufl. Falck. Control.35 | € (A) 131.. Technische Universität Braunschweig. Germany ( Springer News 3/2007 Technik 57 L. P. Verfahrenstechnik und Verkehrstechnik illustrieren die Anwendung der behandelten Methoden und zeigen den fachübergreifenden Charakter der Regelungstechnik... (IFMBE Proceedings. strategic consultants in biomedical engineering. Für die sechste Auflage wurde die Beschreibung von MATLAB um einige für die Projektaufgaben nützliche Funktionen erweitert.Offshore wind energy conversion systems. (Springer-Lehrbuch) Brosch. neu bearb. TH und FH Kategorie Lehrbuch Type of publication Proceedings Due April 2007 2007.07 | sFr 61.95 | € (A) 109. Approx.. Analyse und Entwurf einschleifiger Regelungen Features 7 Presents the theoretical basics as well as important applications of a new numerical methodology for the analysis of wave propagation in infinite domains 7 Introdcues a near-field part mapped via the FEM and a far-field reproduced by a modified SBFEM 7 Includes applications of various engineering fields Proceedings of the 4th International Workshop on Wearable and Implantable Body Sensor Networks (BSN 2007) The International Workshop on Wearable and Implantable Body Sensor Networks (BSN 2007) was held from 26th to 28th March.springer.Wearable Computing. Spektroskopie. implantable and ambient devices for medical applications.3) wird der Anschluss an die rechnergestützte Arbeitsweise der Ingenieure hergestellt. Festkörperphysik.

Pervasive System: Enhancing Trust Negotiation with Privacy Support.95 | sFr 229. (Springer Series in Advanced Manufacturing) Hardcover 7 approx. Mobile and Wireless Network Security and Privacy Security in mobile and wireless ad-hoc networks has become a major concern at both the national and international levels. Sydney. not only because of the increase in the sensitive data and applications which are transmitted within mobile ad-hoc networks. Anotaipaiboon.58 Technik Springer News 3/2007 springer. the book It introduces new methods of optimization based on research conducted by the authors. Approx.) A. libraries Type of publication Monograph Type of publication Monograph Due April 2007 Due June 2007 Approx. an increasingly active area of research 7 Addresses a class of problems that is quickly increasing due to the growing use of communication networks and large numbers of sensors. S. The book can be used by undergraduate and graduate students and researchers in the field of NC machining and CAD/CAM as well as by the corporate research groups for advanced optimization of cutting operations. mechanical. Networks.. types of 5 axis machines. * € (D) 149. lecturers. Australia Advanced Numerical Methods to Optimize Cutting Operations of Five Axis Milling Machines The book presents new optimization algorithms designed to improve the efficiency of tool paths for five-axis NC machining of sculptured surfaces. Networks.. S.Computing Ecology: Responding to Mobile Worms with Location0Based Quarantine Boundaries. Makki (Eds. which may become the most important area of control theory in the near future Features 7 Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) is an extremely active reseach area sometimes referred to as the “holy grail” of mobile robotics 7 Covers both the structure of the SLAM problem in general and proposes a new extremely efficient approach Fields of interest Manufacturing. Perth. National Science and Technology Development Agency. * € (D) 106. 200 p. The book introduces to fundamental issues involved in the tool path planning such as the kinematics of five-axis machines. practitioners. Tools. University of Western Australia. Thailand K. Pissinou. Makki. * € (D) 77. Hardcover 7 approx. This self-contained monograph covers the latest achievements in the area.04 | € (A) 79. advanced undergraduate students in electrical. mechanical. Approx. machining strips. computer. lecturers. newer engineering systems require a systematic theory that takes into account limitations of the communication channels.An Overview of Models Applying Trust Management as a Component of Security Services in MANETs.00 ISBN 978-0-8176-4494-9 9<HTOFPA=hb caj> 9<HTLDTH=hbafha> 9<HTLIMH=ge jej> . P. A.. 470 p.. computer. Matveev. Although this approach simplifies classical models for infinite precision communication. Signal Processing Target groups Graduate students. University of New South Wales. Communications Engineering. WA. 200 p. Machines.00 ISBN 978-0-387-71057-0 Due July 2007 2007. optimal tool orientation . Estimation and Control over Communication Networks Advances in communication technology have led to large-scale control systems with distribution of control tasks among several processors via communication channels. From the contents Security and Privacy for Mobile and Wireless Networks.Thailand. Approx. part surface representation. Computer Communication Networks. 2007. Classical estimation and control theory via communication channels commonly decoupled the problems of estimation and control from communication issues. software development companies Communications Engineering. angular domain as well as procedures to optimize the initial setup. achieving connection anonymity and establishing security associations based on distributed trust among nodes in wireless ad hoc networks are only some of the challenging and important issues where routing of data packets require cooperation of all the network nodes for planning and establishment of a secure routing solution.Towards Efficient Solutions to Resist Mobile Traffic Sensors: How Much Performance Cost is Paid by On-Demand Anonymous Routing Protocols. Reiher. practitioners. researchers. Pathum Thani. and advanced undergraduates in the fields of electrical. academic researchers. K. as well as applied mathematics and computer science. The presentation offers accessible mathematical models and results for graduates. W. but also because of the dynamically selforganized network topologies and the principally missing infrastructure which generates huge complexity to achieve a secure communications and to ensure proper behavior of entire nodes in the network. gouging avoidance and forward step error.Reactive and Proactive Approaches to Secure Routing in MANETs. Automation and Robotics. communications engineering. N.30 | € (A) 109. researchers. Pathumthani. Systems and Information Theory in Engineering Fields of interest Target groups Graduate students. Savkin. For example.75 | € (A) 153.. and computer science Target groups Type of publication Monograph Researchers in mobile and network security.29 | sFr S. researchers in advanced industrial. 60 illus. control. Makki.50 ISBN 978-3-540-71120-9 2007. control. applied mathematics. NSW. including schemes performed in the spatial domain. Industrial and Production Engineering Fields of interest Control Engineering. Features 7 Unified and thorough approach to estimation and control of communication networks. Australia. Thammasat University. Makhanov.A Framework for Computing Trust in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks. 200 p. V.20 | sFr 118. groups. and communications engineering. (Control Engineering) Hardcover 7 approx.

Namatame. d. Mathematics/Computational Methods of Engineering. (Studies in Computational Intelligence. 324 Abb.. Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg. Numerical and Computational Methods in Engineering Fachgebiete Industriechemie. The objective of this book is to review some of the classical and recently proposed approaches to the modeling of creep for structural analysis applications as well as to extend the collection of available solutions of creep problems by new. Ging es aber um eine konkrete Anwendung oder einen Verfahrensvergleich oder waren gar Pilotversuche und dann eine Auslegung verlangt.Network Design via Flow Optimization.Modeling of Creep in Structures..wie beispielsweiseise beim Stoffwechsel von lebenden Zellen oder bei der Wasseraufnahme von Pflanzen . Altenbach. aktualisierte u.Navigational Information as Emergent Intelligence of Spontaneously Structuring Web Space. computer science Zielgruppen Betreiber. shells and three-dimensional solids and the utilization of procedures for the solution of non-linear initialboundary value problems. Unentbehrlich in Medizin. more sophisticated examples Pluspunkte 7 Umfassendes Fachbuch über Membranverfahren 7 Gibt die notwendigen Grundlagen sowie die wichtigsten Anwendungsgebiete und hierfür den neuesten Stand der Technik wieder 7 Aktualisiert und ergänzt um ein neues Kapitel zu Membranreaktoren 7 Das bekannte Werk von Rautenbach wird von Melin erweitert und erneuert Contents Introduction. plates. bestimmte Stoffe hervorragend passieren zu lassen und für andere eine nahezu unüberwindbare Barriere darzustellen.260 p..Extracting Users’ Interests of Web-watching Behaviors Based on Site-Keyword Graph.00 ISBN 978-3-540-71073-8 Due March 2007 2007. Wasserbau Target groups Researchers. The principal subjects of creep mechanics are the formulation of constitutive equations for creep in structural materials under multi-axial stress states. Wasser..Gibbs measures for the network. Approx. Etwa 600 S. engineers in mechanics and applied mathematics Type of publication Monograph Type of publication Monograph Kategorie Fachbuch Erscheint März 2007 Ursprünglich erschienen unter: Rautenbach. S. erw.75 | sFr 153. lebensmittelchemischer und pharmazeutischer Industrie Target groups Scientists. Abwassertechnik/Gewässerschutz/Wasserwirtschaft. sie sind in der Lage. engineers.The Impact of Network Model on Performance of Load-balancing. Features 7 Contains the latest research on Emergent Intelligence of Networked Agents Contents From the contents Incremental Development of Networked Intelligence in Flocking Behavior. Aachen. Subway and Waterbus in Japan.Topological aspects of protein networks...95 | € (A) 109.eine zentrale Rolle..Using an agent based simulation to evaluate scenarios in customers’ buying behaviour. Industriewasser) und Wasserentsalzung und sonstigen Anwendungen von Membranen in chemischer.: Membranverfahren Due April 2007 3.Examples of Constitutive Equations for Various Materials.Constitutive Models of Creep. Melin. 7 € (D) 99. Tiefbau. (VDI-Buch / Chemische Technik / Verfahrenstechnik) Geb. Membranverfahren sind Ingenieuren und Naturwissenschaftlern längst mehr als nur ein Begriff..The effects of market structure on a heterogeneous evolving population of traders. so war guter Rat zwar nicht teuer. 230 p. R.h.R.95 | sFr 197.95 | € (A) 102. Prozess-.Emergence and Software development Based on a Survey of Emergence Definitions. RWTH. Naumenko..springer..From Agents to Communities: A Meta-model for Community Computing in Multi-Agent System. Rautenbach A.35 | € (A) 131. Volume 56) Hardcover 7 * € (D) 106.95 | sFr 164. Features 7 New avenue to the classical and recent modeling of creep mechanics 7 Extends the collection of available solutions of creep problems by new. Sie haben die Eigenschaft. Fields of interest Appl. H.Collective Intelligence of Networked Agents. mit hohen Wachstumsraten im Umweltschutz und der Chemie gehören sie zu den Schlüsseltechnologien des 21. Nakashima (Eds. zwischen den Komponenten einer Mischung zu unterscheiden. (Foundations of Engineering Mechanics) Hardcover 7 * € (D) 128.. the application of structural mechanics models of beams.Auction-Based Resource Reservation Game in Small World. Germany Membranverfahren Grundlagen der Modul.und Anlagenauslegung Emergent Intelligence of Networked Agents Modeling of Creep for Structural Analysis “Creep Modeling for Structural Analysis” develops methods to simulate and analyze the timedependent changes of stress and strain states in engineering structures up to the critical stage of creep rupture. Also available online.Analysis on Transport Networks of Railway.00 ISBN 978-3-540-70834-6 9<HTOFPA=dedchb> 9<HTOFPA=hbahdi> 9<HTOFPA=haideg> .. Sicher-. aber er lautete übereinstimmend: Bei Rautenbach nachlesen. Fachbehörden.und Lebensmitteltechnik. Kurihara. 2007. more sophisticated examples. Membranen spielen bei vielen Stoffaustauschprozessen in der Natur . Planer und Anlagenbauer im Bereich Wasserreinigung (Reinst-. Artificial Intelligence (incl.. Approx. 77 illus. Aufl.50 ISBN 978-3-540-34327-1 2007. Jahrhunderts.) K. Continuum Mechanics and Mechanics of Materials.. H. graduate students in computational Springer News 3/2007 Technik 59 T. Robotics) Fields of interest Structural Mechanics.

u.00 ISBN 978-3-540-71077-6 Due August 2007 2007. Modulations-.Diskrete Signale und Systeme. Dynamical Systems. M. H..Entwicklung der Nachrichtentechnik.. L. Mathematics/Computational Methods of Engineering. Osman.Statistische Signalbeschreibung. Pluspunkte 7 Standard-Lehrbuch zu den neuesten Entwicklungen 7 Didaktisch klar. 252 Abb.95 | sFr 278. J. zu reflektieren.95 | sFr 164. A.95 | € (A) 109. 260 p.Korrelationsfunktionen determinierter Signale. neu bearb. Approx. Artificial Intelligence (incl. d.95 | € (A) 41. um die Systematik der Darstellung weiter zu verbessern und neuere Entwicklungen der Nachrichtentechnik.. Control. Mourelle (Eds. Peinke (Eds. Abraham. 7 € (D) 39. der statistischen Modellierung von Signalen und Übertragungskanälen. Aufl. (Springer Proceedings in Physics. 400 p. Khujadze. G. S. mit vielen instruktiven Abbildungen 7 Aufgabenlösungen im Internet Inhalt Determinierte Signale in linearen zeitinvarianten Systemen.Systemtheorie der Tiefpass. engineers. Robotics) Fields of interest Target groups Engineers. Auflage vor.Binärübertragung.85 | € (A) 186.) J. T. Multiplex... Fachgebiete Kommunikationstechnik und -netze.50 ISBN 978-3-540-32602-1 Erscheint März 2007 10. Frewer..50 ISBN 978-3-540-69256-0 9<HTOFPA=hbah g> 9<HTOFPA=dcgacb> 9<HTOFPA=gjcfga> . (Studies in Computational Intelligence. Weller. researchers. Gegenüber der Vorauflage wurden eine Reihe von Änderungen und Ergänzungen vorgenommen. and graduate students in computational intelligence and computer science Engineering Fluid Dynamics. Physics beyond the Standard Model Type of publication Monograph Target groups Researchers. Lüke.Fourier-Transformation. erw.. Oberlack.07 | sFr 61.. 2007. Germany 7 Recent research by leading experts in Theory and Applications of Turbulence Fields of interest Appl.60 Technik Springer News 3/2007 springer. Volume 57) Hardcover 7 * € (D) 106. Ohm. Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik Zielgruppen Studenten der Elektrotechnik. RWTH Aachen Computational Intelligence in Information Assurance and Security Features 7 Presents recent advances of Computational Intelligence in Information Assurance and Security Progress in Turbulence 2 Proceedings of the iTi Conference in Turbulence 2005 Signalübertragung Grundlagen der digitalen und analogen Nachrichtenübertragungssysteme Features 7 Proceedings of the iTi Conference on Turbulence 2005 in Bad Zwischenahn. sowie Übertragungs-. Symbol.Modulation. Ingenieurwissenschaften und Physik Kategorie Lehrbuch Due April 2007 2007..) M. Studenten der Elektrotechnik. Vibration.Zusatzübungen. Approx. XIV. Guenther. (Springer-Lehrbuch) Brosch.und Sachverzeichnis. Nedjah. Volume 109) Hardcover 7 * € (D) 181.und Bandpass-Systeme. A. Also available N.und Codierungsverfahren werden in anschaulicher Weise behandelt. mathematicians and graduated students in turbulence Type of publication Proceedings Dieses Standardlehrbuch der Signalübertragung liegt nunmehr in der 10..Literatur-. der Informatik und der Physik sowie Praktikern aus Industrie und Forschung vermittelt dieses didaktisch hervorragend konzipierte und bewährte Lehrbuch eine grundlegende Einführung in die Theorie der Nachrichtenübertragung. Methoden der analogen und digitalen Signalverarbeitung und Systemtheorie. 458 S. soweit sie für ein Grundlagenwerk wichtig sind. Multiplex und Codierung. D.

3 Overview of Observations in Water Quality Trading. Berkeley. specialists.und Diplomstudiengänge des Maschinenbaus. Dies ist eine auf optimalen Lernerfolg ausgerichtete Einführung für Studierende der praxisorientierten technischen Fächer und ein Nachschlagewerk für Ingenieure im Beruf.. 7 € (D) 36. Automatisierung und Springer News 3/2007 Technik 61 P. Cambridge. Problem sets at the end of each chapter emphasize the subject matter covered in the that they are familiar with some of the basic analysis techniques and also with the operating principles of the various semiconductor devices.. Simulation and Design This book presents both general and comprehensive observations of unsuccessful and successful experiences in water pollution trading programs within the U. water quality and resource management.. Volume 10) Hardcover 7 * € (D) 74. werden die benötigten Werkzeuge erklärt. general Kategorie Weiterführendes Lehrbuch Target groups Students. O. F. 2007. economic and regulatory barriers that prevent the application of pollution trading in water media to become successful 7 Provides background with real experience.. economic and regulatory barriers that prevent the application of pollution trading in water media to become successful.Tuned Circuits.Ausgewählte Beispiele der Regeltechnik.. Mess.Amplifier Power Series. environmental (water/wastewater) engineers.00 ISBN 978-3-540-68358-2 2nd ed.Analog Multipliers.Berechnung von Regelkreisen. das in der Vollversion als Download zur Verfügung steht. CA. Communications Engineering. Pederson. This book is on the analysis and design of nonlinear analog integrated circuits that form the basis of present-day communication systems.. Zur Einübung des Gelernten und zur industriellen Optimierung von Regelkreisen wird das Programm SIMLER-PC verwendet. 2007. Approx..Appendix.Phase-Locked Loops..95 | sFr 115. and governmental agency and policy planners/makers who seek to apply water quality trading as a policy option Fields of interest Circuits and Systems.95 | € (A) 37. (VDI-Buch) Brosch.Electronic Oscillators.Large-Signal Performance..2 Concept.Distortion in Feedback Amplifiers..S.Basic IC Output Stages. Networks... So gibt es ein umfangreiches Kapitel.. Corvallis. Features 7 Presents general and comprehensive observations of unsuccessful and successful experiences in water pollution trading programs within the U. neu bearb.Komponenten der Automatisierung.Basic Electronic Oscillators.. Mayaram...References. der Verfahrenstechnik. Festkörperphysik.70 | sFr 126. in dem ausschließlich typische Anwendungen beschrieben werden.springer. Der Blick auf die Anwendung steht stets im Vordergrund.Rechnersimulation und -optimierung. scientists and technicians whose works are related to water pollution control.S. Hardcover 7 approx.. Environmental Management.Simple Band pass Amplifiers. Important basic circuits and concepts are reviewed as the subject matter is developed. Pharino. MA. Fields of interest Waste Water Technology / Water Pollution Control / Water Management / Aquatic Pollution.85 | € (A) 76.. Framework and Considerations for Water Quality. Spektroskopie Contents Zielgruppen Studierende der Bachelor.Lösungen zu den Aufgaben.50 ISBN 978-0-387-68029-3 Due March 2007 2007. USA. 476 S. research scholars.Relaxation and Voltage-Controlled Oscillators.. Mixers... Inhalt Grundbegriffe der Regeltechnik. Experience Communication Principles. Einen großen Raum nehmen daher die konkreten Praxisbeispiele ein.39 | € (A) 84. (Alliance for Global Sustainability Bookseries. XII. USA Sustainable Water Quality Analog Integrated Circuits for Management Policy The Role of Trading: The U. Fachgebiete Automatisierungstechnik. wo einmal nicht.Demodulators and Detectors. Both bipolar and MOS transistor circuits have been analyzed and many numerical examples are used to illustrate the analysis and design techniques developed in this book.98 | sFr 57..5 Conclusion.Regelkreisglieder und ihr Aufbau. Electronic and Computer Engineering Target groups Graduate students and professionals Type of publication Monograph Type of publication Monograph Lieferbar Due June 2007 6. Approx.Schaltzeichen für Übersichtsschaltpläne.Transformers.00 ISBN 978-1-4020-5862-2 9<HTOFPA=gidfic> 9<HTLDTH=giacjd> 9<HTMELC=afigc > . 650 p.und Sachverzeichnis.Literatur. MIT. Modulators..S.Stabilitätskriterien und Optimierung. OR.. * € (D) 82. Oregon State University. A brief review of some of these topics is provided in the book. The readers are expected to have had an introductory course in analog circuits .. 7 These experiences help in understanding the major environmental. USA C.4 The Role of Trading. 155 p. These experiences help in understanding the major environmental.. University of California. and recommendations for anyone who wants to understand actual roles of trading and is interested in the development of a water quality trading program in the future Features 7 Addresses the analysis and design of nonlinear analog integrated circuits 7 Analyzes both bipolar and MOS transistor circuits 7 Describes the tight coupling between the first-order circuti analysis and Spice simulation results From the contents 1 Background.und Regelungstechnik. Economics/Management Science.. der Energietechnik und der Elektrotechnik Review. K. Fachhochschule Gießen Praktische Regeltechnik Anwendungsorientierte Einführung für Maschinenbauer und Elektrotechniker D. The material is intended to be a textbook for class use but should also be a valuable source of information for a practicing engineer.Distortion Generation. Aufl. Im Allgemeinen genügt zum Verständnis die Oberstufenmathematik. Orlowski.

7: The Cracked Situation. Software Engineering/ Programming and Operating Systems.8: Fatigue Crack Paths. Edwards. The second author (Edwards) has been developing Esterel compilers for the last decade From the contents 1: Introduction. Indications on how metal fatigue problems are solved in engineering practice are included. New York. University College London.5: Fatigue Design.Debugging. Pook.00 ISBN 978-1-4020-5596-6 2007. France A. including graduate students. and mining engineers. why it matters D.Projektgestaltung. Rennes. Characterization and Evaluation Materials Target groups Synchronous language researchers. language researchers Target groups Graduate engineers. die Funktionsplandarstellung gemäß IEC 61499-1 zu L.und Regelungstechnik. Appendix B: Random Load Theory and RMS. Computergestützte Systeme (CAD. Features 7 No prior knowledge of metal fatigue is assumed 7 Based on 50 years of experience 7 Includes regulatory as well as technical aspects 7 Written so as not to date quickly 7 3 appendices give background information on related topics Dieses Buch stellt Ihnen eine Arbeitsmethode vor. G. That is.. A. Volume 145) Hardcover 7 * € (D) 85. B.21 | sFr 69. Designed as the definitive reference on the compilation of the Esterel synchronous reactive real-time language. including mechanical..25 | € (A) 98.Variable. Engineering Design Fachgebiete Automatisierung und Robotik. 7 € (D) 44. Metallic Materials. a reference manual.. Fields of interest Circuits and Systems.. 280 p. Esterel and its model of computation have found use in industrial applications such as avionics.Theorie PRAP. Hierzu zählt die höhere Entwurfssicherheit der Modelle ProzessAblaufnetz und – speziell für Teil-Steuerungen – Prozess-Ablauf-Plan (PRAP) gegenüber z.. advanced Esterel developers.6: The Uncracked Situation. 335 p.Systemgestaltung durch PZG und FBD. This book aims to present the important ideas in metal fatigue in as straightforward a manner as possible for the benefit of readers who need to be able understand more advanced documents on a wide range of metal fatigue topics. Ferner wird die Prozess-Zerlegung konsequent in der Projektentwicklung eingesetzt mit dem Ziel. Hardcover 7 approx.. its formal semantics.. physicists and applied mathematicians Zielgruppen Fachleute in Automatisierung und Produktion Type of publication Monograph Kategorie Fachbuch Type of publication Monograph Due April 2007 Due July 2007 2007. Pretschner.Theorie PZG. CAE) und Computergestütztes Design Fields of interest Continuum Mechanics and Mechanics of Materials. NY.Praxis des PRAP.References. USA. Pluspunkte 7 Stellt Methoden zur Projektierung und Inbetriebnahme von Prozesssteuerungsprogrammen zur Verfügung 7 Folgt der Norm IEC 61131-3 7 Knapp und praxisorientiert Features 7 Only book devoted completely to Esterel 7 The authors are the people most experienced with Esterel. Esterel is based on the simple idea of providing a software language that has a synchronous model of time. * € (D) 96. and detailed technical information about the many techniques used to compile it.Appendix A: Fracture Mechanics. integrated circuit design. HTWK Leipzig Prozess-Steuerungen Projektierung und Inbetriebnahme mit dem Softwaretool SPaS Compiling ESTEREL There do not appear to be any recent books on metal fatigue which are presented in a format that appeals to engineers. The third author (Berry) designed the language. die das Wissen um die gesamte Problematik der Software-Projektierung für automatische ProzessSteuerungen (SPaS) in neuer Art und Weise gemäß dem Standard IEC 61131-3 verarbeitet. UK Metal Fatigue What it is.Beispiele „Schüttgut“ und „Conveyor“. Der methodische Ansatz und die Durchführung eines Prozess-Steuerungs-Projektes haben viele Vorteile gegenüber bisher Bekanntem. Villeneuve Loubet. Mess.95 | sFr 147.. (Solid Mechanics and Its Applications... materials scientists.. manufacturing.62 Technik Springer News 3/2007 springer.. Etwa 280 S.... France. The first author (Potop) completed his PhD under Berry and has produced the best known Esterel compiler.Index.55 | € (A) 87. Inhalt Einführung. J. naval. Berry. No prior knowledge of metal fatigue is assumed..Theorie PAN. dem Modell des sequenziellen Funktionsplans (SFC). Approx.. and other safety-critical environments. Alder. civil.50 ISBN 978-0-387-70626-9 Erscheint April 2007 2007. The prerequisite knowledge required for readers is a basic understanding of stress analysis and mathematics covered in engineering undergraduate courses. Potop-Butucaru. Appendix C: Non Destructive Testing.95 | € (A) 46.3: Constant Amplitude Fatigue.00 ISBN 978-3-540-71083-7 9<HTMELC=af jg > 9<HTLDTH=hagcgj> 9<HTOFPA=hbaidh> . Approx..Automatisierungsprojekt und Modellphilosophie. Compiling Esterel covers all aspects of the language and includes a tutorial. Geb. Columbia University.9: Why Metal Fatigue Matters. or take multiple instants as requested by the programmer. der der Ablaufsprache (AS) der IEC 61131-3 zu Grunde liegt.4: Variable Amplitude and Multiaxial Fatigue.2: Historical Background. the execution of the program is divided into discrete instants. period.95 | sFr 131. and statements are either guaranteed to execute in a single instant. Suitable for programming safetycritical real-time systems. and which can be recommended to newcomers to the topic. Automatisierungstechnik. IRISA.Theorie Precompiler. S. Esterel Technologies.

genetic algorithms. as well as modeling optimization.Automated Rhythm Analysis. Part II uses case studies to illustrate the applications of these methods in real manufacturing situations. Approx. Hardcover 7 * € (D) 67. Machines.. (Springer Series in Advanced Manufacturing) Hardcover 7 * € (D) 117. held in SeptemberOctober 2006. including data analysis and data mining. fuzzy logic. intelligent control. Tools.. Approx.. Decision makers have the problem of assessing a range of options and selecting one based on conflicting criteria. Operations Research/Decision Theory Part I: Soft Computing in Computer Graphics. Soft Computing has therefore become popular in developing systems that encapsulate human expertise. and their hybrids. researchers Fields of interest Physics and Applied Physics in Engineering. The impact of such a “rhythm meter” on music theory and on the design of sound processing electronics is described. Engineering Economics. classifiers. the rhythm.Musical Composition and Recomposition. Organization..Beat-based Signal Processing. Features 7 Besides the unique subject matter of “Rhythm and Transforms” (the discussion of rhythmic patterns from a computational point of view). A. This carefully edited book provides a comprehensive overview of the recent advances in the industrial applications of soft computing and covers a wide range of application areas. K.50 ISBN 978-1-84628-639-1 9<HTMIPG=ci bia> 9<HTOFPA=hahaec> 9<HTMIPG=cigdjb> .springer. WI. Conclusions. Madison. Udhampur. Imaging and Vision.Variety of Rhythmic Experience. and fuzzy multiple attribute decision making methods can be effectively used for decision making in various situations of the manufacturing environment 7 Proposes a methodology that will make decision making in the manufacturing environment structured and systematic Soft Computing is a complex of methodologies that includes artificial neural networks. Target groups Graduate students in mechanical. and fuzzy multiple attribute decision making methods can be used in manufacturing.Visualizing and Conceptualizing Rhythm. 390 p. (Advances in Soft Computing. Robotics). Saad. V. imprecision. Recent worldwide advances in manufacturing technologies led to a metamorphism in the industy. Volume 39) Softcover 7 * € (D) 203. Optimization and Information Processing. 300 p. It allows discussion of the relationship between cognitive processing of temporal information and mathematical techniques used to describe and understand regularities in data. Contents Fields of interest Manufacturing. India A. University of Springer News 3/2007 Technik 63 R.25 | sFr 103. Underlying such motions is an act of cognition that is not easily reproduced in a computer program or automated by machine.) W. product designs.Statistical Models. pattern recognition. Part I introduces the decision making situations in the manufacturing environment and presents decision making methods. Sethares.Musical Analysis via Feature Scores. Artificial Intelligence (incl.Part VI: Soft Computing in Civil Engineering and Other Applications. ambiguous environments.50 ISBN 978-1-84628-818-0 Due March 2007 2007. Signal Processing. Applications of Mathematics Target groups Scientists (in audio engineering/signal processing and neurology/psychology). Mathematics/Computational Methods of Engineering..Part IV: Classification. 170 illus. systems. Features 7 Demonstrates how graph theory and matrix approach. who select manufacturing strategies. This book shows how graph theory and matrix approach.. Neurosciences Fields of interest Type of publication Monograph Appl. Bayesian networks. USA Decision Making in the Manufacturing Environment Using Graph Theory and Fuzzy Multiple Attribute Decision Making Methods Proceedings of the World Conference on Soft Computing WSCT11 Rhythm and Transforms People naturally identify the rhythm of music as they tap their feet and sway in time with the beat. M. “Rhythm and Transforms” asks (and answers) the question: How can we build a device that can “tap its foot” along with the music? The result is a tool for detecting and measuring the temporal aspects of a musical performance: the periodicities.. this will be the only book that contains a significant number of audio examples (on the CD-ROM) 7 These examples are key to convincingly demonstrating the ideas Features 7 Contains a collection of papers that were presented at the 11th On-line World Conference on Soft Computing in Industrial Applications. Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University. R. Rao. held in September-October 2006 Contents What is Rhythm?.. and manufacturing engineering. the beat.36 | € (A) 69. the regularities (and irregularities). manufacturing processes. Dahal.. Interpretations.25 | € (A) 208. With CD-ROM..65 | € (A) 120. Fast-changing technologies on the product front have created a need for an equally fast response from manufacturing industries.95 | sFr 180. 600 p. musicologists Target groups Researchers and professionals Type of publication Monograph Type of publication Proceedings Due August 2007 2007. Sarfraz.Part V: Soft Computing for Modeling. Roy (Eds.Auditory Perception. 8 illus.Part III: Pattern Recognition. computer graphics.Part II: Control Systems. ‘Applied Soft Computing: Recent and Emerging Methods and Techniques’ contains a collection of papers that were presented at the 11th On-line World Conference on Soft Computing in Industrial Applications. uncertainty and partial truth in order to mimic the remarkable human capability of making decisions in real-life. Logistics. industrial.95 | sFr 311.Transforms. Approx.50 ISBN 978-3-540-70704-2 Due June 2007 2007.Adaptive Oscillators. It admits approximate reasoning. and machinery and equipment. Marketing.

Der Stoff wird einerseits wissenschaftlich streng. andererseits aber auch möglichst anschaulich dargestellt. XVI.30 | € (A) 109. 7 € (D) 44. 487 S. Fachhochschule Reutlingen O. geht jedoch über eine Einführung hinaus. Auflage 7 In Band 1: Berechnungsbeispiele mit ausführlichen Lösungen sowie Übungsaufgaben 7 Vorteil: Lehrbuch für Studierende und Nachschlagewerk für Praktiker Pluspunkte 7 Anschauliches Lehr-. (MEMS Reference Shelf ) Hardcover 7 approx.. sondern auch weitgehend physikalisch begründet und erklärt.. Technische Thermodynamik.Optical Displacement Sensors. interferometers.und Nachschlagewerk 7 Ausgerichtet auf die praxisbezogene Anwendung 7 Über 100 Übungsbeispiele mit kompletten Musterlösungen 7 Viele Illustrationen.. Die Theorie der Thermodynamik wird systematisch entwickelt..Tunable Filters . Verfahrenstechnik und Chemietechnik an TU und TFH.29 | sFr 163. leading to devices with improved scaling and functionality compared to traditional optics.. aktualisierte Aufl.Anhang.Literatur.Lösungen der Übungsbeispiele. Materials Science Zielgruppen Studenten an FH. da die 16. K. 195 Abb. ideal auch zum Selbststudium Fachgebiete Contents Introduction. Technische Universität München Thermodynamik. 7 € (D) 49. Solgaard.. Grundlagen und technische Anwendungen Band 1: Einstoffsysteme Dieses Grundlagenwerk der Thermodynamik erscheint schon nach kurzer Zeit in der 17. Sigloch. Stanford University.35 | sFr 76. Es wurden lediglich kleinere Korrekturen durchgeführt. Geb. Technische Universität Darmstadt...und Überschallströmungen einbezogen. 600 p. Über 100 Übungsbeispiele mit kompletten Lösungen dienen der Festigung des Erlernten. Die strömungstechnischen Phänomene sind nicht nur beschrieben und – soweit möglich – mathematisch exakt oder näherungsweise dargestellt. Übungs.Fluid-Dynamik.. Industriechemie. 407 Abb. * € (D) 106. fiber switches.. Transportphänomene. dabei werden Analogien zu anderen Fachgebieten aufgezeigt.00 ISBN 978-3-540-70813-1 9<HTOFPA=e gd a> 9<HTLDTH=cjac f> 9<HTOFPA=haibdb> . and efficient packaging of optics. Der Anhang enthält technisch wichtige Tabellen sowie Diagramme für Stoffgrößen und Beiwerte der Strömungstechnik. Ingenieure in den Bereichen Strömungstechnik und Strömungsmaschinen Target groups Mechanical engineeers. Ingenieure.Diffractive Beam H. Grundlagen. Universitäten. Photonic Microsystems: Micro and Nanotechnology Applied to Optical Devices and Systems describes MEMS technology and demonstrates how MEMS allow miniaturization. (Springer-Lehrbuch) Brosch.64 Technik Springer News 3/2007 springer. USA Technische Fluidmechanik Dieses erfolgreiche Lehrbuch vermittelt die Grundlagen der Fluidmechanik und deren praxisbezogene Anwendung. researchers and graduate students Kategorie Weiterführendes Lehrbuch Type of publication Monograph Due July 2007 Erscheint März 2007 Erscheint April 2007 6. Auflage. Eine Einführung in die moderne numerische Strömungsmechanik die Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) ergänzt den Stoff. Universität Stuttgart. Bei der Gasdynamik sind Unterschall. XVI. 497 S. Tabellen und Diagramme 7 Geeignet für Studenten und Praktiker.Tunable Microlenses.Interferometers. Stephan. Schaber.21 | sFr 69.Tunable Photonic Crystals.95 | € (A) 51.. Universität Karlsruhe. Auflage eine umfassende Neubearbeitung beinhaltete.00 ISBN 978-0-387-29022-5 17.Basics of MEMS for Integration and Packaging. 2007. K.. wobei die zentrale Bedeutung der Bilanzierungen von Masse.50 ISBN 978-3-540-44633-0 2007. This book shows how the characteristics of MEMS enable practical implementations of a variety of applications. Features 7 Discusses the combination of MEMS and Photonic crystals by demonstrating that practical photonic-crystal devices leverage MEMS technology for integration and packaging 7 Detailed discussion on the role of miniaturization in the integration and packaging of photonic Microsystems 7 Describes the fundamental limits on scaling of optical devices and systems Pluspunkte 7 Praxisorientiertes Lehrbuch 7 Umfassende Neubearbeitung in der 16. Photonic Microsystems also describes the phenomenon of Photonic crystals (nanophotonics) and demonstrates their ability to enable synthesis of materials with optimized optical characteristics. Zum besseren Verständnis werden die Erscheinungen der Fluidmechanik ausgehend von der Festkörpermechanik veranschaulicht. Dargestellt sind die Statik und Dynamik sowohl der Flüssigkeiten als auch der Gase und Dämpfe.und Flugzeugbau Fields of interest Mechanical Engineering.. Zielgruppen Studierende in Maschinenbau. Circuits and Systems..Diffractive Filters. Aufl.Integration and Packaging of Photonic Microsystems. including projection displays. Bilanzen und allgemein gültige Zusammenhänge zwischen thermodynamischen Zustandsgrößen werden zunächst für beliebige thermodynamische Systeme abgeleitet und danach auf eine Vielzahl technisch bedeutsamer Spezialfälle angewandt. CA. Fluide.Scaling of Optics.und Sachverzeichnis. F. Theoretische und Computerchemie Inhalt Allgemeines.95 | € (A) 46. Photonic Microsystems Micro and Nanotechnology applied to Optical Devices and Systems P. and spectrometers. Mayinger. KFZ.. as well as integration of optics and electronics.Photonic Crystal Basics. Energie und Entropie in besonderer Weise herausgestellt wird..Strömungen mit Dichteänderung (Gasdynamik).Optial Fibers and Optical Waveguides.Fluid-Statik. physicists. 2007. Physiker und Chemiker in der Praxis Kategorie Lehrbuch Fachgebiete Technische Strömungslehre.. This provides control over optical fields over sub-wavelength distances. parallel fabrication.Strömungen ohne Dichteänderung (quasi-inkompressible Strömungen). Approx. Stephan.Beam Steering Micromirrors..

Durch den zunehmenden Einsatz von CADSystemen erlangt das technische Freihandzeichnen eine neue Bedeutung. Approx. is optimized 7 Comprehensive architecture-level exploration for real-life applications 7 Demonstration of architecture-aware compilation techniques Fields of interest Metallic Materials.78 | € (A) 126. mechanical. USA Solder Joint Technology Materials. this book explores a collaborative approach by proposing novel memory hierarchies and software optimization techniques for the optimal utilization of these memory hierarchies. In this book. Gießen Technisches Freihandzeichnen Lehr.Augenmaß.Technische Formen. embedded system architects or designers Zielgruppen Studenten aller technischer Disziplinen Kategorie Type of publication Monograph Type of publication Monograph Weiterführendes Lehrbuch Due July 2007 2007.. chemical. Interpreters.. electronic packaging technology.95 | sFr 147.Bogen und Kreise.Ellipsen.. and thermal forces on solder joints. Marwedel. Memory Structures Fachgebiete Konstruktionslehre. Tu. Bauwesen und Bautechnik. and physical metellurgy Target groups Researchers and Ph. It is documented in the literature as the memory wall problem. Compilers.Gerade durch zwei Punkte. To improve solder joint reliability.Handwerkliche Grundlagen. the science of solder joint behavior under various driving forces must be understood. Das schrittweise Vorgehen. It is also well understood that no silver bullet exists to solve the memory wall problem.. spontaneous Sn whisker growth and electromigration induced failure in solder joints are serious issues. Produktentwicklung. Verma.D.. including data variables and code segments...Geometrische Konstruktionen. Reliability. CA.und Übungsbuch Solder joints are ubiquitous in electronic consumer products.50 ISBN 978-3-540-70835-3 9<HTLDTH=di jai> 9<HTMELC=afijgh> 9<HTOFPA=haidfd> . Safety and Risk Fields of interest Circuits and Systems. 2006. Properties.Perspektive. Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik Target groups Researchers in academia and industry..65 | sFr 38. graduate students and advanced undergraduate students in the following areas: electronic manufacturing. There is an urgent need for an increase in the research and development of Pb-free solders in electronic manufacturing. Hardcover 7 * € (D) 96.00 ISBN 978-0-387-38890-8 Due March 2007 2007. 7 € (D) 24. Quality Control. Advanced Memory Optimization Techniques for Low-Power Embedded Processors The design of embedded systems warrants a new perspective because of the following two reasons: Firstly. Etwa 220 S. electronic materials science and engineering. wie er technische Formen. Linking memory architecture design with memory-architecture aware compilation results in fast. Lösungen und Hinweise bei der Bewältigung der Hauptschwierigkeiten erleichtern die Arbeit. Approx.Bauteile und Baugruppen. Volume 92) Hardcover 7 approx..Perspektivische Fertigungszeichnungen. Altera European Technology Center. These reliability issues are quite complicated due to the combined effect of electrical. UK. students in computer science and engineering. Der Leser dieses praxisbewährten Buches erfährt. Programming Languages. the advanced materials reliability issues related to copper-tin reaction and electromigration in solder joints are emphasized and methods to prevent these reliablity problems are discussed. Brosch. the software running on the contemporary embedded devices is becoming increasingly Springer News 3/2007 Technik 65 K... Zusammenhänge und Ideen zeitsparend und überzeugend darstellen kann. die Diskussion leicht vermeidbarer Fehler und die Nutzung schon vorhandener Fähigkeiten machen rasche Übungserfolge zur Regel.23 | sFr 188.Standardformen. and Reliability M. Secondly. slow and energy inefficient memory hierarchies have already become the bottleneck of the embedded systems. Ein konkurrenzloses Buch zum Erlernen guter Skizzierfähigkeiten! Pluspunkte 7 Freihandzeichnen leicht gemacht 7 Ideen zeitsparend und überzeugend darstellen 7 Praxis-Anleitungen und Problemlösungen Features 7 Addresses the urgent need for reliable. * € (D) 122.Sachverzeichnis.. Germany U.95 | € (A) 25.Freihändige Fertigungszeichnungen. The European Union has a directive to ban the use of Pb-based solders in these products on July 1st. lead-free solders in electronic manufacturing 7 Reviews the basic science of copper-tin reactions and electromigration 7 Emphasizes reliability issues related to solder joint reactions and electromigration induced failure in electronic consumer products and computers Inhalt Einführung. For example.25 | € (A) 98. 355 p. Therefore.springer. Features 7 The complete application. University of California at Los Angeles. P. (Springer Series in Materials Science. High Wycombe.50 ISBN 978-1-4020-5896-7 Erscheint März 2007 6.Literaturverzeichnis.. Viebahn. University of Dortmund. compiler writers.. Optical and Electronic Materials. 170 p. energy-efficient and timing predictable memory accesses. 214 illus.Rechtecke. aktualisierte Auflage 2007.

University of Zielona Góra. and Ferro-Electric Device Concepts.95 | sFr 131. and intelligent techniques such as soft computing and data mining. Also available online.. (Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences.66 Technik Springer News 3/2007 springer. classical signal and image processing and statistical pattern recognition.starting from the advanced state estimation strategies through theparameter estimation techniques up to modern soft computing 7 The introductory part of the book is of a tutorial value and a good starting point for the new-comers to this field Features 7 Reports recent research results and provide a state-of-the-art on computational techniques in textile and garment applications Fields of interest Control Engineering.29 | sFr 163. Approx. and students in computational intelligence and textile industry Type of publication Monograph Fields of interest Electronics and Microelectronics. Hardcover 7 approx. researchers.. VA. Approx. Computational Textile Since 1950’s.05 | € (A) 142. and Ferro-electric polarization.00 ISBN 978-0-387-36831-3 Due April 2007 2007..00 ISBN 978-3-540-71114-8 2007.HEMT Devices and Amplifiers Based Upon Polarization Effects.. Witczak. aerospace. researchers.95 | sFr 213.Novel Heterostructure Polarization Effect Devices. electronic implications and practical applications of the unique spontaneous or pyro-electric polarization charge of hexagonal semiconductors.SiC Hetero-Polytype Junctions and Polarization Probe Spectroscopy. and power distribution companies Type of publication Monograph Due May 2007 Due July 2007 2007. (Studies in Computational Intelligence. Arlington. The book chapters will be authored primarily by the physics. and the piezo-electric effects in thin film hetero-structures which are used in wide forbidden band gap sensor. D. electronic and optoelectronc semiconductor devices.) X.Local and Surface Polarization Effects on Devices. Volume 354) Softcover 7 * € (D) 85. The related computational techniques include classical methods such as statistics.Part IV: Computerized Textile Management and Textile Supply Chain. Features 7 Presents an introduction to fault diagnosis of non-linear systems using analytical and soft computing techniques 7 All techniques are presented in a unified framework ... textile market forecasting. Li. Y.Part II: Modelling and Simulation of Textile Structures. Mathematics/Computational Methods of Engineering. Pyro. applied physics and electrical engineering professors and students who worked for 5 years under the „Polarization Effects in Semiconductors“ DOD funded Multi Disciplinary University Research Initiative.Piezo.Part V: Computational Thermal Bioengineering of Textiles. * € (D) 106. Koehl (Eds.... Also available online. simulation and control. Textile Engineering. Pyro.. computational techniques have been widely applied in textile industry and garment industry for process and materials’ structure modeling. Solid State Physics and Spectroscopy. Fields of interest Appl. applied physics and electrical engineering professors and students who worked for 5 years under the „Polarization Effects in Semiconductors“ DOD funded Multi Disciplinary University Research Initiative Contents Part I: Textile Quality Assessment From Image Analysis. differential equations.30 | € (A) 109. Heterojunctions and Sensors. 215 p. and production management. USA (Ed. Approx.. Type of publication Monograph Contents Wannier Functional Theory Approach to Polarization Effects.00 ISBN 978-3-540-70656-4 9<HTOFPA=hb bei> 9<HTLDTH=dgidbd> 9<HTOFPA=hagfge> .Distributed Piezo. Poland C.Polarization Effects in MBE Growth. Circuits and Systems Target groups Electrical engineers. Robotics) Target groups Engineers. Volume 55) Hardcover 7 * € (D) 139. Artificial Intelligence (incl. product design. electronics. optimization of product quality.Part VI: Computational Biomechanical Engineering of Textiles. 350 p.) Modelling and Estimation Strategies for Fault Diagnosis of Non-Linear Systems From Analytical to Soft Computing Approaches Polarization Effects in Semiconductors From Ab InitioTheory to Device Application This book presents the latest understanding of the solid physics. Instrumentation. Control Features Target groups Engineers. Systems Theory. and students in Control Engineering. US Office of Naval Research. Zeng. This edited book collects a number of representative applications of computational techniques in textile and garment industry. defense.Part III: Computer Aided Garment Design.55 | € (A) 87. Wood. L. M. 7 Describes in detail the broad reaching complexity and greatly increased design versatility allowed by polarization effects in high power electronic devices 7 Authored primarily by the physics. 350 p.

(Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences. Shandong University. Shandong. Volume 355) Softcover 7 * € (D) 85. researchers. China. Approx.55 | € (A) 87.springer. Xie. Control Target groups Engineers. Zhang. Nanyang Technological University. Singapore Control and Estimation of Systems with Input/Output Delays Features 7 Presents the latest results on estimation and control for time delay systems 7 Some of the works are fundamental to the time delay systems Fields of interest Control Engineering. 220 p. and students in control engineering Type of publication Monograph Due March 2007 2007.95 | sFr 131.00 ISBN 978-3-540-71118-6 9<HTOFPA=hb big> . Also available online. Springer News 3/2007 Technik 67 H. Systems Theory.

00 Vorbestellpreis gültig bis 31.07.00 Bei Fragen oder Bestellung wenden Sie sich bitte an 7 Springer Distribution Center GmbH.) In addition to the print version. data.2007 7 € (D) 267.00 Online Version: ISBN 978-0-387-30420-5 7 € (D) 296.90 | sFr 408. Hardcover ISBN 978-0-387-95579-7 7 € (D) 266.77| € (A) 342. (Due March 2007) Print Version: cation pre-publi E  PRIC 2007 Approx.2007 7 € (D) 237. 7 Springer-Verlag GmbH. and references needed for anyone working with lasers and optical instruments. HR B 91022.95 | € (A) 219. 1225 p. Mos. Handelsregistersitz: A must for everyone in the field! Springer Handbook of Lasers and Optics Frank Träger. Foreword by Theodor W. With CD-ROM. in color. 7. Gebauer.10 | sFr 510.31 | € (A) 298.00 Vorbestellpreis gültig bis 31.94 | sFr 344.80 | sFr 429.95 | sFr 328.50 | € (A) 275. Hendriks 012965x . € (A) sind gebundene Ladenpreise in Österreich und enthalten 10% MwSt.50 *Previously announced in Springer NEWS 01/2007 Bundle (Print+Online): ISBN 978-0-387-34557-4 7 € (D) 332. University of Kassel. each Major Reference Work has an electronic version that is accessible online through the Web and has all added benefits of an online environment 7 Offers an all-in-one desk reference 7 Complete and comprehensive coverage of a subject 7 All chapters written by leading experts 7 Clearly structured and consistant technically perfect 7 Coherent presentation and editing 7 A must for everyone in the field 7 CD-ROM for easy search Springer Handbook of Lasers and Optics gives a complete and up-to-date overview of this area in one consistent book. It is designed for daily use in the office or laboratory and offers descriptive text. 7 Preisänderungen und Irrtümer vorbehalten.07. Hänsch.07. Haberstr.94 | € (A) 239.43 | € (A) 273. 69126 Heidelberg 7 Telefon: +49 (0) 6221-345-4301 7 Fax: +49 (0) 6221-345-4229 7 Email: SDC-bookorder@springer.00 Vorbestellpreis gültig bis 31. Geschäftsführer: Haank.ABC springer. 500 illus.00 | sFr 410.2007 7 € (D) 7 € (D) sind gebundene Ladenpreise in Deutschland und enthalten 7% MwSt. Germany (Ed.

starting from the semiconductor technology. and performance. ROFIN-SINAR Laser GmbH. 180 p. Bachmann. Applied Optics. Z. Andrews. 286 (1987) in Lecture in Physics. High Power Diode Lasers Technology and Applications Contents Preface. The book is the most extensive work on high power diode laser systems and materials processing applications. Poprawe.00 ISBN 978-3-540-70860-5 Due July 2007 2007. Optoelectronics.Index. which in turn leads to intriguing collective effects. UK.. a wide field of important parameters and practical hints and tips are provided.. F. Loosen.25 | sFr 152. Norwich. Fields of interest Statistical Physics.N-Level Systems and Applications to Spectroscopy. in particular from the active fields of quantum information and computing. Optics and Lasers. has been newly typeset. Switzerland D. Optical Devices Target groups Optical laser engineers. revised and corrected and also expanded to include a review on recent developments...Moving dielectric interfaces as photonic wavelength converters.46 | € (A) 102. Universita di Trento.Optics of slanted chiral sculptured thin films. Surfaces and Interfaces. Thermodynamics Features 7 Reports on cutting edge developments in photonics 7 Authors drawn from internationally active research groups 7 Coverage includes fundamental principles and applications 7 Complements other texts majoring on plasmonics Features 7 Provides extensive information about actual high power diode laser technology 7 Standard (broad area) as well as special (e. fabrication. Hamburg. Germany (Eds.. but rather attempting to stimulate the reader in this potentially rewarding field. lecturers Type of publication Monograph Contents Introduction.95 | sFr 82. Approx.g.. researchers.Recent Developments. Volume 717) Hardcover 7 * € (D) 53. students Target groups Scientific researchers. Thin Films Fields of interest Laser Technology and Physics. industry professionals. Fields of interest Applied Optics. polymers) are treated in the book.50 ISBN 978-0-387-48950-6 2007. L.Packaging of diode laser bars.. Approx.springer. originally published as Vol. and.General Theory and Applications to Unstable Particles.Laser systems beam characteristics. at the level of single nanostructures.Incoherent beam superposition and Springer News 3/2007 Physik/Astronomie 69 R.) Quantum Dynamical Semigroups and Applications Reinvigorated by advances and insights. The book aims to highlight both perspectives presenting sample applications. Theoretical models. Alicki. the surface versus volume ratio increases: this translates. (Springer Series in Optical Sciences. Optical Devices.Summary and outlook. beam shaping and system technology down to the applications in processing of several kinds of materials (metals. When systems are reduced in volume. university professors. Optoelectronics. University of East Anglia. researchers. Volume 133) Hardcover 7 approx.95 | sFr 278. The entire technology chain. 250 p. Gaburro. This volume introduces the very basic concepts of semigroup dynamics of open quantum systems and reviews a variety of modern applications. Fraunhofer-Institut für Lasertechnik.85 | € (A) 186.. P.. the quantum theory of irreversible processes has recently attracted growing attention.Porous silicon electrical and optical biosensors. The present book. K. Italy (Eds. Povo. * € (D) 181. Quantum Physics. Photonics. Electromagnetism. Universität Zürich. Contents Introduction..Luminescence of gold nanoparticles. into enhanced role of interfacial chemistry and thermodynamics. at the level of systems of nanostructures. graduate and undergraduate students Type of publication Monograph Type of publication Monograph Due May 2007 Due April 2007 2007.. (Lecture Notes in Physics. Aachen. into larger density on interfaces. The book summarizes the work and the results of a five year government funded research project as well as subsequent research results about high power diode laser systems and their application in the field of materials processing. Approx.Evanescent waves as nanoprobes for surfaces and interfaces: from waveguide technology to sensor application... (Springer Series in Optical Sciences.50 ISBN 978-0-387-34453-9 9<HTOFPA=haigaf> 9<HTLDTH=eijfag> 9<HTLDTH=de fdj> . over cooling mounting and assembly.45 | € (A) 54. * € (D) 99. tapered) emitter configurations are covered 7 Standard techniques as well as special (modular) high power diode laser systems are described 7 A very wide field of applications is discussed in considerable detail Target groups Graduate students. 700 p. such as plasmonics or multiple reflection and refraction phenomena. scientists.Applications. R. Volume 128) Hardcover 7 approx.. Characterization and Evaluation Materials.Surface nanostructuring by means of nanolithography for interdisciplinary applications.. Lendi. with no claim of being exhaustive.Optoelectronic-VLSI: device design. metrology and standards.) Frontiers in Surface Nanophotonics Principles and Applications The book emphasizes the role of surface effects in optical phenomena in nanoscience from two different perspectives. Germany.High power diode laser technology and characteristics.

physicists. However. Volume 886) Hardcover 7 approx. 250 E. the text is illustrated by more than 70 figures. This book is a new edition of the one published in the series „Springer Tracts in Modern Physics (vol 181)“.. (Space Technology Library.50 ISBN 978-0-387-39682-8 Due June 2007 2007. We shall also incorporate the very last research results (solidstabilized emulsions.Compressibility and elasticity of concentrated emulsions. France. government laboratories and space centers Contents Introduction.Double emulsions.. safety. those in the space life sciences. NASA scientists. Emulsion Science Basic Principles Artificial Gravity Protecting the health.Physiological targets of AG. USA (Ed. The purpose of this conference is to present current research in the field of astrodynamics with a special emphasis on the use of the methods of chaos theory and dynamical systems to find low energy trajectories. This book is intended to a large audience. Hardcover 7 * € (D) 123. metastability) and novel applications (Biotechnology) Features 7 Today’s approach to countering the deleterious effects of microgravity are piece-meal. Princeton.70 Physik/Astronomie Springer News 3/2007 springer. Paris. France G. and space policy. celestial mechanics. Schmitt.Medical and psychological issues of AG. Artificial gravity.. 135 illus.95 | sFr 164.Phase transitions. A. professors. Physical Chemistry. V. guidance and control. These proceedings are an invaluable source for mathematicians... Centre de Recherche Paul Pascal. despite its attractiveness as an efficient. The presented concepts should provide a useful guidance for formulating and controlling the lifetime of emulsion at laboratory and industrial scales. ESPCI. Life Sciences. space technology. mathematicians. Leal-Calderon..00 | € (A) 126. 320 p. Bukley. Nanotechnology Fields of interest Automotive and Aerospace Engineering. multi-system countermeasures..Current AG projects..Emulsification. and those interested in the future of space exploration. Complex Fluids. Other topics include interstellar mission concepts.. Approx. Princeton University.Proposed AG research. Approx. much still needs to be learned regarding the human response to rotating environments before artificial gravity can be successfully implemented.95 | € (A) 109. Volume 20) Hardcover 7 approx. Applications to current and future space missions and to dynamical astronomy are given.Stability of concentrated emulsions.50 | € (A) 108. researchers. * € (D) 105. from the preparation to the destruction of these materials. which would replace terrestrial gravity with inertial forces generated by rotating the transit vehicle or by short-radius human centrifuge devices within the transit vehicle or surface habitat. This book gives an overview of the most recent advances in emulsion science. Athens. has long been considered a potential solution. For an easy comprehension.New challenges for emulsions: Biosensors.. The main difference is a more didactic approach which will allow the non specialist reader to capture the essential concepts. USA New Trends in Astrodynamics and Applications III All papers were peer reviewed. 200 p. near Earth objects. as well as information to support the planning and design of future space missions 7 Many detailed illustrations are included Fields of interest Astrophysics..Force measurements. aerospace engineers. (AIP Conference Proceedings. Astronomy.Principles and definitions. Extraterrestrial Physics. A progressive and didactic approach is proposed for that purpose. Bibette. * € (D) 106. and space medicine fields Type of publication Monograph Type of publication Monograph Due May 2007 Due March 2007 2007. F.) J. Space Sciences Features 7 Gives an overview of the most recent advances in the area 7 Basic principles and applications are outlined 7 Important for scientists and developers of new material alike Target groups Aerospace engineers. Type of publication Proceedings Fields of interest Soft Matter.45 | sFr 188. Belbruno.. The paper by Edward Belbruno describes a new way to orbit the Moon that offers enormous fuel savings over the more traditional lunar orbits. relativity. general Target groups Physicists and chemists working in the area of soft matter physics and interfaces Target groups Aerospace companies and corporate libraries. whereas this book provides an integrated countermeasure affecting multiple physiological systems 7 Readers will gain insight into potential research areas for further studies. Contents History of Artificial Gravity (AG). multi-system countermeasure and its potential for improving the environment and simplifying operational activities. as well as offering a new methodology for an Earth-Moon transportation and a lunar communication system suitable to service a lunar base.46 | sFr 162. Pessac. OH. Nano-reactors and templates. advanced propulsion. and performance of exploration-class mission crews against the physiological deconditioning resulting from longterm weightlessness during transit and long-term reduced gravity during surface operations will require effective. from undergraduate students to senior scientists..00 ISBN 978-0-387-70712-9 9<HTLHOF=eadijf> 9<HTLDTH=djgici> 9<HTLDTH=hahbcj> . Approx. astronomers. 2007. Ohio University. Clément.Conclusion.00 ISBN 978-0-7354-0389-5 Originally published as volume 181 in the series “Springer Tracts in Modern Physics” 2nd ed. NJ.

a subject initiated by the authors many years ago Contents Introduction. Lecture 6 shows how familiar RG methods for equilibrium systems can be extended to systems far from equilibrium. Volume 716) Hardcover 7 * € (D) 74. Approx.DistanceRegular Graphs. mathematics.. Univerite Henri Poincare. Japan. Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg. Obata. Quantum Field Theory. matrix elements and quantum control at the reader’s disposal. N. Among the topics discussed along the way are: quantum probability and orthogonal polynomials. shape invariant potentials and group theoretical approaches.85 | € (A) 76. This approach has been developed by the authors and has become an interesting research area in applied mathematics and physics. Lie algebras.Index. Part IV – Applications in Relativistic Quantum Mechanics.Ageing. primarily intended as introduction and reference for postgraduate students and nonspecialist researchers from related fields. Dong. Graduate School of Information Sciences. asymptotic spectral theory (quantum central limit theorems) for adjacency matrices.. Pleimling. Germany. researchers. 7: Pöschl-Teller Potential. Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology.35 | € (A) 131. 13: Pöschl-Teller Like Potential. recently developed under the name of quantum probability. Henkel.Introduction.. the method of quantum decomposition. XX.Deformation of Kerov‘s Central Limit Theorem... For this purpose a comprehensive description is provided of the factorization method and its wide applications in quantum mechanics which complements the traditional coverage found in the existing quantum mechanics textbooks. Part II – Method.About the Nature of the Structural Glass Transition: an Experimental Approach. Quantum Physics Target groups Researchers and graduate students of physics.From Urn Models to Zero-Range Processors: Statics and Dynamics. Mathematical Methods in Physics Fields of interest Fields of interest Partially Ordered Systems. Volume 150) Hardcover 7 * € (D) 128. Lecture 5 introduces the zero-rangeprocess concept as simple but subtle model to describe a range of static and dynamic properties of glassy systems.95 | sFr 197. The exercises at the end of each chapter help to deepen understanding. M. Solid State Physics and Spectroscopy Mathematical Methods in Physics. Glassy behaviour and the physical ageing process of such materials are paradigmatic examples. Algebra. lecturers Type of publication Monograph Type of publication Monograph Type of publication Monograph Due March 2007 2007. 380 p.. 350 p. Sendai..00 ISBN 978-3-540-69683-4 Due April 2007 2007.Johnson Graphs. The present volume.Regular Graphs. 12: New Non-Central RingShaped Potential. 325 p.Comb Graphs and Star Graphs. 11: Generalized Laguerre Functions. 5: Infinitely Deep Square-Well Potential. Part III – Applications in Non-Relativistic Quantum mechanics. Okayama. Related to this classic method are the supersymmetric quantum mechanics. Approx. Lecture 2 is devoted to an in-depth discussion on the nature of the thermal glass-transition in structural glasses. Escuela Superior de Física y Matemáticas.95 | sFr 115. 9: Algebraic Approach to an Electron in a Uniform Magnetic Field.. France.Hamming Graphs.95 | sFr 147.The Limit Shape of Young Diagrams... 2: Theory.25 | € (A) 98. Sanctuary. (Theoretical and Mathematical Physics) Hardcover 7 * € (D) 96. Lecture 3 examines the glassy behaviour of granular systems. notions of independence and structure of graphs.References.. Quasicrystals. Hora. It is no exaggeration to say that this method has become the milestone of these approaches. collects six extensive lectures addressing selected experimental and theoretical issues in the field of glassy systems. Quantum Physics. Instituto Politécnico Nacional. Also available online.. Statistical Physics. 3: Lie Algebras SU(2) and SU(1.Homogeneous Trees.1). Here readers will learn several powerful methods and techniques of wide applicability. Features 7 A fresh outlook and new ways of handling the important quantum systems in all branches of physics and chemistry From the contents Part I . 4: Harmonic Oscillator. (Lecture Notes in Physics. M. 1: Springer News 3/2007 Physik/Astronomie 71 S. Université du Luxembourg (Eds. The book can be used as a concise introduction to quantum probability from an algebraic aspect.Quantum Probability and Orthogonal Polynomials. Glasses.) A. 10: RingShaped Non-Spherical Oscillator. R. Fields of interest Elementary Particles. Features 7 First monograph written on the quantum probability approach to spectral analysis of graphs.The Symmetric Group and Young Diagrams.. 8: Pseudoharmonic Oscillator. the Case of Granular Media.springer. México Factorization Method in Quantum Mechanics This work introduces the factorization method in quantum mechanics at an advanced level with an aim to put mathematical and physical concepts and techniques like the factorization method. 14: Position-Dependent Mass Schrödinger Equation for a Singular Oscillator. Quantum Probability and Spectral Analysis of Graphs This is the first book to comprehensively cover quantum probabilistic approach to spectral analysis of graphs.. (Fundamental Theories of Physics. Nancy. Lecture 1 gives an introduction and overview of the time-dependent behaviour of magnetic spin glasses.Glassy Behaviours in a-Thermal Systems.Adjacency Matrices. Japan Ageing and the Glass Transition Understanding cooperative phenomena far from equilibrium is one of fascinating challenges of present-day many-body physics. Contents Introduction. Erlangen... and asymptotic representation theory of the symmetric groups.Central Limit Theorem for the Plancherel Measures of the Symmetric Groups. chemistry and electrical engineering Target groups Researchers Target groups Graduate students.50 ISBN 978-3-540-48862-0 9<HTMELC=afhjfd> 9<HTOFPA=gjgide> 9<HTOFPA=ei gca> .00 ISBN 978-1-4020-5795-3 Due April 2007 2007. Lecture 4 gives a thorough introduction to the techniques and applications of Monte-Carlo simulations and the analysis of the resulting data through scaling methods.Field-Theory Approaches to Nonequlibrium Dynamics. Rejuvenation and Memory: the Example of Spin Glasses.Introduction to Simulation Techniques. 6: Morse Potential.

professors. Volume 2) Hardcover 7 approx. LCResearch.00 ISBN 978-0-387-28652-5 9<HTOFPA=ejdbed> 9<HTLDTH=gjfd e> 9<HTLDTH=cigfcf> . treated in a broad intuitive manner with a minimum of mathematical formalism. J. such as laser Landolt-Börnstein Numerical Data and Functional Relationships in Science and Technology – New Series Editor-in-chief: W. and the time-based global navigation systems. 571 p. G. 2007. and time reversal symmetry.) The Quantum Beat Principles and Applications of Atomic Clocks Free-Space Laser Communications Principles and Advances Group 4 Physical Chemistry Volume 13 Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium in Mixtures and Solutions ELDATA Company (Ed. Wichterle 7 Intended for non-specialists 7 Treats the material in a broad intuitive manner 7 Covers a wide range of relevant topics 7 Focuses on electronic time keeping 7 Examines the revolutionary changes made possible by laser cooling and optical pumping 7 Discusses the application to global navigation: in particular. J.) Subvolume A Binary Liquid Systems of Nonelectrolytes Eldata Company (Ed. Agoura Hills. Fluids. Topics covered include a combination of atmospheric effects for laser propagation and FSCL systems performance and design. Physical Chemistry Type of publication Graduate/Advanced undergraduate textbook Target groups Scientists and engineers in the field of physical chemistry. 234 illus. The Quantum Beat covers a wide range of salient topics relevant to atomic clocks. Major. Fontaine.50 ISBN 978-3-540-49314-3 Due July 2007 2nd ed. inorganic chemistry. RF and Optical Engineering Target groups Students. * € (D) 67. instructors. in that no other books cover the physics of atomic clocks This volume is a compilation of vapor–liquid equilibrium data on subcritical binary single-phase or two-phase liquid–liquid systems. where interest and attention continue to grow along with the number of technical challenges. graduate and undergraduate students. Martienssen F. Molecules. XIV. Ricklin. Catholic University of America. federal laboratories.00 | sFr 11452. engineers and students to interprete design data and to undertake the design of a free-space laser communications system Binary Liquid Systems of Nonelectrolytes With contributions by: J. 820 illus.) Part 1 Intended for nonspecialists with some knowledge of physics or engineering. the formation of “optical molasses. USA. unified tutorial covering the most recent advances in the emerging technology of free-space laser communications (FSLC). Fields of interest Atoms. GPS and Loran 7 Unique. * € (D) 165. Sosnkowska-Kehiaian. This book provides a comprehensive. and are intended as a valuable resource for engineers. Detailed descriptions are given of the design principles of the rubidium. K. government organizations. Washington. Z.36 | € (A) 69. USA A. I. Wagner. and mercury ion standards. DC. Hardcover 7 * € (D) 7479. USA (Eds. Kehiaian. industry. (Optical and Fiber Communications Reports.72 Physik/Astronomie Springer News 3/2007 springer. Microwaves. including low-melting ionic liquids and water. hydrogen maser. researchers and informed general readers in physics Target groups Scientific researchers. applied chemistry Type of publication Monograph Type of publication Reference work Due April 2007 Due March 2007 2007. cesium. scientists and students interested in better understanding laser communication systems designed for the atmospheric optical channel. C. CA. Linek. biochemistry. Thermodynamics. 100 illus.25 | sFr 103. Inc.80 | € (A) 170. Hardcover 7 approx. Clusters and Plasmas Fields of interest Applied Optics. H. 400 p. organic chemistry. MD. optical pumping. such as noise. Majumdar. Also included are topics that bear on the precision and absolute accuracy of standards..” and the cesium “fountain” standard. as well as up-to-date advanced knowledge of the state-of-the-art in the technologies available today.30 | € (A) 7689. the relativistic Doppler effect as well as more general relativistic notions of time relevant to synchronization of remote clocks. Loran-C and the Global Positioning System. Optoelectronics. which are organic or inorganic nonelectrolytes. Approx. X. resonance line shape. All the components are well-defined pure substances. Adelphi. Features Features 7 Comprehensive up-to-date discussion of freespace laser communications 7 Description of and models for the atmospheric channel are provided 7 Comprehensive discussion of optical propagation for the atmospheric channel 7 Valuable to the practicing bench scientists. 475 p.50 ISBN 978-0-387-69533-4 2007. With CD-ROM. and small high-technology businesses Fields of interest Mechanics. aerospace and defense contractors. Army Research Laboratory. This book is intended as an all-inclusive source to serve the needs of those who require information about the basics of FSLC. Optical Devices.45 | sFr 254. the revolutionary changes that the advent of the laser has made possible.

health and safety risks of nanomaterials.Gegenschein. where one starts with atoms and molecules.45 | sFr 41..springer... Maunder.from science. 225 p.00 ISBN 978-0-387-39937-9 2007. which constitute the molecular building blocks (MBBs).Dawn: Zodiacal light. D. graphite.55 | € (A) 87.Noctilucent clouds.Spectre of the Brocken.Part 2: Astronomical and Meteorological Phenomena. G...Other dust: Bishop‘s ring. Fields of interest Nanotechnology. illustrations and detailed physical explanations 7 A final chapter looks at ‘UFOs’ in the context of human perception and preconception Features 7 An overview of recent developments toward assessment and management of hazards and risks associated with engineered nanomaterials 7 An interdisciplinary approach to nanotechnology and occupational health Features 7 Latest developments in computational. The Arsenal. is managing environmental. D.. USA (Eds.. T.18 | € (A) 167. and how these can be managed will be vital and involves interdisciplinary collaboration.Volcanic dust (Krakatoa 1888. scientists and researchers. Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Target groups Libraries.Mistaken identities.. Hardcover 7 * € (D) 85. Approx. Type of publication Contributed volume Fields of interest Nanotechnology..Green flash. They include. MN.70 | € (A) 27.. is unique 7 Should appeal to a broad range of people. condensed matter physics. nanocrystals and amino acids.) M.00 ISBN 978-1-4020-5858-5 Due June 2007 Due July 2007 2007.. Volume 109) Hardcover 7 approx.) Nanoparticles and Occupational Health Nanotechnology is rapidly invading many aspects of modern society . and assembles them to build a nanostructured material... Maynard. but preferably in physical and organic chemistry.Surface modification and application of functionalized polymer nanofibers. some are photonic.. via El Chicon 1981 to Pinatubo 1990).Lunar haloes. or at least are little understood by those observing them.Lunar rainbows.. research and engineering to industrial and commercial applications and. One of the biggest challenges.Ball lightning. green and blue suns.Red sky. to man and his environment. international associations and initiatives involved in nanotechnology From the contents Thermodynamic properties of diamondoids. nanowires.Nacreous clouds.. and more. Some of these MBBs are electrical conductors. Mansoori. with photographs..Solar pillars.Rainbows and fogbows.Dawn and Dusk. (Patrick Moore‘s Practical Astronomy Series) Softcover 7 approx..Aurorae.95 | sFr 131. for example. inevitably. Astronomy Target groups Amateur astronomers Type of publication Monograph Type of publication Popular science Due March 2007 Reprinted from JOURNAL OF NANOPARTICLE RESEARCH.75 | sFr 250.Meteors.. dry and wet nanotechnology are presented 7 Special emphasis on carbon structures.. to the distinctly unusual like the green flash and ball lightning.Glories.. how this translates into risk.. 9:1. Systematic research into what potentially makes engineered nanomaterials hazardous. Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars. including nanotubes. Y.Caldwell objects. Condensed Matter and Material Sciences Target groups Researchers in nanotechnology in any field.00 ISBN 978-1-84628-562-2 9<HTLDTH=dj dhj> 9<HTMIPG=cifgc > 9<HTMELC=afifif> ...UFOs: Human perception. policymakers. And there is still a residuum of objects that remain unidentified by the watcher – classed generally as ‘UFOs’. DC.Night: Light pollution. * € (D) 26. Nanotechnology MBBs are distinguished for their unique properties. L.Night. as a useful source for current research activities in nanoscience and technology From the contents Part 1: Identifier. the information necessary to assess their longterm effects is scarce.Crepuscular rays. George. VI. some are semiconductors. 186 p. USA. Shepherd‘s warning.. A.Season for pre-dawn sighting. These building blocks have quite unique properties not found in small molecules. Materials Science.Zinc oxide nanorod arrays: properties and hydrothermal synthesis. fullerene.Development of composite materials based on improved nanodiamonds.Red sky Shepherd‘s delight... UK Molecular Building Blocks for Nanotechnology From Diamondoids to Nanoscale Materials and Applications This book deals with a “bottom-up” approach to building nanostructured systems. Pui. (Topics in Applied Physics.Heiligenschein.. wires and diamondoids.. Assoufid. and the characteristic dimension of each is a few nanometers.Mother of pearl clouds.Messier objects. a description which today has connotations of the mysterious. Many lights and other objects in the sky go unrecognised... even of extraterrestrial visitors. including those is academe.Sundogs and mock suns. diamondoids. F. laboratories. 299 illus. Approx. Features 7 Enables anyone to identify puzzling astronomical and meteorological phenomena. are candidates for various applications in nanotechnology..-Iridescence.Milky Way. * € (D) 163.Daylight: Haloes and coronas also detached arcs.. Yet.Other phenomena: marsh gas.. Optical and Electronic Materials. Washington.. chemical and materials engineering Fields of interest Popular Science in Astronomy. therefore.Diamondoids as molecular building blocks. industry and governmental labs. Lights in the Sky Understanding Astronomical and Meteorological Phenomena A. Zhang (Eds. All these MBBs. University of Minnesota. carbon nanotubes. fireflies: Lightning..Astronomical and meteorological. via an easy “finder” section 7 Describes all such phenomena. February 2007 Springer News 3/2007 Physik/Astronomie 73 G. 424 p.Daylight. Such things range from the commonplace like rainbows and meteors...Dusk: Zodiacal light Season for twilight sightings.

41 | sFr 38. Exploring the Herschel Showpieces.. Classification of Superconductors.Carbon Problem. Superfluidity. The book includes great number of illustrations and references. DE.Appendix A. Contents Contents. 77 illus.Part 2 Observing and Traveling to total Solar Eclipses. 110 illus. with detailed descriptions and images of 150 to 200 of the very best for viewing with amateur telescopes. Approx. the layered anisotropic structure and the supershort coherence length are the main features of HTS defining their properties.Appendix D... each with about a thousand people on board. There will be two more big ones in the south Pacific in 2010 and 2012... There has never been – and as of the time of submitting this proposal there still isn’t – an observer’s book devoted to the Herschel objects. From the contents Introduction..Composition Features and HTSC Preparation Techniques. Statistics and Tracks. Quantum Fluids Target groups Amateur astronomers Type of publication Popular science Target groups Scientists.00 ISBN 978-0-387-69827-4 Due September 2007 2007.Why do Eclipses Occur?. Rostov-on-Don.. and How to Observe Them covers more than 600 of the brightest of the objects that Herschel saw..Part 1. 300 illus..Index. Especial attention is devoted in the book to the Bi-Sr-CaCu-O and Y-Ba-Cu-O families... Mullaney..e. south of Japan. Mobberley.05 | € (A) 142..Checklists and Travel Plans. * € (D) 24..Modeling BSCCO Systems and Composites... to witness these rare astronomical events.Shadow Bands and other Phenomena. Astronomy Fields of interest Popular Science in Astronomy. Russia Total Solar Eclipses and How to Observe Them This is the ultimate.Safety First. and Galaxies Microstructure and Properties of High-Temperature Superconductors An intrinsic brittleness of oxide cuprates. Goes far beyond those of the standard (i. Finite Element Implementation of Carbon-Induced Embrittlement Model.72 | € (A) 25.00 ISBN 978-3-540-70976-3 9<HTLDTH=gjiche> 9<HTLDTH=gibcef> 9<HTOFPA=hajhgd> . The link “composition-technique-experimenttheory-model” investigated in the book. and How to Observe Them offers the exciting opportunity of retracing the steps of the greatest visual observer and celestial explorer that ever lived.Digital SLR Eclipse Photography. Sir William and his catalog. reflecting the interest amateur astronomers have in this important but less widely known listing.].00 ISBN 978-0-387-68124-5 Monograph Due March 2007 2007.. easy-to-read guide for “eclipse-chasers”. The US-based Astronomical League has for several years sponsored a „Herschel Club“. The Herschel Objects.. Rostov State University. Rehoboth Beach.. and How to Observe Them Exploring Sir William Herschel‘s Star Clusters. UK J. and also the possibilities of optimization of the preparation techniques and superconducting compositions are considered..95 | sFr 213. The technology available to amateur astronomers is improving fast. Eclipse Mechanisms. Messier and Caldwell) listings 7 First book of its kind devoted entirely to viewing the deepspace discoveries of Sir William Herschel..Acknowledgements.General Aspects of HTSC Modeling. A. Taking into account these features. Tens of thousands of observers travel to the eclipse track on land. Eclipse chasers are now numbered in the tens of thousands.Modeling of Electromagnetic and Superconducting Properties of HTSC. steaming along the track of the eclipse. In 2009.Appendix C.About the Author. there is a 6 minute 38 second eclipse (very long) in China. and then through the Gobi Desert.74 Physik/Astronomie Springer News 3/2007 springer. Nebulae.. Astronomy Target groups Amateur astronomers Field of interest Superconductivity. 220 p.Part 2.Eclipse Trips – Look Back and Laugh.Mechanical Destructions of HTSC Josephson Junctions and Composites. General Issues.Appendices. Fields of interest Popular Science in Astronomy. * € (D) 24. (Astronomers‘ Observing Guides) Softcover 7 approx.72 | € (A) M.Modeling YBCO Oxide Superconductors. the researching of HTS microstructure and properties is presented. Eden Model. 192 p. nebulae and galaxies. The Herschel Objects. and the Pacific Ocean.The Solar Atmosphere.Eclipses and Tracks 2008 – 2020 [Approx..Part 1. 400 p. Recent additions are low-cost white-light solar binoculars.The Rugged Lunar Limb..Savor The View. Macrostructure Modeling of Heat Conduction. Suffolk..Computer Simulation of HTSC Microstructure and Toughening Mechanisms..... (Astronomers‘ Observing Guides) Softcover 7 approx. Features 7 Describes the astronomy.Appendix B. Every total solar eclipse sees dozens of cruise ships. USA I. The Herschel Objects.. science and physics of total solar eclipses. graduate students Type of publication Popular science Type of publication Due September 2007 2007. and the new generation of affordable H-Alpha telescopes.Preface. Parinov.The Shadow of The Moon. There are some important eclipses coming up in the years ahead: in 2008 August across Siberia. in different conditions and in different locations Amateur astronomers – particularly deep-sky observers – are always on the lookout for new observing challenges. and the phenomena that can be observed only during a total eclipse 7 Enables members of the growing community of “eclipse chasers” to ensure that they have with them all the right equipment to observe or image a total solar eclipse 7 Describes what to expect during a total solar eclipse.41 | sFr 38. then in 2017 there is a solar eclipse that will be visible right across the USA. Approx. 38 in color. strength and connected with them the structure-sensitive properties of the materials considered. assuming considerable HTSC defectiveness and structure heterogeneity. Features 7 Comprehensive presentation of all types of HTSC 7 Includes broad overview on HTSC computer simulations and modelling Features 7 Fills a definite need for active observers seeking exciting new celestial targets to explore with their telescopes. the greatest visual observer and amateur/professional astronomer that ever lived and discoverer of the planet Uranus Contents Superconductors and Superconductivity. Physics.. Hardcover 7 * € (D) 139. This is a practical guide to seeing the most impressive of Herschel’s star clusters. Approx. forms whole picture of modern representations on the microstructure.Experimental Investigations of HTSC. that today are most perspective for applications.Image Processing.

Springer News 3/2007



P. Pugh, Wiltshire, UK

J. D. Puglisi, Stanford University, CA, USA (Ed.)

S. Ramachandran, OFS Laboratories, Murray Hill, NJ, USA

Observing the Sun with Coronado™ Telescopes
The Sun provides amateur astronomers with one of the few opportunities for daytime astronomy. In order to see the major features of our nearest star, special telescopes that have a very narrow visible bandwidth are essential. The bandwidth has to be as narrow as 1 × 10-10 m (1 Angstrom) and centred on the absorption line of neutral hydrogen. This makes many major features of the Sun’s chromosphere visible to the observer. Such narrow-band “Fabry-Perot etalon filters” are high technology, and until the introduction of the Coronado range of solar telescopes, were too expensive for amateur use. The entry-level Coronado telescope, the PST (Personal Solar Telescope) costs under $500.

Structure and Biophysics New Technologies for Current Challenges in Biology and Beyond
This volume is a collection of articles from the proceedings of the ISSBMR 7th Course: Structure and Biophysics - New Technologies for Current Challenges in Biology and Beyond. This NATO Advanced Institute (ASI) was held in Erice a the Ettore Majorana Foundation and Centre for Scientific Culture on 22 June through 3 July 2005. The ASI brought together a diverse group of experts in the fields of Structural Biology, Biophysics and Physics. Prominent lecturers, from seven different countries, and students from around the world participated in the NATO ASI organized by Professors Joseph Puglisi (Stanford University, USA) and Alexander Arseniev (Moscow, RU). Advances in nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (NMR) and x-ray crystallography have allowed the three-dimensional structures of many biological macromolecules and their complexes, including the ribosome and RNA polymerase to be solved.

Fiber-based Dispersion Compensation

7 First book on Dispersion Compensating Fibers 7 Written by leading experts on DCF

Fields of interest
Applied Optics, Optoelectronics, Optical Devices; Communications Engineering, Networks

Target groups
Scientists, engineers, researchers

Type of publication

7 The first introduction to H-alpha solar observation for amateurs 7 Dedicated to the popular Coronado range of H-alpha telescopes 7 Contains superb images of the Sun in H-alpha taken with Coronado telescopes by top amateur astronomers 7 Detailed sections on imaging and image-processing 7 Covers the range of equipment from the entry level PST to advanced, but with emphasis on the low-cost models

7 Presents state-of-the-art information on NMR spectroscopy, and its place in the broader field of biophysics 7 No other volume presents such a wide range of topics, including: 1. NMR spectroscopy; 2. Protein folding; 3. X-ray crystallography; 4. Spectroscopy; 5. Applications

Preface.- Introduction.- The Coronado PST.Imaging.- Larger Coronado Hydrogen-alpha Telescopes.- Use of a SolarMax 60 filter system.Summing up.

Fields of interest
Biophysics/Biomedical Physics; Solid State Physics and Spectroscopy; Crystallography

Fields of interest
Popular Science in Astronomy; Astronomy

Target groups Target groups
Amateur and practical astronomers Biophysicists, biochemists, crystallographers, biotechnologists

Type of publication
Popular science

Type of publication

Due April 2007
2007. X, 181 p. (NATO Security through Science Series / NATO Security through Science Series B: Physics and Biophysics) Hardcover 7 * € (D) 128,35 | € (A) 131,95 | sFr 197,00 ISBN 978-1-4020-5898-1

Due April 2007
2007. Approx. 200 p. 100 illus. (Optical and Fiber Communications Reports, Volume 5) Hardcover 7 approx. * € (D) 192,55 | € (A) 197,95 | sFr 295,00 ISBN 978-0-387-40347-2

Due September 2007
2007. Approx. 220 p. (Patrick Moore‘s Practical Astronomy Series) Softcover 7 approx. * € (D) 32,96 | € (A) 33,88 | sFr 50,50 ISBN 978-0-387-68126-9

Also available as softcover 7 * € (D) 53,45 | € (A) 54,95 | sFr 82,00 ISBN 978-1-4020-5899-8


9<HTMELC=afij i>




Springer News 3/2007

R. Schützhold, TU Dresden, Germany; W. Unruh, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada (Eds.)

L. Ting, New York University, New York, NY, USA; R. Klein, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany; O. M. Knio, The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MS, USA

D. R. Topper, University of Winnipeg, MT, Canada

Quirky Sides of Scientists
True Tales of Ingenuity and Error from Physics and Astronomy

Quantum Analogues: From Phase Transitions to Black Holes and Cosmology
Recently, analogies between laboratory physics (e.g. quantum optics and condensed matter) and gravitational/cosmological phenomena such as black holes have attracted an increasing interest. Especially in view of the tremendous progress of the experimental capabilities (e.g. regarding superfluids such as liquid Helium or gaseous BoseEinstein condensates), exotic quantum effects such as Hawking radiation might come into reach for the first time. This book contains a series of selected lectures devoted to this new and rapidly developing interdisciplinary field of research. Various analogies connecting (apparently) different areas in physics are presented in order to bridge the gap between them and to provide an alternative point of view - which will provide a deeper insight for graduate students as well as senior scientists.

Vortex Dominated Flows
Analysis and Computation for Multiple Scale Phenomena

Addressed to both graduate students and researchers this monograph provides in-depth analyses of vortex dominated flows via matched and multiscale asymptotics, and it demonstrates how insight gained through these analyses can be exploited in the construction of robust, efficient, and accurate numerical techniques. The dynamics of slender vortex filaments is discussed in detail, including fundamental derivations, compressible core structure, weakly non-linear limit regimes, and associated numerical methods. Similarly, the volume covers asymptotic analysis and computational techniques for weakly compressible flows involving vortex-generated sound and thermoacoustics.

These historical narratives of scientific bahavior reveal the often irrational way scientists arrive at and assess their theories. There are stories of Einstein’s stubbornness leading him to reject a correct interpretation of an experiment and miss an important deduction from his own theory, and Newton missing the important deduction from one of his most celebrated discoveries. Copernicus and Galileo are found suppressing information. A theme running throughout the book is the notion that what is obvious today was not so in the past. Scientists seen in their historical context shatter myths and show them to be less modern than we often like to think of them.

7 Clearly demonstrates that the greatest minds throughout history arrived at their famous scientific theories in very unorganized ways. They often did not fully grasp the significance and implications of their own work 7 Outside a circle of specialized academics, these little-known yet fascinating stories are told in a clear and engaging style to captivate the scientific-educated reader

7 Treats theoretical foundations of vortical flows 7 Presents numerical schemes based on asymptotic theory

The Analogue Between Rimfall and Black Holes.Effective Horizons in the Laboratory.- Quantum Phase Transitions From Topology in Momentum Space.- Superfluid 3He as a Model System for Cosmology-Experimental Point of View.- Dynamical Aspects of Analogue Gravity: Quantum Backreaction in Bose-Einstein Condensates.- Analogue Space-Time Based on 2-Component Bose-Einstein Condensates.- Links. Relating Diffferent Physical Systems Through the Common QFT Algebraic Structure.- The Classical and Quantum Roots of Pauli`s Spin-Statistics Relation.- Black Hole Lasers Revisited.- Cosmic Strings.- Index.

From the contents
Vortex Dominated Flows and General Theory.Motion and Decay of Vortex Filaments - Matched Asymptotics.- Nonlinear Dynamics of Nearly Straight Vortex Filaments.- Numerical Simulation of Slender Vortex Filaments.- Numerical Simulations of the Merging of Vortices or Filaments.Flow-Generated Sound.- Sound-Generated Flow.Epilogue.- Appendices: A. Governing Equations for Higher-Order Solutions.- B. Second-Order Two-Time Solutions.- C. Equations of Motion of Filaments.

From the contents
Tenacity and Stubbornness: Einstein on Theory and Experiment.- Convergence or Coincidence: Ancient Measurements of the Sun and Moon – How far?- The Rationality of Simplicity: Copernicus on Planetary Motion.- A Silence of Scientists: Venus‘ Brightness, Earth‘s Precession, and the Nebula in Orion.- Progress through Error: Stars and Quasars – How Big, How Far?- The Data Fits the Model but the Model is Wrong: Kepler and the Structure of the Cosmos.- Art Illustrates Science: Galileo, a Blemished Moon, and a Parabola of Blood.- Ensnared in Circles: Galileo and the Law of Projectile Motion.- Aesthetics and Holism: Newton on Light, Color, and Music.- Missing One’s Own Discovery: Newton and the First Idea of an Artificial Satellite.

Fields of interest
Quantum Physics; Mathematical and Computational Physics; Relativity and Cosmology

Fields of interest
Mathematical and Computational Physics; Mathematical Methods in Physics; Numerical and Computational Methods

Target groups
Graduate students, lecturers, researchers

Target groups Type of publication
Monograph Researchers and advanced students of applied mathematics and engineering

Fields of interest
Popular Science in Astronomy; Astronomy

Type of publication

Target groups
Historians of general science, astronomy, physics; popular science enthusiasts

Due April 2007 Due April 2007
2007. Approx. 300 p. (Lecture Notes in Physics, Volume 718) Hardcover 7 * € (D) 74,85 | € (A) 76,95 | sFr 115,00 ISBN 978-3-540-70858-2 Originally published as volume 374 in the series Lecture Notes in Physics 2007. Approx. 510 p. (Applied Mathematical Sciences, Volume 161) Hardcover 7 * € (D) 74,85 | € (A) 76,95 | sFr 115,00 ISBN 978-3-540-68581-4

Type of publication
Popular science

Due May 2007
2007. Approx. 200 p. 57 illus. Hardcover 7 approx. * € (D) 32,96 | € (A) 33,88 | sFr 50,50 ISBN 978-0-387-71018-1




Springer News 3/2007



S. Watanabe, University of Tokyo, Chiba, Japan; K. Midorikawa, RIKEN, Saitama, Japan (Eds.)

H. Wiedemann, Stanford University, Stanford, CA, USA

H. Winter, J. Burgdörfer, Technische Universität Wien, Austria (Eds.)

Ultrafast Optics V
This book brings together in a single volume the most up-to-date results in the field presented at Ultrafast Optics and Applications of High Field and Short Wavelength Sources 2005. The volume contains keynote and invited contributions together with carefully selected regular contributions. The book aims at the highest level of presentation to make it useful as a reference for those working in the field.

Particle Accelerator Physics
Particle Accelerator Physics is an in-depth and comprehensive introduction to the field of highenergy particle acceleration and beam dynamics. Part I gathers the basic tools, recalling the essentials of electrostatics and electrodynamics as well as of particle dynamics in electromagnetic fields. Part II is an extensive primer in beam dynamics, followed in Part III by the introduction and description of the main beam parameters. Part IV is devoted to the treatment of perturbations in beam dynamics. Part V discusses the details of charged particle accleration. Part VI and Part VII introduce the more advanced topics of coupled beam dynamics and the description of very intense beams. Part VIII is an exhaustive treatment of radiation from accelerated charges and introduces important sources of coherent radiation such as synchrotrons and free-electron lasers. Part IX collects the appendices gathering useful mathematical and physical formulae, parameters and units.

Slow Heavy-Particle Induced Electron Emission from Solid Surfaces
The emission of electrons from solid surfaces bombarded by slow neutral and ionized heavy particles (atoms, molecules) is reviewed both theoretically and in the light of recent experimental studies by leading groups in the field: Kinetic emission from grazing incidence of atoms and kinetic and potential emission from grazing incidence of singly and multiply charged ions on monocrystalline metal and insulator surfaces; modelling of slow electron transport in solids; emission of spin-polarized electrons by ion neutralization; electron emission from slow ion induced plasmons and excitons.

7 The frontier in attosecond metrology-generation and measurement, recent progress in the stabilization of carrier-envelop phase, and the state-of-the-art optical parametric chirped pulse amplification are presented 7 High field physics including particle acceleration and ultra high power laser technology are presented

7 Covers all aspects of electron emission by slow heavy-ion bombardment 7 Integrates physics of ion beams, surfaces and chemical physics 7 Serves both as a reference work for reserachers and a textbook for graduate students

Part I Attosecond metrology.- Part III CarrierEnvelop Phase I.- Part IV Carrier-Envelop Phase II.- Part V High field physics and applications I.- Part VI X-ray plasma sources and applications.- Part VII High field physics and applications II.- Part VIII THz and Nonlinear processes I.- Part IX THz and Nonlinear processes II. -Part X X-ray lasers.- Part XI High intensity lasers and applications.- Part XII Atoms and molecules in high field.- Part XII High-order harmonic generation.Part XIV Ultrafast amplifier.- Part XVI OPCPA.

7 Only modern and comprehensive textbook in the field

Preface.- Theoretical Concepts and Methods for Electron Emission from Solid Surfaces.- Photonand Electron-Induced Electron Emission from Solid Surfaces.- Potential Electron Emission from Metal and Insulator Surfaces.- Kinetic Electron Emission for Grazing Scattering of Atoms and Ions from Surfaces.- Spin Polarization of Electrons Emitted in the Neutralization of He+ Ions in Solids.- Electron Emission from Surfaces Mediated by Ion-Induced Plasmon Excitation.- Slow IonInduced Electron Emission from Thin Insulating Films.

Tools we Need.- Beam Dynamics.- Beam Parameters.- Perturbations.- Acceleration.- Coupled Motion.- Intense Beams.- Synchrotron Radiation.Appendices.

Fields of interest Fields of interest
Optical Spectroscopy, Ultrafast Optics Particle Acceleration and Detection, Beam Physics; Measurement Science, Instrumentation; Classical Electrodynamics, Wave Phenomena

Target groups
Scientists and researchers

Target groups
Students, lecturers, researchers in academia and industrial R & D

Fields of interest
Condensed Matter and Material Sciences; Nuclear Physics, Heavy Ions, Hadrons; Surfaces and Interfaces, Thin Films

Type of publication

Type of publication
Graduate/Advanced undergraduate textbook

Target groups
Scientists and advanced students

Type of publication

Due June 2007
2007. Approx. 520 p. 303 illus. With CD-ROM. (Springer Series in Optical Sciences, Volume 132) Hardcover 7 approx. * € (D) 165,80 | € (A) 170,45 | sFr 254,00 ISBN 978-0-387-49117-2

Due April 2007 Due April 2007
Orginally published in the series: Advanced Texts in Physics 3rd ed. 2007. Approx. 950 p. Hardcover 7 * € (D) 106,95 | € (A) 109,95 | sFr 164,00 ISBN 978-3-540-49043-2 2007. Approx. 300 p. 140 illus. Also available online. (Springer Tracts in Modern Physics, Volume 225) Hardcover 7 * € (D) 192,55 | € (A) 197,95 | sFr 295,00 ISBN 978-3-540-70788-2

9<HTLDTH=ejb hc>


9<HTOFPA=hahi c>

Moscow.. Fields of interest Quantum Optics.6.. To facilitate engineering application the analytical results are also presented in form of tables and diagrams. 41 illus.. Hardcover 7 * € (D) 96. Contents Introduction to Chalcogenide Glasses. University of Cambridge. such as ultra-fast switching. Physical Chemistry Target groups Scientists Type of publication Monograph Fields of interest Engineering Thermodynamics.D. Nonlinear Optics.. UK Y.. Approx. optical limiting. Zakery.Experimental Techniques to Measure Nonlinear Optical A.E.Basic Concepts of Nonlinear Optics.Measurement of Nonlinear Optical Constants.78 Physik/Astronomie Springer News 3/2007 springer. Features 7 Useful to all engineers dealing with heat transfer Contents 1. Quantum Electronics.. Different techniques used to characterize non-linear optical constants of these glasses in form of bulk or thin films are discussed and properties of many chalcogenide systems are presented. All-Russia Nuclear-Power Research and Development Institute. Approx.. Proof of the fundamental inequalities.4. Infinite chain fractions. Introduction. Fabrication of rib as well as ridge waveguides and of fiber gratings is also presented and suitability of chalcogenide films for fabrication of all-optical integrated circuits is addressed. 400 p. Zudin. Practical applications of the theory. Schiraz University. Different applications of these glasses. Solution of special problems. This correction factor is always smaller than one and depends on the coupling parameters Biot number.7.95 | sFr 147.Issues and Future Directions. 2nd harmonic generation and electro-optic effects are discussed. B.00 ISBN 978-3-540-71066-0 2007. 60 illus.Optical Switching in Chalcogenide Glasses. Iran. Functions of the wall thickness. Universal algorithm of computation of the factor of conjugation. For characteristic periodic heat transfer problems analytical solutions are given for the coupling factor...25 | € (A) 98.. 160 p.2. Elliott. Step and non-periodic oscillations of the heat transfer intensity.A. (Springer Series in Optical Sciences.Optical Nonlinearities in Chalcogenide Fibres. Russia Optical Nonlinearities in Chalcogenide Glasses and their Applications The present monograph addresses optical nonlinearities of chalcogenide glasses and their applications.50 ISBN 978-3-540-70723-3 9<HTOFPA=hbag a> 9<HTOFPA=hahcd > . S.95 | sFr 213.. Solution of characteristic problems.3...05 | € (A) 142. Proof of divergence of the infinite series.. Thermodynamics Target groups Scientists Type of publication Monograph Due March 2007 Due April 2007 2007. Volume 135) Hardcover 7 * € (D) 139. Numerical and Computational Methods in Engineering. Fourier number as well as dimensionless geometry and oscillation parameters. Construction of a general solution of the problem. Function of thickness for special problems. Theory of Periodic Conjugate Heat Transfer A new calculation method is presented for heat transfer in coupled convective-conductive fluidwall systems under periodical intensity oscillations in fluid flow. Transport Phenomena. The true steady state mean value of the heat transfer coefficient has to be multiplied by a newly defined coupling factor.C.. Schiraz.

Hydrology and Paleolimnology Ocean Waves Breaking and Marine Aerosol Fluxes With contribution by: T. (Atmospheric and Oceanographic Sciences Library. Mechanics. graduate.. geophysicists and meteorologists Type of publication Monograph Type of publication Monograph 9<HTMELC=ae bag> 2008.springer. ecologists. Solar radiative transfer for global climate studies. Institute of Oceanology of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Massel.D students and postdoctural students due to its basic and educational character Type of publication Encyclop(a)edia Contents Part I Remote sensing and radiative transfer: 1..Seasonal Variation of Aerosol Fluxes in the Baltic Sea. 5 illus. ecology.D and postdoctoral students 9<HTMELC=afgbgb> 2008. R. Linearization of vector radiative transfer by means of the forward-adjoint perturbation theory and its use in atmospheric remote sensing. Studies of light scattering by complex particles using the null-field method with discrete sources. Features 7 Summarizes recent developments in the field of light scattering media optics and radiative transfer Features 7 Bridges gap between generalized texts and specialized texts on oceanography 7 First ocean wave title to specifically focus on wave breaking phenomenon 7 Can be used as a textbook for graduate students. Herschy. XIV. water science.93 | € (A) 548. Derivatives of the radiation field and their application to the solution of inverse problems. (Springer Praxis Books / Environmental Sciences) Hardcover 7 * € (D) 149. Computer Applications in Geosciences.95 | sFr 229. chemists.. Petelski Fields of interest Hydrogeology.Mechanics of Steep and Breaking Waves. Volume 38) Hardcover 7 approx.00 Available 2007. (Encyclopedia of Earth Sciences Series) Hardcover 7 * € (D) 426. * € (D) 99. environmental specialists and managers. Hydrology Consultant. Meteorology/Climatology..8 Radiative transfer in horizontally and vertically inhomomgeneous turbid media. Raman lidar remote sensing of geophysical media.50 ISBN 978-3-540-30932-1 Due June 2007 2007.93 | € (A) 438. Geography (general). Approx.. valid until April 30.. hydrogeology.46 | € (A) 102. Thermodynamics Fields of interest Applied Geosciences.61 | € (A) 382.Statistical Properties of Ocean Waves. 2008: 7 * € (D) 341. New York. geology.00 ISBN 978-1-4020-5616-1 Prepublication price. Retrieval of cloud optical thickness and effective radius using multispectral remote sensing and accounting for 3D effects.4. Print+Online.whitecaps coverage . Reading. Due January 2008 2008. and its possible seasonal variations is explored in detail.90 | sFr 523.33 | € (A) 350.Appendices. Geology. 275 p. valid until April 30.Whitecaps Coverage on the Sea Surface. On the remote sensing and radiative properties of cirrus.00 ISBN 978-1-4020-4410-6 Prepublication price. Kokhanovsky. 800 p.50 Target groups Physicists especially those working in the field of optics. Poland Light Scattering Reviews 2 This book is to continue the “Light Scattering Reviews” series devoted to modern knowledge and milestones in both experimental and theoretical techniques related to light scattering and radiative transport problems.. The following relationships chain is explored in detail: breaking waves .. 2008: 7 ** € (D) 379. 800 p.Wave Beraking Criteria and Probability of Breaking. biology and environmental science This book will cover the existing gap in knowledge on breaking waves and their influence on generation of marine fluxes from the ocean surfaces. Approx. Columbia University. (Encyclopedia of Earth Sciences Series) 7 * € (D) 533... USA. geography..Estimation of Aerosol Fluxes in Deep Water. 2008: 7 * € (D) 426.90 | sFr 654.Part III Numerical techniques: 7. R. (Encyclopedia of Earth Sciences Series) 7 ** € (D) 474.rate of wave energy dissipation . Inverse problems: 5. NY.00 Fields of interest Oceanography..80 | sFr 549. meterology and geophysics. Geology Target groups Students in hydrology.Part II.00 ISBN 978-1-4020-5617-8 Prepublication price.2. The work has capabilities to further facilitate studes in light scattering media optics and be of importance for researchers across various scientific fields including Springer News 3/2007 Geowissenschaften 79 R. Ph. Contents Introduction.. Institute of Physics.25 | sFr 152. 352 p. astronomers.. UK (Eds. It gives a valuable picture of recent developments in the area of remote sensing and radiative transfer.amount of aerosol fluxes rising from a given sea basin.3.75 | € (A) 153.90 | sFr 654. Fluids.50 ISBN 978-0-387-36638-8 9<HTMELC=afgbhi> 9<HTOFPA=dajdcb> 9<HTLDTH=dg di > . valid until April 30. meteorologists.81 | € (A) 478.) A. Encyclopedia of Lakes and Reservoirs Geography.Energy Dissipation Due to Wave Breaking in Deep Waters.81 | sFr 687.93 | € (A) 438.90 | sFr 818. Ph. Belarus S. Fairbridge. Minsk.6. Approx. Online version. Gdansk.Experimental insights into Mechanisms of Wave Breaking. Geophysics/Geodesy Target groups Professionals and researchers such as physicists.

. lecturers.Part IV: Landslide Risk Assessment. XVI. practitioners. graduates Type of publication Monograph Due March 2007 2007.Part III: Landslide Monitoring. Contents Preface. practitioners. Fields of interest Applied Geosciences.Appendix.45 | € (A) 164.) Progress in Landslide Science This book presents current progress in landslide science and consists of four parts: (1) Progress in Landslide Science. G. Physical Geography Target groups Scientists. Wang. Fukuoka. 300 illus. and (4) Landslide Risk Assessment.00 ISBN 978-3-540-70964-0 9<HTOFPA=hajgea> . Geology. H.80 Geowissenschaften Springer News 3/2007 springer. 400 p. Japan (Eds. Kyoto University.95 | sFr 246. libraries. This book can be also used as an introductory textbook for college students who wish to learn fundamental scientific achievements in the field of landslide disaster K. Kyoto. Sassa. and government officers working on landslide risk-mitigation planning.Part I: Progress in Landslide Research. 7 * € (D) 160.. F.Part II: Landslide Dynamics.. (2) Landslide Dynamics. Wang. It provides useful information to academics. (3) Landslide Monitoring. researchers.

Sportgeräte oder Nahrungsergänzungsmittel.15 | € (A) 175. Ebel. geo-system research Zielgruppen Biologen. F. Physikalisch-chemische Grundlagen werden ebenso behandelt wie Fragen der Ethik. Hardcover 7 approx. Techniques. Schon jetzt ist eine ganze Reihe von Produkten mit neuen positiven Eigenschaften im Handel. Chemiker. For achieving this goal predictions of possibly resulting risks and impacts are urgently needed for future environmental planning. Systematic development of scattering models of targets with different geometric and physical properties are presented. Im diesem Buch geben eine Reihe namhafter Autoren und Autorinnen verschiedener Disziplinen einen umfassenden Überblick über den aktuellen Stand der Forschung und Entwicklung und zeigen die Chancen und Risiken der Nanotechnologien auf. risk and emergency analysis. Scheinbar unbegrenzt sind die Anwendungsmöglichkeiten. 15 Abb. Models. Behördenvertreter. Features 7 Focuses on fisheries acoustics 7 Addresses the theoretical aspects of the complexity and diversity of scattering characteristics that affect biomass and abundance estimates of surveyed biological species 7 Provides both generic and specific scattering models. mitigation and abatement.) A. des Regulationsund Forschungsbedarfs sowie wirtschaftliche und gesellschaftliche Aspekte.95 | € (A) 39.90 | sFr 261. Jahrhunderts mit enormem wirtschaftlichem Potenzial.13 | € (A) 174. numerical modelling. Gazsó. and Applications Air. S. Calculus of Variations and Optimal Control. H. Forum Wissenschaft und Umwelt. environmental planning and policy. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute. Davitashvili. Environmental Biotechnology. 295 p. Kosmetika. Woods Hole. MA.95 | sFr 262. P. USA A.95 | sFr 115. Germany. University of Cologne. There is a strong need to advance to an integral treatment of air. State University Tbilisi. der Gesundheit. Acoustics Fields of interest Environmental Computing/Environmental Modelling. T. Wien. reflecting scientific advances in scattering modeling over the past few decades. Atmospheric Protection/Air Quality Control/Air Pollution Target groups College and graduate students majoring in acoustics. Viel zu wenig ist bislang über mögliche unerwünschte Wirkungen von Nanopartikel auf die menschliche Gesundheit und die Umwelt bekannt. interessierte Laien Type of publication Monograph Type of publication Proceedings Kategorie Monographie Due April 2007 2007. der Risikokommunikation. soil and water pollution by combining different models for different media. * € (D) 170. Approx. Universität Wien (Hrsg. Umweltmediziner. des Umweltschutzes. Betrieblicher Umweltschutz Target groups Scientists working in the field of environmental modelling. Universität Wien. Chu. X. professional acoustical scientists and engineers Fachgebiete Nanotechnologie.00 ISBN 978-1-4020-5876-9 Erscheint März 2007 Angezeigt in Highlights 01/2007 2007. Georgia (Eds. Physiker.00 ISBN 978-3-540-69729-9 9<HTMELC=afihfc> Also available as softcover 7 * € (D) 74. Umweltmedizin. Wiebe. Neue Technologie können auch Gefahren in sich bergen. enabling them to process and interpret the recorded acoustic data correctly. This book describes the theoretical development of a suite of advanced scattering models necessary for interpreting fisheries and zooplankton acoustics. The authors hope this book can also be used as a reference or guide book for acoustic scientists to understand the underlying physics behind acoustic scattering by aquatic fauna. wie etwa Reinigungsmittel. Optimization.95 | sFr 61. Springer News 3/2007 Umweltwissenschaften 81 D. The majority of environmental quality models is focussing on selected isolated parts of the geo-system though impacts on one compartment usually also affect one or more other parts. Nanotechnologie gilt als Schlüsseltechnologie des 21.50 ISBN 978-1-4020-5875-2 Due April 2007 No sales rights in Mainland China Jointly published with Tsinghua University Press 2007. Greßler. 365 p. Furthermore it is imperative to develop and apply modern methods of control theory to environmental risk assessment in order to support mitigation and abatement measures in an optimal way. 7 € (D) 39.) Acoustic Sensing of Aquatic Fauna Theories. before presenting state of the art data processing techniques.50 ISBN 978-3-211-48644-3 9<HTOFPA=gjhcj > 9<HTMELC=afihgj> 9<HTOCMB=eige d> . water and soil quality 7 Application of control theory and environmental data assimilation 7 Integrated environmental modelling 7 Modelling for security Pluspunkte 7 Umfassende Beleuchtung der Thematik 7 Namhafte internationale Wissenschaftler 7 Interdisziplinärer Überblick über den aktuellen Stand der Forschung und Entwicklung Fields of interest Environmental Computing/Environmental Modelling.springer. for which many Matlab programs will be provided on the web Features 7 Joint treatment of air.85 | € (A) 76. (NATO Security through Science Series / NATO Security through Science Series C: Environmental Security) Hardcover 7 * € (D) 171. Etwa 200 S. Water and Soil Quality Modelling for Risk and Impact nano Chancen und Risiken aktueller Technologien Assessment Environmental pollution by harmful anthropogenic substances and uncontrolled use of natural reserves have become a global problem and require substantial efforts for developing and applying efficient measures of control. climate research. Schiemer.

Wenning (Eds.00 ISBN 978-0-387-69162-6 9<HTMELC=afjcjc> 9<HTMELC=afiab > 9<HTLDTH=gjbgcg> ..) Accounting for Climate Change Uncertainty in Greenhouse Gas Inventories – Verification.. Jonas. F. Kiker. philosophy and significant areas of accomplished or needed endeavor in the total field of xenobiotics. Tucson. Approx. Soil Science & Conservation Type of publication Proceedings Target groups Researchers. G. 200 p. USA (Ed. O. critical reviews of timely advances. nations.Index.55 | € (A) 87. Environmental Management Fields of interest Environmental Management. J. compliance and emissions trading 7 Presents state-of-the-art research and developments 7 Provides a multidisciplinary forum for international experts 7 Can be used in various courses in environmental management and environmental economics Features 7 State-of-the-science approach to current environmental issues 7 Balanced international perspectives.00 ISBN 978-1-4020-5801-1 Due August 2007 2007. research institutes and industrial R and D departments dealing with energy. and/or terror actions. maintaining or enhancing a sense of environmental security in different coastal regions and improving the management of critical infrastructure will require (i) matching human demands with available environmental resources. civil. * € (D) 89. M.. Fields of interest Climate Change.00 ISBN 978-1-4020-5800-4 9<HTMELC=afia e> Also available as softcover 7 * € (D) 85. Gerba Volume 191 G. Voogt. Approx.Preface. 2007 2007. Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology Editor-in-chief: G. (NATO Security through Science Series / NATO Security through Science Series C: Environmental Security) Hardcover Due July 2007 Reprinted from WATER.83 | € (A) 92.Fluoroquinolone Antibiotics in the Environment. and empires have either collapsed or retired from their predominant stature when natural resources are depleted to an extent that exceeds the ability of the environment to restore or replenish their supply.35 | sFr 138.Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in the South American Environment. R. Yang. including developing countries Contents Foreword.Explosives: Fate. Lieberman. Z.. AIR.95 | sFr 295. compliance and verification issues. Features 7 Publishes detailed scientific review articles on all aspects of environmental contamination and associated toxicological consequences 7 Facilitates the task of accessing and interpreting cogent scientific data Features 7 Addresses key uncertainty issues . 180 p. Atmospheric Protection/Air Quality Control/Air Pollution.Impact of Soil Properties on Critical Concentrations of Cadmium.Critical Soil Concentrations of Cadmium. Hardcover 7 approx.. Topics include: bottom-up versus top-down emission inventory approaches. Morgan. Linkov. This book explores the challenges facing coastal areas during the next few decades and the difficult decisions needed to prevent a repeat of the past. 7:4-5. and.. Environmental Economics Target groups Universities. Copper. D. environmental and natural resource planners and managers. Industrial Pollution Prevention. Nilsson (Eds. compliance with the Kyoto Protocol. D. in any segment of the environment. C. and Ecological Impact in Terrestrial and Marine Environments. risk assessment and decision analysts.55 | € (A) 197. The issues that are raised by the authors in this volume – and the role that uncertainty analysis plays in many of their arguments and/or proposals – highlight the importance of such efforts. Mayer. & SOIL POLLUTION: FOCUS. Compliance. Whitacre. J. environmental and bioenvironmental engineers. * € (D) 101. Knaak.) I. R. signal detection and analysis techniques. Hardcover 7 approx. Albert. A. and the role of uncertainty in emissions trading schemes. (iii) identification of the range of available options for preventing and/or minimizing natural disasters. X. forestry and climate change issues Target groups Environmental scientists. and Mercury in View of Health Effects on Humans and Animals. Tjeerdema. d. P. environmental policy decision-makers Type of publication Contributed volume Fields of interest Applied Ecology. (ii) recognition of environmental security threats and infrastructure vulnerabilities. and Trading Uncertainty analysis is a key component of national GHG inventory analyses. as well as toxicological implications. Park.65 | € (A) 104. 520 p. Establishing. Lead. Operations Research/Decision Theory.Silver as a Disinfectant.00 ISBN 978-1-4020-5929-2 7 * € (D) 192. D.verification. Ware. Ware Series editors: L. and Mercury in Soil and Soil Solution in View of Ecotoxicological Effects. Nahorski. Environmental Security in Harbors and Coastal Areas Human experience has shown how great cities.82 Umweltwissenschaften Springer News 3/2007 springer. Zinc. Dynamics. technological failures.) Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology attempts to provide concise. D.95 | sFr 131. Lead.50 | sFr 156. S. industry scientists Type of publication Professional book Due March 2007 2007. Hutzinger.. R.

Hendriks 012966x . As human beings are primates.41 | € (A) 766. Volume 3 deals with the fossil and molecular evidence for the evolution of Homo sapiens and its fossil relatives (the family Hominidae or subfamily Homininae.90 | sFr 1637. Hardcover SBN 978-3-540-32474-4 7 € (D) 854. 7 Springer-Verlag GmbH. behaviour. Ian Tattersall (Eds. (in 3 volumes. € (A) sind gebundene Ladenpreise in Österreich und enthalten 10% MwSt.93 | € (A) 1098. 7 Preisänderungen und Irrtümer vorbehalten.2007 7 € (D) 854. a matter that we have left to the individual contributors). 69126 Heidelberg 7 Telefon: +49 (0) 6221-345-4301 7 Fax: +49 (0) 6221-345-4229 7 Email: SDC-bookorder@springer. provide succinct introductions to them and reflect the many ways in which they interact.93 | € (A) 878. 7. Gebauer. 270 illus.ABC springer.90 | sFr 1047. according to taste.80 | sFr 1376.04. Mos.00 Vorbestellpreis gültig bis 31. and adaptive variety. Volume 2 is devoted to primate origins.2007 7 € (D) 683. Methods and Approaches Vol 2:Primate Evolution and Human Origins Vol 3:Phylogeny of Hominids 7 First comprehensive handbook on palaeoanthropology taking a multifaceted and multidisciplinary approach cat pre-publi  PRICE i on Volume 1 deals with principles.90 | sFr 1309.00 Bei Fragen oder Bestellung wenden Sie sich bitte an 7 Springer Distribution Center GmbH.73 | € (A) 702. and approaches.50 Vorbestellpreis gültig bis 30.03.90 | sFr 1351. methods.80 | sFr 1100. evolution.00 Vorbestellpreis gültig bis 31. paleoecology and evolutionary theory and philosophy.2007 7 € (D) 7 € (D) sind gebundene Ladenpreise in Deutschland und enthalten 7% MwSt. In recent years. not available separately).) Vol 1:Principles. Handelsregistersitz: Berlin-Charlottenburg. Its emphasis is on integration of fossil data with the vast amount that is now known of the behaviour and ecology of living primates in natural environments. Haberstr.93 | € (A) 878. enormous advances have been made in such areas as phylogenetic analysis.50 Bundle (Print+Online): THREE S VOLUME *Previously announced in Springer NEWS 06/2006 ISBN 978-3-540-33858-1 7 € (D) 1068. 2144 p. (Due March 2007) Print Version: 2007 LXIV. HR B 91022.00 Online Version: ISBN 978-3-540-33761-4 7 € (D) 950.81 | € (A) This 3-volume handbook brings together contributions by the world´s leading specialists! Handbook of Paleoanthropology Winfried Henke.03. Geschäftsführer: Haank. The contributions in this first volume present the state of the art in these fields.

The author. the author explores the commensal and pathogenic colonization of human organ E. Costerton. because they affect whole ecosystems. Center for Biofilms. (Springer Series on Biofilms.. and function of proteins 7 Also summarizes the techniques used to characterize protein and protein interactions Contents Amino Acids.. es New Seri Springer Series on Biofilms J. USA The Biofilm Primer This book details the widely accepted hypothesis that the majority of bacteria in virtually all ecosystems grow in matrix-enclosed biofilms.Transport of proteins into mitochondria... like research methods.Aiding in folding: Molecular chaperones and chaperonins. agricultural. institutes. 113 in color. 119 illus.. biophysics. general Monograph Target groups Students of medicine. Microbial Ecology. Bacteriology Target groups Libraries. Features 7 Textbook for courses at both graduate and undergraduate level 7 Also for related courses in biochemistry.Prion proteins and prion diseases. biochemistry lab. and function of proteins. While based in microbiology. Volume 1) Hardcover 7 * € (D) 42. Approx.. engineered.. or edited.Enzymes are biocatalysts. Approx. 37 in color..Enzyme kinetics: Special cases. Chemistry/ Food Science. Also for related courses in biochemistry. International experts will write.. Using a unique “ecological” perspective.95 | sFr 65.Haemoglobin and Myoglobin. scientists Type of publication Fields of interest Biochemistry. industrial.. science.Motor proteins and movement.. Costerton J.. and biotechnology Type of publication Graduate/Advanced undergraduate textbook Due June 2007 2007. uses direct evidence from microscopy and from molecular techniques.Purification of proteins. written by the series editor Bill Costerton (University of Southern California. or the roles of biofilms in diseases.95 | sFr 115. Individual chapters are released “Online First” and can already be cited by their DOI before publication of the printed volume. Hardcover 7 approx. and lie at the root of chronic bacterial infections. and pathogenic ecosystems..50 ISBN 978-3-540-68021-5 9<HTLDTH=cgdfcg> 9<HTOFPA=giacbf> .Transport of solutes across membranes. Bacteria grow predominantly in biofilms in all natural. and methods.Immunoproteins. Contains comprehensive analytical description of structure.Protein Structure.Enzyme kinetics. Features 7 Most up-to-date book from the pioneer in the study of biofilms 7 The author’s research on microbial biofilms shattered conventional wisdom in the discipline of bacterial microbiology Fields of interest Microbiology. 196 p..75 | € (A) 43.Transport of proteins between cell compartments.84 Biologie Springer News 3/2007 springer. Once anchored to a surface. Biofilms form when bacteria adhere to surfaces in aqueous environments. Los Angeles. general. * € (D) 74. volumes on specific aspects of biofilms.Cell-cell interactions. Also summarizes the techniques used to characterize protein and protein interactions. who proposed this biofilm hypothesis. and this book provides a solid basis for the understanding of bacterial processes in environmental. 415 p.85 | € (A) 76. Cell Biology. The new “Springer Series on Biofilms” will be launched with a “Biofilm Primer”. CA. and methods 7 Contains comprehensive analytical description of structure.00 ISBN 978-0-387-26352-6 Due March 2007 2007. biofilms are of intense interest to many other scientists.Appendix.. W..Protein Sequencing.Cell Skeleton. W. biofilm microorganisms carry out a variety of detrimental (like the plaque on teeth) or beneficial (bioremediating hazardous waste sites) reactions. Buxbaum Fundamentals of Protein Structure and Function Textbook for courses at both graduate and undergraduate level. presenting cogent reasons for moving beyond conventional culture methods that dominated microbiology throughout the last century. biochemistry lab. dental and medical microbiology.. USA). biophysics. 67 illus.

A.. A. National Museum of Natural History. H.Generating Asymmetry: With and Without Self-Renewal. and conservation issues 7 The first monograph in English covering the biogeography of all regions of Bulgaria Features 7 Issues of seasonality have received little attention in academic writing 7 Opens up new perspectives on how seasons in different parts of the world are perceived by people and societies 7 Gives an interdisciplinary perspective on seasonality research and its application to planning Features 7 First book on a very hot topic: the phenomenon of asymmetry in cell division in plants and animals From the contents 1. Ecology Target groups Fields of interest Life Sciences. origin. Macieira-Coelho. paintings. zoogeography. Amphibians and reptiles of Bulgaria: fauna. Introduction 2. Sooväli. however. zoogeography. Cancer Research Target groups Academics. Volume 7) Hardcover 7 * € (D) 112. Features 7 Collection of original reviews on all vertebrate and many key invertebrate animal groups in Bulgaria 7 Addresses faunistics. cultural.) H. Approx. zoologists and people interested in the fauna. Seasonal Landscapes Seasonality is so obvious that we very often forget about it when doing landscape research. * € (D) 149. From the single-celled organisms in the Black Sea sand to the endemic cave crustaceans. ecologists. Bulgaria (Eds. tourism officials. 482 p. times when moist or snow make places inaccessible.Symmetry Breaking in Stem Cells of the Basal Metazoan Hydra. and ecology of birds in Bulgaria 4. Seasonality is expressed both in the natural rhythms of the landscape as well as in human lifestyles.) Biogeography and Ecology of Bulgaria The book includes 22 chapters by 28 authors united by the single theme: biogeography and ecology of Bulgaria. and conservation issues are addressed by the experts on each group. (Monographiae Biologicae. the unique fauna of Bulgaria has been a subject of study of mostly Bulgarian zoologists for more than a century.45 | sFr 270. On the other hand. 256 p. revealed the asymmetry in the distribution of the genetic material that creates the drift contributing to aging of mammals. but there are more than that.springer.00 ISBN 978-1-4020-4982-8 Due March 2007 2007. XI. now we are more and more used to summer holidays… Landscapes are seasonal both in terms of time and space. researchers Type of publication Reference work Type of publication Contributed volume Due March 2007 Due March 2007 2007.75 | € (A) 153.45 | sFr 172. This is the first monograph in English broadly addressing all vertebrate and many key invertebrate groups of Bulgaria. Estonia (Eds. Seasonality is the interface where humans and nature really interact. scientists and researchers. USA. vertical distribution. geographical and ecological distribution. Versailles. less leaves on the trees to influence visibility. cancer cells can originate from a deregulation of asymmetry during mitosis in particular during stem cell expansion. the boundaries between seasons are celebrated – do different seasonalities influence also our mindsets? In most cases we talk about (and paint and study) summer landscapes. it was thought that the distribution of DNA between daughter cells was symmetric. * € (D) 176.50 | € (A) 181. general. Fauna and distribution of fishes in Bulgaria. Volume 82) Hardcover 7 approx. During development. in the adult organism asymmetric divisions regulate the stem cell reservoir and are a source of the drift that contributes to the aging of organisms with renewable cell compartments. Landscape/Regional and Urban Planning. biogeographers. origin.Asymmetric Cell Division – How Flowering Plant Cells Get Their Unique Identity. WV. their faunistics. and ethnographers. seasonality itself changes together with societal changes – in agricultural societies.. INSERM. geographical and ecological distribution. Marshall University. Cell Biology.. developers. economic geographers. Because of the concept of semi-conservative DNA synthesis. Terrestrial mammals of Bulgaria: zoogeographical and ecological patterns of distribution 3. Ecology Landscape researchers. landscape architects. 5. 115 illus. Printsmann. origin. Asymmetric Cell Division Cell biologists have recently become aware that the asymmetry of cell division is an important regulatory phenomenon in the fate of a cell. Fields of interest Landscape Ecology. Sofia.. .50 ISBN 978-1-4020-4417-5 2007. France (Ed.30 | € (A) 115. social anthropologists. Hardcover 7 approx.95 | sFr 229. human behaviour. graduate and postgraduate students Fields of interest Developmental Biology. summer used to be the working season and winter the resting Springer News 3/2007 Biologie 85 V. and conservation. Also. social. There are times with less light. Fet. Palang. The analysis of the phenomenon in cells during mitosis. Zoology. landscape planners. geographical and ecological distribution as well as the conservation of all key vertebrate and invertebrate animal groups in the east Mediterranean region Type of publication Contributed volume Target groups Scientists. 44 illus. (Landscape Series. 274 p. cell diversity originates through asymmetry.) Progress in Molecular and Subcellular Biology Volume 45 A.50 ISBN 978-3-540-69160-0 9<HTMELC=ae bhf> 9<HTMELC=aejici> 9<HTOFPA=gjbga > . Fauna. Seasonality creates varying patterns of use and appears in spatial practices. Huntington. Tallinn University. Approx. From the contents Asymmetric Cell Division in Plant Development.Cell Division During Brain Morphogenesis. Popov. from the mountain glacial relict insects to the most diverse bird fauna in Europe.Asymmetric Cell Divisions in the Early Embryo of the Leech Helobdella robusta.

institutes. Features 7 Comprehensive and richly illustrated book Fields of interest Tree F.00 ISBN 978-3-540-48299-4 9<HTOFPA=eicj e> .95 | € (A) 154. Switzerland Wood Structure and Environment Dendrochronology and wood anatomy developed for decades as two independent scientific fields. H. 288 p. shrubs and herbs. Birmensdorf. 449 illus. solving problems related to ecophysiology. competition. Wood Science & Technology.86 Biologie Springer News 3/2007 springer. Schweingruber. wood quality and even human history. It was only in the last decade that it was made clear that the dimension of time is the fourth dimension for both sciences and that it was demonstrated that wood anatomy and dendrochronology are perfect partners. Plant Physiology Target groups Libraries. scientists Type of publication Monograph Due March 2007 2007. Research Institute WSL. Approx. site conditions. It should encourage researchers to consider the anatomic microcosm of wood plants and use it as a retrospective source of information. population biology.15 | sFr 230. earth science. The main aim of this book is to show the hidden ecological richness in stems and roots from trees. (Springer Series in Wood Science) Hardcover 7 * € (D) 149.

a small but important conference took place at Chuo University in Tokyo. Japan R. Das Buch enthält zu allen Teilgebieten ausführliche Darstellungen. Es umfasst die Grundlagen der betrieblichen Entscheidungsfindung. Economics of Space: Empirical Analysis. A. Giordano. The present book outlines a conceptual framework for modelling and forecasting the dynamics of both growth-limited cities and megacities bringing together experts from several disciplines.25 | € (A) 98.) T. X. Dabei ist auch die Abstimmung zwischen den betrieblichen Bereichen Produktion und Absatz berücksichtigt. Vancheri.. Quantitative Geography.Absatz. 7 € (D) 19. This international conference. Aufl. with an emphasis on the complexity that is generated as a result of the nonlinearity of the system.95 | € (A) 20. Hardcover 7 approx. The Dynamics of Complex Urban Systems An Interdisciplinary Approach Produktion und Absatz Dieses Lehrbuch ist insbesondere für das Grundstudium der Betriebswirtschaftslehre gedacht.Produktions. Cansier.. 259 S. zahlreiche Abbildungen und Rechenbeispiele veranschaulichen den Stoff. The volume emphasizes not only the contributions from different disciplines but also pays attention to specific problems like model calibration. Fields of interest Regional Science.95 | sFr 147.Abstimmung von Produktion und Absatz.00 ISBN 978-3-540-69340-6 9<HTOHUA=ibjdg > 9<HTPEOB=efjh e> 9<HTOFPA=gjdeag> .95 | sFr 147. Approx.und Kostentheorie.50 ISBN 978-3-7908-1936-6 Available 2007. Pluspunkte 7 Optimaler Vorlesungsbegleiter. P. Die Leser können ihren Wissensstand durch Übungsaufgaben abfragen und die erarbeiteten Ergebnisse anhand von Kurzlösungen selbst kontrollieren. (Springer-Lehrbuch) Brosch.Produktion. D. Economics of Time: Nonlinear Springer News 3/2007 Wirtschaftswissenschaften 87 S. Produktion/Logistik Target groups Scientists Zielgruppen Type of publication Collection of essays Contents I. Part III consists of an empirical analysis of spatial economics through geographical relationships with economic activity.III. 2007. Eberhard-Karls-Universität Tübingen Time and Space in Economics In August 2005.Kurzlösungen zu den Übungsaufgaben. Part II focuses on nonlinear dynamics.springer. It is the collection of all the contributions of the speakers at the international workshop “The Dynamics of Complex Urban Systems: an interdisciplinary approach” held at Monte Verità (Ascona/ Switzerland) from 4th to 6th of November 2004. T.50 ISBN 978-4-431-45977-4 2. Part I of the book deals with Keynesian macrodynamics. X. Japan. auch zum Selbststudium geeignet 7 Enthält viele Rechenbeispiele sowie Übungsaufgaben mit Kurzlösungen Inhalt Features 7 Provides the frontiers of the recent development of Economics which is related to the economic analysis of ‘time’(dynamic economics) and ‘space’(regional and spatial economics) 7 Collection of the important academic contributions to the recent development of Economic Dynamics(Economics of Time) and Spatial Economics(Economics of Space) Produktion und Absatz im Rahmen der Betriebswirtschaftslehre. Hardcover 7 * € (D) 96. 350 p.II. Studierende und Dozenten der Wirtschaftswissenschaften Kategorie Lehrbuch Fields of interest Economics general Target groups Researchers Type of publication Proceedings Erscheint März 2007 Due April 2007 2007. 124 Abb. * € (D) 96. aktualisierte und erw. and Part IV analyzes the effects of spatial competition between economic organizations or agents on economic performance in a region. Università della Svizzera Italiana.. Asada.50 | sFr 31. Economics of Space: Theoretical Analysis. Switzerland (Eds. 300 p.25 | € (A) 98. The contributions presented reflect the various interdependencies between structural (physics and mathematics models) and social development (spatial decision making and urban planning models). Mendrisio. case studies and interactions with urban planners. die Produktions. Albeverio. the Chuo Meeting on Economics of Time and Space 2005 (Chuo METS 05). The chapters contained herein are based on the papers presented at that conference. Tokyo. data availability and management. Chuo University.. Economics of Time: Keynesian Macrodynamics. Ishikawa. Andrey. Berndt. which allows for the existence of involuntary unemployment. The interdisciplinary point of view is particularly stressed. aimed to enrich the respective disciplines of the economics of time (dynamic economics) and the economics of space (spatial economics) and to expand their applicability in the real world.IV.. A.und Kostentheorie sowie die wesentlichen Teilgebiete der Produktion und des Absatzes. Landscape/Regional and Urban Planning Fachgebiete Marketing.

5. Produktion/Logistik Trattato Zielgruppen Studenten Kategorie Lehrbuch Erscheint März 2007 Angezeigt in Highlights 03/2006 2007. Medicina. H.3. Außenwirtschaft. Weitere Schwerpunkte liegen in der Darstellung der für die Außenhandelsabwicklung erforderlichen Gestaltungselemente. economia e produzione nella fase attuale della globalizzazione. Es wendet sich sowohl an Studierende als auch Praktiker des Auslandsgeschäfts. Economia delle risorse energetiche.und Grundlagenlehrbuch für das Außenhandelsgeschäft. Diese Schritte umfassen die Analyse verschiedener Formen variabler Skalenerträge und die Ermittlung der produktivsten Unternehmensgröße. Universität Jena. A. Nieri.1. M. Das Buch ermöglicht dem Leser eine strukturierte Einarbeitung in die Zusammenhänge und kaufmännischen Aspekte des Außenhandels.. Biologia e Scienze della Terra. L. Economia internazionale Zielgruppen Studenten. Giurisprudenza. Universität Augsburg P.Konstante Skalenerträge: EnvelopmentForm.Lösungen zu den Übungsaufgaben. Cantner. 122 Abb. potenzialità e limiti della globalizzazione Una visione multidisciplinare Con contributi di: G. Università di Pisa.) Außenhandel Grundlagen globaler und innergemeinschaftlicher Handelsbeziehungen Produktivitäts. I diversi capitoli forniscono uno sguardo d‘insieme sul tema della globalizzazione in maniera accessibile a tutti coloro che desiderano conoscere meglio la realtà dei nostri giorni senza rassegnarsi ad accettarne gli aspetti negativi. geologi. XIV. praxisnahe Berechnungsbeispiele sowie Abdruck wichtiger Außenhandelsdokumente Pluspunkte 7 Einführung in die nicht-parametrische Frontierfunktionsanalyse 7 Mit Schlüsselbegriffslisten und Übungsaufgaben mit ausführlichen Lösungen zur Kontrolle des Lernfortschritts 7 Praktische Anwendung anhand eines frei verfügbaren Softwarepakets (EMS) in den Übungsaufgaben Inhalt Einführung zu Produktivität und Effizienz. 7 € (D) 32.85 | sFr 52. Mit dem Einbezug von Preisinformationen kann die allokative Ineffizienz. Gli autori propongono una visione multidisciplinare che integra settori apparentemente lontani fra loro ma uniti dal tema della globalizzazione.Erweiterungen. Italia (Eds.95 | € (A) 33. Zahlungsbedingungen und Finanzierung sowie der Sicherungsfazilitäten im Außenhandel.und Effizienzanalyse ein und zeigt.72 | sFr 41.00 ISBN 978-88-470-0608-9 9<HTOHUA=ibhcej> 9<HTOFPA=hahjdg> 9<HT IPH=a gaij> . XVI. Franco. Il volume raccoglie contributi di Economia. Pappalardo. Sviluppo rurale e caratteristiche dei mercati frutticoli nell’economia globalizzata.. generale.. From the contents Introduzione. Brunori. Die Erweiterung um die dynamische Analyse erlaubt eine Aufteilung der Produktivitätsveränderung in einen Teil. Praktiker Target groups Economia. zusätzlich zur technischen Ineffizienz berechnet werden.95 | € (A) 27.88 Wirtschaftswissenschaften Springer News 3/2007 springer. Büter. Farmacia.Appendix: Lineare Programmierung und Simplexalgorithmus. Marketing Fields of interest Scienza. der auf Verminderung (oder Vergrößerung) des ineffizienten Einsatzes von Produktionsfaktoren beruht. Brossura 7 * € (D) 33. Hanusch. limiti e potenzialità della globalizzazione: il quadro economico. J. J. Ingegneria. die aus Fehlanpassung an die Faktorpreise resultiert. der die Wirkungen des technischen Forschritts erfasst.7. Pluspunkte 7 Strukturierte Einführung in die allgemeinen Zusammenhänge und alle einzelnen kaufmännischen Tätigkeitsbereiche des Außenhandels 7 Didaktisch sehr gut aufbereitet und hervorragend zum Selbststudium und als Nachschlagewerk geeignet 7 Praxisorientierung durch anschauliche Abbildungen. Globalizzazione e politiche dell’energia: prospettive e motivi di incertezza. Religioni e democrazia nel processo di globalizzazione.6.Parte seconda: Salute. Fachgebiete Betriebswirtschaftslehre.. wie Kaufverträge. wie man auch ohne apriori Kenntnis der Produktionsfunktion zu Aussagen über die produktive Effizienz kommen kann. D. Lieferbedingungen und Transportwesen.Dynamische Analyse. C. Ceccherini-Nelli.. Tutela della sicurezza alimentare per il consumatore globalizzato. ingegnieri. Della Posta. farmaceutici. 118 Abb. Krüger. 368 S.. P.Empirische Analyse von Produktivität und Effizienz. (Springer-Lehrbuch) Brosch. Es erläutet den zu beachtenden Ordnungsrahmen sowohl für die Handelsbeziehungen zwischen den Mitgliedsstaaten der Europäischen Union als auch im Handel mit Drittstaaten. 7 € (D) 26.Parte prima: Religioni. agraria. Operations Research/Entscheidungstheorie... Rossi. Darauf aufbauend wird der Ansatz der nicht-parametrischen Frontierfunktionsanalyse vorgestellt und über verschiedene Schritte erweitert. 178 pagg.Konstante Skalenerträge: ProductivityForm..2. Reali Das Buch ist ein Fach. R. Paci.90 | € (A) 34.. Il “Rinascimento Nucleare” sarà trainato dalla globalizzazione economica?. Consorti.. Effetti. Fachhochschule Koblenz U.Variable Skalenerträge.50 ISBN 978-3-540-70793-6 Disponibile 2007. (Physica-Lehrbuch) Brosch. Effetti.88 | sFr 50.Input.und Effizienzanalyse Der nichtparametrische Ansatz Dieses Buch führt mikroökonomisch fundiert in die Produktivitäts. Globalizzazione in medicina: l’emergenza HIV... M. Massai.. ambiente e globalizzazione. und einen Teil. biologi.versus Outputorientierung. X. medici. giurisprudenza. 389 S.50 ISBN 978-3-7908-1724-9 Erscheint März 2007 2007. Darauf aufbauend werden die Erscheinungsformen des Außenhandels sowie die Grundlagen des Außenhandelsmarketings behandelt. forestali Kategorie Weiterführendes Lehrbuch Type of publication Fachgebiete Mikroökonomik. A. P.4. S.

00 ISBN 978-0-387-71080-8 Due April 2007 Due April 2007 2007. graduate students Undergraduate textbook Type of publication Contributed volume Due May 2007 2007.The Firm and Input Markets. Softcover 7 approx. UK. Contents Hidden markov models: theory and method of parameter estimation. This book is dedicated to the formulation of infrastructural tools that will better solve these types of infrastructural problems.. Don’t Worry About Micro not only has the potential to save you a lot of time and help you achieve better results in your examinations. portfolio optimization and asset allocation. Volume 102) Hardcover 7 approx.Credit risk modelling. ranging from transportation networks to telecommunications. Mamon. credit risk modeling. Features 7 Much interest in infrastructural problems these days. Approx. UK.. namely. T.Option pricing.Differential variational inequalities with controls and state-dependent time shifts.. R. Features 7 Unique student-focused way of presentation with easy and concise writing style 7 Intuitive approach: tips and suggestions help the students to remember facts. This book provides researchers and practitioners with analyses that allows them to sort through the random “noise” of financial markets (i.25 | sFr 38..Index. Uxbridge. * € (D) 24. and discussing all areas of possible Springer News 3/2007 Wirtschaftswissenschaften 89 T.. interest rate theory. 360 p. the Internet. It is felt by many who work in these fields that many modern communication problems. Hence. University of Calgary. Approx.17 | sFr 139. Philadelphia. USA (Ed. AL.) D.. London. * € (D) 82. supply chains. including the complexities of transportation.e.. Regional Science. Co-written by a recent London School of Economics graduate and his then lecturer. Pennsylvania State University. (International Series in Operations Research & Management Science. 250 p.Interest rate theory. volatility. Heckner. etc. volatility estimation.springer. (International Series in Operations Research & Management Science. and many other infrastructural networks.Networks and dynamics: the structure of the world we live in. electricity and other commodity pricing. Brunel University. Hidden Markov Models in Finance provides decision makers with a clear.) and analyze the fundamental components(s) of economic markets. J. Dynamical Systems and Nonlinear Science. emotion. Target groups Academic researchers.56 | € (A) 25. Don‘t Worry About Micro An Easy Guide to Understanding the Principles of Microeconomics Hidden Markov Models in Finance A number of methodologies have been employed to provide decision making solutions to a whole assortment of financial problems in today‘s globalized markets. accurate picture of core financial components by filtering out the random noise in financial markets. Contents Consumer Theory.. Nonlinear Science and Infrastructure Systems has been written by leading scholars in these areas. PA. S. Elliott.. München. you are also likely to enjoy your studies much more! The text can either be read on its own or be used as a revision tool. It combines the academic rigour of standard textbooks with the applied nature of study guides and the user-friendly approach of “popular” publications. LudwigMaximilians-Universität.63 | € (A) 93. are fundamentally infrastructure problems. Mathematical Modeling and Industrial Mathematics From the contents A revolution in infrastructure network research and engineering?. Its express purpose is to develop common theoretical underpinnings to better solve modern infrastructural problems. This interest has generated mathematical modeling of physical and virtual infrastructure that emphasizes the nonlinear and dynamic nature of flow phenomena on infrastructure networks Have you ever felt frustrated with Microeconomics texts? If so.50 ISBN 978-0-387-71081-5 9<HTLDTH=hbaiai> 9<HTOFPA=egehaj> 9<HTLDTH=hbaibf> . weather. developing intuition.34 | € (A) 84. Economic Theory/Mathematical Methods Target groups Undergraduate students Type of publication Target groups Academic researchers. Don’t Worry About Micro is not simply an addition to the long list of first year texts .Modeling large scale and complex infrastructure systems as computable games. Germany R. and technically competent practitioners Fields of interest Microeconomics Type of publication Handbook Fields of interest Operations Research/Decision Theory.Volatility estimation.00 ISBN 978-3-540-46470-9 2007. 332 p. with the clear aim of teaching skills..Other applications. Canada Network Science. turbulence. Volume 104) Hardcover 7 approx. supply chains. and real options. this book is your answer. L.. * € (D) 90. Approx. Friesz. Every chapter is structured like a seminar. a student-focused approach is adopted while the highest standard of teaching quality is maintained constitutes a new type of text altogether. option pricing. chaotic events. Kretschmer.. to understand and apply concepts 7 Mathematical operations and complicated graphs are explained in every step/each line 7 Includes all important concepts while leaving out unnecessary information Fields of interest Operations Research/Decision Theory. Moreover. Hidden Markov Models in Finance by Mamon and Elliott will be the first systematic application of these methods to some special kinds of financial problems.65 | sFr 126. these infrastructure problems would benefit greatly from a confluence of theoretical and methodological work done with the areas of Network Science. etc. Finance / Banking. currency. Nonlinear Science and Dynamic Game Theory Applied to the Study of Infrastructure Systems Network Science..Portfolio optimisation and asset allocation. graduate students.Market Structure and Game Theory. Internet.

Target groups Scientists Zielgruppen Type of publication Monograph Studierende in wirtschaftswissenschaftlichen Bachelor-Studiengängen. Examining the efficiency of exits.und Terminplanung. typische Entscheidungssituationen diskutiert sowie theoretische und praktische Vorgehensweisen präsentiert.Materialbedarfsplanung.Gestaltung von Produktions. Logistik und Supply Chain Management: Bestandsplanung.. Quantitative Finance Kategorie Einführendes Lehrbuch Target groups Researchers and practitioners in the area of private equity portfolio management Type of publication Monograph Erscheint März 2007 Due May 2007 2007. evolving then to a comprehensive analysis of themes of particular interest for researchers and academics interested on the workings of the tourism markets.. (BWL im Bachelor-Studiengang) Brosch. 300 p.Background. Approx. The work is designed as a compendium of current scientific knowledge on portfolio company exits and also provides deeper insights into various aspects of divestment processes. Free University of ‘exits’ . Findings contribute to a clearer understanding and better predictability of exit behavior. JP Morgan.Empirical Analysis: Exit Behaviour and Efficiency. Minner. Etwa 230 S. Dozenten des Faches Produktion und Logistik Fields of interest Finance /Banking.. Hardcover 7 * € (D) 96.Supply Chain Management. Matias. UK Produktion und Logistik Eine betriebswirtschaftliche Einführung Private Equity Exits Divestment Process Management for Leveraged Buyouts Advances in Modern Tourism Research Economic Perspectives Modern Advances in Tourism Research provides a thourough assessment of art state-of-the-art academic research in this recent field of economic science...Part C: Applied Country and Regional Studies. 7 approx. Universität Mannheim S. the book closes with a chapter dedicated to applied country and regional studies. Nijkamp. Portugal (Eds. University of Évora.. which is underpinned by own extensive empirical analysis and findings.The Exit Process: Reducing Exposure to a Portfolio Á.50 ISBN 978-3-7908-1717-1 Angezeigt in Highlights 03/2006 2007.und Logistiksystemen. Hardcover 7 approx. Das Lehrbuch richtet sich an Studierende der Wirtschaftswissenschaften in Bachelor-Studiengängen und vermittelt die konzeptionellen und methodischen Grundlagen betrieblicher Produktionsplanungs. Features 7 Provides the first comprehensive analysis of private equity divestment processes .95 | sFr 147.Part B: New Operational Tools in Tourism Research. Pluspunkte 7 Kompakte Einführung in die betriebswirtschaftlichen Bereiche Produktion und Logistik 7 Abgestimmt auf die Anforderungen in wirtschaftswissenschaftlichen Bachelor-Studiengängen Inhalt Grundlagen: Produktions. such as new analysis frameworks in tourism economics and new operational tools in tourism research.00 ISBN 978-3-540-31007-5 Due March 2007 2007. € (D) 19.und Logistikstrategien.Transportplanung. * € (D) 90. and the importance and value of paying attention also to other stakeholders’ interests when selling stakes in businesses.50 | sFr 31.90 | € (A) 93. Private Equity Exits provides the first comprehensive analysis of private equity divestment processes – so-called ‚exits‘ – for European buyouts.for European buyouts Fields of interest Regional Science Contents Fachgebiet Produktion/Logistik Introduction.und Steuerungssysteme sowie der Logistik.Conclusion.25 | € (A) 98. The Netherlands. efficient executions. University of Évora. Alexandre Neto.Theoretical Foundation and Literature Review.. where a variety of subjects – from input-output analysis to e-tourism competitiveness – are analysed from an alternative micro-perspective. P.95 | € (A) 20. With a view to go beyond fundamental research. Produktionsplanung und -steuerung: Produktionsprogrammplanung. XI.90 Wirtschaftswissenschaften Springer News 3/2007 springer. Zur vorlesungsbegleitenden Lektüre werden die Kernbereiche von Produktion und Logistik vorgestellt. The work highlights the growing need for pro-active as well as thoroughly planned divestment strategies.50 ISBN 978-3-540-70953-4 9<HTOHUA=ibhbhb> 9<HTOFPA=dba hf> 9<HTOFPA=hajfde> . The authors start by scoping the scene of tourism research.Produktionssteuerung..Planungsebenen und -methoden. Contents Part A: New Analysis Frameworks in Tourism Economics. Povaly. 413 p.45 | sFr 139. P. London..Kapazitäts. this book offers recommendations and guidelines for an integrated and exit-oriented private equity portfolio management and provides a detailed assessment of exit decision drivers.) S. Portugal..

Springer News 3/2007



I. F. Razafimahefa, Madagascar; S. Hamori, University of Kobe, Japan

R. Richert, FH Schmalkalden

S. Sarkar, University of Évora, Portugal

Makroökonomik – schnell International Competitiveness erfasst in Africa
Policy Implications in the Sub-Saharan Region
Das Lehrbuch gibt einen kompakten Überblick über die traditionelle Makroökonomik: Neben der klassisch-neoklassischen Theorie werden keynesianische Modelle wie das IS-LM-Modell, das Blinder-Solow-Modell und das Mundell-FlemingModell behandelt. Der Neoklassischen Synthese als integrativem Ansatz von angebots- und nachfrageorientierten makroökonomischen Theorien ist ebenso ein Kapitel gewidmet wie der PhillipsKurven-Diskussion, die den Zusammenhang zwischen Arbeitslosigkeit und Inflation untersucht. Ein Überblick über die Prinzipien der Sozialen Marktwirtschaft als “der deutschen Wirtschaftsordnung” rundet die makroökonomische Analyse ab. Durch Zusammenfassungen, Wiederholungsfragen und Übungsaufgaben mit Lösungen zu jedem Kapitel ist das Buch auch zum Selbststudium geeignet. Zahlreiche Graphiken sorgen für eine hohe Anschaulichkeit, mathematische Darstellungen werden ausführlich verbal kommentiert, so dass sie für den Leser leicht nachzuvollziehen sind.

Innovation, Market Archetypes and Outcome
An Integrated Framework
Innovation is the key to firm competitiveness and growth yet studying innovation is much like the ancient parable about a group of blind men each touching a different part of an elephant. This book is a fresh new approach to understanding innovation – market linkages using one unified framework. The book examines an integrated innovation environment. Four market archetypes as well as the market outcome for each archetype are described. Innovation dynamics including commoditization, the constant innovation challenge and the sustainability of innovation are analyzed along with cases inlcuding the iPod, Lego, Barbie, the browser wars and Google. A diagnostic matrix is presented which enables one to take a ´snapshot´ of a product in the innovation environment. This book is an invaluable tool for the academic, the manager and the consultant to understand ‘where’ a firm is located in an innovation environment, `why’ it is so located and provides valuable clues as to ‘what’ to do when designing strategy.

The effects of international trade and foreign direct investment on developing economies have always been controversial. With the unstoppable spread of globalization and the supremacy of “open” policies over “closed” ones, the debate between “participating” and “not participating” in the world economy has been superseded by discussions on the best policy measures for expanding participation and enhancing the accrued welfare gains. Policies to strengthen international competitiveness are almost unanimously considered important means towards those ends. This book examines two policies frequently used to enhance international competitiveness in Sub-Saharan African economies: exchange rate policy and productivityrelated policy.

7 Insight into international trade and foreign direct investment competitiveness in Africa 7 Important results derived from applying time series analysis

7 Kompakter Überblick über die traditionelle Makroökonomik 7 Zum Selbststudium geeignet 7 Ausführliche Kommentierung mathematischer Darstellungen

From the contents
Innovation.- Innovation and Markets: The Known Paths.- Innovation: An Integrated Framework.Market Archetypes: The Fox, the Wolf, the Bear and the Sheep.- Metamorphoses: Market Archetypes, Innovation and Integrated Dynamics.Sustaining Innovation: Staying Ahead.

Introduction.- Trade and Economic Growth.- FDI and Economic Growth.- Trade Competitiveness: Exchange Rate and Inflation.- Trade Competitiveness: Exchange Rate, Productivity and Export Price.- FDI Competitiveness.- Productivity Determinants.- Sustainability of Trade Accounts.Trade Balance and the Terms of Trade.- Purchasing Power Parity.- Concluding Remarks.

Einführung.- Klassik-Neoklassik.- EinkommenAusgaben-Modell.- IS-LM-Modell.- BlinderSolow-Modell.- Mundell-Fleming-Modell.- Neoklassische Synthese.- Phillips-Kurven.- Soziale Marktwirtschaft.- Anhang (Nobelpreisträger für Wirtschaftswissenschaften 1969-2006).

Fields of interest
Technology Management; R & D/Technology Policy

Fachgebiete Fields of interest
Development Economics; International Economics; Economic Policy Volkswirtschaftslehre; Makroökonomik

Target groups
Researchers and scholars

Studenten an Universitäten, Fachhochschulen, Bachelor-Studiengängen, Wirtschaftsschulen und Praktiker in der beruflichen Weiterbildung

Type of publication

Target groups
Researchers, especially in the field of development economics, at universities and international institutions; professionals interested in economic policy in Africa

Einführendes Lehrbuch

Type of publication

Due May 2007
2007. Approx. 180 p. 81 illus. (Advanced Studies in Theoretical and Applied Econometrics, Volume 43) Hardcover 7 * € (D) 85,55 | € (A) 87,95 | sFr 131,00 ISBN 978-3-540-68920-1

Erscheint März 2007
Angezeigt in Highlights 01/2007 2007. Etwa 250 S. (Wirtschaft - schnell erfasst) Brosch. 7 € (D) 16,95 | € (A) 17,42 | sFr 26,00 ISBN 978-3-540-30698-6

Due April 2007
2007. XII, 200 p. Hardcover 7 approx. * € (D) 81,27 | € (A) 83,55 | sFr 124,50 ISBN 978-3-7908-1945-8






Springer News 3/2007

F. L. Sell, S. Kermer, Universität der Bundeswehr München, Neubiberg

K. Waldmann, U. M. Stocker, University of Karlsruhe, Germany (Eds.)

Aufgaben und Lösungen in der Volkswirtschaftslehre
Arbeitsbuch zu Engelkamp/Sell
Das Buch wendet sich in erster Linie an StudentInnen der wirtschaftswissenschaftlichen Disziplinen, aber auch an Interessenten anderer Fachrichtungen. Dabei orientiert sich dieses Arbeitsbuch an der Struktur der Einführung in die Volkswirtschaftslehre von Paul Engelkamp und Friedrich L. Sell und deckt dessen gesamten Inhalt ab. Es ist deshalb als eine, gerade für die Klausurvorbereitung, sehr wertvolle Ergänzung anzusehen. Alle Aufgaben in diesem Buch waren Bestandteil von mündlichen oder schriftlichen Prüfungen. Die Lösungsskizzen und die Diskussion der Ergebnisse zeigen nochmals die volkswirtschaftlichen Methoden und auch die möglichen Fehlerquellen bei der Beantwortung der Fragen auf.

Operations Research Proceedings 2006
Selected Papers of the Annual International Conference of the German Operations Research Society (GOR), Jointly Organized with the Austrian Society of Operations Research (ÖGOR) and the Swiss Society of Operations Research (SVOR)

7 Arbeitsbuch zum Lehrbuch von P. Engelkamp und F.L. Sell “Einführung in die Volkswirtschaftslehre” 7 Mit Aufgaben, Lösungen und Diskussion der Lösungen

This volume contains a selection of papers referring to lectures presented at the symposium “Operations Research 2006” (OR 2006) held at the University of Karlsruhe, September 6 – 8, 2006. This international conference took place under the auspices of the Operations Research Societies of Germany (GOR), Austria (ÖGOR), and Switzerland (SVOR). The symposium was attended by more than 600 academics and practitioners from 35 countries. It presented the state of the art in Operations Research and related areas in Economics, Mathematics, and Computer Science and demonstrated the broad applicability of its core themes, placing particular emphasis on Basel II, one of the most topical challenges of Operations Research.

Grundlagen.- Mikroökonomie.- Makroökonomie.Theorie der Wirtschaftspolitik.- Finanzwissenschaft.

Fields of interest
Operations Research/Decision Theory; Operations Research, Mathematical Programming


Target groups
Scientists and practitioners


Type of publication


Due April 2007 Erscheint März 2007
2007. X, 293 S. 109 Abb. (Springer-Lehrbuch) Brosch. 7 € (D) 19,95 | € (A) 20,50 | sFr 31,00 ISBN 978-3-540-70866-7 2007. Approx. 610 p. (Operations Research Proceedings, Conference 2006) Softcover 7 * € (D) 139,05 | € (A) 142,95 | sFr 213,00 ISBN 978-3-540-69994-1

9<HTOFPA=haig h>

9<HTOFPA=gj jeb>

Springer News 3/2007



E. Allen, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX, USA

Y. von Bischopinck, eprofessional, Hamburg; M. Ceyp, FH Wedel

Modeling with Itô Stochastic Differential Equations
Dynamical systems with random influences occur throughout the physical, biological, and social sciences. By carefully studying a randomly varying system over a small time interval, a discrete stochastic process model can be constructed. Next, letting the time interval shrink to zero, an Ito stochastic differential equation model for the dynamical system is obtained. This modeling procedure is thoroughly explained and illustrated for randomly varying systems in population biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, and finance. Introductory chapters present the fundamental concepts of random variables, stochastic processes, stochastic integration, and stochastic differential equations. These concepts are explained in a Hilbert space setting which unifies and simplifies the presentation. Computer programs, given throughout the text, are useful in solving representative stochastic problems. Analytical and computational exercises are provided in each chapter that complement the material in the text.

R. Conrady, University of Applied Sciences, Worms, Germany; M. Buck, ITB, Messe Berlin GmbH, Berlin, Germany (Eds.)

Konzepte, Umsetzung und Controlling

Trends and Issues in Global Tourism 2007
This book offers insight into important trends in the global travel and tourism industry and analyzes developments in the aviation and hospitality industry, destination management and general travel behavior. The most recent developments in marketing and sales as well as in travel technology and business travel are of key importance for managing companies involved in travel and tourism. The articles are based on presentations and panel discussions presented at the world’s largest tourism convention, the ITB Convention Market Trends and Innovations. This book unites convention highlights prepared by renowned professionals and scientists within the industry. As such, readers can form a comprehensive vision of the developments which are shaping the structure of the global travel and tourism industry.

Das Internet hat in den letzten zehn Jahren das Dialogmarketing ganz wesentlich bereichert. Allerdings fehlen vielfach systematische Abhandlungen über den konkreten Einsatz ausgewählter Online-Marketing-Instrumente. Das vom Autorenteam Bischopinck/Ceyp vorgelegte Kompendium zum Suchmaschinenmarketing (SEO - Search Engine Optimization und SEM - Search Engine Marketing) schließt eine zentrale Lücke. Alle Parameter des Suchmaschinenmarketings werden systematisch erläutert und anwendungsorientiert erklärt. Konkrete Beispiele verdeutlichen die paxisgerechte Umsetzung.

7 Geschlossene Darstellung von Konzepten, Instrumenten, Umsetzung und Controlling des Suchmaschinen-Marketings 7 Systematische Darstellung und Umsetzungshilfe 7 Praxisnah mit konkreten Beispielen

Features Inhalt
Stellenwert von Suchmaschinen im OnlineMarketing.- Technische Grundlagen und Nutzerstrukturen von Suchmaschinen.- Einsatz von Suchmaschinen als Marketing-Instrument.- Konzeption der Suchmaschinen-Marketing-Strategie.- Operative Durchführung des Suchmaschinen-Marketings.- Web-Controlling: Erfolgskontrolle des Suchmaschinen-Marketings.- Zusammenfassung und Ausblick. 7 Latest trends in all relevant areas of global tourism, such as aviation, hospitality, business travel, destination management, travel technology, travel behavior 7 Results from the renowned ITB Convention Market Trends and Innovations

7 A procedure is thoroughly explained for constructing realistic stochastic differential equation models 7 Many stochastic differential equation models are developed for randomly varying systems in biology, physics, and finance 7 Random variables, stochastic processes, stochastic integration, and stochastic differential equations are explained in a Hilbert space setting which unifies and simplifies the presentation

Mega trends and their impact on the tourism industry.- Aviation management.- Destination management.- Marketing and sales management.Travel technology.- Business travel management.Long-Term perspectives in the Tourism Industry.

Fachgebiete Fields of interest
Applications of Mathematics; Probability Theory and Stochastic Processes; Mathematical Modeling and Industrial Mathematics Marketing; Management; E-Commerce/E-Business

Fields of interest Zielgruppen
Praktiker und praxisnahe Wissenschaftler, Studenten im Marketing Management; Regional Science; Economic Geography

Target groups
Applied mathematicians, mathematical biologists, numerical analysts, financial mathematicians; probabilists, statisticians, engineers

Target groups Kategorie
Monographie Professionals in tourism

Type of publication
Professional book

Type of publication

Due April 2007 Erscheint April 2007
2007. Approx. 230 p. (Mathematical Modelling: Theory and Applications, Volume 22) Hardcover 7 * € (D) 74,85 | € (A) 76,95 | sFr 115,00 ISBN 978-1-4020-5952-0 2007. XV, 312 S. 68 Abb. Geb. 7 € (D) 59,95 | € (A) 61,63 | sFr 92,00 ISBN 978-3-540-70862-9

Due March 2007
2007. XX, 300 p. 40 illus. Hardcover 7 * € (D) 53,45 | € (A) 54,95 | sFr 82,00 ISBN 978-3-540-70831-5




250 p. die auf in der Praxis bewährten Entscheidungsmethoden aufsetzen. and Japan. * € (D) 53.) Globale Produktionsstrategien in der Automobilzulieferindustrie Erfolgsmuster und zukunftsorientierte Methoden zur Standortbewertung Unter Mitarbeit von: G. Geb. Goldman Sachs published a startling report on the BRICs (Brazil. Hardcover 7 approx. in der Automobil. C.94 Management Springer News 3/2007 springer. and China) region: These four countries would be larger than the G6 economics within 40 years. Berater und alle. feature alongside their peers from Brazil.und Zulieferindustrie Kategorie Fachbuch Erscheint April 2007 2007. 7 € (D) 39. Russia. über verschiedene Bewertungsmethoden und Zukunftsbilder abgesichertes Gesamtbild je Standortalternative. muscling their way to economic dominance over the coming decades.95 | sFr 82. and powering past developed countries such as the United Kingdom. He then features 13 chapters written by the most important chief executives from the BRICs service economy. This book focuses on the technology and technology-enabled services that underpin this social and economic revolution. Russia. International Economics. Zanker. Information Systems Target groups Practitioners. S Ramadorai (Tata Consultancy Services). sondern beruhen auf wenigen. Manager. zukunftsorientierten Standortbewertung 7 Quantitative Umfragedaten und qualitative Fallstudien bei zwölf Automobilzulieferern Fields of interest Management. Maloca. Organisation/Planung. Ein Buch für Unternehmer. and Rajendra Pawar (NIIT). Lay.45 | € (A) 54. vorrangig monetären Aspekten. Automobilzulieferer agieren bei Auslandsproduktionsstrategien besonders dynamisch. Erfolgsmuster und Entscheidungsfaktoren für internationale Standortstrategien dieser Branche werden herausgearbeitet. Seydel Building a Future with BRICs The Next Decade for Offshoring Standortentscheidungen sind unternehmerische Grundsatzentscheidungen von höchster strategischer Bedeutung. Darauf aufbauend konzipieren die Autoren neue Ansätze zur strategisch fundierten und zukunftsorientierten Standortbewertung. Fraunhofer-Institut für Systemund Innovationsforschung ISI. such as Nandan Nilekani (Infosys). Die wesentlichen Zukunftstrends. managers Type of publication Monograph Fachgebiete Management.95 | € (A) 41. Kobayashi-Hillary. Vielfach werden sie jedoch nicht umfassend genug S. In 2003. P. Kinkel. and China outlining their views on the next decade for offshoring. UK (Ed. Approx. The editor analyses the reasons why these four countries are in a unique position to lead a 21st century growth in international services. insbes.00 ISBN 978-3-540-46453-2 9<HTOFPA=hahjfa> 9<HTOFPA=egefdc> . VII.07 | sFr 61. Features 7 Leading-edge thinking from some of the leading Chief Executive Officers in global information technology 7 Analysis of the effects of the BRICs growth on the service sector 7 Focus on technology and technology-enabled services Pluspunkte 7 Darstellung von Erfolgsmustern und zentralen Entscheidungsfaktoren internationaler Standortstrategien deutscher Automobilzulieferer 7 Neue Ansätze zur strategisch fundierten. Germany. 30 Abb. 218 S. die mit Standortentscheidungen befasst sind oder sich mit internationaler Standortplanung beschäftigen.50 ISBN 978-3-540-70795-0 Due April 2007 2007. Technologiemanagement Zielgruppen Praktiker. Karlsruhe M. Indian technology leaders. S. Der Praktiker erhält ein facettenreiches. London. India.

00 | € (A) 98. ergänzen die Thematik. Dozenten In den letzten Jahrzehnten ist ein vermehrter Einsatz von Information als Mittel zur Erfüllung von Staatsaufgaben festzustellen. etc. gibt Empfehlungen oder warnt vor Gefahren. Kontoöffnung und Überwachung erläutert. Die vorliegende Arbeit bereitet Inhalt und Strukturen der öffentlichkeitsbezogenen Informationstätigkeit der Verwaltung dogmatisch auf und bietet so eine Gesamtdarstellung derselben. Etwa 510 S. die zum Teil das Demokratieprinzip betreffen. die Empfehlung und die Warnung abgehandelt und ein konstruktiver Beitrag zur rechtlichen Fundierung dieser speziellen Form der Staatskommunikation gegeben.95 | sFr 76. Pluspunkte 7 Kompetente Vermittlung der Technik der juristischen Fallbearbeitung von erfahrenem Prüfer Fachgebiet Handels-/Wirtschafts-/Unternehmensrecht Zielgruppen Studenten. 7 ca.95 | € (A) 17. € (D) Springer News 3/2007 Rechtswissenschaften 95 C. Feik.00 | sFr 150. die durch die verstärkte internationale Zusammenarbeit der Strafverfolgungsbehörden immer wichtiger werden. Öffentliches Recht Zielgruppen Banken. wie z.oder Kompetenzprobleme ansprechen. Etwa 219 S. sind sie zur Herausgabe der Unterlagen verpflichtet. ohne ihre Geheimnispflicht zu verletzen. Diese Kommunikation zwischen Verwaltung und Bevölkerung wirft dabei zahlreiche Fragen auf. Es garantiert allerdings keine Anonymität gegenüber den Strafverfolgungsbehörden. Hausdurchsuchung. Pluspunkte 7 Viele Beispiele aus der Praxis 7 Behandlung zahlreicher im Schrifttum kaum untersuchter Fragen Kategorie Lehrbuch Pluspunkte 7 Umfassende juristische Analyse 7 Ausführliche Erläuterung anhand vieler Beispiele Fachgebiete Strafrecht. Vertiefung und fallbezogenen Anwendung des Prüfungsstoffes. Wissenschaftler. Die Verwaltung geht von sich aus auf die Bevölkerung zu und stellt sich selbst dar. die mit dieser Thematik in engem Zusammenhang stehen. Der Autor ist Inhaber des Lehrstuhls für Gesellschaftsrecht an der Freien Universität Berlin und mit den Anforderungen. (Forschungen aus Staat und Recht. Neben § 38 Abs 2 Z 1 BWG werden die in § 145a StPO normierten Ermittlungsmethoden wie Identitätsermittlung. die an Studenten und Examenskandidaten gestellt werden daher bestens vertraut. Armbrüster. Freie Universität Berlin R. Bürgerliches Recht Fachgebiete Verwaltungs-/Verwaltungsverfahrensrecht.und Kapitalgesellschaftsrecht werden auch Grundzüge des Konzernrechts erfasst.springer.42 | sFr 26. Durch die große Prüfungsrelevanz der Fälle und zahlreiche Hinweise zur Prüfungsvorbereitung erleichtert es zudem die Umsetzung bereits erworbenen Basiswissens im Examen. Das Klausurentraining dient Studenten und Examenskandidaten zur Wiederholung. Flora. Universität Salzburg M. Warnung Das Bankgeheimnis im gerichtlichen Strafverfahren Das Bankgeheimnis schützt alle Informationen. Bibliotheken. € (D) 98. Universität Innsbruck Fallsammlung zum Gesellschaftsrecht Die Fallsammlung deckt das gesamte examensrelevante Spektrum zum Gesellschaftsrecht ab.50 ISBN 978-3-211-32171-3 Erscheint Mai 2007 2007. Neben Personen.95 | € (A) 49.B. Kontoauskunft. Universitäten. Empfehlung. § 38 Abs 2 Z 1 BWG ermöglicht es den Kreditinstituten bankgeheime Unterlagen herauszugeben. Volume 148) Brosch. Verwaltungsjuristen Kategorie Monographie Kategorie Monographie Erscheint März 2007 Angezeigt in Highlights 03/2006 2007. rechtsstaatsprinzipielle Anforderungen an die verfahrensrechtlichen Regelungen tangieren. 7 € (D) 16. Zwangsmaßnahmen. Kontosperre und die Vernehmung von Mitarbeitern eines Kreditinstituts als Zeugen.00 ISBN 978-3-540-33811-6 Erscheint März 2007 2007. Öffentliche Verwaltungskommunikation Öffentlichkeitsarbeit. Etwa 250 S. die Aufklärung. und ein Ausblick auf das Strafprozessreformgesetz 2008 runden die Darstellung ab. An Hand konkreter Beispiele werden die Öffentlichkeitsarbeit als Form der staatlichen Selbstdarstellung. Brosch. Wissenschaftler Zielgruppen Bibliotheken. (Juristische ExamensKlausuren) Brosch. klärt auf. Sind die Voraussetzungen des § 145a StPO erfüllt. Aufklärung. zum Teil Grundrechts. die der Bank vom Kunden anvertraut werden. Eine ausführliche Erläuterung der Rechtshilfenormen. 7 ca.50 ISBN 978-3-211-69920-1 9<HTOFPA=d ib g> 9<HTOCMB=dcbhbd> 9<HTOCMB=gj cab> .

des gesetzlichen Biotopschutzes sowie der naturschutzrechtlichen Eingriffsregelung unter stetem Einbezug fachwissenschaftlicher Erkenntnisse erläutert.und Zulassungsverfahren Leitfaden für die Praxis Europäisches Strafrecht Europäisches Strafrecht ist eine junge.95 | € (A) 25. Die einschlägigen Vorschriften sind weit über die geltenden Steuergesetze verstreut und ihr Zusammenhang schwer verständlich..Leistungserbringung in besonderen Konstellationen. Freie Universität Berlin Schutz wildlebender Tiere und Pflanzen in staatlichen Planungs.und Gemeinschaftsrecht als auch gemeinschaftsrechtlich beeinflusstes nationales Strafrecht umfasst. Artenspektrum. Geographen.35 | sFr 76. Aufl. Sie richtet sich an steuerliche Berater. erw. Geb.Die Besteuerung der Krankenhäuser. Musil. Praktiker (Staatsanwälte. Eine exemplarische Darstellung der Problembewältigung anhand typischer Fallkonstellationen und ein umfangreicher Anhang mit Informationen über sämtliche besonders und streng geschützten Tierund Pflanzenarten runden die Darstellung ab. Vor dem Hintergrund einer Darstellung des einschlägigen internationalen und europäischen Naturschutzrechts werden die normativen Anforderungen des nationalen Artenschutzrechts. 177 S..Betrugsbekämpfung durch Europäisches Strafrecht.Justizielle Zusammenarbeit in Strafsachen. 7 € (D) 49. Strafverteidiger) Kategorie Fachbuch Kategorie Lehrbuch Erscheint März 2007 Erscheint März 2007 2007.Strafrechtliche Spezialmaterien mit grenzüberschreitenden Bezügen. Rechtsprechung und Verwaltungsentscheidungen werden umfassend berücksichtigt. der kommunalen Bauleitplanung sowie bei der Zulassung von Eingriffsvorhaben zunehmend konfrontiert sieht. in dynamischer Entwicklung begriffene Rechtsdisziplin.Assimilierungsprinzip. Verwaltungspersonal von Krankenversicherungen Kategorie Monographie Zielgruppen Studierende der Rechtswissenschaft. Pluspunkte 7 Erste spezifisch auf das Gesundheitswesen bezogene Darstellung des Steuerrechts 7 Verbindung systematischer Durchdringung und einzelfallbezogener Darstellung Pluspunkte 7 Leitfaden des Artenschutzrechts. Das Steuerrecht des Gesundheitswesens Systematik und Praxis Das Buch behandelt rechtliche und naturschutzfachliche Fragen des Artenschutzes. gutachterlich tätige Biologen und Ökologen) Fachgebiete Finanz-/Abgaben-/Steuerrecht. Diese Beziehungen können unterschiedlichste steuerliche Folgen sowohl im Ertrag.19 | sFr 122. Die Darstellung differenziert zwischen den verschiedenen Gruppen von Leistungserbringern sowie Versicherungen und Patienten. Europa-/Völkerrecht Zielgruppen Juristen. Praktisch besonders relevante Einzelfragen (z.EU-Mitgliedstaaten im Netzwerk globaler.50 ISBN 978-3-540-48364-9 Erscheint März 2007 Angezeigt in Highlights 03/2006 2007.96 Rechtswissenschaften Springer News 3/2007 springer..Transnationales Doppelbestrafungsverbot in der EU. niedergelassene und angestellte Ärzte. europäischer oder bilateraler Kooperation in Strafsachen.Zusammenarbeit zwischen EuGH und nationaler Strafgerichtsbarkeit..und Genehmigungskonstellationen ermöglicht Inhalt Die Besteuerung der Ärzte. XLVIII.95 | € (A) 82. Fachgebiete Umweltrecht. (Schriftenreihe Natur und Recht.Medizinische Forschung..50 ISBN 978-3-540-33945-8 9<HTOFPA=gjajgc> 9<HTOFPA=eidgej> 9<HTOFPA=d jefi> . Volume 7) Brosch. Dozenten. M. in zahlreichen Rechtsquellen supranationaler. Inhalt Grundbegriffe und Grundfragen des Europäischen Strafrechts.Vorrang des Gemeinschaftsrechts.. die speziell im Gesundheitswesen auftreten.als auch im Umsatzsteuerrecht auslösen. 2007.Harmonisierung des materiellen Strafrechts in der dritten Säule. Polizeifachhochschulen und Forschungsinstitute. Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen M.. Westerkappeln.B. Verwaltungsbeamte. Untersuchungsaufwand. Bramsche/Epe B. völkerrechtlicher und nationaler Provenienz enthaltenen Rechtsstoff in Form eines Kanons „abfragbaren Wissens“ systematisch auf. 7 € (D) 79. Patienten und Versicherungen auf.Strafrechtliche Anweisungskompetenz der EG.. insbesondere Rechtsanwälte.Gemeinschaftsrechtskonforme Auslegung.65 | sFr 38. XIII. Etwa 400 S. die im Gesundheitswesen tätig sind. Planer (Landschaftsplaner.. Richter).. Das vorliegende Buch schafft hierbei Abhilfe.Europäische Gemeinschaft und Europäische Union.Entscheidungen und M. Hecker. Es gibt einen systematischen und praxisorientierten Einblick in die steuerlichen Probleme.. Richter. aber auch an die beteiligten Akteure selbst. Die Rolle der Akteure des Europäischen Strafrechts wird ebenso beleuchtet wie die strafrechtsrelevanten Europäisierungsfaktoren.. Völkervertrags..Die Besteuerung der Versicherungsunternehmen.. der einen rechtssicheren Umgang mit artenschutzrechtlichen Problemen in unterschiedlichen Planungs. (Springer-Lehrbuch) Brosch. Gellermann. Bibliotheken von Universitäten.Die Besteuerung der sonstigen Heilund Heilhilfsberufe. Schreiber. A.95 | € (A) 51.. Medizinrecht Fachgebiete Strafrecht. 7 € (D) 24... Zahlreiche Fallbeispiele erhöhen die Anschaulichkeit der Darstellung und erleichtern das Einprägen des Rechtstoffes..Die Besteuerung der Patienten. Verwaltungspersonal von Kliniken. Pluspunkte 7 Gesamtüberblick über den aktuellen Entwicklungsstand des Europäischen Strafrechts 7 Systematische Darstellung 7 Kanon „abfragbaren Wissens“ zur Prüfungsvorbereitung Das Gesundheitswesen weist vielfältige rechtliche und wirtschaftliche Beziehungen zwischen Leistungserbringern.50 ISBN 978-3-540-69096-2 Angezeigt in Highlights 01/2007 2. Verwaltungs-/Verwaltungsverfahrensrecht Zielgruppen Juristen (Rechtsanwälte.. CEF-Maßnahmen) erfahren eine Vertiefung aus fachwissenschaftlicher Perspektive. die sowohl strafrechtsrelevantes Völker-. denen sich die Praxis in Verfahren der Fachplanung. Steuerberater.Der Europarat. aktualisierte u. 552 S. Heintzen. Das Lehrbuch bereitet den relativ unübersichtlichen..

Da das Buch auf Studienanfänger zugeschnitten ist. Kategorie Monographie Fachgebiete Bürgerliches Recht. und es werden einzelne Regelungsvorschläge unterbreitet.00 ISBN 978-3-540-70985-5 9<HTOFPA=hbabeb> 9<HTOFPA=gj ebf> 9<HTOFPA=hajif > . Zur praktischen Übung enthält das Buch 15 Klausuren zum Bürgerlichen. Etwa 400 S.. europa. Ökologen Type of publication Monograph Inhalt Einleitung. Strafrecht.. XII. Strafrecht. the book demonstrates the extent which various socio-economic dimensions of rural coastal households influence livelihood pathways. wird bereits bemerkt haben. Naturschutz Target groups Libraries.und gewässerschutzrechtlichen Vorschriften. Öffentliches Recht) Fachgebiete Umweltrecht. governmental and international organizations Zielgruppen Umwelt..91 | sFr 107. Thus. nutritional.springer.und Naturschutzrechtler. 7 € (D) 16. abgerundet durch Beispiele. sowie die mangelhafte Koordination zwischen den relevanten naturschutz-. non-governmental.42 | sFr 26. Arbeitsgemeinschaftsleiter. Frankfurt/Main J. Übungsleiter.Zum Gutachtenstil. Fields of interest Environmental Economics. ist der Stoff den Vorlesungen der ersten beiden Semester entnommen. production efficiency and attitudes towards conservation initiatives. 220 S. Hierzu werden in einem ersten Teil die begrifflichen und rechtstatsächlichen Grundlagen dargelegt.Fünf Klausuren aus dem Bürgerlichen Recht.. 7 € (D) 69. werden die einschlägigen völker-. Volume 8) Softcover 7 * € (D) Springer News 3/2007 Rechtswissenschaften 97 A.95 | € (A) 71. Approx. dass man zu einem erfolgreichen Studium nicht nur die nötigen juristischen Kenntnisse.Fünf Klausuren aus dem Strafrecht.Der Ernstfall: Lösung einer Klausur. Öffentliches Recht Zielgruppen Studienanfänger Rechtswissenschaft. landwirtschafts. Universität Würzburg Die rechtliche Regulierung invasiver gebietsfremder Arten in Deutschland Bestandsaufnahme und Bewertung Marine Resource Conservation Einführung in den and Poverty Reduction Gutachtenstil Strategies in Tanzania 15 Klausuren zum Bürgerlichen Recht.und europarechtlichen Vorgaben (insbesondere aus der Biodiversitätskonvention) als auch der fehlenden landesrechtlichen Konkretisierung bundesrechtlicher Vorgaben erhebliche Defizite festgestellt. (Tutorium Jura) Brosch. auf dem der Schwerpunkt liegt. Öffentlichen Recht und Strafrecht samt ausformulierten Lösungsvorschlägen.Fünf Klausuren aus dem Öffentlichen Recht. attention to differential patterns of rural coastal households presents more viable possibilities for coastal villages to have conservation-development policies/programs that lead to poverty reduction. Valerius. Biodiversität. yet they are vulnerable to both over-exploitation and degradation of their habitats. Hamburg B. Sesabo. sondern auch den Gutachtenstil beherrschen muss. Tutoren Kategorie Lehrbuch Erscheint März 2007 2007. economical and environmental importance of Tanzanian coastal areas. Features 7 Empirical analysis using econometics methods Wer die ersten Wochen seines Jurastudiums absolviert hat. 160 p.95 | sFr 115. Zu diesem Zweck erläutert es die Grundzüge und wesentlichen Grundsätze des Gutachtenstils. Environmental Law Pluspunkte 7 Speziell für die Situation des Studienanfängers konzipiert 7 Kombination von theoretischer Einführung und praktischem Klausurenteil 7 Fächerübergreifend (Bürgerliches Recht. Im zweiten Teil des Buches. aktualisierte Aufl.und nationalen umweltrechtlichen Vorschriften analysiert und bewertet.50 ISBN 978-3-540-71014-1 Due March 2007 2007. Im dritten Teil der Arbeit wird hieran anknüpfend der konkrete Handlungsbedarf aufgezeigt.85 | € (A) 76. Hinweise und Tipps zu seiner Beherrschung und für den Ernstfall einer Klausur. Volume 8) Brosch. Environmental Management. Dabei werden sowohl bezüglich der nationalen Umsetzung der völker. Strafrecht und Öffentlichen Recht Despite the social..00 ISBN 978-3-540-69941-5 Erscheint März 2007 2.95 | € (A) 17. 2007. Untersucht wird die rechtliche Regulierung des Problems invasiver gebietsfremder Arten in Deutschland. Bei letzterem Unterfangen möchte dieses Buch den Jurastudenten unterstützen. (Hamburg Studies on Maritime Affairs. Using the data from two coastal villages and econometric methods as well as Stochastic Production Frontier techniques. Holljesiefken. (Schriftenreihe Natur und Recht.

corporate. chemistry. USA Gaither‘s Dictionary of Scientific Quotations Scientists and other keen observers of the natural world sometimes make or write a statement pertaining to scientific activity that is destined to live on beyond the brief period of time for which it was intended. biology.98 Wissenschaft. TX. E. Hardcover 7 * € (D) 128. general. Physics. allgemein Springer News 3/2007 springer. Gaither.95 | sFr 197. past and present. 1600 p. Features 7 Presents approximately 21. A. History of Science. C. Gaither‘s Dictionary of Scientific Quotations allows the reader quickly to find relavent quotations or citations to spearhead an oral or written presentation of their research. Organized thematically and indexed alphabetically by author. this work makes readily available an unprecedented collection of approximately 21.000 quotations related to a broad range of scientific topics including astronomy. and physics.35 | € (A) 131. past and present 7 Organized the way you would look up a quotation – by subject area rather than by author 7 Allows a reader to effortlessly find a pertinent quotation from a variety of sources and perspectives Fields of interest Popular Science. Killeen. general Target groups C. mathematics and medicine from great philosophers and scientists. Approx.000 quotations about science. (in 2 volumes.00 ISBN 978-0-387-49575-0 9<HTLDTH=ejfhfa> . not available separately). and public libraries Type of publication Reference work Due June 2007 2007. This book serves as a collection of these statements from great philosophers and thought–influencers of science. Cavazos-Gaither. engineering.

Volume 18) Hardcover 7 * € (D) 133.95 | sFr 180. R. Curriculum Studies. Keitel. the authors move beyond the conventional notion that school contents reflect principally national priorities and subject-based interests.50 ISBN 978-1-4020-5359-7 9<HTMELC=afjaha> 9<HTMELC=afhdfj> 9<HTMELC=afdfjh> . Hardcover 7 approx. Others suggest that changes regarding the intended contents of primary and secondary school curricula reveal regional or trans-cultural influences. Some authors emphasize a convergence to standardized global curricular structures and discourses.00 ISBN 978-1-4020-5907-0 Due March 2007 2007. This shift acknowledges a broader set of workplace factors that shape workers’ learning and development.70 | € (A) 137. moral. scholars in the fields of education. (Technical and Vocational Education and Training: Issues. Switzerland (Eds. Subjectivity and Learning Understanding Learning through Working Life School curricula are established not only to prepare young people for a real world. political. Provide a venue for the publication of results of international comparisons on cultural differences and similarities rather than merely on achievement and outcomes. student and academic exchange. France. researchers involved in crosscultural and crossnational projects Type of publication Contributed volume Type of publication Contributed volume Due March 2007 Due March 2007 2007. Instruction and Learning Fields of interest Comparative Education. practices and reforms.45 | sFr 205. scholars with diverse backgrounds and conceptual frameworks explore how economic. Geneva. School Knowledge in Comparative and Historical Perspective Changing Curricula in Primary and Secondary Education Work. Vistro-Yu.00 ISBN 978-1-4020-5735-9 2007. C. efforts to understand learning for and throughout working life have moved away from a focus on workplace training to concerns about learning as a component and outcome of engaging in work and work-related activities and interactions. political and economic issues facing mathematics and science educators. (CERC Studies in Comparative Education. Fenwick.40 | € (A) 132. UNESCO. Volume 6) Hardcover 7 * € (D) 117. social and ideological forces impact on school curricula over time and place. It is in considering the relations among subjectivity. N.65 | € (A) 120. M. Provide a forum for critical discussion of the various models and forms of international projects and collaborations. IBE-UNESCO. Braslavsky. Central here is the issue of individuals’ subjectivity and how this is shaped by but shapes engagement in work and. international academic contacts and collaborations are ever increasing.) A. it acknowledges that this learning through engagement is also necessarily shaped by the diverse ways that individuals elect to engage or participate in workplace activities. Calabrese Barton. Somerville (Eds. Educational Policy. Approx 400 p. Approx. Concerns and Prospects. C. In recent year. Benavot.springer. curriculum development to professional development activities and affect every aspect of academic life from teaching. * € (D) 128. 285 p. curriculum. but also to beckon an imagined one anchored in individual rights and collective progress. C. Both worlds—the real and the imagined . Gough. In this special edited volume. research to service. Borba. cross cultural research projects. This book aims to: Develop theoretical frameworks of the phenomena of internationalisation and globalisation and identify related ethical. Provide a representation of the different voices and interests from around the world rather than consensus on issues. Paris. academics. A. regional and historical perspectives Fields of interest Education (general). M. Educational Policy Target groups Policy makers. curriculum.) S. Atweh. Science Education. Yet equally.) Internationalisation and Globalisation in Mathematics and Science Education In the new times of globalisation. Comparative Education Type of publication Target groups Academics. Springer News 3/2007 Erziehungswissenschaften 99 B. comparative and international education Contributed volume Target groups Academics in mathematics and science education. In providing regional and global perspectives on curricular policies. students and researchers Fields of interest Mathematics Education. and school-based knowledge 7 Brings together leading scholars in the field 7 Includes global. 315 p. sociology of education.00 | sFr 197. They are taking many forms. Vithal (Eds. Features 7 A focus on subjectivity 7 New conception of learning through work and working life 7 Diverse contributions and contexts 7 Emerging perspectives 7 Leading scholars in the field Features 7 First book to deal with issues of globalisation and internationalisation in mathematics and science education 7 Provides a wide representation of views from several countries around the world some of which are not often represented in international publications 7 Represents a balance between theoretical discussion and empirical experiences Features 7 Addresses important topics often disregarded in comparative studies of education: educational contents. what learning flows from their participation. Billett. therefore. from international conferences and publications. learning and work that it is possible to advance both the conceptual and procedural bases for understanding learning through and for working life. Approx.increasingly reflect influential trans-national forces.

Van Dooren..Searching for Explanations: A series of follow up studies.. Approx.Psychological and Educational Analysis.00 | sFr 107.An In-depth Investigation.. recent research has shown that secondary school students strongly tend to apply the linear model also in situations wherein it is not applicable. Approx. W..50 ISBN 978-0-387-70891-1 9<HTLDTH=hbaic > 9<HTLDTH=ejh aj> 9<HTLDTH=haijb > . Ashman.) The Illusion of Linearity From Analysis to Improvement Linking and Aligning Scores and Scales The comparability of measurements made in differing circumstances by different methods and investigators is a fundamental pre-condition for all of science. Australia.. Belgium N. 180 p. data collection designs. J. The interpretation attached to a linkage depends on how the conditions of the linkage differ from the ideal. and methods used to achieve sound score linkages.. Approx. The Netherlands (Eds. Contents Introduction.50 ISBN 978-0-387-49770-9 Due July 2007 2007. Statistics for Social Science. Brisbane.Individual differences in Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL). While the applications here focus on educational tests. Gillies. (Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning Series. Public Policy.90 | € (A) 93.Peer interaction that promotes higher-level thinking and learning in groups.03 | € (A) D. * € (D) 70. * € (D) 90. De Bock. Since the 1980s.Using Cooperative Learning in Middle Level Education.. the fields of educational and psychological measurement have enhanced and widely applied techniques for producing linked scores that are comparable.Teachers in Cooperative Learning (CL): Restructuring pedagogical thinking and action. Testing and Evaluation Target groups Researchers.Stepping Outside the Classroom.. to distinguish among the varieties of linking and to describe different procedure for linking 7 Convey the complexity and diversity of linking by covering different areas of linking and providing diverse perspectives 7 Written by experts in the field of testing Features 7 State-of-the-art research on the illusion of linearity 7 Addresses a related set of flaws in mathematics education and proposes remedies 7 Integrates and organizes existing literature on mathematics education Fields of interest Contents A Widespread Phenomenon. L. R.45 | sFr 139. Volume 98) Hardcover 7 approx. (Statistics for Social Science and Behavorial Sciences) Hardcover 7 * € (D) 58. Janssens.. However. Features 7 Define what linking is. Holland (Eds. W. P. it owes a great deal to prior work in mathematics education research community (such as the work of the scholars of the Freudenthal Institute on realistic mathematics education). In this book. Catholic University. Terwel.. Computers and Education Target groups People working within the mathematics education community.100 Erziehungswissenschaften Springer News 3/2007 springer. Pommerich. 300 p.Collaboration and students with diverse learning needs. Vrije University Amsterdam. J. Dorans. Leuven.. experts in statistics and psychometrics describe classes of linkages. M. “The Illustion of Linearity: From Analysis to Improvement” presents the reader with a comprehensive overview of the major findings of the recent research on the illusion of linearity.45 | sFr 90.Explanation giving and receiving in Cooperative Learning Groups.Small-Group Dynamics in Cooperative Learning Classrooms. and Law. score linking issues are directly applicable to medicine and many branches of behavioral science. QLD. Volume 8) Hardcover 7 approx.Index. A.50 ISBN 978-0-387-71082-2 Due May 2007 2007. Education (general). Education. Successful applications of technology require comparable measurements....) The Teacher‘s Role in Implementing Cooperative Learning in the Classroom Features 7 Brings together leading international researchers whose work demonstrates how theory and practice interact to inform successful group work in the classroom 7 Illustrates how group discussion can be developed to facilitate thinking and learning among students 7 Emphasizes the key role that teachers play in promoting discourse during cooperative learning Linear or proportional relationships are a major topic in mathematics education.Structuring group interaction to promote thinking and learning during small group discussions in high school settings.Developing language and content knowledge in heterogeneous classrooms. 425 p.80 | € (A) 60. This overgeneralization of linearity is sometimes referred to as the „illusion of linearity“ and has a strong negative impact on students’ reasoning and problem solving skills. M.Promoting Thinking and Learning Through Peer Interaction.Teachers’ and students’ verbal behaviors during Cooperative Learning. particularly teacher educators and those in curriculum research and development Target groups Education and psychology professionals interested in cooperative learning within pedagogy and curriculum design Type of publication Monograph Type of publication Contributed volume Due May 2007 2007. Verschaffel. University of Queensland. Teacher Education Monograph Fields of interest Educational Technology... practitioners Type of publication Fields of interest Mathematics Education.In Search of Empirical Evidence.Social Interdependence Theory and motivation to learn.Pupil grouping for learning: developing a social pedagogy of the classroom.A Teaching Experiment. the history of score linkings. D. Although the empirical study of students’ improper linear reasoning clearly constitutes a new line of research. (Mathematics Education Library..

(Higher Education Dynamics. Brazil. Germany (Eds.The Development And Present Situation Of Vocational And Technical Teachers’ Professions In Japan. it can be argued that the currently dominant reform rhetoric is only one among several competing visions and understandings of the University and its dynamics. Reform plans comprise the purposes of universities. Approx.. lecturers and trainers who are to provide lifelong learning Features 7 Represents a unique cooperation initiative of internationally leading general social scientists with higher education specialists 7 Presents an important framework of analysis in an area that is usually ‘theory-poor’ 7 A detailed research agenda for the coming 5 to 10 years is presented 7 Convincingly argues why the knowledge basis under the current University reforms in Europe should be considerably strengthened Features 7 Provides critical assessment of teaching and learning issues that cut across most disciplines 7 Systematically explores the linkage between classroom teaching and motivation. University of Bremen. Maassen. i. institutional leaders and managers in European higher education institutions.) International Perspectives on teachers and lecturers in Technical and Vocational Education This book provides insight into the history and current status of teaching in technical and vocational education across a broad range of countries.50 ISBN 978-1-4020-5970-4 2007. the Middle East and the USA 7 The role of motivation in learning and performance in college classrooms From the contents Contributing Authors. Europe.) R. France. University of Oslo.. The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education: An Evidence-Based Perspective Pivotal to the transformation of higher education in the 21st Century is the nature of pedagogy and its role in advancing the aims of various stakeholders. promotion. (Technical and Vocational Education and Training: Issues. Political Science.00 ISBN 978-1-4020-5703-8 Due March 2007 2007. Rauner. J.. P. 334 p.. China. In contrast. the researchers examine the scientific evidence on what constitutes effective teaching in college classrooms. the kinds of research. University of Memphis. definitions of what the University is. who should influence the future dynamics of universities. and for whom. Olsen.95 | sFr 213. Educational Policy Fields of interest Higher Education. It has become commonplace to argue that radical reforms are needed. University of Manitoba. Public policy analysis and Political science. Canada. and the USA to critically assess teaching and learning issues that cut across most disciplines..e. An overarching introduction embeds the content of the book into the current global context of Technical and Vocational Education and Training.. their governance structures. All chapters follow a common structure making it easy for the reader to focus on specific aspects. and salary Springer News 3/2007 Erziehungswissenschaften 101 P. Fields of interest Higher Education. MB.. and according to what principles. Europe. USA (Eds.TVET Teachers And Instructors In Germany. policy practitioners in higher education. Volume 7) Hardcover 7 * € (D) 139. Denmark. students in Higher education studies. Norway (Eds. European studies. including European and national level politicians and civil servants with a professional interest in higher education and academic research. faculty developers in teaching and learning centers. This book brings together pre-eminent scholars from Australia. It contains studies of the profiles of teachers and lecturers and their educational practices in: Germany.. Instruction and Learning.) P. Social studies of science. 350 p.Technical And Vocational Education And Its Teacher Training In Norway. adapt and reform themselves fast enough. The claim is that while environments are changing rapidly. Features 7 The first substantial volume on the topic in 30 years 7 Presents international experiences to enable national and local decision-making 7 Offers substantial information to all teachers.Teachers Of Technical And Vocational Education In France.TVET Teachers In Brazil..45 | sFr 139. staff at European and national level intermediate agencies in higher education and academic research Target groups Researchers in higher education. Perry. Concerns and Prospects. P.springer. F. the UK and the USA.05 | € (A) 142. students and managers with an interest in international development or co-operation in the field of technical vocational education Type of publication Type of publication Contributed volume Contributed volume Due March 2007 Due April 2007 2007. can be and should be.45 | € (A) 164... TN. learning and performance outcomes in students 7 Brings together pre-eminent scholars from Australia.TVET Teachers: An Endangered Species Or Professional Innovation Agents?.95 | sFr 246. 650 p. Japan. Volume 19) Hardcover 7 * € (D) 90. Canada. University Dynamics and European Integration The European University is under stress. C. criteria for quality and success. the Middle East. In addressing long-standing and newly emerging issues.90 | € (A) 93.China’s TVET Teachers And Their Professionalization.TVET Teachers And Lecturers In Turkey. Canada. services and innovation to be produced.The Professional Situation And Training Of Vocational Teachers In Denmark.Preface. academic administrators concerned with policy development regarding teaching and learning matters Field of interest Education (general) Type of publication Handbook Target groups Researchers. Winnipeg. Reform plans also include the universities’ organization and financial basis. Norway. education.. classroom instructors in colleges and universities.00 ISBN 978-1-4020-4944-6 9<HTMELC=afhadi> 9<HTMELC=afjhae> 9<HTMELC=aeje g> . Pedagogic Psychology Target groups Academics. XIII. European universities do not learn.Vocational Teachers In Russia. Approx. Smart. Turkey.. and on the use of such measures for tenure. J. Hardcover 7 * € (D) 160. Grollmann. on the psychometric integrity of measures of teaching effectiveness.

Pink. experienced teachers Type of publication Contributed volume Due June 2007 Due May 2007 2007. USA.S. WI. what will be effective at the school level. Hardcover 7 * € (D) 187.Psychomotor. Couso. context of improvement interventions. almost one third of all school age children attend schools in large urban school districts.Content Focus: W. Strategies for Reform. They have been selected for their quality. At the conference. Definitions of Urban and Urban Education. A.. The role or use of technology in implementing these strategies will be left to the individual chapter authors. The authors will supply strategies in the different domains of Cognitive. Success Stories.Content Focus: Dance Education. Diaspora. Two of the main topics at this conference were: the decrease in the number of students interested in school science and concern about the worldwide outcomes of studies on students’ scientific literacy. variety and interest. What has emerged from recent work to improve urban schools is the insight that there is no onesize-fits-all panacea.. over 500 international researchers from the field of science education met at the 5th European Science Education Research Association conference in Barcelona. and argumentation and modelling in science education.) R. U. D. The needs are those currently seen and cited by the authors from existing educational systems. in critically important ways. teachers’ professional development. Politics and Educational Goals. Army Research Institute.Affect. 500 p. * € (D) 49. Psychomotor. Softcover 7 approx. Contributions from Science Education Research In August 2005. Features 7 Functions as a survey of the definitions. VA.93 | € (A) 438. Evaluation Features 7 Conference proceedings of the Fifth European Science Education Research Association conference 7 Includes edited versions of 37 outstanding papers presented during the conference Features 7 Builds instructional strategies based upon the four stage model for learning presented in hardbound book: From Principles of Learning to Strategies for Instruction 7 Provides contributions from a mix of teacher educators and practitioners 7 Apppealing to practicioners because it is based on practical needs 7 Written by educators for educators Fields of interest Science Education. high school age adolescents. The workbook concentrates in each chapter solely on providing recommended instructional strategies and practical exercises. From Principles of Learning to Strategies for Instruction-with Workbook Companion A Needs-Based Focus on High School Adolescents In this workbook companion. the role of ICT and multimedia. we expand on the strategies presented in the book by supplying need-based practical and specific strategies for implementation of a variety of other subject matters. Spain (Eds.00 ISBN 978-1-4020-5198-2 2007. Affect. and present a good overview of the field of science education research. Educational Policies.Interpersonal. Education (general). Rather.. brings into sharp focus the importance and timeliness of an undertaking like the International Handbook of Urban Education.Content Focus: Stress/Anxiety Management-Journaling.45 | sFr 287. Kett.) International Handbook of Urban Education It is evident that urban education has become the central focus of educators at the present time..90 | sFr 654. NC. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. and Interpersonal that target the needs of the adolescent age group.00 ISBN 978-0-387-71085-3 9<HTMELC=afbjic> 9<HTMELC=afadbc> 9<HTLDTH=hbaifd> . We focus on a specific targeted group. Marquette University. 1200 p.. for example. Arlington. In the U. we have discovered that the local context shapes. or situated. such as evidence-based practice.) R. This volume includes edited versions of 37 outstanding papers presented during the conference.20 | € (A) 192. policy makers and administrators of urban education Type of publication Proceedings Fields of interest Type of publication Handbook Instruction and Learning.S. (Springer International Handbooks of Education. Milwaukee. covering a wide range of topics relevant to science education research. Policy and Economic Development.. Teacher Education Target groups Professors for training new teachers in the relevant areas/domains. Volume 19) Hardcover 7 * € (D) 426. Educational Policy Target groups Science education and educational researchers.Content Focus: Environmental Science. together with the importance of understanding the local. Seidel. G. Approx. It is in these urban schools where the diversity of cultures and languages is highest and where student learning is most problematic. formal and informal learning environments.. Spain. Pintó.Content Focus: Math.43 | € (A) 50. Educational Administration. Noblit.102 Erziehungswissenschaften Springer News 3/2007 springer. The universality of the problematics with urban education. Instruction and Learning Fields of interest Education (general). Approx.. Approx 400 p. USA (Eds. practices. science and science teacher educators and science teachers Contents Workbook: Congnitive. problematics and solutions concerning urban education worldwide 7 Themes woven throughout all the sections: Migration. including the lectures of the keynote speakers.82 | sFr 76. Teacher Education. over 400 papers were presented.00 ISBN 978-1-4020-5031-2 Due July 2007 2007. USA (Eds. Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona. Target groups Academic researchers in urban education and related fields.

critiques the research literature in terms of its conceptual and methodological rigor. interesting and responsible professional assignments. (Higher Education Dynamics. Meeting the Research Crises and A New Era of Research. and policy makers in higher education Type of publication Handbook Fields of interest Fields of interest Science Education Higher Education. C. students. narrative. Approx. The Golden Age of Springer News 3/2007 Erziehungswissenschaften 103 J. (Higher Education: Handbook of Theory and Research. autobiographical. Graduates from institutions of Higher Education do not only hope to get employed and be better paid. increasing remuneration and job security. Approx. C. Taylor. Fields of interest Higher Education. administrators and other persons in charge of higher education development. TN. Volume 33) Hardcover 7 * € (D) 106. Beginning researchers will find it practically helpful in planning and conducting their research studies. heads of higher education institutions in Europe. These include historical. Curriculum Studies. (Science & Technology Education Library.95 | € (A) 109. virtual and performance texts.) U. administrators. Mathematics and Technology Educators Careers of University Graduates Views and Experiences in Comparative Perspectives Features 7 Authoritative in the field of higher education 7 Provides state-of-the-art reviews on a wide range of topics in the study of higher education 7 Attracts annual contributions from distinguished scholars around the world 7 Chapters are frequently cited in major higher education journals This volume offers a unique set of research exemplars for science. among others. Qualitative Research in Postmodern Times Exemplars for Science. University of Memphis.00 ISBN 978-1-4020-5925-4 9<HTMELC=afg fj> 9<HTMELC=afjbjd> 9<HTMELC=afjcfe> . Schomburg und U. The volume explores the important challenge of how to translate leading-edge methodologies into practical research strategies and techniques. Approx 260 p. Sociology of Education Target groups Target groups Science.45 | sFr 156. Each chapter provides a comprehensive review of research findings on a selected topic. mathematics and technology educators interested in new forms of educational research. 650 p. Educational Administration Features 7 Only book on the market that deals specifically with postmodern approaches to research in the field of science education 7 Specifically designed for beginning science education researchers but also of interest to more experienced researchers 7 A tightly edited volume that provides a coherent treatment of the issues Features 7 Unique source of information on higher education and graduate employment in Europe 7 Relevant background for decision making in higher education 7 Demonstating the strengths of indepth surveys in the analysis of links between education and career Target groups Researchers. Perth. Curtin University of Technology. J. The series is fortunate to have attracted annual contributions from distinguished scholars throughout the world. Qualitative Research in Postmodern Times is an exciting and accessible book that will be essential reading for science. phenomenological. with chapters exploring a variety of methodologies and representational forms and texts. and sets forth an agenda for future research intended to advance knowledge on the chosen topic. Study can also have an impact on employment and work in many respects: facilitating transition to employment. The book provides a series of detailed analyses of graduate employment and work in comparative perspective. while experienced researchers will welcome new theoretical insights into postmodern methodologies. Wallace. WA. mathematics and technology education university-based teachers and scholars Higher education researchers. Teichler “Higher Education and Graduate Employment and Work” (Dordrecht: Springer 2006).45 | sFr 237. persons dealing with the labour market for higher qualified. politicians. opening up opportunities for demanding. scholars from twelve countries show how transition to employment. 285 p.) Higher Education: Handbook of Theory and Research Published annually since 1985.00 ISBN 978-1-4020-5919-3 Due March 2007 2007.10 | € (A) 159. Australia (Eds. employment assessments of the quality of employment and work vary by the graduates’ sociobiographic and educational background. job assignments.50 ISBN 978-1-4020-5665-9 Due April 2007 2007. Volume 17) Hardcover 7 * € (D) 101. Volume 22) Hardcover 7 * € (D) 155. Germany (Ed. It draws from the survey of graduates from 11 European countries and Japan first published in H. In this volume. The book is divided into three major sections. the Handbook series provides a compendium of thorough and integrative literature reviews on a diverse array of topics of interest to the higher education scholarly and policy communities. providing opportunities for continuing learning and leading the way to international mobility and visibly international assignments.springer. USA (Ed. mathematics and technology educators. Teichler. Smart. persons in charge of curriculum development in higher education Type of publication Contributed volume Type of publication Contributed volume Due March 2007 2007.) P. literary. heads of departments.60 | € (A) 104. The Handbook focuses on twelve general areas that encompass the salient dimensions of scholarly and policy inquiries undertaken in the international higher education community. International Centre for Higher Education Research Kassel.95 | sFr 164.

A. the authors describe the structural changes Ian encounters and the ways in which he re-utilizes the practices he used successfully in previous fields. I. Glassboro. Features 7 Analyzes beginning teacher practices across time and space. his work with students on a summer curriculum development project. Specific practices that helped foster community and led to the increased agency of his students as learners are highlighted. Canada Becoming an Urban Physics and Math Teacher Infinite Potential What happens as beginning urban teachers transition through their first few years in the classroom? This book captures one teacher‘s journey through the first three years of teaching science and mathematics in a large urban district in the US. his first year of teaching in a small. BC. between student teaching and the induction period (first two years of teaching) 7 Provides clear examples of culturally relevant teaching and positive partnerships between teachers. teacher educators. Volume 32) Hardcover 7 * € (D) B.60 | € (A) 104. (Science & Technology Education Library. urban high school.104 Erziehungswissenschaften Springer News 3/2007 springer. urban teachers and school district administrators Type of publication Monograph Due March 2007 2007. Approx. Rowan University. NJ. The authors focus on Ian‘s agency as a beginning teacher and explore his success in working with diverse students. students and researchers 7 Provides indepth descritions of structures in one large urban school district 7 Combines narrative with critical analysis Fields of interest Teacher Education. comprehensive high school. Science Education. Wassell.45 | sFr 156. In each field. Stith. and his second year of teaching in a large.00 ISBN 978-1-4020-5921-6 9<HTMELC=afjcbg> . Mathematics Education Target groups Science and mathematics teachers. USA. Using critical ethnography combined with first-person narrative. 250 p. University of Victoria. they investigate Ian‘s teaching practices in four contexts: his student teaching experience.

quality of life research has to include social. Features From the contents Understanding Quality of Life in Old Age. This volume examines longitudinal research in relation to crime and delinquency. Thus. (Social Indicators Research Series.) Empirical Assessment. covers essential components of quality of life 7 International and multidisciplinary perspectives 7 Authors are leading experts in the field 7 First volume of this kind 7 Practical and theoretical aspects Features 7 Answers a Key Question in Criminology: What have we learned from recent longitudinal studies of crime and dilenquency? 7 Includes a synthesis of longitudinal studies in criminology over the last 25 years 7 Brings together prominent scholars in criminology to discuss theory. gerontology. researchers. Liberman. Moreover.Section One: Development and Social Context. what is the life-course of criminal behavior? Is there one general offending pattern or multiple offending patterns over time? Which early risk factors.Quality of Life in Older Age . Contents Fields of interest Sociology. Human Genetics Target groups Criminologists and social researchers studying in the fields of crime and delinquency Target groups Academics. social policy.Key Aspects of Quality of Life. archaeologists. Germany. Walker.50 ISBN 978-0-387-71087-7 2007.. genetics and linguistics Type of publication Contributed volume Type of publication Contributed volume Type of publication Contributed volume Due March 2007 Due August 2007 2007. Washington.Economic Resources and Subjective Well-Being in Old Age. USA (Ed. Concluding Remarks.. Linguistics and Genetics This volume brings together leading researchers on quality of life in old age to focus on one of the most important issues in both gerontology and quality of life studies. and (b) that capitalizes on the longitudinal nature of the data? Quality of Life in Old Age International and Multi-Disciplinary Perspectives The Evolution and History of Human Populations in South Asia Inter-disciplinary Studies in Archaeology. methodology.International and Multi-Disciplinary Perspectives on Quality of Life in Old Age: Conceptual Issues. 7 First volume of its kind on prehistoric cultures of South Asia 7 Integrates a range of subjects from Archaeology. 104 illus. lecturers and graduates with an interest in archaeology. DC. Fields of interest Criminology & Criminal Justice. geneticists and linguists are brought together in order to provide a comprehensive account of the history and evolution of human populations residing in the subcontinent. and allows the examination of developmental sequences and timing. Biological Anthropology. A. New theories. Quality of life is a holistic construct and assessed from many different perspectives and by many disciplines.60 | € (A) 104. the origin and spread of food producing economies. UK (Eds.following the WHO dictum ‚years have been added to life and now the challenge is to add life to years‘ .however there are few texts available on this topic and none of an international and multi-disciplinary nature. Hardcover 7 approx.00 ISBN 978-1-4020-5681-9 Due March 2007 2007. Part II. the concept of quality of life can be applied to practically all important domains of life.45 | sFr 156. are strongly predictive of criminal behavior? Can early intervention prevent the development of a criminal career? Longitudinal research allows examination of within-person relationships over time. Are We Measuring the Right Things? . and farmers. behaviours. For example. Quality of Life Research. * € (D) 74. 390 p. Biological Anthropology. Approx. The Modern Scene. biological and genetic relationship of foragers and settled communities. students. Mollenkopf.. University of Sheffield.. National Institute of Justice. New Worlds in the Holocene. if any. including hominin adaptations. Behavioural Sciences Part I. Methodology of the Social Sciences Target groups Researchers. Setting Foundations. B. which were commissioned to answer two simultaneous questions: What have we learned from recent longitudinal research on crime and delinquency that (a) we did not know before. Ancient India & Iran Trust. Approx.. Allchin. methodologies and interpretations presented in this book are bound to have a profound effect on the way in which the cultural record of South Asia is perceived and how this evolutionary history relates to events in the wider world. and the cultural.Social Resources.A Review of Research on the Impact of Role Transitions on Crime. D. biological anthropology. biological anthropologists. 275 p. Genetics to Linguistics 7 Provides a comprehensive picture about human adaptations and population changes in South Asia through time 7 New theories and methodologies presented in the book provide new interpretations about the cultural history and evolution of populations in South Asia From the contents Introduction. social indicators and quality of life research.) Longitudinal Research on Crime and Delinquency Criminology is concerned with many questions which are inherently longitudinal. (Vertebrate Paleobiology and Paleoanthropology) Hardcover 7 * € (D) 101..00 ISBN 978-1-4020-5561-4 9<HTLDTH=hbaih > 9<HTMELC=afgibj> 9<HTMELC=af gbe> .de/buchhandel Springer News 3/2007 Sozialwissenschaften 105 A.45 | sFr 156. structural. lecturers. sociology Fields of interest Anthropology. UK.Well-Being.23 | sFr 113. environmental. Archaeology. UK (Eds. A wide range of topics and issues are addressed in this book. Features 7 Comprehensive. Volume 31) Hardcover 7 * € (D) 101. pastoralists.60 | € (A) 104.) M.. scientists. Social Psychology.springer..15 | € (A) 76. practitioners in social and behavioural sciences. 350 p. University of Heidelberg. Control and Ageing . The main body of Longitudinal Studies on Crime and Delinquency is seven reviews. In this book. and health related aspects and be approached from an interdisciplinary perspective.What Older People Say. Recentely research in gerontology has begun to systematically study quality of life . Part III. University of Cambridge.. Petraglia. Approx.What Have we Learned from Longitudinal Studies of Adolescent Employment and Crime?.The Effect of Arrest on Subsequent Behavior: Findings from Longitudinal and Other Studies. Part IV.Early Childhood and the Development of Delinquency. Cambridge. and impact of longitudinal studies in criminology South Asia is home to a diverse range of prehistoric and contemporary cultures that include foragers. and dispersals.

New York has been an example (for good and bad) that many other large cities parallel or follow.Structural Components. New York University Stern School of Business...Historical Context 2: Mayoral Governance as an Emerging National Movement.Lessons for Mayoral Governance: Critical Issues for the Future.Style and Directions of the Transformation. Approx. educational administrators. USA Governance Changes in the New York City Schools Throughout the last forty years. New York.51 | € (A) 88.94 | sFr 132. Educational Administration. NY.Implementation Problems. This Book focuses on the political dynamics of the governing overhaul and how the management styles of Mayor Bloomberg and School Chancellor Klein affected its design and implementation in the Mayor’s first term (which ends at the beginning of next year) D. Through the switch from centralized to decentralized to mayoral governance.Analytical Context: A Framework for Assessing Mayoral Governance in New York... Fields of interest Sociology. 225 p.. (Springer Studies in Work and Industry) Hardcover 7 approx.50 ISBN 978-0-387-71141-6 9<HTLDTH=hb ebg> .Bloomberg‘s Emerging Engagement in the New Your City Schools. Features 7 Assesses the first three years of Mayor Bloomberg’s radical overhaul of the NYC schools 7 The analysis of this governance asks the question: To what extent can the business management paradigm be transferred to search a public section agency? Contents Why Past Reforms Have Not Worked. and public policy makers Type of publication Monograph Due May 2007 2007.106 Sozialwissenschaften Springer News 3/2007 springer.Historical Context 1: Cycles of Centralization and Decentralization. Rogers. educators.. But to be clear – This is not a New York City phenomena. * € (D) 86. Sociology of Education Target groups Sociologists (especially those involved with the sociology of education). the New York City public school system has changed its governance style a number of times.

70 | € (A) 137. Metanorms: Normative Postulates. Germany F. literary scholars interested in literary theory..1 The Challenges of our times. 2. Fields of interest Epistemology. The first object of investigation is the phenomenon of interpretation in Law in order to understand that the classification of certain normative species as either principles or rules depends in the first place on axiological connections that are not ready prior to the interpretation process that unveils them. 11 Against a global Leviathan.95 | sFr 131. Name Index. and the Spanish/Brazilian discussion in one of the most central issues in legal theory and legal philosophy 7 Gives a central role to metanorms in legal reasoning with a profound analysis of concepts such as balancing. 8 A look at history. secession and intervention. The book reflects Peirce‘s work on the issue in Husserl‘s contemporanous doctrine of “categorial intuition” and charts the many unnoticed similarities between Peircean semiotics and early Husserlian phenomenology. Based on the general doctrine of diagrams in Charles Peirce‘s mature work. moral and legal achievements of the nation-state be retained while its structure is reshaped to satisfy the requirements of a globalised world?“ Diagrammatology An Investigation on the Borderlines of Phenomenology.. Phenomenology Target groups Philosophers interested in Peirce.55 | € (A) 87.75 | € (A) 153. 2. 2.3 Principles and rules distinction criteria. the German. Thirdly.Part One: Qualified Democracy... 2. Volume 3) Hardcover 7 * € (D) 133. the conditions for the application of principles and rules are examined. (Law and Philosophy Library. and Semiotics Features 7 Connects the Anglo-Saxon. Höffe.00 ISBN 978-1-4020-5660-4 Due March 2007 2007. picture analysis. 16 The view ahead. 3 Principles of justice. References. (Studies in Global Justice. which are the normative applicative postulates. 3.Subject Index. biologists and philosophers interested in biosemiotics. aiming to understand what their unique characteristics are when compared to other norms of the legal order. 3. 2 Consent out of advantage. the cultural and social structures of peoples. The question central to the book can be formulated as follows: „How can the social. art history and theory of literarure on the other 7 Presents a realist semiotics as opposed to strong anti-realist positions in the semiotic tradition 7 Advocates a rational understanding of diagram use in thought Contents Contents 1. Diagrams. which transcend the powers of the classical nation-state.4 Proposal to distinguish principles and rules. Approx. Preface. Ontology.2 Guidelines to analyze normative applicative postulates. 400 p. Volume 336) Hardcover 7 * € (D) 149. 13 Peace and the rule of law. Political Science Target groups Type of publication Monograph Anyone interested in philosophy.4.95 | sFr 229. 2. 500 p. Its target is to keep the distinction between principles and rules whereas structuring it on different foundations than those jurisprudence ordinarily employs.Part Two: A subsidiary and federal world republic. First Considerations. Approx. 5 Subsidiarity and federalism. Volume 81) Hardcover 7 * € (D) 85. Pragmatism. globalisation. Democracy in an Age of Globalisation In Democracy in the Age of Globalisation. 12 Global civic virtues.1 First distinctions. semioticians from different backgrounds Fields of interest Constitutional Law. Law Theory/Law Philosophy Target groups Law students.2 An overview of the evolution of the distinction between principles and Springer News 3/2007 Philosophie 107 H.Part Three: Institutions and responsibilities.. epistemology.00 ISBN 978-1-4020-5878-3 Due March 2007 2007. allow for observation and experimentation with ideal structures and objects and thus furnish the access to the synthetic a priori of the regional and formal ontology of the Husserlian tradition. Then. Conclusions.1 Definition of normative applicative postulate. which the process of globalization exerts on the political organisations of humanity. 55 illus. Eberhard-Karls-Universität Tübingen.50 ISBN 978-1-4020-5651-2 9<HTMELC=afihid> 9<HTMELC=afg ae> 9<HTMELC=afgfbc> . Copenhagen. The Danish University of Education. The scope of its challenges demands solutions.3 Species of postulates. 5. Approx. Features 7 Comprehensive treatment of the philosophical foundations of globalisation 7 Theory is placed in a profound historical and systematic context 7 Institutional conclusions of great specificity Features 7 The first scrutinization of Peirce’s general diagram doctrine 7 Compares and integrates pragmatism and phenomenology. Diagrammatology claims diagrams to constitute a centerpiece of epistemology. Peirce and Husserl 7 Interdisciplinary study involving philosophy on the one hand and biology. Avila. philosophy of science. The author starts from a diagnosis of the process of globalisation and frees its concept from its economistic narrowing: Globalisation is a comprehensive process which puts new strains on the economies and political systems of the world. 3. Otfried Höffe develops a comprehensive analysis of the demands. The second part of the book focuses on three regional branches of semiotics: biosemiotics. a definition of principles is proposed. phenomenology. 14 Self-determination.. Norms: Principles and rules. 15 A global social and ecological market. (Synthese Library. art historians interested in pictural semiotics. ontology. practical coherence. Federal University of South Brazil O. 210 p. post graduate students in law and ethical philosophy Fields of interest Political Philosophy. 4 Public powers.45 | sFr 205.springer. on a Peircean account. 6 The demise of the state? 7 From subject to citizen.Bibliography. Denmark Theory of Legal Principles This book intends to help understand and apply principles and rules better. 9 A world order without a world state? 10 The complementary world republic. and political science Type of publication Monograph Type of publication Monograph Due April 2007 2007. Stjernfelt. and the theory of literature. Husserl. reasonableness and proportionality Diagrammatology investigates the role of diagrams for thought and knowledge. 3.

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de/buchhandel Springer News 3/2007 Bestellschein 111 Springer Distribution Center (SDC) Kundenservice Haberstr.16 | sFr 282.00 ISBN 978-3-540-30759-4 González-Moreno (Ed).06.95 | € (A) 154. Risk Assessment and Risk Communication Strategies in Bioterrorism Preparedness (NATO Security A) <soft>. Die ParkinsonKrankheit. Pathologie hypophysaire et grossesse. 7 € (D) 59. Softcover 7 * € (D) 149.00 ISBN 978-88-470-0525-9 Gatzoulis et al.95 | € (A) 59. 2.95 | sFr 98. Gesundheit (Heidelberger Jahrbücher 50).15 | € (A) 65. gültig bis zum 31. Aufl. Brossura 7 € (D) 39. Cardiopatie congenite dell‘adulto: una guida pratica.35 | sFr 76.97 | sFr 217.08.54 | € (A) 117. 7 € (D) 169. € (D) 80.2007: 7 € (D) 184.00 7 * € (D) 85. € (D) 114.springer. 2nd ed.20 | € (A) 82.95 | € (A) 46.2007: 7 € (D) 149.35 | sFr 76.95 | € (A) 51. Softcover 7 € (D) 199. Geb.75 | € (A) 153.00 (SC) ISBN 978-3-540-34108-6 Bösch/Criee.95 | € (A) 9. 7 * ca.50 ISBN 978-0-387-69246-3 Azziz (Ed).45 | sFr 123. Atlas de pathologie thoracique <with DVD-ROM>.95 | € (A) 14.). Hardcover 7 € (D) 44. Name Firma Straße Ort Datum Unterschrift Senden Sie ein Fax an: +49-6221-345-4229 FEST / RR FEST / RR FEST / RR Medizin ISBN 978-2-287-48491-9 Anthoine.71 | sFr 260. 4.58 | sFr 305. The Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (Endocrine Updates 27).07 | sFr 61.00 | € (A) 204.00 Vorbestellpreis. 7 * € (D) 57.95 | sFr 23.28 | sFr 47. 2.. gültig bis zum 30.63 | sFr 92.00 7 € (D) 49.50 (SC) ISBN 978-1-4020-5807-3 Green (Eds).95 | € (A) 61. Brosch.95 | € (A) 51.00 | € (A) 189. 7 * € (D) 80. 7 * ca. 7 * ca. Lungenfunktionsprüfung. Praxis der Nephrologie. Gynäkologie von Frau zu Frau.55 | € (A) 87. Homocysteine..50 ISBN 978-3-211-48307-7 Gerlach et al. Geb. Brosch.50 . Geb.95 | € (A) 41. Management ambulanter Eingriffe.18 | sFr 88. Broché ISBN 978-1-4020-5806-6 Green (Eds). Risk Assessment and Risk Communication Strategies in Bioterrorism Preparedness (NATO Security A) <hard>.21 | sFr 69. 7 € (D) 59. Brosch.95 | sFr 92.45 | sFr 123. Aufl.50 ISBN 978-3-211-35643-2 Bachl et al. Hardcover 7 * € (D) 30. Aufl. Geb. 7 * € (D) 64.76 | sFr 175.00 ISBN 978-3-540-48555-1 Keller/Geberth.20 | € (A) 82. Pädiatrische Neuroradiologie. € (D) 141.50 ISBN 978-3-540-00632-9 Busse (Hrsg).95 | sFr 15.00 ISBN 978-3-540-00406-6 Ertl-Wagner/Reith.15 | sFr 230. Aktiv ins Alter. Advances in Peritoneal Surface Oncology (RRCR 169).95 | sFr 131.95 | sFr 229. 7 € (D) 9. 4 D .99 | € (A) 145.00 ISBN 978-0-387-29201-4 DeMonte (Eds).50 ISBN 978-2-287-22558-1 Bolander-Gouaille/Bottiglieri.43 | € (A) 31. Tumors of the Brain and Spine (MD Anderson Cancer Care Ser. Diabetes und Schwangerschaft.00 ISBN 978-3-211-70832-3 Hengstberger. Handbuch diagnostische Radiologie (HDR).50 Vorbestellpreis.56 | € (A) 59.95 | € (A) 174.69126 Heidelberg Kunden-Nr. 7 € (D) 49.00 ISBN 978-3-540-48561-2 Herfarth (Hrsg). Geb. 7 € (D) 14. Geb.. Geb.50 (SC) ISBN 978-3-540-41420-9 Hahn (Hrsg). Broché ISBN 978-2-287-35571-4 Caron (Ed).50 ISBN 978-3-540-34407-0 Böhm/Claudi-Böhm.

50 ISBN 978-3-540-48553-7 Schölmerich (Hrsg).29 | sFr 88.50 ISBN 978-3-540-37545-6 Schumpelick (Eds).40 | € (A) 148. Brosch. 7 * ca.66 | € (A) 125.67 | € (A) 59. Cell Stress Proteins (Protein Reviews). Neuroanatomy for the Neuroscientist <with CD-ROM>.00 (SC) ISBN 978-1-4020-5663-5 Fagot-Largeault (Eds). La riabilitazione dei disturbi cognitivi nella sclerosi multipla ( Springer News 3/2007 Bestellschein 113 Senden Sie ein Fax an: +49-6221-345-4229 FEST / RR FEST / RR Kundennummer FEST / RR ISBN 978-3-7985-1706-6 Kindermann et al. Broché 7 * € (D) 144. Broché 7 € (D) 74. € (D) 99.63 | sFr 92.53 | sFr 95.95 | € (A) 27. Brosch.50 7 * € (D) 26.50 . Unfallchirurgie (SpringerLehrbuch) 8.00 ISBN 978-3-7985-1755-4 Seifert. Geb. Les métastases vertébrales.00 ISBN 978-3-211-68583-9 Manninger (Eds). € (D) 65.45 | sFr 41. Aufl.00 (SC) ISBN 978-0-387-39714-6 Calderwood (Ed). Das Knie <mit DVD-ROM>. Broché 7 ca.50 ISBN 978-3-211-48646-7 Steflitsch/Steflitsch. 7 * € (D) 187. 2ième éd.31 | sFr 184. Broché 7 * € (D) 128.). Brossura 7 * ca. € (D) 57.21 | sFr 69. Psychiatrie 113).50 ISBN 978-3-211-29686-8 Schabus/Bosina. Heat Shock Proteins: Potent Mediators of Inflammation and Immunity (Heat Shock Proteins 1).80 | sFr 31. 7 * € (D) 139. Infections intraabdominales aiguës (Le point sur. € (D) 61. Geb. Hardcover 7 * € (D) 144. Unity Sci. € (D) 121. Abord clinique du malade âgé (Abord clinique). 2.05 | € (A) 142. 7 * € (D) 139. Hardcover 7 * € (D) 38.00 ISBN 978-3-540-48498-1 Krämer/Grifka. 7 * € (D) 144.45 | sFr 221.95 | € (A) 46.79 | € (A) 63. € (D) 119.50 ISBN 978-3-540-70978-7 Ludwig. Riabil. The Molecular Targets and Therapeutic Uses of Curcumin in Health and Disease (Advs.00 (SC) ISBN 978-88-470-0596-9 Nocentini/Di Vincenzo.95 | € (A) 61. Aufl.50 ISBN 978-1-4020-5584-3 Asea (Eds).35 | sFr 76. Internal fixation of femoral neck fractures.91 | sFr 107. Evidence-Based Otolaryngology.00 ISBN 978-2-287-33280-7 Sancho-Garnier (Ed).35 | € (A) 131.95 | € (A) 99.50 ISBN 978-2-287-33743-7 Pointillard et al.45 | sFr 221.45 | sFr 221. Orthopädie.50 ISBN 978-3-7985-1446-1 Kröber (Hrsg).. The Influence of Genetics on Contemporary Thinking (Logic. 2. Med.95 | € (A) 77.23 | € (A) 20.00 ISBN 978-2-287-69812-5 Mallédant (Eds).45 | sFr 287. Geb.95 | sFr 197. Brosch.45 | sFr 188.50 (SC) ISBN 978-0-387-70970-3 Jacobson/Marcus. Hardcover 7 * ca.31 | sFr 55.06 | sFr 115.05 | € (A) 142. 14). Softcover 7 ca.40 | € (A) 33. Hardcover Biomedizin ISBN 978-0-387-46400-8 Aggarwal (Eds).95 | € (A) 102.95 | € (A) 49. 7 € (D) 9.95 | € (A) 71. Handbuch der Forensischen Psychiatrie.40 | € (A) 148. ISBN 978-3-540-39017-6 Petereit (Hrsg). Liquordiagnostik. Hardcover 7 € (D) 44.95 | € (A) 123. Hardcover 7 € (D) 99. Hardcover 7 * € (D) 20. Hardcover 7 ca.50 ISBN 978-3-7985-1524-6 Lewalter. Aufl. Prostate Cancer (RRCR 175).50 ISBN 978-88-470-0527-3 Matassa (Ed).95 | sFr 76. Aufl.70 | € (A) 27.95 | sFr 213. Epist.20 | € (A) 192. 6). Aromatherapie.75 | sFr 153. Hardcover 7 * € (D) 123.00 7 € (D) 26. Tachykarde Arrhythmien. Brossura 7 * ca..46 | € (A) 102.50 ISBN 978-1-4020-5888-2 Dignass (Eds). € (D) 49. Recurrent Hernia. Au-delà de l‘information. Geb.springer.50 (SC) ISBN 978-3-540-40897-0 Ramon (Eds). Zoonosi e sanità pubblica. Immunoregulation in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases Current Understanding and Innovation (Falk Symposium 153). 7 * ca. 7 * ca. Geb. ISBN 978-3-540-49432-4 Yearbook Intensive Care Medicine 2007.40 | € (A) 148.23 | sFr 15. 3.72 | sFr 41.00 ISBN 978-0-387-38975-2 Machado. Kinderwunschsprechstunde.00 7 * € (D) 99. Hardcover 7 € (D) 69. Logoped.00 | € (A) 126.95 | € (A) 51. Brosch. Geb. & Bio. Brain Death. la prévention (Dépistage et cancer). € (D) 32. Sportkardiologie. Gefährlichkeitsprognosen (Monogr.02 | € (A) 39.. € (D) 59.95 | € (A) 10.50 ISBN 978-2-287-22084-5 Moulias/Moulias.00 ISBN 978-0-387-24447-1 Shin (Eds).95 | sFr 153. Medizinische Therapie in Klinik und Praxis.95 | sFr 213. Hardcover 7 € (D) 49.72 | sFr 109. Exp.25 | sFr 152.07 | sFr 192. 595)..87 | € (A) 67.08 | sFr 58.

Hardcover 7 * € (D) 50.25 | sFr 54. Hardcover 7 * ca. 78) 2nd ed. Sc. Value Distributions of L-Functions (LN Math.35 | € (A) 131.89 | sFr 78. € (D) 19.26 | € (A) 36.50 Deutsch (Eds). Logica Universalis.25 | sFr 54. Hardcover Mathematik ISBN 978-0-8176-4528-1 Andreescu/Gelca. Direct Methods in the Calculus of Variations (Appl.00 ISBN 978-0-387-35779-9 Dacorogna.80 | € (A) 60. Thomas Harriot‘s Artis Analyticae Praxis (Sources and Studies in the History of Mathematics and Physical Sciences).00 7 * ca.09 | € (A) 65. Geb. Hardcover 7 * ca. Mathematical Modeling of Biological Systems. Geb. Hardcover 7 * € (D) Springer News 3/2007 Bestellschein 115 Senden Sie ein Fax an: +49-6221-345-4229 FEST / RR FEST / RR Kundennummer FEST / RR ISBN 978-1-4020-5962-9 Nitiss (Eds).00 ISBN 978-0-387-69903-5 Silverman.95 | sFr 82.25 | sFr 70. € (D) 64.26 | € (A) 36. Generalized Collocations Methods (MSSET).96 | € (A) 33. Yeast as Tool in Cancer Research. Survivalguide PiA.95 | € (A) 20. Hardcover Psychologie ISBN 978-3-540-46854-7 Bleichhardt/Weck. Softcover 7 € (D) 89.66 | € (A) 151. Brosch.95 | sFr 138. Pediatric Infectious Diseases Revisited (BAID). Volume II (MSSET). Hardcover 7 * ca. Disorders).50 (SC) ISBN 978-3-540-45898-2 Matveev.95 | € (A) 89. Jähzorn. Softcover 7 * ca.96 | € (A) 47.00 (SC) ISBN 978-0-387-70955-0 Pasterkamp (Ed).50 ISBN 978-3-7643-7997-1 Schroten (Eds). Softcover 7 * € (D) 128.50 ISBN 978-3-540-46851-6 Lindel/Sellin. Brosch. Hardcover 7 * ca.65 | sFr 110. Softcover 7 * € (D) 501. The Arithmetic of Dynamical Systems (GTM 241). Softcover 7 ca. Softcover ISBN 978-3-7643-8349-7 Ferreirós.95 | € (A) 24.90 | sFr 247. € (D) 26. Psychoanalyse der Lebensbewegungen.80 | sFr 218.95 | sFr 197. Hardcover 7 * € (D) 58. 7 * ca. € (D) 29. Child Neuropsychology. 597).00 (SC) ISBN 978-0-387-94365-7 Ziegler.50 ISBN 978-0-387-70966-6 Whitaker (Eds).50 ISBN 978-3-211-48608-5 Geißler (Hrsg). Topology of 3-Manifolds (ACM 9) 2nd ed.63 | € (A) 50.45 | sFr 90. € (D) 53. 7 * ca. Mathematical Olympiad Challenges.00 ISBN 978-0-8176-4525-0 Bellomo et al. 1877). Exp.00 ISBN 978-0-387-47670-4 Teeter Ellison/Semrud-Clikeman. Softcover 7 ca.88 | sFr 50.70 | € (A) 27. € (D) 48.95 | sFr 65.95 | sFr 164. Mind and Medicine. Softcover 7 * € (D) 45.65 | € (A) 120.75 | € (A) 43. Lectures on Polytopes (GTM 152) Corr. Hardcover 7 * ca.50 ISBN 978-0-387-34539-0 Small.45 | € (A) 54.50 ISBN 978-3-7643-8353-4 Béziau.43 | € (A) 163. Hardcover 7 * € (D) 42. € (D) 32.00 ISBN 978-3-211-48622-1 Itten. 7 * € (D) 64. € (D) 147. Hardcover ISBN 978-0-387-70854-6 Kohlenberg/Tsai.35 | sFr 63.50 | sFr 31.89 | sFr 105. Putnam and Beyond.95 | sFr 38.95 | sFr 180.95 | sFr 98.65 | sFr 77. Hardcover 7 ca. Kognitive Verhaltenstherapie bei Hypochondrie und Krankheitsangst.80 | sFr 46. The Analysis Situs (SNHS 33).50 ISBN 978-0-387-49511-8 Seltman/Goulding. & Bio.00 ISBN 978-0-387-70882-9 Franklin/Tolin.83 | € (A) 515. € (D) 24. Education).24 | € (A) 51.95 | sFr 65.00 ISBN 978-0-8176-4555-7 7 * € (D) 53. € (D) 41.00 ISBN 978-3-540-26526-9 Steuding.00 ISBN 978-3-7643-7985-8 De Risi. Labyrinth of Thought. 2nd ed. Functional Analytic Psychotherapy.00 . Prodrugs (Classics Sci.85 | € (A) 76.20 | € (A) 42. Softcover 7 * € (D) 117.50 7 * € (D) 35. print.).90 | sFr 768.00 ISBN 978-0-387-49782-2 Stella (Eds).). 7 * ca. Math.95 | € (A) 109. 2nd ed.75 | € (A) 43. Hardcover 7 * ca. € (D) 42. € (D) 71.50 7 * € (D) 106. Functional Equations and How to Solve Them (Problem Books Math. Treating Trichotillomania (Series Anxiety/Rel. € (D) 74.95 | sFr 137.95 | € (A) 30. The Theory of Stochastic Processes III (Classics in Math. Semaphorins (Advs. Med.15 | € (A) 65.00 ISBN 978-0-387-25765-5 Gelca/Andreescu.00 | sFr 74.45 | sFr 41. Brain.64 | € (A) 73..50 ISBN 978-3-540-49940-4 Gikhman/Skorokhod.39 | € (A) 54. € (D) 159. 2nd ed.

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50 | sFr 31. Advances in Modern Tourism Research. Das Steuerrecht des Gesundheitswesens. 7 € (D) 16. Produktion und Logistik (BWL im Bachelor-Studiengang). allgemein ISBN 978-0-387-49575-0 Gaither/Cavazos-Gaither.50 ISBN 978-3-540-48364-9 Hecker. 7 Springer News 3/2007 Bestellschein 131 Senden Sie ein Fax an: +49-6221-345-4229 FEST / RR FEST / RR Kundennummer FEST / RR ISBN 978-3-7908-1717-1 Matias (Eds).00 (SC) ISBN 978-3-540-30698-6 Richert.00 ISBN 978-3-540-70831-5 Conrady (Eds). Private Equity Exits. Hardcover 7 * € (D) 53. 7 * € (D) 96. Das Bankgeheimnis im gerichtlichen Strafverfahren. Globale Produktionsstrategien in der Automobilzulieferindustrie.50 | sFr 31. Brosch.95 | sFr 82. 7 € (D) 39.50 (SC) ISBN 978-3-540-68920-1 Razafimahefa/Hamori.19 | sFr 122.42 | sFr 26. Hardcover 7 * ca. Trends and Issues in Global Tourism.00 | sFr 150. Aufl.00 ISBN 978-3-540-70795-0 Kinkel/Zanker.95 | € (A) 41. € (D) 90.95 | € (A) 49.00 (SC) ISBN 978-3-540-70862-9 von Bischopinck/Ceyp. Einführung Europäisches Strafrecht (Springer-Lehrbuch) 2.50 (SC) ISBN 978-3-540-31007-5 Minner.35 | sFr 76. Natur/Recht).07 | sFr 61. € (D) 98.50 ISBN 978-3-540-71014-1 Holljesiefken.und Zulassungsverfahren (Schriftenr. Aufgaben und Lösungen in der Volkswirtschaftslehre (Springer-Lehrbuch). Innovation.00 7 ca.50 (SC) ISBN 978-3-540-70866-7 Sell/Kermer.00 (SC) 7 * € (D) 128. Hardcover 7 € (D) 69. Hardcover Management ISBN 978-1-4020-5952-0 Allen.00 ISBN 978-3-7908-1945-8 Sarkar.95 | sFr 131.25 | € (A) 98.85 | € (A) 76. Softcover 7 € (D) 16. 7 * € (D) 85.00 ISBN 978-3-540-70953-4 Povaly.63 | sFr 92.65 | sFr 38.45 | € (A) 54.90 | € (A) 93. Einführung in den Gutachtenstil (Tut.55 | € (A) 87. Gaither‘s Dictionary of Scientific Quotations. 7 € (D) 49.42 | sFr 26.95 | sFr 213. Öffentliche Verwaltungskommunikation (Forsch. Makroökonomik schnell erfasst (Wirtschaft – schnell erfasst).95 | € (A) 20. Brosch. Natur/Recht). Operations Research Proceedings 2006 (Operations Research Proceedings 2006). International Competitiveness in Africa (ASTAE 43). 7 € (D) 79.00 ISBN 978-3-540-69994-1 Waldmann (Eds).85 | € (A) 76. Hardcover 7 € (D) 24.35 | € (A) 131. € (D) 53. Schutz wildlebender Tiere und Pflanzen in staatlichen Planungs. € (D) 49. Softcover 7 € (D) 16. Modeling with Itô Stochastic Differential Equations (Mathematical Modelling: Theory and Applications 22).42 | sFr 26.95 | € (A) 25. Brosch. Fallsammlung zum Gesellschaftsrecht (Jur. Brosch.50 ISBN 978-3-540-46453-2 Kobayashi-Hillary (Ed).95 | € (A) 82. Hardcover 7 € (D) 59.45 | € (A) 54. Brosch.95 | sFr 197. Market Archetypes and Outcome.45 | sFr 139. 7 * € (D) 139.95 | sFr 76.05 | € (A) 142.00 7 * ca. Geb. Brosch. Bulding a Future with BRICs.91 | sFr 107. Geb. 7 € (D) 19. Examens Klausuren ). € (D) 19.95 | € (A) 51. 7 * € (D) 74.00 (SC) ISBN 978-3-540-70985-5 Valeriuy.50 ISBN 978-3-540-69941-5 Sesabo.00 | € (A) 98.95 | sFr 82.95 | € (A) 17.95 | sFr 147.springer.95 | € (A) 20. Staat/ Recht 148). Rechtswissenschaften ISBN 978-3-540-33811-6 Armbrüster. Hardcover ISBN 978-3-540-69096-2 Gellermann/Schreiber. Geb. Jura) 2. Hardcover 7 ca. Brosch. Marine Resource Conservation and Poverty Reduction Strategies in Tanzania (Maritime Affairs 8).00 Wissenschaft.95 | € (A) 61.95 | € (A) 71. € (D) 81.50 ISBN 978-3-540-33945-8 Heintzen/Musil. Brosch. Aufl.55 | sFr 124.95 | € (A) 17. 7 * € (D) 74.50 .95 | sFr 115.27 | € (A) 83. Brosch.50 ISBN 978-3-211-69920-1 Flora. 7 * ca.95 | € (A) 17. Suchmaschinen-Marketing.95 | sFr 115. Die rechtliche Regulierung invasiver gebietsfremder Arten in Deutschland (Schriftenr.00 ISBN 978-3-211-32171-3 Feik. Brosch.

336). Educ. 98).60 | € (A) 104.45 | sFr 156.90 | € (A) 93. Democracy in an Age of Globalisation (Stud.00 (SC) ISBN 978-1-4020-5921-6 Wassell/Stith.45 | sFr 156..70 | € (A) 137. Hardcover 7 * ca.60 | € (A) 104.43 | € (A) 50.50 (SC) ISBN 978-0-387-71082-2 De Bock et al.40 | € (A) 132. Governance Changes in the New York City Schools (Springer Studies in Work and Industry).de/buchhandel Springer News 3/2007 Bestellschein 133 Senden Sie ein Fax an: +49-6221-345-4229 FEST / RR FEST / RR Kundennummer FEST / RR Erziehungswissenschaften ISBN 978-1-4020-5907-0 Atweh (Eds). Hardcover 7 * € (D) 133. Hardcover 7 * ca. Hardcover 7 * € (D) 160.00 (SC) ISBN 978-1-4020-5660-4 Höffe.).60 | € (A) 104. Careers of University Graduates (Higher Educat. Hardcover 7 * € (D) 133.95 | sFr 229. Hardcover 7 * ca.00 (SC) ISBN 978-1-4020-5561-4 Petraglia (Eds). Dynam.20 | € (A) 192.51 | € (A) 88.95 | sFr 246./ Paleoanthrop. Quality of Life in Old Age (SIRS 31).03 | € (A) 72.50 ISBN 978-0-387-70891-1 Gillies (Eds). 7).50 Philosophie ISBN 978-1-4020-5878-3 Avila. Qualitative Research in Postmodern Times (Sci.82 | sFr 76. Libr.70 | € (A) 137.23 | sFr 113. Educ.65 | € (A) 120. International Perspectives on teachers and lecturers in Technical and Vocational Education (Technical. Dynam. The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education: An Evidence-Based Perspective. € (D) 74. International Handbook of Urban Education (SIHE 19). Hardcover 7 * € (D) 58. Contributions from Science Education Research.50 (SC) 7 * € (D) 101.95 | sFr 131.00 (SC) ISBN 978-1-4020-5735-9 Benavot (Eds). 33). Libr.45 | sFr 205. Hardcover 7 * € (D) 187. Subjectivity and Learning (Technical./Tech.45 | sFr 156.00 (SC) 7 * € (D) 90. Hardcover 7 * € (D) 139. Becoming an Urban Physics and Math Teacher (Sci.00 | sFr 197. Hardcover 7 * € (D) 106. € (D) 70. School Knowledge in Comparative and Historical Perspective (CERC Stud.90 | sFr 654. € (D) 49.45 | sFr 156. Hardcover 7 * € (D) 101. Hardcover Sozialwissenschaften ISBN 978-0-387-71087-7 Liberman (Ed). 19).50 ISBN 978-0-387-49770-9 Dorans (Eds).00 (SC) ISBN 978-1-4020-5925-4 Teichler (Ed).10 | € (A) 159.50 (SC) ISBN 978-1-4020-5919-3 Taylor (Eds).45 | sFr 90.45 | sFr 139. Vocational Educ. Hardcover 7 * ca. € (D) 90.05 | € (A) 142.90 | € (A) 93.60 | € (A) 104.00 (SC) ISBN 978-1-4020-5651-2 Stjernfelt. 18). Longitudinal Research on Crime and Delinquency.50 ISBN 978-1-4020-5681-9 Mollenkopf (Eds).95 | sFr 213. Hardcover 7 * € (D) 426.95 | € (A) 109.00 (SC) ISBN 978-1-4020-5970-4 Maassen (Eds). Hardcover 7 * € (D) 101.00 ISBN 978-1-4020-5665-9 Smart (Ed). Hardcover 7 * € (D) 85. Linking and Aligning Scores and Scales (Statistics Social Sc.springer.94 | sFr 132. Libr.55 | € (A) 87. Theory of Legal Principles (Law Philos.93 | € (A) 438. Softcover 7 * € (D) 101. Vocational Educ. The Illusion of Linearity (Math. € (D) 86.45 | sFr 237.45 | € (A) 164. Hardcover 7 * € (D) 117. Global Justice 3).00 (SC) ISBN 978-0-387-71085-3 Seidel (Eds).45 | sFr 139. 17). The Teacher‘s Role in Implementing Cooperative Learning in the Classroom (CSCLS 8).45 | sFr 287.00 | sFr 107. Diagrammatology (Synthese Libr. 81).50 (SC) .00 (SC) ISBN 978-1-4020-5031-2 Pintó (Eds). Hardcover 7 * ca. Educat. € (D) 128.00 (SC) ISBN 978-0-387-71141-6 Rogers. Hardcover 7 * ca.).15 | € (A) 76. The Evolution and History of Human Populations in South Asia (Vertebrate Paleobio. 6). Internationalisation and Globalisation in Mathematics and Science Education.00 (SC) ISBN 978-1-4020-5359-7 Billett (Eds)./Tech. Hardcover 7 * € (D) 149. University Dynamics and European Integration (Higher Educat.50 ISBN 978-1-4020-5703-8 Grollmann (Eds).95 | sFr 180. Work. 32). Libr. Hardcover ISBN 978-1-4020-4944-6 Perry (Eds).75 | € (A) 153.45 | sFr 205.95 | sFr 164.00 (SC) ISBN 978-1-4020-5198-2 Pink (Eds).80 | € (A) 60. Hardcover 7 * € (D) 155. Higher Education: Handbook of Theory and Research 22. From Principles of Learning to Strategies for Instruction-with Workbook Companion. Ihre Ansprechpartner im Verkaufsinnendienst Springer Verlag GmbH Tiergartenstr.merkel-sobotta@springer. (06221) 345-4301 Fax ( 06221) 345-4229 (0 62 21) Österreich HARALD HEUGL Verkaufsinnendienst Sachsenplatz 4–6 A-1201 Wien Tel.Who is Who bei Springer Springer News Ihre Bestellungen/Fragen zum Vertrieb in Deutschland Springer Distribution Center GmbH Kundenservice Haberstr. +31-78-657-6810 Fax +31-78-657-6254 kim.und Preisänderungen (auch bei Irrtümern) SIMONE SIEBER (Ost/Birkhäuser) Tel.spirres@springer. (0 62 21) 487-8667 Fax (0 62 21) 487-68667 karin. (0 62 21) 345-4301 Fax (0 62 21) 345-4229 christine. 7 69126 Heidelberg Bücher: Tel. (SC) steht für „Science-Rabatt“ . 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