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When we consider and reflect upon Nature at large, or the history of mankind, or our own intellectual activity, at first we see the picture of an endless entanglement of relations and reactions, permutations and combinations, in which nothing remains what, where and as it was, but everything moves, changes, comes into being and passes away. We see, therefore, at first the picture as a whole, with its individual parts still more or less kept in the background; we observe the movements, transitions, connections, rather than the things that move, combine, and are connected. This primitive, naive but intrinsically correct conception of the world is that of ancient Greek philosophy, and was first clearly formulated by Heraclitus: everything is and is not, for everything is fluid, is constantly changing, constantly coming into being and passing away.[A] [F Engels] Introduction The study of Marxist Leninist theory also presupposes the development of creative thinking and cognitive abilities, the acquirement of deep ideological convictions and high moral qualities of a revolutionary, as well as the adoption of an active stand in the struggle for revolutionary transformation of the world. The history of world revolutions have taught us many lessons that are important to be used as reflections on our daily activities within the youth movements across every quarter of the globe. This is quite important because the younger generation is obliged as a matter of principle to learn and respect (not capitalist project) the forbearers of revolutions. Borne in our head should be the fact that revolution is the breakup of old superstructure and contending of new classes to erect a new superstructure on their own ways. Learning from the past revolutions i we can identify positive things as well as negative things in order to assist us to arrive at a scientific conclusion. We think that it is very important for nations,countries,leaders and revolutionary organizations to be always at a vigilant pace ,insofar as determining and shaping the route to social liberation of mankind. At any stage of development within society, Young People should always fight to give interpretation of the activities that are unfolding within the society. Central to that the younger generation should always define location of children and families of our martyrs, our current and former prominent leaders. This must be done in a spirit of defending the revolution and taking upon the shoulder of younger generation in their preparations to become solid future leaders and seasonal cadres. This question keeps coming in our minds, more particularly when we assume the helm of collective leadership within the youth movements. It will be erroneous and cowardice for the younger generation to fail their engagement about the specific location of childrens and families of our leaders in the shaping of society, since in a class existing society there is no class neutrality, hitherto should not belittle their location within contending class forces. This will also means the retraction from taking revolution to the advanced stage by giving its location within the advanced theory through new momentum, and high revolutionary morality. Younger generation strongly beliefs that families (particularly young people)of our revolutionary Martyrs can play a pivotal role in championing the defense of revolution ,provided there is a political will within society and the movement that leads the society. Equally they can be reactionary and form part of the enemy by reinforcing the capitalist class accumulation in a

society where there is careless retreat on class struggle, when there is vacillation in the political leadership; when there is abandonment of revolutionary ideology with the political formations. In class existing society the battle lines will always have to be drawn between two contending classes which are fighting for control and ownership in the means of production. This is precisely what happened after the fall of the USSR where the reactionary trajectory was established for nothing but to masquerade with labels of fighting for liberation as an entry point to self enrichment The utmost important fact is that they have right to choose their way of living in society and we should recognize that particular aspect but they must not override at the expenses of the minimum programme for a radical change. In any history of the revolution political opportunism always find a base to operate in the upper echelons of the ruling class. This is the reason why we had people like Malinovsky and Trotsky, and Yakovlev in the working class movement.ii Historical Experiences within World Revolutions It is quite important to provided scientific lesson to what we are agitating for in this discussion that should be in pursuance. When Hitler took a resolution to attack the USSR, the mighty working class state under its ablest leader Josef Stalin managed to develop capacity that was so important for the defense of the motherland. Part of what the USSR did was to identify the war as a quest for capitalist interests and that any failure in engaging in this war will bring set back in the working class state. Quite interesting we are fascinated by the fact that the son Karl Marx was an advisor to the fascist regime of Emperor Hirohito in Japan. What he did he confided the Soviets on intentions of Japan in attacking from the East. This is a clear indication on how the USSR developed its intelligence gathering. Profoundly to that is a fact that a son to the founder of scientific communism was acutely aware that the war was a capitalist crisis. Therefore he was providing data that would serve as a weapon for working class defense. If he was someone he could have been ignorant to the danger that the Fascist might have caused to the destruction of humankind, by a mere attachment to the office of power. It is precisely for these reason that working class state(Soviet Union)was readily prepared to defend its interests in the air,water,space and terra nullis If we further put our eyes into the world revolutions we found that the brother to Mao Tse Tung was once a member of the Communist Party in China. According to ChenYun the iron hand discipline within the Party ranks would always ensure that it gives every Party member a responsibilities and provide discipline for everyone who fails to carry the party mandate. There are records which prove that brother to Chairman Mao was also subjected to party discipline in his progressive failure in executing party mandate. What we deduce from here is the fact that in the revolution we dont expect special treatment for families of the revolutionary, and this has find good indication when the revolution had undermined the capitalist path. The leader of the Juche idea Kim Jong Ill made an important emphasis on the dire need for the children of freedom fighters, martyrs to be always taken care of within a revolutionary society, more particularly when the revolution got triumphed and evolvediii .This great leader of our time was simply emphasizing humanity within a revolutionary society that is not profit driven but peoples driven and peoples centered. Of course we dont possess the credentials that made him to be his father successor, but we are acutely aware that through the theory of the leader, the army and people he stand tall in the defense of socialism and the motherland. The Korean nation is a

well united kind of society that is capable of destroying imperialism. At a current stage it knows very well that their enemy is Japan and USA. The spirit and the latter of our discussion is to the dire need for young people to recognize and respect the for bearers of revolutions that has taken place in some parts of the globe. In the same length and breadth we must remove tares from the wheat by making class distinction between a revolutionary will and a capitalist will. There is a bad tendency amongst some key people who were at the helm in the fight against colonialism and Apartheid. They want to blackmail anyone who fights corruption and tenderpreneuralship. We had also acquired greater lesson from the Cuban revolution on their involvement in the radical and profound socialist reconstruction of Cuba. Fidel Castro (just like F Engels) was a son of a bourgeois family,hithereto by virtue of the bourgeois background this could not authenticate his beliefs to the defense of the capitalist system. He is a true revolutionary who understand the interests of the poor and the working class despite its encroachment and impediments to capitalist class accumulation. Just like Marx said (in communist manifesto) that capital is social power, Fidel was better positioned to infiltrate the ruling class in mobilization of funds for Cuban arm struggle. Clearly he was not a sell out or a betrayer to his people. Despite his abdication from being a stateman,he still earn lot of respect from Cubans and people and of the world. When the principled resolution was taken by the revolutionary government on nationalization, he told his families about it. The capitalist class (without patent right) grabbed the name of his family company to trade with it globally. He had never engaged into any international lawsuit seeking shares for his wife or his children, let alone his brother Raul Castro Ruz. Infect the outstanding Martyr of proletarian internationalism understand the evils and dangers of the capitalist systems. His sister was one of the CIA agent who worked with counter revolutionary forces in the US. Castro once had serious confrontation with his daughter on the support of Miami counter revolutionary forces. Conclusion was made out the discussion that she is free to leave Cuba if she is not ready to be governed by laws and policies of the socialist republic. He informed her that as from that day she must be aware that she is enemy of the Cuban administration and its people; hence she is banished from entering the socialist island. Even after is retire from the communist party and state leadership he is still committed to defend and champion working class internationalism (Reflections on Fidel, Granma international) Raul Castro earned his leadership position (both in the state and the Communist Party) through the hardship of the struggle and the greater respect that he accumulated from the Cuban Revolution. Raul was the first leader in the Cuban revolution to be a Marxist Leninist, even before Fidel. The daughter to Raul Castro is one outstanding young woman activist within the circles of Cuban Women Federation. She has currently polemicised women emancipation by alienating dogma within womens movements in Cuba. The spirit of her agitation does not derive its existence from betrayal of the socialist system under tutelage of US imperialism. To us this more informed by the analysis of the current epoch within the 21st century and at the same time upholds the socialist ideals and culture within the Cuban society. When Ernesto Che Guevara was assassinated (1967) by the CIA backed mission, his children were very young to understand his role in the struggle for the liberation of mankind. His children grew up in Cuba under the intense struggle against US imperialism and the determined

resistance to defend socialism. Any reader would be quite impressed in the manner that Dr Aleida Guevara could agitate people of the world in the struggle for socialism. She recently toured South Africa with his brother (Camilio) to conduct political agitation on socialism and mankind. Few days that they had in the country, they could discover the legacy and the advancement of capitalism in South Africa. Dr Aleida was very aspiring and creative to engage with remaining key features of the Colonialism Of A Special Type (CST) in South Africa. Central to her agitation was the attitude that she developed against capitalist state of the Republic of South Africa. Unlike some of the families of our leaders who use their prominence in political leadership to make money through exploitation of workers, she is fighting to posses the patent right over the images of Ernesto Che Guevara and people of the world are so supportive to the call. She is also bold within the current situation to fight to tell the truth about Ernesto Che Guevara and the struggle to create a new man and build socialism. This outstanding leaders and activists of the communist movement had demonstrated to us the fact that, the sooner a person joins in the struggle for a new world, the healthier and more meaningful his life becomes. The more varied and valuable contributions a person makes to building the new society, the richer will his own development be and the more strikingly will he show himself to be a person of a new typeiv. Cosmopolitan Character of the capitalist System and its manipulations At the current stage of capitalist advancement in the Republic Of South Africa, we find capitalism to be much on the good hands from the highest and the second highest political office in the land. Our leaders continue to make bold statements in public by saying that there would be no any nationalization and to bash workers on what they call selfish sectarian interests(how so, lets argue). Let us observe what has been entailed by the news paper that is simply known as the Citizen Monday 28 June 2010. Two companies owned by President Jacob Zumas nephew will in 2012 begin exploring two oil blocks in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo that were previously contracted to Tullow Oil a company adviser said We need clarity here to move as young people, as workers as democrats and as revolutionaries. Why did we sacrifice our studies, our work commitment as well as working class programme to defend Jacob Zuma? Was Mbeki family having business because of conditions created by him as a statesman? Is it wrong for the family of our beloved President to engage in business activities for capitalism? Is JZ committed to the working class struggle or to further deepen neo liberalism? Participation of communists in senior positions of the state a strength or a weakness to the working class struggle? In attempting to give answers to this question, we must highlight one important aspect about the working class. The working class is a powerful force in the South African society. It is a naked truth that it was a driving force that played key role in the reinstatement of JZ. It was not the legal system or the ANCYL alone (though they played some meaningful contributions. Working class was acutely aware about the agenda that was driven by white monopoly capital to take out JZ and put its own person. Weakness that was experienced by working class is that as the makers of history they are not prepared to move forward for socialism. In making an important part in this current historical discourse, it has defeated the neoliberal tendencies and put back Jacob Zuma into Union Building. The current inclusion of working class leadership into key positions of power in the state does not necessarily meaning that the working class movement should cease to fight for their immediate class interest. This is one of the pillars to the Medium Term Vision of the SACP, in so far as key sides of power are concerned. Equally it must not be fooled to think

that Zuma will be friendlier to their course without a class battles. Capitalism has engaged in personality politics by ensuring that it use Zumas family to project accumulation in the current trajectory. This is not an attempt to engage on politics of personalities, but to interrogate the brutality of the capitalist system through its extension to the families of our leaders. Zuma has fallen into a trap of defending the wrong activities that were conducted by mining companies and his son. In answering parliamentary question posed on his family accumulative path. He arrogantly responded by saying that there is nothing wrong for Zuma family to conduct business. The manner in which the owners of the wealth are using the relatives of our leaders is nothing but to derail the agenda for building the nation and to demobilize people in becoming their own liberators. The communist manifesto gives a clear indication on the brutality and dishonest of capitalism. The bourgeoisie has torn away from the family its sentimental veil, and has reduced the family relation to a mere money relationv. The criticism must not reside on Jacob Zuma alone as a person, rather it should analyze the tendencies and behavioral paradigm of our leaders in society, work place, institutions of learning as well as within the state. Since the inception of democratic state, we had experienced a sophisticated hypocrisy from ministers, MPs and MPLs, mayors, councilors, union leaders and so forth. Their beloved children are attending the so called qualitative model C schools away from rural villages and townships. This is done so in order to acquire a qualitative education. These young people are victims of racism in the model of teaching and creation of Chinese wall between students of the same school and the same standards. In its evolution, the same tendency has landed in the disunity of revolutionary youth formation by giving conformity and manipulations. Many children of these leaders are now and then encouraged to join the ANC Youth League(not COSAS,SASCO and Young Communist League),precisely because being in the YL it is easier to get employment ,business opportunities, and other deployment. Other youth formations are vulgarized as centers of poverty, anarchy and ill discipline. These do not assist in building the revolutionary movement that will be able to adapt to any material condition. There has to be revolutionary upbringing younger generation in any revolutionary situation. Central to that there has to be a thorough teaching of young people on the citadels of the exploiting class .This entail teaching our youth about them as the future, the history of the Colonialism Of A Special Type and the urgent need to defend the National Democratic Revolution. Youth commodification is a serious demobilization in the fight for change. The existing(with gross neoliberal distortion)slogan of the ANC Youth League was designed to locate and express role of our youth in fighting against Colonialism Of A Special Type(CST)It rallies young people to fight against the racist tyranny(even its remnants),call younger generation to be workers(not to seize moment in business and undermine radical job creation for our youth).Capitalism has weakened the organizational capacity the Congress Movement and its youth strata in the implementation of the National Democratic Revolution. Current legal battles by the ANC Youth League. Whilst we accept that within the country there are institutions put in place to advance and champion the interests of our youthvi, we still face the demoralization of young people through the upholding of the capitalist system by our leadership. Many young people feel to be useless for them to engage on studies at the tertiary levels since the capitalist system has used political accumulation as a best tool to pursue better life. This will on its own create many dangers where young people become rebellious to the political system that has turned youth activism into profit making machinery. This is purported to undermine collective heroism that has been played by South African in determining their destiny. At this point in time younger generations are more forced by the circumstances to determine the future of this country

and undermine the framework that has been established by the capitalist system. This is not a call for anarchy but a simple cal to say to our leaders, our organizations (perhaps the state) to make renewals for change which in turn should earn respect from every sector of our youth. To young people the call for free and qualitative education must be regarded as an entry point for development linked with the development of forces of production. Moulding of individuals in a class existing Society Not a single class in history has existed without producing individuals who are capable to lead the movement and coordinate it. It means in class struggle there is a space created by each one of the contending class to produce its leaders who understand the needs for each class. The process is also not cut and dried. The scientific methods give also clear evolutionary stages that will finally shape a class leadership through nurturing of individuals. What we are trying to specify is the fact that in between there is vacillations and wavering of individuals in class struggle. Vacillations and wavering of individuals is a great symbol of casualties in a class struggle. In our context we had identified sources that are more dangerous to the National Democratic Revolution and the working people. The entirety of the liberation movement has tend to give a broader space for state and organization to be used as a career platform by those individuals who are not committed to the social revolution. This had find expression in the highest echelons of organization without any attempt to deal with it as a problem. The laws of class struggle also reveal an important aspect, that individualism cannot supersede collectivism in a revolutionary situation. Of course in the capitalist system individuals are given exposure to demonstrate capitalism as the best model of ruling society. This is absolutely mendacious situation, since capitalism has a target in a given society in order to entrench its hegemony in the superstructure. Champions of Black Economic Empowerment want to tell us that the private accumulation paradigm that has been established are key cornerstone of National Democratic Revolution. If so we want any productive forces in the country that serves as a product of radical change in the society Sterling Contribution of Young People in social revolution The term young person in classical Marxist terms does not alienate young people as the drivers for change, though they are not located in production and ownership of wealth. The process of class struggle has created the capacity to mould young people to become activists for social changes. Central to that is the paradigm that have entrenched a space for young people to express themselves independently and collectively in the interpretation of the world. Society is bound to hold young people and their formations accountable to what they will be doing within the society. Their deeds should be measured in terms of the class interests of a given society. The society should not regards young people as a pernicious sect existing to destroy human history, rather it must understand role they are playing in the evolution for changes. Since its inception the Young Communist League is been more inspired by great leaders of revolution across the globe. At some point it has adopted a clear rallying point by calling young South Africans to be like Chris Hani Internationalism with a distorted character After Lenins writing on Imperialism, the communist movement was given a scientific expansion (see communist manifesto) on the international character of the capitalist system, sources of its origin as well as its tendencies. It was Lenin again who made an unapologetic emphasis on proletarian internationalism and solidarity. The programme that was then in the international plane was to dislocate the capitalist system universally.viiCentral to its internationalist mission was the commitment on the national sovereignty and respect to the municipal laws, assistance of

liberation movements in fighting for the national independence across the globe. The USSR was clear in setting up its class agenda internationally. Since its demise there has not been any commitment to resuscitate internationalism. Some of the remaining (and joining) socialist countries in the world have been reluctantly to establish the international platform that seeks to renew proletarian internationalism. Of course at the diplomatic level and state level there have been some engagements. The character of the Chinese international engagement has been solely in the defense and championship of market socialism, of which in return the capitalist system has been undermined, but equally the some impoverished countries are suffering from that effect. The Juche mission of the Workers Party of Korea has made an excellent model that all of us should have learnt from it .It has succumbed to any pressure from international institution by ensuring that it withdrew its participation there. This was because its acute awareness on how the US administration has been manipulating the international institutions. It had established the peoples education in the defense of the DPRK sovereignty, through the theory of the leader, the army and the masses steeled together for the socialist project. Embargoes have not made any impact to its socialist project, since the Chinese government is having more political interests there. In other side of the globe we had seen the authentic character of proletarian internationalism from Cuba. The socialist project suffered some setbacks after the demise of the Soviet Union, but it manage to survive despite though frustration from the imperialist backyard of the US.As a country it has given political impetus to the emergence of the Bolivarian project in Latin America. Many countries and institutions in Latin America are more astonished by its capability to provide universal health care and free education to many students across the world (including the US) Capitalism is the framework which our country is using to pursue its international mission. The neoliberalism in the state is nothing but expression of the reproduction of the system. In all the engagements within the international platform the agenda there is not to create people to people relations or to give a clear contribution on the current state of internationalism. The interest is to promote and fight for a better condition which South African capitalist system can nestle in every quarter of the globe, more especially some African countries and Latin America. Conclusion The current absence of an international arena for socialist and communists is just a mere sign of a working class setbacks that emerged after the collapse of the 2nd international and communist international. Since Marxists are critical thinkers, the emergence of leftwing project in Latin America has ushered a new condition for engagement of left forces across the globe. It is going to take many years for the capitalist system to move out of the current rampant crisis. Quite interestingly the system had established framework and institutions that will exist as a requiem for the growth accumulation. Despite the mass protests, and resistance by organizations, leaders are still enjoying dancing to the Imperialist tune under the leadership of US. We are inspired by many countries of the world as they had made determination for their own destiny without the market and Western agenda. The struggle to build socialism in the 21st century is gaining more momentum ever than before. Many nations are much interested in championing their own local interests for their development. Building a strong proletarian organization will necessitate the capacity for erection of proletarian state in many parts of the world. Legacy that is bequeathed to us by world revolutions cannot be left for capitalist destructions in attempt to cover its failures .Any framework that seeks to adjust capitalism in the struggle for emancipation

of mankind cannot be tolerated. The role of young people in determining the destiny of their beloved countries is very key and central. Though they are not located in area of production (as it is the case with the working class) they are useful to the integral programme for total liberation.

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How to study Marxism-Leninism,Vasili Krapivin See the Communist Manifesto Marx and F Engels,1848 vi National Youth Commission was replace NYDA through the promulgation of NYDA Act of 2008 vii The Soviet Union ensured that the working class agenda is been felt in the space and deep sea