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A Dominant Crisis within the NDR Project is nothing but a failure within the Accumulation Regime-Both political

and organizational question.1 “Classes are large groups of people differing from each other by the place they occupy in a historically determined system of social production, by their relation (in most cases fixed and formulated by law) to the means of production, by their role in the social organization of labour, and, consequently, by the dimensions of the share of social wealth of which they dispose and their mode of acquiring it". (Vladimir I. Lenin: 'A Great Beginning: Heroism of the Workers in the Rear: 'Communist Subbotniks' in: 'Collected Works', Volume 29; Moscow; 1965; p. 421). Introduction. According to Marxist-Leninist theory, belonging of a person to a particular class is determined by objective reality, not by someone’s opinion. Just because individuals decide to ignore history, it does not mean that there is no history. This important axiom reveals the fact that what encompasses revolution is history and its evolution will be characterized by different epochs. All South African agree unanimously that the National Democratic Revolution is a guide to resolve race, class and gender imbalances created by Colonialism of a Special Type(CST).However there has been inconsistency and rhetoric that have been overshadowing the project of the National Democratic Revolution(NDR).This on its own carries a trail which contains a strange interpretation of the NDR. In this regard the minimum programme is been regarded as a capitalist restoration and putting a revolutionary theory, morality in abeyance. If we agree in the universality principle of Marxism and Leninism, therefore we are also bound to agree in the theory of National Democratic Revolution. Our discussion will try by all means to establish a base within the historical framework of South African minimum programme, insofar the NDR is concerned. Recent analysis that was made by the South African Communist Party (SACP) on how the 1996 Class Project has weakened the Congress Movement is consummate one to rely upon. The occupation of key strategic position of government by communist cadres has created uneasiness to the whole process of weakening the structure and the usage of organizations as a milking cow for self enrichment. It is precisely for these reasons that in our argument we will treat the Black Bourgeoisie as a necessary tool for counter revolution, hitherto a threat to the National Democratic Revolution .It is also important to give a particular qualification of National Democratic Revolution as a bourgeoisie revolution that must be led by the working class (what a contradiction?) The New Growth Path (NGP)2 has ushered a new intervention by the state in addressing the plight that is been bequeathed to us by Colonialism Of A Special Type (CST) and GEAR policy. In the wake of his attack (by both left and right critique), the General Secretary of the SACP has reminded the Party members on the necessity for robust debates within the Communist Party. This is quite important in the current epoch where there is element of disunity and mistrust within the left forces post Polokwane.Further than that it is

This article is derive its inspiration from the document that was written and prepared for ANC workshop (in Lusaka 1988)by Joe Slovo ,the communist


not a secret that unity between SACP and COSATU is much more important for the unity of the entirety of the Tripartite Alliance led by African National Congress. Of course ANC is also important in the democratic revolution, what is important is for the Party to play its vanguard role within a clearly defined context and the content of a current historical epoch. New Tendency that has been defined by the Party is not a new phenomenon let alone a foreign tendency of the democratic struggle; it is simply an expression of compradorial aspects of the society within a given historical breakthrough by the working class. We should anticipate setbacks after any victory which working people achieve. In the working class movement we always treat Polokwane as a working class victory. I want to argue by saying that it was a multiclass victory. Some prominent social democrats wants to bring a particular silly discussion of regarding capitalists as motive forces of the National Democratic(something that is foreign to the historical definition on the character of the Democratic Revolution) ,purportedly to demobilise the prime motive forces. In this argument we will make the explicit role of capitalism in developing productive forces and its role in the democratic changes. At the same time we should analyse the framework that we had collectively used in developing black capitalist as to whether it had strengthen or weaken the Congress Movement. Motive Forces of National Democratic Revolution. Motive forces remains pillars and driving tools for a radical changes in any class given society. These forces will always need coordination from the political centre, solely to give true reflection on the revolutionary commitment of a revolutionary structure. There are also subtle debates in the political discourse that is saying to us that NDR cannot be implemented in the framework of capitalism. Conclusion that has been maintain is that the ideas of a ruling class is highly dominant ,and it has now become a serious threat to the existence of the revolutionary programme, its relation with the masses of our people. At the initial stage there was no any indication of Black capitalist strata as one of the motive forces of the NDR, nor any indication of capitalistic driven democratic changes .We are raising this because the capitalist framework has expressly taken underpinning of the purported agenda on the motive forces and this has impacted negatively within the entirety of the Congress Movement3. Surely this has entailed the following participation and paying loyalty to these structural arrangements of a white monopoly capital :  Mining

Capitalism in South Africa has depleted lot of minerals which were supposed to be a cornerstone for economic development within the country. Majority of our people in this country are operating in periphery insofar as the economic transformation is concerned. There a glaring absence of political will to change property relations when it comes to ownership of mines simply because it is where you wrought the capitalist anger. Capitalism is surviving through political environment created by the state and the people who are at the helm of leadership The repercussions of this operation has resulted into a

SACP, COSATU and the ANC have particular relations with the structures of capital under the pretext of BEE.


conscious resistance by our people towards their leaders. These masses are aware on the mineral compositions of their community. Whether we like it or not the debate on nationalisation is quite important debates, therefore it cannot be vulgarised but further enrich with ideological capacity which have to cause the ruling class to tremble. It is not assisting to have a political framework which is pheripheralising actual participation of masses of our people at the expense of the market. Our fundamental point of departure is that ownership of wealth is the cornerstone in the struggle against capitalism

Land Question

Land question remains a burning question also in the country-our leaders ,our movement had recently made us aware about the centenary of Land Act of 1913.The conditions which necessitated the promulgation was the divide and rule policy that had existed since the landing of the capitalists and colonialism in 1652.Whilst the feudal system had given birth to the ANC as a historical force, it has also played a key role in giving oppressor more upper hand4.In a democratic society like ours is not given that the feudal 5 will have control in the ownership of land and the means of production, this is because the treatment which they are getting from the state is apologetic to fundamental transformation of our society(we are not calling for the institution to be undermined and be disrespected)Land question is a serious political question in any society ,therefore it will need a serious and bold approach, to create a profound and overturning type of ownership .As it stands today we don’t have a clear picture, as to who owns the land between the state ,capitalists and feudals? This is been conducted in a manner which is so apologetic at the expense of those who are victims of this draconian legislation, promulgated by the racist tyranny. No any organization in South Africa understands feelings and attitude of South African on land, than ANC and its allies. Vacillation by leaders to address the land question had created conditions for the emergence of demagogic and populist organizations which were playing with hopes of majority of our people. This demagogy has potential to create the Zimbabwean style of land grab. The state should own land at the behest of all South Africans. Radical transformation of land cannot wait for another century to happen it must happen right now in our life time with intention to create better life for the poor people Food Security The food security in the working class communities remains a challenge which it has to be resolved by the working class itself, in a sense that the state is has created some innovative that could be exploited by our people for beneficiations. These efforts are undermined by the upper hand of the market. This is not enough until the working class plays a leading role under a tutelage of an advanced detachment. What we are suggesting is that it seems as without buying food we cannot survive. The government is providing starter packs for vegetable gardens in a way to assist people to feed themselves, but there is glaringly lack of

Nicholas Waterboer,Adam Kok were central in the tug of war between British AUTHORITY AND the Boer Republic 5 If we are correct to say that there is existence of the feudal system it means there is peasantry since feudalism cannot survive on its own has chiefs regards people as their subjects


consciousness on our people as it has potential to destroy poverty. What we need in this regard is for political intervention in a form of education to our people in teaching them the essence of taking efforts in uplifting their living condition. Communities at the local level must be assisted in creation of food banks in their localities with the intentions to mobilize them in the building of local economy that is people driven and people centred for the making of a new beginning, because most of our communities are full of idling minds which has turned to be dangerous for community development. Furthermore our communities need to be taught of the ecological environment in their localities. They must be conscious of things like residential patterns forestry, fishing ,tourism and so forth. Is Cadre Deployment a chimera for accumulative regime or a historic mission? The ANC(Kabwe conference) became a first platform ever to conceptualise the cadre deployment and its policy Purportedly this was some sort of preparation for the ANC to take power as the balance of forces were tilting at its favour 6(by then)Any organization that seeks to take power must nurture its own forces to take responsibilities of championing its mission After the establishment of the Union government in 1910 the racist tyranny established institutions as well as people who were capable in institutionalising racism in South Africa. One of the achievements of the Union was to establish Potchefstroom University as institutions that it is used for planning in terms of the racist policy, thereafter Stellenbosch became institution for implementation of Apartheid Capitalism. On contrary the African National Congress with historic mission of liberating South Africans from the bondage of racism and colonialism concretise cadre policy and deployment as a pillar to create non racial, non sexist, democratic and prosperous country. The ANC regards itself is a product of a given history, it want that seeks to mobilise all class forces and strata. These entail mobilising, orgarnazing and educating people who benefited from Apartheid past. For ANC, the deployment is not an employment but a given task to bring fundamental change in South Africa. The implementation of the NDR under a capitalist framework have engendered wrong ideas and wrong process on the cadre deployment .In the outset we should uphold and champion the original conceptualisation of ANC cadre policy and cadre deployment .This remain relevant as ever, the problem is on the gross misinterpretation(wittingly or unwittingly)by South African political parties and some pockets of ANC membership. There has been concerted efforts to vulgarise the concept of deployment by the enemies of changes in the country. We must set the record straight ,the ANC have not said that it want to demobilize skills and expertise in society, hence this become important ingredients of deployment .It is erroneous for one to acquire ANC membership card solely for deployment in the state and key sectors of power. Immediately there is alienation of this important aspect, it means opportunism and careerism are taking tall in the organization. Since after the unbanning ANC continues to raise challenges of opportunism and careerism within its structures. The problem is that it has not yet developed a concrete program to eliminate those bad elements within its self as part of


See ANC Cadre Policy


organizational purification.7 The mendacity around cadre deployment remain powerful arsenal which impact heavily in the character of the Congress Movement. Without building a strong and vibrant organization it will be futile exercise to talk about the cadre deployment. Joining the organization must be followed by a coherent and scientific induction on what the ANC is and what it is not. This dictates the term for one to participate and forcefully agitate for the good reputation of the organization .It also important to elucidate the fact on activism. Activisms have different interpretation and meanings; it can be liberal and become egotistic. Ours is a revolutionary activism within the revolutionary movement with revolutionary tradition. It will also be un ANC to allow a particular force in the ANC to knee jack others in driving the deployment because this will give a false impression about the ANC. The challenge in this regard is for the leadership at all level to unite classes and strata within the ANC to make sterling contribution in driving the deployment and champion the NDR .Immediately the leadership fail to do this it become trapped into a particular forces which becomes antagonistic to other ANC forces. Women and Young People within the struggle. Without liberation of these forces we are bound to see failure in carrying the legacy that is bequeathed to us by the forbearers of the revolution. They remains the cornerstone in the struggle against the capitalist system. Women should be locate within the level of production as they can play a key role in directing means of production for a better purpose. It was V.I. Lenin who agitated that women must not only be placed in the kitchen, that they must be located where means of production is. The capitalist system had somehow dislocated the good intentions of democratic framework of liberation of our society.


See political report by both President Mandela and TM Mbeki, ranging from 50th -52nd ANC National Conference