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aluminum. east of Saudi Arabia Area : 665 km sq Bahrain Location Page | 6 Khalifa ibn Salman Al Khalifa Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifah: . Population : 718.About BAHRAIN : Bahrain Profile Leader : Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifah Prime Ministers: Khalifa ibn Salman Al Khalifa . textiles Location : Middle East.306 Capital City : Manama Independence date : 15 August 1971 (from UK) Religions : Islam ( Shia 70 % and Sunni 30 %) Exports : petroleum and petroleum products. archipelago in the Persian Gulf.since1971.

0 .why there is a revolution in Bahrain? SECTION 2.

BCHR stated that based on official figures and studies there are The report that was released yesterday during the ‘Poverty and Economic Rights’ seminar tackled also the problem of housing in Bahrain. Unemployed citizens and those who are receiving financial assistance Bahrain Centre for Human Rights stated that half cannot receive housing loans granted by the of Bahraini citizens are suffering from poverty and Government. Whereas. and employees with low income.000 ruined houses Bahrain Center for Human Rights The report revealed that according to official figure. If the average of these figures is taken. This figure was based on lies with a low income are waiting in the waitofficial statistics and studies on number of unem.000 people. which are around 80. the number will exceed 80. While. beneficiaries of social aid who are up to 12 years or more.000 people (half of total Bahrainis). URL : http://youtu. released today. It worth mentioning that the unemployed and their dependents are not receiving any social security aids in contradiction with the Constitution. 1.000 unemployed Bahrainis. That brings the total of Bahrainis suffering from poverty and poor living conditions to around 200.000 families.Poverty In its report.000 people whom each receive BD18 per months. CNN Report : Poverty in Bahrain . while the oppositions estimate the number to be more than 30. around 44. is BD309 per month.000. The official statistics unable to work. the poverty level (Poverty Income Threshold) for a household.000 famipoor living standards. A large portion of the society lacks decent housing. in addition to their dependents who are affected by the list for Government subsidised housing for ployed Bahrainis. according to official studies and statements. Half of Bahraini Citizens are Suffering from Poverty and Poor Living Conditions Page | 8 . quarter of employed Bahrainis live below the poverty level of BD309 per month. The report also revealed that the number of households who are unable to work and those who receive financial assistance from Ministry of Labour and charitable contribution from charity funds associations exceeds 20.Why there is a revolution in Bahrain? Bahrain is rich in oil country and Small population of citizens in this country But the majority of people do not get something from this wealth Because of widespread financial corruption by government and by the ruling family in Bahrain. shows that there are 6.

especially when official reports indicate that the unemployed people will boost from 20. number of working women and children participating in the working force with bad working conditions have increased. which is above the international average of wealthy people of US$3. among them are: implementation of the Constitution’s article that grants social security and benefits for unemployed and people who are unable to work.gone up in the last few years which makes taining 45.000 people. there are 5. especially the reclaimed lands and the ones that will be reclaimed in the future. waste of public money. BCHR made many recommendations in its report.bahrainrights. This shows the large differences between classes of income and living standards. There will also be an increase of citizens seeking Government housing to 80.000 to 80.000 houses but in a period of 8 years. Statistics shows that the crime rate. Source:http://www. Bahrain is proud of being one of most liberal countries in terms of its economy and in attracting foreign investments and of its tax-free society (no tax on income and sales). have escalated. The above influential powerful people have taken over large land areas in Bahrain. In this seminar. and dumping the market with low wage foreign workers who constitute 60% of the labour force. A survey conducted by Bahrain Monetary Agency found that while the poverty rate is increasing. there are 23 types of high fees imposed by the Government on people in return of its services. In addition to the above.Poverty and that there is a project for rebuilding or main. however. The report pointed out that the poverty and miserable conditions of citizens are caused by unequal distribution of wealth. are considered as a barrier to real reforms. especially robbery. and will make it more difficult for middle class to have a piece of land.Why there is a revolution in Bahrain? The report stated that the poverty rate is increasing in Bahrain at the same time as the average income is increasing. reforming both Administrative and Legislative branches of the Government. This will lead to accumulate more wealth for landlords. The survey showed that the average wealth of each of them reaches US$4.000 people in the next decade and that the average salary will drop by 19%.200 wealthy people in Bahrain. financial & administrative corruption. deciding rate for minimum wage.2 millions. both in private and public sectors. Additionally. The report also pointed out that the continuation and dominations of a small group of influential powerful people on the national economy. Divorce rate and number of people choosing to be single have also increased. the price of building materials have dramatically 1. poor planning. BCHR warned that increasing number of citizens classified as poor and the deteriorating of living standards will definitely reflect on the political and social tranquility of the country. The decree that was passed by the Government to allow foreign investors to own lands in Bahrain caused sharp increased of lands’ prices. The same survey indicated that the private wealth in Bahrain worth around US$20 to 30 billions. and establishing active supervision over administrative and financial activities in the Government for fighting against the corruption. The report also tackled the social and security impact of poverty in Page | 9 . it more difficult for a citizen to build a house.8 millions. BCHR is lunging a two year campaign with the aim of awakening civil societies and related institutions and individuals to press for passing appropriate policies and reforms to solve the poverty problems in Bahrain.

Why there is a revolution in Bahrain? 1.Poverty Page | 10 .

will dominate tion.000 who are waiting to receive housing from their The vote for lower house will be the third in Sunni-led government because they can. er the divide between its rulers and their Page | 11 .or rathBahrain’s October 23 parliamentary election. denied by Manama -. the interminable waiting time is just another sign of the discrimi. Bahraini Shi’ites feel neglect in government housing crunch HISTORIC RIVALRY Rivarly between Shi’ite and Sunni Islam dates MANAMA (Reuters) . a Shi’ite village outside the state with considerable influence in the Arab capital Manama. rainis out of a national population of 600. world -. A al-Khalifa said there was no prejudice in awardnew flat or house is a distant dream for Saeed. he is barely able to provide for them.” he told Reuters. The divisive issues. jobs and services to Sunnis. I told tests.where the ruling family still calls the shots.000 mostly Shi’ite Bah. with its majority Shi’ite population ruled over by the Sunni Khalifa dynasty. change the demographic balance lie at the heart of deep-seated discontent among Bahrain’s Shi’ites. Bahrain is the only them I’m going to die before I get a government Gulf Arab country with an elected parliament house. it’ll end up going to my children. withoutside the country jobs and citizenship in order to out any other considerations. Sunni rulers share is still waiting to move out of his ramshackle Western fears that Iran -.the Gulf Arab country since King Hamad not afford to buy land or houses themselves. With a family of 14 crammed under his roof. But many Shi’ites cannot shake off the suspicion they are being discriminated against.a close and as the country gears up for the elecally of Washington and Riyadh -.Why there is a revolution in Bahrain? 2. and into government housing. The housing issue. which the government has portrayed as an Iran-inspired plot to overturn the monarchy.Seventeen years have back to the period after the death of Prophet Mopassed and Bahraini government clerk Saeed hammad 13 centuries ago.Discrimination Bahrain. bin Isa al-Khalifa launched a reform process a decade ago to help quell Shi’ite pro“When I went to the government the last time. but laws must pass through a Sunni-dominated upper house appointed by the king. and a salary of 250 dinars (419 pounds) a Housing Minister Sheikh Ebrahim bin Khalifa month. high unemployment and attempts by the government to grant Sunnis from “We are going (down the list) by name. Bahrain’s sectarian rift seeking to become a nuclear weapons state with ambitions to dominate the region. For Saeed and other Bahraini Shi’ites.a non-Arab Shi’ite house in Barbar. liament and a managed democracy have sharpened appetites for a change in a system Saeed is one of about 53. Besides Kuwait.Attempts to contain widespread Shi’ite disnation and neglect by a government which they say content in Bahrain by the restoration of pargives priority in housing. has been afflicted by sporadic rioting since the mid1990s. ing government housing and that any delays were caused by the increase in population.” Saeed said.

” Fateel said. Fateel’s three teenage sons and his daughter still have to sleep in the same small room at an age when sexes are normally separated in his deeply conservative society.Why there is a revolution in Bahrain? 2. almost 20 ing shortage is further aggravated by the exten. also home to the U.out of his three-room flat as his family grows.“Not a single (penny) out of this reclamafrastructure like sewage systems or water sup. land ther by the appalling living conditions endured which the Shi’ite opposition says the govby Shi’ite villagers while they see housing. a member of parliament from Shi’ite opposition group Wefaq. ing a piece of land was dashed when land prices shot up during a five-year property boom that Fateel said he thought villagers were slow to ended only when the global financial crisis hit in be awarded government housing because the 2008.leader of the Shi’ite opposition in the 1990s.” said Khalil Marzooq. In the past two months.could have been used for housing projects. “I think this is one form of discrimination. is linked to the royal famby discrimination and because nationalised ily.” said Nabeel Rajab from the state land had been given to private companies Bahrain Centre for Human Rights (BCHR). Page | 12 . able in Bahrain. In some areas there’s no housing and also no in. Bahrain’s Shi’ite opposition also says the hous.private companies went to the public budtute for Near East and Gulf Military Analysis.Discrimination Shi’ite subjects -. Sheikh Abdul Amir al-Jamri. without appropriate compensation since 2003. Navy’s Fifth Fleet and a regional off. owner of the Bahrain Financial Har“Most Shi’ites feel that their situation is caused bour development. accusing their lead. then sive land ownership of the ruling Khalifa family. What if he wants to marry soon. is fuelled fur. A probe by parliament in March concluded foreigners are taking up most of the hous. hous. analysts say. a Shi’ite who lives in Bani Jamra village. ernment allocated for investment purposes. I need to rent another flat for his family.looks set to deepen further. has cracked down on some at least 10 billion dinars. ing loans also became more difficult to obtain. “There is a big disconnect between the loans people can get and the prices at which developers can build.“I applied before my son was born. health care and other benefits being allocated by their government to Sunnis from elsewhere. In the aftermath of the debt crunch. Ali Fateel. senior director at property consultants CB Richard Ellis Bahrain. Bahrain.any time soon.that 65 square kilometres (25 square miles) of ing projects.He said this land could have been worth shore banking centre.” said Theodore Karasik of Dubai’s Insti. He did not expected to get government housing There is no reliable data on land ownership avail. ers of plotting to overthrow the Sunni monarchy. was born there.tion and public property being transferred to ply.” he said. “I don’t see it coming.years ago.S. Bahrain’s business registry shows that Emar Bahrain.reclaimed land on Bahrain’s north coast. get. but the ruling family holds stakes in property developments on newly The resentment.” said Mike Williams. money which Shi’ite opposition groups. said he applied for government housing 20 years ago and is desperate to move PRICED OUT Any hope someone like Saeed had of buy.

was re-opened. Al Wefaq has been applying relentless pressure on Page | 13 . currently in its second four-year term. and has consistently turned down Bahraini applications. and regardless of the nature of their“ try of Interior in all the departments.Political Naturalization in Bahrain: sure on the Interior Ministry. the year when the parliament.Why there is a revolution in Bahrain? 3. mainly from Syria. Charges The ministry has repeatedly said it did not shut out Bahrainis and that it was easing out the expatriates to replace them with citizens. We also want to know the exact number of the relatives of foreign personnel working for the ministry and the accurate figures of those who were given citizenship. one of 17 representing the society in the 40-member Lower House. has two weeks to respond to the queries of the MPs. “We wish also to know their grades and the reasons behind employing them and whether their positions had been initially offered to Bahrainis. Jordan.” the MP.Political Naturalization the Interior Ministry regarding its employment policies among allegations that it had for decades favoured giving jobs to foreigners.hopto. “We want to see the ministry plan being implemented to replace the nonBahrainis. according to Bahraini laws. Yemen and Pakistan. The society said it wanted all the figures and data related to the staff that have been employed since 2002.” Fairuz said.URL : “ http://bahrainrights. The ministry. both civilians and uniformed. demanding to Various Violations of Citizens and Forknow the exact number of its expatriate staff.” Jalal Fairuz asked in the question submitted on Sunday at parliament. Al Wefaq steps up demands for naturalisation Also Read : Manama: Al Wefaq Society has increased pres. eign Workers Rights “We would like to know the precise number of non-Bahrainis who work for the Minis. But Al Wefaq wants to monitor every step of the process and to be on high alert over the naturalisation figures. said.

Political Naturalization Page | 14 .Why there is a revolution in Bahrain? 3.

said he became even more frustrated when he looked up Bahrain on Google Earth and saw vast tracts of empty land. which began roiling Bahraini politics in 2006. Tunisia and Bahrain.’ he said. is the unequal distribution of land. 2006. ‘We are 17 people crowded in one small house. who lives in a house with his parents.Steeling Lands small. dense areas. On Nov. particularly among Shiite men who want to get married and build homes. ‘And you see on Google how many palaces there are and how the al-Khalifas [the Sunni ruling family] have the rest of the country to themselves. and they have set up a special user group whose members have access to more than 40 images of royal palaces.’ Bahraini activists have encouraged people to take a look at the country on Google Earth.Could Google Earth cause a revolution in Bahrain? New York Times “While Facebook has gotten all the face time in Egypt. like many people in the southern district. don’t forget Google Earth. four siblings and their children. A big issue in Bahrain. on the eve of parliamentary elections in Bahrain. 27. The Washington Post ran this report from there: “Mahmood. while tens of thousands of mainly poor Shiites were squashed together in 4.” Page | 15 .

Steeling Lands Same scale! How many people live in Manama? And how many property owners are there? Who is allowed to enter the city? And what’s the density of its population? Ask the same questions for this “Bahrain”island over here! Page | 16 .Could Google Earth cause a revolution in Bahrain? 4.

. and did the owner of it pay for it?! Page | 17 . But just be reminded that it’s twice as big as Sadadvillage.Could Google Earth cause a revolution in Bahrain? 4.Steeling Lands They call this a private property (owned by a member of the ruling family) That’s OK.

Steeling Lands some pictures of “their”palaces and manors on the west side of the island. Page | 18 .Could Google Earth cause a revolution in Bahrain? 4.

Could Google Earth cause a revolution in Bahrain?

4.Steeling Lands

You have seen where they live. Now, see the misery they caused to our people.

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Could Google Earth cause a revolution in Bahrain?

4.Steeling Lands

An island with no beaches… All those beaches are forbidden to the public, for no good reason! The coastal line of all Bahrain islands is 161 KM long. More than 90% of this line constitutes privately-owned (illegallypossessed) property.

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Articles :
“They fear that the real political transferring into a democracy may create another bloody country such Iraq”
By Mr. Khalil Al-Marzooq When we had a dialogue with members of the National Assembly and the Asalah political societies, they said they invoke the Iraqi bloody scene whenever we talked - we are the opposition - about real democratic change in Bahrain, they expressed fear if there is democratic change that the Sunni community will be killed in the streets and that their areas will be neglected and their sons will imprisoned Mr. Khalil Al-Marzooq and fired from their jobs and the Sunni mosques will be destroyed! case pro-democracy movement succeeds in Bahrain whenever we discussed with them the Of course, we did not argue them about the issue fair demands of peaceful movement. of the killing in Iraq and the other unacceptable issues, simply because we condemn the killings and We have asked the National Assembly and the oppression of any party! Asalah political societies representatives to review our slogans and theirs, our logos and And we were truly surprised, what makes you imag- theirs our positions and theirs in order to see ine that the Shiites in Bahrain are brutal? Were who is talking about unity and speak about the there any such incidents that made you afraid of entity and who is talking about a certain comthe Shiites this way? In respond to our queries, they munity. We raised a question: Who converts claimed that the Sunni public is afraid, and we told any political difference as an attack on a certhem the government does not recognize only two- tain community? Also, who talks about a holisthirds of the parliament, the constitution does not tic vision for the nation a united one nation and represent only 60% in the Constituent Assembly, we on the other hand who is talking about fears will not allow a State where one party is ruling on the of the change into the real democracy and expense of the other we will neither accept injustice the fear of suppression against Sunni??? (It to anyone no matter his ideological background is. is very obvious and has been documented in We shall build everything together hand in hand- international media who is talking about what) Our National State. Despite all this, the National Assembly and the Asalah political societies insisted Today we ask….. on their fear of Sunni suppression in the future in Who is activating the bloody Iraqi scene? Page | 22

You are really original Bahraini PEARLS. (Original Arabic Article Al-Wefaq): www. Today.and who.2 03200448071&type=1&theater) Page | 23 . Our youths have been imprisoned for the sake of fair demands for BOTH of us. however these SOME will be the first to enjoy the fruit of our sacrifice in the future. whatever/ whoever is genuine will never ever change over all times. you will be the first to benefit of OUR sacrifice.254298.459171508071.Articles : Who is killing people in the streets and in custody? Who is imprisoning and torturing innocent people? Whose areas are being attacked? Whose women are sent to prison and tortured brutally by male & female torturers? Who are being fired out of their jobs? Whose properties (money-houses-cars…etc) are being destroyed and robbed? Whose mosques are being demolished? Who are prevented from practicing their religious rituals? And whose voice is being silenced? And who….. despite these unreal claims our youth’s blood and our mothers’ tears and our imprisoned men and women’ cries of painful torture have created your current political societies and have made some of you Parliament Members and presented living with some sort of dignity for BOTH of us.? We have sacrificed with OUR blood in the public streets for the Pride of Bahrain for BOTH of usSunni & Shiites. OUR blood and OUR pain.php?fbid=1015022 7037283072&set=a.facebook. Congrats and a round of applause to the Bahrain Youths who have been brought up on the true values of “Sacrifice and Altruism”. which will never change despite all the harsh conditions. There are SOME who dance with joy to see our blood and hear our pain. some of you claimed that whoever protested at that time was a disloyal to Bahrain. and who….com/photo. In the 90’s Bahrain uprising.

we came with this realistic analysis after invitation are. sometimes. extremism and stir grudges. humanity. I would like you to know that this invitation has absolutely nothing to do with religion. No matter how huge or they think that they are an ideal standard. in short. No one cording to this school. is out of this circle. just be careful not to be deceived. As a result of this narrowif you find an individual or a group of people which mindedness. Neither tremism could also be classified into various Prophet Mohammed PBUH nor Jesus PBUH nor degrees.described. at the beShaikh Ali Salman ginning or at the end. they have given themselves invites you to kill or hate in the name of religion. This is. Never be deceived even if such invitation of hatred The Extremists school has produced a public has been called for by a scholar-academic or reli.against other religions or ideologies. This speech could be is about Islam. there is an idea that might be possibly raised in the flow of our speech. guidance and whoever has a different view than theirs to the correct path of God and justice. The exried an invitation of love and understanding. as religiously extreme ligions since the first messengers of God have car. all re. Islam is the circle tion in Prophet Mohammed PBUH. All messengers which they have surrounded themselves with of God have carried messages of love. In small the number of people calling for such false fact. Therefore. the school of extremism vs. what we are going to talk about. people are either beof the Messengers of God has ever been forceful or lievers or Kafer (non-believers of the existence violent.or you came across it in a book that claims it ty which is not theirs. AcMoses PBUH were rude or stony-hearted.Articles : The first point: the speech of extremism and narrow-mindedness versus the speech of forgiveness and open-mindedness. civilization and intellect stand? By Shaikh Ali others of being Kafer. After the 15th of March we have noticed that In our society. a thorough historical diagnosis of our reality.Secretary-General of Alwefaq Political and Islamic Society To start with. we live to experience two different the tone of segregation and extremism in pubPage | 24 . All religions and not only Islam. Where do religion.ers compared to their own believes because ing to do with any religion. the school of open-mindedness. which is: whenever you find an invitation that provokes hatred. average or mild. Their messages completed each other at a of God). highly extreme. you the authority to judge and classify all othshould know for sure that it has absolutely noth.speech that negatively targets any other pargious. ideological and political schools. they are very sensitive about accushigh pure spiritual level which has reached its perfec.

good for everyone…Prophets had been sent to spread love among all the people and to pave the path of happiness and invite the people on the globe to accept and respect each others. Who has established the true value of living in harmony between Muslims and Jews? He is none other than Prophet Mohammed PBUH. Of course. Abraham. The narrowminded or extreme public speech. there are certainly several motives that have created this significant change. They want revenge from protesters who raised their voices peacefully to demand fair rights for all citizens to live with dignity. there is another group of people who disagree with the pro-democracy movement because they have personal interests and benefits that they want to gain on the expense of othersas if we are in a war and the only way to win the riches is by defeating the opponent. You may wonder about the reasons for such extreme speech. And the values of unity and living in harmony have been replaced with extreme ignorance and negligence to others. because the other speech invites for segregation and sectarianism and whoever is calling for the division of the society is destroying this land. we live in a very small country. where and how are you going to live? We have a unite destiny despite our Now turning to the other school. First. revenge is nothing of Islam or any religion. For instance. Jesus and all the other prophets and Thirdly. I n Bahrain. Such speeches may lead people to divide for ridiculous reasons and eventually will destroy the whole country for good. For example. A school that has always em. Secondly. respect others’ opinions. Well. forgive and insist on living in total harmony and acceptance of others. some people falsely argue that the pro-democracy protesters are destroying our country.claimed to be addressed in the name of religion. There are tiny if any boarders within Bahrain.Articles : lic speeches has replaced the tone of love and rational and prioritize our country’s inphasized on the value of altruism and loving the terests to our own personal ones and invite all the parties to calm things down and Page | 25 . we are in a state where we must messengers of Allah. Moses. So why should we join the school of forgiveness and openmindedness and strongly support its speech? Firstly. To those I would repeat the same question: where is your faithful and pure love to this land (Bahrain)? Where is the slogan “Bahrain comes first”? These motives are apparent to any observer to the reality of our society. because this a manitarian harmonious sistently meets with God sealed with the highly civilized huspeech which conthe messages of Islamic message. The question is: whom are they targeting and wishing to kill? The extremists are targeting their brothers in Islam of other ideologies and their partners who share the same land.has dramatically changed into a tool that encourages revenge. as a result of such irresponsible speeches some people may hate each others just because some live in the city and others live in the countryside. which we believe it different ideologies and political directions. so if you grow the seeds of hatred instead of love among people. Besides. some are talking about increasing the number of their party’s representatives in the parliament and I would like to ask them: where is your faithful and pure love to this land (Bahrain)? Another is asking for the leadership and managerial positions at Bahrain Petroleum Company (BAPCO) and Salmanyia Medical Complex for the members of their own community or political society. has been founded on the message of Noah. The school we are talking about is the one which carried out an invitation to be opened to others ideas. so this is likely to happen if we follow the wrong school and respond to the wrong invitation.

facebook. the idea is to limit the political controversy and not turn it into a religious or ethnic or sectarian conflict. there is a political dispute and there are different political views.php?note_ id=158553607540660 Page | 26 .Articles : focus on the debate. (Original Arabic Article Al-Wefaq): www. And the civilized speech of forgiveness and open-mindedness which calls for harmony and union shall last forever and lead to a better future for us all. To sum the historical and contemporary reading leads us to a clear conclusion which is: the speech of extremism and narrow-mindedness antagonizes everyone and provoke infighting.

0 .Revolution Timeline SECTION 4.

Bahrain is accused of increased oppression of Shiites Page | 28 .S. protesters take to Bahrain authorities launch surprise attack on protesters Bahrain protesters back at Pearl Square despite violence Bahrain’s king says he’ll release some political prisoners U. deep crackdown on dissent 4 Bahrain protesters sentenced to death for killing 2 officers After crushed protests. tacks toward king amid Bahrain turmoil Bahrain protesters clash with police Saudi Arabian. police assault protesters in Bahrain’s capital Protesters in Bahrain defy ban on rallies BAHRAIN: Security forces continue wide. gulf forces enter Bahrain Bahrain declares state of emergency Troops.Revolution Timeline: In Bahrain.

Their demands include a new constitution. according to Reuters news agency. especially in the area of Karzakan. a small island emirate on the Arab side of the Persian Gulf near Saudi Arabia. Los Angeles Times A woman shows empty packages of tear gas said to have been used by riot police… (Hamad I Mohammed. and release of up to 500 political prisoners. At least 14 people reportedly were injured in clashes earlier in the day and on Sunday outside the capital. which oversees a nation that is predominantly Shiite. torture and purported attempts to suppress the Shiite majority by naturalizing new Sunni citizens. A member of parliament reported at least one protester dead and three injured. demonstrators were not demanding the collapse of the Sunni Muslim monarchy. said many see the offer as a slap in the face. but citizen access to a more participatory government. according to human rights observers. In Bahrain. Maryam Alkhawaja of the Bahrain Center for Human Rights.000 dinars?” she said. “Is that the price of our freedom? They think we’re not going to go out and protest because we received 1. rubber bullets. an investigation into corruption.Revolution Timeline: Feb. 14. By Ramin Mostaghim and Kim Murphy. many of them under 18. protesters take to streets In Bahrain. 2011 In Bahrain.650) to each family in the country. King Hamad bin Isa Khalifa responded last week with an offer of 1. who was at Monday’s protests.000 dinars (about $2. riot police attacked hundreds of demonstrators with tear gas. concussion grenades and pellets. Reuters) Page | 29 .

Revolution Timeline: By Ned Parker and Kim Murphy. armored security vehicles and ambulances converged on a makeshift tent city in the center of Manama that was beginning to resemble a smaller version of Tahrir Square in Cairo. Faisal bin Yaqoob al-Hamer told Reuters that 36 people were still being treated. A barrage of tear gas canisters thundered across the square about 3 a.000 defiant anti-government protesters. including one in intensive care. camped out in tents in the capital’s Pearl Square. as dozens of police cars. 2011 Bahrain authorities launch surprise attack on protesters Security forces in tiny but strategic Bahrain launched a brutal assault early Thursday against at least 1. including children. Death toll: Three people were killed and 231 wounded in a police operation to clear protesters from a Manama square Thursday. where Egyptian protesters this month were successful in overthrowing their president. Los Angeles Times February 17.m. Bahrain’s health minister said. A Bahraini man is comforted at a hospital in Manama as he grieves for one of… (Rick Loomis / Los Angeles Times) Page | 30 . At least two were killed and 50 hurt.

much as Cairo’s Tahrir Square proved the beating heart of Egypt’s popular uprising. and hundreds more have been wounded. policemen fired off tear-gas canisters. Around him. Los Angeles Times February 19. The square was becoming a village. 2011 Bahrain protesters back at Pearl Square despite violence When hundreds of men approached the square Saturday. and doctors Protesters rejoice after entering Pearl Square. people in the square were unsure whether the government really would allow them to remain or whether they should brace for another crackdown. The demonstrators let out wild cheers at being back in the plaza that has come to embody the democratic aspirations of Bahrainis. red welts marked his arms from the final skirmish before the Bahraini police retreated on orders of Crown Prince Salman ibn Hamed Khalifa. Hours later.Revolution Timeline: By Ned Parker. At least six Bahrainis have died since Monday. but no one knew for how long. The space twinkled government forces… (Rick Loomis / Los Angeles with hundreds of gleaming white candles for the Times) dead. where and nurses rebuilt their clinic. As night fell. volunteers set up tents. Page | 31 .

Los Angeles Times Feb. positioned itself as an alternative to the popular protests centered in Pearl Square in Manama. The monarchy says it wants to pursue a national dialogue in the aftermath of its decision last week to order security forces to open fire on anti-government demonstrators. On Monday. In another development. the government be dissolved and the constitution be revised. Wefaq. He did not say how many detainees were being freed. Protesters have demanded that all political prisoners be freed. Wefaq officials said they doubted that the most high-profile detainees would be freed. Page | 32 .Revolution Timeline: By Ned Parker. who have a warrant outstanding for his arrest. Hamed ibn Isa Khalifa. a new movement called the National Unity Group also called for reforms. the main Shiite opposition group. exiled Shiite opposition figure Hassan Mushaima announced plans to return from London on Tuesday. 21. the capital. 201 Bahrain’s king says he’ll release some political prisoners Bahrain’s king announced plans to release an unspecified number of political prisoners Monday in a move apparently aimed at appeasing an opposition movement that is pressing for reforms in this small Persian Gulf country. which has close ties to the government and Sunni community. It would be another test for authorities. But it said it was insufficient to start negotiations with the government. The king. The demonstrators have mostly been Shiite Muslims. said the release of the political prisoners was a direct result of a rally by the new organization. The movement. acknowledged that the announcement of the release amounted to a concession. who are the majority in Bahrain and complain of discrimination by the Sunni Muslim royal family.

Revolution Timeline: By Ned Parker. Bahraini protesters. 17. Since the unrest started in Bahrain on Feb. replacing three of them with Shiite officials. 2011 U. officials are praising the king of the Persian Gulf island nation and have taken a lead role in pushing for negotiations aimed at satisfying Bahrain’s marginalized Shiite Muslim majority.000 citizens. who complain that the kingdom’s mostly poor Shiites have no real political power and little access to the top jobs in business or government. While Bahraini demonstrators continue to denounce the monarchy’s reform offers as a sham. the king has fired four Cabinet ministers. Hamad I. In the first days of the unrest. U. the Obama administration has lined up squarely with the royal family of Bahrain as tens of thousands march in the streets demanding reform in the strategic kingdom that is home to the U.S. tacks toward king amid Bahrain turmoil Despite its eagerness to show support for protesters across the Middle East. on Tuesday again turned out tens of thousands of people — a large showing in a country of about 600. it appeared that the Obama administration might turn its back on the monarchy. Bahrain security forces fired on demonstrators. and released 23 political prisoners.S. But he hasn’t yielded to demands that he fire the longtime prime minister. Los Angeles Times March 5. overhaul the government and provide new powers to an elected parliament. On Feb. killing seven people and prompting an angry call from Obama to King Hamed ibn Isa Khalifa. who is also his uncle.S. Navy’s 5th Fleet. Mohammed / Reuters Page | 33 . who constitute about half the total population. 14.

Revolution Timeline: March 13. Cloud. Dozens of policemen in riot gear forced the demonstrators back in a series of clashes over two hours. The decision by several hundred demonstrators to block the road appeared to be an effort by some members of the opposition to broaden the protests and to escalate the pressure on the government. eyewitnesses said. The clashes began early Sunday after protesters set up barricades across a main road into downtown Manama. 2011 Bahrain protesters clash with police Police fired tear gas to disperse hundreds of anti-government demonstrators blocking access to the financial district Sunday morning. as a group of Shiite Muslim protesters clashed with Sunnis armed with sticks at Bahrain University. the capital city. Los Angeles Times Hasan Jamali / Associated Press Page | 34 . By David S. But there were also signs of growing sectarian strains. as sectarian tension escalated in this tiny island kingdom. witnesses said. and turned away cars headed for work.

Cloud and Neela Banerjee. By David S. After learning of the Saudi troops’ arrival. But if the intent of Bahrain’s ruling Khalifa family was to shore up its precarious position. the White House urged Saudi Arabia and any other countries that might dispatch troops “to show restraint and respect the rights of the people of Bahrain. it seemed at least as probable that bringing in Saudi troops would worsen the crisis by raising the chance of violence and uniting the often-fractious opposition behind a single issue: a refusal to yield to outside military pressure. Bahrain television showed a line of armored vehicles Monday carrying Saudi soldiers crossing the 16-mile King Fahd Causeway that links the two countries. demonstrators began expanding the barricades and checkpoints they have set up to keep authorities out of the tent city that has arisen at the Pearl roundabout. and to act in a way that supports dialogue instead of undermining it. The surprise deployment came after several days of worsening violence that had paralyzed the country and threatened to bring down the monarchy. Los Angeles Times Saudi Arabian. gulf forces enter Bahrain Hundreds of troops from Saudi Arabia and police officers from the nearby United Arab Emirates have entered Bahrain at the request of the ruling family.There was no immediate sign that the Saudi troops were moving against the protesters. Demonstrators have occupied the traffic circle since February to protest what they say is systematic discrimination against majority Shiite Muslims by the country’s Sunni rulers. No soldiers or police were visible near the square by late Monday. a spokesman for the National Security Council. 2011 Saudi Arabian. In a statement.Revolution Timeline: March 14. a move that further polarized the tiny island nation and marks the first time Arab nations have intervened in another country’s affairs amid sweeping unrest in the region. gulf forces Page | 35 .” said Tommy Vietor.

Few military units. were visible around Manama on Tuesday. according to Saudi security official. By David S. the gangs stood next to Interior Ministry security forces and said they were guarding their neighborhoods against Shiites. though no security forces were visible on the streets. either from Saudi Arabia or Bahrain. the capital. Los Angeles Times Page | 36 . The move by King Hamed ibn Isa Khalifa appeared to amount to a declaration of martial law the day after hundreds of troops and police from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates poured into Bahrain with the support of the government after worsening violence paralyzed Manama. the traffic circle occupied by Shiite demonstrators since last month.Revolution Timeline: March 15. In neighborhoods populated largely by Sunnis. protesters had established their own barricades. blocked roads and examined cars. young men carrying sticks and metal rods. many with their faces covered. 2011 Bahrain declares state of emergency Bahrain’s king declared a three-month state of emergency Tuesday in an effort to quell a monthold uprising as rival groups of protesters and gangs set up more checkpoints around the capital. Cloud. in recent days. At several checkpoints. The report could not be immediately confirmed. Most cars were being allowed to pass. but the Associated Press reported that a Saudi sergeant had been shot and killed by a protester. Near Pearl roundabout. Several young men said they were prepared to block police or military units from entering the area.

Dozens of soldiers milled about casually outside the square as smoke rose. The troops apparently seized the road from protesters. Four tanks and half a dozen other armored vehicles were positioned 300 yards from Pearl with soldiers manning machine guns. eyewitnesses said. An army ambulance with its light flashing was seen leaving the area. and at least two people were killed.Revolution Timeline: March 16. Los Angeles Times | Los Angeles Times Staff Writer AFP/Getty Images Page | 37 . More than 20 white buses stood nearby. By David S. Cloud and Neela Banerjee. 2011 Troops. apparently used to transport the riot police who were blocking access to the square. who had sealed off the road in recent days and turned parts of the city into a ghost town. Army vehicles were also visible on an overpass leading into Manama’s downtown financial district. The security forces fired tear gas and shotguns as they pushed into Pearl Square. and helicopters circled the area but didn’t immediately intervene. police assault protesters in Bahrain’s capital Military troops and police moved against thousands of anti-government protesters occupying a landmark square in Bahrain’s capital early Wednesday after the king had declared a three-month state of emergency and instructed the military to battle unrest in the strategic nation.

Ali’s family said emergency calls to the island nation’s main hospital. young men collected before a small Shiite mosque and walked down the main street toward By Neela Banerjee. human rights groups and media reports. The Interior Ministry confirmed Ali’s death. which is surrounded by security forces. Pairs of fighter jets skimmed the highway and other Shiite areas. Iraq and Lebanon. mainly in Shiite Muslim villages.m. Page | 38 . The streets were largely empty on what should have been a busy weekend shopping day. some wearing scarves and white rags to shield themselves from the tear gas. without an autopsy. went unanswered. In the village. which did not back the rallies. according to the Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights. guns and tear gas had established checkpoints and taken up positions on the Budaiya highway. In the village of Maameer. the front line ran back toward the square. an ebb and flow reportedly repeated in other villages. whose acrid smell hung in the air. On the highway by Duraz. dozens were injured and some were arrested as protesters. unarmed.. firing tear gas. according to an opposition political party. the Salmaniya Medical Center. At least one person died. and concluded. quoted Bahrain’s foreign minister as saying that Lebanon’s Hezbollah is supporting discord and terrorism in the tiny monarchy. Early Saturday. ski-masked soldiers in tanks and armored personnel carriers and riot police with batons. groups of protesters broke the curfew and tried to reach the Pearl Square traffic circle. Bahrain has cut phone ties and direct flights to Iran.Revolution Timeline: March 25. The pro-government English paper. 71-year-old Isa Mohammed Ali died after inhaling tear gas. 2011 Protesters in Bahrain defy ban on rallies Bands of protesters in more than a dozen villages Friday defied Bahrain security forces and the government’s ban on demonstrations to press for the ouster of the country’s ruling family. according to the opposition group Wefaq. But the protesters retreated when they heard that a fleet of police cars was approaching. and that Persian Gulf countries plan to deport thousands of Lebanese Shiites for alleged ties to Hezbollah and Iran’s Revolutionary Guard. Los Angeles Times the police. during a fierce sandstorm. Five to 10 people were arrested in the village of Samaheej. With each round of tear gas. Some protesters reportedly encountered tear gas or were shot at by security forces using birdshot. as groups of young men ranging in number from a few dozen to a few hundred gathered by mosques and cemeteries in villages and moved toward the blockades. where they had camped for weeks before the government cracked down. Bani Jamra and Duraz. But protests flared around 3 p. The Bahraini government set up military and police cordons at the main roads into Shiite villages. the Gulf Daily News. held rallies against the ruling Sunni Muslim dynasty. They warned visitors that police were firing rubber bullets. which threads together villages such as Sar. riot police surged down a street leading into town. that it was due to natural causes. By mid-morning.

Meanwhile. the state-run Bahraini news agency reported Sunday that more than 100 civil servants in the country had been fired from their jobs for participating in anti-government protests and that they would be prosecuted for partaking in the demonstrations.Revolution Timeline: By Alexandra Sandels April 15. Page | 39 . media reports said the daughter of a prominent Bahraini rights activist who was picked up in a night raid on her home a week ago had started a hunger strike for his release. Earlier this week. more than two dozen uniformed and plainclothes security officers stormed the home of prominent defense lawyer Mohammed Tajer on Friday night and detained him. 2011 BAHRAIN: Security forces continue wide. and Human Rights Watch says he is the first defense lawyer to be detained in the Arabian Peninsula monarchy in more than 10 years. deep crackdown on dissent In the latest developments in Bahrain’s ongoing crackdown on the country’s political opposition and human-rights activists. said watchdog group Human Rights Watch in a statement. The lawyer has at several times defended opposition figures and rights activists detained in security raids.

that Human Rights. United Arab Emirates— A military court in Bahrain on Thursday convicted four Shiite protesters and sentenced them to death for the killing of two policemen during anti-government demonstrations last month in the Gulf kingdom. 2011) rights.” demands no leniency for those who opposed the Page | 40 . (Hasan Jamali / Associated Press / we will treat you if you continue to demand your April 28.A. determined to stop the democracy movement. conducted in secrecy.Revolution Timeline: From the L. Three other Shiite activists. Times April 28. state media said. 2011 4 Bahrain protesters sentenced to death for killing 2 officers DUBAI. head of the Bahrain Center for A man looks at a billboard in Muharraq. “This verdict is a message from the government. who were also on trial. Bahrain. “It’s a warning.” said Nabeel Rajab. were sentenced to life in prison for their role in the policemen’s deaths. had no legal credibility and was politically motivated. saying this is how Bahraini regime. Bahrain’s human rights groups blasted the verdict and said the trial.

0 .Demonstrations SECTION 5.

the news agency said. Bahrain’s King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa offered more than $2.Demonstrations : Police and protesters clash in Bahrain (CNN):The unrest spreading through North Africa and the Middle East has reached the Persian Gulf nation of Bahrain. Twitter and with e-mails want political reforms. Page | 42 . ostensibly in celebration of Monday’s 10th annivesary of the adoption of the country’s National Action Charter. At least three police officers and one demonstrator have been injured in clashes. police fired on protesters with rubber bullets.500 to Bahraini families. causing one injury. Recently. Further protests were scheduled to take place in Bahrain on Monday. including a constitutional monarchy. making the country the latest in a string of nations to experience popular protests that began in Tunisia. The injuries occurred during an attack on a police station during protests Sunday evening. Protesters who have organized on Facebook. the news agency reported. After three officers were injured. the news agency said. according to reports from the state news agency.

to the hospital and many are screaming. stand down the police involved in these shootings and make clear to the police that the use of excessive force will not be tolerated.” said Malcolm government and calling for Bahrain to have a new Smart.rain Youth Society for Human Rights.000 people reportedly joined today’s fu. took place who died on Monday during clashes with riot police mainly in Shia villages around Manama. from the Bahrain Center for Human the level of force used by the police. east of Manama. Riot police are said to have opened fire on the crowd without Eyewitnesses told Amnesty International that police warning during the funeral. killed in clashes between protesters and police. “The Bahrain authorities must thoroughly investigate what occurred.nized on Facebook and Twitter and apparently inneral procession for ‘Ali ‘Abdulhadi Mushaima’. “Peaceful protesters were chanting ‘Khalifa leave’ and within minutes of the procession beginning. both yester. orgaOver 10. can possibly be justified. we got attacked by the riot police. Amnesty International’s Director for the constitution and a democratically elected government. Middle East and North Africa.Demonstrations : BAHRAIN PROTEST DEATHS POINT TO EXCESSIVE POLICE FORCE Amnesty International has condemned the heavyhanded tactics used by Bahrain’s riot police earlier today after the second death in two days of protests calling for political reform in the tiny Gulf state. Fadhel ‘Ali Matrook was among a crowd of people mourning the death yesterday of ‘Ali ‘Abdulhadi Mushaima’. Manama. According to the BahAmnesty International suggest strongly that Fad.” Monday’s “Day of Rage” protests in Bahrain.” Maryam quired to establish the facts.” Page | 43 . brought to justice. told Amnesty International.” Fadhel Ali Almatrook was shot dead close to al-Sal“Eyewitness reports of today’s shooting received by maniya hospital in Manama. more than 20 hel ‘Ali Matrook’s death was caused by excessive people required hospital treatment as a result of inforce.Rights. in which case the police responsible must be juries caused by the riot police on Monday. when he was shot dead by police earAMNESTY INTERNATIONAL WORLDWIDE lier today in Bahrain’s capital. bullets were showering the peaceful protesters and there was tear gas everywhere. spired by unrest in Egypt and Tunisia. day and today. in the village of al-Daih. Several wounded are being rushed “An independent investigation is also urgently re. opened fired on the procession of mourners with“This second killing within two days is both tragic out warning. as they chanted slogans criticizing the and a very worrying development. particularly whether Al-Khawaja.

On Friday. The authorities must listen to these calls. the Bahrain authorities swooped on 23 opposition political activists.” said Malcolm Smart. The organization called on the government to ensure proper investigations into allegations of torture and other serious abuses by the security forces. detaining them incommunicado for two weeks during which some allege they were tortured. closing critical websites and banning opposition publications. In August-September 2010. those in Bahrain who feel their dignity has been compromised are demanding change. Hundreds of people have been arrested or imprisoned for participating in protests. Amnesty International highlighted the deteriorating human rights situation in Bahrain with its report Crackdown in Bahrain: human rights at the crossroads. Page | 44 . The authorities have also curtailed freedom of expression.Demonstrations : “Like many in the region. rather than retaliating with violence.

They said security forces used a minimum of force and found firearms. knives and flags of Hezbollah. “If we quit now. when they woke up to tear gas. The tiny but strategically critical island nation of Bahrain is an American ally and houses the headquarters of the U. “With our blood and our souls. ages 6 and 8. Navy’s Fifth Fleet.” Witnesses described a blunt show of force by police firing pellets.for his son’s death. She said they placed onions over their noses.Demonstrations : After crackdown. calling the leader a “killer.” Before word of the latest death. Ahmad Abdullah blamed Bahrain’s prime minister -. his father told CNN. The throngs congregated Thursday night near the Salmaniya Medical Complex and chanted. The college senior. meanwhile. where thousands had been rallying and in some cases encamping throughout the week. army makes show of force in Bahrain’s capital Manama. authorities on Thursday defended their actions at the Manama roundabout. health minister Dr. Those killed in the Pearl Roundabout raid included Ali Abdullah.Prince Khalifa bin Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa. we’re going to die. were patrolling the streets of Bahrain’s capital. Violent crackdown in Bahrain Zainab Farda said she was in a large tent for women and children with her two daughters. Six people have died since protesters took to the streets Monday demanding reform and the introduction of a constitutional monarchy. but had to flee after security forces set fire to their tent. who hours earlier had stormed protesters gathered in Pearl Roundabout.” Farda said. where scores had come for treatment following a pre-dawn raid by government forces on an encampment of protesters that left at least four dead. a 22-year-old who went to the protests with his 20-year-old brother. While Bahrain’s interior ministry said in a statement Wednesday that those responsible for the two earlier deaths had been detained. we are not going to quit.S. majoring in engineering. died at the hospital Thursday from his injuries. “After all that has happened. They filled the void left by government security forces. uncle of King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa who has held his position since 1971 -. Bahrain (CNN) : People prayed and demonstrated late Thursday outside a Manama hospital. Faisal Ben Yacoub Al Hamar said on state television that three people had died and at least 225 had been injured in the raid. rubber bullets and tear gas to force protesters out of the square. a landmark circle in the city center.” voicing their resolve in the face of a government clampdown that has elicited sharp criticism in Bahrain and internationally. a Lebanon-based group that the United States lists Page | 45 . Army vehicles. we will fight for the martyrs. Bahrain is one of the latest countries in the Middle East and North Africa to face a surge of dissent following the revolts that toppled longtime autocrats in Tunisia and Egypt.

” Clinton said. Page | 46 . the sources said. Fifth Fleet spokeswoman. military. which she said is not being targeted. 34. an interior ministry official said security forces evacuated the people after “exhausting all opportunities for dialogue with them.a former major general who headed Bahrain’s public security for 10 years -. Zayani was already in Washington holding meetings as the incoming leader of the Gulf Cooperation Council. who said he has slept at the square since Monday night.S. But Ali Ahmed. which called to intervene in order to disperse them. each armed with machine guns.” The British Foreign Office confirmed Thursday it had temporarily closed its embassy in Bahrain. The fleet has more than 30 ships. He met Thursday at the State Department with Under Secretary William Burns. given the available freedoms in Bahrain. He said that he is “disturbed by the violent means used to disperse demonstrators. Bahrain’s king has asked Abdul Latif Bin Rashid Al Zayani -.” the official said. the circle was cleared of protesters and convoys of more than 50 military armored personnel carriers. Some of the trucks had razor wire.” “We call on restraint from the government. British Foreign Secretary William Hague said he spoke with his Bahrainian counterpart and stressed the “need for peaceful action to address the concerns of protesters. with police nowhere to be seen at times.S. a White House adviser on the Middle East. officials. Bahrain’s army asked citizens to “distance themselves from gatherings in vital areas in the capital” because it will “create fear and shock” and cause serious traffic be an unofficial envoy to the United States to deal with diplomatic fallout from the crisis.” Jennifer Stride.Demonstrations : as a terrorist organization.000 people who laid out blankets and pitched tents at Pearl Roundabout this week.N. said the attack only emboldened demonstrators. Assistant Secretary Jeff Feltman and Dennis Ross. according to senior State Department officials and other sources familiar with the appointment. But by the time police had completed their raid early Thursday.” “Some of them have responded and left quietly. meanwhile.” Ahmed had been one of about 3. insisting that all those involved are from Bahrain. to keep its commitment to hold accountable those who have utilized excessive force against peaceful demonstrators. a U. that the United States has told Bahrain it has “deep concerns” about the crackdown on anti-government protesters and said the protesters’ funerals and Friday prayers should “not be marred by violence. had driven into the area.S. while others refused to comply with the law. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said. He called claims that police had warned protesters to evacuate “a lie. He added he plans to raise the issue of what happened in Manama with the country’s king.S. Al Khalifa also disputed an assertion that troops came from neighboring countries. Foreign Minister Khalid al Khalifa claimed protesters had attacked disciplinary forces -. meaningful changes for the people there. said there’s no “indication the protests will cause significant disruption” for the U. including the aircraft carriers USS Enterprise and USS Carl Vinson and their respective carrier strike groups U. and the king asked him to stay to talk with U. According to the state-run Bahrain News Agency. U. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon was among the international leaders who weighed in on Thursday. and we urge a return to a process that will result in real. urging restraint and opposing government-led violence.saying he was surprised that they had. In a news conference.

Al Wefaq is a Shiite party in a country that. “After what happened today. a Middle East fellow at the Royal United Services Institute. “A disenfranchised Shia population is very dangerous because it has the ability to destabilize Bahrain and it also is vulnerable to Iranian penetration.” Seener said. younger Shiites have staged violent protests to complain about discrimination. party official Abdul Jalil Khalil said. Hours after the crackdown at Pearl Roundabout. Khalil.Demonstrations : Still. who has been head of the Al Wefaq parliamentary bloc. Page | 47 . “It’s so important for the United States to have a friendly regime there. He noted that the casualty figures are “large scale” given the size of the population. Al Wefaq had been the most well represented party in the lower chamber of parliament. In recent years. Nic Robertson and Journalist Mansoor Al-Jamri in Bahrain. a London-based think tank.” he said. CNN’s Joe Sterling in Atlanta and CNN’s Elise Labott and Chris Lawrence in Washington contributed to this report. Iran uses them as a proxy to extend their sphere of influence. Barak Seener. with 18 out of 40 seats.” Khalil said. CNN’s Arwa Damon. “There’s been numerous cells of Shia terrorists that have been uncovered with extensive links to the Iranian regime.” he said. the most significant political reaction may be within Bahrain itself. is ruled by a Sunni Muslim royal family. high unemployment and corruption. the Al Wefaq political party announced it had decided to withdraw from parliament. people are asking us to leave parliament. Any Shiites say the country’s constitution has done little to improve their condition. Quit the government.” Al Khalifa stressed to reporters Thursday that both Shiite and Sunni Muslims in the country are loyal and patriotic. He emphasized that Bahrain “has no choice but to clamp down” and can’t afford to “blink” amid the turmoil. said he thinks the party’s withdrawal will lead “to the greater disenfranchisement of the Shia majority” and that the upheaval is “very. explained that the unrest is “a turning point” for the nation of about 1 million people. despite the fact two-thirds of its population are Shiites. very dangerous” for the United States. “We belong to one homeland.

” While there was anger in the crowd over longstanding grievances. Bahrain (CNN) : Thousands of joyous Bahrainis retook a major square in the heart of the island nation’s capital Saturday -. The crown prince said he was deeply sorry for the deaths of protesters.” he said. “This is a terrible tragedy for our nation. Many of the protesters are Shiite Muslims.” Police were placed in charge but withdrew from the roundabout on the heels of the military. waving flags. he said. The crown prince said he was deeply sorry for the deaths of protesters. “It’s the beginning. the beginning of our freedom. Salman also said the government will be embracing talks with all parties. An investigation will be launched and those responsible will be held accountable. who make up 70 percent of the residents of the island kingdom and have long harbored deep political and economic grievances against the Sunni ruling family.” he said. a top demand by opposition forces. “We have. The sight of citizens streaming into Pearl Roundabout came as the Bahrain royal family made moves designed to end a turbulent week of unrest capped by calls from world leaders to talk with opposition leaders with an eye to reform. praying. a sign that the government is stepping back from confrontation and embracing dialogue. under the leadership of his majesty. “I’m feeling freedom. the focal point of protests in central Manama. “All political parties in the country deserve a voice at the table. Bahrain’s military withdrew from the square after issuing a statement saying it “successfully completed” its mission of “safeguarding vital areas in the center of the capital. decided that the best way to handle the situation without any further loss of life or injuries is through dialogue. Bahrain is one of several countries in the Middle Page | 48 . Thousands of people streamed into the roundabout. and told CNN’s Nic Robertson that citizens would be permitted to stay in the spot without fear.a dramatic turn of events two days after security forces ousted demonstrators from the spot in a deadly attack.” he said.” he said. it was a sharp contrast to deadly confrontations early Thursday and Friday evening. Salman also said the government will be embracing talks with all parties.” one protester said moments after soldiers and police retreated. he said. Crown Prince Salman ordered the removal of the military from the Pearl Roundabout. “This is a terrible tragedy for our nation. “All political parties in the country deserve a voice at the table. An investigation will be launched and those responsible will be held accountable.” he said.Demonstrations : Protesters in Bahrain retake Pearl Roundabout Manama. a sign that the government is stepping back from confrontation and embracing Talking with Crown Prince of Bahrain dialogue. dancing and honking horns.

Demonstrations : East and North Africa to face a surge of dissent following the revolts that toppled longtime autocrats in Tunisia and Egypt. The crown prince ordered the military Saturday to withdraw from Bahrain’s streets and left the police in charge to “oversee law and order.” But a leading member of parliament from Bahrain’s main Shiite opposition party. I hope that we be shoulder to shoulder. Salman offered his condolences. Two protesters were killed early this week. and said the country wants a nation where neither Sunni or Shiites are favored. without exception. and communicate with all the political forces. “To all the citizens of Bahrain. a tiny but strategically critical country that’s a key U. After Salman’s TV appearance. World leaders have urged the Bahrain government to open talks with protest leaders. ousting an encampment of sleeping demonstrators and taking control of the location. King Hamad announced that the crown prince is to lead a dialogue “with all parties and sections of Bahrain.” he said. and left 10 dead and many injured. the royal family urged a dialogue with all sectors of the society to resolve the situation. As international condemnation rolled in over the military’s use of force against peaceful demonstrators. Four others died on Friday evening after demonstrators attempted to approach the square and the security forces fired bullets and tear gas at them. In a nationally televised address Friday. This week’s ferment upended the kingdom.S. a stage that we will discuss all our issues with all honesty and integrity. collaborate with each other.” “We are starting a new stage. told CNN that there can be no dialogue with the government while the military controls the streets. ally and home to the U.” Page | 49 . cautioned citizens and security forces to restrain themselves.S. Navy’s Fifith Fleet. al-Wifaq. Four people died after security forces stormed the Pearl Roundabout early Thursday.” He appealed for calm and said “the situation is going back to normal.

Demonstrations :
Bahrain’s Pearl Statue is gone, but it remains an icon of democracy
The Washington Post:The Pearl Statue that sat at the center of the Arab Spring protests in Bahrain was a classic piece of meaningless, made-to-order modernism, drab but sleek in a style beloved by high-end hotels and authoritarian governments. As long-standing sectarian tensions between the country’s politically dispossessed Shiite majority and its Sunni ruling class erupted in mid-February, the Pearl Statue became the unlikely symbol of a vigorous democratic movement. But like the opposition, it has been broken: On March 18, three days after foreign troops from Saudi Arabia and other Persian Gulf states arrived to enforce a brutal crackdown on protesters, the government toppled the statue. The monument stood 300 feet tall, and was built in 1982 to commemorate a meeting in Bahrain of the Gulf Cooperation Council, a group of six Gulf Arab states. The design resembled a cheap perfume bottle, an all-too-transparent effort to create an instant icon. With a bulbous white sphere supported by six upward-thrusting legs, it recalled both Bahrain’s past as a center of the pearl trade, and its future integration into a regional economic juggernaut, fueled by oil, trade and speculation. There is an innate incompetence to many authoritarian regimes, and when the government of King Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa explained the statue’s destruction, it spoke with contradiction and confusion. Officially, it was part of a traffic realignment and redevelopment of the Pearl Roundabout, where protesters had gathered in the tens of thousands before government troops used live ammunition to disperse them. But the country’s foreign minister, Sheik Khalid bin Ahmed al-Khalifa, spoke what everyone assumed was the real truth: “We did it to remove a bad memory.” Unfortunately, there was yet more incompetence evident in the statue’s physical removal when a worker was killed by falling debris. Videos of the destruction, on YouTube, show only the beginning and the end of the demolition, editing out the death. The government went even further. The Pearl Statue was part of the regime’s standard branding, a tourist’s reference point and a ubiquitous presence in the country’s catalogue of iconography. The 500fils coin — worth about $1.33 — which showed the statue on one side, has mostly disappeared from circulation. So, too, has the trade in Pearl Statue memorabilia, key chains, keepsakes and other tchotchkes, which flourished after democracy protesters adopted the Pearl Statue as an icon of the movement. “Any reference to the Pearl can get you into trouble today,” said a young artist who feared arrest if he spoke openly. “It’s like it never happened. Except it’s everywhere on Facebook and the Internet.” Expunging a symbol is never an easy process. By Page | 50

Demonstrations :
their very nature, symbols are more than physical objects, and they circulate in complex ways. The foreign minister’s explanation of the statue’s destruction — to remove a bad memory — sounds a bit like the common habit of hiding photographs of faithless lovers or abusive relatives. But there was something more vindictive at work in Bahrain: It was a desecration of an object that had quickly, and surprisingly, become widely meaningful for the majority of the population, and at a deeper level, an attempt to assert power by demonstrating control over the physical landscape. Younger, cosmopolitan Bahrainis were both bemused and horrified by the statue’s removal. One woman compared it to the 2001 destruction of the Bamiyan Buddhas in Afghanistan, not because the Pearl Statue was of commensurate artistic or historic importance, but because the act of destroying it seemed so petty, anachronistic and foolish. There was also genuine regret for the loss. “It was very sudden, and it did make a difference,” said another young man, who also spoke on the condition of anonymity. “Not because of how it looked, but because it had taken on significance in our lives. It was always there.” That “always” reveals how young Bahrain society is. The gulf region is filled with art and architecture that is meant to look pretty and mean nothing. No place on Earth has been more successful at coopting modernism to suggest progress while denaturing it of anything relating to conflict, reform or liberal openness.

ago, it towered over everything around it. But then Bahrain, like its gulf neighbors, started building bigger, pushing its bland glass towers ever higher. The Pearl began to seem almost quaint. It took on layers of meaning that no one ever intended. Vast tracts of the country’s main island are held by the royal Khalifa family, which has made other parts of the country overcrowded and land hungry. Developers now routinely push the island’s borders out into the sea, reclaiming land from the gulf for new housing and development. But that’s come at a cost. Coastal villages now sit high and dry, inland, with no relationship to the water.

A deep nostalgia prevails, especially among Shiites, for the old days, when boys would swim in search of freshwater springs just offshore. Those springs have mostly dried up, an ominous environmental change that has shaken the country’s sense of itself as a green oasis in an otherwise torrid landscape. For decades the Pearl Statue had functioned just Even memories of the country’s pearl-diving past, as it was meant to: a sleek white presence that which was lucrative for traders but brutal to the divvaguely suggested a common past and a hope- ers, are growing hazy and remote. ful future. When it was built nearly three decades Page | 51

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Among other meanings, the Pearl Statue represented the social costs of becoming prosperous and globalized, a consumer culture of shopping malls and beautiful highways, leading to a spiritual nowhere. But it was the act of ordinary citizens laying claim to its meaning that made it intolerable to the government. In April, as the ruling family pursued a brutal crackdown against the opposition including (according to human rights activists) several deaths by torture, the government announced a new statue was rising, at another faceless intersection. This time, it was a map of the country, which looked weirdly like a heart ripped from the chest of some sacrificial victim. It was made of aluminum, plastic and fiberglass — easier to demolish than the concrete and metal structure of the old Pearl, and a smart move in case it too began to take on unwanted meaning. Most people here who were willing to talk about the statue saw its destruction as yet more blind and self-destructive rage from the government. One Shiite village had already created a mini-Pearl statue, a kind of martyr image of the icon. And the Pearl was not budging from the Web, where much of the political hostility was still playing out — Sunnis were actively poring over Facebook images to denounce Shiites who had gone to the Pearl Roundabout — long after the physical protests had been squashed. The physical destruction of the statue seemed at first wildly old-fashioned. But that may be the point. It was the physicality of the statue that mattered. In a virtual age, the real has become newly precious, and by embracing the Pearl Statue, the democracy movement gave genuine substance to something that was never meant to be anything more than a hollow placeholder for meaning. Activists can use the Internet as a tool to build communities and plan Page | 52 protests. But it is the physical “being there” — in large numbers, unafraid of bullets and tear gas — that makes governments change their ways. The Bahraini government can never obliterate the memory of the Pearl Statue, but it can remove the statue itself, just as it can change the physical shape of the island that is home to this country’s fractious society. Real power, it turns out, is very old fashioned. Movements may gestate in cyberspace, but it is Revolution 1.0 that will change the world. The statue itself, it seems, has been given a burial at sea. Several locals report that its remains were removed, to become landfill for yet more coastal reclamation. It was impossible to confirm this, however, because no one who knows for sure is talking about the Pearl.

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Spillover of government-incited violence affecting vulnerable bystanders
The Bahrain Center for Human Rights deeply regrets the reports of several separate attacks on Asian workers in various parts of the capital, Manama on Sunday (March 13). The BCHR condemns, unequivocally, the violent targeting or harassment of any segment of Bahraini society. BCHR calls on the Bahraini authorities to immediately cease their policy of recruiting foreign mercenaries, many of whose citizenship is reportedly fast-tracked, and using them to oppress the local population. Seven Bahrainis have already been killed since the beginning of the current uprising, all as a result of the use of gunshot, bird pellets and rubber bullets by riot police. According to the Gulf Daily News (, an Asian man has been killed and another suffered critical injuries on Sunday March 13, after they were allegedly attacked by youth carrying wooden planks and sticks in separate incidents in Manama. It is also reported that six other stabbings of Bangladeshi and Pakistani workers occurred in the same evening. The perpetrators of violence have not been identified, but the incident confirms fears that spillover from the government’s policies of using mercenaries against locals will result in indiscriminate attacks on Asian residents. The BCHR also notes that that the general outbreak of mob violence will inevitably target bystanders, particularly workers who make up the most vulnerable portion of Bahraini society.

The Bahrain Center for Human Rights

Page | 53

” Another doctor said he was afraid of going to work because he heard of colleagues being attacked trying to reach the hospital. “I was walking towards the Pearl Roundabout… We were 5km from the roundabout when we were shot with live ammunition . “The Salmaniya hospital is surrounded by the army. “We are waiting to do something and the army is not allowing us.” In the nearby town of Sitra.” said Nabeel al Rajab. Injured people have instead been brought to small health centres that can’t really provide optimal medical care and can’t deal with these injuries. Amnesty International’s Middle East and North Africa Director.” said one doctor at the central Salmaniya hospital who did not wish to be named due to safety fears.Demonstrations : BAHRAINI PROTESTERS TELL OF BLOODSHED AS CRACKDOWN ESCALATES Bahraini protesters today told Amnesty International of bloody scenes on the streets as government security forces stepped up their violent crackdown on demonstrations and blocked access to hospitals.” she said.director of the banned Bahrain Centre for Human Rights.” the doctor told Amnesty International. “Wounded protesters have also been prevented from accessing medical attention by government forces. They also threw tear gas and another type of gas at the emergency entrance of the hospital. At least six people were reportedly killed in the capital Manama amid continuing protests as the army used tanks to flatten the peaceful protest camps set up in recent weeks to demand reform in the Gulf state. “The distressing reports and images coming out of Bahrain today provide further evidence that the authorities are using lethal and other excessive force to crush protests.. “We can’t go out because the army is everywhere. Family members of those wounded at the roundabout and people trying to approach the area told Amnesty International that the army opened fire on them without warning.” said Malcolm Smart. “Hundreds of doctors and nurses are willing to provide services but they are stuck in their houses and do not know what to do. The Bahraini authorities must immediately put a stop to this bloodshed. Amnesty International also received testimonies from medical staff who were prevented from treat- AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL WORLDWIDE ing the victims of violence. they are afraid of leaving their houses in case they are shot. Page | 54 . with reckless disregard for human life. They are throwing tear gas in the shot came one metre away from me. a local resident told Amnesty International that she was afraid to go outside. There were two tanks in the street and a helicopter above us. We know there are hundreds injured and they are not allowing them to come here. the army shoot at them. Government forces also surrounded hospitals and attacked doctors trying to help the wounded.” Security forces attacked the mainly Shi’a protest camp at Manama’s Pearl Roundabout camp early on Wednesday. “A doctor went to the gate this morning trying to come in and the army beat him. If anyone leaves their house.

Others claim alties. prevented from leaving their homes. The tiny Gulf state has the feel of a nation under siege as it approaches a second week of martial law imposed for three months by its besieged rulers. neighbourhoods remain largely empty. south of Manama in Bahrain. Soldiers also continue to patrol all main roads in the capital Manama and have cordoned off access to the former hub of the protest movement.woes outside Bahrain. Photograph: Hamad I Mohammed/ Reuters by security forces during the week. Pearl Roundabout. who did not Salmaniya was one of several hospitals attacked want to give her name. have received extra atten. Bahraini protesters near a roadblock set up to prevent riot police entering their village of Malkiya. large. Several doctors have been arrested. Ali al-Ikri. denying the restive demonstrators a focal point. “If I go out I will be followed. glitzy shopping malls have been virtually abandoned and helicopters regularly buzz over the debris-strewn scenes of recent street clashes.Demonstrations : Bahrain hospitals under siege as soldiers maintain Manama crackdown Bahraini protesters near a roadblock set up to prevent riot police entering their village of Malkiya. among them a leading surgeon. largely because of the significance they have taken on since the protests began in January. Their entrances clearly show scuffs from rubber bullets and teargas canisters. Images of thousands of protesters. south of Manama in Bahrain. Photograph: Hamad I Mohammed/Reuters Bahrain’s two main hospitals remain surrounded by masked soldiers despite demands from America that the kingdom must ease its violent crackdown on demonstrators and the medical workers treating them. nearly all of them unarmed protesters. who has been accused As well as being used to treat hundreds of casu.of having contact with foreign agents. In addition to the troop presence. particularly the Salmaniya medical clinic contributed greatly to the regime’s public relations near the centre of town.” said one doctor. joined by doctors with bullhorns and outraged ambulance drivers. “I live in a neighbourhood surrounded by colonels and senior officers. as well as sound grenades were found well inside hospital grounds. lionised the anti-government movement and Hospitals. tion. the to have been intimidated by security forces and hospitals served as rallying points for protesters. which was destroyed under government orders on Friday. Page | 55 . who took refuge from riot police in the relative safety of their grounds.

The establishment. Qatar said it had deployed troops and Kuwait has sent navy ships to patrol waters near Bahrain. The Kuwaitis will report back in good faith that all is in order and that will be the official narrative. is almost exclusively Sunni. particularly on medical facilities and personnel. it was in utter cha. “I know for a fact that the wards will be tidied up and some of the patients moved. said they saw him being executed as he lay prostrate on a street in the suburb of Sitra. The US secretary of state. though.” The victim’s injuries were consistent with being shot in the head from close range. “We are not waging war. the strategy of the ruling dynasty has been to make Bahrain’s crisis a regional problem.” said another doctor. Hillary Clinton. denying them opportunities and access to decision-making. When I left the hospital. by inviting Gulf forces into the kingdom.” it said. “This is about us being sidelined and them getting in people who will stay on message. “We are restoring law and order. Relatives of another victim. stakes in Bahrain.” said Bahrain’s foreign minister. where a maritime curfew has been ordered from 6pm-6am. said the solution to the country’s crisis could only come through political dialogue. “Violence is not the answer. Hundreds of troops from the six-nation Gulf Co-operation Council alliance were dispatched to Bahrain last week. IT technician Ahmed Farhan. . a majority Shia Muslim state. Sheikh Khalid bin-Ahmed al-Khalifa. a physical education teacher.” Clinton told reporters in Paris. Saudi Arabia continues to take a regional lead in the crisis. however. “We call on security forces to cease violence.Saudi role and strident criticism from Shia Islamic ment looks for new ways to manage the vehement clerics. “I was standing near him when he was shot. a political process is.dynasty for two deeply destabilising months. The Shias have long complained that the status quo discriminates against them. He fell.” In the face of sustained international criticism. It is a very volatile situation and in volatile situations you expect violence to happen. insisting on a hard line against the Page | 56 At least 70% of Bahrainis are Shias. os. However.” Regional repercussions continue. “We have made clear that security alone cannot resolve the challenges facing Bahrain. “They killed him in cold blood. which have sharply raised the sectarian anti-regime movement. they chased us away and shot him in the head at point-blank rage with a bird-shot gun.Demonstrations : There is a real risk to my safety and those of my predominantly Shia Muslim protesters who have colleagues. with new Kuwait is to send a medical team of 40 specialists demonstrations in Iraq on Saturday against the to be deployed inside the hospitals as the govern.” said Ali Hassan Ali. I have been prevented from returning defied the authority of the Riyadh-backed Sunni to work.” The US state department demanded on Friday that attacks on hospitals stop.” A fourth Bahraini protester died on Saturday from wounds he suffered earlier in the week.

quashed. including Saudi Arabia.Demonstrations : Rights group: Bahrain targets wounded protesters By Erika Solomon DUBAI (Reuters) . People wait at the Salmaniya hospital to hear about the well-being about their family members who were injured after riot police stormed an anti-government protest camp. In the March 16 crackdown. the country’s largest public hospital. The security measures were condemned by Iran. Bahraini forces took over Salmaniya medical center.” it said in a statement.S. telling pan-Arab daily al-Hayat that political dialogue could only start once security had been restored in the island kingdom. 2011. in Manama February 17. to quell weeks of unrest during pro-democracy demonstrations led mostly by the state’s Shi’ite majority. Bahrain’s government has said it raided the hospital because it had been “overrun by political and U. the government said Tuesday.sectarian activity. Page | 57 . as it could cause their condition to deteriorate. which said they could lead to a wider conflict. Bahrain’s Sunni rulers this month imposed martial law and brought in troops from Sunni-led Gulf neighbors. Opposition parties reiterated denials of any foreign backing Wednesday. Foreign Minister Sheikh Khaled al-Khalifa said Iran should stop its “offensive” against Bahrain.” cerned Bahrain forces were targeting hospital patients who were protesters or bystanders in scat. Twenty-four people were killed in the ensuing clashes.HRW’s report comes a day after the Interior Ministered demonstrations that broke out last Friday try released a statement calling on Bahrainis not to in a planned “Day of Rage” that police quickly avoid hospital care.Human Rights Watch said on Wednesday that Bahrain authorities were harassing and isolating hospital patients wounded in antigovernment protests when security forces began a crackdown in the kingdom two weeks ago. The opposition Wefaq party says 250 people have been detained and another 44 have gone missing since the crackdown. the main Shi’ite power in a region dominated by Sunni Muslim rulers.-based Human Rights Watch said it was con. “Human Rights Watch (HRW) has documented several cases in which patients with protest-related injuries were transferred to or sought treatment at Salmaniya and were then severely harassed or beaten.

quickly picked up by police after they gave hospitals their identification and cited the cause of their (Editing by Jon Boyle and Janet Lawrence) injuries as tear gas.” There’s no doubt that a political process will start and develop. Page | 58 . tries to settle their accounts. But demands by hardliners for the overthrow of the monarchy have alarmed minority Sunnis. who fear unrest serves Iran.” Sheikh Khaled said. tinue in villages surrounding Manama. hospital.” Bahrain’s main Shi’ite opposition group Wefaq and six smaller opposition groups rejected claims by the government that protests were organised by outside forces and said Bahrainis were striving for democracy and freedoms. Security forces told HRW the patients were transferred to Salmaniya hospital or the Bahrain Defense Force hospital for surgery. were dropped after the crackdown. but only after we’ve restored stabilHRW cited several cases where patients were ity. which were all used to disperse protesters.” HRW’s Bahrain researcher Faraz Saneif initially bogged down by debates on conditions. rubber bullets and birdshot. Sheikh Khaled told al-Hayat that Bahrain did not want Iranian mediation and called on “Iranians to stop this offensive that we have been exposed to. HRW said the patients’ families were given no information on the whereabouts or condition of their relatives. SECURITY BEFORE TALKS More than 60 percent of Bahrainis are Shi’ites and most are calling for a constitutional monarchy. “These people who need treatment are facing this difficult choice.” Wefaq leader Sheikh Ali Salman told a news conference in Manama.“The priority now is to return to security and order. told Reuters.Demonstrations : The rights group said the ministry had not dealt “We don’t want Bahrain to be a place for other counwith patients’ fears about harassment. and many choose not to go to the Talks offered by the crown prince in early March. “It will be an ongoing problem as disturbances con.

some reaching to his front right side.protester Ali Isa Saqer -. Human Rights Watch said Wednesday. deputy Middle East director at Human Rights Watch. and covering up the reasons for deaths in custody. as well as his right elbow and hip. the Bahrain News Agency said an official at the Bahrain Defense Force Hospital attributed Fakhrawi’s death to kidney failure. The tops of his feet were Page | 59 .Demonstrations : Agency: 4th protester to die in Bahrain may have been tortured (CNN) -. purported to be Fakhrawi’s. keeping their whereabouts secret. “His body showed signs of severe physical abuse. the human rights group said. In a posting on Twitter. as it called for urgent investigations into the deaths of detainees.” Human Rights Watch said in a statement. not a coincidence. was the fourth detainee death reported by the Bahrain government in nine days. 2011. “Lash marks crisscrossed his back.and said it showed signs of “horrific abuse” and torture. was posted on Facebook Wednesday and showed a badly bruised corpse as people crowded around to take pictures. a crowd of mourners demanded to see his corpse because of concerns he had been tortured. then took photos and videos of the body. The body had ligature marks around one of the ankles and deep reddish-purple bruises on the entire upper arms and on a large part of one thigh.” Stork said. and buttocks. thighs. The left side of his face showed a large patch of bluish skin with a reddish-purple area near his left temple and a two-inch cut to the left of his eye.A fourth person who died while in the custody of Bahrain police in recent days may have been tortured. The human rights agency said there may be as many as 430 people who have been arrested in Bahrain in the government’s effort to quell protests there. but urged a thorough and impartial investigation into allegations of torture. Blue bruises covered much of the back of his calves. the agency said. The human rights agency did view the body of another person who died in custody -. The death of Kareem Fakhrawi. the agency said. A member of Human Rights Watch observed Saqer’s body Sunday after Bahraini authorities said he died in detention. A video of a dead body. Police reported he died Tuesday. 49. “Four detainee deaths in nine days is a crime. “The government tells families of detainees nothing about their whereabouts or well-being while they are alive or about the circumstances of their deaths. Human Rights Watch said its personnel did not see the body in person.” said Joe Stork. man rights by arbitrarily detaining hundreds.” At Fakhrawi’s funeral Wednesday. The face was black and blue and blood was on the right side of the neck. “Bahrain is flagrantly violating the most basic hu- An Indian child stands next to a placard during a protest against the political turmoil in Bahrain in Mumbai on March 25. He was detained April 3 after going to a police station to complain about a predawn raid on the house of a relative.

“So we had no choice but to protect the interests of our country . He said the demonstrations had quickly led the country to “the brink” and that calling in the military had been necessary to restore stability and safety. where he later died.Demonstrations : blackened.” Saqer. recently spoke to CNN about accusations that protesters were being abused. Saqer was being held on charges of attempted murder of policemen while trying to run them over with his car March 13. statement said. died at a detention center in early April. Sheikh Khalid bin Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Khalifa. “Our economy came to the brink of collapse.. “He called for maximum restraint and caution. and lacerations marked his ankles and wrists. from total collapse internally. Human Rights Watch said there were at least two other people who have died in the custody of police in Bahrain recently. United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon spoke with Bahrain’s foreign minister Wednesday about the situation. “He said he was very concerned about the violence in which demonstrators have been killed or injured. And from external threats. He was sent to the hospital.” Page | 60 . from collapse.” Sheikh Khalid said.. and when security forces sought to subdue him.N.” The foreign minister. Authorities said Saqer was creating chaos at the detention center. according to the general director of Muharraq Governorate Police. 31.” a U. he resisted them and sustained various injuries in the process.

” said Nabeel Rajab of the Bahrain Center for Human Rights. and praising Arab revolts elsewhere as “Islamic awakenings” -. often by night.S. The government denies reports by rights groups of torture and abuse. but Western tolerance of the Sunni monarchy’s crackdown suggests that interests such as the U. The dragnet has swept up politicians. Others have lost their government jobs. which it blames on a U. two weeks before it expires. The motor race was postponed because of the unrest then shaking the Gulf island. all but six of them Shi’ites. fiercely criticizing Bahrain’s treatment of its Shi’ites. egged on by Saudi Arabia. Bahrain’s king said on Sunday a state of emergency. driven by sectarian designs to disenfranchise Sunnis and encouraged by Iran to further its regional influence. Some protesters had gone further.” Iran has hardly been consistent either. have been killed since pro- tests erupted in February. Bahrain is not Libya or Syria.-Israeli plot. Pro-government media have depicted the protesters as violent traitors.S. which has disappointed many. would be lifted on June 1. has detained hundreds of protesters and put dozens on trial in special courts. They’re losing the hearts and minds of the democrats in Bahrain.Demonstrations : Analysis: West turns blind eye to Bahrain crackdown (Reuters) . demanding the overthrow of the al-Khalifa family that has ruled Bahrain for 200 years. “Saudi influence is so huge on Bahrain now and the West has not stood up to it. has pursued a punitive campaign that appears to target Shi’ites in general. Bahrain. ties to oil giant Saudi Arabia and the need to contain neighboring Iran outweigh any sympathy with pro-democracy demonstrators mostly from the Shi’ite majority.described by the authorities as illegal structures. Bahrain is eager to prove that stability has returned after the upheaval in which at least 29 people.The fate of Bahrain’s protest movement is a stark reminder of how Western and regional power politics can trump reformist yearnings. journalists and even medical staff. “Bahrain has killed twice as many of its citizens as Page | 61 . VERBAL SLAPS Apart from verbal slaps on the wrist. not just the advocates of more political freedoms. a constitutional monarchy and an end to sectarian discrimination. which accuses Shi’ite Iran of instigating the unrest. of at least 25 Shi’ite mosques -. imposed in March after Saudi-led troops arrived to help crush protests. Last month the main Shi’ite Wefaq opposition party reported the demolition. That would be two days before a deadline set by Formula One organizers for Bahrain to decide whether to reschedule a Grand Prix it was to have hosted on March 13. Four detainees have died in police custody. even in an Arab world convulsed by popular uprisings against entrenched autocrats. naval base in Manama.except the uprising in its lone Arab ally Syria. “The response from the West has been very timid and it shows the double standards in its foreign policy compared to Libya. the United States and its allies have stood by as Bahrain.

stymied any immediate prospects of political dialogue in Bahrain. a Middle East expert at Oklahoma University. Fifth fleet.” Saudi intervention. if unsavory. “There was sustained pressure from Western governments. sectarian rancor and regional tension. component in regional stability. trauma.” said Joshua Landis.hard to imagine the story is over. especially the U. “Moreover. given the friendly relationships with Bahrain. at a significant cost in national Gaddafi’s intent to kill his own people. Bahrain.S. Bahrain may have jammed the authoriand Arab League calls for Western action to halt tarian lid back on. and LIBYA QUITE DIFFERENT Washington has every interest in the continued dominance of the pro-American and anti-Iranian “There is a complete difference between the two Bahraini monarchy. rain.. “Bahrain escaped the kind of criticism Syria got out of deference to Saudi Arabia.. an ally of both Saudi Arabia and the U.” Landis said.” Murhaf Jouejati. It is “We’ll continue to make representations to Bah.” said Wefaq’s Jasim Husain. although even some Shi’ite politicians acknowledge it has raised its voice in private. or it is because the U. as it is often called. said. but has stopped short of calling for the overthrow of a regime it sees as a vital. Washington has offered only muted criticism of its Bahraini ally in public. a Middle East scholar at George Washington University. which has absolutely no interest in reforms in Bahrain. Yet its ambassador was welcome at the Royal Wedding in Britain.Demonstrations : Syria has if one adjusts for population size. but in Bahrain there was a political process of dialogue between respective factions which we would encourage to be continued. however. citing Libyan For now. It has tightened sanctions to punish President Bashar al-Assad’s use of force against demonstrators.S.S. has a strong relationship with Saudi Arabia and needs oil and military bases in the Persian Gulf. as hardliners in the ruling al-Khalifa family silenced reformists led by the Crown Prince. has struck a middle course on SyrPage | 62 . Western officials deny that military action against Muammar Gaddafi’s Libya versus rebukes for Bahrain reflect hypocrisy. But it was low-profile.” circumstances.S. trying to balance its interests and its ideals as revolts threaten its Arab friends and foes alike. is home to the U. “Either it is because Shi’ites are not considered as highly as Sunnis due to Western enmity with Iran and fear of the ‘Shi’ite Crescent’. ia. The United States. an old antagonist.” British Foreign Office Minister Alistair Burt told Reuters last week. let alone regime change. and Bahrain was given a pass for repressing its revolution.

every night in many Bahraini villages and towns. while say. Syria and other Muslim countries. newspaper. The protest marches that dominated life for weeks here are gone. which had been the gathering point. A visitor driving through Sitra one recent evening saw police The Sunni government has seized control of the chasing and firing in one quarter.S. firing birdshot from blunderbusses. Inside are 12 to 20 men ready to pounce the first moment they hear of a demonstration — even a candlelight vigil — against the government. but never more so than at nightfall. weapon for tracking down protesters.Demonstrations : In Bahrain. a candlelight vigil can land you in jail By Roy Gutman | McClatchy Newspapers This is what passes for normal now in Bahrain. residents alleys.” Police deploy helicopters to try to drown out this protest. Navy’s 5th Fleet and where this Shiite Muslim town. “Today when we see a person injured with birdshot.sick. rifles and tear gas to confront them. as is the iconic Pearl Square monument. other protests spring up not far away. in The crackdown has included bulldozing Shiite what’s become a cat-and-mouse game under Bah. at any hour of the day. we have nowhere to take them. The police. imposed a harsh crackdown on a protest movement that was among the first to spring up after The angry young men here know from experience Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak was pushed from that that the police will use helicopters. deploy three or four vans at the entrances to this town’s residential neighborhoods. refer. and that’s the police’s secret marching and chanting in another nearby. ring to King Hamad bin Isa al Khalifa. the country’s rulers have can lead to jail and perhaps torture. “Down with the require the humane treatment of all civilians and king. and young men health care system. but they plot their next nighttime protest march nevertheless. a police crackdown looms most people follow the Shiite branch of Islam. and to They chase the protesters down the streets and drop tear gas canisters on the rooftops. a Sunni-ruled island nation that’s home to the headSITRA. residents gather on their rooftops at 8:15 and again at 10 to issue what’s become a protest cry: “Allahu akbar.mosques. mainly Sunni Muslims recruited from Pakistan’s Baluchistan province as well as Yemen. arresting mainstream opposition polirain’s state of emergency. Still. the head of the Khalifa dynasty. which some experts say violates international conventions that The chants aren’t ambiguous. Bahrain — In the back alleys and streets of quarters of the U. when even innocuous civil disobedience For the past two months. imposed to crush what ticians and closing the country’s main opposition remains of the country’s protest movement.” said an obPage | 63 .” or “God is great.” a group of about 30 young men chanted as nondiscriminatory treatment of the injured and they marched about with small tea candles. blunderbuss country’s presidency in February.

taxi drivers and human rights advocates report that authorities have wrecked at least 60 to State media give banner headlines to government 70 taxis. “Do you want them to kill me?” he said of the police. and forced the editor to resign and will put verbal abuse. When a McClatchy correspondent attempted to visit a prominent human rights activist.of the report and asked a reporter to send a copy. Sheikh Abdulaziz Saudi Arabia sent in troops to help quell protests in Page | 64 . They will be arrested. the same paper that had A scathing report by Physicians for Human Rights. beating.” “all-out assault on health care and health professionals.000 people Asked by email Sunday what she thought of the have been detained in the crackdown. With new political trials starting weekly and masked militiamen arresting civilians without judicial process. Mehza didn’t respond. the acting health minister. Prime Minister Prince Khalifa ibn Salman al Khalifa pledged that Bahrain would protect journalists and provide a working atmosphere “to work freely and confidently. She charged that Bahrain’s secret trial of protesters. offers little response to the international criticism the crackdown has received. group that shared the 1997 Nobel Peace himself. apparent retribution for carrying protesters claims that are at total variance with the known during the February and March demonstrations. which dominates the airwaves of state television. On the eve of World Press Freedom Day on May 3. fired. Two days later. Yet on Sunday.’s high commissioner for human rights in Geneva and had cordial conversations with officials there. humiliation. who also said she wasn’t aware The U. the same question was put at a news conference to Dr. a taxi driver refused and dumped his fare on the main road. report. A copy was emailed.” A day later. The environment is suffused with fear. Office of the High Commissioner for Hu. was “illegal and absolutely unacceptable” and she spoke of reports of “severe torture” of human rights defenders currently in detention. under the headline: “Press pillar of democPrize.N. “They could destroy my taxi. and threats of rape and him on trial next week. staff. They will not receive treatment. The government. “Birdshot is being used as a distinctive marker to identify protesters.Demonstrations : server from an international human rights group whose name is being withheld to avoid retaliation. a diplomat drafted to serve as a government spokesman. told McClatchy that he hadn’t seen the report. Hala al Mehza. killing.N. facts.” bin Mubarak al Khalifa. many Bahrainis live in a state of fright.” abductions of doctors in the middle of the But the regime has driven the sole opposition daily night and “egregious” acts against patients and into receivership. Indeed. which led to death sentences for four. accused Bahrain in a report April 22 of an racy. deported or arrested senior health professionals that included “torture. High Commissioner Navi Pillay voiced deep concern about the “dire” human rights situation.S.” Bahrain’s government began its crackdown after Asked on May 1 for a comment. man Rights estimates that more than 1. the state news agency and the print media. run that story bannered the pledge of King Hamad a U.” Mehza also said she was in almost daily touch with the U.

After the East German Communist regime brutally suppressed a popular uprising in June 1953. “The people have lost the government’s confidence. playwright Bertolt Brecht advised the country’s government that it needed a new population. but the al Khalifa dynasty has long had a policy of trying to dilute the Shiites’ overwhelming majority — Shiites outnumber Sunnis here by nearly four to one — by offering citizenship to Sunnis from other nations.Demonstrations : mid-March.” he wrote. the the people and chose a new one?” effort hasn’t turned the tide. however. The Bahraini government isn’t the first dictatorship to run afoul of its public. Page | 65 . “Wouldn’t it be simpler if the government dissolved In part because the Shiite birthrate is so high.

” she told Al Jazeera. US undersecretary for political affairs William J Burns and Jeffry D Feltman. but it is expected to be lifted in the first week of June. which is home to its naval base. to send in troops to put down the protests. A state of emergency has been in place since March.” she said. who are loyal to the ruling Sunni al-Khalifa family. but the authorities had to rely on Saudi Arabia. have continued their crackdown on the Shia majority in the island kingdom. She has not seen her husband since his arrest. although she has been able to speak to him twice briefly on the phone. relatives of those detained have told Al Jazeera. in power since 1971 when the country gained independence from Britain. assistant secretary at the Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs. she said. The second time she could hear voices in the background. My children and family might be targeted and my husband inside may suffer even more. despite the restoration of parliamentary system in 2002.000 people who have been arrested since the crackdown on pro-democracy protesters began in mid-March. The first time was three days after he was detained. The US is a major ally of Bahrain. He phoned asking her to bring him clothes.Demonstrations : ‘Hundreds held’ in Bahrain crackdown Al Jazeera: Shia Bahrainis suspected of taking part in anti-government protests have been arrested by the authorities in reprisals that have also targeted school girls and medical staff treating injured protesters. “I could hear a voice say. “They searched everywhere. ‘if your children start to cry or you cry I will stop the call’. They took our personal belongings they took our documents even our property documents for the house. Yasmine said her husband was arrested almost two months ago when 10 masked men in civilian clothes climbed over the family’s garden walls and forced their way into their home.” According to Human Rights Watch. The Shia community say the conspicuous silence from the US government has given authorities in Bahrain the chance to act with impunity. which is predominantly Sunni. declined to testify on Friday at a congressional hearing looking into alleged human rights abuses in Bahrain. blaming them for protests that sought political reforms. Yasmine’s husband is one of about 1. Page | 66 . A woman who only identified herself as Yasmine said she feared for herself and her family. Bahraini security forces. The organisation says about 600 remain in detention. “I am hiding my identity because I might be targeted. as the world’s media attention focuses on other pro-democracy movements in the region. Bahrain has not changed its prime minister.

org/en/news-and-updates/ bahrain-activists-jailed-following-politically-motivatedtrials-2011-05-18“ URL : ““ Bahraini State Terror Continues News| Bahrain crackdown arrested 54“ By : Amnesty URL : “ rundown/2011/05/bahrain-dispatch. U.html“ undocumented migrants.Demonstrations : Also Read : How Bahrain is Oppressing its Shia Majority By : HRW URL : ““ URL : “http://mwcnews. Migrant rights group appeals to Bahrain babylonbeyond/2011/05/“ How Radical are Bahrain’s Shia? Hospitals no haven for Bahrain’s wounded demonstrators BAHRAIN: Report alleges torture.html“ URL : “ may/22/bahrain-change-view-human-rights“ URL : “http://www.amnesty.independent.pbs. html“ Patrick Cockburn: Bahrain is trying to Bahrain activists jailed following ‘ justin-gengler/how-radical-are-bahrains-shia“ URL : “ room/2011/05/13/bahrain_human_rights_state_department/ calls for How Bahrain is oppressing its Shia majority Obama gives Bahrain a pass on crackdown By : The Guardian URL : “http://www.html“ URL : “http://www.hrw. leaders to help By : La Times URL : “http://latimesblogs.html“ Page | 67 . Bahrainis amnesty for undocumented migrants Struggle to Turn the Page URL : “http://migranteme.drown the protests in Shia blood cally motivated’ trials By : The independent By : Amnesty URL : “http://www. to grant As Crackdown Nears“ Bahrain must commute protesters’ death sentences Concern Over Bahrain Human Rights URL : “http://www.

com/2011/05/13/2872645/ report/051011_bahrain_abuse/“ What’s changed in Bahrain? URL : ““ Detained Bahraini activist said to show signs of abuse URL : “http://edition. silence on Bahrain’s crackdown Bahrain: From hospital to prison URL : “ 1/05/ meast/05/10/bahrain. html?hpt=T2“ Activists decry U.html“ URL : “http://news. php?id=24789“ Robert Fisk: Why no outcry over these torturing tyrants? URL : “ URL : “http://www.quiet as Bahrain abuses increase Jeremy Laurance: Doctors must speak up about this human rights scandal Bahrain says Gulf troops to remain after emergency rule lifted.html“ abuses-increase/“ URL : “ health-and-families/features/jeremy-laurance-doctors-must-speak-up-about-this-human-rights-scandal-2281551.socialistworker.ashx#axzz1NJLpVlTO“ Peter Goodspeed: Silence and fear settle over Bahrain URL : “ general-ml-bahrain_8479327.Demonstrations : Also Read : Bahraini State Terror Continues URL : “ URL : “http://www.html“ html“ Bahraini State Terror Continues URL : “ a kingdom of ominous siBahrain: Special court upholds 2 death lence sentences URL : “http://www.activist.html“ Commentary/2011/May-10/Bahrain-a-kingdom-ofominous-silence.independent.html“ URL : “http://www.washingtonpost.kansascity. court sentences protester URL : “ peter-goodspeed-silence-and-fear-settle-over-bahrain/“ on_re_mi_ea/ml_bahrain_5“ Bahrain accuses activists of plots to topple state Page | 68 .com.

net/indepth/features/20 11/04/ Bahrainis in Detention for Political Reasons A man died in custody confession on television that he had killed two policemen URL : “http://byshr.un.cating photo in Bahrain arrests-escalate-04052011/“ URL : “http://edition.smh. UN urges Bahrain to free detained babylonbeyond/2011/04/bahrain-torture-humanrights-protest-activist-dead.detain/“ Shia in Bahrain: Repression and regression URL : “http://english.html“ Rights Activist: One in Every : Also Read : Bahrain Silence surrounding represion continues URL : “http://www.asp?News ID=38162&Cr=Bahrain&Cr1“ Bahrain: Arbitrary Arrests Escalate URL : “ middle-east/ meast/04/11/bahrain.html“ Hospitals show ugly truth about Bahrain.activist/index. as US looks the other way URL : ““ URL : ““ CNN arrests expose crackdown in Bahrain URL : “http://edition.aljazeera.html?iref=storysearch“ Government accuses activist of fabri- tivists URL : “http://english.amnesty.html“ Bahraini Protests On Life Support URL : ““ Bahrain renews emergency law as repression persists URL : “http://www.html“ ISO takes out rally to support Bahraini people URL : “ WORLD/meast/04/11/“ Bahrain: UN official urges probe after media professionals die in detention URL : “ bahrain-renews-emergency-law-repression-persists2011-05-04“ BAHRAIN: Fourth person dies in police custody as human rights groups allege torture URL : “ 11/05/ html“ Page | 69 .com/bahrain-arbitrary.voanews.

0 .Barack Obama Speech SECTION 7.

and we are committed to its security.. The government must create the conditions for dialogue. and you can’t have a real dialogue when parts of the peaceful opposition are in jail. We recognize that Iran has tried to take advantage of the turmoil there.Barack Obama Speech Obama Middle East Speech “(.(. Coptic Christians must have the right to worship freely in Cairo.)Bahrain is a long-standing partner. just as Shia must never have their mosques destroyed in Bahrain. “ Page | 71 .) And for this season of change to succeed.. we have insisted publically and privately that mass arrests and brute force are at odds with the universal rights of Bahrain’s citizens. Nevertheless. and that the Bahraini government has a legitimate interest in the rule of law. and the opposition must participate to forge a just future for all Bahrainis. The only way forward is for the government and opposition to engage in a dialogue. and will not make legitimate calls for reform go away.

Barack Obama Speech Alwefaq Statment: 19 may 2011 Al Wefaq expressed its welcoming to President Obama’s speech to the MENA region and considered it very important and very welcomed by Wefaq and the reform movement. The committed strategy towards democratic transformation and meeting the peaceful aspirations of the people in this region he outlined is long-awaited step. URL :”http://on. The Bahraini people will look seriously into the key measures outlined in the speech in the coming days as we approach the end of the national safety status. which will bring peace and stability to the whole nation. We also support his call for a real and meaningful dialogue between the Bahraini authority and the opposition. We will also watch carefully how US will contribute to the transformation process. and are hoping the President continues to speak out when he sees repression by US allies of democracy seekers in this ongoing” Page | 72 Al-Wefaq Society . religion or sect. Will the US change stop turning a blind eye to repression? Will the US be more assertive in telling its friends the time has come to end oppression? Will the US encourage allies in the region to respond to genuine reform calls. especially when he emphasized that “you can’t have a real dialogue when parts of the peaceful opposition are in jail”. regardless of class. and stopping repression of the citizens of Bahrain. We are looking to real commitment from the US on these new strategies and principles of democratic transformation in the region.fb. and with similar importance his call for establishing the environment for the dialogue in Bahrain. which meet the aspirations of all the people in real participation in their public affairs.

and huBahraini people. the flagrant violations and the daily and repeated abuse by Al-Khalifa against the freedoms and rights guaranteed by local and international systems and instruments. of killer gangs that could save their power by the help of GCC armies and the power of the The Islamic Action Society emphasizes that illeforeign regimes. gitimate interests must not rule this world. the most merciful. And it does not express the right of our justice commitment to Bahraini people. Obama – who is elected by the free will of his people without a pressure of foreign armies. The American president’s speech as what we see. and deObama overbalanced the right to an authority fending the human rights according to lawful and that does not have legitimacy. general right in expressing the opinion. which are still trying to stop the bleeding. than what Bahraini people expected behind their peaceful revolution. Amal Society people to defend those rights and principals based on those charters that made the American uprising as well. not through repression and terrorism – to install an absolute power by force. which represent an aristocratic tyrannical layer. the source of power and authorities. Islamic Action Society emphasizes on welcoming the speech of the president of United States. Obama has equated between the rights of our that claims the commitment to the political. Mr. Referendum. In his speech. political and human rights parties. the victim. and to the international comPage | 73 .Barack Obama Speech Statement of Amal Society about the American president’s speech By the name of Allah. and the narrow interests of Al-Khalifa. Islamic Action Society – Amal would like to thank all international. and there arms. the most graceful. against the right of justice charters. The reactions of Al-Khalifa authorities to Obama and according to the conflict elements in our is. The speech was a double standard speech. that gives that people the rights to our people. and they destroyed a public. and not through huge number of foreign mercenaries. and elect. no matter what is the person origin or character. to a claimed right man rights. did not pass till now the traditional repeated the American principals of democracy and freedom reactions that aims to escape forward from any charters. local and regional. it reached an attempt to a detestable adapt between the values and principles which represent the rights of the people who own the see that president Obama’s speech came with words that expressed (minimum and much less).speech and other political and human rights presland. And the peaceful and civilized upraising. does not express the political commitment to sures. which it is far away from their dictionary. worth to be sacrificed for. who owns that sovereignty.

and their peaceful right of expressing their opinions and demand of social justice. the arrested women. The most important steps are giving up all parties and personal who violated the justice and human rights. and launching the freedoms. plus the ones who brought the mercenaries armies to repress the people. people are the source of all powers). Any dialogue should be preceded by steps that gives the justice back the oppressed and justifies the right to its natural place. even if it was pressured by a pillar country president like Obama himself So are Al-Khalifa ready to commit to Obama speech. but any dialogue must not be forced. the people have the absolute right to choose their government freely. the detentions have been filled with arrested people with no warrants and no fair trails. in spite of its position that not in the interest of the complete justice that reaches to return the right to our people of the peaceful democratic uprising which demand the right of deciding their political regime. as well as Al-Khalifa have already betrayed their vows to the people about making a political openness. and make them a pillar party to decide the political fate of our country in the interest of Al-Khalifs. as well as those who excessive the public resources. and we cannot give them up under any dialogue between special parties… and we especially would like to mention of this spectrum: the leaders of the Islamic Action Society and its secretariats. and many others of our struggler citizens. So it is the right of people to decide their fate in a scientific dialogistic justice frame. university and school students. all these are done outside the moral and political framework of Al-Khalifs. teachers. and electing an establishment council delegated by people.. we didn’t found any commitment to the vows and promises even to the simplest principles of the dialogue. We cannot accept any dialogue while the pillars and leaders of the oppositions are behind bars. and excluded outside the country. with them people will rise to make a better future. and civil interests. From this. and a crime against our country and its people. and they have the right to decide their fate whenever they decide to. We cannot accept any compensation that equate a terrorist mercenary and an originated citizen. or those who committed the crime of expelling and suspending people from their jobs and studies. Either directly or indirectly. That is due to their unfaith with the dialogue and the backward tribal minds. It must be taken into consideration the use of the huge amount of mercenaries on our island. and who incited secretarially. to prepare for a referendum constitution. the leader of Wafa mainstream. and it is considered a violent assault against sovereignty of people. clergymen. and practiced violations that affects the citizens security. and Haq movement.Barack Obama Speech munity… the Al-Khalifa authorities have already launched a repression and harassment campaign against the peaceful politicians and citizens. which cannot be accepted in any way. And many victims have fallen. to play with the demographic composition. we don’t find any value to any dialogue withPage | 74 .. Through our experience with the regime in practicing dialogue. only because of free voices they released. and the notorious national security. and those who practiced the murders in streets and in jails through the systematical torture. And it must not be out of the basic article (Sovereignty is for people . and because defending the justice in their country… those leaders represents the political and religious spectrums in our country. and participated in threatening the civil peace. From this we emphasize the following: We are not against dialogue as a principle and as a civilized value to debate the political issue. The people of Bahrain rise in conscious of their right. and it must not be accomplished under the Saudi and Bahraini army. human rights activists.

2011 URL :” http://on. people of Bahrain are an advanced people.” Also Read : Bahrain Responds to Obama Speech by Continuing Crackdown By : human rights first URL : “http://www.. that was when they had the opportunity to express their opinion and aspirations with absolute freedom. who have Page | 75 their cultural and humanitarian accomplishments that are recorded thousands years ago and installed in the history books in terms contrary to the culture and history of the tribal Khalifa“ . and subjecting the leaders of these atonement campaigns to fair and public trials in order to be punished to what they have done. The institutions that regime calls it a (constitutional). and cannot express the people’s will who filled the streets to express their ambition beyond those formal and fake manifestations of sectarian and corrupt. which is accepted by the people and opposition of Bahrain. and they are institutions that reflect no one but the power’s will only. Stop the campaigns of atonement and intellectual terrorism that are led by the regime through alliances with sectarian and terrorist parties that assault the cultural aspects of the main sect in Bahrain.fb.humanrightsfirst.undispatch. their rights and humanitarian are not less than the ones of any other people in this world including the American free people. and it is basically a result of the repressive corrupt political reality which disputed with it on the power. Finally. Bahraini people has filled the streets with a number that exceeds the 600 thousand demonstrator for three consecutive times along the street of 14Feb revolution that end to the freedom bahrain-responds-to-obama-speech-by-continuingcrackdown/ “ Why Bahrain Should to Be Front And Center in Obama’s Middle East Speech By : Mark Leon Goldberg URL : “http://www. Allowing the free people of Bahrain and without any pressure to express their opinion toward the dialogue through free and independent conferences and meetings between the institutions of civil society. the people of Bahrain are not the lowest level in terms of right comparing with the other free nations who looked forward to end the despotism and discrimination and incitement to hatred. and calls to dialogue through it.Barack Obama Speech out the monitoring a credible of UN or civil or international political organization. are an integral part of the conflict cause. Hence. this people deserve to be re-given the right for the peaceful expression of any coming step to negotiation or dialogue. Islamic Action Society – Amal Manama – Bahrain Beirut Office 20 May.

0 .T h e T r i a l SECTION 8.

Qassim Hassan Matar. or parliament.The Trial : BAHRAIN URGED TO HALT EXECUTION OF PROTESTERS Authorities in Bahrain must not allow the execution of four protesters sentenced to death by a military court over the killing of two police officers in antigovernment demonstrations last month. Sadeq Ali Mahdi and Hussein King Hamad bin ‘Issa Al Khalifa imposed the state Jaafar Abdulkarim. It also appears that the trial was conducted behind closed them. But when doing so. they must uphold the right to fair trial and they must not use the death penalty under any circumstances.” held incommunicado following their arrests and the families are said to have been denied access The court sentenced Ali Abdullah Hassan al-Sank. Bahrain’s King had declared a state of emergency – termed the State of National Safety (SNS) – after Saudi Arabia sent in a thousand troops to help the government quell anti-government protests. It provided for the establishment of a special military court to try those accused of ofThe death sentences can be appealed in Bahrain’s fences under the emergency and a special military military court. Amnesty International said today. “In this case. were sentenced to life in prison of emergency for three months but it may be reby the same court. All seven accused are reported newed with the approval of the National Council to have denied the charges. “The Bahraini authorities have a responsibility to bring to justice those who commit violent crimes. Issa Abdullah Kadhim Ali. the appeal court. four policemen have been killed during protests in March. Three other defendants tried with them. Saeed Abduljalil Saeed and Adbulaziz Abdulridha Ibrahim Hussain to death Government officials reportedly said that a total of on 28 April. Amnesty International has learnt. Amnesty International final verdict cannot be appealed in Bahrain’s ordinary courts. is. although they are civilians. raising great fears about the fairness of the The seven accused are believed to have been entire process. should the appeal fail. The four men could therefore face imminent execution. the accused were tried before a special military court. However. Page | 77 . As well. those sentenced have no right of appeal except to another special military court. The seven men were accused of the premeditated murder of two policemen by running them over with a vehicle on 16 March.” said Malcolm Smart. On 15 March. Amnesty International’s Director for the Middle East and North Africa.

Many of the detainees were taken from their homes. Executions carried out in Bahrain are normally by firing squad.” said Malcolm Smart. Local media reports say 312 detainees were released today. Page | 78 . Jassim Abdulmanan was executed in June and Russell Mezan was sentenced to death in March. following a military trial behind closed doors. The government’s Information Affairs Authority has told the media that more than 400 other cases have been referred to the military courts. “King Hamad bin Issa Al Khalifa must urgently make it clear that he will not allow these death sentences to be carried out. At least four have died in detention in suspicious circumstances since the end of March. by groups of police and security forces who wore masks. often at night. His death sentence was upheld in October. failed to produce arrest warrants and sometimes assaulted those they wished to detain and members of their families. In 2010.” he added. two Bangladeshi national were sentenced to death in Bahrain. more than 500 people have been arrested with many of them detained incommunicado and at undisclosed locations.The Trial : Since the SNS was imposed. will do nothing to reverse that. Only foreign nationals have been sentenced to death and executed in Bahrain in recent years. “Bahrain is in the grip of a deepening human rights crisis and the severity of the sentences imposed today.

The Bahrain News Agency said the seven men have pleaded not guilty to all charges against them. More worrisome. the military court in Bahrain convicted four Shi’ite protesters and sentenced them to death for the killing of two policemen during anti-government demonstrations last month in the Gulf kingdom. “Essentially. The April 15 arrest of prominent defense attorney Mohammed al-Tajer sent a chill through the opposition: he is now incarcerated alongside many of his clients. and they’re really at the mercy of the regime. Almost anything can be justified under the pretense of ‘national security. what their access is. “The government has taken it too far. ally) began a severe crackdown on the opposition. Human rights activists fear they have been subjected to torture.” says Nabeel Rajab.’ So all bets are off.” Bahrain’s military prosecutor said the seven men Page | 79 . (See TIME’s exclusive photos of the crackdown in Bahrain. director of research at Brookings Doha Institute. The three other Shi’ite activists. The last time Bahrain handed out a death penalty was two years ago. who were also on trial.” Rights advocates fear that a conviction in this case may start a wave of death penalties for activists in the island Kingdom. 2011. (And according to state media. they have been denied access to legal counsel and face trial proceedings sealed to the public. legal protection is suspended — this is a part of martial law.) Under martial law.) Tents are seen engulfed with fire as Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) forces move into Pearl Square to evacuate anti-government protesters. head of the Bahrain Center for Human Rights. which has rarely imposed such a sentence. “Putting civilians to military court is a surprise. a campaign that has seen about 500 mostly Shi’a anti-government supporters arrested and held incommunicado. “We have this legal black hole where no one knows what their rights are.S. in Manama March 16. Facing the death penalty. when the Sunni regime (and U. and it should be very worrying to the opposition. almost all civil liberties have been curtailed — as well as judicial recourse. They’ve had no communication with family or friends since being taken into custody last month. they’ve been sequestered in an unknown location for weeks and accused of murdering two policemen by running them over with a car.The Trial : Why Bahrain is Trying Civilians Before a Military Court The seven men who went on trial in Bahrain on Thursday have made history as the country’s firstever civilians to be tried before a military court.” says Shadi Hamid. were sentenced to life in prison for their role in the policemen’s deaths. It is the first trial to be publicly announced since the country fell under martial law on March 15.

’” says Joe Stork.” (See pictures of government troops routing protesters from Pearl Square. The statue has long been criticized by international rights groups as being vague. “Anything interfering with the government’s sway can be labeled ‘terrorism. providing a too-broad definition of what qualifies as terrorism (as in its reference to “threats to national unity”). deputy director the Middle East and North Africa at Human Rights Watch. and that’s what makes it so frightening. proceedings will likely mirror those of Bahrain’s state security court.The Trial : are being tried under a 2006 anti-terrorism law which mandates the death penalty.” Page | 80 . “The regime has given up all pretense of wanting any kind of reform. “So the risk of a capital sentence is very great. “What we’re seeing is unprecedented in recent Bahrain history. which was allowed to detain prisoners without trial for a period of three years.) Though little is known about how country’s military courts operate. That court. was abolished by the king in 2001 as a gesture of political reform.” says Hamid. where human rights activists say government-forced confessions were often the sole basis for conviction.

” der extreme coercion. likely to have been obtained un“I wish everybody else was. April 28 -. At the same time. with the proto his reputation. But the deNoaimi. and was used as prime evidence during the proceedings against the defendants. It was the latest rebuff to President Barack Obama’s call Thursday for the ruling Sunni government to end the use of brute force and mass arrests of its political critics. from Sunni-ruled Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. The secret trial for the mid-March deaths of two policemen has been widely criticized for the apparent lack of due process. The defendants were accused of driving vehicles into two policemen and then mutilating the bodies by driving over them again and again.death for four Shiites and life imprisonment for three others. in a conciliatory gesture.” he told McClatchy One of those accused died in detention. who’s 26. and returned with long hair and a beard. was included in the official televised “documentary” on the case. True The trial moved at breakneck speed. the court com“The biggest challenge for Bahrain is to go back muted the death sentences against Qasim HasPage | 81 . although Sunday night by telephone from Bahrain. “I cannot believe I am free. She noted marks on his hands indicating he had been beaten but said he was in high spirits. and when there were no problems between Sunnis and Shiites.the program raised questions about whether anyled minority government. and the majority Shiite population. was widely known as a voice meanor of every defendant shown confessing on of moderation in the standoff between the Sunni. On Sunday.” His wife Sajeda said Noaimi had lost a lot of weight in prison. the most outspoken independent human rights advocate. Rajab said.” he said. A video purporting to show the killing was played on state-controlled television while the trial was still under way. his confession. “when we were all together. which invited in troops thing they said was not under duress. the government Sunday released a 26-year-old columnist and blogger for the now-suppressed Al Wasat daily. his first words to the outside world ceedings opening April 17 and sentences issued were conciliatory. to the way it was. Haider Mohamed al Noaimi. United Arab Emirates — A special military tribunal in Bahrain Sunday upheld death sentences against two Shiites for the alleged murder of two policemen at the start of the government’s harsh crackdown in March. subject of a McClatchy article two weeks ago.. adding. but frees newspaper columnist DUBAI. and came one day after a tear gas attack on the home of Nabeel Rajab.The Trial : Bahrain sentences two protesters to death. was released after about a month in jail. touching off demonstrations in at least 10 Shiite villages on the small Gulf island. not to talk to outsiders about the process.independent. was very overweight and By : The Independent had one leg completely in a cast at the time.europa.html“ was a widespread belief that at least one of those sentenced to death was nowhere near the scene Update: Two protesters sentenced to when the killing was said to have occurred.protests/?hpt=T2“ defense.putting opposition on trial dullah Ibrahim Hussein. who was sentenced Bahrain repeals emergency law while to death by firing squad along with Abdul Aziz Ab. URL : “http://bahrainrights. giving them no time to prepare a meast/03/18/“ Ali Abdullah Hasan al-Singace. accord.dle-east/ the defendants appears to be a decision by King fair-trial-urged-bahraini-opposition-activists-2011-05Hamad bin Issa al-Khalifa to commute the sen. was arrested the day before the trial began.html“ bers of the opposition.11“ : Amnesty ceed with the the trial opened.-allied government not to pro. and death and five given life imprisonment By : Bahrain Center for Human Rights was in no position to drive a vehicle. Bahraini human rights observers said.jsessionid=B01EE649CC95E in the proceedings would respond to requests from 54C90D212477C16AC3D“ McClatchy Sunday for information on what hapInconsistencies in Televised Confespened in the to Rajab. sion of Bahraini Protesters Who Were One reason that demonstrations broke out Sunday Sentenced to Death By : New York magazine -.The Trial : san Mattar Ahmed and Saeed Abdul Jalil Saeed to life imprisonment. the lawyers were warned By : European Parliament URL : “http://www.hopto.Bahrainis struct the proceedings.S. Fair trial urged for Bahraini opposition Page | 82 . but now the only hope of URL : “ to hospital records cited by several mem. International human rights groups have pleaded activists with Bahrain’s U.S. ures in Bahrain By : CNN and other lawyers couldn’t meet their clients until URL : “http://edition.europarl. condemns arrest of opposition figTajir. Buzek on the sentencing to death of Adding to the challenges for anyone trying to recon.and young men in the Shiite villages have been URL : “http://nymag. staging marches regularly for more than a month -. Also Read : The chief lawyer for the defendants. Neither of two lawyers who took part lease-2011-April-19.URL : “http://www.sentences_four_protes. Mohammed al U.

Members of Parliament SECTION 9.0 .

Matar prevent them from getting through and. and after a dangerous to deliver it to Alwefaq Society. the largest political bloc in Bahrain. I down the car and went to her and convinced her to thought of their words and ran over the policemen”! follow his car and to put the envelop in the mail box. Mattar holds a Masters degree in Computer Science specializing Matar Matart in Artificial Intelligence. but she insisted that she was too ning over two police men by car. took him out of his car and put him into their car at gun point. but the man refused.lice did get through. At first On Sunday May 1st. 35-year old. where “We were in the Pearl Roundabout. So ing him that there was an envelop for him and ask. They were Kidnapping story: in civilian clothes and wearing black masks. but they chased him. Mattar. when I eventually lady insisted to talk to him in person. chase in the streets they cornered him.but soon found that they were in fact after him. Mattar was not at the roundabout on that day altogether and that he Page | 84 . Mattar received a call from an anonymous man tell. He is married and a father of two young children. to run over them with our cars cause he did not know what it might contain. Mattar. 2011 at around 11:30 PM. was the youngest MP in Bahrain’s Parliament for Al Wefaq Political Society. On Monday May 2nd. lady’s car he looked back through the mirror and saw masked men near the lady’s car. It is worth noting that Mr. Bahrain TV aired him to collect it. his wife then approached the lady and asked her to and Mattar Mattar and Hassan Moshaimea had follow them by car to Mr. Mattar asked her to deliver it to “confessions” of the protestors accused of runAlwefaq Society. if the podid not want to receive the envelop by hand be.Why Mattar’s Safety & Life is at a Great Risk? ing him that she had an envelop for him and asking On Thursday April 28th 2011. so he stepped reached my car and saw policemen in front of me. Mattar’s profile: Mattar Ebrahim Mattar. Please refer to Appendix A When he started to drive and moved in front of the for more background information on Mr. One of the proscared to go there. Mr. He represented the largest constituency in Bahrain and was voted to parliament with a majority vote of 85. But the and leave them behind. Mr.72% (7689 votes). so he agreed to meet her near testors Ali Isa Saqer– one of four who died in Alhelli Supermarket in Aldaih Village where he lives. he thought that the men had come for the lady. resigned from parliament in protest of the government crackdown on pro-democracy protesters on Feb 17th.Members of Parliament The Story of The Kidnapped Bahraini MP Matar Matar Mr. Mr.20 pm. including Mr. custody – mentioned in his “confession” that: He went there with his wife at around 8. Al Wefaq parliamentary bloc. Mattar’s house where she come to us and told us to block the riot police to should put the envelop in the mail box. on 16th March. Hence. Mr.he speeded up and tried to drop his wife at a safe ing him to collect it. 2011 at around 7:30 PM Mr. Mattar received a call from an anonymous lady tell. Mattar told asked the man place.

cusation made against him. are in fact a punishment for Mr. The official told Mattar that they wanted to meet with him because they were worried about him after the TV-aired “confessions”. hoping that his message would be conveyed to the concerned US officials in Bahrain. arrested or even assassinated. In the past few weeks.php?option=com_c ontent&view=article&id=738%3Abahrain-ongoing-secret-detention-of-former-mps-mattar-mattar-and-jawadfairuz-&catid=19%3Acommuniqu&Itemid=84 “ Bahrain detains two Shiite former parliament By : Mohamed Abd el Fattah URL : “http://www. and that he was under threat of being kidnapped. Mattar’s wife and family are fearing the worst may happen to his family is specially and terribly worried about his life and safety. Mattar had a meeting with a US Embassy officials in Bahrain based on the official’s request. and hundreds held incommunicado with strong evidence indicating they are undergoing extreme forms of torture. and the false ac- former MPs. and three others sentenced to life imprisonment. Another group of four prisoners were sentenced to death by a military court. four prisoners died in custody with clear marks of torture on their bodies. kid. Mattar’s prodemocracy peaceful activities and his work with international human rights organizations and international media in defense of basic human rights for all Bahrainis. Al Wefaq further insists that those activities are Ever since this “confession” was aired on local TV. It is also worth noting that Hassan Moshaimea heads an outlawed opposition bloc that has a bitter relationship with Al Wefaq.allvoices. Mattar’s kidnapping and detention.Members of Parliament and Al Wefaq are known for their moderate views and utter rejection to using violence means from all sides. of those accused in such “confessions” aired on TV. we heard absolutely no news about Mattar or his“ Page | 85 .alkarama. i. on May 1st 2011. part of Mr.people who elected him and that those activities napping or even assassination.e. as this is the usual fate are in full accordance with Bahrain’s constitution. Mattar expressed his serious concerns about his own safety in the coming period. Mattar Mattar and Jawad Fairuz By : Alkarama website URL : “http://en. Mr. Mattar’s responsibilities towards the Mattar knew that he was now a target for arrest. A day prior to the day of kidnapping. Al Wefaq Society has made it clear that Mr. Due to the dangerous nature of the accusation publically aired against Mattar. Bahrain: ongoing secret detention of Also Read : In the meeting. while insisting that those accusations are completely false. Mr. Held Incommunicado and in Great Danger Since Monday May 2nd 2011.

Finally. Kingdom of Bahrain Mattar was elected as Member of Parliament of 3 May 2011 Bahrain for the period Still. Also.the parameters of the society regarding calls for a loom (aged 48). arrested head of Public Utilities and Environment Committee. via peaceful measures in a civilized manner.and well-being of Jawad and Mattar. Bahrain for the period 2010-2014 but offered his resignation in protest of ways the authorities ad. south of Manama. rain for the release of Jawad Fairuz Ghuloom and Mattar Ebrahim Mattar and all other detainees. At the time of release of this statement. Alval 2006-2010. He was arrested in front of comprehensive and transparent reforms package his house in Hamad Town.Wefaq calls on parliaments and councils of repredent of the Northern Municipal Council for the sentatives as well as human rights organizations period of 2002-2006. Al-Wedressed political problem engulfing the kingdom. On the same date. who were arrested in the evening hours on Monday 2 May 2011.sesses a Master’s degree in computer science. the resigned Mem. security forces through masked civil. though he offered his resignation in protest of governmental security crackdown on public protests. faq holds the authorities responsible for the safety Additionally.html” an academic at Kuwait University.Whilst calling for their immediate release.aminshahidi. ian men. Matar Matart and Jawad Fairuz In short. Mattar posPage | 86 . The society contends that the two resigning MPs were Jawad was elected as Member of Parliament of arrested for expressing their views for change. he was elected as MP for the inter. Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) and two-Members-of-Parliamen. he served as a superintendent within La. Jawad is an on-going all over the world to press the authorities in Bahmember of the general secretariat of Al-Wefaq.Al-Wefaq stresses that Jawad and Mattar worked ber of Parliament of Bahrain Jawad Fairuz Ghu.Members of Parliament Al-Wefaq expresses its concern over the fate of two Members of Parliamen After being arrested by masked men in Bahrain Urgent: Al-Wefaq expresses its concern over the fate of two Members of Parliament Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society wishes to express its concern over the fate of two of its resigning legislators. the authorities arrested Mattar Ebrahim Mattar (aged 35) after being chased in a Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society public street by a group of civilian masked men. Previ. he served as Vic Presi. no information was available with regards to their whereabouts let alone reasons and circumstances causing their arrest.URL : ” http://www.

M e d i c s SECTION 10.0 .

Amnesty International said today after the country’s parliament voted to extend a repressive state of emergency amid continued arrests of dissidents. Fueling Human Rights Crisis. “Even since the protests on the streets were violently crushed in mid-March the government’s persecution of dissidents has not abated. Ahmed Jamal.” said Philip Luther. with Dr. 48. some detained for weeks.Medics : Amnesty :Medical Professionals Are Again Targeted with Arrest of President of Bahrain Medical Society and Charges Against 47 Others For Treating Injured Protesters As Bahraini Parliament Renews Repressive ‘State of Emergency. are facing trial in a military court after they were charged Tuesday for their role in treating anti-government protesters. protesters and political activists have been arrested. were arrested by armed men wearing civilian clothes and their whereabouts are unknown. There have also been reports of several Shi’a mosques being destroyed by the security forces. Medical professionals continue to be targeted for arrest. were detained. All 18 al-Wefaq members of Parliament had resigned in February to protest the government’s crackdown on protests. 35. arrested at his clinic on Monday.” Bahraini media reported that members of parliament voted overwhelmingly on Tuesday to extend the “State of National Safety” for another three months. including the deaths of demonstrators and others as a result of excessive use of force. Jalal Fairuz. two members of Parliament from alWefaq. Some detainees have been tortured or otherwise ill-treated following arrest and at least four people have died in suspicious circumstances. Only 11 resignations were accepted.The Bahraini government must end its relentless crackdown on human rights. The dismissal of government employees who were known to have participated in protests continues unabated. President of Bahrain Medical Society. The overwhelming majority of those detained since March 2011 are Shi’a Muslims who were active during the protests. held incommunicado and tried before military courts. Around 47 other doctors and nurses. including those of the two men arrested. “The Bahraini authorities must stop detaining anyone who opposes them and release protesters who have been locked up for peacefully demanding reform. Amnesty International’s deputy director for the Middle East and North Africa. while the renewal of the so-called ‘State of National Safety’ will only exacerbate this human rights crisis. even though it is not due to expire for another six weeks. most of whose whereabouts remain unknown. allegedly because they did not have building permits. without warrants.’ Crackdown Continues. Says Amnesty International Medical Professionals Are Again Targeted with Arrest of President of Bahrain Medical Society and Charges Against 47 Others For Treating Injured Protesters (New York) -. Both have been Amnesty International critical of the government and have given media interviews to international media outlets. Under emergency law. On Monday. the largest Shi’a political party. Page | 88 . and Matar Ibrahim Matar.

Amnesty International is a Nobel Peace Prize-winning grassroots activist organization with 3 million supporters. which called for reforms “ Page | 89 . in some cases. and works to protect people wherever justice. activists and volunteers in more than 150 countries campaigning for human rights worldwide. truth and dignity are denied. freedom.Medics : This has increased suspicions that the majority Shi’a population of Bahrain is being punished for the February-March protests.amnestyusa. URL : “ http://www. educates and mobilizes the public. The organization investigates and exposes abuses. regime change.

Except for a handful who saw a lawyer for the first time during their special military court trial. a vascular surgeon. Photograph: John Moore/Getty rainis detained without official explanation since mid-March. the largely peaceful protests that brought hundreds of thousands of Bahrainis to the streets to demand democratic reforms were in Authorities said that 47 doctors and medics will Page | 90 .” he added.lice stormed a makeshift protest camp in Pearl Square on 17 February 2011. During this same period. including her four young children. Bahrain’s criminal investigations directorate summoned Dr Nedhal al-Khalifa. Dr Sadiq Abdulla. security forces. and many wounded. a 42-year-old dermatologist. and in other medical facilities. and many were arrested. in the words of prime minister Khalifa bin Salman al-Khalifa. as well as several security officers.Medics : The Guardian :Bahrain’s medics are the targets of retribution At about 11pm on 2 May. assaulting and arresting doctors. was detained in the same fashion on 14 April. Her father dropped her off at their headquarters at the ministry of interior at about midnight. including scores of other doctors. none of those detained have had access to lawyers or family members.” Medical personnel have been targets of repression from the outset. Medics subsequently alleged that security officials ordered ambulances not to respond to calls from wounded protesters. at least four people have died in detention from abuse or medical neglect and the authorities are starting to televise “confessions” that might have been coerced. In the unfolding official narrative of events. as does the reason for his detention. “No violators will get away with it. armed and in many cases masked. people whose wounds suggested they had been protesters were beaten. didn’t hear anything from her until she was released two days later. fact part of a “coup attempt”. nurses and medics. Bahraine medics march outside a hospital in protest after poThese two doctors are among hundreds of Bah. also 42. Portions of the hospital became detention sites. Her family. The arrests of so many medical professionals are part of a government policy of retribution against Bahrainis who supported pro-democracy protests. When authorities violently dispersed the roundabout protesters on 16 March. “All co-conspirators and abettors must be held accountable. His whereabouts and condition remains unknown. Security forces attacked a medical tent at the roundabout on the night of 17 February. In almost all cases. had taken over the main hospital. Some medics criticised assaults by security personnel on protesters at the Pearl roundabout in mid-February and again in mid-March that left more than a dozen dead. There. the authorities have provided no information about their whereabouts or wellbeing. Her husband.

Authorities said they will “reveal details” at a news conference on Sunday. a professor wrongly Imprisoned By : IHRC URL : “http://bikyamasr. But at no point did we see or otherwise learn about any activities corresponding to the more serious government allegations.wsj. seven leading national and international associations of medical detained-doctors-in-bahrain-face-accusations-of-medical-abuses. We saw protesters’ tents in the parking lot outside the emergency wing. medical proURL: “http://www. Human Rights Watch has written to Bahraini authorities requesting information to verify the criminal allegations – some serious and some farfetched – but so far has received no response.html“ Bahrain: Masoud rallies took place there featuring speeches by leading opposition figures. stealing blood so that protesters could feign serious injury. apparently in a special military They said 150 others are under investigation and suspended from their positions.html“ Bahrain to Put Medical Staff on Trial By : The wall street journal URL : “ may/05/bahrain-medics-arrest-retribution“ Also Read : Bahrain medics claim confession under torture By : aljazeera URL : ““ Page | 91 . In a public letter dated 26 April.html“ Doctors Detained in Bahrain Face Accusations of Medical Abuses By : TALEA MILLER . called on Bahrain’s leaders to cease all attacks on health facilities. refusing to treat injured or ill people who were not Shia and generally “serving the agenda of the protesters”.guardian.pbs newshour URL : “http://www.Medics : soon face prosecution.html“ College urged to help free medics in Bahrain By : Irish Times URL : “http://www. applying medications to simulate symptoms of nerve gas. Our researchers had regular and relatively unrestricted access to the main hospital between 17 February and 16 March.irishtimes.html“ Attacks on physicians in Bahrain By :Japan Times URL : “http://search. including the American Medical Association and the American College of Emergency 8704740604576301283984376762. for alleged acts that include claims of bringing weapons into the ireland/2011/0516/1224297038495. Between 10 March and 16 11/05/2011512111835943173.pbs. staffed by people who provided information to journalists and others reflecting protester views.

including her four young children. Portions of the hospital became detention sites. Her family. refusing to treat injured or ill people who were not Shia and generally “serving the agenda of the proPage | 92 . as does the reason for his detention. including scores of other doctors. none of those detained have had access to lawyers or family members. In almost all cases. armed and in many cases masked. Her husband. Authorities said that 47 doctors and medics will soon face prosecution. the authorities have provided no information about their whereabouts or wellbeing. Security forces attacked a medical tent at the roundabout on the night of 17 February. also 42. Dr Sadiq Abdulla. didn’t hear anything from her until she was released two days later. applying medications to simulate symptoms of nerve gas. Medics subsequently alleged that security officials ordered ambulances not to respond to calls from wounded protesters. In the unfolding official narrative of events. in the words of prime minister Khalifa bin Salman al-Khalifa.” Medical personnel have been targets of repression from the outset. a vascular surgeon. as well as several security officers. Bahrain’s criminal investigations directorate summoned Dr Nedhal al-Khalifa. The arrests of so many medical professionals are part of a government policy of retribution against Bahrainis who supported pro-democracy protests. Except for a handful who saw a lawyer for the first time during their special military court trial. These two doctors are among hundreds of Bahrainis detained without official explanation since mid-March. There. at least four people have died in detention from abuse or medical neglect and the authorities are starting to televise “confessions” that might have been coerced. for alleged acts that include claims of bringing weapons into the hospital. and in other medical facilities. “No violators HRW : Bahrain’s Medics are the Targets of Retribution Human Rights Watch will get away with it. Her father dropped her off at their headquarters at the ministry of interior at about midnight.Medics : At about 11pm on 2 May. During this same period. was detained in the same fashion on 14 April. nurses and medics. had taken over the main hospital. His whereabouts and condition remains unknown. When authorities violently dispersed the roundabout protesters on 16 March.” he added. people whose wounds suggested they had been protesters were beaten. and many wounded. security forces. a 42-year-old dermatologist. Some medics criticised assaults by security personnel on protesters at the Pearl roundabout in mid-February and again in mid-March that left more than a dozen dead. apparently in a special military court. assaulting and arresting doctors. the largely peaceful protests that brought hundreds of thousands of Bahrainis to the streets to demand democratic reforms were in fact part of a “coup attempt”. stealing blood so that protesters could feign serious injury. “All co-conspirators and abettors must be held accountable. and many were arrested.

ing one of the entrances of Salmaniya Hospital in Manama on March 18. Authorities said they will “reveal details” at a news conference on Sunday. Between 10 March and 16 March. medical professionals and patients.Medics : testers”. and to release all medical professionals (as well as others) “detained and disappeared for non-violent exercise of their fundamental rights and their ethical duties”. They said 150 others are under investigation and suspended from their positions.some serious and some far-fetched but so far has received no response. We saw protesters’ tents in the parking lot outside the emergency wing. Our researchers had regular and relatively unrestricted access to the main hospital between 17 February and 16 In a public letter dated 26 April. staffed by people who Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Forces are seen guardprovided information to journalists and others re. But at no point did we see or otherwise learn about any activities corresponding to the more serious government allegations. Human Rights Watch has written to Bahraini authorities requesting information to verify the criminal allegations . including the American Medical Association and the American College of Emergency Physicians. URL: “http://www. called on Bahrain’s leaders to cease all attacks on health facilities. rallies took place there featuring speeches by leading opposition figures. seven leading national and international associations of medical may/05/bahrain-medics-arrest-retribution“ Page | 93 . flecting protester views.

html“ Attacks On Medical Personnel Causing Increasing Concern By :medical news today URL : “ letters/2011/0510/ news-2011-04-05.time.html“ Detained Bahraini Medics: Brutal Crackdown against Pro-Democracy Movement By : globalresearch URL : “ : Also Read : Medics held in Bahrain By : The Irish Times URL : “ ireland/2011/0516/“ Page | 94 .html“ Are Bahrain’s Medical Workers Being Persecuted? By : TIME URL : “ article/0.php“ Bahrain: New Arrests Target Doctors. Rights Activists By : HRW URL : “http://www.2060876.8599.html“ College urged to help free medics in Bahrain By : The Irish times URL : “ releases/219419. php?context=va&aid=24449“ PHR Reports Disappearances of at Least Two Bahraini Doctors in Past 24 Hours By : physicians for human rights URL : “http://physiciansforhumanrights.hrw.globalresearch.

Labours SECTION 11.0 .

Officials at Batelco.State-run Bahrain Petroleum Co (Bapco) has fired nearly 300 employees for being absent from work when pro-democracy protests paralysed much of the kingdom. Since then.back its forces. They were absent during “the recent crisis”. the energy minister was reported as saying by the official state news agency.Labours : Reuters : Bahrain oil company fires 300 workers over protests DUBAI May 11 (Reuters) . Energy Minister Abdul-Hussain bin Ali Mirza was quoted as saying 293 employees had been dismissed. boosting regional tension with neardemocracy protesters in what appeared to be part by Shi’ite rival Iran. 50 were under investigation and 11 board members from the workers’ union had been referred to the general prosecutor. ing instigate the protests. a constitutional monarchy and an end to discrimination. editing by Philippa Fletcher) Bahrain’s unions called for a general strike on URL : ” http://af. In March. Bahrain has targeted demonstrators. Pro-democracy demonstrations erupted in February and a strike was called in March. Bahrain. which Bahrain accuses of helpof a government crackdown.reuters. Bahrain oil company Bahraini firms have fired hundreds of mostly Shi’ite Muslim workers who went on strike to support pro. where the Sunni king rules over a Shi’ite majority. Hundreds have been arrested and dozens put on trial in special courts. crushed weeks of street protests calling for greater freedoms. Others have been fired from government jobs. A state of emergency is due to be lifted on June 1. the Bahrain news agency said. (Reporting by Jason Benham. Neighbouring Sunni-led Gulf states sent troops to Page | 96 . and called it off on March idAFLDE74A22120110511” 22. Gulf March 13 to support Shi’ite protesters against the Sunni-led government. Bahrain Airport Services and APM Terminals have said they laid off more than 200 workers due to absences during the strike. Mirza was not immediately available for comment.

html“ Page | 97 . The human rights situation in Bahrain has deteriorated and the rule of the law has been suspended. Political affiliation and ideologies are rigorously questioned and personal opinion are condemned and punished. This is all under the pretext of participating in the wider political process and the supporting of the movements calling for democracy and change in Bahrain. ours is the legitimate voice of the people. this year we are unable to do so. The government of Bahrain is on a witch hunt and their methods resemble those used by the inquisitions in the medieval times. workers in Bahrain are undergoing difficult and testing times. This is not a new phenomenon in Bahrain.swp. Sectarianism is the order of the day and the majority of the people are baring the brunt. We declare our unwavering support and solidarity with all those who are affected by the illegal and immoral actions of the authorities in Bahrain. Hundreds if not thousands of workers and professionals have been” Also Read : Bahrain: Thousands are subjected to dismissal of work as part of severe clampdown on all who joined or openly supported the protest movement. However. We are a part of the main opposition in Bahrain.aljazeera. We advise that only a political solution can remedy the current mayhem in Bahrain. They are a dynamic and vibrant force for good and their role in nation building cannot be overestimated. most of the leaders of the unions are either in prison or under“ ‘Mass sackings’ in Bahrain crackdown By : Aljazeera URL : “ 11/05/2011514104251715508. especially after the crackdown by the regime and invasion by the GCC armies. Socialist workers Party Workers are the backbone of the Bahraini economy and their contributions are evident in all industries and trades.Labours : SWP : May day message from workers in Bahrain Statement from the trades unions in Bahrain As we celebrate this international day of workers. By : Bahrain Center for Human Rights URL : “http://bahrainrights. but things have taken a very ugly turn in the last two months. URL : ” http://www. Court appearances and sentences are rushed.hopto. Every year we march through the streets of Manama in solidarity with workers everywhere on the globe. Security and military solutions can only serve to divide the communities and the country and will cause long lasting alienation between the ruling family and the people. as the country is now ruled by martial law.

0 .Athletes SECTION 12.

Athletes : FOX Sports : Leading Bahrain players A’ala and Mohamed Hubail arrested for taking part in anti-regime protests Two of Bahrain’s leading footballers are under government investigation following their arrest for taking part in anti-regime A’ala and Mohamed Hubail were arrested during training with their club Al Ahli after appearing on television attending a pro-democracy rally.. Among those suspended by government officials were a soccer referee and several leading basketball. regime protests. not to engage in any politisome 200 sportsmen over their roles in the anti. the breaching of the rules and regulations of The Bahraini government has also suspended sporting clubs . volleyball and handball players. pro-democracy movement. a paramedic before he became a rested-for-taking-part-in-anti-regime-protests/storyprofessional soccer” the association said in a statement. ing-bahrain-players-aala-and-mohamed-hubail-arA’ala Hubail. 28. All the men suspended are Shia URL : ” http://www.e6frf423-1226035763968” ing the protests. worked as a nurse dur. Skip to end of sidebar. and Shia majority. In a move that could leave the Gulf kingdom in breach of international rules which separate politics and sport. Both took part in Bahrain’s 2010 World Cup qualifiers against the Socceroos in 2009. Return to start of sidebar. The arrested men were under investigainjured in the Sunni regime’s efforts to quell the tion by the government and their affairs. Start of sidebar..foxsports. Bahrain Football Association officials admitted they Page | 99 . End of sidebar. were in uncharted territory as they met to discuss At least 28 people have died and hundreds were the crisis. Striker A’ala has played 68 games for his country Mohamed Hubail (right) is known to Australian audiences while Mohamed has been capped 52 times. lead by the country’s “The suspension falls under misconduct.

cluding but not limited to: • A’ala Hubail (arrested footballer).Athletes : Petition : To SUPPORT Bahrain’s Athletes On February 14th. hundreds injured. Freedom For Sports Players Cup Golden Boot winner. Handball. over one thousand job dismissals. regional or international in 2011. and the their workplace. the society. His brother. also form. The regime went further to arrest about 10 • Tariq Al Farsani (arrested bodybuilder).been arrested and suspended. on the very basic human rights of the people of Bahrain. has also been arrested. in. Bahrain Football. Other players from that national team have play on charges of “supporting the popular revo. members of the Bahrain International Circuit from The list extends to many other sports. helping Bahrain in the process to reach its first semi-final round at the regional stage. along with several staff Bodybuilding Champion. lution in the country”. over the span of one month.• Jafar Abdulqader (arrested handball player). over six hundred detainees. However. the athletes in the country also organized a rally in support of these demands for re. the demolishing of places of worship and the prevention of religious practices. army and national guard aided by the GCC joint forces led by Saudi Arabia. culminating into a full-blown attack by the Bahrain police. and as an integral part of player). the 2004 Asian Page | 100 .Committee. Volleyball and BasketIt is important to note that these athletes include ball Federations. along with the Bahrain Olympic regionally and internationally renowned ones. All this has been in an effort to silence any further dissent. This led to over two dozen deaths. helping Bahrain indefinitely suspending and banning around 200 reach its first ever Handball World Cup participation athletes from any local. The Bahrain regime replied to this rally by a national handball team player. this movement was faced with a brutal crackdown by the Bahrain regime. have all backed this decision. Mohammed (another National team During this movement. in what is a clear “sectarian cleansing” process against a majority sect in the country. according to a government official. an Asian athletes incommunicado. the youth of Bahrain started a peaceful movement demanding constitutional reform & more participation in the running of the country’s affairs under the umbrella of a constitutional monarchy. He is also a trained paramedic and EMT who was also acting as a volunteer nurse treating the injured during the brutal crackdown of protesters.

first. Ahmed Al Sabah .gopetition.President. FIBA Asia Mr. FIVB Yvan Mainini . AFC Mr. they came for the athletes By : The Guardian URL : “http://www. This is until they restore the rights of the Bahrain athletes in representing their country without being punished for their personal political apr/22/bahrain-counter-revolution-televised-athletes“ A’ala Hubail. Yours truly. and international & regional sport committees to suspend all Bahrain sport federations from international & regional participation. Mohammed Bin Hammam . and ensure that the Bahrain national sport teams are representative of all Bahrainis without discrimination of any sort or form. Asian Olympic Committee & AHF Mr. We are appalled by the decisions taken by the sport federations in Bahrain.President. Bahrain Soccer Star. Jizhong Wei . and their suspension from practicing their sports is not based on any sporting misconduct. Sepp Blatter . The aforementioned events clearly show the discrimination towards athletes based on their own personal political stance and/or sect.President. International Olympic Committee Sh.Athletes : Petition : To: Mr. Ask all the sport federations. FIBA Sh. the undersigned. Saud Al-Thani . We ask for an immediate suspension of all sport federations in Bahrain on all regional & international levels.President. Jacques Rogge . and refuse their participation of any sort in sport events on this basis.President.html “ Page | 101 Also Read : In Remains Detained After Arrest By : Denis Fitzgerald -Bleacher Report URL : “http://bleacherreport. To Sign the petition URL : “http://www. FIFA“ .

0 .Lawyers SECTION 13.

“The government’s arrest of a leading defense lawyer shows that Bahrain is taking a turn for the worse on human rights.m. They ordered Mohammed alTajer to stay downstairs while they initiated their search and told Huda al-Tajer to go upstairs and wake up the younger children who were asleep. told Human Rights Watch that at around 11 p. This is his job.More than two dozen uniformed and plainclothes security officers. “My husband hasn’t done anything except defend the rights of others. “He is a lawyer. “The authorities should either release Mohammed al-Tajer or charge him now with a recognizable offense. most of whom were masked. but they insisted that he give them the key regardless. and documents. including those picked up durPage | 103 .” During their search the officers also ordered Mohammed al-Tajer to hand over the key to his law office in Manama. deputy Middle East director at Human Rights Watch. on April 15. Human Rights Watch said today. an opposition political society.” said Joe Stork. Neither he nor his family was given any reason for his detention. the officers thoroughly searched all rooms inside the home Human Rights Watch and confiscated personal items. before taking him away.m.” she told Human Rights Watch. raided the home of prominent defense lawyer Mohammed al-Tajer on the evening of April 15.” Huda al-Tajer. Al-Tajer is one of 499 people currently detained by the Bahraini authorities. mobile phones. Huda al-Tajer said that the officers allowed Mohammed al-Tajer to briefly embrace her before escorting him outside and taking him away in a police vehicle. I am really frightened. During the next hour-and-a-half or so.Lawyers : HRW : Defense Lawyer Detained After Night Raid (Manama) . The arrest took place around 11 p. Mohammed’s wife. Huda al-Tajer said she was forced to wake up the smaller children and transfer them from one room to another as the officers completed their search. Human Rights Watch believes that al-Tajer is the first defense lawyer detained in more than a decade. one of her sons came and told her and Mohammed al-Tajer that there were some men outside their home. Security officers searched his home and confiscated personal items including laptops. Mohammed al-Tajer opened the door and several masked security officers came inside and began searching the home. 2011. according to a list compiled by the Wefaq National Islamic Society. He is well known for defending opposition figures and rights activists arrested in security sweeps. Al-Tajer told them that he shares the office with several other lawyers. and arrested him. Al-Tajer is part of a group of Bahraini lawyers who have defended opposition figures and rights activists arrested and detained by authorities during the past several years. when security officers surrounded and then entered al-Tajer’s home. I have no idea where he is right now and what they are doing to him. Human Rights Watch is concerned that al-Tajer’s arrest is an effort on the part of authorities to intimidate and silence defense lawyers. He has to have immunity and protection to do his job.

His anyone arrested shall be promptly informed of any wife and his father-in-law accompanied him to the charges and brought before a judge or other judicial ministry. 2011.must always be respected. officially labeled a state of “National Safety. Human Rights Watch has gathered statements indicating that prior to their release on February 23.such as the right to life. The authorities had previously detained al-Sammak on March 19. Later that day Abdulla called his wife and told her ship. the status of Abdulla and was told that he would be in custody for “a few more days. Dr. inhuday.URL: “http://www. Authorities ar. and Dr. which Bahrain ratified in 1998.Lawyers : ing the most recent security sweeps. who has been custody since March 19. “We have serious concerns regarding the wellbeing and safety of some of the detainees. Even during a state of emergency. on April Rights. Nabeel Hameed. requires that 14. but have so far not allowed his family or his man.hrw. Tammam and several of the other doctors arrested after March 17 have since been released.” that gave authorities wide powers of arrest. family to drop off his medications at the Criminal fundamental rights .rested since March 17 and permit them to meet with tained Dr.rain-defense-lawyer-detained-after-night-raid” Page | 104 . Dr. Interior Ministry officials summoned Abdulla to the ministry’s head. a vascular surgeon at their families and lawyers. A refusal of the authorities to acknowledge Abdulla never emerged. censorarrest. Abdulla is one of at least 19 doctors arrested by uine emergency must be strictly limited. Bahrain has been subject to marwas provided regarding the reasons for Abdulla’s tial law. or degrading treatment. according to a source close to the family. Dr. and the prohibition on lawyer to visit him. authorities de. He was one of the lead lawyers involved in the trial of 23 opposition and rights activists arrested during security sweeps last August and September and accused under Bahrain’s counterterrorism law. They waited there for several hours but authority.m. Human authorities are currently detaining him at the Adliya Rights Watch said. The government released all 23 defendants on February 23.” The authorities allowed Abdulla’s and association.The International Covenant on Civil and Political quarters in Manama at around 11 Dr. Sadeq Jaffar on April 13. and prohibitions on freedom of movement that “he was fine. She is the wife of Dr. Kholood al-Derazi and Dr. Sadeq Abdulla.” the Salmaniya Medical Complex. Any restrictions on other rights during a genpolice station. Abd al-Shaheed Fadhal. Abdulla’s family believes that discrimination . The source told Human a person’s detention or provide information on their Rights Watch that the family contacted an officer fate or whereabouts would be an enforced disapat the Interior Ministry on April 15 to inquire about pearance. han on April 14. authorities since March 17. the Investigations Directorate in Adliya on the same right to be secure from torture and other cruel. Nayara Sar. Dr. “The authorities should immediately provide information on the whereabouts of all detainees arRecent Arrests of Doctors Two days prior to al-Tajer’s arrest. authorities had subjected some of the 23 to severe abuse and illtreatment amounting to torture. and Zahra al-Sammak. Nabeel Tammam. Two days before that they arrested Dr. at least eight of whom were arrested within the past week. but rearrested several of them following the latest round of targeted arrests. Aref Rajab.” No information Since March 15.Ghassan Dhaif.” said Stork.

Around 600 people. have reportedly been arrested since the beginning of February 2011. let alone that any of them has access to a content/view/478/31” Also Read : National Criminal Defense Bar Condemns Arrest of Human Rights Lawyer in Bahrain By : National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL) URL : “http://www. just after midnight on 16 April 2011.nsf/NewsReleases/ 2011mn11?OpenDocument“ ARBITRARY ARREST AND DETENTION OF HUMAN RIGHTS LAWYER MR MOHAMMED AL-TAJIR IN MANAMA. a doctor. fears she will be arrested as well. trade unionists and doctors among them. The arrest seems to be part of the bigger wave of arrests that has affected many who have in one way or another been involved in the peaceful protests in Bahrain.observatoire-avocats. print and sign them and send them via airmail or fax to the addresses mentioned in the letters. they searched the house thoroughly and took several computers and mobile“ Page | 105 . who has defended many of the protesters in court. He is a famous lawyer.advocatenvooradvocaten. Where he has been taken is still unclear. he wasn’t beaten or mistreated.nacdl.Lawyers : advocaten voor advocaten : lawyer Mohamed Issa Al Tajer In Bahrain as well. Before the twenty plainclothes officers that had entered his house took him with them. According to our information. please let us know via en/2011/05/03/mohammed-al-tajir-bahrain“ Where Is Bahrain’s Prominent Human Rights Lawyer Mohammed al-Tajer? By : By William Fisher URL : “http://pubrecord. political leaders. It seems that the Bahraini government intentionally hinders Mohamed al-Tajer in the execution of his profession. Lawyers for Lawyers is concerned about the situation and organizes a letter writing adapt them. Mohamed Issa Al Tajer URL :”http://www. with many human rights defenders. When he was arrested. but the arrest of their father has deeply impressed the children. If you have done so. L4L was also informed about the arrest of a lawyer. we kindly ask you to join us. he was arrested at his home in the presence of his wife and It is often unknown where they are being held. BAHRAIN By : INTERNATIONAL OBSERVATORY FOR LAWYERS URL : “http://www. Mohamed Issa al-Tajer. Mohamed Al Tajer’s wife. Please download these voorbeeldbrieven. massive protests have led to arrests on a vast scale.

Bloggers SECTION 14.0 .

” Toner said.” Toner told a news briefing. State Department said on Wednesday. Reuters a credible political dialogue but progress has been slow after the ruling family declared martial law and called in troops from fellow Sunni-ruled Gulf neighbors including Saudi Arabia.reuters.” Al-Yousif started an Internet campaign several years ago called “Just Bahraini” to combat sectarianism in the island kingdom.S. editing by Mohammajority and a government led by the Sunni almad Zargham) Khalifa family. The government said 24 people were killed in clashes. the U. State Department spokesman Mark Toner said the United States was deeply concerned over the arrest of Mahmood al-Yousif and reported arrest of two other prominent activists this week.S.Bahrain’s arrest of a prominent blogger and other Internet activists could it could make it more difficult to establish political dialogue after recent anti-government unrest. URL :”http://www. as does the opposition. The United The Gulf Arab state launched a crackdown two idUSN3013838720110330” weeks ago on anti-government protesters who had been demonstrating and staging sit-ins for weeks. in order to move this process forward. criticizes Bahrain over blogger arrest (Reuters) . trade unionist Sana Abdul-Razzaq Zinedine and poet Ayat al-Qurmozi had been arrested. which maintains a navy base in Bahrain. it needs to be a political one.Bloggers : Reuters : U. head of the Bahrain Centre for Human Rights. “There’s no security solution to the situation in Bahrain. while the opposition Wefaq party said 250 people have been detained and 44 have gone missing. and arresting bloggers doesn’t help in that respect. said on Wednesday that al-Yousif. “The Bahraini government needs to engage in that kind of national dialogue. which has a Shi’ite (Reporting by Andrew Quinn. has called on both sides to establish Page | 107 . Nabeel Rajab. “We hope that the Bahraini government’s decision to arrest bloggers and Internet activists will not make it more difficult to resume a national dialogue that solicit the views and opinions of all Bahrainis. Toner said the United States continued to press for political talks.

“Ali has a free pen. By then her husband had been in prison for deny. Ali had been a constant critic of the government and the ruling al-Khalifah family for several years. I could hear their three young children shouting and laughing in the background. It is widely believed that the confessions were extracted under The first time I met Jenan was in December last torture . the BBC’s Bill Law profiles a family that was once fiercely outspoken. We were being constantly shadowed by plainclothes security officers. They followed us in cars and on foot everywhere we went. help us. Ali Abdulemam was pardoned in February after spending months in jail He was jailed briefly in 2005. However independent observers and groups such Visiting rights were being cut short. but now seems too afraid to talk. The family was ecstatic and they thanked the BBC for telling their story. When I spoke to Jenan and Ali by phone. King Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifah granted a royal pardon to all of the men.Bloggers : BBC: Bahrain unrest: Outspoken blogger forced into hiding arrested As the man known as the “Bahraini blogger” goes into hiding. he was charged with financing and directing a terror organisation. several months. “Help us.” a text I received on Friday read. It was from Jenan al-Oraibi. Along with the 22 others. Jenan was anxious that we interview her. That is exactly his crime. help allegation the government continues to year. He has a free pen. Then at 0230 on Friday morning. also known as the Bahraini Blogger. During that time. they were last year.” she told me in December. the wife of Ali Abdulemam. and she was as Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International worried that he was being subjected to beatings. seven of the 23 Page | 108 . say the claims of torture are true. the 23 confessed. in the midst of their trial. Two weeks ago. then arrested again in a sweep of suspected Shia dissidents in August When Ali and the others were arrested. Even so. Aclimate of fear was prevalent in the tiny Gulf kingdom. held for several weeks without access to their lawyers and families.

uk/news/world-middleeast-12796892” Page | 109 . URL :”http://www. But nonetheless she wants her husband’s story to be told. Jenan is now too fearful to speak to me on the phone. When I asked her on Friday via text if we could talk.Bloggers : pardoned men were re-arrested by members of the feared national security apparatus. he had left a few minutes earlier and has gone into The security police came to Ali’s home in a Shia village not far from Pearl Roundabout. she texted back: “I am afraid not.” Bahrain is a small country and it is unlikely that Ali will remain hidden for long. She is is worried that it is being monitored by the security services. Hearing of the As the crackdown continues against pro-democracy activists.

Journalists SECTION 15.0 .

said he and a reporter for French The authorities say the protesters.Journalists : Reuters : Bahrain police detain 2 reporters for foreign media DUBAI. Page | 111 . mediately reached for comment. blindfolded and beaten about the head until during clashes. May 23 (Reuters) . saying that “mass arrests and brute force” were at odds with the universal rights of Bahrain’s citizens. U. sectarian aims and influenced by Shi’ite power Iran. who works for the German news agency DPA. Two protesters have been senMahdi said he was held for several hours.S. criticised Bahrain over the crackdown. Mazen Mahdi. mainly from television station France 24 were called in for ques.curity forces’ crackdown against protesters.S. and would not make legitimate calls for reform disappear. one of the journalists said on Tuesday. Lebanese Shi’ite group Hezbollah has also “They questioned me about my Twitter postings. Bahraini officials have said they would investigate allegations of mistreatment. and if I had links to Lebanese or Iranian media. President Barack Obama criticised the crackdown. were driven by tioning on Sunday. put down in March in a government crackdown which included calling in troops from neighbouring Gulf Arab countries. hand.Two Bahraini journalists working for Western media were detained and at least one was mistreated by police this week.tenced to death for the murder of two policemen cuffed. Four journalists from Bahrain’s a senior officer arrived to interrogate him. Hundreds have been detained and four people died in police custody. stories published on DPA.-allied-Bahrain was thrown into turmoil by street protests for democratic reforms in February. Last week U. only opposition newspaper pleaded not guilty last week to charges of fabricating news about the seThe Bahraini Information Ministry could not be im.Bahrain’s Shi’ite Muslim majority.” Mahdi said.

com/2011/05/08/113842/ Haider Mohamed Al-Noaimi Also Read : Bahrain detains columnist. html“ Page | 112 . Like Zakariya Rashid Hassan. where he posted his articles. who died in detention on 9 April after being tortured. has apparently not been getting the treatment he needs for his diabetes. he was one of the moderators of the forum Aldair (http://www. His Facebook profile.Journalists : Bahrain Center for Human Rights : Journalists arrests in Bahrain Haider Mohamed Al-Noaimi.php“ Journalists in Bahrain: The Murder of Free Speech and the Siege of Freedom By :Bahrain Center for Human Rights URL : “http://bahrainrights. are victims of Bahrain’s crackdown By : Mcclatchydc URL : “http://www. Ahmed Yousif“ Journalists. a blogger and journalist who works for various media including the opposition newspaper Al-Wasat. They reportedly hit him during the raid. too. a netizen who has been detained with his two sons since 1 April. was detained and questioned for around 10 hours on 20 April. was arrested by about 30 men who came to his home on the evening of 24 April and confiscated his computer and cameras before taking him 4 located in Libya By : CPJ URL : “http://cpj. Another Al-Wasat journalist.aldair. His family fears he may have suffered the same fate. His lawyers have not been able to see him and the authorities continue to say nothing about the case. has been blocked since 3 April. Nada Al-Wadi.

Te a c h e r s SECTION 16.0 .

Under the edict. and dismissal of work. An investigation committee formed by Bahrain Petroleum Company (BAPCO) to probe the absence of employees during recent events decided to sack nine members from the governing body of its trade union for their role of instigation and participation in the general strike. BCHR has documented cases of more than 20 doctors and medical workers who have disappeared or have been detained. the headquarters of the General Federation of Bahrain Trade Unions (GFBTU) was temporarily shut down. Around 230 employees will be subjected to investigation as the first group. arbitrary detention. many doctors and medical workers have been subjected to physical assaults by security forces.Teachers : Bahrain: Mounting Clampdown on Trade Unions and Professional Societies As a part of the crackdown on the prodemocracy movement. it had also dismissed company union chairman Abdulghaffar Abdulhussain[4] . It is worth noting that since the crackdown on the prodemocracy movement. in addition to manipulating school students”. disrupting educational establishments. Bahrain is witnessing a mounting wave of clampdown on trade unions and professional societies. Mr Abdulhussain is also a member of the executive board of the General Federation of Bahrain Trade Unions (GFBTU). and arrested him and took him to an unknown location. The committee is also conducting an investigation against employees who were absent from work during recent events. the Ministry of Health suspended 30 doctors and nurses who had been referred to an investigation committee and many more employees will be sacked in the coming days[3] . the president of the society. It acquitted two members and decided to continue investigations with two others. deputy president of the society. flouting the real voluntary and lofty goals of the association”[1] . According to the official Bahrain News Agency (BNA) on the 6th of April. the Social Development Minister also issued an edict suspending Bahrain Medical Society (BMS) board of directors for “issuing statements and engaging into practices which flout the law on NGOs and its bylaw. Earlier. The statement added that: “BTS President delivered speeches haranguing and instigated protestors and inciting them against the political regime. On the same day. On the 5th of April. Ms Jaleela Mohammed AlSalman. an interim BMS board has been set up”[2] . The Ministry statement accused the society of “issuing statements and speeches inciting teachers and students” and “calling for a strike at schools. On the 6th of April. A pro-government newspaper reported that the GFBTU took the action to Page | 114 . was arrested on the 29th of March. the Social Development Ministry issued a statement dissolving Bahrain Teachers’ Society (BTS) while security forces stormed the house of Mr Mahdi Abu-Deeb.

and justify measures taken against. who encouraged workers to go on civil disobedience and strikes during the political unrest[6] .Teachers : Bahrain: Mounting Clampdown on Trade Unions and Professional Societies reduce tensions as they registered the names of workers dismissed for absenteeism. and Expulsions By : The Chronicle URL : “http://chronicle. however. With Interrogations. those who took part or sympathized with the prodemocracy movement including trade unionists and activists at civil society groups. The authorities have been effectively using the official TV channel to defame. Firings. Also Read : Bahrain’s Crackdown on Protest Extends to Academe. dominated by the“ Some of the detained doctors Page | 115 . The House of Representatives. All Shiaa opposition members at the House of Representatives (18 out of 40 members) submitted their resignations on the 15th of March as a protest against the killing of peaceful protestors calling for reforms including a parliament with just representation and real powers. the newspaper also reported that a police patrol jeep along officers in civilian clothes later showed up at the building and did not allow anyone to enter[5] . voted on the 5th of April on a proposal calling for the government to take legal action against all trade union and societies’ chiefs.

Students SECTION 17.0 .

who used pseudonyms to protect their families. in a pattern repeated for many of the protesters. above. said at least nine people studying in Manchester. but I am not going back. “She said they are going to arrest you and that scared me. Newcastle. but we can’t go back home.Students : Bahrain regime accused of harassing UK-based students Guardian News: The government of Bahrain is putting intense pressure on the families of students in Britain who were photographed attending a peaceful protest in Manchester in solidarity with the country’s pro-democracy movement. We will be arrested and disappeared. The gulf kingdom has stripped government-funded scholarships from those who attended the event outside the BBC building last month.” he said. Some said they Bahrainis studying in the UK say they are paying the price of expressing support for protests in their homeland. the students say. It has happened to others and I fear we are going to be tortured. They said I should come back to Bahrain. The demonstration was disrupted by interventions from supporters of the regime and some people whom protesters identified as being from Saudi Arabia. I told her I didn’t do anything wrong but she said she was worried about my safety. Sulieman. whose attendance at the protest was his first such political action. “They told him I must come back.” said Rashad.” The students believe some of the images were taken by Bahraini or Saudi “spies” alerted to the event on Facebook. and told parents to order their children home. Students involved have told the Guardian they have “strong and well-founded” fears that they and their families could suffer beatings and torture as a result of the Bahrain government’s crackdown on the protest 3. We want the British government to protect us. said the ministry of education in Bahrain called his father to order him home a couple of days after the protest. “My father asked how they knew I was there and they said they had video footage and pictures.” The students. Photograph: John Moore/Getty Images Europe had been made homeless as a result of the cuts and were considering requesting asylum in the UK when their student visas expire. another student who said his scholarship had been revoked.000 miles away and that they are likely to be arrested on their return. Page | 117 . Reading and London had seen their £850 a month subsistence grants removed and had been told their tuition payments would be axed. Huddersfield. “My mother was crying when she called me.

Next Thursday. On Friday night a further solidarity protest was scheduled at the same bahraini-trainee-pilots-suspended?INTCMP=SRCH“ . sila.” The Bahraini embassy in London declined to comment on the claims of government’s sanctions against students and forwarded inquiries about the withdrawal of scholarships to the cultural attache.Students : representative for foreign affairs. and there. The British government has raised with Bahrain’s interior minister the deaths of four dissidents in the last week. Abdulhadi al-Khawaja. a 27-year-old mother.those detained for expressing themselves. “Some of them started receiving her husband and brother-in-law. according to Amin Elwas. said she was now Bahrain government had contacted them telling very weak and dizzy and her family want her to them they will be removing their scholarships and go to hospital. the happens here in Britain there is a repercussion human rights activist. will on ing the group. an Arab activist in Manchester who is supportZainab al-Khawaja. Saturday enter the sixth day of a hunger strike in “It seems very strange that every time something protest at the arrest and beating of her father. frightened. but all of the Bahraini students the Guardian spoke to said they were too afraid to go. will travel to BahSome of the families have also received visits from rain after calling for the immediate release of all the Bahraini just those who had been on the demonstration.” he said. Catherine Ashton. the EU’s high Page | 118 Also Read : Bahraini trainee pilots suspended from UK flying school after attending protests By : Guardian News URL : “http://www. They were all very military. who did not return calls. The sanctions against the students come amid increasing international concern at Bahrain’s treatment of dissenters. Maryam Not all families of Bahraini students were contacted. Some of the families were receiving regular visits. Her US-based phone calls from their families telling them that the sister. She is resisting partly because the that on their return to Bahrain the students will be hospitals are said to be in the control of Bahrain’s questioned by the authorities. three of whom were in police custody.

the end of the despotic rule of the Khalifah royal family. al. we were beaten more and more. Since we did not cry out or scream. A three-month “state of emergency” that was declared by King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa on March 15.” At the height of the protests. up to 200. “Beating was severe. girls as young as 12. Meanwhile the media clampdown continues. police have raided up to 15 mainly girls In an interview “Heba”. we were senseless to the pain. An undercover investigation conducted by Al Jazeera’s correspondent. Page | 119 . beating and threatening to rape leges she.” she said during the secretly filmed interview. has unearthed evidence that Bahraini police carried out periodic raids on girls’ schools since the unrest began. According to the mainly Shia opposition Al Wefaq party. teachers have also been detained. a 16-year-old schoolgirl. The government of Bahrain deployed security forces onto the streets on March 14 in an attempt to quell more than four weeks of protests.schools. stronger and stronger. Charles Stratford. were taken away by the police from their school and subjected to severe beatings while in custody A Bahrain human rights group says at least 70 for three consecutive days. “He [the officer] hit and banged me against the wall to scream. detaining.000 people rallied against the government. but being afraid of what comes next.Students : Schoolgirls ‘beaten’ in Bahrain raids Al Jazeera: Secret filming conducted by Al Jazeera has revealed shocking evidence of the brutal crackdown against pro-democracy protesters in the Gulf state of Bahrain. “He hit me on the head. is due to be lifted on June 1. The crackdown Bahrain’s government has not responded to Al was an attempt to end the protests that demanded Jazeera’s request for comment. I started bleeding. he told them [guards] to keep me in the restroom. along with three of her school friends. I fell down.

Human Rights


Human Rights :
CNN : Home of a Bahraini activist is attacked, again, rights group says
(CNN) -- The home of prominent Bahraini activist Nabeel Rajab was attacked Saturday, the rights group he heads said. The attack took place early Saturday morning while Rajab and his family were sleeping, said the Bahrain Center for Human Rights. Assailants launched teargas grenades into the house, breaking the window of Rajab’s brother, the group said. “We had very frightening moments rescuing my brother, his wife and his daughter as they were close to serious suffocation. This is an attempt to murder a member of my family to pressure me to stop my human rights activities,” said Rajab, president of the Center. “Thank God the teargas bombs fell on the tile and not the carpet, which could have caused a fire and could have killed the whole family while they were asleep,” he said. “Please do whatever you can to stop the government from attacking me and my family who have nothing to do with my human rights work.” Saturday marked the second attack on Rajab’s home in about a month. In April, assailants lobbed teargas over a high wall surrounding his and his mother’s houses, Human Rights Watch reported. After that attack, the New York-based rights group called on the government of Bahrain to investigate, saying the attack appeared to target Rajab for his advocacy work. Human Rights Watch said then that it knew of no entity other than Bahrain’s security forces that would have access to the kind of grenades used in the April attack. There was no immediate response to the Human Right Watch statement by the Bahraini government. The country is ruled by the Al-Khalifa family, which has been in power since the 18th century. Many

protesters are calling for the removal of the royal family, whom they blame for the country’s high unemployment rate and for running a corrupt government that relies on torture and other harsh measures to clamp down on dissent. On March 20, about 25 people in about a dozen cars pulled up to Rajab’s house and took him to the offices of the Interior Ministry’s investigative department. There, according to Rajab, he was beaten, blindfolded and interrogated about an armed suspect they believed he knew. The government confirmed the arrest but provided no other details. Rajab is one of hundreds of Bahrainis to be detained by security forces in recent months. The arrests, according to human rights activists, have often been violent and have taken place at night. Bahrain, where the U.S. Navy anchors its Fifth Fleet, is a small, predominantly Shiite country governed by a Sunni royal family.
URL : “ bahrain.activist/“

Page | 121

Human Rights :
UN : UN human rights chief voices deep concern about Bahrain crackdown
5 May 2011 – The United Nations human rights chief today voiced deep concern about the continued detention of hundreds of activists in Bahrain, the prosecution of scores of medical professionals, and the sentencing to death of four protestors after a closed-door military trial. “The trial of civilians before military courts is always a cause of concern. The application of the death penalty without due process and after a trial held in secrecy is illegal and absolutely unacceptable,” High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay stated in a news release. “The defendants are entitled to fair trials before civil courts, in accordance with international legal standards and in keeping with Bahrain’s international human rights obligations,” she added. Bahrain is one of several nations in the Middle East and North Africa that has been rocked this year by protests calling for increased freedoms and democratic reforms. The Government’s crackdown on protesters has draw criticism from UN officials, including Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, who has urged maximum restraint and called for inclusive dialogue with all parties. On Wednesday, Bahrain’s Justice Ministry announced that 23 doctors and 24 nurses from the Salmaniya Medical Complex are due to be tried in a military court on charges including participation in unlicensed protests and inciting hatred against the Government. Last week four protestors were sentenced to death and three to life imprisonment for the alleged killing of two policemen. This took placed after they were reportedly held incommunicado, without access to their families and limited access to lawyers. In addition, hundreds of people reportedly remain in detention for their alleged participation in the protest movement, including teachers, lawyers,

High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay

journalists and bloggers, medical professionals, artists, activists and members of political bodies, according to the High Commissioner’s office (OHCHR). The Government has put the number of people in detention at 400, but OHCHR has received information that the figure may be higher than 1,000, the whereabouts of more than 50 of whom are unknown. Ms. Pillay voiced particular concern about the reported deaths of at least four persons in custody. “There must be independent investigations of these cases of death in detention and allegations of torture. Bahraini authorities must stop the intimidation and harassment of human rights defenders and political activists, ensuring that their fundamental civil and political rights are protected.” She urged the Government to urgently conduct an independent, impartial investigation and bring all those who were responsible for assaulting and killing protestors to justice, and reiterated her request for the Government to allow an OHCHR assessment mission into the country.
URL : “ 38279&Cr=Bahrain&Cr1“

Page | 122

Human Rights :
Also Read :
Bahrain’s top human rights activist tar- 190 Khaliji academics, intellectuals geted two days after Obama speech and political activists condemn the viURL : “http://www.mcclatchydc. olations of human rights in the councom/2011/05/21/114542/bahrains-top-human-rightstries of the GCC
activist.html“ URL : ““

Fifty-seven IFEX members and partners call on world authorities to help stop human rights violations and free expression abuses
URL : “ joint_appeal/?sms_ss=facebook&at_ xt=4dc86bbca29322e0%2C0“

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Bahrain’s king ignores human rights abuses
URL : “ news/2011/apr/27/bahrains-king-ignores-human-rights-abuses/?sms_ss=facebook&at_ xt=4db992820b361daf%2C0“

Emergency briefing on the human rights situation in Bahrain in the House of Lords on 12th May

Bahrain: A Human Rights Crisis

URL : ““

URL : “ MDE11/019/2011/en/5a1d24dd-e2e6-4ae2-b279-00fd167d6e2a/mde110192011en.html“

Bahrain: The crackdown on human rights defenders continues

Bahrain: Attack against Mr. Nabeel Rajab’s house The International Federation for HuURL : “ man Rights (FIDH) is extremely worurgent-interventions/bahrain/2011/05/d21271/“ ried at the security condition of its deputy Secretary General, Nabeel Rajab, President of the Bahrain CenBahrain: Further information: Human ter for Human Rights rights defender tortured in detention URL : “ : “ MDE11/024/2011/en“ General-abused-by-the“

URL : “ Articles/2834.aspx“

Bahrain briefly detains human rights Human Rights Watch consultant, Josh- activist ua Colangelo, barred entry into #Bah- URL : “ (AUDIO) bahrain-protests-arrest-idUSLDE72J09Z20110320“
URL : ““

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Human Rights defenders SECTION 19.0 .

Mr Salman Naji. Mr Mohammed Hassan Mohammed Jawad. he was granted an amnesty along with all such political prisoners at the height of the pro-democracy protests in February 2011. have been subjected to various forms of threats during the ongoing crackdown. Human rights defender Mr Nabeel Rajab. Other human rights defenders arrested have included Mr Ali Hassan Salman. whose brothers were reportedly beaten as his home was raided on 28 March 2011. inter alia. a member of the Committee for Detainees. He was previously arrested and detained briefly on 20 March 2011 and. raids. arrested on 22 March. and even artists. arrested on 27 March. most notably bloggers. a wellknown independent human rights defender who campaigns for the rights of prisoners and detainees. Human rights defender Dr Abdujalil Al-Singace is currently in detention and reportedly faces charges of. Abdujalil Al-Singace was among those arrested in an earlier crackdown on civil society in August 2010 and accused of “terrorism”. On 1 April Page | 125 . a number of other human rights defenders. artists. human rights defenders in Bahrain have been subjected to an intensifying campaign of arrests. a board member of the BYSHR (see Front Line Urgent Appeal dated 10 March 2011). was subjected to numerous death threats along with human rights defenders Messrs Abdulhadi Al-Khawaja. and Mr Mohammed Sultan. while currently free. and other individuals associated with the pro-democracy movement in Bahrain as well as their family members including women and children. He is also reportedly prevented from leaving the country and has had his communications interfered with. bloggers. and Naji Fateel.human rights defenders : Bahrain: Widespread crackdown on human rights defenders Over the past two weeks. earlier in March. President of the BCHR and Deputy SecretaryGeneral of the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) was harassed by police while giving an interview to CNN at his home on 30 March Abdulhadi Al-Khawaja 2011. following his arrest on 17 March 2011. Further human rights defenders’ homes were subjected to raids. including BCHR members Mr Sayed-Yousif Al-Mahafdha and Dr Mohammed Saeed. spokesperson for The National Committee for Martyrs and Victims of Torture in Bahrain. a former Protection Coordinator for Front Line and former President of the BCHR. Among those detained. a member of the BCHR. however. threats and harassment as the authorities have cracked down on dissent following large-scale pro-democracy protests in February 2011. and Mr Abdul Ghani Khanjar. The crackdown on critics or opponents of the government has extended to cyber-activists. establishing a group which aims to violate the law. harassed and at risk are members of human rights organisations such as the Bahrain Centre for Human Rights (BCHR) and the Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights (BYSHR). a member of the Committee for the Unemployed. Furthermore.

com/2011/WORLD/ meast/04/17/bahrain. beaten up” By : Front Line URL : “http://www.frontlinedefenders. Upon discovering that Ali Abdulemam was not present.strike/index. Furthermore. It is also reported that. armed police carried out a dawn raid at the home of human rights defender Mr Ali Abdulemam. Mohammed Al-Maskati had previously been subjected to threats from a named member of the Bahraini Royal Family via the micro-blogging site twitter. Also Read : Bahrain: Beating and arrest of human rights defender Mr Abdulhadi Alkhawaja By : Front Line URL : “http://www. a number of medical doctors were arrested. Teachers and members of the medical profession have also been targeted during the crackdown. Mr Sayed Ahmed Sayed Mustafa Alwedaie. reportedly as a consequence of having spoken to the media about the authorities’ actions in sealing and militarising hospitals in the wake of the crackdown on protesters. Dr Bassem Dhaif and Dr Ghassan Dhaif. I swear by God I will have your family searching for you”. Ms Afrah AlAsfour and Ms Sana Abdul Razak were“ Page | 126 . was also arrested on 15 March 2011. with the intention of arresting him. Between 29 and 30 March 2011.frontlinedefenders. blogger and human rights defender Mr Mohammed Al-Maskati.human rights defenders : 2011. the police reportedly threatened his wife. was raided on 21 March 2011. Another activist who had been in contact with the media. stating: “anyone that’s living in Bahrain and is supporting the terrorist emoodz [AlMaskati]. members of the Teachers’ Association of Bahrain including Mr Salah Al-Bari. who warned him: “I know you well and I know where you live. will have his IP address taken and will get arrested!”.org/en/node/3949“ Bahrain: Serious concerns about torture and fair trial of former Front Line Protection Coordinator Abdulhadi AlKhawaja after initial hearing Bahrain human rights activist “arrested.reuters. a prominent blogger and owner of the website BahrainOnline. Ms Jaleela Al-Salman. If you don’t stop what you are doing.hopto. the home of Mr Mahdi Abu-Deeb. The same individual later threatened any individual in Bahrain who demonstrated support for Mohammed Al-Maskati. The account has since been closed. Between 17 and 19 March“ Bahraini hunger striker briefly hospitalized By : CNN URL : “http://edition. head of the Teachers’ Association. stating that they would return to look for him every evening.cnn. on 18 March 2011. These doctors included Dr Ali Al-Ekri. was arrested and remains in detention. and remain in“ By : Reuters URL : “http://www. html?iref=allsearch“ Bahrain: 102 Human rights defenders express support for Abdulhadi Al-Khawaja By : Bahrain Center for Human Rights URL : “http://bahrainrights.hunger.

” Al-Khawaja said. and four or five men were kicking him and punching him. he resigned from his position as director of the Middle East-North Africa region for the International Foundation for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders’ Front Line. Al-Masqati and other family members to an unknown location. Bahraini activist’s daughter on hunger strike for his release Four have died while in custody in the past two weeks. masked officers burst into Zainab Al-Khawaja’s home and assaulted her father.” Page | 127 Zainab Al-Khawaja .” “On the other hand.S. both of whom were severely beaten and hauled away by security forces a week ago.S.” Al-Khawaja lost consciousness.” Al-Khawaja said. according to family members and human rights activists. according to Front Line. government) to stop supporting the al-Khalifa regime who have proved now more than ever that they are corrupt. In February. “and the reason we have to suffer so much more is because the American administration is standing behind the dictator and giving him the green light to do whatever he wants with the people of Bahrain.” “I would rather die with dignity than live as a slave to the Al-Khalifa regime. at 3 a. Human Rights Watch said photos taken of his body show “disturbing signs of torture. critics say. however its tone toward Bahrain has been much more muted. I’d rather spend every day of my life with her and see her grow up.S. Police took Al-Khawaja. I want to die as well. “I must take a stand. On April 9. Among them is Kareem Fakhrawi. and one of them had his hand on my father’s throat the whole time. Navy’s Fifth Fleet. a blogger and founder of an opposition newspaper. that they care only about their thrones that they are willing to kill and torture. often violently and late at night. Asked why she would risk dying for her cause and leaving her daughter to be raised by someone else.human rights defenders : (CNN) -. and his sonin law.” his daughter said. “We’ve always been taught by my father dying with dignity is better than living as slaves. He was gasping for air and saying he couldn’t breathe. Syria and Libya. “if it was just about my daughter I would never do this. the group said.” The U. local time. Mohammed Al-Masqati. Al-Khawaja replied.” the 27-year-old said. “What’s making it so much more difficult for us.“They dragged him down the stairs. Zainab Al-Khawaja said the officers beat her father severely. Bahrain officials said Fakhrawi died of kidney failure.” she told CNN’s Amber Lyon in a recent interview.” The U. she said. Zainab Al-Khawaja said she is willing to die even though she has a 1-year-old daughter.m. She was referring to Bahrain’s royal family. Human Rights Watch says Bahraini police forces have arrested more than 430 people in recent weeks. Zainab Al-Khawaja said the American government must do much more. threw him on the ground. “And the last thing I heard my father say was that he couldn’t breathe.S. Abdulhadi Al-Khawaja is a former president of the Bahrain Center for Human Rights.” Al-Khawaja said. government has been quick to denounce regimes in Egypt. Abdulhadi Al-Khawaja. which has ruled the country since the 18th century. Bahrain is the home port for the U. “If my father is going to be killed.The daughter of a prominent Bahraini human rights activist is willing to starve to death if the nation’s authorities do not return her father and her husband. I am not willing to stay silent and watch as they are torturing my other family members. State Department has called for investigations into the deaths. “All I want is for them (the U.

A few weeks ago. not even Abdulhadi’s lawyers. Zeinab’s health had deteriorated since she started her hunger strike. The Bahraini minister was no doubt delighted by the State Department’s announcement on Monday that “the U.S. Yesterday. she was not able to speak or move. they said his voice was very weak and that he sounded very tired. medical workers and athletes. He wasn’t badly hurt and sounded upbeat. This week. I asked him why they were detaining and torturing people. gave a speech about the great economic strides made by his country. But when he called his family from detention a couple of days ago. the sudden excitement of democracy rallies have been replaced with the cold reality of repression as the government cracks down on prodemocracy protestors and activists. We will keep you updated on this ongoing situation. Zeinab Al Khawaja. Sign the petition now! Demand to free illegally detained Bahrainis including Abdulhadi Al-Khawaja. We also spoke about her sister.S. Earlier this month. who spoke about her father’s violent and illegal detention. I went to an event in Washington D. where the Bahraini Minister for Finance. I called Abdulhadi just after he’d been shot for taking part in a pro-democracy protest. Predictably (if both tragically and comically) he said no-one in Bahrain had been detained because of their peaceful opinions. “the oppression is great. beaten unconscious. who had been engaged in a ten-day hunger strike in protest of her father’s treatment. and. This week. nothing about the estimated 600 plus people in detention.” They believe he’s been tortured. Government appears happy to be part of that silence.C. I met with one of Abdulhadi’s daughters.” Nothing about widespread torture. The U. she ended her hunger strike. Page | 128 . in the past few days. No-one would confirm he was inside. His family asked how he was doing and he answered. In this video. and taken away. nothing about medical and legal professionals being targeted for supporting the pro-democracy activists. Shaikh Ahmed bin Mohamed Al-Khalifa. that “the days of us trying to control the media are behind us. was dragged from his home in the middle of the night. Zeinab explains her decision. after human rights activists in Bahrain and outside told her that her voice was needed in the struggle for human rights.human rights defenders : US Stays Silent as Bahraini Human Rights Defenders are Targeted In Bahrain. supports the Bahraini leadership’s own embrace of the principles of reform and the respect for rule of law and coexistence. His family heard that he would be tried today but when they went to the courthouse they weren’t allowed in. Human Rights First is committed to bring justice to those illegally detained and abused and we will continue to work on Adbulhadi’s case and the others.” and that “the silent majority” is with the government. Abdulhadi Al-Khawaja. former head of the Bahrain Center for Human Rights. but concerned about those who were more seriously injured but were being denied medical treatment by the authorities. Maryam Al-Khawaja. and why there were four deaths in police custody this month alone.

0 .Photographers SECTION 20.

a member of the Bahrain Society of Photography. southeast of the capital. One was Saeed Abdulla o to gra p h er s : News photographers among crackdown’s latest targets Many photographers who have been covering the pro-democracy protests taking place in Bahrain since mid-February have been arrested in the past few days. especially the funerals of demonstrators in March and April during which Page | 130 . who was arrested at his home in Juffair. The other two arrested on 15 May were Ali Abdulkarim Al-Kufi. was meanwhile arrested on 12 May and was held for 24 hours. is also one of the defendants but he is being tried in absentia. on 11 May. The third hearing in the trial of 21 human rights activists and opposition members was meanwhile held yesterday. who including the blogger Abduljalil Al-Singace. was arrest in his home in Sanabis. Reporters Without Borders calls for the immediately release of these photojournalists and all the other people who have been arrested for circulating information about the demonstrations and the ensuing government crackdown. He is a member of several international photography organizations and has won many international prizes. Mohamed Salman Al-Shaikh. He was the freed the next day. The defendants are being tried before a special Manama court under martial law. The trial was adjourned until 22 May to give the defence a chance to examine the evidence presented by the prosecution. the Bahraini authorities are trying to limit media coverage of their crackdown on the protests. pleaded not guilty to trying to overthrow the government. The same court sentenced four demonstrators to death last month. especially coverage in the international media. Anmar Kamal Al-Dine. He has been posting photos of demonstrations on Twitter. The head of the pro-democracy and civil liberties movement Al Haq. By carrying out these targeted arrests. regarded as one of the country’s Internet pioneers. The defendants present in court. a 24-year-old netizen who blogs on the social network Twitter as @anmarek. a village west of Manama. and Hassan Al-Nasheet. His photographic equipment was seized during searches of his home and the home of his fiancée. Fellow blogger Ali Abdulemam. a freelance photographer who heads the Bahrain Society of Photography. Three photographers were arrested on 15 May. Singace used his blog to denounce the deplorable state of civil liberties in Bahrain and the discrimination against its Shiite population.

.ph o to gra p h er s : many arrests were made. a prominent freelance columnist and writer who also participates in several online forums. In 2009.Ali Omid. Page | 131 . Hossein Abdalsjad Abdul Hossein Al-Abbas.m.Photographer Hossein Abbas Salem. Jaffar Abdalsjad Abdul Hossein Al-Abbas.Faysal Hayyat. The following are still detained: . after giving an interview to Al-Jazeera the previous day in which he stressed the danger of opposition leaders being arrested. a parliamentary representative of the Al-Wefaq party who often talks to the international media about the current repression in Bahrain. who were arrested after being forced to resign from the newspaper Al-Bilad. Mattar Ibrahim Mattar. Ali Jawad. Fadel Al-Marzouk. He is well known for the views he has expressed on sensitive subjects in recent months. yesterday. Hamza Ahmed Youssef Al-Dairi and Ahmed Youssef Al-Dairi. Abbas Al-Murshid. who are all online forum administrator or moderators. . was arrested after being summoned for questioning at 6 p. Abdullah Alawi and Jasem Al-Sabbagh. He managed to contact his family today to let them know that he is being held. was arrested on 2 May.Al-Wasat journalist Haydar Mohamed. he was injured in the right eye by a rubber bullet fired by riot police. . Hani Al-Tayf. His Twitter account has been inaccessible since his arrest.

BYSHR is deeply concerned about the arrest of alSheikh and has called on international organizations to act urgently to protect him. schools. Saudi-backed regime forces have detained more than a thousand opposition activists since the antigovernment protests erupted in mid-February. is the winner of more than 13 international awards. who heads Bahrain’s Society of Photography. Bahraini regime forces have also raided dozens of o to gra p h er s : Bahrain Arrests Freelance Photographer “Mohammad Salman al-Sheikh” Saudi-backed Bahraini forces have arrested a prominent freelance photographer as the Manama regime continues its brutal crackdown on anti-government protesters.The Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights (BYSHR) said on Wednesday that Mohammad Salman al-Sheikh was arrested the previous day in his apartment in the town of Sanabis. sacred sites and even graves in persisting efforts to suppress protesters. (Ahlul Bayt News Agency) . Protesters are demanding an end to the rule of the Al Khalifa dynasty. Mohammad Salman al-Sheikh Page | 132 . His most important prize was a silver medal in international competition titled “Slovenia Exposed” in 2009. Al-Sheikh. He is also a member of the international organizations of photography.

R o y a l We d d i n g SECTION 21.0 .

The king. can you justify your cosy relationships with these brutal men? The inclusion of these people on the guest list of the royal wedding sends an appalling message to the world. Yet why do they choose these dictators over others? The family connections were never so strong with the houses of Saddam Hussein or Hosni Mubarak. The relationship between our royal family and those of the Middle East has a long history. • The headline and standfirst on this article was changed at 18:58 on 17 March 2011 to make it clear that the author does not think the royal wedding is something that can be disgraced Page | 134 . arrested. particularly at this time. It would seem that if a dictator has the foresight to call himself “king”. It shows the sort of principles and priorities the family has and only adds to the long list of reasons why our shabby and nepotistic monarchy should be abolished in favour of an open. and it reflects very badly on the Windsor family. No doubt if Kim Jong-il of North Korea – a monarchy in all but name – were to crown himself King Jong-il he too would discover new friends in Graham Smith Clarence House and Buckingham Palace. I would ask the Windsors to spare a thought for those protesters who have been shot. yet in practice the differences are only a matter of degrees.R o y a l W e dding : Bahrain’s king as a royal wedding guest? What an dreadful message Guardian News : I have written a letter to Prince William and Kate Middleton calling on them to remove the king of Bahrain and other vile men from their wedding invitation list. Think of the families whose loved ones have gone missing or who have had the lifeless bodies of their brothers and sons returned to them by the savage security services who prop up these so-called royal families. These are people who favour status over principle and “royalty” over legitimacy. who has reportedly received a personal invitation to the wedding from the Queen. and warned that it would send an “appalling message to the world were any dictators of the Middle East – royal or otherwise – seen enjoying the hospitality of your family and rubbing shoulders with Hollywood stars and politicians at your wedding”. It is a very deep and very personal one – as we saw when Prince Charles used his connections with the Qatari princes to pull the plug on the Chelsea barracks developer at the cost of thousands of jobs. tortured and killed. the Windsor family will seek out his friendship and speak favourably of him in diplomatic circles. I reminded the couple of this country’s duty to support the oppressed and the democrats over the despots and oppressors. He may even get an invitation to Kate and Wills’s big day. has violently crushed the pro-democracy movement in his country. The inclusion of these dictators on a wedding invitation list that excludes democratic leaders from Europe and the US speaks volumes about the world view of the Windsor family. Perhaps this is why the “royal” dictators have received a more muted response to their atrocities from the British government. And my question to the Windsors is a simple one: can you look those people in the eye and justify the invitation you have extended to their oppressors. accountable and representative republic.

though he declined to provide details. however. teachers. where a Sunni minority monopolises the political power. Human rights advocates. Qatar. Nabeel Rajab.” Shia majority is being supported by Iran and Hezbollah. Saudi constitutional monarchy by deploying massive Arabia. Salman bin Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa. and peacefully protesting. the United Arab Emirates. Hundreds of doctors. as criticism of the violent suppression of opposition protesters continues. the government has cast the “They’re losing the hearts and minds of the people popular revolt in a sectarian light. Rajab said. Morocco and Page | 135 .” he said in a phone interview. British royals with Sheikh Salman bin Hamad al-Khalifa aboard a British naval vessel off Bahrain coast in 2007 numbers of troops. and freedom of speech since mid-February. is extremely disappointing. Royal invitees from elsewhere in the Arab world Al-Khalifa’s regime has responded to the calls for include heads of state from Oman. sacked or forcibly disappeared in recent days.” rather than invite those accused of grievous human rights abuses to the high-profile celebrations. nurses. told Al Jazeera that protesters were expecting the British to take a “tough stance.R o y a l W e dding : Royal wedding invite angers Bahrain activists The crown prince of Bahrain will not be attending the wedding of the UK’s Prince William and Kate Middleton in London next week. A palace spokesperson announced on Sunday that Crown Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa cannot attend the nuptials. unionists have been beaten. human rights es to Bahrain to help crush the uprising. was one of more than 40 foreign royals invited to attend the British royals’ wedding in Westminster Abbey on Friday.” Rajab said. president of the Bahrain Centre for Human Rights. “Unfortunately I’m banned from travelling other“Calling our crown prince at a time when people are wise I’d be travelling there [to London] to protest being killed … for demanding their political rights outside the wedding. Bahraini demonstrators Saudi Arabia and the UAE have sent security forchave been demanding democracy. Like similar protests movements across the Middle East and North Africa. arguing that the in this region. the Crown Prince of Bahrain. In Bahrain. were quick to condemn the decision to invite al-Khalifa to the ceremony.“ Britain’s Royal Wedding Fiasco and its “Dirty little Secret” in Bahrain By : Global Research URL : “http://www. accused the authorities of razing some 30 Shia holy sites since it imposed martial law last month.” @MariaSelba wrote. Tunisia and Egypt. a USbased NGO. the leading Shia opposition ntroversy/4667062/story. “Do you accept that the murderer of his people Prince Salman Bin Hamad Al-Khalifa heaping among the guests at a royal wedding on the land of Britain?” wrote Y-Shaheen El Heloo. Physicians for Human Rights.R o y a l W e dding : Kuwait. Also Read : British royal wedding guest list causes controversy By : Langley Advance URL : “http://www. the London-based human rights asked: “Can concerned Britons get #Bahrain Crown Prince arrested at the #royalwedding using universal jurisdiction law?” On Friday. a spokesperson for Amnesty International. whose whereabouts are in most cases unknown. many of them historic buildings. Al-Wefaq. issued a report condemning Bahraini security forces of “systematic attacks” on medical staff.html?id=4667062“ Bahrain ‘torture service’ official to attend royal wedding By : Guardian URL : “http://www.” he said. php?context=va&aid=24493“ Furore over royal wedding guest list By : Independent URL : “http://www.independent. Reacting to al-Khalifa’s inclusion on the guest Activists on Twitter were also vocal concerning the invite. an activist who contacted Al Jazeera via email. “We would expect any government hosting senior representatives of the Bahraini government to use this opportunity to press strongly and publicly for the government to halt its crackdown on freedom of expression.langleyadvance. told Al Jazeera that there has been a “dramatic deterioration” in human rights conditions in Bahrain over the past month. “I call on people of conscious all over the world to condemn the invitation of #Bahrain’s prince to which has included the arrest of at least 500 people. html“ Page | 136 . meanwhile. Amnesty International has called on North American and European governments to be as vocal about human rights in their small Gulf ally as they have been in support of opposition uprisings in Libya.

The media reports had “clearly sought to involve my potential attendance as a political proxy for wider matters involving Bahrain. and we see this when people’s blood has not even dried. 2010. tation. urging it last week to investigate reports of deaths in custody. rights and opposition groups say.900 guests invited to the wedding at Westminster Abbey in London. In the letter. inviting in troops from Sunni neighbours such as Saudi Arabia and arresting hundreds of people. which was confirmed on Saturday. Nabeel Rajab. in a letter sent to William’s father Prince Charles. Details of the letter were released by a spokesman for the crown prince. The British government has also called on Bahrain to respect human rights. head of the Bahrain Centre for Human Rights. Human rights campaigners criticising Bahrain’s fierce security crackdown on anti-government protesters called on Britain’s royal family to withdraw the wedding invite sent to Sheikh Salman bin Hamad al-Khalifa. Crown Prince of Bahrain. defusing a potentially embarrassing row over his invitation. many of them activists or doctors. Last month. leaving me able to join the celebrations of the House of Windsor and the family of Miss Middleton. “Is this a reward to our ruling family for the crimes they committed? We were waiting for a tough reaction from the UK. Page | 137 .R o y a l W e dding : Bahrain crown prince declines royal wedding invite (Reuters) : Bahrain’s crown prince said he would not attend Britain’s royal wedding on April 29 because of continuing unrest in his Gulf Arab kingdom. Hundreds have been sacked from government jobs. heir to the British throne.” he added.” he said. had criticised the crown prince’s invi- Sheikh Salman bin Hamad al-Khalifa. outlook and position on recent events (in Bahrain).resulting from recent unrest in the Kingdom of Bahrain -. Bahrain crushed mainly Shi’ite protests by declaring martial law.might have improved. without being overshadowed by issues in Bahrain.” Rajab said. who was one of 1.” Criticism of his invitation in British media had “fundamentally misrepresented my own views. British human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell had said the invite was a “massive misjudgement” by Britain’s royal family. The crown prince said he had decided with “deep regret” to decline the invitation to the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton. speaks during a special session addressing peace in the Middle East at the Clinton Global Initiative in New York September 21. Bahrain says it has targeted only those who committed crimes during the unrest in March. the crowd prince said the decision had been “left for as long as possible in the sincere hope that ongoing events -. torture and denial of medical treatment.

Mosques SECTION 22.0 .

Mosques :
Aljazeera : Bahrain targets Shia religious sites
The Bahraini government has destroyed a number of mosques in continuation of its aggressive crackdown on pro-democracy protesters, a special Al Jazeera investigation has revealed. At least 28 mosques and Shia religious institutions have been destroyed in the Gulf state since the crackdown on Shia-led protests began in MidMarch, the opposition group, Al Wefaq, told Al Jazeera’s Charles Stratford. The Justice Ministry, however, said it was tearing down the mosques because they were not licensed. Ordinary Bahrainis were hesitant to speak to our correspondent; they were fearful of government informers who they said were everywhere. “It is a war against identity,” one man told our correspondent. “This Sunni government of Bahrain is fighting the Shia, destroying their places of worship and holy places.” Adel Al-Moawda, deputy chairman of the Bahraini parliament, denied the report that mosques were being destroyed. “The mosques that have been demolished, most of them are not mosques,” Al-Moawda told Al Jazeera. “There were only expansions of mosques in some private territories. Very few numbers of mosques, which are illegally built, have been demolished.” He said Sunni mosques were also among these few that had been demolished. “What is happening in Bahrain now ... everybody is following the law and order, that is all,” he added. Strong sense of fear “The sense of fear amongst the people that you are trying to talk to is really quite incredible,” Stratford said. He said Al Jazeera found it very difficult to find Sunni voices since the crackdown began in midMarch. “A lot of the sympathisers who were pushing for

see the video : “”

reform from the Sunni side have gone into hiding, seemingly very intimidated by the crackdown,” our correspondent added. “It is important to recognise that before the crackdown on the roundabout there were sizable demonstrations by the Sunni population.” Earlier, Al Jazeera revealed that medics who worked to assist wounded protesters have been targeted, with hundreds facing arrest and investigation by the regime. Bahraini police also carried out raids on girls’ schools, detaining and beating them, during its crackdown, secret filming by Al Jazeera’s Stratford revealed. The government denied this report. “The allegations made by Al Jazeera English are totally baseless and without credibility,” sources quoted by the Bahraini news agency said. Al-Moawda repeated the denial, saying “there is a big exaggeration in some of what I have just heard now about torturing doctors and nurses”. URL :” /2011/05/2011513112016389348.html” Page | 139

Mosques :
Statement from department of Jaffaria Waqf
Department of Jaffaria Waqf said in a statement: the removal process of mosques has included mosques from tens of years that gained the mosques rules and regulations, so it is illegal to destroy. Jaffaria Waqf has also noted about the ownership documents, that most houses of worshiping and graveyards for the both of Sunni and Shiite does not have these documents, except for the newly made and that Official bodies are dealing with the awqaf official certificates of survey.Said the department: “the meeting that was held last Tuesday 19 April in the office of interior minister, who was inviting for the meeting, with presence of Minister of Justice, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Urban Planning and the Main House Jaffaria and Sunni Endowments, they have agreed to Investigate and ask for clarifications regarding the role of worship. Jaffaria Waqf had also noted that they had agreed to form a committee that will correct the situation of worshiping houses in all of the Provinces of Bahrain.Assuring that they were very surprised, said the “Jaffaria Waqf ” to see that some of media was talking according to the Chief of Media Affairs, that there are 600 violated of worshiping houses and what has been removed was only 10%! It is worth to mention that the tearing down process continued after the meeting that agreed to stop the removing and tearing down process, as in the same day of the meeting 10 mosques were torn down, and it is not stopped until this day!! 03 May 2011

Jaffaria Waqf

Also Read :
While Bahrain demolishes mosques, U.S. stays silent
By : Roy Gutman | McClatchy Newspapers URL : “http://www.mcclatchydc. com/2011/05/08/113839/while-bahrain-demolishesmosques.html“

Bahrain Opposition Accuses Government of Demolishing 30 Mosques

By : Glen Carey -Bloomberg URL : “ bahrain-opposition-accuses-government-of-demolishing-30-mosques.html“

U.S. Urged to Speak Out in Aftermath of Bahrain Mosque Burnings

By : human rights first URL : “ bahrain-opposition-accuses-government-of-demolishing-30-mosques.html“

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F1 & E conom y :
F1 must shun Bahrain’s blood money
Espnf1 :Officially the FIA is sticking by its May 1 deadline for organisers of the Bahrain Grand Prix to inform it if the race, postponed from March 13 because of the political situation in the kingdom, can take place later in the year. While the FIA has little alternative to stick to its deadline - which many believed was a fudge in the first place - events in the last week make it all but impossible there will be a Bahrain Grand Prix in 2011, and perhaps even beyond then. While the world’s attention has been on Japan and Libya, the Bahrain royal family invited in the Saudi Arabian army to help the “security” of the state. Few believe the troops are little more than neighbourly muscle aimed at crushing a popular uprising against the ruling elite which, if successful, could threaten the stability of Saudi Arabia’s own oppressive monarchy. The evidence of the first few days of occupation suggest a level of brutality hitherto unseen will be the order of the day. Prince Salman bin Hamad Al-Khalifa, the heir to the Bahrain throne, is the man whose dream it was to bring Formula One to the state and who pumped in around $180 million to build the Bahrain International Circuit. Because the grand prix is very much associated with him, it made it likely as being a particular target for protests, one of the factors he agreed to its postponement. He is a more than welcome guest of the great and the good of the sport and of politicians globally, and is also the credible face of the regime, repeatedly urging a national dialogue while it clamps down with increasing violence on its own people who are demanding the removal of the Al-Khalifa elite. Salman bin Hamad Al-Khalifa may be a moderate some say he was caught unawares by the Saudi intervention - but he is inextricably linked to the unleashing of violence on his own people Such is the strength of the democracy movement, the only way the uprising will be quelled is by in-

Bernie Ecclestone chats with Salman Bin Hamad Al-Khalifa ... but how far will that friendship stretch?

creasing violence and repression. If the regime is successful in doing that then a veneer of normality will return to the state. But even if that does happen, would it be right for the FIA to endorse the credibility of the regime in general and Prince Salman bin Hamad Al-Khalifa in particular by returning so soon to Bahrain? The sight of him swanning around the circuit at Sakhir would be positively nauseating given the numbers killed and hurt in the last month. Money talks, no more so than within Formula One. But there have to be limits, even for the likes of Bernie Ecclestone. Bahrain is a boring race in a state with an unpalatable, albeit wealthy, ruling elite in an already packed schedule. If an alternative is needed, Ecclestone is constantly raising the hopes of wannabe venues with hints they could host a grand prix, so there are no shortages of candidates. Perhaps this time money ought not to be the one and only reason for bringing the Formula One roadshow to town.

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Once a relaxed and business-friendly island on the edge of the conservative kingdom of Saudi Arabia. because all Bahrain’s hotel industry. Last week. economy. they cut off the road to the financial district.. For the business to recover will take time. which relies on a regular planned activities. launch a crackdown that drove protesters off the Crown Prince Sheikh Salman al-Khalifa decided streets. February-May is peak ings have been postponed or canceled.” Gulf Hotel CEO Aqeel losers. has been canceled. We must all offer concessions or we are all badly effected in all areas. People want back restaurant hours while some of its staff are on one thing.. a festival set to take to call in Gulf Arab troops. prompting the government Bahrain’s Spring of Culture.In the marble lobby of one of Bahrain’s most prestigious hotels.F1 & E conom y : Bahrain unrest brings economy to standstill (Reuters) .” season in the Gulf Arab region. “Our occupancy has dropped from the high 90s “If everyone pulls in a different direction we will all to the low 25 and 30s.calendar of business conferences to keep rooms full.. The Saudi cars normally parked outside are conspicuous by their absence. exhibitions. “Our occupancy is down from near 100 percent to Gulf Hotel has closed some of its floors and cut 30 percent. They have begun to That delay has had knock-on effects across the reopen.” said Ahmed Sanad. but business is slow.” voluntary leave. which draws over 40. city were shut as fear spread. setting up camp at activity. and sent investors and expatriates stuck in the middle and losing. the government wants another and business. head of the hotel by unrest that has sucked in neighboring armies and restaurant association. Pearl roundabout.. meet. last month to postpone the season opener for the Bahrain’s four main shopping malls were cut off Formula One Grand Prix. where searing Bahrain has been gripped by unrest since protest.000 from customers for five days and shops around the visitors annually and was scheduled for March..” Raees told Reuters in an interview. conferences. impose martial law and place this month. Bahrain’s economy has been brought to a standstill economy. has taken a severe hit.temperatures make summer too hot for outdoor ers took to the street last month.. GOING BUST “Everybody in Bahrain has been affected . smartly-uniformed staff with polite smiles outnumber the few guests. We can’t do anything. “The unrest has not just affected us but the whole Page | 143 . so our business has been suffer.

and complained that workers were being Last weekend.” Page | 144 . all sitting in the parking area. after business fell by over 70 percent and Formula One events were canceled. If it continues we are destroying an economy that will be very hard to DESTROYING THE ECONOMY rebuild. Along with Kuala Lumpur. seen crossing the King Fahd Causeway. These types of parties you book in advance..2 million tions in Tunisia and Egypt. said the unrest in hours to get across amid heavy traffic. but that source has now dried up. about our staff. when visitors could wait for are all headquartered in Bahrain. 35. two or three tables were full. population. a Lebanese businessman who has joins Bahrain to Saudi Arabia. evacuate their families. a meager trickle of cars could be hampered by checkpoints around Manama.. and the central bank was forced to move to an alternate location. has ceased in re. “We do three parties for Formula One: Fashion TV. said on Monday that it would continue a general strike.F1 & E conom y : Sitting on the terrace of Coral Beach Club. That is in stark con.” he said.” he said. “All our work in Bahrain is affected and Bahrain “Most people already left last week. and was first affected by the revoluforeigners. who has sent his own es in Saudi Arabia.” “I’m afraid of the situation. But over a month of worsening unrest has prompted Fitch and Standard & Poor’s to downgrade the sovereign debt of a small state that was once the Gulf financial capital. Some banks briefly closed their branches due to fears about staff safety. Venues like Coral Beach rely on overseas visitors for over half of their business. Head Candy with Ministry of Sound and Formula One Rocks.000 we are always busy. General Manager Chadi Sleiman said the restaurant could not last much longer. Normally.77 offices in the Arab world but whose companies trast to recent years. in the UAE. Flights from Bahrain have been full as Arab world. Sleiman would expect to serve lunch to 80-100 customers on a Monday. On Monday at lunchtime. We are staff and that is a big responsibility. Bahrain established itself as the Gulf’s financial hub in the 1980s. We are worried family to India after 26 years in Bahrain. The Bahraini dinar fell to multi-year lows in the forwards market last Wednesday. who comprise over half the 1.000 of whom enjoy Bahrain’s more liberal nightlife every weekend and spend their cash in Manama’s malls and cinemas. which Akram Miknas. We have officleft.000 people for each. In my companies we have 4.The General Federation of Bahrain Trade Unions cent weeks. Its financial sector accounts for about a quarter of GDP and is an important player in the government’s effort to create jobs and diversify away from oil. Most Western nations urged their nationals leave His public relations company operates across the last week.” said one taxi driver. We had 4. Manama has established itself as a main hub of the $1 trillion Islamic finance industry. no one is busy. the day of the crackdown. Now. the Gulf had come as a big surprise. All the expats has affected the rest of the Gulf. The influx of tourists from Saudi Arabia. which is the official afterparty. “Normally.. so we’d already paid. The daily buffet was scrapped for lack of demand. when banks catering to the region’s wealth left Beirut because of the civil war.. yachts bobbing in the jetty behind him.

Hotel occupancy in Dubai increased by 7. Bahrain and Oman. businesses flee to Dubai to escape storm (Reuters) . There was not a single one available.” said Nabil Issa. data from STR Global showed. Egypt. through big events in the region. particularly “There are members from our club in Bahrain among large multinationals.” said Guy Wilkinson.” the desert.” Page | 145 .500 hotel rooms and apartments in Dubai. unfortunately. There are 65.” Occupancy rates have surged for hotels and hotel apartments in the emirate since a wave of unrest hit the region. are using the club here frequently. The main driver. “We have also seen senior Saudis more in the club Bahrain and send them to Dubai for a while’. Issa said the flow of deals has virtually dried up in “Dubai occupancy has been better.” said one Bahrain-based public relations executive who had moved operations temporarily to Dubai. “It has been a windfall. countries affected by unrest.Regional turmoil is creating an unexpected boom for Dubai as tourists and businessmen flock once again to the shopping and skyscraper oasis after fleeing just a few years ago in the wake of its spectacular debt debacle. that have moved who have moved to Dubai temporarily and they people and operations to Dubai. Visitor numbers are noticeably higher in Dubai’s gleaming malls and restaurants. Matcham. chief executive of Capital Club Limited. “It’s become the place to meet with one another and negotiate a deal.with business executives trying to close deals that taurant tables and taxis were as rare as water in may have been delayed if they had waited it out in Bahrain. February data is not yet available. It lives a charmed life other international businesses to switch their attention to Dubai. a hospitality consultancy. prompting banks and since the unrest started. “You’ll see the coffee shops at the (Dubai International Financial Centre) and boardrooms are full However. “We’re seeing a number of clients. when free res. and they were all full. and hotels are ecstatic as rooms fill up and deals are done. appeared to Clubs and restaurants catering to the financial industry are witnessing an influx of clients from be business. however temporary.9 percent in January compared with the same month in 2010. “The common theme is becoming ‘get them out of which runs Dubai’s Capital Club. Dubai is still off its peak. managing partner at Viability Management Consultants.” said Russell Dubai-based partner at law firm King and Spalding.F1 & E conom y : Tourists.

” she a welcome boost for the emirate. seen as ground zero for regional unrest. said Rachel Ziemba. Besides businessmen. compared with 0. the Gulf’s only indoor ski slope and has built an artificial palm-shaped island complete with resorts. as he boarded a sightseeing bus at the Dubai Mall with his family.5 percent in 2010. Even more extravagant projects were being dreamt up when the cranes came to stop and construction sites fell silent when the asset and property bubble burst as the global financial crisis drew easy money away from Dubai and the region. Editing by Andrew Dobbie) . the UAE is somewhat sheltered and could see some benefit of tourism flows. senior research analyst at Roubini Global Page | 146 “Dubai and.” (Additional reporting by Dinesh Nair.” Ziemba cautioned that the initial boost might not herald a long-term positive outlook for the emirA DRAW FOR TOURISTS ate.F1 & E conom y : recently as Bahrain has been off limits. The International Monetary Fund expects the Dubai gross domestic product to rise by 2. “We changed our plans when we saw TV pictures of the huge rallies and violence in Egypt. which has struggled with an estimated $115 billion debt thanks to the collapse of the real estate market. tourists are staying away from travel hotspots such as Egypt’s Sharm elSheikh.8 percent this year. Tunisia. more broadly. We originally wanted to head to Sharm el-Sheikh. “However the scope of the unrest and particularly its escalation to regions like Bahrain means even Dubai is not immune.” said Reinhold Fleischhacker from Germany. is also off the tourist map. The unexpected influx of business and tourism -in other words cash -. Burj Khalifa. Dubai might be one of the few places in the region to see growth increase on a year-on-year basis amid political turmoil in the Gulf. membership has increased dramatically and we are getting three or four enquiries per day. Interest in Economics. now known as the beach town where President Hosni Mubarak fled at the height of the uprising. Dubai has world’s tallest building.

corrected.countries as proof of a policy of sectarian rule. and point to the General Federation of Bahraini Trade Unions the naturalization of foreigners from largely Sunni has really been bludgeoned during this crack. including causing the death of not have an immediate comment. owned companies. Morocco and Oman. labor group wants President Barack Obama’s administration to suspend a free trade pact with Bahrain over human rights abuses in the kingdom’s crackdown on antigovernment protests. down. Navy’s Fifth The AFL-CIO believes the best course would be Fleet and a regional financial and banking hub.S.S. exports to Bahrain have grown sharply since At least 13 protesters and four police died during the free trade agreement went into force in Januunrest that gripped the island kingdom in February ary 2006. The government has since cracked down on Shi’ite “Many members of the GFBTU and several trade villages and opposition activists. it would send a very negative signal to the rest of the region were this trade union to be destroyed. deputy director of the AFL-CIO labor federation.” Vogt said. who committed crimes during the unrest.S. and fired hundreds of workers from stateWe see this as an effort to dismantle an effective. The Labor De. group’s petition and decide how to proceed. dreds. Bahrain’s Shi’ites say they are denied access to “We felt this is tremendously important given that state employment. and March until Bahrain declared martial law and Page | 147 . which is home to the U. told Reuters on Friday the group has urged the administration to notify Bahrain it intends invited in troops from Sunni neighbors to quash to withdraw from the trade agreement after a re. At least three people have died independent voice in the country for workers. The others are tions to see if various labor rights abuses can be Jordan. Vogt said. Labor Department. I think in custody.wounded protesters by inflicting additional injuries partment has until about June 21 to examine the on them.The largest U. quired six-month waiting period. arresting hununions have been fired or harassed or arrested. is for the United States to notify Bahrain it intends to one of four Arab League countries that have a free withdraw from the pact.S.anti-government demonstrations. land and housing.F1 & E conom y : U. U. labor urges trade pact with Bahrain be suspended (Reuters) . Bahrain. and then begin consulta. Jeff Vogt.S.” The government says it has targeted only those Vogt said. Trade Representative’s office referred ens of health care workers for crimes committed Reuters to the pact with the United States. which did during the protests.S. It announced on Monday that it would prosecute dozThe U.

com/beyond-brics/2011/03/17/ bahrain-the-business-hub-that-was/“ Bahrain’s Bapco sees fall in oil production URL : “http://english. However. The pact also helped boost Bahrain’s exports to the United States to more than $625 million in 2007. Also Read :“ Bahrain Losing Its Edge as Finance Hub URL : “http://www.html?_r=2“ Activists hope Bahrain is not reinstated URL : “http://uk.6 million in NewsContent/3/12/8138/Business/Economy/BahrainsBapco-sees-fall-in-oil-production. from $ general-ml-bahrain-us-trade_8444701.eurosport. the business hub that was URL : “http://blogs. compared to $350.8 million in 2005.forbes.2 million last year.html“ Page | 148 .com/2011/03/31/world/ middleeast/31iht-m31-bahrain.ahram. the kingdom’s exports to the United States tumbled during the global financial and totaled just $420.25 billion worth of goods to the kingdom last year.html“ US union group: End trade pact with Bahrain URL : “http://www.F1 & E conom y : The United States shipped $ activists-hope-bahrain-reinstated.nytimes.

functroops from Qatar. with banks acting to relocate employees and capital to elsewhere in the region in case conditions worsen despite the declaration of a three-month state of emergency. remained a hub for offshore banking and The infrastructure and similar business environment make the change easy for them. businesses have begun seeking Now. “Before this. she said. the United Arab Emir. includemergency was declared on March 15. the protests and unrest have backup facilities in surrounding countries. ates and Saudi Arabia sent to control Shiite “HSBC’s first consideration is for the safePage | 149 . a Middle East economist at the Economist Intelligence Unit. the kingdom have to think too hard about relocating. sets and employees to places perceived as “Banks are starting off with expatriate staff. “Bahrain has suffered irreparable damage to its reputation as a financial hub. moving them from Bahrain offices to Dubai Bahrain’s financial center is one of the old.” Islamic financial services.” said Ayesha Sabavala. with ing cash machines and call centers.and Doha. safer.tioning in times of disruption. ernment. the losing a bit of an edge to competition from fact that there are similar financial hubs so newer financial centers in Dubai. based in London. one that will take a long time to repair. established in the early already have offices in other countries. Now. a month after the kingdom’s crisis Doha and Abu Dhabi anyway. Abu Dhabi close to Bahrain means companies don’t and Doha in the past decade.gency plans in place for crisis situations. Although pletely relocating by many of them. its position was already protesters at the request of Bahrain’s govchallenged by business centers in Dubai. have raised major questions over its future as a regional financial hub. “There is talk of complan away from oil dependency. particularly offshore banks that est in the region. tions worsened and a three-month state of designed to keep critical services. persuaded banks to start transferring as. and their brutal repression. Sabavala said.banking analysts say. A spokesman for HSBC’s Middle East opBut its status was challenged anew when erations said the bank had robust continprotests began in late February.” started. analysts say. Condi.F1 And Economy : NY TIMES : Bahrain Losing Its Edge as Finance Hub DUBAI — The protests in Bahrain.” 1980s as part of an economic diversification Ms.

“What we are seeing is that companies will first repatriate staff to other countries in the region and then wait and see if there is any improvement. “It is clear that Bahrain’s reputation as a stable. commercial and legal stability. “The Central Bank of Bahrain is expected to release statistics early in April. business-friendly place has taken a major hit.” Mr. ultimately to BBB.” said Raj Madha. which will indicate the impact of the unrest on banking activity. although this is one factor among many. “It would be unfair to say that Bahrain is dead as a financial hub.” the spokesman in an e-mail. and Arab Banking Group. Madha added. “it is unlikely to precipitate wholesale flight from Bahrain. HSBC will continue to closely monitor events in Bahrain. is a money flow to places like Dubai and other cities where banks can operate in a safer political environment. the Bahraini branch of Arab Bank. “tips the case towards Dubai. in general.” Ms. Madha said. “While no staff were evacuated. a senior economist at Standard Chartered Bank covering the Middle East and North Africa region. said Philipe Dauba-Pantanacce. Sabavala said. relocations could be permanent. without signs of a political resolution. and that might shift the balance in favor of places like Dubai. analysts said. The financial sector makes up 25 percent of the kingdom’s gross domestic product. customers and their interests. we will definitely see relocations. BMI Bank.” Analysts have also begun noticing a flow of capital as banks transfer some assets to neighboring countries.” So far. “But unless the situation further deteriorates. “Bahrain will also continue to benefit from close relations with Saudi Arabia. however. Bahrain National Insurance Co. one notch above junk status. If conditions worsen. and in particular on the liquidity available to banks. banking analyst at Rasmala Investments in Dubai. which is based in Bahrain but majority-owned by the Libyan government.” Standard & Poor ’s downgraded Bahrain’s credit rating three times after the onset of political tensions.” What the unrest has done is strengthen the case for Dubai and Doha as commercial hubs in the region.” said Sofia El Boury. and assets in the banking sector are roughly equivalent to 10 times Bahrain’s gross domestic product. banks have mostly taken short-term measures to protect their operations and assets. That was complemented by downgrades of Bahraini banks and insurance companies: Ahli United Bank. taking all necessary steps to protect its staff. but it will suffer long-term reputational damage. Support for financial services in Bahrain will be crucial in the coming months. an analyst at Shuaa Capital in Dubai.” Mr. “What we’ve seen so far.. The current situation. as well as any longstanding stable regulatory framework — this hasn’t changed.” he said. including regulatory. All of these companies were placed on credit watch with negative implications. it is possible that regional businesses will look for an alternative financial center. “With this scenario.” Page | 150 . especially for businesses set to launch operations in the region for the first time.F1 And Economy : ty and security of its staff. but if uncertainty continues.

0 .Pearl Tube: Bahrain Revolution SECTION 24.

be/Um3zuH1Xpo0 CNN Reporter Comes Under Live Gunfire While Interviewing Protesters In Bahrain CNN report about Bahrain 11-04-2011 Amber Lyon Report On Bahrain .CNN URL : URL : CNN Demonstrator’s Victory in Bahrain CNN Rreporter detained in Bahrain Protesters Shot With Live Rounds In Bahrain URL : Page | 152 .Pearl Tube : Bahrain Revolution Videos Attack the Holy Koran CNN report .be/k8lBSG-23ko URL : URL : URL : URL : URL : http://youtu.after Saudi army come in Bahrain (CNN) The hunger strike of Zainab Alkhawaja URL : http://youtu.

be/458St6IdAm4 URL : URL : Christopher Davidson discussing Bahrain and Libya on BBC News Crackdown in Bahrain (Extended Report) -BBC BBC1 Crackdown in Bahrain (Short Report) URL : URL : URL : CNN Report .BAHRAIN 12-4-2011 CNN .Pearl Tube : Bahrain Revolution Videos CNN Report On Police Crackdown On Protestors At Pearl Roundabout CNN reporter kicked out of Bahrain for reporting the truth Amber Lyon Report On Bahrain CNN URL : http://youtu.BAHRAIN 22-04-2011 BBC .Report on Bahrain URL : URL : Page | 153 .be/2M_Uxk_t9HM URL : http://youtu.

Pearl Tube : Bahrain Revolution Videos Violent response to Bahrain protest Bahrain’s Dark Secret People Power :Aljazera Report URL : URL : Page | 154 . THE TRUTH pro-government group attacks doctors at university of Bahrain URL : URL : URL : Poverty in Bahrain on CNN CNN IN BAHRAIN URL : URL : The Truth about university of Bahrain Urgent Call to the World: Please Save the People of Bahrain Solidarity of Australians to Bahrain URL : URL : http://youtu.

be/lBBMfpv2eDk URL : URL : URL : A message to Obama shooting women and demonstrators Police Arming thugs in Bahrain URL : URL : http://youtu.Pearl Tube : Bahrain Revolution Videos ABC Undercover Report on Bahrain CNN Report Human Rights Activist Attacked by government URL : URL : URL : Apartheid Bahrain Bahrain compilation protesters shootings dead riot police army Saudis Attack mosques in Bahrain URL : Page | 155 .

Pearl Tube : Bahrain Revolution Videos Bahrain hospital raided Bahrain forces attack protesters in Manama Bahrain Revolution facts and lies 1of 3 URL : URL : URL : Bahrain Revolution facts and lies 2of 3 Bahrain Revolution facts and lies 3of 3 URL : Page | 156 .be/wALKnL8QsSw URL : http://youtu.

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