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About MCL

Malabar Cements Ltd., a fully owned Govt. of Kerala Undertaking, is synonymous with superior quality cements, vouched by customers spread across the state of Kerala. The Company was incorporated in April 1978 and commenced production in April 1984 at its Walayar plant. At Malabar Cements, product improvement is not just a onetime strategy for boosting sales, rather a quest of excellence. Perfecting the product quality is everybody's concern here. Our distinction begins with scientifically selecting the best raw materials for clinker. Stringent quality control is exercised right from pre-blending raw materials, clinkerisation, clinker grinding, and finally to cement packing. Malabar Cements contributes to the developmental activities of the State by supplying the basic construction material. Only Malabar Cements can supply its cement, 'factory fresh', without any deterioration in the original strength either due to moisture or humidity, within 12 hrs anywhere in Kerala. With a production capacity of 4.2 lakh tons of cement per annum,the unit at Walayar is the largest. As part of expansion programme, it has commissioned a 2.0 lakh tons clinker-grinding unit at Cherthala in Alappuzha district in August 2003. Thus the total installed capacity of MCL is 6.2 lakh tons. MCL is the first public sector company to receive ISO Certification & to win the National Award for best achievement in Energy Conservation. Till date, MCL has experienced no loss of production due to labour unrest. In just over 15 years of commissioning, Malabar Cements has been able to meet about 10% of total cement consumption in Kerala. With the expansion plans in progress, the figures are sure to rise further.

Cement is a necessary constituent of infrastructure development and a key raw material for the construction industry. As late as the 70’s, the State of Kerala was virtually starving for cement. The state lacked a portland cement factory in either private or government Sector. In 1961-62, the Geological Survey of India located a limestone deposit in the Pandarethu valley of the Walayar region on the northern side of the Palakkad gap. Located in dense forest area, the hilly terrain was required heavy investment to mine. The State Govt. ventured to put up a Cement factory in the region. The feasibility study conducted revealed that the construction of a 1200 tpd dry process cement plant using the Pandarethu limestone is feasible. KSIDC obtained an Industrial License for the manufacture of cement in November 1976 and decided to go ahead with the project and formed “Malabar Cements Limited” to set up, own and operate the proposed cement plant. The plant was successfully commissioned in 1984 and the commercial cement production started on 1984. Now, The Company is all equipped to set precedence among public sector units in the state. The launch of two Superior quality products under the brand name ‘Malabar Super’ and ‘Malabar Classic’, in the year 1994-95 gave a boost to the market presence. Various modifications carried out since 1995 have improved production and productivity of Malabar Cements. A 2.5 MW multi-fuel power plant was commissioned in June 1998 to complement 25% of the total power requirement for the Walayar plant operations. As part of expansion, the company has commissioned a 600 tpd Grinding Unit at Cherthala in August 2003. The modernization of Cement Mill, completed in December 2004, helped to increase the cement production. The company has upgraded the plant with state-of-the-art technology; Belt bucket elevators, Kiln automation, modification of cement mill internals etc, are few to mention. The 0.42 million tones capacity is less than 10% of the cement consumption in Kerala and expansion will alow the company to harness the markets beyond its core

1984 43-grade OPC cement – ‘Malabar Super’ launched .2005 Introduced ERP system for integrated operation of all functional areas.. Unni Sri T. Growth Story Some of the major milestones while on our growth…     Feasibility Study for a cement plant at Walayar.5 MW multi-fuel power gen.1976 Date of Incorporation of Malabar Cements . N. Gireesh Kumar. first PSU in Kerala to secure this certification .2007 Switched over to Quality Certification ISO : 9001 :2008 . Additional Chief Secretary .2003 Commissioned of 600 tpd cement grinding unit at Cherthala . Chavara. Joseph Mathew Sri P. Cerifications and Achievements ISO Certification • • “IS/ISO 9002 : 1994” certification obtained in November 1996. S. National Highways Public Office. Industries Department.1984 Commencement of clinker production . IAS Sri R.R Subramanyam Sri K. Switched over to the revised standard ISO 9001 : 2000 in Aug’2003. First PSU to secure this certification. 'Ayilyam'. Joint Secretary. . Sadanandan OTHER BOARD DIRECTORS Special Officer to the Govt.segment. Govt.1978 Commencement of mining activities .1994 Obtained ISO : 9002 certification. KMML.1994 New product: ‘Malabar Classic’ launched .2010              Board of Directors Chairman Managing Director Executive Director Sri M.Balakrishnan IAS.1998 Introduction of ‘Malabar Aiswarya’ brand . Chief Engineer.1996 Installation of 2. Finance (Resource) Dept . Sundaramoorthy Sri M. Industries Dept. . KS Housing Board Colony.1975 Industrial License for the manufacture of Cement . of Kerala Sri M.1981 Commissioning of Walayar Plant . Managing Director. Madhusoodanan Nair Sri. Kadamkode. Karingarapully PO. Palakkad. set .1984 Commercial Cement Production started . .2003 Modernization of Cement Mill to close circuiting .

09 416930 67.25 415334 6552 421886 .79 500905 94007 594912 410550 97.35 (MT) (%) 502220 119. .15 (MT) (%) 180696 90.49 94000 47.1990-91 Secured first State award for Energy conservation .58 (MT) (%) 489000 122.75 6380 3.77 442975 124655 567630 506070 120.1992 VSSC Rolling Trophy for safety measures .07 2008-09 430740 107.1998 Kerala State Energy Conservation Award .18 468597 153862 622459 444130 105.42 568962 91.2007 Introduced ERP system for integrated operation of all functional areas.25 467500 111.31 153644 76.00 600070 96.40 2007-08 412270 103.25 2006-07 425548 106.1994 & 1995 NCBM National Award for the Best improvisation in energy .• Switched over to Quality Certification ISO : 9001 :2008 in 2010 Awards • • • Kerala State Pollution Control Board Award .75 124832 62. of Kerala awarded for outstanding achievement in Pollution abatement .69 2009-10 341010 85.2007 Kerala Trade Award of Kerala Government – 2010 Indian Bureau of Mines Afforesation award National Energy Efficiency Award Management Studies Award • • • • • • • • Audited Performance & Financials Physical Performance 2005-06 Clinker Production Actual Capacity Utilization Cement Production Walayar Actual Capacity Utilization CGU Actual Capacity Utilization Total Actual Capacity Utilization Cement Despatch Walayar CGU Total Cement Sale (MT) (MT) (MT) 506725 181915 688640 (MT) (%) 682916 110.82 621144 100.1998 Govt.

87 1243. Selling & other expenses 2006-07 2007-08 2008-09 2009-10 22780.62 2268.60 620.70 2704.17 1453.87 4712.58 670.71 25348.29 1125.91 2754.37 940.95 -246.73 969.59 1182.83 2622.82 22780 2006-07 23970 2308.33 -404.33 2314.Walayar CGU Total (MT) (MT) (MT) 504723 181854 686577 470421 153916 624337 442342 124655 566997 497163 94007 591170 415038 6552 421590 Financial Performance (Rs.68 39.65 417.92 23916.35 1645.14 1627.68 558.08 2007-08 25349 3576.49 960.98 2932.12 2928.79 2206.09 3053.29 563.62 3994.73 2008-09 27877 4635.02 569.70 3843.24 3091.04 793.08 150.73 309.91 2775.36 576.98 564.46 2048.94 1431.96 4512.40 3181.25 2739.58 129.93 -81.12 2561.71 527.65 3071.87 600.37 23969.52 624.78 4785.07 1584.13 396.77 575.13 1958.39 37.01 937.22 2009-10 18941 3436.33 28480.76 -182.11 46.60 25808.50 702.84 590.02 1303.Lakhs) 2005-06 Turnover Net Profit Walayar CGU Total Cash Profit Walayar CGU Total 914.97 22820.32 3597.97 2.53 .08 18941.63 3031.11 539.45 3233.24 1664.26 20769.92 2599.49 5318.86 5008.02 -140.48 2995.63 Profit and Loss Account (Rs.27 3936.44 1943.60 27877.69 1732. Lakhs) 2005-06 Income Sale of Cement Other Income Increase/decrease in stock Total Raw Material consumed Power Coal Packing material Stores & spares Factory overheads Staff Expenses Administration.

10 21211. the strength attained in 28 days time is about 50 percent more than the IS specification. The amazing strength of Malabar Super arises from it's unequalled particle fineness.19 50. MALABAR CLASSIC Superior in its class of cements.77 21814.17 5.83 3994. This product is best studied for constructions in soil and water with excess alkali metals. reduces paint consumption.45 518.36 3414. Implausible in durability.11 532.93 1912. dry process technology for the manufacturing of super quality cement and the quality is much above the national standards. "Malabar Aiswarya" & "Malabar Classic" 1.39 565. MALABAR AISWARYA It brings prosperity in many ways. Aiswarya generates less heat of hydration.97 3135. Malabar super is superior in strength to ordinary '43' grade cement. iron and acidic waters.46 3821.95 539.84 2565.40 17737. An AMAZING performer! Tests carried out by Bureau of Indian Standards have established unshakeable credentials of Malabar Super. Aiswarya offers high quality at reduced price. It also reduces heat generation during hydration.19 52. making it a better workable finished product absolutely reliable. "Malabar Super".26 476.06 23694. 33 percent more than the IS specification and consistency in composition.25 3061. and Fantastic in strength gain.89 2137. Wonderful in workability.86 420. To obtain the best quality . alumina. For Various applications.35 5.46 2800.82 2704. the company has three brands viz. Not only that.88 0.29 2673. 2. This in turn. it offers better setting properties delayed initial set and early final set offering more working time and reduced observation time.57 5.86 3031. Super strength accelerates setting time and fine finish. sulphates.19 181. reduces the formation of getting cracks.70 MCL Product Range Malabar Cements uses the state of the art.27 4785. It attains the 28 days' strength required as per IS in just 7 days time. made so by computerized process control system. It increases the life of your structures by safeguarding against sulphate attack.37 5. MALABAR SUPER A fabulous product in every sense: Super in strength. Incredible in aging.Interest & other financial expenses Depreciation Excise Duty Sales Tax Miscellaneous expenses written off Total Profit for the year before Tax 307.78 3254. Structures achieve excellent dimensional stability with the heat resistant properties of MALABAR CLASSIC.00 12.19 22281. 3. The extra fineness welded into it allows MALABAR CLASSIC better coverage and finish in wall and roof plastering.

Infrastructure Plant & Factory Details The Geological Survey of India had identified a cement grade limestone deposit in the Walayar reserve forest way back in 1961-62. The resultant product in nodular form obtained from the kiln is called clinker. Cement production. The major raw materials for cement manufacture are limestone and laterite. The state of the art pollution control measures like bag filters are also being installed. which are natural minerals obtained within the state. It is provided with a 4-stage multi cyclone preheater system through which the homogenized raw meal is fed to the kiln inlet by means of belt bucket elevators. 680 million and paid up equity capital of Rs. The resultant product is called raw meal and is stored in concrete silos where it is pneumatically homogenized to get a uniform product. 260 million. 1. These raw materials provide all necessary ingredients of cement like lime. process modifications etc. The ground cement is stored in concrete silos and packed in 50 Kg bags using electronic packing machines. Clinker production Clinker is produced in a rotary kiln.. which is a cylindrical steel shell of 65m length and diameter 4. We are in the process of installing X . In the pre-heater and kiln. The 1200 TPD plant at Walayar has continuously registered profit year after year. is the only Portland cement manufacturer in Kerala. 3. The entire manufacturing process is computer controlled from a central control room and stringent quality control measures are applied at all stages of production. silica. The company was incorporated in April 1978 and commenced commercial production in 1984 with capital outlay of Rs.Ray Analyzer for better quality control. The Kiln is fired with pulverized coal and maintained at a temperature of about 14500C. The kiln is inclined at 3% and set rotating at a speed of 2 – 2. the raw meal undergoes a series of physical as well as chemical changes giving rise to the cement minerals. Clinker is immediately quenched in the clinker cooler to stabilize its properties and stored in the clinker stockpile. company has carried out lot of modifications in the system for minimizing energy consumption. Raw meal production. 2. The company has upgraded the plant with state-of-the-art technologies through the years.2 rpm. Malabar Cements Ltd. Cement is produced by grinding clinker with 3-5% gypsum in a closed circuit ball mill to required fineness. Grinding clinker and gypsum produces ordinary Portland cement (OPC). The Making of Cement MCL manufactures cement through the most modern dry process method based on world-renowned German technology. With very low magnesium oxide content this provides shape stability for concrete structures. Some of the salient features of the plants are listed below: . Gypsum is added to control the setting properties of cement. The Mineral Exploration Corporation Limited confirmed its efficacy. The raw mix normally contains 95% limestone and 5% laterite. Fly ash / Slag at required proportion is ground along with clinker and gypsum to produce Portland pozzolana cement (PPC) / Portland slag cement (PSC). lined with refractory bricks. The raw materials are crushed to around 20-25 mm size and the proportioned raw materials are ground in a ball mill in dry condition to a very fine powder. only glassy granulated slag is used for product manufacturing. alumina and iron oxide. The limestone obtained from captive mines is enriched with higher quality limestone procured from nearby states as and when required.2m. Pollution control measures. fully by the Government of Kerala.cement. The process generally involves three stages of production. After the inception and in line with technological developments.

Malabar Malabar Cements Limited Mr. Tel : 0497 2202880. P Antochan Antony. Sales Office. Most modern Instrumentation & Control system for efficient process engineering.Shaji T Balan .670 002 Tel : 0497 2702026. Sales Officer. Sales . Tirur.O. 9446004764 Malabar Cements Limited Mr. Asst. Sales Officer. As part of the commitment towards the society. Cherthala. Kannur. Strict Quality Control system to ensure quality of the product. Malabar Cements Limited. Kasargode Dist. SEDC Building. MCL plays a very important role in generating employment for the general public. Junior Markeing Officer. for their livelihood. 2nd Floor. Alappuzha. And.• • • • • • Limestone reserve of about 10 million tons. Krishna Pillai Nagar P. Cement Griding Unit. Saneer C P . as a result.671 315. more than three thousand families depended on MCL indirectly. Aboobacker Koya . Sales Office . 9446004754 Malabar Cements Limited Mr. Malappuram . Sales Office. Malabar Cements Limited. Malabar Cements Limited. Alungal Complex. Manager Marketing. Asst. 9446004750 Malabar Cements Limited Mr. Sales Officer. Town Hall. Opp. Kanhangad. Dy. Manpower in MCL as on Jan’2011 Category Managerial Non Managerial Total Marketing Network Plant 89 495 584 Mines 17 301 318 CGU 4 5 9 Total 110 801 911 Sales Depot Malabar Cements Limited Mr. South Bazaar. Chandrasekharan M . KVR Towers. Pallipuram.688 541 Tel : 0478 2553417. Elaborate pollution control system to meet pollution control standards. 9446004755 Malabar Cements Limited Mr. Modern dry process manufacturing technology with four-stage suspension pre heater system. Moideenkutty. Padnekkad. Modern 110 TPH Closed Circuit Cement Mill. Sales Officer. Human Resources MCL moves with a workforce of around 900+ dedicated and highly skilled personnel.676 101 Tel : 0494 2421924.

Sales Office . Kollamparambil Buildings.680 005 Tel : 0487 2428246. We undertake various programmes. Walayar Palakkad. We believe that safety is an integral part of all jobs and that can be achieved only through active participation and involvement of employees from all levels. The plant uses sophisticated pollution control devices in various parts such as raw mill. Uppalam Road. In addition. 2nd Floor. Our keen attention is always to create a green & healthy environment. Malabar Cements Limited. Palakkad Main Road Maniyakarar Thottam. cement kiln. Sales Officer. 13. 878. Agash P Abraham. Vallivilla. We give utmost importance to enhance competency of human resources by providing adequate awareness. 9446004761 Health & Safety Malabar Cements is always committed to sustain development of health and safety working environment complying with all statutory requirements. 9446004754 Malabar Cements Limited Mr. Jojo Lazar. 7/25. Periodical inspection and assessment of working conditions is considered as the key tool for identifying hazards and risk involved in each activity. Karothkuzhi Hospital. 9446004760 Malabar Cements Limited Mr. These committees oversee the implementation of our OH & S policy. Malabar Cements Limited. Calicut. Chalappuram. 9446004758 Malabar Cements Limited Mr. Sales Officer. the company has initiated various types of afforestation. Sales Office. Opp. Karthikeyan T K ( Office In Charge) J. Kodimatha. coolers and cement mill.686 039 Tel : 04812561680. Ernakulam Road. Junior Markeing Officer. Mr. In its endeavor towards greenery. Ist Floor. TC/25/3442. Malabar Cements Limited. Sales Office .683101 Tel : 0484 2625886. Bhajanakovil Road.695 001 Tel : 0471462550. Coimbatore. horticulture and tree planting programs. City Castle Building. Malabar Cements Limited. To comply withthe . K P Sudheer K P . Malabar Cements Limited. from top to bottom. the mining technologies that have been implemented are also based on environment safeguard norms. Thrissur.678 624 Tel : 0491 2862227. Sales Office. methods and initiatives towards this by adopting proactive safety approach rather than reactive ones. training with the help of an established full fledged Training & Development department. We practice Japanese 5S concept of house keeping to acheive excellence in maintaining clean and hygienic working conditions. Alwaye. 9446004756 Malabar Cements Limited. East Fort. Sales Manager. P Antochan Antony.641105 Tel : 0422 2656945 Responsibility Cements Limited. Thiruvanthapuram. Asst.G/3 Complex. Kottayam. Door No. Plant Office. 9/1902.Office.673 002 Tel : 0495 2300557. 9446004781 Malabar Cements Limited Mr. Ward No. We promise workers participation in safety management by establishing Safety Apex Committee and departmental safety sub committees.

. dependant benefit is also paid by the employer.COMPLIMENTS & GIFTS Annual gifts are distributed among all employees in appreciation of their efforts in writing home good profit.I. Here is the gist of welfare measures provided by the company. MEDICAL CENTRE AND AMBULANCE A full-fledged Medical Centre with two bed facility is situated in Township for the benefit of employees and their dependant family members and the treatment & medicine are provided free of cost. In the case of death. The services are rendered by two Medical Officers. on request. retirement benefit. 6. 1.WELFARE FUND A welfare fund constituted by the company lends a helping hand to needy employees at times of financial crises. timely Modernization plans are prepared and implemented. CANTEEN Full-fledged round the clock canteen facilities are provided in plant and mines for employees on duty.CONVEYANCE Conveyance facility on the Walayar – Palakkad route is provided for the employees for their to and fro journey to attend duty.CEMENT AT SUBSIDY RATE Cement at subsidy rate is provided to employees who have completed 10 years of regular service. Free conveyance is also provided to school/ college going children of employees from township to Palakkad. 7. 4.numerous standards and norms stipulated in various statutes of environment conservation. 2. During the last two years. employees are offered a cement agency subject to the rules and regulations applicable. These provide food at subsidised rates. Act. Apart from Medical Centre one Ambulance each is provided at the Plant and Mines for meeting emergency medical assistance of the employees. Labour Welfare It can be undoubtedly stated that our company is providing numerous measures both statutory and non-statutory when compared to neighbouring industries as well as other Public Sector Undertakings in the State. 4 gms Gold Coin was issued to each employee as annual gift while a gold coin of 8 gms was gifted to each of the employees retiring on superannuation.SCHOOL / FESTIVAL ADVANCE Interest free recoverable advances are paid to all employees in connection with Onam festival and School reopening. the fund is also linked with Group Medical Insurance through which members and their dependents can avail cashless facility/ reimbursement for inpatient treatment.S. Gifts are also given away to employees annually in connection with Safety Day Celebrations. The Governing committee consists of Management as well as elected representatives of the workmen. death benefit etc. 3.MEDICAL REIMBURSEMENT Medical Reimbursement to the tune of one month salary per year is provided to those employees who are not covered under the E. . Employees completing 25 years of regular services in the company were given 10 gms Gold Coin. Apart from financial assistance for treatment of specified diseases. On superannuation. 8. In addition to this festival advance is also paid 5.

9. Carroms etc. to the employees on credit. 11. 13. Sulpher 01% (Max) Purity as CaSo4.Afforestation in mines As part of our commitment to the mother earth we have implemented an Afforestation Programme in our Mines Raw Material Specifications Title Limestone Laterite Indian Coal Imported Coal Gypsum Dry Fly ash Description TC 82% (Min). Table Tennis. Al2O3 37 % (Min). 12. 2. SiO2 14 % (Max) SiO2 10 % (Max).Streetlights Street light with electrical connection from the company line is provided through NH from Chandrapuram Check post to Township covering around 3 kms. NADUPATHY TRIBAL COLONY : The company has adopted the tribal school in the Nadupathy Colony for the total upliftment of the tribal community.EMPLOYEES CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY An Employees Co-operative Society is functioning in Township with ample assistance from the Company. Social Welfare Every industrial establishment especially profit making Public Sector Undertakings have major role in the social upliftment of surrounding population and Malabar Cements Limited is fulfilling it in a unique way.ACCOMMODATION Family and bachelor accommodation is provided for the company employees.2H2O 82% (Min) As per IS: 3812 Annual requirement .EMPLOYEES RECREATION CLUB & LIBRARY A recreation club is working to boost the creative talents of employees and their children in the field of arts and sports. CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY 1. Fe2O3 30 % (Min) ‘C’ Grade Coal Ash 15 % (Max).COMPASSIONATE EMPLOYMENT SCHEME This scheme provides employment in the company to the dependant of the employees die while in service. which will be deducted from their salary. stationary items etc.Special Block at Medical College A block was at Calicut Medical College was renovated by MCL in the year 2010 3. 10. VM 30 % (Max). The community hall is used as Indoor Stadium also for games like Badminton. A full-fledged Library graded as ‘A’ by State Library Council is also functioning in the Township.COMMUNITY HALL A community hall with a seating capacity of more than 300 is constructed in the Township. The Society is providing provisions.