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A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.

-Henry Adams

veryones life has been touched by a teacherthe teacher who taught us the most important lessons in life; or who inspired us to pursue our dreams; or who made particularly difficult subjects easy and fun; or who provided a shoulder to cry on in times of crisis. Philippine Business for Educations (PBEd) 1000 Teachers Program (1000 TP) seeks to encourage more of our countrys best and brightest youth to pursue this important career. Launched in 2008 by PBED the program has two objectives. First, it seeks to uplift the
Back when I was a child, I always pictured myself going in front of a class, discussing lessons and making students participate in my class. Doing those things seemed fun for me. It continued as I reached my secondary education. I always fantasized about having a lesson plan and spending the long night polishing the lessons to be discussed in the next days. Becoming a teacher is what I always dreamed about.

Ma. Kristina Casandra Darapiza

Bachelor of Science in Education, Major in Math Philippine Normal University Isabela

I met an extraordinary teacher that changed my point of view. She was Mrs. Basug. I never saw her give up. We saw her as a serious woman, but I knew in her ways that she had a great plan for us and that is for us to become good learners. Mrs. Basug was also my coach in Journalism. She handled me not just as a pupil but a real daughter. Shes the reason why now Im on my journey to become a future teacher. And like her, I will teach not just because of my profession but also to serve others and produce responsible citizens.

Brenda Mamayson

Bachelor of Science, Major in Secondary Education Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University

image of this noble profession. Because the education sector went neglected for decades, the teaching profession lost its prominence and was not the job of choice for our high school seniors. Through 1000 TP, PBEd hopes to make teaching a career of choice and respect once more. Second, the program, through the support of several corporations and the countrys top teaching institutions, will provide scholarships and allowances (Php 2,000/month plus book allowances) to the best and brightest graduating high school seniors who intend to pursue an education degree. In doing so, PBEd aims to encourage more students to join the profession.

For more details, you may contact our office via phone (8700227), fax (8700244) or log on to

Two full years into the program, 1000TP currently has 120 Scholars taking up BS Education and majoring in Math, English and Sciences (General Science, Chemistry and Physics) in 21 Partner Institutions around the country such as Philippine Normal University (Manila, Agusan, Capiz and Isabela campuses), University of the Philippines, Ateneo de Naga University, University of St. La Salle and Centro Escolar University. Corporate sponsors include the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) Foundation, Metrobank Foundation, SMART Foundation, HSBC and the PHINMA Group. PBEd has also raised resources through events such as 2009s Chefs For Education, a seven-course dinner collaborated on by five of the nations culinary masters: Colin Mackay, Gaita Fores, Vicky Pacheco, Jessie Sinsioco, and Myrna Segismundo.

PBEd is currently inviting you, your company, institution or organization to join us in our advocacy and sponsor our future scholars. With your assistance, you give more students the chance of becoming a teacher and the chance to be a lifelong inspiration to the youth of our future. Our teachers are our future.
Rosalie Detera Bachelor of Science in Education, Major in English Sorsogon State College

Jeremae I. Mait Bachelor of Science in Education, Major in Math University of St. La Salle
Being a teacher is not merely a profession, but a calling. The one who made me realize this was Ms. Madeline Lugronio, my high school Economics teacher. She had acute malignant carcinoma but instead of resting, she pursued teaching, and I will never forget what her reason was: that there was nothing sweeter than seeing us, her living trophies. These words made me decide to make Education one of my course choices, but because of my familys financial instability, I still had doubts. I was able to attend private schools in elementary and high school because of academic scholarships. I am certain that academic competence is my weapon against lifes difficulties. In 2008, I became a 1000 Teachers Program scholar. The program gave me the courage to inspire other people. In return, rest assured that the world will await a great Math teacher in the form of my person.

I grew up in Brgy. Caricaran, Bacon District, Sorsogon City. My father is a farmer. My mother, is a housekeeper. I am the seventh child in a brood of nine. We are not a well-off family, and live in an electricity-less nipa hut surrounded by my fathers crops and vegetable plants, located in a small forest. Despite this, our home was full of love and affection, and created a harmonious atmosphere. I was fortunate in my early schooling, as my parents enrolled me in Boga Elementary School, wherein I constantly received honors and graduated as class valedictorian. But before graduating, my family was struck with something very painful. My father was diagnosed with bone cancer. My eldest brother stopped schooling to work in my uncles cargo shipping business in Mindanao and help fund for my fathers operations. My mother applied as househelp and borrowed additional money from her employer. Still these were not enough to pay our bills. The only way that we were able to ease his pain was when we sent him to a medicine man or albularyo. He had repeatedly refused to be admitted into a hospital, saying that it was too expensive. On January 29, 2004, my father experienced much difficulty in breathing. My mother gathered us together and we all spent our time with our father as he breathed his last. My fortune of being a PBEd scholar is dedicated to my father. I thank PBEd and its scholarship sponsors for without this scholarship, I would not be continuing my dream of finishing my studies and becoming a teacher.