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Authors note: This is the second chapter, it is short, it s just that the first chapters are introducing and

leading up to the good stuff, keep reading. Disclaimer: Standard disclaimer applies Chapter 2: Charlie Authors note: so I officially started the book I hope you like it and you keep reading. Disclaimer: all things twilight belongs to Stephanie Meyer Point of view: Edward

Alice how long does Charlie have? I asked Alice. Edward, I have told you one thousand times, I can t see it, we don t know how his body is going to react. Alice said, still annoyed that I kept asking, but also really sad because Charlie is dying.

Carlisle, can t you help him? I asked as Carlisle walked into the room. Edward, I am so sorry, but there is nothing that I can do. The cancer has spread so far throughout his body that it is irreversible. Yeah, I know. It s just this is really hurting Bella and I feel so hopeless when I can t do anything to help her feel better. I said sadly. I was constantly trying to find a way that Bella could feel better but nothing works. I keep going through ideas in my mind, which I know is driving Alice crazy. Edward, you should let her cope with this in her own way. Be by her side when she needs you and give her some space when she needs some. She needs so know that you will always be there for her. Carlisle thought. I know it s just I feel like I need to do something. I said.

No you don t Edward, right now she needs time to be with her father in the little time that they have left. Yeah, Carlisle I guess you re right, thanks. I said sincerely. I knew he was right I just didn t want to accept it. I feel like I need to do something to help Bella, but according to Alice and Carlisle she just needs space to be with her dad. Of course I still go to her house and watch Bella sleep in my arms, but she is usually crying so it s not the romantic time I m used to. I completely understand how Bella is feeling because I had to watch my mother die all those years ago. Bella is going to be coming home soon and you should probably be there to comfort her. Alice told me. Okay, thanks Alice. I said. Then I ran out the door. I didn t bother taking my car because Charlie was in the hospital

and I didn t need to keep up much of a charade when I was just there with Bella. I got to the house a little before I heard her truck turn onto her street. She pulled into the driveway. I stood at the front door waiting for her to exit the car. When she did I could look into her eyes, all I saw were tears and horrible sadness. I wanted to grab her and shield her from all of the things that made her sad, but I knew I couldn t do that. I walked over and hugged her, knowing that was what she needed. I recalled what Carlisle said about giving Bella anything that she needed in this hard time for her. What did the doctors say? I asked softly, not wanting to upset her. They said that he only has a couple more days. Bella said, as she started crying. She looked like she could hardly

stand up let alone walk the short distance to the house. I picked her up and carried her inside the house. I laid her gently on the couch and laid her head on my lap. She was continuing to cry as I tried to sooth her, Bella its okay, it s going to be okay. How? Bella said, slightly angered. My dad is dying and I only have a few more days with him. So you tell me Edward, HOW THE HELL CAN ANYTHING BE OKAY RIGHT NOW!!! I was a little shocked by this I wish I could calm her down. But I just stood there and let her get it all out. Tears were welling in her eyes and she started crying hard. I wrapped my arms around her in an attempt to comfort her. All of a sudden Bella s house phone rang. She was still crying and I knew she wouldn t be able to answer it in the condition she was in. So I picked up the phone.

Hello? I asked politely. Hello, is Miss Swan there? This is the Forks hospital. A woman said. Yes she is here, but she is quite busy, may I take a message? I asked. Well if you could tell Miss Swan to come down to the hospital immediately, we have horrible news for her. I suddenly froze; I knew what this news was. At the same time I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. It was probably Alice calling to confirm my theory. Hello? The woman on the phone said. Um . . . yes I will pass along the message, thank you. Have a nice day. The woman said then hung up. My phone kept vibrating in my pocket. I decided to answer it. I looked at the caller ID and it said Alice s name.

Yes Alice? I said. Edward! Its Charlie, he died. Oh My God, Bella is going to be so sad. Alice said frantically. I know Alice, I will tell her. Thank you, bye. All of a sudden Bella stopped crying and stiffened against my chest. Edward, who was on the phone? She asked. How could I tell her this? How could I break this news to the girl that I loved? How would she take it? First she lost her mom and now her dad too? What the hell is wrong with the world? Hasn t she suffered enough? Bella I think you better sit down. I said slowly. What do you mean? Bella I need to tell you something and I think you should sit down. I said even slower.

No, you tell me what the hell you re talking about before I m going to do anything. Bella said sternly. I knew she wouldn t budge so I lifted her up, ignoring her protests, and brought her to the couch. Fine I m sitting, now tell me. She said, slightly annoyed. Bella that was the hospital on the phone. They called to say that they had bad news for you, they wouldn t tell me anything, but then Alice called and she told me that Charlie had passed away. I said as softly as I could. No, but they said she had a few more days, I had so much left that I had to tell him. NO!! WHY?!?! This is so unfair. Bella was saying through her sobs. She leaned into my chest and continued crying. I don t know how long we sat there but she started to shiver. I didn t want her to be cold. When I asked if I should go

and get her a blanket she said she didn t want me to leave her. So the only thing I could think of was to take off my shirt and wrap it around her. My doubled up shirt is a lot warmer than just one layer protecting her from my coldness. Bella slipped into a sleep and clutched my shirt tightly. All of a sudden I heard a knock at the door. I didn t want to wake Bella so I got up to answer it. I noticed I wasn t wearing a shirt. I went to quickly put one back on. Then I realized Bella was lying on and clutching my shirt, and I knew I couldn t get it without waking her. Realizing I couldn t do anything about it, I walked to the door to answer it. I opened the door and saw Jacob. He had pain in his eyes and in his toughts; he probably heard about Charlie and was coming here to comfort Bella. Well too bad for him, that job was already taken care of.

He looked at me, noticing I wasn t wearing a shirt. Then he said, Where s Bella. She s sleeping. I said. I can wait. He said. I don t think that s the best idea, Jacob. Well can I come and see her later. Jacob asked. Jacob, Bella needs some time to cope before she has the strength to see people. Wow, I can t believe him. Does he thinks he owns her? What the hell? He gets to be with her, why can t I? Goodbye Jacob. I shut the door. I heard Jacob stand there for a couple of seconds, and then he walked to his car and drove away.

I ll be back, she needs me. Jacob thought as he drove away. I had no doubt he would be back, and I would be ready to send him away again. Bella woke up just as I went back to sit by her. She started crying again and I comforted her.

Author s end note: I hope you liked it comments and suggestions and criticism are always welcome and appreciated. More chapters to come