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Advance Database Systems ECI

1.1).i). Client Communication Manager. •

It is established between client and the database server directly This uses a protocol to proxy the communication between the client and Data base Management system. A DBMS needs to be compatible with many different connectivity protocols used by various client drivers and middleware system. To establish and remember connection state of the caller To respond to SQL commands from the caller. Give relevant data and control messages like giving error messages, Forward the client’s requests to deeper into database management system to be processed.

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i).Process Manager.

Admission control-at this stage it is considering whether the query executes immediately or later according to available system resources.

iii).Relational Query Processor.

In this stage set of relevant modules checks that the user is authorized to run the query. Compiles the user’s query into internal query plan. The resulting query plan is handled by the plan executor. Calls to request to data records in lower level layers of the system.

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Reg No:309087579. • 1. • v). This includes algorithm and data structure for organizing and accessing data on disk including tables and indexes. 5266 iv). Keeping the database as well tuned and reliable.Shared Components and Utilities. • • • Advance Database Systems ECI This manages all data access.2). • This can run independent of any particular of query. Perera Amila E. Unnormalized student data Studen t Id 1984 Student Name Visanka L. Data manipulating like create.Transactional Storage Manager. It includes the buffer management module what data transfer in disk and memory buffers. Peris Nirosha K. Subject Degree Code TEL Telecommunica tion Course numbe r EL1200 Subject name Networking Started date 200105-24 1258 COS Computer Science Civil Engineering Agriculture CS4569 Algorithom 200002-25 200308-21 2005- 4589 7856 CIE AGC ED589 6 AG452 Mathematic s Plants . update and delete records. Haresha n Ruwan R.

5266 Dilruksh i 2369 Eshan T.Reg No:309087579. eliminate repeating groups into individual entities. Silva LGS Logistics Advance Database Systems ECI 1 LI1234 Transportat ion 6-09 200102-05 First Normal form • To normalize a data model into 1NF. In other words we are not using multiple attribute in a single entity to store similar data. Student entity in 1NF StudentId is the primary key. Student Id 1984 1258 4589 7856 2369 Last Name Hareshan Perera Peris Dilrukshi Silva First Name Visanka Ruwan Amila Nirosha Eshan Middle L R E K T Code TEL CSE CIE AGC LGS Degree Telecommunica tion Algorithm Mathematics Agriculture Logistics Course entity in 1NF Student Id 1984 1258 4589 Course Num EL1200 CS4569 ED5896 Subject Name Networking Algorithm Mathematics Course Stated Date 2001-05-24 2000-02-25 2003-08-21 .

5266 Advance Database Systems ECI 7856 2369 AG4521 LI1234 Plants Transportation 2005-06-09 2001-02-05 Second Normal Form • • • To convert to second normal form tables should be in first normal form.Reg No:309087579. Student Id 1984 1258 4589 7856 2369 Course Number EL1200 CS4569 ED5896 AG4521 LI1234 Course Started Date 2001-05-24 2000-02-25 2003-08-21 2005-06-09 2001-02-05 Course Entity in 2NF Course Num EL1200 Subject Name Networking Credits 3 . Second Normal form ensures that all the attributes of each entity are dependent on the primary key. A row is in second normal form if and only if it is in first normal form and every non-key attribute is fully dependent on the key. Enrolment Entity in 2NF Student id is the primary key.

in this stage we look into groups of attributes whose values can apply to more than a single entity occurrence. When we discover such attributes move them into a separate entity. 3NF Student entity in 3NF Student Id 1984 1258 4589 7856 2369 First Name Visanka Ruwan Amila Nirosha Eshan Last Name Hareshan Perera Peris Dilrukshi Silva Middle Name L R E K T Code TEL COS CIE AGC LGS Subject entity in 3 NF . 5266 CS4569 ED5896 AG4521 LI1234 Algorithm Mathematics Plants Transportation Advance Database Systems ECI 4 2 2 2 Third Normal Form • In this stage first tables should be in second normal form.Reg No:309087579.

Data requirements for the student registration system. 5266 Subject Code TEL COS CIE AGC LGS Advance Database Systems ECI Subject Name Networking Algorithm Mathematics Plants Transportation 2). For student entity • • • • • • • • Student name Student registration number Registration date Student date of birth Student national id card number Student gender Student E mail address Student degree For courses entity • • • • Subject name Subject code Lecturer Names Number of TMA’s .Reg No:309087579.