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Akshay S Bhat FPM 1 – XLRI Jamshedpur Personal Learning Paper Class 1 –Prof.

M G Jomon 9:00 AM ~10:30 AM 27/06/2011
Class Agenda:    Introduction to the Course. Division into Groups (Permanent Groups). Definition of OB and sub topics, its relevance to the Course and beyond.

Professor Feedback:  Instructions and guidelines were given by the Professor to us, a lively and informal start was provided to us by ―Prof Jo‖. Also, the evaluation pattern was also shared.

Class Flow:   We 60 students were subdivided into Groups, we were the Sparrow group. We had to enact our way in an informal nonverbal way and identify ―our Species‖ after the chits which contained the image of the bird were handed over to us. We were supposed to identify other classmates who had the same image on their chits, we essentially would be part of the group. These Species were the mates and members with whom we would be doing the Project work. After some ―cuckoos‖ and ―cries‖ there was an active chirpy group called the sparrows who had isolated them in a corner, all 10 of them were proud members of the ―Sparrow Group‖.

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Learnings Group as well as my take home:  We had the formal definition about learning from Professor Jo, he stated Learning as “A process which brings about a relatively permanent change in the behavior of a Person/process/Organization” . We defined performance, some important points to be noted on Performance are a) Performance is Necessary to Exist. b) Performance is necessary to grow. c) If a person does not do justice by performing the role then he will forfeit that particular role. d) We must not disown something, a best way to lose is to disown something –So don’t do it. e) There are a few things which we disown when we fail/or commit a mistake—Others will make you own it and hold you accountable. Performance is not a matter of choice, it is obligatory by nature We also noticed that in today’s world we end up doing only 10 % of the tasks which we want to do or the tasks which we like to do. We defined Freedom; the concept of freedom is bolstered when we are on the right side of the law. And how the emotion of ―Regret‖ indicates a lack of freedom We also appreciated the fact that there are two types of People a) the Logical Type and b) the emotional type and deduced that most Indians were Logical by nature approximated the figure to 60 %

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we learnt about group dynamics . these acts are the ones that cause the feelings of lack of freedom. M G Jomon 9:00 AM ~10:30 AM 27/06/2011  I Learnt the fact of how in spite of not formally knowing the language groups could communicate non verbally and yet get the communication across and work together. I learnt about OB and its relevance to the organization. If freedom is a matter of choice. I also learnt that performance is inevitable for growth .     Concerns and Issues  If performance is an obligation and is not a matter of choice. As the definition of performance and freedom was getting cleared I have come to believe that all dilatory acts and acts of procrastinations are. As an aspiring researcher. and how we together have to grow and perform by working together. does it mean that Performance and Freedom are inversely related?? . I wish to introspect and work on this on the same allegory as how the East India Company Captured all of India without knowing the Language.Akshay S Bhat FPM 1 – XLRI Jamshedpur Personal Learning Paper Class 1 –Prof. and how sometimes we are forced to be in a situation which we sometimes don’t choose to be. this was well illustrated with the example of the Bird Exercise. I will differentiate well between my acts which can cause guilt within me. I will try and annul all communication problems that arise because of lack of communication.