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REGISTRATION NO 210705181/09/2010





No Exemption.

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IMPORTANT: Don’t bring MOBILE PHONE into Examination Centre, Violation shall lead to cancellation of your Exam. (A) Please verify the correctness of the entries/ particulars as shown in the Admit Card. In case of any discrepancies, please contact EXE Unit at Tel. No. 0120-4522081/86 OR E-Mail id immediately. B) For securing admission to the examination centre a candidate is required to carry his/ her (i) Admit Card and (ii) Student Identity Card every day to the examination centre. C) Mobile phones are banned in the Examination Centre premises. D) Violation of these instructions may entail cancellation of your examinations. 408006/875/A045/71


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AND DISCREPANCY.MOST IMPORTANT DESPATCH OF ADMISSION CERTIFICATE IN PHYSICAL FORM (BY POST) HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED. Executive Programme and Professional Programme is English or Hindi as per the option exercised by the candidate indicated in the admission Certificate (Role No. 4.. PAPERWISE EXEMPTION(S) GRANTED. and (ii) Student Identity Card to the Examination Centre every day for establishing their identity and securing admission to the examination. the answer books of such a candidate will be liable to be cancelled. In case of any discrepancy in regard to paperwise exemption shown in the Admission Certificate and/or Attendance Sheet. as the case may be : FOUNDATION PROGRAMME 1 2 Economics and Statistics Financial Accounting 4 5 EXECUTIVE PROGRAMME General and Commercial Laws Company Accounts.ICSI. REGISTRATION NUMBER. AFTER TAKING THE PRINTOUT OF DOWNLOADED ADMISSION CERTIFICATE FROM WWW.). will be treated as cancelled. IT MAY PLEASE BE NOTED THAT EXAMINATION SESSION DURING MORNING SESSION WILL BE HELD FROM 9:00 AM TO 12:00 TEL. it should immediately be brought to the notice of the Superintendent of Examination Centre and the Directorate of Student Services in writing. however. MUST BE AT ONCE BROUGHT TO THE NOTICE OF THE INSTITUTE IMMEDIATELY ON E-MAIL enroll@icsi.e. EXAMINATION CENTRE. Infringement of any of these instructions will render the candidates liable for disciplinary action which may lead to cancellation of results of the examination and/or studentship registration under the ‘Company Secretaries Regulations.Candidates are required to carry with them (i) Admission Certificate. once sought by the candidate and granted by the Institute. 5. exemption in any paper(s) of examination should not be assumed unless confirmed in writing by the Institute. STAGE AND MODULE OF EXAMINATION.) except for “English & Business Communication” paper of such candidates who write some of the paper(s)/answer(s) in one medium and some in another medium other than the opted one. Accordingly. each candidate must show his/her Admission Certificate and Student Identity Card to the Invigilator/Supervisory Staff on demand any time during the course of examination. failing which they will not be allowed to enter the Examination Hall. The medium of writing the examination of Foundation Programme. SPELLING OF HIS/HER NAME. etc. will be in English except the following papers which will be provided in English with Hindi translation to those candidates who have opted Hindi Medium for writing their respective examinations and they must mention HINDI MEDIUM in bold letters on cover page of their main Answer Book No. Exemption once cancelled on student’s request shall not be revived subsequently under any circumstances. MEDIUM OF EXAMINATION. 1982. A candidate whose Student Identity Card has become invalid on expiry of validity period or misplaced/lost must take immediate steps to get the same revalidated or to obtain a fresh Student Identity Card from the Institute sufficiently well in advance before the start of examinations.) and taken on record for computation of his/her results unless a written request by Registered Post/Speed Post for permanent withdrawal and cancellation of such paperwise exemption is received and accepted by the Institute at least 30 days prior to the date of commencement of the examinations. 3.ICSI. If any candidate appears at a Centre or in paper(s) other than the one indicated in his/her Admission Certificate. However. remains valid and is printed in his/her Admission Certificate (Roll No. FOR CORRECTIVE ACTION PRIOR TO THE COMMENCEMENT OF THE EXAMS. 0120-4522081 / 86 AND/OR BY SPEED POST ADDRESSED TO DIRECTOR(SS) ICSI. INSTITUTIONAL AREA. as in force : 1.Candidates are not required to appear in the paper(s) in which they have been granted paperwise exemption as shown in the Admission Certificate and Attendance Sheet.Candidates will be allowed to enter into the Examination Hall 15 minutes before the time specified for the commencement of each examination and occupy their allotted seats in Examination Hall. The Superintendent of Examination Centre and the Invigilators have been advised to verify the identity of each and every candidate at the time of entry in the Examination Hall and while taking candidate’s signature on the Attendance Sheet. i.IN / WWW.1 or 1-B. IF ANY. All Question Papers. NOIDA-201309 (U.EDU. No candidate shall be allowed to enter into the Examination Hall after the expiry of half-an-hour of the commencement of examination and no candidate shall be permitted to leave the Examination Hall until the expiry of one hour after the distribution of Question Papers. IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS TO EXAMINEES Candidates are advised to carefully go through the following instructions for their strict compliance. THE CANDIDATE IS ADVISED TO CAREFULLY VERIFY CORRECTNESS OF THE ENTRIES APPEARING IN HIS/HER ADMISSION CERTIFICATE. MARK SHEETS PERTAINING TO FOUNDATION AND EXECUTIVE PROGRAMME STUDENTS WILL NOT BE SENT BY POST FROM JUNE.P. 2011 SESSION. The paperwise exemption in any paper(s) of examination. C-37. NO. Cost and Management Accounting Tax Laws 3 Elements of Business Laws and Management 6 . 2. INSTEAD. E-MARK SHEETS WILL BE UPLOADED ON THE WEBSITE WHICH MAY BE DOWNLOADED BY THE STUDENTS. SECTOR 62.

every candidate should write his/her Roll Number only on the special colour slip affixed to the main Answer Book No. Further. without specific permission of the Superintendent/Invigilator. 19.Candidates are required to write answers to Question Papers in their own handwriting with pen/ball-point pen in blue. scale. handwritten or printed notes. Laptop. “ANS. No. 7. Pager. and (iv) without properly handing over his/her answer book(s) to the Invigilator. Admission Certificate. Any representation regarding omission to hand over the written answer book(s) or part thereof or not obtaining the acknowledgement from the Invigilator for handing over his/her answer book(s). If the questions are attempted in excess of the prescribed number.. etc. ……. Scientific or Programmable Calculator. every candidate must write his/her Roll Number on top of Question Paper at the specified space provided on the front page. if in addition to the original examiner. It shall be the personal responsibility of the candidate concerned appearing in the examination to properly fill-up all relevant particulars on the cover page of main answer book. through the Invigilators.. and not to take away anything(s)/paper(s) from the Examination Room/Hall other than copy of their own Question Paper. Mobile Phone. 1-B and 1-C. Borrowing or exchange of calculators or any other item/material shall not be permitted in the Examination Hall. Palmtop.. are in order. Answer to each question must be started from a fresh page and sub-question(s) of that question should be attempted in a consecutive order and that the candidate must clearly and prominently mention respective question number at the start of answer. 13. salutation or invocation to God. shall leave his/her seat during the course of examination. candidates are advised to bring their own pen. 14. No. Candidates must not write any irrelevant matter. for any reason whatsoever. any sort of appeal to examiners. shall not be entertained after the examination in that paper is over. which could possibly lead to disclosure of personal identity of the candidate is forbidden and it shall tantamount to wilful violation of this instruction.6. Admission Certificate. Any attempt to tamper with the answer book(s) or tearing page(s) from the answer book(s) for any reason whatsoever. No candidate. pencil and calculator. Candidates are expected to write to-the-point answers to the questions in neat and legible handwriting citing relevant provisions. .1. 12. Bad and illegible handwriting will be penalised. must at once be handed over to the Invigilator on duty in his/her room and the Invigilator’s signature be obtained in the relevant column of acknowledgement printed on the Admission Certificate in token of having handed over his/her answer books. bullet points. etc. as the case may be. (iii) without signing the attendance sheet. the answer books. 1 + 1 = 2 to denote use of one main answer book plus one additional answer book. 12 digits and 2 memories. as the case be. 17. 10. wherever applicable.Each candidate is required to maintain uniform pattern and style of handwriting on his/her answer book(s) as well as his/her signature(s) in all correspondence with the Institute — particularly while signing his/her Student Identity Card. in such a manner so that they lie flat when opened. first of all. Irrespective of use of calculator in the examination. Digital Diary. 9. another examiner had examined and declared that the candidate’s handwriting in the answer book(s) was illegible. pencil. scientific or printing model of calculators or calculators not conforming to above specifications shall not be permitted. scale. roll number. 11. Any answer book containing entirely illegible handwriting is liable to be awarded “ZERO” marks. every candidate is expected to satisfy himself/herself that he/she has received correct and complete Question Paper and verify it with reference to the Examination Time-Table & Programme and see that the total number of questions and printed pages. The Superintendents of Examination Centres have been advised to issue acknowledgement in the aforesaid manner. including supplementary Answer Book No. etc. Candidates must attempt questions in accordance with the directions given on each question paper. The total number of answer book(s) used (including main answer book) must be clearly indicated on the cover page. However.g. Examination Enrolment Form and Attendance Register in the Examination Hall. he/she could be searched/frisked to demonstrate that he/she does not possess any prohibited/objectionable item(s) with him/her. Candidate must put a cross mark (X) against the respective question numbers attempted by him/her in the appropriate columns provided on the cover page of the answer book to indicate that (X) cross marked question(s) have been attempted by him/her.. (ii) during last 15 minutes of the examination timing. criticism of question paper. 21. candidates are advised to invariably show all important steps and working notes relating to solutions of practical problems along with their answers and rough work done should be marked as “ROUGH WORK TO QUESTION No.. nor should they leave any blank space(s)/page(s) in between the answers or answer book(s). and nowhere else. in bold capital letters and draw parallel lines underneath the question number. on Question Paper is strictly forbidden.No candidate shall bring with him/her or carry with him/her any book. TO Qn.Candidates are warned not to write anything on the Question Paper (except their Roll Number and tick mark [ ] for the questions attempted). 18. examination centre. ink pot and calculator for their use.On receipt of Question Paper.” and scored off by drawing two parallel lines across such rough work. Use of programmable. 20. Writing answers with red or green ink is prohibited. short answers. 16. Accordingly. of the Acts/Rules quoting case law in support of the answers. as mentioned on the front page of the Question Paper. 22./Sub-Qn. Student Identity Card. or any other communication device or gadget in the Examination Hall. and be conversant with the amendments to the laws made upto six months preceding the date of examination. e. Writing of hints. Student Identity Card. pen. 1-C. The additional answer book(s) should be fastened to Answer Book No. candidates will be issued additional answer book only on demand after they have completely used the main answer book. study material. Candidates are advised not to write anything on the left-hand side margin of pages of answer books except Question No.On receipt of answer book. blue black or black ink and in no other colour ink. Candidates should write answers on both sides of all pages of answer book(s) and use all pages of the main answer book before asking for additional answer book.. In order to avoid wastage and possibility of misuse of answer book(s).1. in the answer book(s). for submission of answer books by the candidates. e. only the questions attempted first upto the required number will be valued and awarded marks and the remaining answer(s) will be ignored. 8. On completion of examination or expiry of the prescribed examination timing. on the left-hand side margin of the page. or taking them out of Examination Hall shall tantamount to misconduct punishable under the regulations and shall entail stern disciplinary action. 1-B. Candidates are allowed to use their own battery operated noiseless and cordless pocket calculator with not more than 6 functions.. 23. even if the same is blank. Writing of name.No candidate should leave or will be allowed to leave the Examination Hall (i) within one hour of commencement of examination. …”. etc. 2.g. Lending/borrowing/exchange of any item during the examination is prohibited. the candidates are warned and remain prepared that in the event of suspicious behaviour of any examinee in the Examination Hall. scale. or putting any distinctive mark(s) on any part of the answer book(s). 15.

codes. Similarly. Once a candidate is so expelled.. .Any candidate attempting to copy or found copying or referring to any printed/handwritten material. Over and above. SMOKING. for any such misconduct of grave nature.. he/she will not be allowed to appear in the remaining paper(s) of the examination. 25. and other similar acts to exchange. etc. helping or asking help from any other person in any manner or communicating by means of words. submit to the Institute his/her explanation in writing through the Superintendent of Examination. IN CASE OF NO-PHOTO: Affix your photo and get it attested and also bring ICSI I-Card/ Driving License/PAN Card/Passport. and particulars of such candidates or cases will be suitably notified in the Institute’s official bulletins and Institute’s website. notes. ETC. before leaving the Examination Hall. signs. BETEL. or exchanging notes or answer scripts with any other person or copying from the work of another candidate or allowing any other candidate to copy/refer to his/her work. ARE BANNED INSIDE THE EXAMINATION CENTRE PREMISES. etc. books. as Identification proof while also submitting one identical photograph at Exam Centre. The Superintendent of Examination has absolute power to expel a candidate from the Examination Hall if in his/her opinion the candidate has resorted to unfair means for the purpose of answering the examination or behaved in a disorderly manner in and around the Examination Hall or obstructed the Superintendent or invigilating staff in carrying out his/her duties or attempted to offer illegal gratification or attempted to apply undue influence or threaten or blackmail any person connected with conduct of examination. gestures. 26. A candidate so expelled must. INTOXICANT.24. talking. 1982’ and/or other appropriate legal action under the laws of the country. CHEWING OF TOBACCO. CARRYING OF MOBILE PHONE. any candidate found consulting. impart or acquire relevant information in the examination will be viewed as misconduct in the examination. the candidate shall be subject to disciplinary action under the provisions of the ‘Company Secretaries Regulations. whispering with any person in the Examination Hall or in the corridor/toilet within the centre premises during the course of examinations shall be dealt with severely and punished sternly under the rules and regulations.