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Change Management Practices Self-Reflection Edmond R. Bullard, Jr. Post University

I will also attempt to address areas that I feel that I need improvement and how I will address these deficiencies for future change and becoming a better leader. This paper is a self-reflection of how and to what extent I have used these practices in my career. Insight & Comprehension Insight & comprehension encompasses the idea of being clear and understandable to all involved in the organization or project. I was the liaison between three telecommunications vendors and one computer technology vendor. My company built a new administrative office building in 2009. I believe that my attention to detail and logical thinking enables me to convey clear and concise planning processes to others. Sustaining Change: Leadership That Works. 2008). I had to communicate all requirements for the new office space from voice and data wiring to the layout of the IT communications room. . I held several on-site and teleconference meetings to ensure that everyone involved knew their tasks and how they would interact with each other during the weekend service turn up. Although I am not currently in a management position I do feel that I have used some of these practices on particular projects that I have been assigned. I will use an office relocation project to demonstrate my abilities in this area. These practices are fundamental methods that a person can utilize to become an outstanding leader (Rowland & Higgs.CHANGE MANAGEMENT PRACTICES 2 Introduction In their book. I was tasked with coordinating all telecommunications functions for the move. Rowland and Higgs outlined four necessary and four distinguishing practices that leaders need to employ to effectively change and sustain that change in their organizations.

I have to evaluate if they will have added value for the organization or become a hindrance to the organization’s flow of information. Throughout my tenure at the company. The fiber network also increases the scalability of future additions of network connected equipment or workstations. but is also scalable for any future changes. I have over the years replaced any outdated wiring between buildings on the campus with more reliable and faster fiber cable. This practice includes creating the architecture. In this arena. I will speak only to my involvement in the technological blueprint of my company. . Build the Organization’s Blueprint Build the organization’s blueprint is an area or practice that ensures that the organization’s infrastructure is capable of withstanding change without undue distress to the workforce or the organization itself. Logically thinking.CHANGE MANAGEMENT PRACTICES 3 I feel that insight & comprehension is one area that I do not need improvement. structure. This change improves the communication channels on the company’s network. controls and networks rather than just the computer or technological aspects of leadership. paying attention to detail and forming a team with the right people with the right skills enables me to succeed on any project that I am assigned. As new technologies emerge. I need to engage more in the human structure. controls and networks necessary for the organization to operate today and is scalable for future changes. In this area. I feel that there is always room for improvement for myself. To become a better leader for the organization. I have strived to ensure that we have the necessary network and communications structure that will provide the capability that is needed not only today.

This is an ongoing and constantly changing process. there are new innovations emerging every day. I feel that I am well versed in the build capability practice. This change will improve the efficiency of the operator and the automated cutting machines. I had one subordinate. I do not see any area of improvement for myself other than reviewing new technology advances. I am constantly reading about and researching any new technology advancements that will help the company become more efficient in information processes or communications. Personally. This upgrade prompted completely changing the computer hardware for the operator/programmer of the machines. Although she and I did not have direct client contact. Initially I instructed her on the mission of the mental health center – to provide the best services to our clients and to treat the clients with respect. Many times software upgrades prompt computer hardware or information process changes.CHANGE MANAGEMENT PRACTICES Build Capability 4 The build capability practice includes developing skills that are in alignment with the organization’s vision or mission. I continuously improve my skills to ensure that I can meet any challenges presented. As a manager at a previous employer. Maximize Performance Potential For me the maximize performance potential practice includes growing talent to meet the needs of organizational change. This practice also includes building an understanding of organization workings. In the technology field. we would . One project that has just been completed at work was a software upgrade for an application that creates programming for our laser cutting and punch/plasma machines.

Improvements that I see are to ensure that I develop my skills as changes in technology are made. I made sure that the vision or mission of the project was to consolidate three rooms of computer and telephone equipment into one climate controlled area and switchover services from one building to the new building with minimal downtime for the organization. Using the office relocation project I feel that I partially practiced the attractor leadership characteristic. Maximizing performance potential is also an ongoing and constantly changing leadership practice. During the office relocation project. Improvements in this area for me are to become more of a servant leader. In coordinating between the different vendors. Attractor An attractor leader has a clear vision of where he/she wants the organization to get to. I constantly over monitored the vendors because I wanted to be sure that they were doing their jobs. . I must learn to give up some power and allow others to do what they do and not try to take on all the tasks myself. I arranged seminars and training sessions for the two of us to make certain that we kept on top of our skills so we could provide the best service to our customers – our coworkers and center staff. The attractor is like a magnet that others want to emulate or strive to become like him/her. According to Yukl.CHANGE MANAGEMENT PRACTICES 5 encounter them in the hallways of the center. I made sure that we were courteous to everyone including the clients and our coworkers. 2010). I believe that I created a team with unity and meaning. He/she creates a sense of unity and meaning by empowering others and allowing them to take ownership. a servant leader empowers followers rather than using power to dominate them (Yukl.

I instantly put up a barrier and am on the defense. including myself. I do not feel that I am on the dark side of the edge & tension practice but I do need to internalize the light side.” I am not much of a risk taker. Many people are intimidated by computers. This practice includes pointing out the tough issues that impede change or performance. Container I feel that I do utilize the container leadership practice. I give them one-on-one training so as to not embarrass them in a group setting. knows everything there is to know about a computer. . To become a better future leader. A leader utilizing this practice “rocks the boat. I can only assure them that no one. I am like many others who resist change.CHANGE MANAGEMENT PRACTICES Edge & Tension 6 The edge & tension leadership practice is one area that I have not delved into much at all. As much as possible. An improvement in this area for me is to recognize my own anxieties and frustrations created when there is something that interferes with my comfort zone. especially the older veteran workforce generation. I need much improvement in this area. I dislike being micromanaged because I get a feeling that I am not considered trustworthy to perform my job. I try to ease other’s anxiety and tension in different situations. but I do not like to step outside my comfort zone and challenge the status quo of the current management team. I fear the unknown. I like technological changes that enhance the organization’s capabilities. I have had many people tell me that they are stupid when it comes to computers. Another area for improvement is to know when I need to release some control. I try to ease their anxiousness by explaining that they cannot damage the computer. I need to start challenging myself and begin to take risks no matter the consequences.

There are also four advanced or distinguishing practices: attractor. container. but also allows him/herself to become vulnerable to encourage others to change with them. I should put myself out there and point out where I observe that a change may be necessary in the organization. I should make myself more vulnerable to help others with their struggles to overcome their stumbling blocks to be able to move forward. As I have not had much practical experience as a manager or leader. Using a combination of these practices a leader can initiate and sustain change for both themselves and their organization.CHANGE MANAGEMENT PRACTICES Transforming Space 7 In transforming space. I have performed some of the different aspects encompassing the eight practices for a change leader. I have not had much experience in the transforming space leadership practice. Learning and inquiry is a byproduct of the transforming space practice. edge & tension. I see that improvement is needed in this leadership practice. I feel that I do build a sense of trust between most of my coworkers. and transforming space. a leader not only may change the physical environment. build capability and maximize performance potential. There are four basic or necessary practices: insight & comprehension. . I do encourage other to learn and find answers for themselves rather than just answering or spoon feeding. A transforming space leader observes what is happening around and to them. build the organization’s blueprint. I also see areas that I need to improve upon to become a better leader for my current organization or any future organization. Conclusion Rowland and Higgs provide current and future leaders with eight practices that ensure long lasting personal and organizational change.

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