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Question 1 Diagram 1 shows a simple transformer.

Diagram 1
(a) The number of turns on the primary coil in diagram 2 is 1 000. (i) Calculate the number of turns on the secondary coil. (ii) Calculate the output power of the transformer. [3 marks] Question 2 Diagram 3.2 shows a hydraulic jack in a car service centre.

Diagram 2
(a) A force of 50 N is exerted on the small piston when the handle is pushed down. The cross sectional area of the small areas of the piston and the large piston are 0.04 m2 and 0.8m2 respectively. (i) (ii) Calculate the pressure exerted on the oil in the hydraulic jack. Calculate the force that the oil exerts on the large piston. [4 marks]

Perfect Score Module 2009 / Physics/ Problem solving (Quantitative)

[2 marks] Question 4 Diagram 4.2 Question3 Diagram 3 shows a force against extension of spring P and Q Diagram 3 Calculate the work difference of the springs if they are stretched to 8 cm.2 show two identical mirrors which are hung on the wall using strings. [4 marks] Perfect Score Module 2009 / Physics/ Problem solving (Quantitative) . Diagram 4. of the same length.1 and diagram 4.1 Diagram 4.2 (a) Draw the scale drawings of the triangles of forces to determine the values of T1 and T2.

3 Question 5 A solid substance.2 Perfect Score Module 2009 / Physics/ Problem solving (Quantitative) . Diagram 5 (a) (i) Calculate the specific latent heat of fusion of the substance (ii) Calculate specific heat capacity of the substance in liquid state [4 marks] Question 6 Diagram 6.42] (i) Calculate the critical angle of diamond and glass [2 marks] Diagram 6.05 kg. is heated using an immersion heater of 240 V. 0.1 Diagram 6. Diamond = 2. Diagram 5 shows the heating curve of the solid.1 kW.50 .2 show a ray of light passing into glass and diamond respectively.1 and 6. [Refractive index: Glass = 1. of mass 0.

(i) Calculate the acceleration of the tanker. A ship transmits an ultrasonic wave of frequency 50 kHz to the seabed and receives an echo 0. Calculate the wavelength of the ultrasonic wave in the water. [2 marks] Question 9 A tanker of mass 1 800 kg accelerates from rest to a velocity of 45 km h-1 in 10 s.12 s later. (ii) Calculate the force acting on the tanker [3 marks] Question 10 The depth of a sea is 90 m. (i) (ii) Calculate the speed of the ultrasonic wave in the water.5 kg and the specific heat capacity of water is 4200 J kg-1 C-1. Calculate the time taken for the iodine-131 activity to decrease to 100 counts per second if its half-life is 30 days.4 Question 7 Diagram 7 shows a wooden sampan of mass 200 kg with a volume of 2 m3 floating in the sea. (i) Calculate the energy absorbed by the water to reach its boiling point. [2 marks] Diagram 7 Question 8 The initial iodine-131 activity is 1 600 counts per second. [4 marks] Question 11 The mass of water is 0. [2 marks] Perfect Score Module 2009 / Physics/ Problem solving (Quantitative) . Determine the value of F. The initial temperature of the water is 30 oC.

If the cost per unit is RM 0. c = 3 X 108 ms-1. [2 marks] Question 13 (a) A piece of fin in the engine of a motorcycle with a mass of 0. (i) (ii) Find the resistance of the heating element if the kettle is connected to a 240 V power supply. [Refractive index of water = 1.5 kg made from metal R with specific heat capacity of 450 J kg-1 oC-1.5 X 10-6 g of uranium is change into energy in that the velocity of light. (b) If 10 fins identical to the one in (a) are used in the motorcycle engine. Calculate (i) the total energy released [2 marks] Question 15 If the volume of a boat that sinks in the sea is 250 m3 and the density of sea water is 1080 kg m-3. Determine output power of the crane.33] [2 marks] Question 17 An electric kettle labeled “240 V.5 Question 12 A crane P is used to lift 250 kg of iron scrap to a height of 4 m in 5 s. how much of energy being absorbed by the fin. If the temperature increased by 10 oC in one hour. Calculate (i) upthrust which acts on the boat (ii) the volume of water displaced when the boat is in the river [Density of river water = 1 000 kg m-3] [4 marks] Question 16 Calculate the real depth of a fish in a pond if the image of the fish is 0. [4 marks] Perfect Score Module 2009 / Physics/ Problem solving (Quantitative) . calculate the cost of the usage of the electrical energy. 2000 W” is used for 1 hour everyday for 30 days. 3.22 / kWh. how much energy is lost by the engine in one hour? [4 marks] Question 14 In a nuclear reactor.4 m from the water surface.

(i) (ii) What is the weight of the man? Calculate the minimum area of each snow shoe so that he will not sink into the snow. [4 marks] Question 20 A man of mass 60 kg walks on snow wearing snow shoes. [4 marks] Question 19 A transformer being use to operate a 12 V. The efficiency of the transformer is 85%.c power supply. determine (i) (ii) the distance of image that will be formed by the convex lens the distance of image that will be formed by the concave lens.6 Question 18 A convex lens with focal length of 20 cm is placed 20 cm on the left of a concave lens with focal length of 15 cm. (i) Calculate the electric current in the electric bell. His feet will sink into the snow if the pressure exerted exceeds 500 Pa. [5 marks] Perfect Score Module 2009 / Physics/ Problem solving (Quantitative) . (ii) Calculate the electric current in the primary coil. 10 W electric bell from 240 V a. If an object is placed 60 cm on the left of the convex lens.