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The Internet in the Classroom Issues-Assignment # 3 Social Networks Lindsay Morgan

Effingham County Schools, Effingham county board policy internet acceptable use. (2011, May 6). Retrieved from PC=IFBG&Sch=4062&S=4062&RevNo=1.25&C=I&Z=P Effingham County Board of education understands the significant importance of the use of the internet. It is understood the massive amount of information and resources that are made through it. The Effingham County Board of Education requires certain terms and conditions for staff and students granted access to the resources to pursue the educational mission of the school district. The policy determines with much emphasis the expected acceptable use, privileges, and security. When studying the policy I focused on the topic of social networks. The policy states that employees are allowed to participate in social networking sites from home. The employee at no time should be in contact with a student on the social networking site. There were many notations of strengths found in the internet usage policy. The employee of the board may create a social networking site with prior approval from the IT Coordinator. In regards to social networking, the strength of not allowing social networking in the school system without prior approval protects the board of education and the employee from the personal and inappropriate information shared. The Effingham County Board of Education is providing a weakness in technology with not allowing social networking sites in schools. Although the use can be taken with prior approval, the IT Coordinator would have to approve the use and determine how the system could be used. Effingham County is missing the opportunities to advance in technology without the use of social networking sites in their district.

Macon County Board of Education , Internet safety. (2002, May 2). Retrieved from L=1&LMID=169056&PN=DocumentUploads&DivisionID=4407&Departm entID=&SubDepartmentID=&SubP=&Act=Download&T=1&I=61098 Macon County states that the use of telecommunications and internet must be in support of education and research. The use must also be consistent with the educational mission, goals, and objectives of the school system. Macon County’s policy begins with stating the various protection acts, procedures and guidelines when in access of the internet. Then the policy states the conditions in which the use of telecommunications and internet may be used. The strengths noted are the policy gives examples of unacceptable acts and parents have to sign an agreement of internet use before allowing the student access to technology. Within the agreement states the internet is information superhighway. It gives many programs the student may be connected with during a school setting such as a social network. It also makes the parent aware that although the school has take precautions to restrict access to controversial materials with access to such a wide array of materials it may come the possibility of access to materials which may not be appropriate for use in a school setting. Within the policy many items were expressed of what is expected and what is not expected of access to telecommunications and internet. A weakness in the policy is the requirements and uses of the students and staff when using the materials is not stated. It notes programs such as electronic mail communication, information and news from universities, government sites, and museums, and public domain software and shareware will be used but does not state how the programs will be used for the resource of education.

Ware County Board of Education, Internet acceptable usage policy. (2010, April 13). Retrieved from PC=IFBG&Sch=4170&S=4170&RevNo=1.66&C=I&Z=P The Ware County School System sees the internet as a global electronic network composed of many smaller networks and millions of individual people. The school system actively pursues making such advanced technologies available to its students and staff. Ware County views internet as a privileged tool to improve both teaching and learning. Their goal is to expand educational experiences in the development of life-long learners. The policy states its purpose, rights and responsibilities, requirements, usage and penalties of using the internet resource. The policy has strength of stating the rights and responsibilities of using the internet. It also has the penalties expected if improper usage of the resource. The weakness of the policy is most of the rights and requirements of pursuing technology advances are not allowed. The policy states responsible user may not use the internet for social networking. Without allowing the use of social networking, the students and staff will not have access to computers and people all over the world and the availability of materials necessary of educational value with using social networking.

When creating a policy for the use of technology in schools the focus should be on how it will involve the faculty and students with the improvement and advances for education. The use of technology should first be introduced to a student with rules, responsibilities and to gain knowledge of the resource. That way the student are not misusing or abusing the opportunity of item. The faculty member should have training with technology advancements to correctly teach and use the material. The staff member should also be aware of the requirements, rules and uses expected of the technology. When in a school setting, the use of technology should always be monitored and evaluated. The component should only be used for educational purposes. The use of social networking should be used in school if it is learning based. For example, the network could be used for creating a page for one of our historical figures. It could also be used for students to chat with each other about assignments or to receive feedback from the teacher. If we taught students how to use social networking with the correct intentions and in a positive way students would be less likely to abuse it. The use of social networking would definitely allow students and teachers to take an active role in their learning and have preparation of the future technology advanced cultural diverse world.