What is Camtasia?

The Camtasia suite of tools captures the action and sound from any part of the Windows desktop and saves it to a standard AVI movie file or streaming video. Camtasia screen recordings could either be shared on a Web site, or distributed via e-mail, the Intranet or a CD. Camtasia suite of tools includes Camtasia Recorder, Camtasia Producer, and the TechSmith Screen Capture Codec (TSCC). Camtasia allows you to record, edit and publish compressed videos for computer based training, technical support solutions, product demonstrations and sales presentations.

Camtasia suite of tools:
Camtasia Recorder:
Camtasia Recorder has a customizable interface that displays full capture properties and statistics during the capture. This interface can also be minimized to a floating toolbar. Camtasia Recorder has simple mouse driven VCR-like record/pause/stop controls in addition to hotkey control. You can capture cursor movements, menu selections, pop-up windows, typing and everything that you see on your screen. It also has a ‘ScreenPad’ annotation feature to add callouts, logos and graphics as you record your movie. Real-time effects, which include cursor and object highlighting, ability to pan and zoom the capture area, graphic and image annotations, watermarks, time stamps, captioning, and audible mouse clicks can also be applied.

College Station, Texas Copyright 2000  LOT All rights reserved Published 3/5/2001 M:\htms\training\handouts\pf_files\camtasia.doc


to maintain a high quality of the final output.doc 2 . Incorporating time and date. So. Also. Texas Copyright 2000  LOT All rights reserved Published 3/5/2001 M:\htms\training\handouts\pf_files\camtasia. Use simple backgrounds and keep the colors to 256 or 16-bit color Fast animations may cause problems at low bandwidths Preferably record at 1-5 frames a second There are features available that may be used to enhance the recording. - - Camtasia Producer: Camtasia’s non-linear editor quickly edits. since higher resolution requires more computer resources. it should be viewed at a minimum resolution of 800 by 600 for the viewer to be able to control the video without scrolling. You can also include AVI’s you have created with Camtasia Recorder or incorporate an AVI file from another source. the actual viewing resolution has to be stepped up from the recording resolution. Also. You can College Station. when a screen is captured at 640 by 480. trims and joins AVI clips. Transition and watermark effects can also be easily added to any video. cursor highlights and keyboard clicks are some of the features incorporated in Camtasia. it is preferable not to record at one resolution and produce it at another resolution.Recording tips: Set the screen resolution of 640 by 480 or lesser before you start recording.

so you can choose the video codecs other than the TSCC for final distribution. The TSCC is also recommended for screen recording and editing. TechSmith Screen Capture Codec (TSCC): Camtasia uses the TechSmith Screen Capture Codec (TSCC). The TSCC provides exact video renderings coupled with good compression ratios and performance.microsoft. Camtasia also allows you to use the audio codec of your choice.produce industry standard movie files. College Station. Microsoft Encoder is another alternative available to produce streaming files after capturing the raw movie files in the Camtasia recorder.com/windows/windowsmedia/en/default.asp) It is recommended to use Microsoft Encoder to produce streaming files since it is a more powerful tool than the Camtasia Producer and has advanced options to target audience bandwidth. Clips encoded by TSCC are able to preserve image quality through multiple decompression /recompression cycles. (http://www. Microsoft Windows Media. and RealNetworks RealMedia streaming formats with Camtasia Producer. Texas Copyright 2000  LOT All rights reserved Published 3/5/2001 M:\htms\training\handouts\pf_files\camtasia. Camtasia is fully compliant with the Video for Windows specification. and file compression in industry standard formats. short for compressor-decompressor. are basically mathematical formulas for handling your video information. developed expressly for screen recording. ‘Pack and Show’ is one of Camtasia’s tools which compresses your videos into an email friendly executable file (which requires no special software to run on the viewer’s machine). Microsoft Encoder (alternative to Camtasia Producer): Audio Support and Live Broadcast: You can either narrate your Camtasia video while you record your movie or you can use DubIt (included free of charge with Camtasia) to add narration and sound effects to any AVI movie while you view it.doc 3 . for video renderings of desktop activity. Codecs.

watermarks and cursor highlighting are available using this feature. Note: Make sure the Audio toolbar is visible.htm Powerpoint presentation by James Hardin and Mike Speed’s (03/02/01) College Station.vbonline.asp http://moreinfo.Microsoft Windows 95 OSR2. You can play your Camtasia productions with Windows Media Player and RealNetworks RealPlayer.com/products/camtasia/requirements.com/vbonline/techsmith/camtasia/codec.techsmith.com/products/camtasia/snagvscam. NT 4. Camtasia simulates a hardware PC camera and works with streaming media encoders.16 MB RAM (64 MB recommended) .90 MHz processor (400 MHz recommended) . Default for the audio toolbar is off.0.techsmith.Live Output broadcasts your screen over the Internet in real-time. You can either modify videos created by Camtasia with other AVI editors or use AVI files from other sources in the Camtasia Producer. A microphone plugged into the computer is sufficient to record audio. and you see a ‘sound meter’ before you start recording. video conferencing. and does not require any supplementary software. Texas Copyright 2000  LOT All rights reserved Published 3/5/2001 M:\htms\training\handouts\pf_files\camtasia.Windows-compatible sound card and microphone (recommended) . Me. and webcam applications. All of Camtasia’s special effects such as annotations.asp http://www. Camtasia System requirements: .doc 4 . 2000 or later version .12 MB of hard-disk space for program installation Industry Standard: Camtasia supports the AVI format and standard video for windows audio and video codecs. References: http://www. 98.

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