TP-Link TL-MR3420 - 3G Activation Tutorial

Wahroonga Farms guide, using a pre-paid Telstra Elite usb Modem (ZTE MF668) on Telstra NextG.
IMPORTANT - Update your modems firmware before first use. Visit : The download may includes - ‘How to upgrade TP-LINK Wireless N Router&AP’ pdf. Download the latest firmware file, extract it from the zip and store in it on your PC.
Latest Firmware, see notes at end

Connect your router PC and modem as shown. Refer to the User Manual (pdf) supplied on disc.

If you do not have ADSL; ignore that connection. Power up the router and launch your favourite browser and type After a moment, a login window will appear. Enter admin for the User Name and Password, both in lower case letters. Then click ‘Remember my password’ and the OK button or press the Enter key. 1|P age
Whim ‘Wahroonga Farm’ on Whirlpool

1/. The ‘off the shelf’ firmware status of my modem purchased in May 2011.This is screen you should see when you launch your browser at http://192.11. Click on the ‘Upgrade’ button 2|P age Whim ‘Wahroonga Farm’ on Whirlpool . Click on ‘System Tools’ -> ‘Firmware Upgrade’ and browse to the location of the extracted firmware upgrade ‘.168. The hardware version (label underneath modem) displays VER 1. was 3.2.11 Build 101104 Rel 70817n.bin file’ on your PC.1.

Upgrading 3|P age Whim ‘Wahroonga Farm’ on Whirlpool .

After a couple of minutes the upgrade will be finished.168.1/ The new firmware version.1. You may have to re-launch browser access http://192. Build 110418 4|P age Whim ‘Wahroonga Farm’ on Whirlpool .

however we will use the ‘Quick Setup’ for this. It is not yet connected. If you clicked ‘connect’ it may attempt an automatic connect. the TL-MR3420 has already discovered the MF 668 usb modem and is detecting signal.  5|P age Whim ‘Wahroonga Farm’ on Whirlpool .Scroll down the status screen and in factory default mode.

Click ‘Next’ 6|P age Whim ‘Wahroonga Farm’ on Whirlpool .Go to ‘Quick Setup’.

once you select your ISP.If there is no ADSL connection this is what you will see. Here we setup the 3G connection. Click ‘Next’. 7|P age Whim ‘Wahroonga Farm’ on Whirlpool . Note: Bigpond usb devices require a Username and Password. The router has many ISP configurations and it will probably get it right.

bigpond. For manual setup of other ISP APNs visit this link. Click ‘Reboot’. Click ‘Next’. Here we setup the wifi security.Bigpond APN: telstra. And we are done. 8|P age Whim ‘Wahroonga Farm’ on Whirlpool .

The status screen is now showing ‘3G connected’. using a wifi connection to the TP-Link. Here is the zippy speedtest at Gorokan NSW. 9|P age Whim ‘Wahroonga Farm’ on Whirlpool .

it indicated 5 bars. and these are the results from the engineering menu: RSSI RSCP Ec/Io -69dBm -68dBm -13dB The TL-MR3420 reading is 70-74%. 10 | P a g e Whim ‘Wahroonga Farm’ on Whirlpool . Using my Telstra T90 tuff phone connected to the antenna at this same location.I then connected a 6 or so dB omni to improve the signal.

IF your modem is already in use. however given the multitude of modems that this router works with. Add PIN authentication on the 3G Page. this is a great 3G router. From my brief experience to date. 110617 Modifications and Bug Fixes: Fix the wrong warning error of PUK Lockup. Improve the compatibility. this upgrade will delete your 3G configuration data. Important note: The latest firmware 110617 provides a major revamp of 3G functionality. Add or modify the ISP list. use System -> Backup prior and System -> Restore after upgrade.A more detailed signal strength status from the modem would be desirable. (additional connection configuration settings) Fix some dial-up problems caused by pppd quit. Fix the 3G Page hangs problem. this may be a tall order.  It supports the Telstra Ultimate (Sierra 312U) and TP-Link do respond to problem queries. 11 | P a g e Whim ‘Wahroonga Farm’ on Whirlpool . to store and recover your router configuration settings. fully of features and the price is right. Via the TPLink Menu.

12 | P a g e Whim ‘Wahroonga Farm’ on Whirlpool .This is how it appears after the 110617 upgrade. This is how I have configured the 3G page for Telstra after the upgrade.

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