EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION A first review report (Submitted by Kadimisetty Saisudha, Roll No: 0906MBA0933: Reg No: 68509200037) 1 NEED FOR THE

STUDY The problem undertaken for the study identify and analysis the behavior of the workers There is a need to understand how the workers react to the company’s program and policies of the organization The need of the organization to know what are the various requirement and expectation of the workers and various problems that the workers face in working place Such a study and analysis would help SUNFLAG IRON AND STEEL CO LTD, to know about its strength and weakness in their job, manager, compensation, employee benefits, and their work group. It is the need of the organization to know what type of program to be offer to workers The company in taking certain policies and decision to bring in new ideas and innovation may use the finding of the study. 2 REVIEW OF LITERATURE EMPLOYEE SATSFACTION

1987). Some of the traditional factors that contribute to job satisfaction are co-workers. Porter et al. When an employee is satisfied. lateness. operating conditions. not the employee’s behavior towards the job. Some researchers are of the opinion that organizations willing to successful must know what workers want. co-workers. (1982) among others . etc. nature of the work and benefits. supervision.Job satisfaction plays an important in ensuring the organization commitment of its employees.1987). Some researchers have attempted to measure the global job satisfaction but there was also a concern to measure different dimensions of job satisfaction.. pay. . and mowday et al.. That can be reviewed from time to time to make employee satisfied and stay with the organization The study of job satisfaction started with mayo’s study of productivity at the western electric hawthorne plant in Chicago in 1933 (hodson. etc. (1979) . Some of the very important factors of employees satisfaction are pay. i. (Smith et al.e. 1991) since then many researchers have studied the various aspects of job satisfaction including mobley et al. Spector (1997) defined job satisfaction as the liking (satisfaction) or disliking (dissatisfaction) behavior of the employees towards their job. he/she is more committed to the organization. and what makes them stay. absenteeism. Price and Mueller (1981a. Bluedorn (1982). (1974) view job satisfaction as the sum total of an individual’s met expectations. What keeps them happy. job conditions. Careful analysis of these dimensions in an organization can bring more depth to devising strategies to enhance the job satisfaction of employees. it is the employee’s emotional bond to their jobs. Fringe benefits.1981b. Job satisfaction is defined as the extent of the positive affective orientation towards a job (Blegen and Mueller. 1986).. It is therefore necessary to understand how job satisfaction can be enhanced in organization. Thus. Job satisfaction is often seen as a concept that concerns only an employee’s overall feeling about the job. and Blegen and Mueller.1969.

3. ii. 4. 3. Descriptive research studies are those studies which are concerned with describing the characteristics of a particular individual or a group.2 SECONDARY OBJECTIVES i.1 PRIMARY OBJECTIVE Employee satisfaction is important in the organization because it: keeps and motivate people to work well in the organization. sample design. Age. Qualification. RESEARCH DESIGN: The research design used for this study is of the descriptive type. . questionnaire design. and Years of Service in a company) with satisfaction level. To study the various factors which influencing employee satisfaction. METHODOLOGY The methodology followed for conducting the study includes the specification of research design. To study the relationship between the personal factors of the employee (Gender. iii. Designation. To Measure the satisfaction levels of employees on various factors and give suggestions for improving the same. a. data collection and statistical tools used for analyzing the collected data. To derive and analyze the current satisfaction level of the employees in the company iv.

5. The items selected constitute what is technically called a sample. i.b. QUESTIONNAIRE SCHEDULE: Questions are framed in such a way that the answers reflect the ideas and thoughts of the respondents with regard to level of satisfaction of various factors of employee satisfaction. SAMPLE SIZE: All the items consideration in any field of inquiry constitutes a universe of population. c. POPULATION: The total element of the universe from which sample is selected for the purpose of study is known as population. Here out sample size is 50 employees from the total population to conduct the study. 6. Assistant Managers. Strongly agree . Sr. Executives. In this research only a few items can be selected form the population for our study purpose. DATA COLLECTION: The data source: Primary and Secondary The research approach: Survey Method The research instrument: Questionnaire Method The respondents: Executives. Managers and Top Management of various departments. The population of my research is the employees of company. Likert scaling techniques has been used for each question.

suggestions and recommendations . conclusions. WORK DONE SO FAR Sample size has been taken and Questionnaire has been scheduled.2 Chi-Square Test: Chi-square test is applied to test the goodness of fit. 7. scope for the further study.1 Simple Percentage Analysis: Here the simple percentage analysis is used for calculating the percentage of satisfaction level in the total respondents. The study may be applicable only to SUNFLAG IRON AND STEEL CO. 9 . LTD . 8. Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly disagree 7. 10 LIMITATIONS i. TOOLS OF ANALYSIS: 7.WORK TO BE DONE Analysis and interpretation. findings of the study. to verify the distribution of observed data with assumed theoretical distribution. iv. limitations of the study.ii. iii. v.

v. vii. vi. To create good image. The method of random sampling is suitable for small populations only.ii. So it may vary in the future. Some respondents hesitated to give the actual situation. they feared that management would take any action against them. iii. It does not ensure proportionate representation to all constituent group of population. . when affect the result of the study. There may be a personal bias of the respondent. iv. respondents may give responses vary from the facts. The data have been collected from the present permanent employees only.

36th edition. Sultan Chand & Sons. New Delhi. New Age International Publishers • • S. Prasad: Principles and Practice of Management. Majority of the employees is satisfied about their facilities and all the benefits. C R Kothari : Research Methodology – Methods and Techniques. so company work going very smoothly. Further. 5th edition. New Delhi. New Delhi Stephen Robbins : Essentials of Organizational Behavior.10 EXPECTED DELIVERABLES The study on employee satisfaction provides an attempt to know the satisfaction level of employee in SUNFLAG STEEL AND IRON CO. Gupta : Statistical Methods.M. • • 2nd Edition . Prentice Hall International Edition . 6th edition. Aswathappa: Human Resource Management. Some This study serves as a base for taking up many other research studies in the forthcoming years. Tata McGraw-Hill Companies. REFERENCES • K. L.P.LTD. Sultan Chand & Sons. the study can be expended in the field of studying the tools for develop the employee satisfaction and employee reaction and it helps to analyze the scope for the improvement of existing system and it helps to analyze the interaction among various level of the employee.

Reviewed by Regine P. Break All The Rules (What The World's Greatest Managers Do Differently by Marcus Buckingham & Curt Coffman ) . Azurin and Yvette Pantilla (SIGNATURE OF STUDENT) (SIGNATURE OF GUIDE) .• First.

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