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SRC Minerals

SRC Minerals
SRC Minerals, Saskatchewan Research Council (SRC) is located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. SRC Minerals provides smart science solutions for mining and minerals industries in Canada and around the world to reduce risk and maximize value at each step of a minerals value chain.


Minerals Services
Mineral Processing
Mineral Processing Provides custom tests from lab scale to pilot scale for pre-feasibility, feasibility, and engineering studies involving potash, uranium, rare earth elements, diamond, gold and PGMs, base metals, as well as waste water, waste rock, and tailings.

Advanced Microanalysis Centre

Geoanalytical laboratories

SRC Minerals

Advanced Microanalysis

Provides mineralogical services for minerals sector using Electron Microprobe, Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), LA-ICP-MS, Petrographic Services, X-ray Diffraction (XRD), and X-ray Fluorescence (XRF).

Geo-analytical Laboratories
Provides smart solutions for kimberlite processing and diamond recovery, multi-element and uranium analysis, potash analysis, gold and REE analysis, and custom analytical packages.

Pipe Flow Technology Centre

Pipe Flow Technology

Provides solutions for practical pipeline applications in extraction, transport, processing, and waste disposal of minerals and oil resources.

Areas of Focus
- Bench Scale to Pilot Scale Test
Potash processing Rare earth processing

Uranium processing

Gold, PGMs, and base metals processing

Diamond processing

Sample preparation Comminution Classification Leaching Solid-Liquid separation Purification Concentration Precipitation Fine particle dewatering Effluent treatment Tailings treatment Waste rock management

SRC Minerals has the facilities and expertise to design and perform all stages of uranium processing and metallurgical testing work for the uranium industry. SRC Minerals offers: Preliminary tests the early stage tests in the development of a project with the primary purpose of determining the technical and economic feasibility of a uranium deposit.

Sample preparation Comminution

Pilot plant tests the functional model of an industrial plant to ensure a full scale project is based on proven process and on a reliable economic evaluation. Effluent treatment the removal of containments by chemical treatment, physical treatment, microbiological treatment, and the combination of the above methods

Leaching Solid/Liquid separation Solution purification Concentration Precipitation Effluent treatment Tailings and waste rock disposal

Minerals Saskatchewan Research Council 125-15 Innovation Blvd. Saskatoon, SK S7N 2X8 Phone: (306) 933-7364 Fax: (306) 933- 5656 Email:

Detailed tests the advanced stage tests once the economic potential of a project is established, with the primary purpose of developing suitable process to produce quality yellow cake (U3O8). Waste rock and tailing management waste rock consolidation, pore water monitoring, toxic metals immobilization

and management

Custom Tests - from lab to pilot scale
Potash liberation Insoluble liberation De-sliming Flocculation-flotation

Mechanic flotation
Pneumatic flotation Potash ore dissolution De-dusting


ORE Jaw Crusher

Rare Earth
Ball Mill

Conveyer Jigs

Size reduction (Jaw, cone, Ball/Rod


mill, HPGR, Egg mill)

Classification (cyclone, table,

Coarse tables

screen, jigs, spiral, screw classifier) Gravity separation Magnetic separation

Fine tables

Electrostatic separation
Heavy liquid separation Flotation
Conditioning Scavenger Rougher

Roasting Leaching Solvent extraction Ion-exchange Fractional precipitation

Cleaner Regrind

Slime disposal


S/L separation


Gold, PGMs, and Base metals

Crushing and Grinding

Gravity separation
Flotation Roasting Pressure oxidation Bacterial-oxidation Cyanidation Detoxification Precipitation Electro-winning


Kimberlite indicator minerals Magnetic separation Flow Sort Wet X-ray recovery circuit

5 tph Dense Media Separation Plant Caustic Fusion, Glove Box Sorting

Fine particles (clay) dewatering

Lab scale crushing (Jaw, Cone, Roll, Ball/Rod Mill)

Laboratory High Pressure Grinding Roll (HPGR)

Contact SRC Minerals

Phone: (306) 933-7364 Fax: (306) 933-5656

Minerals Saskatchewan Research Council 125-15 Innovation Blvd. Saskatoon, SK S7N 2X8