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RE valley energy project in North of Sabah 1.

Purpose of concept paper To provide an overview on the development of RE projects in North of Sabah The status of energy in Malaysia The status of energy in Sabah 2. Background of Project The development of RE in Sabah SIRIM involvement in RE projects through TechnoFund Location of RE projects Kota Marudu, Kudat & Kota Belud TOB poor infra limited grid electricity poor communication fisheries coconut limited industries palm oil Core problems potential = silica sand dev. at Pulau Balambangan population - scattered, <10k for TOB RMK10=RM3.6b to research further on money potential biomass=more at Sandakan & Tawau higher cost for projects to be installed at Pulau Bangi education agri Sabah Corridor managed by SEDIA tourism SME Kementerian Luar Bandar to research further on funding potential solar drying link with NKRA - income generation (high impact) 3. Why North Sabah Pitas & Kudat - anchovies & salted fish industries rain affect the ind Situational analysis - logframe eco-tourism power supply will spur economic activities Opportunities Sandakan & Semporna transportation issue wind & ocean energy harvesting at TOB hydro, ocean, wind, solar, wave & biomass resources at TOB hybrid RE technology green furniture project using SIRIM technology to build plant 2700 diesel boat engines insufficient electricity supply limited grid electricity partnership with SREP demand what to power? land acquisition majority of land owned by individuals funding issues/ challenges generator why no plan for Kudat by SESB Pulau Bangi solar pv economic contribution projection of these projects Revenue model SREP a. To promote local economic growth through SMEs development in manufacturing, eco-tourism & agriculture industries b. To demonstrate the viability of sustaining energy from renewable resources in rural communities of TOB Kota Marudu, Kudat & Kota Belud c. To deploy RE technologies for energy needs by rural communities enhancement of agriculture business

4. Objectives


Wind turbine Commence: 1st quarter 2011 completion by Dec 2011 Jathropa plantation / processing Commence: 1st quarter 2011 completion by Dec 2011 Ocean: (Wave / tidal energy device) Commence: 2nd quarter 2011 completion by Dec 2011 Solar energy Commence: 2nd quarter 2011 Completion by 2nd quarter 2012 Biogas (2013) Biopallet / biosolid (2013) Jathropa Biomas Biodiesel (2013) Palm oil Palm oil trunk SREP Bioethanol (2014) Forest residual Micro hydro (2013) Solar PV (2013) Wind farm (2014) Ocean energy (2015) Objective (b) commence: 2012/2013 Dr. Chen (overall): RM1.4m Dr. Zamri (wind): RM1.9m 5. Proposed Implementation Subject to focus feasibility studies in 2011 RE resource mapping study result Dr. Baharum (Ocean): RM0.8m Result complete by 3rd quarter Concurrent with SREP RIs and Universities participation Set up of incubation programs Invite IPP Involvement foreign companies Enhancement of agricultural business across value chain Enhancement of marine business Objective (c) Locallization of RE products Spin off to other supporting manufacturing sector Promoting eco-tourism industry concentrated solar power (CSP) boat engine from diesel to biofuel others UBOG Fuel cells supporting project Li-ion battery Objective (a) Energy generation using RE Manpower development and employment Reduction of carbon footprint Income generation 6. Project outcomes and impacts Economic growth Local SMEs growth Reduce rural urban migration Encourage foreign investment growth of local tourism poverty allevation 24 Jan Buy in from SIRIM stakeholders SIRIM management SIRIM collaborators (internal) MOSTI KeTTHA KKLW Buy in from ministries MOHE MITI EPU MOTOUR SEDIA 7. What is needed? SESB / SEDCO KKLW state State EPU Buy in from state SKN state Tourism board Univ. Malaysia Sabah Land office / DO / Penghulu / Tok Batin Calculation of energy generated RE for 3 objectives above Budget estimation administrative & operating concept illustration of the RE Valley next comittee meeting : 18 Feb (tba)